Tuesday, 26 September, 2017


The Rahul Gandhi US tour is being projected as a successful one but it doesn't help the Congress that still doesn't have a clear plan on coming back to power.

Rahul Gandhi’s US tour can’t change fact that Congress has no clarity on its...

There is no grand re-organisation or an ideological rethink in the Congress Party that a stunning electoral debacle like 2014 should have prompted.
Kamal Haasan has said that he wants to contest in politics. But his success isn't guaranteed.

Tamil Nadu is trapped between politicians who are acting & actors who are politicking

Kamal Haasan is known to possess untamed energy, he is looking for mahout who can control that.
Two high courts have taken action against the media over reportage. However, they should perhaps worry about improving transparency in the judiciary's working

Courts should be about more transparency, not restricting media

The judiciary crawls back every time issues of internal reforms come up.
Collage of three pictures of protests

The rise of economic nationalism is merely a response to liberalism’s failings

Lord Meghnad Desai writes on the threat to the liberal order today, and examines why economic nationalism has become an alternative to nations globally.
A Chinese Navy vessel. The Chinese Navy is building warships to add to its fleet much faster than imagined.

High-speed production: Chinese navy built 83 ships in just eight years

Chinese experts produce designs which surpass the most modern ships of the US navy in size, volume, armament and quantity
Lawyers have boycotted the accused in many crimes but that violates the rights of the accused and the victim

Lawyers boycotting accused in heinous crimes violate the rights of the victim as well

For the rule of law to be upheld, it is essential that the right to counsel is zealously protected.
Seventeen soldiers were killed during the Uri attack when terrorists attacked an Army base.

Lesson from Uri attack, a year on: Avoid fortress mentality

There are no new lessons to be learnt from the Uri attack, it is now a question of implementation and resources being allocated. 
Narendra Modi at Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort.

The Presidential Prime Minister Narendra Modi

There is an unconventional makeover of parliamentary democracy underway in India with PM-President Narendra Modi.
Arjan Singh was the only five-star officer in the history of the Indian Air Force

“Fly in peace, Sir!” A tribute to Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan...

Arjan Singh had an imposing personality, coupled with a genial and relaxed demeanour toward both juniors and colleagues. How do you write about a legend who almost scored a century – not in runs,...
A picture of TN Ninan, chairman of Business Standard Private Limited

Creating new winners

We can no longer argue simplistically that, if the government or public sector can’t do the job, call in the private sector.


A picture of TN Ninan, chairman of Business Standard Private Limited

Failure in the good times

Since Mr Modi and his team expect to win the 2019 elections, the groundwork for improved performance in their second term should be done now.

National Interest

The notion that young Indians leading liberated lives are asking for trouble needs revisiting after the Punjab & Haryana HC bail order in a gangrape case.

Anyone here been raped and likes sex?

And smokes, drinks and has condoms in her room? Notion that young Indians leading liberated lives are asking for trouble needs revisiting.

Talk Point

Security agencies resort to internet shutdowns to control violent protests, but is this really a solution?

Talk Point: Are internet shutdowns the best way to restore peace during violent protests?

There were 42 times security agencies resorted to internet shutdowns this year to control volatile conditions in eleven states. Is this the only way to restore peace during violent protests?