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India Outbreak


Coronavirus: Latest updates on cases in India, all you need to know about COVID-19

As the number of coronavirus cases climb in India, here is all you need to know about how the virus spreads, the symptoms, things to do to keep safe, and more.

Why even herd immunity may not fully protect us from coronavirus

Herd immunity might be a temporary state of affairs. The coronavirus-induced economic & social changes may induce a rotation of potential superspreaders.

Russia registers world’s first Covid vaccine, Putin’s daughter among first recipients

The Covid vaccine is developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute and medics could begin receiving it by the end of the month.

India’s single-day Covid count higher than US, Brazil in past week, says WHO

India, the third worst-hit nation in terms of infections, has also accounted for over 23% of the cases and more than 15% of the deaths reported between August 4-10 worldwide.

Malaria drug chloroquine, used for Covid treatment, linked to amnesia, delirium, depression

From stable virus mutations to antibodies that could be inhaled, ThePrint brings you the latest research on Covid-19.

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Dear Binod, thank you for saving 2020 from being a total washout

It all began when the YouTube channel Slayy Point explored the internet’s garbage dump, ie YouTube’s comments section, and chanced upon a diamond in the trash.


On Camera

Congress welcomes ‘prodigal’ Pilot in poetry, Madhuri Dixit is 36 years old – in cinema

The most politically correct and incorrect tweets of the day from across the political spectrum.

‘Leadership match’ in Congress and BJP’s failure to ‘trap’ Sachin Pilot

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by the editors at ThePrint.

In Surat, this Muslim man performs all Hindu rituals for Covid victims brought for funeral

As undertaker, Abdul Malbari has seen some of the worst disasters — 1998 Gujarat cyclone, 2001 Bhuj earthquake, 2013 Kedarnath floods. And now, he adds 2020 Covid to the list.

Teens, young adults who use tobacco likely to be more prone to getting Covid, study finds

More than 6% smokers and vapers between ages of 13 to 24 had tested positive for Covid-19, compared with less than 1% of those who had never used.


Immunity boosters are a myth — why you shouldn’t believe claims that promise to fight Covid

There is no scientific evidence to support claims of companies selling 'immunity boosting' foods which supposedly enhance immunity. The body's natural process is already working.

From Phase 0 to long-term study, a look at how long it actually takes to develop a vaccine

The Modi govt has asked ICMR to fast-track the trial for Covaxin, a Covid vaccine, and hopes to roll it out in six weeks, in time for Independence Day.

Param Bir Singh — ‘encounter specialist’ IPS officer & Mumbai top cop caught in Sena-NCP tiff

Seemingly stuck in the Sena-NCP tug of war in Maharashtra, Param Bir Singh is a celebrated IPS officer but one who has also courted multiple controversies.

Sumdorong Chu, Ladakh-like India-China face-off which took 9 yrs to end but without violence

The 9 years saw diplomatic wrangling, a defiant Indian general keen on 'teaching the Chinese a lesson' & a PM more inclined towards diplomacy, but not a single drop of blood.

Why Modi govt has made a good call to move out of all non-strategic sectors

Government participation in the market should be the exception, and not the norm. The latest bid to disinvest is a step in the right direction.

Dwarf planet Ceres has ocean of salt water underneath its surface, NASA data studies show

Data obtained from NASA's Dawn spacecraft mission shows that the brine ocean is 40-km deep and hundreds of kilometres wide on Ceres.

What will replace the first Indian republic? Three journeys democracy can take now

In his new book ‘Making Sense of Indian Democracy’, Yogendra Yadav writes about the three future possibilities for the Indian republic. And two of those aren’t very democratic.

Media tycoon’s arrest shows why the West lost faith in Hong Kong’s courts

For decades, Hong Kong’s legal system underpinned its position as Asia’s top financial centre as well as a trusted neutral jurisdiction for international arbitration.

Xiaomi celebrates 10th anniversary with ultra-spec Mi phone

Currently the world’s fourth-largest smartphone brand, Xiaomi launched an Mi 10 Ultra that comes packed with 120x zoom system nestled in a large multi-camera array and a super-fast 120W charger.

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