Thursday, 18 August, 2022


SubscriberWrites: India’s language debate highlights the need for more common lores

The past 75 years haven’t seen active efforts to build a shared history and collective Indian conscience, similar to the idea of an “American dream”, writes Raunak Bardia.

SubscriberWrites: Women in India are reduced to domestic labour providers. Nothing has changed in 2022

While some Indian women are global leaders and powerful voices in diverse fields most do not enjoy many of their rights due to deeply entrenched patriarchal views, norms, traditions and structures, writes Jayanti Sengupta Sharma

SubscriberWrites: Any discussion on Savarkar is held only on his thoughts on Hindutva. It is a disservice

In the early 20th century, Savarkar was one of the earliest freedom fighters from Maharashtra who launched the national campaign for Swadeshi, writes Vivek

SubscriberWrites: The answer to ‘one language’ in India is not imposition of Hindi, but acceptance of diversity

India cannot have 'one language' as long as the govt continues portraying Hindi as a symbol of Indian identity, pride, culture, and heritage, writes Ayush Agarwal

SubscriberWrites: EVs have to travel a long way to get perfect Green Tag. It is not completely emission free

Level of pollution caused by e-vehicles varies from country to country depending on factors like source of energy, policy on battery recycling, and mining process.

SubscriberWrites: Taper Tantrum of 2013 has significant impact on India. Here’s why

Indian stock market could be seen in red for some time as the companies are moderating themselves to their expected valuations, writes Criti Mahajan.

SubscriberWrites: Thirty year cycles in India shows how politics have shifted grounds

It would take 20 more years to figure how and what the 2010-2030 period brings to table for India, writes Amol Holey.

SubscriberWrites: India’s linguistic diversity must be respected. It makes the country unique

Subscribers write back with their views on the most urgent issues of the day.

SubscriberWrites: Australia – India trade deal aims to improve levers of value creation in the two nations

The treaty has been 10 years in the making, and aims to facilitate a mix of broad issues and some at operational level, writes Jyoti Lahiri.

SubscriberWrites: Organic farming to tax cuts—How the Sri Lankan govt created the country’s economic crisis

Sri Lanka has suspended payments on its international debt of more than 51 billion dollars, actively putting the country in default, writes Jay Desai.

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Farmers plant paddy saplings in a field | PTI Photo

Good news from the farm as India’s FY22 foodgrain production estimated at record 316 mn tonnes

Wheat production estimate sees marginal upward revision to 106.8 million tons, though current rate lowest in 3 years.


IAF Su-30 MKI aircraft | Twitter | @DefencePRO_Guj

Russian defence industry team to visit India soon for talks on upgrading IAF’s Sukhoi fleet

Upgrades would include more better radar & integration of electronic warfare abilities. Russia also hopeful of inking deal with India to supply 12 more Su-30 MKIs and 21 MiG-29s.
NI 13.08

Tiranga vs Tiranga: Gloves are off as Kejriwal joins the ‘nationalism’ battle with Modi

Kejriwal’s maun vrat on Modi has ended. This is an important turn in Indian politics. In some ways rivalling the dramatic turn in Bihar.