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How India lined up US, Russia on its side of LAC and China was forced to return friendless

China is disengaging from the LAC, and also taking back the message that India has far more friends in the world today. The last 24 hours have truly been PM Modi’s.

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Chinese troops have reportedly begun to withdraw from the Galwan Valley and even the Pangong Tso in Ladakh Monday, hours after national security adviser Ajit Doval spoke to Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi Sunday, during which Doval is believed to have insisted on a “full and enduring restoration of peace and tranquility.”

According to reports, a three-kilometre buffer zone has been created between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh; both sides are moving tents, troops and vehicles back to their own side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC); the exercise is being verified by drones. At Pangong Tso, the withdrawal is still thin because the Galwan and Shyok rivers are in spate, but physical verification will also take place soon.

Fact remains, whether the full withdrawal process takes a few days or weeks or months, the Chinese side seems to have blinked. Two months after Chinese troops intruded across the LAC, they are going back, empty-handed.

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The US steps in

The one thing the Chinese are surely taking back is the ill-will of a fellow Asian power, far poorer but strong in the knowledge that it has many more friends than Beijing does today.

Think about it. Who came down on China’s side as it decided to aggressively cross the LAC and decide it must take back territory it once owned during the Qing dynasty?

Even those most indebted to China, such as Laos (where the Chinese are building a high-speed railway to connect to China) and Djibouti (where the Chinese have built a military base), didn’t come out in open support of the dragon.

In contrast, India had lined up some of the world’s quietest as well as most voluble players, some of them powerful members of the United Nations Security Council.

The Americans were the most garrulous, of course, with US President Donald Trump saying last week that “China’s aggressive stance along the India-China border fits in with a larger pattern of Chinese aggression in other parts of the world…”.

Trump was right. Only last week, Russians and Chinese got into a social media spat when some Chinese media claimed ownership of Russia’s eastern city Vladivostok, saying it had once been part of the Qing dynasty’s Manchurian homeland but was annexed by Russia when China lost the Second Opium War to Britain and France in 1860.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had described the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a “rogue actor” and accused the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of escalating “border tensions with India.”

Certainly, the US is having a massive tiff with China over trade and the fact that Beijing didn’t let on early about the coronavirus pandemic thereby causing untold harm to America – but the Ladakh border clash has been much more than a casualty.

So the US moved two aircraft carriers into the South China Sea Saturday, in what amounted to a significant show of strength, insisting on freedom of navigation. While Pompeo called external affairs minister S. Jaishankar, promising help.

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Russia steps in

As for the Russians, they agreed to speed up “certain missiles and bombs” during the recent visit of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to Moscow, when a full review of the bilateral defence relationship took place.

Significantly, Russia quietly turned down the Chinese request not to sell arms to India, said officials speaking on the condition of anonymity, even though Russia depends quite a bit on arms sales to China to shore up its own GDP. The CCP’s mouthpiece, People’s Daily, took to Facebook to send China’s message to Russia.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the decision to operationalise the India-Russia BrahMos missile.

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A new ‘coalition of the willing’

Right through, South Block was reaching out to other key nations. From Japan (“Had a good talk with FS Shringla. Appreciated his briefing on the situation along LAC,” tweeted Japanese ambassador Satoshi Suzuki) to Australia, the world began to line up behind India.

Even Pakistan, China’s strategic ally and partner, refrained from taking advantage of the situation to open a second front.

Beijing is still claiming Galwan Valley, but even Wang Yi realises it cannot stand up to the combined might of the coalition of the willing that is ranged on the other side.

Certainly, the last 24 hours have belonged to PM Modi. He has successfully called China’s bluff by daring it to keep Indian territory. His comments on the 19 June all-party meeting, that “no one entered Indian territory, no posts were occupied” may still ring true.

In retrospect, it seems clear that when he spoke in Leh last Friday, Modi had already stitched up his partnerships so he could freely rail against the “era of expansionism,” a not-so-subtle allusion to China.

Certainly, the long haul to a full withdrawal has begun. It is likely India will now cement its new friendships with free trade agreements, including with the European Union and the US. Modi needs all the friends he can get if it wants to think of confronting China on a sustained basis — even at the cost of good ties with the RSS’ Swadeshi Jagran Manch.

The Ladakh crisis is a moment of reckoning all around. Besides invigorating old friendships and recasting India’s influence in the neighbourhood, Modi must reach out anew to the opposition at home. Foreign policy is far too risky a business to allow political divisions.

As for Rahul Gandhi, if he wants to become Congress president, he must learn to be more responsible. Attacking a duly elected prime minister on national security issues may get him some brownie points, but it is hardly the hallmark of a serious politician.

Views are personal.

This article has been updated to reflect changes.

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  1. How pathetic andhbhakht how dare you call Syrian refugees jihadis when most of them are actually children,women and old people’s.also,west media despite dictatorial and right wing regime,always stood for democracy.even in russsia during Soviet times,there was zamikert.and if you mahapurush really want to accuse someone of terrorism and that’s you,wiki-violence in hinduism,wiki-religious violence in India and hinduism and terror by Paul

  2. Very juvenile assumptions. The author has first convinced herself of India’s strategic strength and global reach; and then started looking for tele tele signs of proof here and there to buttress her narratives.

