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Book Excerpts

APPLE and IMAGE—attitudinal and behavioral traits that make for a humble leader

PV Ramana Murthy's 'The Power of Humility' is about the personality traits and characteristics that a leader must have to show humility and be successful.

‘Best and most boring’—Brezhnev’s rule wasn’t USSR’s worst era

Sheila Fitzpatrick gives you a fast run through the entire history of the Soviet Union yet doesn't miss out on the minute details.

126 songs, 35 ragas, 6 talas—Odisha’s ‘Prahlad Natak’ a musical play like no other

The director of a Prahlad Natak may also serve as the lead vocalist or the gahaka. He sings praises of characters, leads the chorus and directs musicians.

At BCCI, I held CoA Vinod Rai in high regard. Until this happened

During all my interactions, Vinod Rai had been courteous, but with my experience of that morning, I had seen a different side of him.

How Maharaja Hari Singh’s indecision led to Pakistan’s economic blockade of Kashmir

In 'Gilded Cage: Years that Made and Unmade Kashmir', author Sandeep Bamzai looks back at the years leading to and following the Partition.

Why a new airport in Kanpur won’t make the city fly, nor electric buses or a metro

Ideally, Kanpur would be well-positioned to jump up the value curve in its industry specializations—it has over 50 institutes of higher education, including an IIT.

Meenakari—enamel art that travelled from 16th-century Persia to modern-day India

Apart from being used on the reverse side of kundan jewellery, Meenakari is also done on decorative objects in the shape of elephants, horses and masks.

‘One more fight, the last and the best’—How Bose planned great escape from British custody

Sanjeev Sanyal's 'Revolutionaries' documents India's struggle for Independence with a sharp focus on armed resistance against the British Raj.

From scientific fervour to social reform, a new book brings out little known facets of Hindutva

Aravindan Neelakandan uses history, sociology, politics, and science as tools to analyse the many facets of Hindutva in his 816-page book.

Bahadur Shah Zafar resented Raja Ram Mohan Roy. So he complained to East India Company

In 'The Broken Script: Delhi Under the East India Company and the Fall of the Mughal Dynasty' Swapna Liddle details the complex tussle between the last two Mughal emperors and the East India company. 

On Camera


File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of France Emmanuel Macron | ANI Photo

India-France space alliance key to Delhi’s ambitions. But it must deepen...

The IAF's revised doctrine aims to transition India from an air power to an aerospace power. But can India do it by itself in time and cost-effectively?
Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman tabling Finance Bill 2023 in the Lok Sabha Friday | Photo: PTI

Finance Bill 2023 amendment removes long-term capital gain benefit for debt...

Tax analysts and mutual fund industry participants say this will hamper growth of bond market, and potentially curtail avenues for fund-raising by companies.


Indian Army and Air force jawans part of Vayu Prahar exercise | Photo: Twitter/@PBNS_India

With joint ‘Vayu Prahar’ exercise in eastern sector, Army & Air...

Conducted in '2nd week of March', the joint exercise included air-land operations in a nominated advance landing ground & 'contingency tasks' in challenging high-altitude terrain.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

You’ve heard of jobless growth. But Tata, Birla, Ambani, Adani, have...

Modi govt's thrust on manufacturing is much-needed but it is pushing Indian manufacturing in the direction of outsourcing, same as our services industry.