Sunday, 9 May, 2021
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Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif with PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi in 2014 | Flickr

Many blame me for not building on Modi-Sharif meet. I did what was in Pakistan’s best interest

In Hostility, former Pakistan high commissioner to India Abdul Basit writes about his tenure in Delhi from 2014 to 2017 — a difficult era in India-Pakistan ties.

Anand Bakshi almost gave up on Bollywood. Then came Bhagwan, Bhala Admi, a ticket collector

In ‘Nagme, Kisse, Baatein, Yaadein’, Rakesh Anand Bakshi gives readers an intimate peek into the life of the soldier-turned-lyricist Anand Bakshi.
National Students' Union of India members raising slogans during a protest against the rape and brutal murder of a veterinarian in Hyderabad | PTI

Rape is born in adolescent minds. But where does it end?

In ‘After I Was Raped’, Urmi Bhattacheryya writes about a 4-year-old girl, two Dalit women, an 8-month-old infant and a young professional and their stories of sexual violence.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses during an inauguration event in Kochi

Modi’s India plans to be ‘vishwaguru’ but forgets soft power is useless without hard muscle

In ‘India and Asian Geopolitics’, Shivshankar Menon writes that being a vishwaguru plays well with Modi’s Hindu constituency but is hardly a realistic goal when India is a net importer of knowledge.
Representational image | The Afternoon Meal (La Merienda) | Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art | Wikimedia Commons

The British loved their meat, but some were fascinated by Hindu-Brahminical vegetarianism

In ‘Meat, Mercy, and Morality’, Samiparna Samanta writes that the British in India thrived on an elaborate diet of meat, but some preferred vegetarianism in the tropical climate.
File photo | Visitors walk on the Bund in Shanghai, China | Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

A+++ to D – How China rates its citizens. Drunk driving can take you way down

In ‘How Should A Government Be’, Jaideep Prabhu writes China's ominous Social Credit system is a vision of what’s in store for us. Whether you are Left or Right, it matters whether your government does.
Kulhad chai

This chaiwala in Gujarat knew the success mantra, ditched MBA. Then Harvard came knocking

In ‘All you need is Josh’, Supriya Paul brings together stories of unique individuals and their inspiring journeys.
A van selling Mi4 phones

A young man from Meerut helped ‘made in China’ Xiaomi sweep India’s smartphone market

In 'Xiaomi', Jayadevan P.K. chronicles how the company built a cult following & went from a Chinese start-up to a global player in the smartphone market.
The battle of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata | Commons

Dalit Veda Vyasa was India’s first nation builder. He was the child of an inter-caste union

In ‘Makers of Modern Dalit History’, Sudarshan Ramabadran and Guru Prakash Paswan write Veda Vyasa’s achievements show how Dalit communities have helped Hinduism revolutionise and reform.
R.N. Kao

Operation Eagle — The 1971 mission by RAW and Tibetan SFF that has no official record

In ‘The War That Made R&AW’, Anusha Nandakumar and Sandeep Saket write that with the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, spymaster R.N. Kao put India’s RAW on the world intelligence map.

On Camera

Pandemic can’t be allowed to devastate nations because of sophisticated, one-sided WTO rules

For President Joe Biden to take a stand against pharmaceutical companies is no small matter. His presidential campaign was the near sole beneficiary of pharma largesse in 2020.
Health department officials at Majhgaon village in Chhattisgarh’s Bemetara district | By special arrangement

‘Worrying signs’: Covid hits rural India hard, it now has nearly half of all new cases

The total number of daily cases being reported across India is nearly 300 per cent higher as compared to last year, meaning they will exert pressure on rural health infrastructure.


A file photo of a Covid ward set up at an Army hospital, in Prayagraj. | Photo: ANI

Armed forces plan to hire 400 retired military doctors to assist in fight against Covid

The forces are looking to hire, on a contractual basis for about a year, medical officers who retired in the last four to five years.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint Team

Modi govt is in denial & India is back to being a flailing state

Modi government didn’t strengthen the foundations of basic governance in the last 7 years. Now, the PM has retreated and ministers are failing, adding to the Covid disaster.