Lok Sabha Exit Poll Results 2019

Exit poll results predict a second term for PM Modi, some give BJP-led NDA more than 300 seats

Here are ThePrint's updates on the Lok Sabha election exit poll results

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If Pragya Thakur wins this Thursday, Modi is in for an embarrassing 5 years

Never has one constituency had such a bearing on Indian nationalism and the pretence of a Gandhian polity. So what if PM Modi doesn’t forgive her in his heart?

Exit polls dash heartland hope for Congress

Exit polls predict a BJP sweep in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, the 3 states Congress won in last year’s assembly elections.

Here’s what psephologist Sanjay Kumar predicts exit polls will say today

Exit polls are the go-to thing just as voting gets over. But are TV news channels telling the whole picture?

After an election all about Modi, it’s President Kovind who may decide India’s fate

With 2019 election results almost certain to throw a hung Parliament, who President Kovind invites first could make all the difference.

Exit polls: How they are conducted, their relevance & accuracy

Experts say the trickiest part of exit polls is to convert vote share into seats and this requires statistical training.

Did the last season of Game of Thrones let down its legions of fans?

Many Game of Thrones fans across the world have demanded a remake of the 8th season of Game of Thrones saying the script didn’t match their expectations.


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‘Modi’s ouster on 23 May will be India’s fitting reply to the most foul-mouthed PM’

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Donald Trump’s ‘deal of war’ for Iran and the British ‘mayfly’

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Scott Morrison’s win in the Australian elections is a Trump-like shock for opinion polls

Scott Morrison’s conservative coalition beat the heavily-favoured Labour Party and stopped just short of a majority in the Australian elections.

On Godse’s birthday, it’s time to remember his ideology is still dangerous and threatening

BJP’s Pragya Thakur called Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse a patriot, then retracted under pressure. But it wasn’t the first attempt to legitimise him.

There’s only one way to tackle India’s sexual violence epidemic – sex education

Unless Indians have conversations about sexuality, the issue of sexual abuse will never be addressed.

Sunscreen won’t save dark-skinned people from melanoma

The notion that regular application of sunscreen will reduce an already extremely rare occurrence is nonsensical.

Gopalkrishna Gandhi says Election Commission must maintain its formidable reputation

ThoughtShot, ThePrint’s one-stop-opinion-spot from leading newspapers’ editorial pages.

Facebook post claims TMC’s Muslim men smashed Vidyasagar bust, but it’s from Iraq

The original picture has nothing to do with the West Bengal violence, but is of ISIS militants destroying ancient Iraqi artifacts. 

Consumption has long propped up India’s economy, so its decline is cause for alarm

The macroeconomy appears sombre because of old difficulties like financing and investment, and new ones like consumption demand.

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