Sunday, 5 December, 2021
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Farmers in Mundiya Kheda village, Rae Bareli district, Uttar Pradesh

SubscriberWrites: India’s rural development model needs to evolve as occupations in villages change

In rural India, majority of workers are getting absorbed in low wage and unproductive non-farm works as agriculture is no longer a viable livelihood option, writes Prem Kumar.

SubscriberWrites:The Ravi Shashtri-Virat Kohli era redefined Indian cricket

Indian cricket team has taken giant leaps under this duo and it can only go upwards from here, writes Harisundar Kumar.
Representational image of a Hindu ascetic and Muslim men crossing each other outside a renovated market in Chand Bagh that was burned down during the February 2020 Northeast Delhi riots | Photo: Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

SubscriberWrites: Pluralism in India will not sustain without mutual reciprocity

Lack of mutual pluralistic reciprocity between Hindus and Muslims will further intensify the fault lines, writes Wg Cdr (Rtd) DK Sharma.
Shaheen Bagh | ThePrint

SubscriberWrites: Harmony in society cannot be imposed. Only rules and regulations can be mandated

It is society that has to take the lead in establishing harmony among its people. It is all about perception and narrative, writes Col KL Viswanathan.
A visitor takes photographs in front of signage at Meta Platforms headquarters in Menlo Park, California, on 29 October 2021 | Photographer: Nick Otto | Bloomberg

SubscriberWrites: Facebook’s ‘Metaverse’ might be immersive but it’s not a new concept

Social media companies and their algorithms paralyse our brains, making us heavily dependent on the carefully constructed environment built by them, writes Subramaniam Gopalakrishnan.
Representational image | Photographer: Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

SubscriberWrites: Electricity socialism could be the reason for power sector’s crisis in India

Subsidized power is not subsidizing either regular or industrial consumers, and low tariffs are not really protecting anyone, writes Manasa Pidatala.
Representational image | Photo: David Paul Morris | Bloomberg

SubscriberWrites: Facebook controversy of 2021 is a throwback to the Big Tobacco fiasco of the 90s

Subscribers write back with their views on the most urgent issues of the day.
Employees of Health Tele Helpline center work during a nationwide lockdown in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, at IMA house Ernakulam District in Kochi on 18 April, 2020 | PTI

SubscriberWrites: ‘Great Resignation’ crisis seems to be taking over India as more people quit jobs post-Covid

The resignations appear to be a sequel to the supply chain crisis that we are facing. Disruption in labour, especially skilled labour, takes a long time to fix, writes Jyoti Lahiri.
Facebook 'like' logo reflected in water droplets on a computer in San Francisco | Bloomberg File Photo

SubscriberWrites: Lawmakers must invest in staying relevant and match pace with advancements in technology

With advancements in science, governments should invest in staying ahead of the curve, in order to be able to make laws to regulate the unimaginable, writes Annuradha Phogat.
A food delivery rider for Zomato Media Pvt. gets on a motorcycle as he waits for an order outside of a restaurant in Mumbai, India, on Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020. Uber Technologies Inc. will sell Uber Eats in India to local rival Zomato in a $172 million deal, according to a person familiar with the transaction, underscoring the ride-hailing giant’s effort to cut back on loss-making operations. Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

SubscriberWrites: #RejectZomato episode throws light on imposition of Hindi on southern states

India should mandate legally that giant corporations must employ regional workers or offer services in the regional language of the state to do business, writes Balaji Alagurajan.

On Camera


Representational image | PM Modi and RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat at Ram Janambhoomi Pujan | ANI

There’s a crisis in Hindutva politics. It comes from its success

The unprecedented electoral triumph of BJP under Modi has created an impression that Hindutva is invincible. But it’s intellectually bankrupt now.

Indian bankers risk losing business to Google, PhonePe, says Uday Kotak

Banks will need to scale up technology, hire more and focus on customer and not sales-centric approach to match competition from the 'deep-pocketed tech firms', the Kotak founder said.


PM Narendra Modi with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok, Russia | Photo: PIB

S-400 deal in India’s ‘national interest’, will be the focus at Putin-Modi summit tomorrow

The $5.43 bn S-400 deal could invite US sanctions but India believes it is in the country’s security interests. The Annual India-Russia Summit will focus on defence, trade ties.

Yes, UPA’s dead. But here’s what Mamata, PK are saying about Congress & why that’s right too

Even in its second successive annihilation by BJP, Congress retained a solid block of 20% votes. That’s why all of BJP’s victims want the Congress at the core of their challenge.