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Women Protesting the Dilution of 498A. | Commons

Talk Point: Is there a pushback against women-centric dowry and rape laws?

Two recent court rulings on special laws protecting women are significant. The Supreme Court issued a set of guidelines for arresting a husband and his relative...
A picture of TN Ninan, chairman of Business Standard Private Limited

Beyond oxygen supply

Scandals can be useful opportunities for systemic correctives. The Gorakhpur children’s deaths has been a scandal wasted. T.N. Ninan
scales of justice

Put The Dog Down

When real judges won’t trust a 24-year-old with knowing what’s good for her, you decide what’s more curious, real life or reality TV? Shekhar Gupta
Nawaz Sharif

It’s all about saving his family now as Nawaz Sharif’s hold on power weakens

Nawaz Sharif’s confrontational approach has caused concern within party ranks and some signs of dissent have already emerged 

Talk Point: Does border infrastructure determine India’s military posture towards China?

While China has developed infrastructure along its border areas, India lags behind. Is it a key determinant of India's military posture and capability?

70 years from now, triggers for Indo-Pak tensions could be climate & natural resources

As India and Pakistan mark the 70th anniversary of Partition this week, it is worth contemplating what the next 70 years may bring. Michel Kugleman 

Ammunition shortages arose because generals prioritised flashy, ‘status’ items like tank...

The Army was willing to let massive shortages accrue in a dangerous game of brinksmanship to extract more money from the bureaucracy.

Gorakhpur: CM’s mutt aides may have missed signs of looming crisis

The UP government’s handling of the situation would give the Opposition the pound of meat to attack both Adityanath and Modi, and raise serious questions about their claim of good governance Rajgopal Singh
Indian army

Army equipped to fix ammunition shortage, but needs to monitor quality

Governments in the past appeared to believe the threat of conventional war to be negligible enough not to warrant even making up of deficiencies, let alone a sustained build-up.

The creeping urban callousness towards the armed forces is a recent Indian trend

A retired air force officer writes about a generation that has not seen a war and does not know how to respect those who serve in the armed forces. Arjun Subramaniam

Modi’s BJP is not just Congress + cow, but it is Congress + cow + Indira Gandhi

Young Indians bought new hope & optimism of Brand Modi in 2014. Now they're confused & angry as BJP government turns out to be Indira-era Congress, plus a cow.