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Clothes in a mall (Representational Image) | Flickr

Secondhand clothing is now a booming, multi-billion dollar industry

Last year, secondhand clothing expanded 21 times faster than conventional apparel retail did. It can help make fashion sustainable.
Illustration by Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

Indians have a new K in their lives. Not Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor but Korean culture factory

K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty — 2020 became the year India embraced the soft power of Korea.

Bollywood wives, matchmaking — 2020’s cringe binging scrapes Netflix, Amazon barrel

If you thought watching Roadies, Splitsvilla or Emotional Atyachar on TV was bad — we now have new online versions, though much better shot & strung together.
Shaheen Bagh | ThePrint

Supreme Court’s Shaheen Bagh judgment is well-meaning judicial anguish, not binding law

Constitutional questions require dissection with a sharp surgical knife; what the Supreme Court used in the Shaheen Bagh case instead was a hacksaw.
A massive chunk of ice is poised to break away from Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf

200 years ago, people discovered Antarctica — then the ice and water became red with blood

Almost immediately, Antarctica became a lucrative continent for profit-making.
Chinese President Xi Jinping

China’s 14-point ‘charge sheet’ against Australia, Five Eyes Alliance, & how Xi blew it

In episode 623 of #CutTheClutter, ThePrint’s Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta explains China's row with Australia, the 'Five Eyes' alliance and an opportunity Xi Jinping blew.

No, soaring Covid cases are not due to more testing

Serious Covid-19 illness is on the rise in the US and cases are still being undercounted.
Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc. | Bloomberg

Why the above-90% effective Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are truly a breakthrough

The most important challenge for development of an mRNA vaccine remains its inherent instability.
Representational image. | Photo: Pixabay

WHO advice on remdesivir is a warning for Covid-19 vaccines

The WHO’s thumbs-down on remdesivir highlights why the FDA has to do more than merely rubber-stamp Covid-19 treatments in the face of heavy White House pressure to move quickly.
A health worker conducts Covid test outside a mohalla clinic in Delhi, 20 Nov 2020 | PTI

Delhi govt is testing-tracing, but Covid third wave means people have to be responsible too

Delhi has a unique challenge in its fight against Covid – porous borders in NCR. Kejriwal government knows a coordinated strategy is needed.

On Camera

Trump and his team will leave lot of booby traps for Biden

Even if he’s off sulking, Trump has ample opportunity over the next two months to abuse his powers or throw sand in the federal machinery Biden will inherit.
Representational image of GST Bhavan. IRS officer B. Balamurugan has been posted in the Hindi Cell of the GST Chennai Outer Commissionerate since last year | Commons

Kerala and West Bengal choose Option 1 to meet GST implementation shortfall

On receipt of the choice of Option 1, Central govt has granted additional borrowing permission of Rs.4,522 crore to Kerala and Rs.6,787 crore to West Bengal respectively.


A Sea Guardian drone | Source: General Atomics

Indian Navy inducts two American drones on lease, could add more later

The two drones, flying with Indian Navy logo, are under the full operational control of the force and it will have exclusive access to all the information that the drone will capture.
Illustration by Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint Team

What the amazing rise & sudden death of a ‘Holy Warrior’ tell us about Islam & politics in Pakistan

Khadim Hussain Rizvi was the face of Pakistan’s radical Islamist politics. His sudden death, however, will not end the mass appeal of religious fundamentalism.