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Representational image | Pixabay

Now sleeping longer than 6.5 hours a night associated with cognitive decline

More sleep isn’t always better, as one recent study found.
Representational image for chickpeas or chana | Pixabay

Tastier, more nutritious, climate-resistant chana soon, thanks to study led by India’s ICRISAT

Scientists from around the world have used genome sequencing to help produce new varieties of chickpea, which are expected to give increased yields at about similar input cost.
Human T cell (blue) under attack by HIV (yellow), the virus that causes AIDS | Credits:

Argentinian woman naturally cured of HIV, is second such patient 

The woman, dubbed Esperanza Patient, was diagnosed with HIV in 2013 but never showed any signs of illness. Last year, a Californian woman was declared to have locked away the virus in her genome. 
File photo of students writing their board exams | ANI

DNA test can help you pick right career, claims startup. ‘Unscientific, devastating’, slam experts

Astrology and psychometric tests are also part of the 'future-charting' package by Genleap, which says some educational institutes have expressed interest in the test.
Representational computer-generated image of space debris as seen from high Earth orbit | Wikipedia

Russia blows up own satellite in low Earth orbit, NASA says it put ISS astronauts in danger

Kosmos 1408, a defunct Soviet-era satellite launched in 1982, was in orbit just above the International Space Station at 480km. It was blown up on 14-15 November.

Flies are more useful than you think. They are vital to eliminating food waste in cities

Cities produce half of all global waste and are responsible for 60-80 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions. But the answer is in front of us.
Small asteroid 2016 HO3 is Earth's constant companion. | Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This quasi-satellite of Earth could actually be a piece of Moon, astronomers say

Quasi-satellites are asteroids that orbit the Sun with orbital period similar to that of the Earth’s. From Earth’s perspective, they appear to orbit the Earth instead.
A meteor during the 2009 Leonid meteor shower. | Wikipedia

This is how you can see Leonids, annual November meteor showers that peak on 17th of the month

Leonids occur when Earth passes through trail left behind by Tempel-Tuttle comet on its 33-year orbit around Sun. They are called Leonids as they radiate from Leo constellation.
Shiitake Mushroom | Wikimedia Commons

Can lab-grown shiitake fight Vitamin D deficiency? Indian scientists plan human trials to find out

The trial will recruit at least 60 people, who will be divided into three groups of 20 each. It will be carried out for 4 to 6 weeks.
Representational image. | Photo: Picpedia

Male, 50-59 years old and science teacher — what you should be for best work-life balance 

Study based on responses from 3 Indian universities says men among all genders, old people among age groups, and science faculty members enjoy greater work-life balance.

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File image of Badrinath Temple, one of the four pilgrimage sites that make up the Char Dham yatra | Wikimedia Commons

Rollback of Char Dham Act has a message for all governments — free India’s temples

The Char Dham Devasthanam Board Management Act has been repealed in Uttarakhand. It will have ramifications across India.
Residents wait in line to receive bags of rice and cooking oil at a World Food Programme distribution site in Port-Salut, Haiti | Bloomberg

IMF warns of ‘economic collapse’ in some low-income countries without debt fix

Afghanistan and Ethiopia are among the 30 nations at high risk of debt distress while while Grenada, Mozambique, Republic of Congo and Somalia are already experiencing it.


Ministry of Defence building

Armed forces get breather from negative list, can import items in ‘immediate’ cases

A committee chaired by Gen. Bipin Rawat will oversee indigenisation efforts, and recommend the removal of items from the negative import list if needed.

What farm laws retreat by Modi govt tells us about ruling India like a CM with brute majority

No matter how dominant BJP is, India is a federation of states and it has CMs in only 12. Agriculture is largely a state issue, and most of India doesn’t follow it unquestioningly.