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An vendor carries a sack of pumpkins at a wholesale market in Chennai

India’s fiscal deficit widens as govt overestimates revenue

India is set to miss budget deficit target for a second straight year by overestimating the income it expects to receive from taxes, asset sales and other sources.
PM Narendra Modi cheers as Finance Minister Piyush Goyal presents the interim Budget 2019-20 | PTI

Modi, the arch-populist? Interim budget hints at return to vote-buying formula PM once mocked

Those who supported Modi in 2014 imagining he would lead India away from populist economics, must be kicking themselves now.
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India’s ‘animal spirits’ subside as falling demand hits the economy

The indicator, compiled by Bloomberg, reflects a pullback in new orders & business activity, as well as easing inflationary pressures.
Mark Mobius

Invest in India. Amazing changes taking place there, says veteran investor Mark Mobius

Mobius says there's a terrific recovery taking place in developing economies and he's particularly interested in India.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) logo is displayed inside the central bank building in Mumbai

RBI needs far bigger capital buffer, says study

The study's findings rekindle the debate on the Reserve Bank of India’s autonomy as losses could push it to seek financial aid from the government.
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The 5 big fiscal failures of the Modi government

Five years ago, businesses backed Modi hoping he would revive animal spirits of the Indian economy. That hasn’t happened.
Representational image | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

3 key themes that will impact growth of Indian economy in 2019

A loss for Modi in the general election is a risk in terms of policy continuity, and investors are watching the events closely.
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Nifty ideas for young millennials to save money in 2019

Broke before the month ends? Spent too much on a whim? Then you need this guide on how to save better. Young millennials want to collect experiences than assets. From travelling to exotic locations to exploring different passions, the youth wants it all. Except how do you fulfil these lavish lifestyle goals when your salary/pocket money runs out before the second week of the month? Here are some ways for the 20-somethings to navigate the gig economy and make better financial decisions in 2019: Set your 2019 savings goal: What is it that you’re saving for? Is it a trip? Is it for education? Or is it for investing in your future start-up? Once you’ve figured it out, draw out a budget for the new year with a practical macro-savings goal. Then break it down to monthly goals – even per week goals. Cut down spending, one thing at a time: Monthly...
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This is what global experts have found studying demonetisation, while Modi looks away

Economists have dug through data, & here’s what they found about shock that still lingers over India’s economy, politics, society & markets.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Kamal Kishore/PTI

3 weeks after release of GDP back-series data, there’s still no explanation from govt

Concerned over Modi government's move to scale down growth numbers for all sectors for years prior to FY12, economists ask for explanatory notes.


Illustration by Soham Sen/ThePrint

Blood, bodies and scars: What I saw after the 1983 Nellie massacre in Assam

On the anniversary of the Nellie massacre in Assam, which claimed thousands of lives in a few hours, I recall the horrid sights.

As Pakistan’s leverage with US, China, Saudi Arabia grows, is it even possible to isolate it?

Pakistan signed deals worth $20 billion with Saudi Arabia, even as India vows to isolate the neighbour diplomatically after the Pulwama attack on a CRPF convoy.


A Rafale fighter aircraft seen during rehearsals for fly-past ahead of the 12th edition of AERO India 2019 at Yelahanka Air Base in Bengaluru

IAF deputy chief and other senior officers set to fly Rafale at Aero India

Even as political slug-fest continues over the deal, IAF is throwing its weight behind Rafale, the first of which is to be delivered in September 2019.
National Interest

Suicidal Pakistan should know Modi may not be scared of its nuclear button

Pakistan has taken too much of a chance with Pulwama — with the wrong government in India, and at the wrong time.