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Book Excerpts

Big brother problem — Unlike India, China’s ties with our neighbourhood not marred by history

In ‘The China Factor’, Shantanu Roy-Chaudhury writes that while China’s strategic interests in India’s neighbourhood have increased, this has not been an entirely unilateral decision.

Joining al-Qaeda? What a family friend said when I joined Al Jazeera

In 'Editor Missing', journalist Ruben Banerjee talks about his experience of working in Al Jazeera right when Bin Laden was at his peak.

How a brutal murder in 1852 convinced the British to make India’s Hijra community ‘extinct’

In ‘Governing Gender and Sexuality in Colonial India’, Jessica Hinchy writes the first book-length history of the Hijra community.

US didn’t give India its first computer due to Mahalanobis’ Soviet sympathy. Then ice thawed

In 'Planning Democracy', professor at the University of Notre Dame Nikhil Menon shows how P.C. Mahalanobis' Communist ties cost India's digital goals in the '50s.

How Bose and Gandhi helped Abhay De become Srisila Prabhupada, ISKCON founder

In the book ‘Sing, Dance and Pray’, author Hindol Sengupta talks about the life of Srisila Prabhupada, the founder of ISCKON.

India’s goal can’t be to become another China – it needs to work out its economy first

In ‘How China Sees India And The World’, Shyam Saran writes that the West and Japan recognise that India is the only country that has the civilizational heft, area, and skills to match China.

The ‘Maulvi’ Gandhi: Kasturba’s letter to India about her alcoholic son

In 'The Lost Diary of Kastur, My Ba', Tushar Gandhi brings to the reader Kasturba, in her own words, for the first time.

Less than 20% of students in India could access education in pandemic, learning suffered

In their book 'Covid 19 pandemic, Public Policy, and Institutions in India', Saswati Paik and Roshan M Samueltalk about the psycho-social effect of the pandemic on children.

‘Grow indigo in 3 kathas of each bigha’ – How the British forced Indians into debt, starvation

Indigo has made its mark in history as a colonial crop, but what makes this dye such an important agricultural and social symbol?

ECI founder Sukumar Sen was unsung hero of Indian democracy who could make Nehru wait

In 'Power of the Ballot', authors Anil and Vipul Maheshwari talk about the contribution of ECI founder Sukumar Sen to the idea of democracy in India.

On Camera


Representational image of a protest against rise in prices of fuel and LPG, in Kolkata | ANI

You thought inflation’s high in India? Data shows at least 100 countries doing worse

Lebanon faces worst inflation rate in the world, followed by Zimbabwe and Sudan, according to 'Trading Economics', which sources data from governments.


Army personnel give military honours to the soldiers of Territorial Army's infantry 107 battalion who lost their lives in the Manipur Landslide, 2 July 2022, Siliguri | Credits: ANI Photo/ ANI Pic Service

A look at the Territorial Army — The Indian military’s task force hit by the Manipur landslide

The Territorial Army, a part-time military organisation for Indians who may have other jobs, is essentially a volunteer force that can be quickly mobilised in the defence of a state.

Moral, political & ideological questions on Maharashtra: 1st is simplest to answer, 3rd trickiest

What is Shiv Sena’s ideology? We might say it’s been a convenient mix of extreme ethnic chauvinism & unforgiving Hindutva. Within the second, the party retained space to manoeuvre.