  3. I find it difficult to understand the assessment of the writer that our relations with Russia on account of our military deals and US action in the South China Seas had any impact on China. It is yet a guess what our NSA in 2 hours discussion with Wang hi could have made China accelerate the withdrawal and de-escalation agreement made between the Generals of both sides. China is facing a big problem of dissidence domestically with a downturn in their economy due to Covid pandemic and probably other reasons. The capture of some of our territory at our borders would not seem to the Chinese as a big victory as those areas are more strategic than economically worthwhile. A probable guess is that our NSA may have carried a message on what was agreed between Xi and Modi in other economic issues between the two countries and to advice the PLA to withdraw NOW and postpone discussions on a permanent LOC line in eastern Ladakh area for a compressive discussion on “ give and take” on our borders

    • Laos did not support China! Did Bhutan came out with support of India? Japan & Australia are as much concerned as India on Chinese expansionism. I think, Indian media has become cautious in their criticism of government, knowing the consequences.

      • Did you see in the so called democracies of Europe, the press criticize their governments?? NEVER!! Despite Merkel giving refuge to Jihadis from Syria & elsewhere, the press kept mum or at least non critical!! In America, the press does criticize Trump but only because it has massive support of Jihadis & ultra leftists/communists!! Same is the case in India!!

        • You see jihadis everywhere andhbhakhts,and how dare you calling the Syrian refugees you know what you did,you have violated international laws and UNHCR provision.india has even gave Adnan Sami and many Pakistani citizenship,were was your opposition.and us and western media has guts that why they could target trump.basically western media is corporate,it basically supports those who enhance it capitalist interest.and if you are talking about terrorism,and muslims are not worldwide and even nationwide,columbaninterreligiousdialogue-all Muslims are not terrorists and all terrorists are not muslims, muslims are not terrorists.

  4. prime minister has done excellent work , it his oersonal effeort that issue could be resolved. claiming certail which might have been there , aquestion mark, is most idiotic in to days time . they wanted to show their muscle power to distract people attention from their local problem.
    i hope they stick to their words as they are very slippery people.

  5. Realistically, the US support was (unlike JFK’s) vague and muted. Trump even offered to be a referee, an outrageous injury from a ‘strategic ally’. Russia felt no guilt in telling Beijing that it has treaty obligations to India and besides, Moscow desperately needed to make those Mig and Sukhui sales, so ‘unlike 1971, we won’t be deploying forces on your western border.’ A similar Rafale-Sale linked sentiment of support was expressed from Paris. From elsewhere in the world, no big voices were heard (unless Australia is considered ‘big’).
    In the New Cold War situation, the frequently cited “China isolated’ argument sounds hollow, especially when one can easily Google the continuing and vastly favourable trade balances enjoyed by China (second-largest economy) worldwide, including India, despite China’s ‘shocking’ aggression.
    Some readers of ThePrint may also wonder if the lack of categorical support for Delhi is perhaps based on a tacit global consensus which country provoked the border embarrassment in the first place. Perhaps it was too premature and too impulsive, under the euphoria of My Map and “In the end, we always prevail.”

    • OK, our wishful thinking. Do you have guts to prove it by fighting a war with us? You have no backbone, guts or testosterone to venture into that exercise. You can only show off and think that we get scared. Those days are gone.

    • China should worry about the eroding value of its manufacturing that has powered its economy till now. Cheap labor from villages has steadily gotten expensive as China’s GDP has grown. CPC can only deny people so much by their authoritarian regime.

      China is simmering below. CPC knows it – that President Xi has been allowed to start “playing” 10-15 years too early is the best sign of the state of ‘controlled panic’ that exists in CPC.

      CPC wiil now have to radically transform or perish in a blaze…

  6. US and Russia will surely support if you by tons of arms from them. Look how many orders are released after the crisis. I am sure US, China and Russia together created this crisis prompted by the arms mafia behind.

  7. Coming from India base media. You can claim as much you want on unwarranted news. The world won’t be fooled.

  8. Pleasantly surprised to read sober and unbiased language from Jyoti Malhotra and that also in The Print. Possibly, but doubtful, that such sobriety can extend to The Print’s analysis of India Pak / Kashmir issues.

    • Sobriety for you is to convert defeat and incompetence into victory. China has read your mentality correctly, they will take more, little by little.

    • Lol I was thinking the same, I was reading this article.
      I came for a biased article, and all I got was a fair and neutral point of view.

  9. You are citing ‘spat’ between Chinese and Russians as a sign of Russian support? Our erstwhile friend is neutral and not at all supportive of our cause.
    None of our neighbours spoke in our support, none of the foreign countries, save for France, responded in any meaningful way. Our relationship with Americans are limited to sharing Intel.
    The real question is whether we lost territory to china or not? Will status quo ante be restored, or will this become the new normal?

