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Secularism gave up language of religion. Ayodhya bhoomi pujan is a result of that

Don't credit the supporters of Hindu Rashtra for their victory in Ayodhya and Kashmir. They were just the beneficiaries of the failure of India's secular politics.

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A future historian might record 5 August 2020 as the day secularism died in India. She would no doubt mention that the patient was always sick and rather ill for over three decades. She may note many critical dates when wounds that proved fatal were inflicted by the RSS-BJP and their affiliates. But she would also note that the last nail in the coffin of secularism was not put by the BJP.

Today marks the death of secularism, not because there is a bhoomi pujan for a grand Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. The construction of a temple — or gurudwara, a church or a mosque for that matter – should not cause grief, much less death, for a secular State. A magnificent temple, especially for Lord Rama, and that too at Ayodhya, should normally be an occasion for celebration, just as the construction of a pilgrims’ corridor to Guru Nanak’s birthplace. A politician presiding over a religious ceremony is not the best of practice in a secular State, but there is nothing unusual about it in India.

Today marks one year of the scrapping of Article 370 and the dismantling and diminution of Jammu and Kashmir. This must concern secularism. It is hard to overlook that this was the only Muslim majority state of the Indian Union. It is harder to imagine a Hindu majority state being sliced up overnight and the civil liberties of the ordinary citizens as well as top political leaders suspended for a year. At the same time, the regional dimension of the Kashmir issue is more salient than the religious one. The tragedy of Kashmir is more a failure of India’s federalism and our counter-productive notions of national security than a sign of the death of our secularism.

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The triumph of majoritarianism

Today, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath preside over the bhoomi pujan at Ayodhya, the function marks the triumph of majoritarian politics. Yet, the future historian would remember that majoritarian politics began its triumphant journey way back in 1989. If there is something new here, it is the stamp of legality. Unlike 1949 or 1986, this time the deity would make a legal entry, certified by the Supreme Court of India, no less. (She might also note, in passing, that the Supreme Court marked this day by prosecuting an outspoken public interest lawyer for contempt of court). Our future historian would underline the fact that a few months after passing that strange order, the Supreme Court had also refused to stay the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, which provided for unequal treatment of future citizens on religious grounds.

Today’s ceremony in Ayodhya is not a religious or sacred ritual. It is a purely political one, a ritual of conquest. The ceremony symbolises the fusion of multiple forms of power: State power, the power of the dominant political party, the brute power of the majority community, the power of modern media, and the power of religious authority.  The only thing missing so far was a wholesome participation of opposition parties. The Congress, this time formally led by Gandhi family and duly followed by other leaders, has filled that gap. A feasible version of Hindu Rashtra, compatible with the fiction of a secular Constitution, has been inaugurated.  And the Congress party has hammered the final nail in the coffin of secularism.

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The defeat of secularism

Today is the culmination of a long journey. Our future historian would find out that the battle for secularism was not lost in the courts or elections. This was a battle of ideas. Secularism was defeated in the minds of the Indian citizens. The proponents of Hindu Rashtra must not get the credit for their victory. They were just the beneficiaries of the colossal failure of secular politics. Above all, the custodians of secular ideology were responsible for this defeat.

Today, we must recognise that secularism was defeated because its custodians refused to engage in a battle of ideas among the people. Secularism was defeated because the secular elite talked down to its critics in English. Secularism was defeated because it disavowed our languages, because it failed to connect with the language of traditions, because it refused to learn or speak the language of our religions. Specifically, secularism was defeated because it chose to mock Hinduism instead of developing a new interpretation of Hinduism suitable for our times. The secular ideology was defeated in India because it failed to distinguish itself from knee-jerk pro-minorityism, even as it learnt to turn a blind eye to minority communalism. Secular politics was discredited because it turned from conviction to convenience and then to a conspiracy to keep minority voters hostage.

Today, this cultural vacuum has created a condition in which anyone with a tilak and trishul can claim to be a leader of Hindus. This created an ideological space where the idea of secularism could be demonised and attacked. This created a political void where the Congress could shift from supreme indifference to Hindutva to a complete surrender.

Today is the right day to begin a new journey, a journey to rediscover the lost language of religious tolerance, to reconstruct Hinduism, and to reclaim a future for our republic.

The author is the national president of Swaraj India. Views are personal.

