Monday, 22 January, 2018


Aziz Ansari

The Aziz Ansari case: Bad date or sexual assault?

Young journalists atThePrint answered questions about the Aziz Ansari incident after a woman wrote about the actor allegedly sexually assaulting her.
People wear the colors of the Indian flag

India presents an image of optimism and promise to a world in flux

For India to reap the benefits of its reforms process, it is imperative that it address some critical challenges at home.
A file photo of Aziz Anzari | Wikimedia Commons

The Aziz Ansari episode reminds me of all the Indian boys who can’t say...

As a feminist stand-up comedian who is pro #MeToo, Radhika Vaz doesn’t want to list the number of ways ‘Grace’ could have changed the outcome.
Representational image of the Manipur Police

Supreme Court is the last hope for justice in Manipur fake encounter cases

Despite a police officer confessing that the killing of Ch Sanjit in Manipur was staged, the government may be trying to ensure the case dies a slow death.
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असम में एनआरसी रिपोर्ट से भड़क सकती है जातीय हिंसा

यह आशंका तो बिल्कुल निराधार है कि असम एक मुस्लिम बहुल राज्य बन जाएगा, फिर भी 'धरतीपुत्रों' की चिंताओं की अनदेखी नहीं की जा सकती.
Giuseppe Orsi, former head of Finmeccanica

इटली से तो बच निकले पर भारत में कब तक खैर मनाएंगे अगस्ता वेस्टलैंड...

अगस्ता वेस्टलैंड सौदे के घपले में सबूत तो बिचौलियों की ओर संकेत करते हैं मगर सुरागों को जोड़कर ठोस मामला न बना पाना भारतीय जांचकर्ताओं की कमजोरी रही है. 
Israeli policemen detain Palestinians in Israel

As it draws closer to Israel, India shouldn’t ignore the plight of minority Arabs...

Palestinian cause is not restricted to the occupied territories, but also concerns the life of Arab minorities and their shrinking status in a Jewish state.
Modi at Madison Square Garden

Narendra Modi and the art of being a Right-wing messiah and left populist

Modi is a unique leader who has learnt the art of combining left populism with right populism. In the process, regressive tendencies flourish.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu

India will need to do a smart balancing act as it gets closer to...

As it gets closer to India, Israel will need to understand the country's predicament on Iran and Palestine.
The publisher of Hustler has offered $10 million for evidence against Donald Trump

India is Pakistan’s eternal enemy, US’ future best friend. How can US & Pak...

Americans must acknowledge that an alliance with Pakistan cannot survive the absence of shared goals. Trump’s policy is a step in that direction

Gujarat Elections 2017

A graphic showing newspapers The Hindu, The Indian Express and President APJ Abdul Kalam

When one Indian newspaper handed over its big scoop to a rival

It was the only way to ensure the story wasn't killed. And Spielberg's latest, The Post, brings it back to me.

Talk Point: Can the disqualification of 20 Delhi MLAs trigger public sympathy for AAP?

The Delhi High Court is set to hear the case of disqualification of  20 Aam Aadmi Party MLAs by the nation’s President for holding an office of profit. ThePrint asks experts to weigh in.