Friday, 24 September, 2021


Afghan women are telling Taliban ‘Don’t touch my clothes’. It’s a new culture war

Many ask if the Taliban have changed. What people forget to ask is how Internet has changed Afghan women.
Cringe food | Illustration by Manisha Yadav | ThePrint

The Maggi milkshake is coming for you. Cringe food is the Roadies of today

Only if Indians said, don't yuck my yum. There’s a world of Fanta omelette, Rasgullah Maggi, and cheese pani puris waiting for you.
File photo | Simirin Kaur Dhadli | Facebook

‘Ajkal kudiyan ne bimar’— Punjabi singer Simiran Kaur gets millions of views by shaming women

Simiran Kaur Dhadli puts down women for how they dress and for ‘fake’ cases against men in her new song ‘Lahu Di Awaaz’. It’s not music to the ears.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni sporting an Army insignia on his glove during the India-South Africa

Dhoni might be a legend of Indian cricket. But the T20 World Cup is about those on the pitch

Winning or losing is not just a matter of having a decorated mentor. It is not the first time that former players are guiding the Indian team.
L-R: Usher, Priyanka Chopra and Julianne Hough of 'The Activist' | Commons

We’ll all be hate-watching Priyanka Chopra’s ‘The Activist’ — producers know that

‘The Activist’ is what happens when content creators hate wokeness, but pander to it.

Salman Rushdie on Substack is either killing the novel or taking it back to its birth

It is not surprising that authors such as Patti Smith and Scott Snyder and a host of comic book authors from Marvel and DC have also entered Substack.

ABBA’s isn’t just a cash-grab comeback. It reminds us of their staying power in pop culture

ABBA’s comeback single ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ sounds like it could be a previously shelved Dancing Queen B-side. Disco didn’t die, it just plagiarised itself.

A Lucknow teenager is a force of nature on Instagram. Meethika Dwivedi packs UP pride, gaalis

Meethika's street-smart delivery style is replete with raw, unadulterated wisecracks. She is the voice of ‘boomers’, millennials and Gen-Z rolled into one.
A collage of Indian foods | ThePrint/Commons

We are mad about Weingarten’s Indian food comment. But who decides what’s ‘Indian’?

From Padma Lakshmi to Salman Rushdie, many were outraged by the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner's jab at Indian food. But are we not also guilty?
Delhi university | Commons

I taught Mahasweta Devi’s Draupadi in DU. Discomfort was at the core of the classroom

We must choose ‘discomfort’ over ignorance when it comes to narratives of violence against women. It is a catalyst for important conversations.

On Camera


File photo of Subhash Chandra | Twitter /@SubhashZEE

How media mogul Subhash Chandra managed to beat a US activist fund & hold on to Zee

Sony is merging with Zee. It will control the larger empire & infuse an additional $1.4 bn of cash into it. But the combined entity will be presided over by Punit Goenka, Chandra’s son.
File photo of CCI Chairman Ashok Kumar Gupta | Twitter/@CCI_India

Data hegemony by digital companies may lead to attention economy: CCI chief Ashok Gupta

Gupta noted that in an 'attention economy', big tech players work to capture users’ attention, build profiles of their choices and habits, then sell those profiles to advertisers.


Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat attends the conference of the Chiefs of General Staff of the SCO member states in Russia's Orenburg, on 23 September 2021 | ANI photo

CDS Bipin Rawat attends SCO military exercise in Russia’s Orenburg

The exercise has provided an opportunity to the armed forces of the SCO nations to train in counter-terrorism operations in a multinational and joint environment, officials said.

Modi at 71 has zero challenge. But one CM is emulating him, a divisive, rising BJP star

Yogi has put high command in a tough situation. If he doesn’t win UP next year, it will set back BJP’s prospects in 2024. If he wins, it will be seen as his win as much as theirs.