Tuesday, 19 October, 2021
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses during the launch of the Indian Space Association (ISPA), via video conferencing, in New Delhi Monday. | Photo: ANI

Modi launches Indian Space Association, plan is to open up sector to start-ups & private firms

ISpA will support start-ups, and will work towards facilitating and enabling private players to work in tandem with ISRO, PM Modi said at the virtual event.
Typical Acheulean handaxes | Commons

Microfossils suggest our ancestors interacted with some early humans in Thar Desert, study says

Researchers say Acheulean populations continued to live in the Thar Desert, even after they disappeared from eastern Africa around 214,000 years ago and Arabia 190,000 years ago.
Tourists gathered at The Ridge, Shimla, in July 2021 | Representational image | ANI

Have big plans for Covid ‘revenge travel’? ICMR study warns it could worsen 3rd wave

Study conducted by ICMR and Imperial College London says travelling with a vengeance after being cooped up at home could cause a higher peak in February-March 2022.
Winners of the 2021 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology David Julius (left) and Ardem Patapoutian (right) | Twitter

How we feel temperature and touch: Research that won US scientists Nobel Prize in medicine

David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2021 Monday for their discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch.
View of Earth from space

Women pioneers to be focus as World Space Week kicks off today

The week from 4-11 October was designated annual World Space Week by United Nations in 1999. It involves events and outreach activities globally on subjects related to space. 

Preliminary research finds that even mild cases of Covid-19 leave a mark on the brain

Researchers also investigated changes in performance on cognitive tasks and found that those who had contracted Covid-19 were slower in processing information.
Representational image | NCBS | ncbs.res.in

NCBS scientist to be ‘counselled for her authoritarian conduct’ after data fabrication probe

In October 2020, a team from NCBS published a paper in which experts noticed digital alteration of images. One researcher later accused senior Arati Ramesh of 'harassment'.

We created holograms you can touch – you can even shake your virtual colleague’s hand

At the University of Glasgow’s bendable electronics and sensing technologies research group, we have now developed a system of holograms of people using “aerohaptics”.
Illustration: Manisha Yadav/ThePrint

India’s private space sector is rising, but wait for Bezos-like ‘joy rides’ will be longer

India's space sector, dominated by ISRO, has seen a boom in private companies in past 3 years. But there are still many challenges to overcome, including flawed policy-making.
Representational image. | Photo: Maxpixel

What’s the impact of Covid on mental health? Your hair holds the answer, new study says

Scientists at New York University Abu Dhabi find higher levels of stress hormone cortisol in mothers and children of families which faced more disruption due to pandemic.

On Camera


Why Colin Powell’s death from Covid complications argues for vaccines, not against it

Powell, who was fighting multiple myeloma, needed as many people around him as possible to be vaccinated to diminish his chances of encountering the virus.
A pile of coins representing Bitcoin cryptocurrency | Photo: Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg file photo

Bitcoin pushes toward record high before futures exchange-traded fund debut

The ProShares bitcoin-linked exchange-traded fund will trade on the NYSE. The move is the latest sign of how cryptocurrency-related investments are becoming more mainstream.


Eastern Army Commander Lt Gen Manoj Pande. | Photo: Nirmal Poddar | ThePrint

China has ramped up troops deployment, infra along LAC but so have we — Eastern Army commander

Eastern Army Commander Lt Gen Manoj Pande says there has been a 'marginal increase' in patrolling activities in some areas along the LAC.
Illustration by Soham Sen

Mohan Bhagwat is right, China is the big threat. But his prescription to counter it is flawed

India can fight China, but it needs peace & stability at home. It can't take on Beijing while re-lighting old fires like NRC or polarising Hindus & Muslims to win elections.