Wednesday, 23 November, 2022


It’s Happy Diwali for economy despite inflation, recession fears. But seasonal joy must sustain

Moving holidays, like Diwali, deeply impact economic data. However, this should not be mistaken as a leading indicator of the long-term performance of segments.

RBI’s digital rupee concept has many pros, but also some risk to India’s financial stability

CBDCs have the potential to lead to greater financial inclusion, but a concept note issued by the Reserve Bank of India also rightly places emphasis on consumer protection.

Real estate, IT, gig jobs, MNREGA: Making sense of India’s roller-coaster unemployment crisis

Employment in India rose from 394.6 million in August to 404.2 million in September, and while the numbers are still below pre-Covid levels, the increase is encouraging.

India’s falling forex reserve isn’t a worry for now, but RBI has a tightrope walk ahead

With US Fed hiking rates, RBI might be pushed to increase its own rates to slow simultaneous fall of rupee & India's forex reserves. But this could also hurt economic growth.

Bank credit has bounced back, but rising interest rates & inflation can be new hurdles

Despite rising interest rates, bank credit growth rose to a nine-year-high last month. While credit to MSMEs has shown consistent double-digit growth, it’s large industries that have really helped.  

Why volatile food prices will keep the heat on India’s consumer inflation level this year

Lower rainfall in some parts of the country is expected to keep food prices elevated in the coming months. Which means inflation will be above 6%.

Falling exports, rising imports show why India has to look within to push growth for now

Boosting competitiveness is the key to enhancing exports. Inflation remains an issue but RBI should allow the rupee to gradually depreciate.

Don’t sneer at 13.5% GDP growth. But consumption, investment critical in future quarters

Q1 GDP numbers show uneven recovery and pace of growth is likely to moderate due to global headwinds and mixed monsoon.

Chinese economy has been hit by a perfect storm: Property shock, Zero Covid, climate, Taiwan

The world's second largest economy is in crisis, hit by lockdowns, impaired supply chains, slump in real estate sector and geo-political tensions.

Why consumer confidence is on the rise in India & how this optimism can be sustained

CMIE’s consumer sentiments & RBI’s consumer confidence indices show improvement. If initial signs of inflation easing are sustained, consumer confidence will see marked turnaround.

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India fares better than China on Rule of Law. Make Constitution Day about measuring progress

Rule of law has few advocates in India. Our overall score in the 8 factor Index is 0.5 out of 1.0. We score lowest in preventing corruption, and for the related weaknesses in our civil and criminal justice systems.
Inside IOCL's 2G ethanol plant in Panipat | Pooja Kher | ThePrint

When farmers give you stubble, make ethanol — how IOCL Panipat plant can cut farm fires, emissions

Ethanol plant in Panipat will process 2.1 lakh metric tonnes of dry rice straw each year to make 3 crore litres of ethanol which will be blended with petrol and sold.


File photo of the Supreme Court | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Superseded & forced to work under male juniors, senior women Army officers move SC

MoD yet to form Selection Board for promotions despite SC’s two rulings on permanent commission, say women officers. This caused loss of financial benefits, study leave among others.

G-20(24): How ‘Vishwaguru’ can get new strategic space & Modi another stage in pre-election year

Modi has been balancing India’s interests, playing US & Russia and keeping China off his back. You can trust him to exploit this year-long opening to India’s benefit. And to his own.