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India has a bigger worry than LAC. China now expanding military footprint in Indian Ocean

The Navy needs a strategy of distant power projection. By employing a plan for sustained presence in the Western Pacific, New Delhi can show its resolve to Beijing.

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China at the Line of Actual Control is not the only thing India needs to worry about. According to recent media reports, China is growing its military presence in the Indian Ocean too. Satellite pictures in May this year suggest China’s military base at Djibouti is being modernised. The facility, set up in 2017 as a logistics support unit, is being upgraded into a full-fledged naval base with a 1,120-feet pier that can berth Chinese warships, including the Liaoning aircraft carrier. This follows China’s expansion of an artificial island in the Maldives, a development with seeming strategic overtones, leading some to claim that China is encroaching on India’s sphere of influence.

Meanwhile, the rumour mills are abuzz that China is on a drive to militarise Gwadar port in Pakistan. Recent satellite pictures show anti-vehicle berms, security fences, sentry posts and elevated guard towers inside the port, fuelling speculation of the construction of a military facility. There are also reports that China is helping Bangladesh build a naval base at Cox Bazaar, including wharfs, barracks, ammunition depots, and a naval ship repair yard.

It is the People’s Liberation Army’s Djibouti base that most vividly demonstrates China’s Indian Ocean ambitions. With an estimated area of nearly 250,000 square feet, China’s Djibouti compound is no ordinary military base. Replete with outer perimeter walls, watchtowers and underground quarters capable of hosting an estimated 10,000 troops, the facility is a veritable military garrison. China insists the project is a “support facility” meant mainly for anti-piracy missions in the Horn of Africa, but analysts claim the base is capable of supporting other key missions such as intelligence collection, non-combat evacuation operations, peacekeeping operations support and counter-terrorism.

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Rising threat to India

When China first began deploying warships off the coast of Somalia for anti-piracy patrols a decade ago, Indian analysts believed China’s maritime security interests were primarily commercial, and that the People’s Liberation Army Navy or PLAN’s forays were driven mainly by the need to protect Beijing’s trade and energy interests. That view is fast changing. Many now see China’s rapid regional expansion as part of a broader effort to embed Beijing into the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean.

China’s growing maritime deployments – including submarines and intelligence ships – demonstrate Beijing’s growing interest in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) littorals. Many say the presence of a Chinese research vessel in India’s exclusive economic zone in September last year foreshadows greater Chinese projection of power into the Indian Ocean, feeding fears of a strategic encirclement.

Ruefully, despite recognising the pressing challenge China poses, India hasn’t been able to respond forcefully. Even as it has sought to expand regional presence through mission-based naval patrols, the Indian Navy hasn’t quite matched the PLAN’s operational tempo in the Indian Ocean. Critical gaps in combat capability — in particular, conventional submarines, anti-submarine helicopters, and minesweepers — and constantly shrinking budgets have constrained the Navy’s ability to push back the Chinese.

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Sea-denial won’t work

One way to deter China, some suggest, is through a sea-denial complex in the Andaman Islands. The Indian Navy has been developing the Andaman and Nicobar as a strategic outpost to monitor rival naval activity in the Eastern Indian Ocean, and also invested in the development of an integrated surveillance network. Strengthening anti-access capabilities in the Andamans, analysts say, could help protect India’s tactical leverage in the regional seas.

Yet, sea-denial assets in India’s strategic eastern islands would be of little value when most Chinese naval deployments are in areas outside Indian territorial waters. Modern-day trading nations regard the oceans as a shared global common, with equal opportunity rights for all user states. Consequently, unless a sea-space is a site of overlapping claims or a contested enclave in a geopolitically troubled spot, no coastal state ever actively denies another the use of the high seas.

The second reason a sea-denial strategy is unlikely to work is that India’s most pressing maritime challenge — the Pakistan-China nexus – doesn’t yet involve a physical threat to Indian assets. The Chinese navy has cleverly avoided any entanglement with Indian warships in the regional seas, while expanding its engagement with the Pakistan navy, participating in a number of bilateral and multilateral exercises off the Makran coast. Defensive measures in the Eastern Indian Ocean would not thwart Chinese plans for deployment at Karachi or Gwadar, or impede China-aided modernisation of the navies of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Thailand.

