Tuesday, 26 September, 2017


General Bipin Rawat has said India needs to be prepared for a two-front war.

It would be foolish for India to rule out the possibility of a two-front...

The PLA would be smarting at how they were forced to backtrack from their strident public posture during Doklam and may now step up their provocative actions along the LAC.
Protests erupts all over the country over the death of Gauri Lankesh's murder

Gauri Lankesh murder: We are witnessing the battle for the second Republic of India

When fake news, alternative facts, trolling and vituperative abuse are now the new normal, public space is no longer for the faint-hearted.
Ensuring digital security

Aadhaar to digital wallets: Digital India needs more security to deliver

The omission of digital security as one of the nine pillars that underpin the Narendra Modi’s flagship Digital India program is perplexing.
India needs to go about formulating a National Security Doctrine if it intends to change its image as a soft state.

If India starts now, it can finally have a National Security Doctrine by 2022

The widespread international image of India as a ‘soft state’ must be dispelled by the creation of a national security doctrine.
Orhan Pamuk and the cover of his new book titled 'The Red-Haired Woman'

The Red-Haired Woman: Orhan Pamuk’s latest tale of love, guilt and longing

The Nobel laureate's latest book titled 'The Red-Haired Woman' is a tale of love and longing.
The government through the Women and Child Development Ministry has taken the stance that marital rape is not rape at all.

The government has refused to criminalise marital rape for all the wrong reasons

The government’s affidavit perpetuates the misconception that rape cannot be established without medical evidence.
A composite image shows Gauri Lankesh and the scene outside her house after she was assassinated on the night of 5 September,2017 in Bengaluru.

Gauri Lankesh’s activism or journalism can’t be used to justify her brutal murder

Gauri Lankesh's brutal killing outside her home raises an uncomfortable question: why are people emboldened to kill in Karnataka?
A Google Earth image shows the site of the new nuclear facility in Blauchistan

Exclusive: Pakistan builds new tunneled nuclear weapons storage facility in Baluchistan

The new facility can store 30-60 Shaheen-III missiles, will bring entire India, even Israel into target range.
Protests after Anitha's suicide against NEET

Anitha’s suicide over NEET highlights why Centre can’t impose policies on Tamil Nadu

It is no surprise then that Tamil Nadu, which has a century-long tradition of social justice, was at the forefront of opposing NEET.
Amit Shah at public meeting in Tamil Nadu

Navigating Tamil politics will be Amit Shah’s biggest challenge

The new face of Tamil nationalism was visible during the Jallikattu protests and the Hindi imposition issue, may be a new offshoot of Dravidian ideology.


A picture of TN Ninan, chairman of Business Standard Private Limited

Failure in the good times

Since Mr Modi and his team expect to win the 2019 elections, the groundwork for improved performance in their second term should be done now.

National Interest

The notion that young Indians leading liberated lives are asking for trouble needs revisiting after the Punjab & Haryana HC bail order in a gangrape case.

Anyone here been raped and likes sex?

And smokes, drinks and has condoms in her room? Notion that young Indians leading liberated lives are asking for trouble needs revisiting.

Talk Point

Security agencies resort to internet shutdowns to control violent protests, but is this really a solution?

Talk Point: Are internet shutdowns the best way to restore peace during violent protests?

There were 42 times security agencies resorted to internet shutdowns this year to control volatile conditions in eleven states. Is this the only way to restore peace during violent protests?