A group of men with their bicycles on the way to Uttar Pradesh in the dead of the night. | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht/ThePrint

The night curfew in unlock 1.0 is outdated. Indians still think ‘bad things’ happen in the dark

The virality of Covid-19 remains the same, be it night or day. Centre imposing futile night curfew disregards professionals who work through the night.
It is fascinating to study how people use technology in their relationships (representational image)

AI is already putting journalists out of job. But there will never be AI Arnab or Ravish

Microsoft recently fired dozens of journalists responsible for curating and editing news stories to be replaced with automated systems.
Amitabh Bachchan in Kaun Banega Crorepati | AmitabhBachchan/Facebook

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan is also a superspreader of fake news on Twitter

Amitabh Bachchan's one of those active uncles on WhatsApp groups--the compulsive text 'forwarders' who shrug off all responsibility from what they share.
Indian and Chinese soldiers jointly celebrate the New Year 2019 at Bumla along the Indo-China border, Arunachal Pradesh

The Indian Right cares about national security, except when China tip-toes near our territory

Once it was decided that Modi government would get a free pass on the question of a probable Chinese incursion, every Congress leader – from Nehru to Manmohan – was blamed for seceding territory.  
Tushar Mehta | Facebook

Shooting the messenger won’t help Modi govt’s Covid fight. Tushar Mehta should know that

It is now routine in strongmen democracies to shoot the messenger if you don't like the message, and the messenger inevitably is the journalist.
Representational image| Flickr

Indians who support Kapil Mishra are saying #BlackLivesMatter. Let that sink in

Even celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra love some low-stake social media solidarity. But to do justice to George Floyd, we must fix our own house first.
College students raise slogans in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill during a strike in Guwahati | PTI

Dehing Patkai, CAA, ‘Joi Aai Axom’ — It’s the students of Assam who have always led the state

Political activism and education have never been in opposition in Assam—what classrooms and textbooks teach, spill on to the streets.
Smriti Irani greeted TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh, who was wearing mask to the Parliament

These nine Indian politicians still don’t know how to wear a mask during the Covid-19 pandemic

Wearing masks to protect against Covid-19 infection will be crucial to bring back public life. But politicians must first set a precedent.
Protests against the CAA-NRC in New Delhi | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Activism may be a dirty word in Modi’s India, but it still works. Here are 3 recent examples

Activists have to wade through a sea of abuse, BJP IT Cell warriors, WhatsApp forwards and UAPA-like laws, but they are still a firewall against the state.
Screengrabs of Kent atta-maker ad | Twitter

Why the outrage over Kent ad? It spoke the truth before apologising

Social media has reacted strongly against a classist Instagram campaign by Kent RO systems, with even its brand ambassador Hema Malini slamming the new ad.

On Camera

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Australian PM Scott Morrison | ANI

A belligerent China can be just the catalyst India-Australia ties need

The virtual bilateral summit between PM Modi & Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison comes at a time when both countries are under attack from China.

Lancet HCQ study row: Did WHO, experts rush to damn the drug due to Trump, Modi politics?

Medical journal The Lancet has admitted that questions have been raised about the data published in its earlier paper on hydroxychloroquine drug.


Indian and Chinese soldiers during a military exercise in Meghalaya last year | Representational image | ANI

‘Unprecedented’ — India, China deploy Lt Gen-rank army officers to solve border row

India’s 14 Corps Commander will meet the chief of China’s Southern Xinjiang Military District on 6 June after other rounds of talks failed to resolve the month-long border row.

The Chinese are so predictable, Modi & Shah should’ve seen them coming on 5 August 2019

India should’ve anticipated the Chinese appearance in Ladakh, even the timing of it, when the status of Jammu & Kashmir was changed.