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Pressure in the Pacific

What the Indian Navy instead needs is a strategy of distant power projection. By employing a plan for sustained presence in the Western Pacific — a space Beijing dominates and is highly sensitive about – the Navy could materially influence the maritime balance in Asia, forcing Beijing to scale down its military presence in the Indian Ocean.

To be sure, a counter-pressure strategy in the Pacific will be hard to implement. For one thing, India’s official maritime strategy deems Southeast Asia a secondary theatre of interest. For another, New Delhi’s neutral status vis-à-vis the South China Sea disputes and continuing deference for China’s regional sensitivities encourages the Navy to limit its ‘security provider’ activism to the Indian Ocean. Yet, as Beijing applies greater pressure on the LAC in the north, India might have little option but to respond in a space China considers a maritime backyard.

In attempting to shape security dynamics in the Pacific, the Indian Navy must then meaningfully leverage logistics support agreements (one was signed with Australia last week) and capitalise on close naval ties with the United States, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

In the long run, sustained naval presence in China’s sphere of maritime influence may be the only effective means of conveying Indian resolve to Beijing.

The author is a Senior Fellow and Head of Maritime Policy Initiative at the Observer Research Foundation. Views are personal.

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  1. This Vedic astrology writer had alerted as early as on 10 October , 2019 that during April-June , 2020 , danger can come via sea for India. The predictive alert for more care and appropriate strategy was indicated in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at And H.P.-Uttarakhand-J&K were indicated for probable regions. So Galwan lake in Ladakh which looks like sea , could have been interpreted. Coastal States were also indicated, which have proximity to ocean-sea. So some precise hint was there.


  3. China issue is not big issue for current government, main issue is rajya Sabha election as always preferable.

  4. What is important is to see how a terror is being built up by writing false and fake propoganda against India in the pursuit of warning, teachings etc. India is a strong country does not get worried on these sponsored and paid writeups. Now i am confirmed that The Print is congress mouthpiece

  5. China must overtake the India and China must beat India hard and hard enough to crush them.
    And Pakistan army will then teach them a never forgetting lesson. Pakistan not only wants to defeat India but also wants to hear India crying and begging for mercy.
    As they have done in kashmir Pakistan army will ultimately take revenge of it soon. inshaallah

    • Now ur remembering ,Indians surgical strikes ,terrorists doing in thousands ,u r unable to pay China loans,we r fighting with them,this is difference u and India,worldwide Muslims unworthy ,untrust people,our armies blow still u might in pain,take it as chilly tablets

    • Seems like pakistan has forgotten INDIA’S surgical strive ,i think India should blast the entire pakistan anyways pakistan and Pakistanis are of no use to the world😂😂 I think they forgot indian attack on pakistan ., they need to be blasted and made indian slaves😂😂 RIP POOR PAKISTAN😝😝

    • Pakistani are most unethical lootera and terrorists of the region.One day Pakistani will be sold out in China.

  6. China must overtake the India and China must beat India hard and hard enough to crush them.
    And Pakistan army will then teach them a never forgetting lesson. Pakistan not only wants to defeat India but also wants to hear India crying and begging for mercy.
    As they have done in kashmir Pakistan army will ultimately take revenge of it soon. inshaallah

    • சீனா வை நீங்கள் நம்புகிறீர்கள் அவர்கள் உங்களையும் அழிக்கும் காலம் வெகுதொலைவில் இல்லை… நீங்கள் பிச்சை எடுத்து போகிறீர்கள் மற்ற நாடுகளிடமிருந்து……..

      You believe China is not too soon to destroy you … You are going to beg from other countries….

    • India don’t afraid to China or thumb Pakistan ,this much sufficient to Indian army is standing against China ,like not women terrorist from pak,80/Muslims r almost killed,we want to get pak Muzafarbad,mind it

  7. Indian govt is keeping public of the Chinese aggressions on our border as also in the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately trivial local issues are highlighted and politicised for nothing. Indians are self centred. Slogan shouting will not help. Concrete measures are mandatory.
    Statements of Defence minister denying any transgressions either by China or Pakistan do not improve the situations. Centre has to be honest to the ground situations and act with speed and boldness. Let us not depend on useless US claims of support. We are being strategically cornered by China and Pak. Nepal and Bangladesh are also trying to change their maps to include our territory. Possibility of Chinese abetment cannot be ruled out. Centre seems to be lacking in strategy and a game plan to address these important issues. We are losing time in taking appropriate decisions and action plan. God help us.