    • Your analysis is correct.

      The answer to your question is this will become the new normal. China has spotted they can take little by little, Indian media will adjust the new reality for the public and even convert it to a victory, and make believe Modi is tough and has a secret plan (as Jyoti M has done here).

      Basically, Shah precipitated this change in the Chinese by revoking Article 370 and saying India will recapture Aksai Chin and PoK by force. India was playing a double game with Wuhan spirit and Quad. Wuhan spirit ended, Quad is nowhere, only we lost land. That is the net outcome of Modi and the dumb lot that guide him.

  10. Sure, one can see the glass as either half-full or half-empty.. but, remember Doklam?! We won the moral victory.. China got the ‘immoral’ one, and the plateau is now militarized. They’ve achieved their aims.

    This article also has some illogical statements. How does China now withdrawing mean that Modi was speaking the truth when he said they were not here in the first place?! Then why are they withdrawing, duhh?! Besides, even we are not going to be patrolling land that we always did.. so who’s victory is it anyway?!

    My take is that China did all this to get Modi to call Xi Jinping.. Ajit Doval’s call has served that purpose, and things are now moving.. but let’s wait before declaring it a victory.

    It’s critical that Rahul Gandhi keeps asking these questions so that Doklam is not repeated here, and the people of Ladakh don’t lose anymore grazing land to the Chinese – at least someone dares stand up for them! Else, the Chinese are just going to keep coming deeper and deeper. If Modi wants the opposition to back him, he mustn’t play games with them!

  11. Comm*nists main agenda is to impose their ideol*gy on others even knowing that this strategy is backfiring since day one. This is what Comm*nist China is doing and they will fail too.

  12. If diplomacy won the day always history would be written differently. If number and quality of friends won the day then again history would be written differently. Your intelligence is asleep for months and Chinese intrusion goes not only undetected but they also dig their heals in then you expect of all people the Hans to withdraw without a fight giving you a cakewalk!? Then you either are deluding yourself or you are some supernatural power to which why only the Indian Opposition even the great Xi, Putin and Trump have been woven into some trance. I can’t believe this. Rather will wait and see.

  13. Yes Nehru was not dull his response to China was Hindu chimes his bia China is not use medelling in middle east afganistan kore they are rascles midi is also trying useless and in democratic tactics you have seen silent on minorties mor so murders kashmir little democratic set up what was need to abrogate 350 what india has gained it has created Hatrid even in jimmu kashmir will rise again as it has been it is better to give us what was assured 70 years before make it certain kashmiri will fight the way five commences know as hagi group this will again come up both india and Pakistan should wait and wretch

    • LIAR!! What is Islam doing you pathological liars?? Where are Hindu minorities in Pakistan/Bangladesh??!! Tens of millions of Hindus killed by the EVIL Islam!! You are wild pigs & will remain so!!

  14. Ha!! Ha!! So the ultra leftist Jihadi ThePrint finally caves in front of ultra efficient Hindu nationalism??!!

  15. Yes, round 1 goes to Modi!
    But here and now is when the great game starts again! The world powers have stood by India for perhaps their own interests more than those of India! What price they demand in return is what must worry the People in Indian corridors of power!
    The economic and military gap between India and China is too wide to bridge on our own! Time for India to make the right corrections to enhance economic and military self reliance in the right sense! You cannot import 90% of military equipment and 90-95% of your oil demands and then hope to be holding all the cards! INTERESTING DAYS AHEAD!

  16. Mr Rahul G, for that matter, any opposition party leader or party or member should not use National security matters
    for any political purpose. That itself will endanger the Morale of the Fighting, Forces considering the mutipronged social
    media is like a VIRUS of it’s own kind which conincingly converts FAKE NEWS to Reality & vice versa. This is my personal opinion

  17. It is not yet a Chinese “misadventure”

    So far, China has gained many things:

    (1) it has gained strategic Indian territory which it has NOT relinquished,

    (2) flexed its muscles to an International Audience to cut India down to size,

    (3) showed the restive Chinese that Xi is still Emperor and carrying on the tradition of Mao,

    (4) asserted its “Super Power” Status by acting with Unipolar Exceptionalism,

    (5) exposed India’s military inadequacies,

    (6) is testing whether India is still as rape-able as it always was and will capitulate territory to China to get on with its Government sans Governance preoccupation of stealing from some for the benefit of others on the basis of Caste, Tribe, Religion, Gender, Language, Geography and proximity to power and

    (7) has focused its Military on prepardeness and mobilization for the aggrandizement that it had begun to lay plans for under Mao.

    It remains to be seen whether the Doval-Wang talks actually produce a Chinese withdrawal or, whether, in order to propagate the myth of “Modi-Doval shining” without committing the Armed Forces, while taking advantage of an obsequious military, the Indian Government colludes with China to, again, cede Indian territory while claiming a Chinese retreat from Indian territory through cover ups for which every Indian Government from Nehru to Modi is notorious.

