Saturday, 18 November, 2017


Arun Jaitley addressing

‘The road to Lok Sabha polls in 2019 will be paved with sops’

All the actions by the government in the past month suggest that the government is trying to please all segments of the economy.
Workers in a car factory

Indian economy set to grow at 6.2 per cent in FY2018: NCAER

According to the NCAER's mid-year review, service sector is doing well, but industrial production is down on all indicators across the board.
The Bombay Stock Exchange

Can Modi underwrite returns for equity investors?

This divine combination – of capital inflows into India alongside low Indian interest rates – cannot sustain indefinitely.
Farmers loading their produce

Inflation generally picks up in run-up to general elections

A historical analysis of inflation cycles in India suggests that average inflation tends to be higher in the last two years leading up to a Lok Sabha election.
Modi addressing session

NDA is a reactive administration

A pattern of events is leading investors to believe that when GDP growth slows down, the NDA will go into overdrive mode to reflate the economy. 
A giant cut-out of Prime Minister Narendra Modi installed at Ashok Road in favour of GST

It’s an illusion that Modi govt controls India’s economic destiny

A heady era has lulled investors into believing that India’s omnipotent PM determines India’s economic destiny. But things might be about to change. 
Queues outside an ATM after demonetisation was announced

The real lesson of demonetisation: Even deranged economics can be good politics

Informed opinion might see demonetization as a reckless disaster, but in Indian politics, this consensus does not matter. 
Cash is back in Maharashtra’s first ‘cashless village’

Cash is back in Maharashtra’s first ‘cashless village’

A year after demonetisation, shopkeepers rarely use swipe machines as many villagers are still uncomfortable with plastic money.
A year after PM Modi’s endorsement, Mumbai’s ‘Digital Dabbawalas’ bask in success

A year after PM Modi’s endorsement, Mumbai’s ‘Digital Dabbawalas’ bask in success

At the peak of demonetisation and the push for a digital economy, Modi had praised the Digital Dabbawalas initiative for embracing the latest technology.
GST Council likely to prune list of items falling under 28% slab

GST Council likely to prune list of items falling under 28% slab

Many items could be brought under 12 per cent tax bracket as the government is trying to find ways of introducing a lower GST slab.
Supreme Court

There are some things even the Supreme Court shouldn’t be allowed to change

SC itself has held that certain features of THE Constitution can’t be amended by Parliament; it should be the same when it comes to its own functioning.
An illustration of Modi wearing a hat

Rating the raters

Gujarat Elections 2017

Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi at 100: Why She Still Rules India

Indira believed in statist, povertarian economics and crush-the-opposition-to-dust “Total Politics”. If both ideas thrive under Modi now, she still rules our minds.
Shoe shop

Talk Point: The regulatory philosophy of NAPA replaces the invisible hand of the market

Anti-profiteering measures enshrined in the GST law round the circle by already providing an institutional mechanism to ensure that the full benefits of reduced tax rates flow through to the consumer.