  8. Let’s the Sangi’s and RSS to go alone and protect the boundaries of India . Now the fact is the people of India are divided into different sects, religions and caste system. It would be easy for China to capture whole India wherein the whole people of India will not support or go in front of the War. When these Sangi’s kills Dalids then will they go for WAR ? . When these Sangi’s beaten Muslims to death then will they go for WAR ? For the Independence of India, 67 % of the total population who became Shaheed were Muslims. Do anyone remember that when Sangi’s kills the Patriots Muslims ????

  9. China’s taking over, the east side of the planet. that’s what this virus is all about, killing all the other peoples in the world over, with out firing a shot. And they’ve just let some more virus out again, Then just walk over every body, the Russians up here in the north side of the planet, are up too no good sneaking about. Watching our navy, and counting how long it takes to respond to any air craft flying over Europe. The commies are taking over the world. Watch if they don’t in about 5 years from now. When we’re all dead and buried.

    • You mean China is doing what the US did decades ago? and pretend that they are the good guy now? If any virus running around today, it’ll be those the US failed to contain.

  10. Abhijit has written a good article, but gas carefully avoided giving numbers perhaps because he does not want to sound alarmist. In reality, yes, there is no competition between India and China at sea because the Chinese are so far ahead, there can be no competition. They have been steadily producing 14-16 warships a year compared to our average of 2-3. The game is lost, time GOI took up knitting scarves or something useful. Their one big problem is the J-15 has been an unsuccessful ship-board fighter. But they are working hard to remedy that issue. Remember, they move fast to resolve problems. Yes, of course the US Navy remains dominant. But 20 years ago the US Navy had the Chinese limited to their coast. Now the US Navy cannot contest the space within the 1st Island Chain without suffering and increasingly adverse exchange rate. The Chinese have forced US bombers out of Guam (2nd Island Chain). While the West has been watching the west Pacific, the Chinese has built two island chains in the India Ocean. Anyway, I have nothing to do with this any more. I am not going to waste my time – as I have for 50-years – while India continues messing itself up to a greater degree every year.

  11. India should strengthen further its defence forces. Give importance for research for which knowledge has to be given importance. Politics and money in education especially higher studies has brought down our capabilities to do research and unless this is addressed, we will one day become slave to technologically advanced country, whether it is USA or China.

  12. No one knows the price of Arunachal Pradesh is only Rs 10 ( ten) that was in the early 50s an officer 2nd in command might be in AR/GR posted in NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh) when he was posted their near Itanagar, he had happen to see a Chinese officer collecting house taxes from that very area. That man is having a peon and the peon is the only man who use to serve him, actually that collectors is from Lhasa( the capital of Tibet). The tax collectors went back to deposit the money, in this gap the 2nd in command have a nice talk with the peon and wash his brain by giving him Rs 10.& if you are to with us the people will not pay taxes. When that fellow come to collect the taxes again we will chase him out, an agreement was passed verbally by the peon and the inhabitants. The peon was very happy getting Rs 10. After some days the collector back from Lhasa to collect money at this very timing the people along with 2nd in command (civil dress) shouting that they will not give the money, at this situation the collector ask the peon opinion, the peon also shouting together with the crowd, a very strange things took place to the collector even his henchmen, even his henchmen. From that day the cost of Rs 10. The 2nd in command is a PADMA SHREE. Thank you.

  13. Chinese are very hard working people competitively with Indian. They love their country as Indian love. They are having joined venture for their establishment, but in India people are very much corrupted in their mindset. Chinese suffering together, happy together. But in India still differences of cast& creeds practised. India is not having a clear military doctrine, political differences is more important than China. The thickest population of youths in the world, are all this youths engaged in labour class migrants. The corrupt mindset of the politicians & IAS makes India. But India is becoming power some years back. In 1962 sino_ indo war Nehru is saying I feel very sorry for Assam forget Manipur.

  14. Rahul Gandhi will jump with joy. He may even secretly meet Chinese envoy again and congratulate them

    • Mr Prasad: On what basis do you make that preposterous statement Mr Prasad? Isn’t your Modi bhakthi getting the better of you Sir ?

      Rahul Gandhi is an opposition politician. You may not agree with his ideas and that is perfectly fine. But to accuse him or others who do not agree with the ruling BJP of treason – as you do – is the real treason.

