Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in '83' | Deepika Padukone/Facebook

Dear Deepika, mothers & wives who put family’s dreams first deserve an apology not an ode

For a long time, I couldn’t accept my mother’s decision to not work. Now I accept and defend her life choice, not glorify it as an ideal as Bollywood does.
Facebook Inc. headquarters, California | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

With ‘please unfriend me if you support BJP’, liberals have already lost the fight

No one is born woke, just like no one is born a bigot. And unfriending on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is just virtue-signalling, it helps no one.
Students of Jamia Milia Islamia clash with police during an anti-CAA protest Monday

Before going to anti-CAA agitation, a protest begins at home — against parents

When the majoritarian view clashes with your own opinion and your parents aren’t listening either, what can you do?
Protest against rape

Nirmala Sitharaman or Shaheen Bagh protesters: Why angry women make everyone uncomfortable

The world that is unable to deal with their anger constantly tells Sitharaman to smile more or Shaheen Bagh women to go back and tend to their infants.

Roger Federer just had a knee surgery. So, the GOAT isn’t god, after all

The 38-year-old Swiss star announced his withdrawal from four tennis tournaments, including French Open, after a surgery on his knee.
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Job interviews to sexist colleagues’ comments: Offices judge me by my tattoos, not work

The questions on my tattoos haunted me to the point that I stopped dressing for myself when I went to work, and started wearing clothes that hid them.
TikTok Creator's Lab | Shiho Fukada/Bloomberg

Om Shanti Om to Helen: TikTok users are taking ‘man-woman’ Bollywood songs & going queer

From stolen kisses to doing drag, India’s TikTok users are showing how to be queer openly. Because when the times are a changin’, you will see it on TikTok.

Cool for kids, headache for parents, Skullbreaker is a challenge for an ill-prepared society

Be it the Bird Box Challenge, Kiki Challenge or Blue Whale Challenge, there is a clear correlation between the virality of a video and how hazardous the challenge is.

Uncle, please sit. Jaggi Vasudev needs to shut up on things he has no clue about

Much like science and the Citizenship Amendment Act, feminism is also a topic Sadhguru has no knowledge of but absolutely loves to talk about.
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Kashmir, parenting, sex – Podcasts are finally giving Indians what they want to hear

Years after people had written the obituary for the radio, audio is making a comeback in India. And the medium is the message.

On Camera

Illustration by Soham Sen/ThePrint

Why Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Yechury, Mayawati and Prashant Kishor all love to hate RSS

If there is one factor that unites the opposition in India today—apart from power—it’s the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, not Modi.

T20 World Cup: What can women’s cricket do to enjoy the popularity of men’s cricket?

The 7th edition of the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup has begun in Australia, but much of the conversation is still around the number of viewers tuning in.


Representational image of Kandla Port, Gujarat | Photo: Commons

Chinese ship carrying suspected cargo to Pakistan allowed to leave, equipment held back

The ship was detained at Gujarat's Kandla Port for allegedly mis-declaring an autoclave, which can be used to launch ballistic missiles, as an industrial ‘dryer’.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

How one big India-US deal gave us six big gains to cheer — including decimation of Left

To think the India-US nuclear deal was about a bilateral relationship or energy is to miss the point. It had much larger implications.