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  1. Secularism seeks to ensure freedom of religious belief practice and traditional values for all and respect to others religious beliefs. Which means
    • No religious conversion by preaching or forcing others
    • No demolition, deface and disrespect for religious places, idols or symbols
    • No religious interference in affairs of state.
    Why Hinduism is the purest form of secularism without any Conflict with religious faith belief and culture unlike others who believe in destruction of others faiths and culture
    • Believes that God is everywhere in everything, freedom to worship from idol to infinite universe (brahma) to a point or in any other form, hence respect to other beliefs.
    • No historic evidence of mass forced conversion, no global preaching unlike missionaries or Islamic organisations
    • No historic evidence of mass destruction, deface or disregard to other religious places or beliefs. Unlike enormous historical incidents of mass destruction, deface, disrespect of Idols, Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches and Mosques by other religious groups.
    • No religious interference unlike 26 Bishops in House of Lords, Halakha and Sharia Law in affairs of state
    Hinduism, a true secular culture because it is not confined to any book but a culture practiced by generations for thousands of years.

  2. After seventy years Indians have seen and understood the real face of pseudo secularism. The so called secularism has been forced on to the Indians by the fake mogul dynast fmly, nehru, in the garb of secularism, the antinational dacoit congress, its allies leaders and fake dynast family supported, maintained and pampered separatists, terrorists, underworlds, all sorts of mafias, muslims and chritians at the cost of majority Hindus! Secularism is a big fraud and must be scrapped. India must be declared Hindu nation. Because secularism has served the interest of antinationals and not of the nationals and patriots. Must be scrapped. Earlier is better.

    • Well said. The author is crying foul about the dismal state of Kashmir as if It was caused few years ago by BJP or RSS. The author is oblivious to the fact that it was the indecisiveness of Nehru’s and subsequent governments. As a result of which Kashmiri Pandits suffered, so many soldiers laid down their life in 65,72, 99 wars, so many innocent people lost their life as collateral damage. Not to forget so many innumerable lives ruined.

      Instead of appreciating the decision, these pseudo secularists will always complain. I know it was very hard decision pushed down their throat but when you are seriously ill you need to take a lot of bitter pills.

  3. Poor Yadav, the writer. He’s so sorry for all of us because he has failed. What’s it with these seculars who have such hatred for all except muslims? In the US, christians are targeted and in Israel, jews are targeted and in India Hindus are targeted. The problem for seculars is that they turhed their cause into a religion itself – a violent and blind one; it’s sympathy for Islam is hence understandable – siamese twins !!!

  4. WE don’t have Real SECULARISTS.The so-called secularists were keen to APPEASE minorities.Actually there are only TWO religions.One of RICH and other POOR. The so called Secularists never bothered about poor.

    • ‘knee-jerk pro-minorityism, even as it learnt to turn a blind eye to minority communalism’. Not ‘even as’ sir but due to sir.Who do you fooling? It earn you a few bucks could not fool single reader,sir. Why don’t speak Kashmiri pandits genocide but speak about lost librarty of killers . Pro muslim opinion oozes from you and pseudo seculars . Delhi riots done by PFI but blame Hindus.

  5. This fellow is a pseudo-secularist – a failed, frustrated man, good for nothing. Any media giving him space hardly has any standing or respect.

  6. Pseudo secularist who are shedding tears now, should have died of shame when pandits were driven out Kashmir, butchered, raped and looted. Or when Sikhs genocide was perpetrated by the so called secular government. It is a shame that they live this day when Hindus have been given justice which was denied to them for centuries. Fortunately today as a Hindu I do not feel apologetic.

    • I have to agree. This kind of “selective secularism” that is convenience-based must be shunned.

    • Even now when Kashmir problem became prominent they don’t speak of Pandits but killers rights. Local muslims seem helpings or may be terrorists themselves. If not how they killing BJP people only. How could elections be conducted. If conducted Pak people take over administration. Elections reflect popular opinion if all Pandits only. So elections should be conducted after resettlement.

  7. Yogendra Yadav says – Specifically, secularism was defeated because it chose to mock Hinduism instead of developing a new interpretation of Hinduism suitable for our times.

    That is exactly the vision of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo etc. It is already well-articulated.

    Our despondent left leaning thinkers dont need to reinvent the wheel. They just need to read Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo.

  8. “There are two religions in earth, which have distinct enmity against all other religions. These two are Christianity and Islam. They are not just satisfied with observing their own religions, but are determined to destroy all other religions. That’s why the only way to make peace with them is to embrace their religions.”

    Original works of Rabindranath Vol. 24 page 375, Vishwa Bharti; 1982.

