Book Excerpts

An ancient temple's discovery illuminates the connections between present-day life and the past as a 'place' to be opened, imagined, and inhabited.
From BJP to Congress, political parties understand Nazi minister Joseph Goebbels' mantra that people will believe a lie if repeated often enough.
Rohith Vemula
The toxic belief that ‘quota students’ are innately less able than ‘mainstream students’ is at the heart of this caste-based exclusion.
Panorama of Jallianwala Bagh | Commons
As the bodies and crowds blocked the exits, bullets would ricochet off the surrounding walls, or fragment, and injure more people.
US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping
Where is China headed? Here are four possible scenarios.
Journalist Kuldip Nayar recounts Lal Bahadur Shastri saying Kashmir may have had a different fate if what Jinnah believed had come true.
Ratan Tata
Money's corrupting role in Indian politics has only grown since the country's independence, writes Ratan Tata
Apart from Victoria’s Secret and Pink, brands sourcing from a bra & panty business park near Visakhapatnam include Marks & Spencer and Lidl | Commons
The park is a textbook case on how clustering can make smaller companies competitive and more productive, and enable them to generate employment.
Modi rapidly expanded same welfare schemes he had called a leading symbol of India’s economic underachievement under the Congress.
Menstrual blood is, in fact, considered pure and sacred, and plays a very important role in certain Tantric rituals.

On Camera

Workers at a construction site in Delhi (representational image) | Ruhani Kaur/Bloomberg

India’s caste problem has a silver lining: urbanisation, and inter-caste marriage

Unlike villages, search for partners in cities shifts its focus from family and caste networks to friends and professional networks.

IAS poll observer: With Modi breaking rules, should EC give him special security treatment?

The Election Commission has suspended an IAS officer who had inspected PM Narendra Modi’s chopper in Odisha’s Sambalpur Tuesday.


Satellite images suggest that China is testing and weaponising its naval platforms for space denial

China is now testing laser ASAT weapons from its naval ships

China has already tested missile & EMP anti-satellite weapons from the ground. Now it’s using icebreaker ships in the Yellow Sea/Bohai Sea area.
Graphic by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi & Shah have turned India into ‘Jingostan’ & are out to conquer the paranoid country

The Modi-Shah BJP has resurrected dangers & the enemy from the past, and built a scary jingoism. It’s a great diversionary tactic, but it never ends well.