Saturday, 18 November, 2017


Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution centenary: Missed conversations with India need to take place

The Soviet Union was present in India in hundreds of ways. Even Indian languages were on trial: how best could the phrase “lumpen proletariat” be translated?
traffic jam and crowd

Demonetisation and odd-even: Two sides of the same political coin

The last thing Modi and Kejriwal bhakts want to hear is how similar their leaders and their decisions were. But there was a whole host of similarities.
Narendra Modi at a rally in Gujarat

Merely angry, Left-secular activism can’t defeat Modi

By choosing fury over fact, delusion over reason, passion over politics, Modi's enemies — beginning with the Congress — make Gujarat politics a one-horse race
Mohan Bhagwat at arms worship

RSS benefits most from keeping Hindutva loosely defined

Hindutva is celebrated by the RSS/BJP; but there is no serious effort to clarify it.
A representational image of Arun Jaitley and GST

Simplifying GST rates

When the idea of a GST was introduced, no one had intended (or dreamt) that there would be four rates of tax other than the zero rate.
Another clash at SC: CJI takes away 2G-related case from Chelameswar

CJI’s action on bribery charge is SC’s biggest-ever crisis, and it comes from within

CJI has the power to decide who will hear a case. But he is still expected to exercise it fairly, especially when there is an obvious conflict of interest.
Smog in Lahore

Don’t just blame India for the Lahore smog, create India-Pak treaty on air pollution

The smog has reminded us that India and Pakistan are connected in more ways than one. 
Dineshwar Sharma, interlocutor to Jammu and Kashmir on his way to a meeting

Dineshwar Sharma’s J&K visit broke the ice. Now he has to win over youth...

The separatist challenge can be overcome to a certain extent if Sharma can convince the civil society of the sincerity of his efforts.
A giant cut-out of Prime Minister Narendra Modi installed at Ashok Road in favour of GST

It’s an illusion that Modi govt controls India’s economic destiny

A heady era has lulled investors into believing that India’s omnipotent PM determines India’s economic destiny. But things might be about to change. 
The Modi School of Marketing

The Modi School of Marketing

In Gujarat, his consumer, the voter, needs pride, self-esteem. He is delivering it through his product: economic success. The Congress has no real counter offer.
Supreme Court

There are some things even the Supreme Court shouldn’t be allowed to change

SC itself has held that certain features of THE Constitution can’t be amended by Parliament; it should be the same when it comes to its own functioning.
An illustration of Modi wearing a hat

Rating the raters

Gujarat Elections 2017

Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi at 100: Why She Still Rules India

Indira believed in statist, povertarian economics and crush-the-opposition-to-dust “Total Politics”. If both ideas thrive under Modi now, she still rules our minds.
Shoe shop

Talk Point: The regulatory philosophy of NAPA replaces the invisible hand of the market

Anti-profiteering measures enshrined in the GST law round the circle by already providing an institutional mechanism to ensure that the full benefits of reduced tax rates flow through to the consumer.