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Trees are growing faster, dying younger across the world

From tropical forests to the Arctic region, tree growth is showing dramatic changes.
Amazon rainforest fire

97% of wildfires in the US are started by people

Summer and fall are wildfire seasons across the western US. And they are only increasing now.

Your garbage can now make music. A Brazilian company shows the way

The world produces more than 400 million tonnes of plastics every year, of which 14-18 per cent is being formally recycled & more than half ends up in landfills.
File image of Delhi smog | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

India’s clean air days might be numbered as crop-burning season starts

Covid gave India some of its cleanest skies early this year, but as lockdown measures ease, crop burning could resume, bringing with it chronic air pollution in northern India.
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Surfers can teach scientists a thing or two about global warming

Who better to study the sea than a surfer? They are using their surf boards to collect data on ocean warming.
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Too hot for one mosquito, not so for another — Dengue overtakes malaria in Africa

A new study suggests that climate change may lead to reductions in malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. But that’s not the only disease that bites.

Now, Facebook has a new plan to fight climate misinformation

Facebook is full of misinformation on climate change and climate disasters, which, when noticed and reported by users, is sent to the company’s third-party fact-checkers.
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Boy or girl? The answer led to California wildfire that burnt down over 8,600 acres

Gender-reveal parties in vogue since 2008, but people have now started taking extreme measures during such events, with often other disastrous consequences besides wildfires.

Glaciers in Ladakh, J&K melting at ‘significant’ rate, shows satellite data study

The study was carried across the Line of Control & Line of Actual Control, and a total of 12,243 glaciers were studied for thickness and mass changes.
Plastic pollution near sea

Washed your clothes today? You just threw out single-use plastic without realising it

As tiny as a grain of fine sand, hidden microplastics cannot be collected and recycled. But, little by little, they’re adding up to a huge problem.

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Why Titan is beginning to shine again after lockdown woes while other jewellers struggle

Titan is set to post best quarter in nearly 3 years as investors bet on recovery in demand ahead of festive season & economic slump weakens its competitors.


File image of the OFB pavilion at DefExpo 2016 | Representational image | Twitter | @SpokespersonMoD

Army says ‘poor quality’ Ordnance Board ammo, mines have cost India Rs 960 crore since 2014

Pointing out these shortcomings in an internal assessment, the Army has thrown its weight behind government plans to corporatise the OFB to make it more efficient.
Narendra Modi and Amit Shah | File photo: T. Narayan | Bloomberg

Partners dispensable in Modi-Shah construct if they do not bring additional votes

In the Modi-Shah construct, if partners do not bring additional votes, they are dispensable. However old or loyal, either they become supplicants, or die.