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How llamas ‘Jeremy’ and ‘Fifi’ are helping us in fight against coronavirus

At the University of Reading, our aim is to generate llama nanobodies that bind to proteins in the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
A SpaceX rocket

Dawn of commercial space travel: SpaceX successfully propels 2 NASA astronauts into orbit

With the liftoff, SpaceX became the first private company to launch people into orbit, a feat achieved previously by only three governments: the US, Russia and China.

Scientists question study that linked hydroxychloroquine to increased Covid risks

A group of about 120 researchers pointed out inconsistencies in the study and called on the authors and The Lancet to reveal more details of their analysis.
A locust swarm photographed in Jaipur earlier this week | PTI

Why the worst locust attack in decades has invaded north India

India, Iran, Pakistan and a few African nations are reeling under the worst locust invasion in decades, with more waves expected in coming days.
Representational image of covid-19 test kit | SeongJoon Cho | Bloomberg

Scientists develop new AI algorithm to spot Covid-19 in chest X-rays

From new drugs to combat virus to saline solution to transport viral samples from one lab to another, ThePrint brings you the latest research on the Covid-19 front.
A doctor, center, advises doctors and nurses on procedures in the Covid-19 intensive care unit (ICU) at Vila Penteado General Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil | Bloomberg

Faulty gene linked to dementia doubles risk of severe Covid infection, finds new study

From a genetic error that makes people more vulnerable, to how the disease is worse for patients in the US, ThePrint brings you the latest research on the Covid-19 front.
Representational image

NASA needs to be wary of viruses from outer space

There's no telling when and where the next pandemic will emerge. But with a little care, NASA and its partners can try to ensure it won’t be extraterrestrial.
Representational image of a doctor conducting a Covid-19 test in New Delhi | Photo: ANI

Covid growth rate is now falling in worst-hit states. But it’s not all good news elsewhere

While slow growth rates are encouraging, the number of Covid-19 cases may increase as lockdown restrictions are eased around India. 
Medical staff in protective gear collect a sample from an arriving passenger at a coronavirus testing station at Incheon International Airport in Incheon, South Korea | Photographer: SeongJoon Cho | Bloomberg

High doses of vitamin D cannot prevent or treat Covid-19, scientists say

Strokes are more severe in younger coronavirus patients and a new filter for N95 masks, ThePrint brings you the latest on Covid-19.

Indian lions at risk of extinction due to lack of genetic diversity, suggests study

The study claims that due to centuries of inbreeding, Indian lions have cranial defects, low sperm count and testosterone levels, as well as smaller manes.

On Camera

File image of soldiers of the Indian Army and China's People's Liberation Army | Photo: ANI

Ahead of talks with China, question for India: Settle geography or wait for history to unfold?

China changed the geography in 1959 by claiming Tibet. But it would be naïve to think China can now force India to settle the border issue to its advantage.

40 Covid apps across India: Lack of coordination or needed for micro-management?

India now has nearly 40 Covid-19 apps, including Aarogya Setu. The purpose of these apps range from contact tracing to providing health information and issuing e-passes.


Ladakh shows Modi is risking relations with China by getting too close to Trump

India-China border tensions must be seen in the backdrop of Beijing’s deteriorating international relations during the coronavirus outbreak, experts say.

The Chinese are so predictable, Modi & Shah should’ve seen them coming on 5 August 2019

India should’ve anticipated the Chinese appearance in Ladakh, even the timing of it, when the status of Jammu & Kashmir was changed.