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US President Donald Trump

Trump’s Huawei ban is worth the pain it will cause

Donald Trump's ban on Huawei is needed as there has been ample evidence of the tech company collecting intelligence via its tech in the US.
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Tata group faces $14 billion in auto debt – and a big slowdown in China

Crises at Tata Motors & Tata Steel mark biggest challenge facing 151-year-old group that ventured overseas with acquisitions more than a decade ago.
File photo of US President Donald Trump with Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump shouldn’t drag India into his trade war

India represents rare bright spot in US foreign policy. With much difficulty, a years-long, bipartisan effort has deepened ties with prickly New Delhi.

US puts Huawei on export blacklist amid trade war with China

Thousands of teachers, students protest in Brazil against President Jair Bolsonaro for ‘massive’ cuts in education budget
The Facebook Inc. WhatsApp application is displayed in the App Store on an Apple Inc

The WhatsApp hack was possible because cyber warfare is a lawless land

WhatsApp was hacked by a software developed by Israeli firm NSO, which is a small part of the unregulated environment of hackers, developers & sovereign govts.
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The real reason we’re not driving electric cars

Electrical vehicles that appeal to swaths of consumers remain few and far between & those on the road are still too expensive of which the main culprit is the battery technology.
U.S. President Donald Trump with China's President Xi Jinping | Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images

US-China trade war: Here’s why the tariff tiff has stock markets in a fix

This week unleashed the third wave of tariff hikes in the ongoing US-China trade war, which started in January last year.
US markets

US markets react sharply to escalating trade war with China

China announced to increase tariffs on $60 billion worth American imports and WhatsApp voice calls used to inject Israeli spyware on phones.

China’s nuclear missile submarine strength grows, could be larger than global estimates

Chinese efforts at surveying and prying underwater, especially in the Indian Ocean region, have not ceased, and are likely to continue in the future too.
Trump and Jinping

US to release details of further tariff hikes on Chinese goods

The US-China trade war has rattled financial markets across Asia-Pacific region even as the US says Trump-Xi trade talks are likely to take place at G20 summit.

On Camera

PM Modi in Lok Sabha

India matlab Narendra Modi: How the PM learnt branding from Coca-Cola

Modi has followed the marketing strategy of fast-moving consumer goods and sold himself as the biggest brand of ‘vikaspanthi’ politics.

Is AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal also guilty of treating Muslims as an unthinking votebank?

Days after Delhi voted in the Lok Sabha elections, AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal said the Muslim vote “shifted” to the Congress at the last minute.


Pakistan sends a ‘message’ to Modi, test-fires nuclear missile on day of his poll sweep

Pakistan tested ballistic missile Shaheen-II, which has a range of 1,500 km. Indian security experts say timing of the test clear signal to new govt.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi in 2014 | Commons

Pracharak Modi: The mask you see, is the man you get

India has its first leader who is unapologetic about belonging to the social and political Right. This is how Shekhar Gupta foresaw Modi’s five years in this National Interest within three months of his victory in 2014.