    In India, the truth will surface in shorter time than during earlier eras due to Social Media and leaks of military information by patriotic soldiers on the ground.

    • No doubt that the Chinese behaviour caught India by surprise. Even brigands don’t harm people, when they are down, but the Chinese spread the CCP virus across the globe and started an aggressive campaign to grab territory across the world- catching everyone, for nobody expected this barbaric behaviour.

      But you got the rest of it all wrong. It was China’s turn to be surprised by the amount of support India got and the huge anti-Chinese feelings this incident has evoked across the globe, after they spread the CCP virus. If as you said the Chinese are so “powerful’ why did they stop? Why did their nether regions freeze? They realised their fancy bunch of commisars are only good for strutting around at parades and torturing civilians. They can’t do anything else and shat in their pants when unarmed Indian soldiers broke their necks.

      Communists like you who dream of a “revolution” can keep dreaming like Shekchilli, even if you dream of some imposter Communists, which the Chinese CCP certainly are- will come and liberate you. They are dead and will be gone like the Dodo.

      • China still holds all the aces. Global criticism has not stopped them from squeezing Hong Kong. If they stop squeezing India, it’s because they’ve achieved their aims, not because of global criticism. A global alliance may cause China to back off, but that’s only in the long term.

      • I’m sorry, but, by “CCP virus”, are you referring to Chinese influence or the coronavirus? I’m really hoping it’s the former.

      • What is the amount of support India got ? Everyone is silent. Not a single condemnation. Hindus like you are deluded. Get real, Hindus like Modi are taking India down.

    • Sad to see Jyoti Malhotra toeing the official line as many other journalists are in India.

      As a sceptical Ghalib might say ‘ hame maloom hai Jannat ki haqeeqat lekin, dil ko khush rakhne ke liye ye khayal accha hai ‘ ( we are aware of the reality of paradise, nevertheless it is a nice thought to keep our hearts happy )

  18. RG wont even get some brownie points, as explained by shekhar that there is a time for everything and this is not the time to question the pm , as other experienced politicians like mamta , pawar are standing behind the govt even after differences on so many levels. RG is forever that guy who is cutting the branch he is comfortably sitting on.

    • Pakistanis will have enjoyed the beating. To call yourself ‘Pakistani fan of india’ shows how pathetic Hindus are, in their desire to believe the world is with them. It is just like the article. A case of low self esteem.

  19. SAYS IT ALL : Attacking a duly elected prime minister on national security issues may get him some brownie points, but it is hardly the hallmark of a serious politician. It seems the old guard in Congress who have ambitions of rising to the top have purposefully, promptly set up a trap for having the Gandhi’s out of their way by making them behave as they are, most senselessly.

    • If the duly elected PM is incompetent, and there are many instances where he has shown that, and he claims he is the chowkidar, but keeps silent after loss of land, everyone has the right to criticise.

      • …and you can line up outside Pappu’s door to collect your dog food from Rahulbaba for having written this comment.

      • Now this handle reveals it self! One was wondering…

        Its a sorry congress supporter (or a BJP/Modi detractor) who is like a mindless, angry puppy that nips at the heels of everyone walking by.

        Generally to be ignored then 🙂

  20. China agreed to withdraw in Doklam but today, we find that they had moved a few yards behind the agreed line but have otherwise fully occupied Doklam. It will be the same case now.
    What about infrastructure construction on our side? Will they continue? The author mentions nothing of it.
    As for Pakistan, they take orders from the Chinese. If the Chinese had asked them, they would have been too happy to open a second front. As per media reports, shelling had increased on the LOC after the face-off in Ladakh started.
    The author makes a week attempt to sound optimistic, but fails to convince.

        • Ha!! Ha!! Hindus have been invaded by Christian & Muslim Jihadis and now China and they haven’t been able to come up till date!! But where is Pisslam & Muslims selling Allah to China?? Where are Muslims when where Islamic Pakistan rapes their daughters??!!

  21. The photo says who is in command. One looks like imperious. The other is grinning like an ape after getting a banana.

  22. It is your own illusion that Russia was siding with China. Russia was acting as a mediator. It is the US only siding with India. US will side with any country against a rising power.

  23. A very insightful article. Modi is establishing a template for future leaders on how to tackle the dragon and kick its ass back to the middle kingdom.

    • What is the template built on ? An economy built on gobar and gomutra, and trishul wielding savages ?

  24. Let Rahul Gandhi go to home country Italy to learn some foreign policy. He is speaking like a student who flunked 3rd grade poorly.

  25. Oooh! It finally took one speech by Modi in Leh to change Jyoti’s views on Modi! It is as if surgical strike, Balakot and Dhoklam were not enough, Thanks to the infra build up over the last 5 years and a well equipped, confident army, Modi could set his red lines and dare China. This is the first time any PM has dared to take on China directly and China had to blink. They got themselves into a corner. How could Chinese believe that someone like Modi, majority elected leader of 130 crores Indians, can accept Chinese transgression quietly, when his political image of a strong leader at home can take irreparable beatings? Anyway, if Jyoti is now satisfied with Modi’s performance, Modi has made it finally!

