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How Pervez Musharraf’s conviction & exile marked a tectonic shift in Pakistan power structure

Union budget, Hindenburg report, BBC documentary, Pathaan | Ep51

Musharraf Dies: Why Pakistan will debate whether Musharraf harm it even more than Zia

Domestic Violence Act: Lack of resources holding a good law back? | Ep7 Laws of the Land

कई स्वाधीनता सेनानी जिसे हमने भुला दिया, जिनके बारे में अब तक किसी को पता भी नहीं है

Even though Pakistan has agreed to IMF terms for a bailout, its economy is still in big trouble

Cut the Clutter

Political & economic blunders in Pakistan's worsening economic crisis even as IMF finalises bailout

Why’s defence budget static in Modi years, even falling as % of GDP & budget & implications

Politics of the budget which rides 3 engines of Modi-BJP politics yet cuts taxes for the richest

Understanding the Indus Waters Treaty & why India is pushing Pakistan for changes

UnInterrupted With Jyoti Malhotra

Why Farooq Abdullah may yet ally with Modi & why Kashmir, Pak have moved on

Baburam Bhattarai says K P Oli opportunistic, monarchy dead & Nepali Congress-led alliance will win

Nepal wants to return to monarchy this election, fed up with political class : Manisha Koirala

Vijay Gokhale on why India must be prepared as Xi Jinping likely anointed China’s most powerful

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