    • But, don’t he now this much? Still doing this, why? Gulf petro dollars, Vatican dollars making them as they are now, I wonder.

  9. Indian secularism was an instrument for political gains encashing minority vote banks. Secularism never practiced properly. Rather we should have French type of secularism where religion is banned to enter in to politics. In France any political party built on a religious sect is banned. So Indian political parties like AIMIM, Muslim League, BJP, RSS all these parties must be banned in French secularism. You can practice your religion at home but not outside.

  10. I am really sick of listening to this utter nonsense of people like Yogendra Yadav. They just dont get it, do they? Please stop going on and on about secularism. Indians are sick of it. And you have the right to keep spewing venom at Modi, but he is here to stay. And most Indians are very happy with abrogation of 370 and Ram mandir. So please stop all this rubbish.

  11. I felt compelled to write and congratulate The print for this excellent analysis. Mr. Yadav has the best analytic mind who has been point at seculars own mistakes for quite some time. I expect a more detail and open discussion from him about how the ‘seculars’ gave away secularism in this country. Remember the day when Allahabad high court gave its verdict, and along with Muslim side few ‘seculars’ (ex Mr. Rajeev Dhawan) were criticising the verdict. This, despite many prominent muslim figures accepting that verdict. What happened after that is before us!
    One request I have from seculars, please dont make Indian muslims weaker anymore, if you want to be their true friend. This is the time which will test your friendship to our countries’s minorities who are totally cornered. I feel that as a proud hindu, and I am very sad today that all of us failed them.

    • The fretful king dismounted from his throne to go
      Where the hermit sat beneath the tree. Bowing, he said,
      “My lord, why have you forsaken god’s mighty abode,
      The royal construction of gold that pierces the sky,
      To sing paeans to the divine here on the streets?’
      “There is no god in that temple,” said the hermit.

      The king said, “No god! You speak like a godless man, Hermit. A bejewelled idol on a bejewelled throne,
      You say it’s empty?”

      “Not empty, it holds royal arrogance,
      You have consecrated yourself, not the god of the world.”

      Frowning, said the king, “You say the temple I made
      With twenty lakh gold coins, reaching to the sky,
      That I dedicated to the deity after due rituals,
      This impeccable edifice – it has no room for god!”

      Said the tranquil hermit, “The year when the fires
      Raged and rendered twenty thousand subjects
      Homeless, destitute; when they came to your door
      With futile pleas for help, and sheltered in the woods,
      In caves, in the shade of trees, in dilapidated temples,
      When you constructed your gold-encrusted building
      With twenty lakh gold coins for a deity, god said,
      ‘My eternal home is lit with countless lamps
      In the blue, infinite sky; its everlasting foundations
      Are truth, peace, compassion, love. This feeble miser
      Who could not give homes to his homeless subjects
      Expects to give me one!’ At that moment god left
      To join the poor in their shelter beneath the trees.

      – Rabindranath Tagore

      • “There are two religions in earth, which have distinct enmity against all other religions. These two are Christianity and Islam. They are not just satisfied with observing their own religions, but are determined to destroy all other religions. That’s why the only way to make peace with them is to embrace their religions.”

        Original works of Rabindranath Vol. 24 page 375, Vishwa Bharti; 1982.

  12. The only future historian who might say these is Yogendra Yadav; but he wouldn’t be in the future…

  13. Utter nonsense. Secularism never dropped the word of religion. It stood by the beliefs of minorities without ever letting those beliefs to be evaluated by the scales of equality in general and for women in particular. For eg: If Hinduism were to mandate women to wear burquas secular monkeys would have conducted demo dress-removal show led by congress. Besides, seculars stood by those predatory beasts who cannot survive without hunting.

  14. Generally in journalism, a journalists means people look at the issue and take stance. Based on that issue people write articles. The print is one such media where the stance is first taken ie. Against Hinduism and Modi, then the articles are written based on that, toxicity level is based on the writer. But one thing is sure it is not journalism but a paid propaganda

  15. The fact that Muslims are still living in India even after the hindu community faced 800 years of humiliation is the proof of our secularism . Hindus are secular by nature.