    • Agree!
      Wasn’t it the same writer who wrote article after article on how bad the PM has been to the country. I am sure people like her in the media had their articles written in vitriol ready, had something untoward happened.
      Don’t trust the Chinese and their agents in India.

  26. Nothing but a bunch of lies. The most important fact is that China is far inside Indian territory. Writer claims China to be moving back in Indian territory; BUT India is also moving back within Indian territory. Doval failed in Doklam and he has failed here. Fact is, Modi-Amit needled China, by openly threatening CPEC and claiming Aksai Chin- while forgetting the might China has. Also USA’s silent encouragement encouraged Modi to make the fatal blunder. Thus was written a historic chapter in 2020, with Modi earning the singular feather in the cap- that of loss of respect as regional power, loss of a part of Bharat Maata, and worst of all openly denying that the land lost was India’s. Only paid journos like this Jyoti Malhotra could write such an outrageous piece to somehow make it look fine.

    • You are correct. But for BJP supporters, failure is success. Demonetisation was a success. Covid control was a success. They believe this man works 22 h of the day for India, he has no family, he is not corrupt etc.

  27. Now is the time for Modi to get ALL Indians onside, to stop dividing people along communal / religious lines and to ALL Indians proud TO BE Indians.

    • Adil Patel: Will you NOT ask your communal friends to leave Pakistani mind set and be loyal Hindu-stanis??!!

      • You should not use the word Hindustani. That is the Urdu name of India. The name Hindu was given to you by outsiders. You do not have a name to call yourself, hence all this posturing.

  28. Unfortunately Modi never name of the country responsible for so called expansionism is still mystery.

  29. India lined up the US and Russia? How? The former is very anxious to do trade and business with China! JUST yesterday, “The US Chamber of Commerce and over 40 trade associations on Monday urged top American and Chinese officials to redouble efforts to implement a Phase 1 trade agreement signed by the world’s two largest economies in January despite pandemic-related strains.” If wants to do business and trade with China, then it wouldn’t do anything to upset its trade partner. Pompeo is his master Trump’s voice. trump is a criminal who has spread coronavirus in America. He had ignored it, saying it was a big HOAX by the Democrats and “fake” news media. He didn’t do a didlee do to control the virus in his country. So he can’t blame China for the virus, and if he does, the latter would simply laugh it off as a mad man’s bakwas. “Ladakh border clash has been much more than a casualty” to whom? The US? What stake it has in a sliver of land in the wilderness of Ladakh? The US is not going to fire a single shot against China for whole of Ladakh. As far as its aircraft carriers, there is an expert view: “Simply put, the Pentagon’s main enemy nowadays is the coronavirus. If the virus takes over US navy assets, it can cripple America’s war machine; there have been a few cases of COVID-19 breaching the US navy’s firewall, including the celebrated case of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in March. Now, for dodging COVID-19, US naval ships are breaking records for staying at sea.” That’s why the carriers are there, not to threaten China knows, as the whole world that the US has those carriers. Why would China be threatened by mere sight of them? And when did you start tracking their motion in the ocean? Surprisingly so many others are doing the same, i. e. tracking carriers’ motion in the ocean! You are third person from whom I am hearing about the motion of the carriers! Also, India’s other friends Australia, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand have decided to sign RCEP trade pact with China, along with 10 ASEAN countries, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam! They have invited India to join the pact, but India has refused. The EU countries also want to do trade and business with China, AS DOES INDIA! DO YOU THINK INDIA CAN STOP ITS TRADE WITH CHINA? African countries want to do trade with China. So, then, which country doesn’t want to do trade with China?

    Russian may speed up delivery of the weapons already ordered by India. That’s a good business policy, which may get it a repeat business. But Russia is too close to China, politically and economically. They both need each other against the US. China also buys a lot of weapons for Russia. China already has s-400 weapon system from Russia, which would also deliver the same to India!

    The fact is that, while people like you are tracking the US aircraft carriers’ motion in the ocean, China is dreaming of “building Chinese century” according to an expert observer!

    Madame, no country has any stake in that sliver of land in Ladakh. Trump wouldn’t fight even for a NATO country. Why would he fight for India? Estonia is a NATO country. Would Trump fight for it, if Russia? Of course not, even though NATO treaty says an attack on one member of NATO is an attack on all.

    • Ha!! Ha!! So WHY are Chinese moving backtracking?? Hindus & Hindustan have been enslaved for 1400 years!! WHY don’t the Chinese come in?? Let them occupy Delhi!! Are you not waiting??!!

