Monday, May 29, 2023


Research shows how time of day determines effectiveness of cold exposure in fat burning

Washington , May 28 (ANI): Short-term exposure to cold temperatures stimulates brown fat, which burns calories and has emerged as a popular target for...

Study reveals exercise helps to protect against major brain haemorrhage

Gothenburg , May 28 (ANI): According to a study from the University of Gothenburg, regular physical activity and exercise may reduce bleeding in persons...

Men carry cancer-causing HPV. But gender bias in immunisation targets vaccine toward women

Women are at a higher risk of contracting cancers from HPV. But studies suggest a significantly higher prevalence of the virus in men.

Why you get a headache after exercising and what you can do to prevent it

Exertion headaches typically involve a pulsating feeling in the temples. But they shouldn’t prevent you from exercising, especially in warmer weather.

Study suggests how monitoring blood vessel changes improves detection of brain diseases

Washington , May 27 (ANI): Researchers from Brown University revealed how it is feasible to track the development of brain blood arteries over a...

“It’s high time that we normalize and acknowledge menstruation”: Health experts share views ahead of Menstrual Hygiene Day

New Delhi , May 27 (ANI): Menstrual Hygiene Day which is celebrated every year on May 28 highlights the importance of good menstrual hygiene...

Poor eating habits among students may lead to lifetime of illness: Study

Washington , May 27 (ANI): A team of researchers warns that poor eating habits formed during post-secondary education may lead to obesity, respiratory diseases,...

Walking enhances brain connectivity and cognition in old people: Study

Washington , May 27 (ANI): A new study from the University of Maryland School of Public Health finds that walking strengthens connections within and...

Don’t rely on turmeric to reduce pain and risk of cancer. Here’s what the evidence says

Plenty of articles claim the benefits of this spice for everything from brain function to reducing inflammation. But evidence seems limited.

Student’s poor eating habits may lead to lifetime of illness: Study

Washington , May 26 (ANI): A UBC Okanagan researcher warns that bad eating habits developed during post-secondary study might lead to future health problems...

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File photo of the Indian Coast Guard’s seizure of arms and ammunition and narcotics worth Rs 300 crore from a Pakistani boat in Indian waters. | Representational image | ANI

Afghan, Pakistan cartels survived empires. Now they are drowning Indian Ocean...

Like their colonial-era ancestors, smugglers are the economic backbone of impoverished communities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
A bronze seal for the Department of the Treasury is shown at the US Treasury building in Washington | Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

4 ways a US debt default could affect you — and...

A US debt default—even a short debt ceiling breach—is expected to push the US economy into a recession.


Delegates attend the 3rd G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting at Sher-i-Kashmir International Convention Centre in Srinagar Tuesday | ANI

Why Gulmarg visit is off G20 itinerary in Kashmir

Administration says visit cancelled due to 'logistics issue' as over 60 delegates had to be catered to, but security apprehensions may have triggered the change of plans, it is learnt.
Illustration : Soham Sen

Article 370 to G20, India is in a Kashmir sweet spot....

It is in the nature of the news cycle that the only aspect of the G20 event (Third Working Group on Tourism) in Srinagar...