    • Stop writing rubbish. Rahul Gandhi is an Indian. Who says, only BJP holds the monopoly of patriotism? Criticising government foreign policy is no treason in a democracy. Don’t divide the Nation on the basic of Socio-political and religious lines when solidarity is most desired.

  15. Rahul Gandhi will jump with joy. He may even secretly meet Chinese envoy again and congratulate them

  16. Stop giving aids to maldives. They take everything from us but they are helping china its not a good sign from our neighbor. Even srilanka gets help from us and they help china.

    • Indians were living in a bubble … China has punctured it multiple places….

      Indians can never be world leaders as their history suggests. Indians always show their best in slavery. Look at their thousand year history. Every neighbouring nation has ruled them. Even Arabs, Turks, Mongols, British, Portuguese ruled them. They got independence in 1947…. until early 1990s they respected their freedom. But money and power swayed them and they started thinking they can do whatever they wish to…. the worst they locked down Kashmiris for nothing. Howe whole India is locked down and being pumelled from all including Nepal and Indians could do nothing. Some think Nepal is sound same on behalf of China ( just think why a Hindu country is sitting with China ? )… there are Indian atrocities which led india to this position. Modi will further sink and divide India…. Kashmir and Punjab are nearly liberated. Ladakh gone, humiliations are ensuing . USA has abandoned India.

  17. We are lacking matured democracy,we were busy with hatred politics among our selves,we were busy with horse trading to weakened the elected state govt.we used Pakistan border just to politised the issue for election, we spend our valuable budget in false stories of media, and thus western countries misused our relation only to sell weapons now they want us to fight war with our neighbours ultimate loss to emerging Asian countries and advantage to west. Now is the time to become matured and come out of hatred politics and concentrate to the real issues of Nation no matter who is the leader our policy must be the same and we must get united socially and politically

  18. Once One country had taken hold of some islands in the Arabian Sea which belonged to another.
    USA came and told country which had lost the islands that if u want we can get back the islands for you, but the head of that country was wise. He Told the USA that u would come and help us get back the islands and once things would get dirty you would leave.
    But we would be here in a bigger mess than before. So you let it go and we would talk among ourselves and resolve the issue one day.
    India tried to act all gangsta on USA’s behest without realizing that it would be the first casualty if anything goes wrong.
    If one person says you are doing wrong, may be he is wrong. But when Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Srilanka, Burma, Pakistan say that u are not a good neighbor then one needs to look inside and fix the issue.

  19. India is busy solving problems of socio economic political problems of presumably deprived for centuries… to garner votes… and discarding merit in favor of zombies preparing for another round of helping subjugation

  20. Gandhiji advised us to promote local goods and thereby promote self sufficiency. By parting with greed for fast development we parted with globalisation which converted the Indian greed for foreign goods to make us the import hub. Atleast now we should unilaterally exit from globalization and look into ourselves for improving our own technology and utilize our market for our goods..

    • Mr Muraleekrishnan: You proclaim:

      “.. promote self sufficiency .. Indian greed for foreign goods .. unilaterally exit from globalization ..”

      Laudable indeed. But one wonders whether you put your money where your mouth is.

      So in the spirit of “atmanirbharism”, have you have smashed your Chinese made smartphone Sir ?

  21. India needs to flex muscles to avoid corruption and other internal things which really disturb the peace of common man. If these are controlled than the talented Indians will not look to go outside and search for jobs in MNC’s. Once talent Indians stay back and work for society than no one can stop India’s growth and prosperity. I feel many problems are related to corruption and its side effects which really don’t provide any advantages to taxpayers of the country and people tend to vanish from India.

    • Mr Rakesh. So do Indian voters elect talented, upright and honest politicians to represent them? Hardly Sir !

      A. Raja of 2G fame has been re-elected with a thumping majority, Godse worshipper-cum-terrorist-cum-gomutra-drinker Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has been elected on a BJP ticket , Dean Kuriakose with more than 200 serious criminal charges against him is a Congress MP and so on. Indeed, criminal candidates have higher likelihood of getting elected in India than clean candidates.

      As long as there is a mutually profitable and symbiotic nexus between netas, babas and baniyas, the people will suffer.