  30. Disengagement process in Ladakh on 6 July 2020 has been started by both Indian and Chinese troops at some locations .
    According to news reports , Chinese Army has begun moving back tents , vehicles and troops by 1-2 kms from locations in Ladakh where disengagement was agreed upon at corps Commander-level talks. India has also begun to disengage process in terms of agreement. However , Indian army is said to be monitoring the situation with caution. This is a welcome development if all follows well. Only few days back , war talks were making discussion in the news media. In this context , it may be apt to refer readers to following predictions of this Vedic astrology writer in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at
    “ Now something encouraging. The second half of the year from July to Movember 2020 looks to be addressing the setbacks or delay of the past , particularly those of first half. Some trends of success or forward movement in economic sector , political issues are likely. Cooperation or support of global powers may be seen coming. Some historic political decision is likely. The obstructive forces may weaken to some extent. Like the previous year , ACCEPTANCE BY THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF INDIA’S POSITIVE ROLE IN WORLD AFFAIRS MAY BE IN THE NEWS. IT SEEMS THE SECOND HALF IN 2020 CAN BOOST UP THE AMBITIOUS SIDE OF THE NATION”.

  31. My respect for the print has gone considerably down by reading this politically influenced article written by just another member of Godi Media.
    I cant fathom why Modi has been given credit for this , what she meant by Rahul Gandhi to be responsible.
    World is reeling under Coronavirus. Most governments have failed it’s people through stupid policies and apathy towards healthcare sector . They have found in china , a rogue nation who can be blamed for COVID . They are right to blame china . But also that’s reason they rallied behind india to have their own sweet revenge against china , its nothing to do with indian diplomacy or PM.
    Do u think Trump is a reliable partner who can change foreign relations with a stroke of a tweet ?..
    Do u think he would give a damn to Indian PM or diplomats?..

    Last but foremost important, don’t celebrate too early not when its chinese across the border .
    It would be like living in fools paradise if we think Chinese must not have accounted this possibility of other nations standing against it.

    War is inevitable. One party is China other is US . Only question is , what would be trigger point.
    After all, war is greatest distraction and kickstarter of a stalled economy.

  32. The author has made a very facetious comment , and I quote …….. Modi must reach out anew to the opposition at home. Foreign policy is far too risky a business to allow political divisions………. What exactly does he mean by that ? What opposition is he talking about ? Trinamool, CPI, CPM, Congress ? Who ? Most of these jokers have no understanding of the deep game Modi has been playing – with the future of India in mind – not the next elections. These very people used to criticize Modi for traveling all over the world but look at the amazing network of friends he has put together. And when the need arose – everybody is standing with him. And to tell you the truth, I sincerely hope he does not pay any attention to this gang of traitors who claim to be loyal sons of India , but their actions scream to the contrary.

    • You are carried away with Modi worship !

      Most of these jokers have no understanding of the deep game Modi has been playing …

      I presume you understand it. Can you tell us ?

      ‘These very people used to criticize Modi for traveling all over the world but look at the amazing network of friends he has put together. And when the need arose – everybody is standing with him.’

      Modi travelled to China 5x as PM, 9x as CM. The top of his network of friends was Xi. He claimed he had a Plus One relationship with Xi., and even added that most of us would not understand.

      His friend gave a beating. The rest of the friends are keeping quiet. You are just a weak minded Hindu clutching at straws. Hindus have reposed faith in their charalatans and swindlers.

      • Aha! Pakistani or Muslim liberandu spotted. So, afraid that does not even want his proper name to show up, but writes like he is Changez Khan…

    • Pankaj Shah: Absolutely right!! The traitors inside have to be so hammered that they become loyal to Hindus & Hindus-stan or leave for Pakistan/China/Italy!!

  33. Frankly, it does not look like China needed friends to back it up. It had a certain plan in mind and we do not know if it was achieved or not.

    Trump would have wanted this war as it would have helped him blame China and help him in his elections. Russia would have remained neutral if the moment finally came. Which means China decided if it wanted a war or not and right now considering what’s happening the Pacific and Hong Kong, it might have said, let’s do this another time.

    • Ram: Well if Hindus & Hindustan wouldn’t have been bogged down by 1400 years of slavery & then ultra brainwashing by the Christian/Muzzie & leftist/communists, NO CHINA could have challenged India unless they wanted to commit suicide!!

      Once India takes down the traitors inside, handling China or US for that matter will be much, much easier!! No one, not least the Chinese would dare cross into Indian territory!

      • You will be always bogged down by caste. There is no such thing as Indian. You are an inexplicable collection of castes. Caste is slavery, conquer that first.

  34. My respect for the print has gone considerably down by reading this politically influenced article written by just another member of Godi Media.
    I cant fathom why Modi has been given credit for this , what she meant by Rahul Gandhi to be responsible.
    World is reeling under Coronavirus. Most governments have failed it’s people through stupid policies and apathy towards healthcare sector . They have found in china , a rogue nation who can be blamed for COVID . They are right to blame china . But also that’s reason they rallied behind india to have their own sweet revenge against china , its nothing to do with indian diplomacy or PM.
    Do u think Trump is a reliable partner who can change foreign relations with a stroke of a tweet ?..
    Do u think he would give a damn to Indian PM or diplomats?..

