Friday, 16 April, 2021


It has been an extraordinary year for India. Six months into 2020, we’ve had communal riots in Delhi, the coronavirus pandemic, economic distress with high unemployment, a migrant workers’ exodus from the cities, cyclones, earthquakes, locust swarms threatening food security, and troubling developments along the borders with neighbours China, Pakistan, and Nepal.

 Upheavals have hit the world too with the coronavirus, forest fires and a new wave of protests against racism in the US that has revived questions of inequality worldwide. All these challenges have changed our world -- the future never looked more uncertain, especially for young people, like you, who are just starting out in life. The coronavirus has already transformed your campus life and your learning experience as you transit to the virtual classroom and distance learning.

How do you cope with the new, unprecedented situation? What impact will it have on the career choices you will face shortly? What has it done to interpersonal relationships? At a larger level, do you think your government has dealt with the Covid-19 crisis adequately? What of India’s relations with its neighbours? What do you think ought to be done to create jobs? And what about climate change?

  Questions like these are discussed in campuses across the country. Now, ThePrint, India’s fastest-growing online news venture, wants to hear from you about what you think and how you feel about pressing issues that inform your today and will impact your tomorrow.

ThePrint, with a predominantly young newsroom, is keenly aware that young people hold strong views on just about every subject and we are keen to join the conversation, to offer young people the space to share their opinions, to argue and to disagree on issues that matter to you.

Come, be heard at ThePrint’s
Campus Voice forum

What is it that angers you? Or inspires, irritates, pleases you? Give us your wisdom & insights.

Last date for submission of entries: 8pm, Sunday, 18th April

Winners announcement: Wednesday, 21st April



First Winner

Animish Nilesh Vaze
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
Read the article here

Second Winner

Asha Mary Reji
Bengaluru Dr BR Ambedkar School of Economics, Bengaluru
Read the article here

Third Winner

Harshit Padia
Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat
Read the article here


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