  22. The writer of this article is certainly a pro China and their propagandist.we are very much capable to handle these Chinese cockroaches.but biggest worry is that our government can take decision to spend 100000lakh crores on mnrega or on some nonsense programs but thinks thousands
    times to spend on defence. their total savings and all frugal activities all of circle around defence expenses.where as our government spending lacs of crore rupees on nonsense things and without any result. And that is the biggest worry!!!!!!!!

  23. Everyone forget India can control a lot if Chinas maritime supply lines with no trouble at all

  24. With the gift of corona virus to the world, China is everywhere. So it is not only India alone should worry but all democratic powers of the world should worry. In these conditions India and allies should come with full strength and resources to counter China and it’s aggression.

  25. Boycott chinese products as much as you can.
    remove chinese softwares from your mobile.

    choice is yours

    • First throw put all your electronic devices as most chips & electronics parts come from China first.

  26. It is waste to spend lot of money on defence to compete with China a vey resourseful country and 3times bigger than India.China is making relentless efforts and spending enormous amount to defend itself from USA and NATO and to ward off them if China plans to attack Thaiwan to merge with mainland China. We Indians are not a match to Chinese whose culture is materialistic and not like ours as we pray thousands of gods and goddesses including babas for our merger with god otherwise called moksha and we are not born with materialistic pursuits inherently . Except in mathematics to some extent we Indians contributed nothing to the world for materialistic advancement of the people’s lives .We are the believers of astrology and planetary movements and its impact on humans. So we developed mathematics to the writing of Panchangams depending on the planetary movements throught the year and then stopped there because man should not pursue any materialistic enjoyments in this world than the bare minimum needs . The other world has developed science and technology t
    for the benefit of their people. Though China is late in this sphere of development of science and technology now they have achieved their goal quickly be cause of their inherent nature for the pursuit of materialistic enjoyment and as their culture is based on Confusus principals. Therefore we are not a match to them. Let them occupy our lands at LAC and let them help Pakisthan to destroy India and Hindus to make India an Islamic country so that we can attain moksha with little effort.

  27. I had the opportunity to travel in Europe and watched the tourists from both India and China . It was observed that the group of about 40 tourist when going on site visit the Chinese group moved in a disciplined maner whereas the Indian group was totally scattered. Therefore to become a great country u need to be disciplined for winning the war

  28. The only way to save the world it is to unite against this Chinese/Covid-19.UsA,Japan,India and South Korea to attack China &N.Korea else this people gonna finish the world

  29. It is of no use spending so much money on defence. India cannot match with China in any field. We are inherently not materialistic in our pursuit. We believe in lakhs of gods and goddesses and babas coming endlessly. China ‘s people and culture is vastly differant from India. Except in mathematics which was necessary for writing Panchangams and for astrological caluculations involved in planetary movements and their impact on human lives our forefathers never initiated Indians to the pursuit of materialistic developmennt and further we did not further develop even mathematics also and restricted its usefulness only to our living aspects. So we Indians are not fit for this materialistic world. Let China occupy our land and let Pakisthan together with Indian muslims destroy India and Hindus and make India an Islamic Country with the help of China. We will then be immortalised into God as per our desire and as we pursue for this final goal.

  30. Better don’t mess with China at this point, we already have a Chinese virus playing around our table . Let’s not provocative them for the time being.

  31. Western propaganda trying to stir up trouble between India and China. India and China have peacefully managed their disagreements for decades without Western ( US & allies) interference. Now, with evil US interference and provocation, things would begin to change, as usual.

  32. Everything needs manpower. You need men to operate submarine, warships & missiles. India’s answer to LAC was their mountain soldiers. Just with 50 – 100 men hiking up mountains to get close to enemy line or behind enemy line makes all your enemies tanks, artillery & soldiers vulnerable. As high was the mountain is as low as the ocean. So, like the mountain soldiers, india needs to train aquatic soldiers where with aided propellers & diving gear they can blow up submarines & warships from below. The hypersonic missile or dongfeng or close defense mechanism & manpower will wither away. So India, like your famed mountain soldiers be prepared with your aquamen.

    • General Thinakaran Sithampalam avargale: Romba complicated English Saar !!

      Care to clarify your complex theories in simpler terms such that a “vhinna gumsatha” like me can understand ?

      Romba thanks Saar.

  33. India knows how to tackle and take care, China is creating problems to all countries one day they will be punished by the whole world together.