    Last but foremost important, don’t celebrate too early not when its chinese across the border .
    It would be like living in fools paradise if we think Chinese must not have accounted this possibility of other nations standing against it.

    War is inevitable. One party is China other is US . Only question is , what would be trigger point.
    After all, war is greatest distraction and kickstarter of a stalled economy.

  35. Best thing, war has been avoided,irrespective of who is superior, in event of war,innocent always suffer.
    There’s enough suffering in the world as it is.
    I am no supporter of P.M Modi s certain policies. Hats off,he has avoided conflict with minimum of casualties. Well done sir.

  36. As china is the undisputed rising world power leader. It would be wise to be wise with conflicts with china,it is to the disadvantage for the world economies not to accept the fact of China’s placement in the world.

  37. And you are the old anti Indian, Congress or Communist supporter. Typical Paki spokesperson.

  38. Just look at the picture. Xi is unsmiling and imperious as ever. Modi has the fawning grin of a supplicant. He is so glad Xi condescended to shake his bloodstained hand !

    • Ha!! Ha!! What about Islamic Pakistan selling Islam, Allah & all Muzzie wares to China and killing Hindu minorities?? DO you or they have shame??

  39. Sycophants like this author are the real weakness of India. China won this mini war without firing a bullet. USA is no friend of India. Everybody knows these things but this hopeless author is on drugs

  40. In her effort to bequeath Modi with credit for an abysmal failure, Jyoti writes contradictions !

    ‘His comments on the 19 June all-party meeting, that “no one entered Indian territory, no posts were occupied” may still ring true.’

    ‘May ring true’ means she knows it was untrue earlier; and she is hoping he will be redeemed after lying ! It is a vain hope.

    These Hindutva Hindus have gobar in their head, and they think no one can see.

  41. Nobody cares what Pappu says because he has no education or experience in anything.He relies on his mother and Dynasty.Congress is doomed to failure.

  42. Amazing how twisted the print has become, China comes in spits on the face, bullies everyone, Modi is silent like a mouse and somehow this is a victory for Modi? Ridiculous the only reason the usa etc sides with India is because they are anti-china, if any dispute took place between India and japan or south Korea nobody would care about India.
    Modi is a joke he visited China so many times did all kinds of shenanigans and now bhakts will still claim that Modi is winner? So u accept diplomacy with China flopped on its face? U accept modis efforts were total waste and jsut a show? Or thta too u won’t accept?

  43. It is time to send condolences to erstwhile Ruling Family because they have lost their face and a plot to discredit Modi and his Government. Now Their loyalty to the nation has become some what more suspect as instead of showing solidarity with nationalistic forces , they have indulged into diatribe to distract the attention and focus from gravity of the situation arising out of sudden incursions by India s longstanding enemy -China.

    Modi has to prove that India of 2020 is not India of 1962 .He has been successful to a large extent. There is also message for Pakistan too. As long as Modi and after that his party BJP is in PMO of India , every act of terror against India or any misadventure against India will not go unpunished.

    • ‘… to distract the attention and focus from gravity of the situation arising out of sudden incursions by India s longstanding enemy -China.’

      Your chai wallah said there were no incursions.

      ‘Modi has to prove that India of 2020 is not India of 1962 .He has been successful to a large extent.’

      Since he said there were no incursions, what is there to prove ?

      You seem to be another illogical Hindutva Hindu filled with gobar in the head.

        • India got a beating from China. Modi, Shah, Rajnath, Bhagwat and all Hindu motor mouths are keeping very quiet – fearing another beating. The world can see that. Hindus like these are an embarrassment for India. There is more beatings coming – from Nepal ! You are unfit to rule the country.

        • The Chinese are not jihadis, they gave India a beating and all the Hindu leaders are keeping quiet. Shameless, no ?

      • And what is filled in with your head? Full of rosellas ! if you
        die of diabetics it would be good
        for country!

        • Don’t be nasty. Try addressing the argument. Did friends rally round India strongly and isolate China ? Only a gobar filled Hindu mind will claim that.

      • And what is filled
        in your head with? Full of
        rosellas!! I presume.
        If only you
        die of diabetics, it
        would be good for
        the country!

  44. I believe, this to be first in the long list of confrontations that are likely to occur between India & China. I think as far as India is concerned the gloves are off. There would be no ambiguity now. CHINA is our FOE. Period. The trust/friendliness is gone. Will never be established in the foreseeable future. Trade will of course be there, but wariness will creep in. I believe China is a bigger looser here .

    • ‘ I think as far as India is concerned the gloves are off.’

      What is India going to do ? Send RSS fellows to the LAC ? Do you have confidence in their courage ? Fighting China is not the same as fighting inside India against minorities.

  45. Sounds like putting on a brave face after a beating. The infallible Hindu leader is successful again, and the world has rallied behind its vishwa guru !

  46. What a foolish article…………….Chinese have stared down Modi and all his friends in last two months…………..China has publicly proved that it is the Apex predator of Himalayas….it can invade India, kill Indian soldiers and still Modi dare not utter ‘China’……………Impotence of Modi has been seen by all……….very disappointing for United States who were expecting India as a partner against the expanding China !!!

