Wednesday, 21 November, 2018


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File image of Dholavira in Gujarat, one of the largest cities of Indus Valley Civilisation | Commons

New study shows climate change caused decline of flourishing Indus Valley Civilisation

Using under-sea fossil evidence and its marine DNA, researchers were able to trace how climate change led to the decline of Harappan Civilisation.

ISRO lines up 10 missions before January 2019

Space agency's chief K Sivan said Chandrayaan 2 mission (lunar lander) will be the first operational mission of the GSLV Mk-III-vehicle.
Representational image | Pexel

Daily physical activity, healthy diet must to prevent diabetes among teenagers

On World Diabetes Day, health experts give tips on how to prevent obesity, a major factor contributing to diabetes among adolescents.

ISRO’s biggest rocket takes off with cutting-edge communication satellite

The GSLV Mk-III is expected to be the launcher for ISRO’s ambitious human spaceflight programme.
Navakanta Bhat, won in the category of Engineering and Computer Science at the Infosys Science Foundation | @InfosysPrize /Twitter

Indo-French math whiz & ‘original’ economist among winners of Infosys science prize...

The Infosys Science Foundation prizes seek to recognise stalwarts of the science and academia community for their contribution to the growth of the IT sector in India.
Representational image | Twitter

Cyclone Gaja: Why India’s east coast is a magnet for cyclones

Indian subcontinent is world's most affected region with regard to tropical cyclones — between 1891 and 2000, 308 cyclones have struck India's east coast. 
Representational image of a snake | Ajay Giri

These life-saving drugs are made from deadly venom

Venomics offers some groundbreaking solutions to health problems, from heart disease to diabetes, to managing chronic pain.

Egyptologist may have cracked the mystery of hauling large stone blocks to great heights

The discovery could even provide evidence that pulleys were invented hundreds of years earlier than previously documented.
Representational image | Bandeep Singh/The India Today Group/Getty Images

Struggle to wake up and sleep early? It’s just how you are wired

Several people struggle to keep up with the conventional routine of sleeping and waking up early. While you may think it's a lifestyle choice, it's not.
The shola forests nestled in valleys surrounded by undulating grasslands in Kudremukh | Archana Sundareshan

Study traces how the British ruined Western Ghats, one of India’s most unique ecosystems

A biodiversity hotspot, Western Ghats continue to be done in by the British belief that its grasslands were wastelands.
smash brahmin patriarchy

Twitter’s apology a cop out or was CEO Jack Dorsey wrong to hold Brahmin-patriarchy poster?

A photo of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey holding a poster that said ‘Smash Brahminal Patriarchy’ triggered social media outrage after Right-wing ideologues called it ...
Illustration by Soham Sen |

How CBI went from being a caged parrot to a wild vulture

India’s premier anti-corruption agency has defied two decades of reform and become an embarrassment with its bosses calling each other thief.