Sunday, 22 July, 2018

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Donald Trump

Day after Helsinki disaster, Donald Trump claims full faith in US intelligence agencies

Claiming that he misspoke in Helsinki, Trump accepts intelligence's assessment of Russian interference in elections.
U.S. President Donald Trump with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during a news conference in Helsinki, 2018 | Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

After fiasco in Russia, President Trump’s approval ratings may take a hit

His just concluded trip to Russia and other recent visits might cost him backing in his own party back home. 
Narendra Modi hugs U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington, 2017 | Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Narendra Modi’s charm and grand Republic Day invite won’t fix ties with Donald Trump

If the govt expects Trump to turn solicitous of India’s interests after presiding over a Republic Day parade, it is clearly out to lunch.

Movie streaming giant Netflix subscriber growth faces test after $43 billion rally

Netflix Inc. will get a chance next week to validate the more than $40 billion added to its market value since the company’s blowout earnings report i...
A woman at a vegetable market in Udaipur | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

Per capita income, human development rankings puncture holes in India’s GDP rise story

GDP per capita of $1,940 shows the average Indian is less prosperous than those in some of our neighbouring countries.

Indian parents are the most enthusiastic about doing their children’s homework

Indian parents spend an average of 12 hours a week helping with children's homework as compared to 3.6 hours in the UK and 2.6 hours in Japan.

US pharma giant asks Indian stores to cut margins, says govt price cap choking operations

Abbot wants margins cut on 14 key drugs. But the association of pharmacists has refused to compromise on profits. New Delhi: US pharma giant Abbott...
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Indian students are looking beyond US, drop coincides with Trump entering White House

Canada & Australia have gained most as US falls from grace. UK, despite its new visa rules, remains an option for Indian students.
China debt

As Rupee suffers, the surprise beneficiary of US-China trade war is Chinese govt’s debt

Here’s a market-by-market look at how a trade war will affect Asian debt.
Jim Beam

To make more Indians drink their whiskey, US giant Jim Beam bribed govt officials

The company is said to have made illicit payments to get licences and secure prominent placements on store shelves.