    • Mr Raj Kumar: Isn’t that the jingoist in you speaking ? India lost territory in 1962 and has lost territory now in 2020. Whether China gets punished in the future by the rest of the world or not is of theoretical value when India is getting humiliated today. And much of this due to Amit Shah’s careless, chest-thumping speech in the Parliament on 5th Aug, 2019 that India would recover Aksai Chin back from the Chinese. That speech was made for a domestic audience in connection with the ending of the special status of Jammu & Kashmir.

      BOTTOMLINE: Actions taken to cement the strength of the BJP domestically can have serious repercussions for the country from outside actors – be it calling Muslims as “termites” or flexing muscles to recover lost territory.

  34. We can’t do anything and have never done anything except yapping our tongue….just be a treaty ally of the US if not then build 30 destroyers with 150 vls 20 cruisers with 200 vls 50 frigates and 70 corvettes for a start Ali with atleast 10 aircraft carriers super carriers……ONLY AND INLY then will China or anybody else can respect us otherwise it’s just pipe dreams

  35. Indian govt. must understand that China will constantly keep us engaged in different theatres to keep us unbalanced and attack us through multi pronged maouvers like Pakistan,Masud Azar, Arunachal Pradesh etc. to keep us off balance. This policy will go on. We must now seize the initiative through similar tactics like advancing into their areas and then negotiate to return. Keep them off balance on Tibet,Taiwan,Hing Kong etc. Simelteneously build up a group of cyber hackers to take them on similar footing. Lastly we must take on their mouthpiece Global Times more aggressively, rather than in the namby pamby way we are doing now. Also keep the Australia, Japan USA alliance going as a ciuntermeasure

  36. You can only abuse it when it is sleeping lal ankh etc .Once dragon comes to life then red eye becomes yellow but gets burried in oblivion.

  37. Never trust your neighbours India…..Even if you have to stand alone and fight , you have to fight.Dont give even an inch of your land to your rivals……Enough is enough, to much is taken from you…..

  38. A military base in Maldives a fake news often used by some wested media groups to sensationalize readers of Chinese threat in Indian ocean. Its either lack of research or intentional to create fear as there cannot be a military base without parliament approval.

  39. With Chinese economy,image n influence taking a beating, how long will China be able to sustain its multi dimensional expansion is a big question. Already Huawei 5G initiative has lost steam, belt road projects r stalling. Chinese maritime assertions r being challenged by ASEAN countries in South China Sea. ,Japan’s slow but steady military emergence n US returning to Indo Pacific in a big
    way has taken the wind out of China’s sails.China in fact faces more challenges n even loss of face in its own backyard as it is unable to take on huge US presence which may be strengthened by arrival of allies ships, submarines as also the Seventh fleet.
    Though Chinese propaganda ,direct or indirect is continuing unabated for now.

  40. I don’t think this is correct steps. By doing so we are playing in hands of USA, an another imperialist. Second, by leaving open your backyard in Indian Ocean to Chinese Navy build up will threatened Indian sovereignty itself. First we strengthen our might in Indian Ocean so that we can at least match the presence of both Chinese as well as US navies there, then we can go for any adventurism. Second, we should not forget history, a weak ocean border had let the British and the Putagese navies to establish their foothold in Indian territory. Third, a short vision or interest forced or allured you to be a pawn in the hand of an imperialist to counter another imperialist. So we should be cautious on this point. Fourth, most importantly, we should strengthen our land army with all stretagic weapons around southern Indian peninsula as a re-inforcement force for a situation had our navy could not withstand onslaught of imperialist navies – whether friends or enemy as it is susceptible to change its nature in geopolitics. This will not only give us depth to our Navy but also keep pressure on our neighbours around Indian peninsula for not aligning with our stretagic imperialist enemy. This should be our long drawn strategy because one thing is for sure whether we like it or not one day Indian and Pacific oceans will witness a third imperialist in we Indian. It will be natural phenomenon that with a huge growing population we need a large track of land to get our citizens settled overseas in Indian Ocean regions as well as open markets for our good to sell so that we can catter needs of our citizens at home land.
    Adv. Shakil Akhtar
    Supreme Court of India
    ## 9717214471

  41. one week ago
    “India should back out of the LAC! India should not mess with the dragon!”
    meanwhile the dragon gets BTFO
    “LAC wins are not important!!!”
    Journalism in 2020.

