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William-Kate visit

William-Kate’s Pakistan visit hardly matters to Modi but India will follow it closely

The royal trip shatters all the illusions about Pakistan being isolated over Kashmir.
China and India are yet to announce the dates for the second round of informal talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Chinese President Xi Jinping | PTI Photo

Loss of friend Nepal & restive Kashmir, Modi’s plate is full as he meets China’s Xi Jinping

China’s economic rise is in stark contradiction to India's slowing growth as the Chinese President gets ready to visit India and Nepal.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Kartarpur invite to Manmohan Singh will only help Modi push his hardline Pakistan policy

Manmohan Singh will not allow Narendra Modi government to even think of pointing a finger at him.
PM Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump raise hands on stage during the Howdy Modi event in Houston, Texas | Scott Dalton/Bloomberg

Modi will always have Houston & India, a changed relationship with the US

Has India become the new Israel for US? The Houston event showed that Trump needs the Indian American vote bank & knows Modi can deliver it
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah | Vijay Verma/PTI

Modi is set to fly to US, and Amit Shah wants Indians to say ‘Howdy, Modi!’ in Hindi

If only Amit Shah were saying the same thing as guru and mentor Modi. The PM speaks shaky English, but he knows its value.
PM Narendra Modi | File Photo | ANI

Supine opposition helps Modi ignore global human rights concerns on Kashmir & Assam

India will attempt to play off UN Human Rights Commissioner Bachelet with Trump as well as China’s Xi Jinping, who visits India next month.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi | File photo | Kamal Kishore | PTI

As Bangladesh races ahead of India, Pakistan reiterates Nuclear First Use policy

It is India’s business to figure out how to absorb both Kashmir and keep a lid on NRC in Assam. But if growth continues to falter, watch the world begin to grumble.
PM Modi after winning elections

How Narendra Modi cracked the Donald Trump code and turned the tide on Kashmir

The Biarritz meeting is important because it indicates a tactical shift in Indian foreign policy.
PM Narendra Modi with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

This is why PM Modi doesn’t really care about internationalisation of Kashmir issue

Trump’s Monday call is important because it vindicates India’s position that the abrogation of Article 370 is an ‘internal matter’.
S. Jaishankar | File photo: Bloomberg Photo

What Home Minister Amit Shah proposes, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar disposes

Chinese support to Pakistan on Kashmir issue at UN Security Council will depend on the price Delhi wants to pay to keep Beijing close.

On Camera

Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint Team

Are JNU students justified in protesting steep but long overdue fee hike?

Students have been on a strike since 28 October demanding that the revisions in the hostel manual be withdrawn.


What Imran Khan says is 9 lakh soldiers in Kashmir is actually 3.43 lakh only

Documents accessed by ThePrint show 2.31 lakh security personnel are posted in J&K hinterlands & 1.12 lakh along LoC — only 1.68 lakh of them are from Army.

Imran Khan’s fantasy to revive Khalistan isn’t happening because Sikhs aren’t gullible

India isn’t made of porcelain. Kartarpur Sahib is open. It’s our moment of collective joy. Switch off that TV neurosis on the ‘return of Khalistan’.