    • Very true !. Thank you sir for a very brief and most apt answer to this long and hollow claims of so called SICULARISTS . Hindus have really shown resilience for so many centuries

  16. The print is agent of Pakistan. It’s Pro – Pakistani agenda is clear now. How dare you to wrote this article. When temples and Gurudwara are broken in Pakistan, why you don’t write anything? Are you getting money for this shit? akistan chala ja…djhcfhdhdjxjj

    • Tu kon hai re? Desh ka baap? I am a proud hindu and proud to be a progressive one. We are ashamed that we have shitty people like you and your leaders in my beloved country. Your leaders are blasphemous, insulted our religion, ideas and values! Yogendra Yadav is not a Pakistani that he has to shout against breaking of temples in Pakistan!!!! But I am sure your head is full of gobar so you will not understand where to ask justice. Your leaders will take India decades backwards, we can foresee that.

  17. The Ram ji have finally received his place where he was born which was forcefully taken over by muslims as their was muslims rule.I guess ‘the print’ is paid by someone.Jb masjib bani toh aap log kuch ni bolte aur ek mandir bn raha hai after alot of struggle toh bhot bura lg raha hai jal rahe ho!PAIDDDDD!So cheap attempt because of money!

    • I am delighted to know Prof. Yadav was alive 500 years back! And it was pseudo seculars like him who did not stop breaking a Ram temple.

  18. Are you saying that secularism existed only amongst the “English speaking elites”. If yes, than is it not better for the nation that it’s dead.

  19. Paudi Intelligent guys like Yogendra Yadav are responsible for the sorry state of Secularism
    Those who wail for Secularism and abuse Hindu community day in and day out conveniently forget that Secularism and it’s votaries are safe only as long as Hindus are in a majority.If they still have illusion take a look at parts of India that have broken away and are today Muslim majority.
    Time to usher in true Secular values that donor encourage appeasment of minorities .

  20. Secularism by definition is the separation of state and religion. By suggesting molding secularism to a new Hindutva, the self-proclaimed intellectual, the great Yogendra Yadav details a formula for its death, not resurrection. Conspicuous is the absence of suggestions for other religions in his essay. Nehru was the true secularist who led the first assault on secularism by allowing evil Islamic practices of triple talaq and polygamy at a time when the Hindu law was designed to be more equitable to women. He set the precedence and next was Somnath temple construction with funding from Indian Union, pardon for Razakars, collusion with the Abdullahs, Sikh genocide, infamous Shah Bano, Temple gates, Ram Janmabhoomi and the emergence of political Hindu. 80% of India’s population is Hindu, for many years it was divided by castes but as caste boundaries diminished religious frontiers became more prominent. There is much to blame esp the secular elite who took Hindus fro granted and carried on their politics. The original Ram temple demolition, Crimes of Muslim invaders, Pandit exodus were questioned that were immediately junked. Chickens have finally come home to roost. Majoritarianism is real and not always right but it is an unbeatable force. You provoked them by not listening to their cries. Muslims are the biggest losers because these weasels sold them out to the highest bidders. Lalu was roaming with a Osama Bin laden dummy during the Bihar elections and yet no-one questioned. Now see the condition of his party in Bihar. THERE IS NO GOD OTHER THAN TIME.

  21. A factual correction:
    The corridor was not to Guru Nanak’s birth place as Mr Yadav states.
    It was to his final resting place.

  22. Secularism didn’t die when the victims of partition in the East were denied aid.
    Secularism didn’t die when Refugees, Dalits, Jammu and Ladakh were discriminated against.
    Secularism didn’t die when temple control was ceased by the State. It didn’t even die when the temple finances were appropriated for government causes.
    Secularism didn’t die when Hindus were persecuted in Punjab.
    Secularism didn’t die when the political party in power organised pogroms against Sikhs.
    Secularism didn’t die when a parliament voted to deny a woman alimony
    Secularism didn’t die on 19th January 1990, when minority Kashmiri Hindus were given the options to “Convert!Leave! Or Die!”
    Secularism didn’t die when historians lied brazenly in public.
    Secularism also didn’t die when Reang were chased out of their land by a hoarde of fanatics.
    Secularism didn’t die when the victims of the Godhra massacre were accused of being responsible for their brutal demise.
    Secularism didn’t die when a shameless government falselyimplicated it’s political adversary in a horrendous terror attack.
    It didn’t even die because of all the pro minorityism.

    The reason Secularism didn’t die during any of these times was simply because it was already dead. It was a still birth. We were never a secular country. If we were, we would have had a stronger answer against these pressing issues that do in fact have a religious angle to them.

    What is being mourned is the waning power of an entrenched elite and it’s vote banks.
    The future historian, will note how the self proclaimed champions of secularism were the most divisive and opportunistic cynics.

