Tuesday, 7 December, 2021


When 2021 began, we thought the worst of the coronavirus pandemic was over, that we had left it behind in 2020.

 How wrong we were. Barely three months into 2021, the second wave hit the country with renewed virulence.

Few of us have been left untouched by it — each has a personal story to tell — of endless queues for vaccinations, medicines, oxygen, hospital beds or even for a place to say goodbye. But there have also been joyful tales of recovery and uplifting examples of people stepping up to help other people.

For students, the new Covid crisis has brought fresh challenges. Last year, it had utterly transformed campus life and the learning experience as you went from classroom to virtual and distance learning.

Now, examinations are being postponed and uncertainty grows about your future.

There is also fresh worry about our already-battered economy. Politics, which got preoccupied with hard-fought assembly elections in four states and one union territory. And the Israel-Palestine conflict in West Asia.

In the last year, hundreds and hundreds of you have written in with your hopes and your dreams, about life in the time of the pandemic.

These personal testimonials have been at the heart Campus Voice and its success in reflecting what young people think today.

You have expressed frustration and concern about your situations but you have also analysed how governments, the authorities, the institutions we depend on, responded to the Covid-19 crisis.

Many of you have suggested ways to improve healthcare, the education system — two issues that touch you, personally. But you also have commented on the economy, the assembly elections, a new Biden administration in the US, India’s China problem, and much more.

Campus Voice has gone from strength to strength — more important than the number of entries is that they have spanned the entire country, even the world — from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata to Silchar and Saharsa, Bhubaneswar and Raipur, Agra and Amritsar, to Pune and Goa, Vellore and Thanjavur, from Paris to Austin, USA, — you have written in with your views.

And we thank you.

At ThePrint, India’s fastest-growing online news venture, we want to hear from more and more of you — what you think, how you feel about the current unprecedented crisis, the world, and the future.

Come, be heard at ThePrint’s
Campus Voice forum

Deadline: 8pm, Wednesday, 8th December Winners announcement: 8th December & 15th December

What is it that angers you? Or inspires, irritates, pleases you? Give us your wisdom & insights.

Deadline: 8pm, Wednesday, 8th December
Winners announcement: 8th December & 15th December



First Winner

Arunava Banerjee
Amity University, Kolkata
Read the article here

Second Winner

Vinayak Ohri
Jaswant Modern Sr. Sec. School, Dehradun
Read the article here

Third winner

Olipriya Roy
Ramjas College, Delhi
Read the article here


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