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The Toshkhana declaration—Musharraf liked dinner sets, Nawaz Mercedes, Imran picked pens

Toshakhana gifts came under the scanner when PM Shehbaz Sharif accused Imran Khan of selling gifts worth PKR 140 million during the latter’s prime ministership.

Malala wins hearts at Oscars 2023. Then gives host Jimmy Kimmel a lesson on ‘kindness’

Pakistani education activist and Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai was at Oscars 2023 for 'Stranger at the Gate', which lost Best Short Documentary Film award to India's 'The Elephant Whisperers'.

Pakistani TV celebrity’s auto rickshaw ride goes wrong. People are calling out her elitism

The current economic crisis in Pakistan has made the class divide starker. Ashraf’s comments have provided fresh fodder for the debate.

Pakistan is reeling from an HIV outbreak — Sindh province sees 21 cases in a week

The virus is seeping into the general population in Sindh. Poverty and lax governance the root cause.

Pakistan gets its first digital census. But it’s being called futile, govt fraud

Activists argue that the new digital process should be made accessible to include previously excluded or undercounted groups such as transgenders and ethnic minorities.

Hina Rabbani Khar says India getting a ‘generous supply of weapons’. Even Pakistanis aren’t cheering

Khar said the largest country in the region continues to be a beneficiary of nuclear exceptionalism.

This Pakistani groom needs no IMF bailout. He wore a dollar garland on his wedding

Reports in Pakistani media quoted sources to suggest that the garland Zaman presented to his personal assistant was valued at over PKR 25,00,000.

Pakistani TV drama talks about transgender child. Fashion designer says country sold its soul

'No one is born a trans', 'no one has the urge to be intersex', 'it can lead to increased pedophilia', Maria B. said in response to Adeel Bhatti's TV series Sar-e-Rah.

Who knew Noam Chomsky is an Imran Khan fan? He’d even vote for him

Chomsky’s take, attributed to a purported interview, has divided Pakistanis. Many call him ill-informed.

Shoaib Akhtar wants Pakistani cricketers to speak English. Ramiz Raja tells him—get a degree

Shoaib Akhtar said that Pakistan team captain Babar Azam failed to become a brand because he cannot speak English.

On Camera


Representational image | Indian Army | ANI

Why Theatre Commands must be accompanied by a Uniform Military Code

The differences on justice delivery among the individual Services exist mostly as a legacy of the British Acts from which the existing laws were derived.
Credit Suisse is Switzerland's second-largest bank | Twitter: @CreditSuisse

Spying, cocaine, money-laundering, historic losses: The sordid tale of the fall...

Switzerland’s 2nd largest bank has been merged with country’s largest bank & its rival UBS for a lot lower than its market value. Regulators say this was the best way forward.


File photo of Indigenous Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv| photo: ANI

Yet another ALH accident calls for independent & comprehensive review of...

Over the last two decades 18 to 22 incidents involving the ALH Dhruv have been reported. Experts say the malaise in the ALH fleet could be related to design & engineering issues.  
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

You’ve heard of jobless growth. But Tata, Birla, Ambani, Adani, have...

Modi govt's thrust on manufacturing is much-needed but it is pushing Indian manufacturing in the direction of outsourcing, same as our services industry.