    • You will soon realise the fury of the Chinese when you fail to pay the debt. Chinese are in soup and you will see more of their debacles in the coming months when manufacturing bases slowly move out of China.

    • I agree with you. Indians, particularly a segment of Hindus, live in an alternative reality. According to them, Modi is the vishwa guru and the world is in awe of India due to him.

      What is this American alliance the Hindus are hoping for ? America’s expectation is that India will take on the role of Pak/Afghan against Soviet Union and break up China. America will supply the arms and Indians will cross the LAC and wage war against China. Now which Indian will cross the LAC to fight China ? Certainly not RSS Hindus. They want only H1 B visas and green cards. That is their idea of alliance with the US. Hindu extremism has not only created divisions within India, they have succeeded in fostering enmity with Pak, China and even Nepal. And after creating enemies on our borders, they fancy alliance with some far off country will save them.

      • why are you Pakistanis so scared at the prospect of India’s alliance with the USA? I see all over the media Pakistanis commenting like you. Or is it that you people are worried that the little bit of handouts will also dry out?

        • India is a viswha guru, why do you need an alliance ?

          Your claim of an alliance between India and the US is wishful thinking of Hindus filled with gobar in the head. Trump is busy with his election. He does nothing free. All India will get is some arms – for which India has to pay heavily. Frankly, India cannot afford it. The US is not going to send US soldiers to die on the LAC or LoC for India.

          I don’r read the Pakistani media. Good you read it. You should now realise what people think of the India of Modi. I see only criticism of Modi in NYT, WP, Guardian etc. I did not see that when MMS was the PM.

    • Rightly said. China occupies 3 steps and then moves back 1 step. We will not forget our lost land. Our generations should remember what was snatched from us. Some day we will win all that was ours.

  47. By the grace of God, war appears to have been averted. Last year, India and Pakistan almost went to war after Pulwama and Balakot. So our diplomats should worry why the threshold for conflict on the subcontinent, with both nuclear armed adversaries, has been lowered so dramatically. There has been some casual talk about fighting two front wars, and winning them. This is what it looks like in the real world. A country with a development agenda as wide as the Himalayas cannot afford such costly distractions. The loss of lives in Galvan Valley broke a hard earned 45 year record of peace and tranquility along the LAC. There should be the deepest reflection whether our foreign policy is perfectly synchronised with our abiding national interests.

    • I think yout assessment is completely misplaced. Even though i would have avoided the loss of lives of our precious much loved soldiers, they martyred themselves yo the ultimate cause of motherland.

      If at all, the bloody-nose given by Colonel Babu and those Men from Bihar regiment has taken out the 48 years of stigma of loss of war and the inferiority complex against the chinese. For once now india can forget the Loss of 62 and has learnt to standup on its own legs.
      From now on i see Indians going yo stand up against chinese in every field with tbist new found confidence and will ultimately lead to fall of communism in neighbourhood.

  48. Excellent and unbiased article. Very well written without any overtones of psychophnacy on either side.

  49. India has more friends today because of MANMOHAN SINGH and his policies ever since the 1990s. This is a fact, that losers will not acknowledge.

  50. Bharat’s silent but very effective diplomacy at play.

    Not sure if Shri Gandhi got any brownie points but he sure has got brown marks on his back side ( in Punjabi, we would say chitter paye).

  51. Galwan Valley wasn’t even part of Tibet in the last 250 years, let alone Qing China at any point in history.

    It was part of the Sikh Empire and then British Raj.

  52. Very disappointed by this write up. The writer wants us to believe all is well and that the Chinese are leaving and will never return. But China does not believe the lies Indians peddle.

    There are no friends or enemies, to think we will be fine because we have friends is to expect a shark not to attack just because I am wearing a peace sign tee.

    Feels like Modi the great strategist sat down and explained his master move to the writer and the writer bought it.

    Btw, Brahmos carries a conventional warhead not nuclear. I cannot confirm if there is a new variant that carries nuclear but i do know the earlier versions only carried conventional warhead.

    • For your kind information, nuclear weapons are weapons of war, they are the weapons of last resort. You use a nuke and you lose the war.

  53. Still very early to say that its a complete climb down by China. They always end such deals with some territorial advantage. The author says that the floods in the Shyok and Galwan rivers has held up the China withdrawal from Pangong Tso !! This is absurd since the rivers do not flow anywhere near that lake.

    Even more laughable is the expectation that tiny Laos will express itself in this crisis.
    Since when was Laos’ silence a plus for India ??
    The plus for India really is that the scale and speed of our ground and air mobilization plus induction of air power via Mirage, Sukhoi and Apache must have taken the Chinese aback and they decided on a limited withdrawal.
    China may still end up with a favourable deal on the Pangong Lake , but this does not detract from the firm handling by Pm Modi and his aim to avoid open hostilities and instead go for diplomacy.

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