Friday, February 3, 2023
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From 1962 to Ukraine—three lessons for India’s non-alignment policy

Like so often in the past, what New Delhi calls strategic autonomy might just be prettified language for ducking hard choices.

‘Netflix is the new PVR’: Why indie films aren’t benefiting from the rise of OTT platforms

OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime still have a bias towards studio films. Big names and budgets are shrinking the space for indie filmmakers.

Rs 17,000 cr revamp for Mumbai’s British-era BDD chawls: Residents hopeful, planners have doubts

High-rises will soon replace 195 Bombay Development Directorate chawls and residents will get free 500-sq-ft apartments, but some urban planners cite ventilation, lighting, crowding issues.

‘Pride of Kunda’ or ‘gunda’? Why 6-term MLA Raja Bhaiya is still a political force in UP

Raja Bhaiya, currently locked in war of words with SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, is fighting UP assembly polls from Kunda for seventh time. He has served as minister in both BJP & SP govts.

In UP’s Mau, gangster Mukhtar Ansari’s sport-shooter son is using ‘clean’ image to gun for votes

Mau constituency, which goes to vote on 7 March, has been gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari’s stronghold since 1996. He has won the seat five consecutive times.

First China, now Ukraine: Doctor dreams up in smoke for many as Covid & war deal twin blows

Ukraine is among most prominent destinations for Indian medical students, apart from Russia and China. With these options out of the question for now, the future seems uncertain.

Revisioning India’s future? Start with Marxism, without the baggage

For the younger Indians, Marxism is a weird, extremist and extinct ideology of the past. Here's how you can recover what is valuable in Marxist ideology.

How Neel Patel ‘conned’ Indians out of crores, with dreams of Atmanirbhar Bharat & a cheap iPhone

Swadeshi apps and influential Twitter friends drew many to Patel. As his father is arrested as part of probe into alleged multi-crore web of scams, Patel says he didn't do anything illegal.

Has India moved on from failures of Covid times? Barkha Dutt’s book reminds us of the tragedy

Journalist Barkha Dutt's deeply analytical book 'To Hell and Back' tells us why so many Indians died, when they could have been saved. Here are some things she reminds us of.

BJP vowed ‘justice for Hindutva worker murders’ in Karnataka. 3 yrs on, here’s where cases stand

Bajrang Dal worker Harsha’s murder in Shivamogga last month brings spotlight back on BJP’s 2018 poll promise in Karnataka on providing justice to families of Hindutva workers 'slain for ideology'.

On Camera


Indian billionaire Gautam Adani speaks during an interview with Reuters at his office in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad 2 April 2014 | Reuters/Amit Dave/File Photo

Adani Group’s surprising move — cancels fully subscribed Rs 20,000 cr...

Trigger could be news that Credit Suisse won't accept Adani bonds as collateral for loans. Gautam Adani says not ‘morally correct’ to continue with FPO amid stock price volatility.


India is modernising its armed forces and trying to reduce defence imports | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Budget 2023: Defence gets 13% more than last yr. Pensions &...

Capital budget increased to Rs 1.62 lakh crore from 1.52 lakh crore. Navy, Army see substantial increase but allocation for procuring aircraft, aero engines goes down.

Return of the Muslim: From Modi ‘sermon’ to Pathaan to Bharat...

Most key Hindutva/RSS objectives have been achieved, and Modi & BJP now need social calm, at least till summer of 2024. A de-escalation of some sort is on.