    • China might have biggest navy,but America has the most powerful.
      Don’t forget all allies of America Will join them.
      China president is a low life coward.

      • Mr Michael Dean: When you pontificated:

        “China president is a low life coward”

        one would have expected a similar comment about the racist, bigoted liar occupant of the White House as well. So what prevents you from doing that ?

    • China is always known for being problematic with all their borders and especially making enemies against India. China needs to first vacate the illegal territory occupied. They will keep occupying across their borders and keep claiming it as their own territory. In front they will speak about peace and backstab from behind

  42. >one week ago
    >”India should back out of the LAC! India should not mess with the dragon!”
    >meanwhile the dragon gets BTFO
    >”LAC wins are not important!!!”
    Journalism in 2020.

    • Very poor article. No research and fake info to sensationalize the rivalry between India and China.

  43. In my opinion as of now instead of concentrating at the Western Pacific theatre, India should focus in the area of northern Indian Ocean region where its strategic and maritime interests are more involved.In the next phase India may consider expanding its influence to the central Indian Ocean region. In the Western Pacific region Japan and US are already there to counter the Chinese. With the limited resources available, it may not be possible for the Indian Navy to have its presence felt there significantly at the Western Pacific to counter PLA Navy.

  44. The Chinese have the biggest navel fleet in the world, more bigger than US. To counter them we have one Masagon Dockyard in Mumbai which builds ships. It is simply not possible for India to match the Chineses. Moreover we has a nation are becoming less scientific. Our investment in basic education, higher education, research and development is decreasing years after years. No country can progress without investing in knowledge and harnessing it human resources. The amount of investment China has made in the field of education and research itself will show why it’s way ahead of India. In India we only sit and dream of our golden pre British Era past but we do not think about our feature.

    • Thanks to the current administration, led by the highly educated, Oxford Ph.D holder leader, Indian education & development has gone through the roof. India is now highly developed & secure thanks to the immense focus on the welfare of bovines, construction of religious structures on the spot of destroyed other structures, appeasement of the Gods thrilled with blood sacrifice, the consumption of lemon & urea, construction of all 25 smart cities as they had promised, the ‘good days’ have arrived & sustainable development has reached its zenith.

    • Apt comment Mr UnwiseMaster !

      One needs to only go the Indian Science Congress where one can learn about Vedic aircraft capable of flights into outer space with a mixture of ghee and cowdung serving as the propellant, NaMo gravitational waves, mining gold from the urine of cows and with the PM himself discussing Vedic cosmetic surgery which resulted in th egrafting of an elephant’s head on a man’s torso and so on. Research funding is being diverted to dubious gomutra studies and nonsensical, calamitous AYUSH projects which then flow into the coffers of well connected businessmen, usually Gujarathis. And then whilst the BJP is single-mindedly focussed on Muslims and Pakistan, the Chinese puppet and pygmy, the government seems to be clueless in how to deal with the giant puppetmaster China.

      Amit Shah can only flex his muscles at poor Muslims, his “termites”. And now that the Chinese have reacted aggressively to Amit Shah’s speech in Parliament that India would take back Aksai Chin from China, well the Chinese seem to have responded promptly and Amit Shah squeaks not. As they say:

      “When the going gets tough, the tough get going ” !!!

    • Suggestion to build a powerful navy to counter the Chinese is a good one. But to overrate the Chinese Navy and underrate the Indian Navy is not acceptable.
      Please get educated yourselves properly. Who said that we build naval ships only in the mazgoan docks.
      And what makes you think that the Chinese Navy is the biggest in the world.
      It is not even the biggest, but not even powerful. Don’t go by numbers. Research details before commenting in such forums, which are mostly not well deposed towards India.
      If China was so powerful, they would have fired the bullet already in Ladakh and other areas.
      At the most, they can make some noise.
      We lost in 1962 because , some stupid pro China guy MENON, in the Indian ministry ensured that we lost the war. He didn’t even allow use of our Airforce, which was more advanced and powerful than China at that time. This one defeat of India has given a phsyochological advantage to China and coupled with that, there are so many elements within India, who keep over rating China and try to instill fear in our minds even today. Times have changed. FYI, India has the best , battle hardened mountain warriors in the world who are now deployed against China, which has been acknowledged by a Chinese defence expert himself.

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