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Pakistani troops surrender in 1971 wa

How Bangladeshi intellectuals disappeared two nights before Pakistan surrendered in 1971

After the 1971 war was over, a list of Bengali intellectuals (many of whom were killed) was found in Pakistan Maj. Gen. Farman Ali’s diary.
17th December 1971: Indian troops advancing into East Pakistan (Bangladesh) | Central Press/Getty Images

Indian diplomacy and defence were always two steps ahead of Pakistan in 1971 war

Indira Gandhi traveled around the world, charming some governments, annoying others, and gradually changed public perception about East Pakistan.
Indira Gandhi, 1971

Not Pakistan, Indira Gandhi’s India escalated military action before 1971 war

It became increasingly difficult to deny Indian military involvement alongside the Mukti Bahini in Bangladesh.
Maratha Kranti Morcha

Why caste groups want reservations but also oppose them in India

In many cases, opposition to reservations is largely a reflection of caste-based prejudice masked by other criticisms.
Representational image | Sonali Pal Chaudhury/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Demonetisation a massive draconian, monetary shock: Ex-CEA Arvind Subramanian

The former chief economic adviser talks of the ‘puzzle’ that demonetisation, despite imposing harsh economic costs, was cheered on by its victims.
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Has Modi govt curbed corruption? Difficult to say

Speed of judicial processes, executive's limited degrees of freedom over it and time-lag in data access are some reasons why.
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The exact moment when Ajmal Kasab was caught at Marine Drive

A lone Skoda car sped up through the Marine Drive at 12:40 am on 27 November, 2008. A Mumbai Police sub-inspector stepped forward and whistled.

There’s nothing ideological about PM Modi’s first term in office

2019 election will reveal whether pragmatic & non-ideological choices can also yield political returns.
JNU protest

Young Indians have inherited the anger of their forefathers, and it isn’t going anywhere

While angry young men of the 1970s ranted about opportunities that eluded them, youth in the 2000s were aware that society and politics needed an overhaul.
An election campaign rally in Gujarat, India | Kunal Patil/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Why vote buying doesn’t work in India

With a secret ballot, voters are free to vote for whomever they wish, regardless of any promised or received benefits.
madhya pradesh

MP push for 70% industry jobs to locals: Valid regionalism or is Congress the new Shiv Sena?

Kamal Nath, on his first day as Madhya Pradesh chief minister, announced incentives for industries that hire 70 per cent local workers. When questioned about th...

Modi’s BJP is not just Congress + cow, but it is Congress + cow + Indira Gandhi

Young Indians bought new hope & optimism of Brand Modi in 2014. Now they're confused & angry as BJP government turns out to be Indira-era Congress, plus a cow.