    • Excellent comment sir ! ! ! Although one could easily add another 100 + incidents in the above mentioned list !

  23. Fake Secularism died on 5th August 2020. It is also the day original secularism was freed from its shackles. Secularism was repeatedly assaulted since the invasion by Muhammed Ghazni. Post-1947, Nehru tortured it when he allowed practices like Triple talaq and Personal law to withstand and buckle under the pressure of Islamists. Shah Bano, Sikh riots, Kashmiri Pandits exodus, Bengal riots, Kerala riots, Bombay riots, 26/11 are some other days when “secularism” was hurt. Yogendra Yadav, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi, Nikhil Wagle, NDTV made crores at the expense of of “Secularisms torture”. CRY, DECRY, PLEAD, REPEAT – WE DON’T CARE. WE LOVE THIS RAM RAJYA – CAA, TEMPLE, UCC and ARMY, WE WILL SUPPORT PM MODI. JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT.

  24. Secularism is not dead…..As long as hinduism is in the majority in this country, it will never be dead…. The western interpretation of secularism is dead… Ram Temple or no temple, it was high time we indians, to be lead by hindus , rediscover ourselves… for far too long we have looked at ourselves through the western interpratations of ourselves…. this had to change…. May be, just may be, the Ram Temple construction will be the spark that will do just that…..

  25. Yogendra, What nonsense you are writing?We Hindus no longer believe in secularism,we are Hindustan and we will destroy all mosques that are built on temples.You have been throught out by Aam Admi party and are struggling to find your negative preaching.Shut up and lose yourself.

  26. I fully disagree with Yogendra Yadav that Secularism was defeated, as Secularism is India was practised only to appease the Muslims and use them as vote banks for power. When there is unity among Hindus on the thread of nationalism, it is portrayed as defeat of Secularism. As far as contempt of court against a promient lawyer is concerned, that the lawyer thinks he is above the Judge and jury and questions the judgments, castigates the judges and hence the contempt. The same lawyer looks to the apex court for legal remedies. If the SC has refused to stay the CAA bill, it definitely must have done based on merits of the case and material it has on the table, On the contrary, the bill was brought with due saner advice from legal luminaries and therefore, the contempt case and stayal of the bill should never be equated to suspect the judiciary. The very support of Congress for Ram temple construction vindicates the allegation that it was appeasing the Muslims and took the Hindu majority with disdain. thus it is paying the political price, show me an instance of so secularism in danger after the BJP took over. Are Muslims discriminted with government benefits are extended, or they denied employment just because they are Muslims. Why only Muslims are talked about as minorities when, minorities in real sense, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Jains… so on and so forth never cry that their existence is threatened by the government decisions. On CAA, is there a provision to ripp the citizenship of Indian Muslims, certainly not. Then how is it justified when Indian Muslims demand justice and asylum for Rohingya Muslims for whose plight India is not at all responsible, and Yogendra Yadav is silent on the displacement of kashmiri pandits. Never an article to relocate them back to state he perceived/conceived to write. Secular was added to the Constitution in 1976 to suit the interests of Congress with whom Yogendra Yadav and his political party (AAP) aligned to gain power in 2013 after fighting with them a fortnight earlier. was it not political expediency? it is case of AAP KARE TO RAAS LILA, AUR HUM KARE TO CHARACTER DILA. The banal sermons of Secularism need to be put to rest.

  27. Hehehe pseudo secular.. u r jaichand f modern India. If u believe in secularism thn why dnt u support one country one rule..why there r diff rules fr diff sect. Damm sure u r gettng money frm Pak or china thats why u r having issues with it. Why didnt u raise ur concern whn PM Modi visited Bohari muslim congregation. Because f ur fake secularism only , We r calling ourselves hardcore Hindu. Why dont u raise ur voice when Muslim kills Hindus on the name f religion that time u remain mum. Please stop spreading hatred.

  28. There is a series of articles against Ayodhya. Intellectuals like you don’t have courtesy to respond to queries posted on article.

    Is India the first democratic country to restore a temple or a church? Why is such a hue cry about destruction of a regular mosque? What is secularism- Is it to ignore the wish of atleast 80cr people of this country?

    I have spent my entire childhood believing that Ram temple shouldn’t be build. But my stay at modern Europe told me that there is nothing wrong with it.

  29. The author makes exactly the same mistakes he bemoans in his article. Firstly he uses word Minority and avoids saying Muslims. His claim that Kashmir was the only minority state overlooks Punjab which has Sikh majority. All those phrases he uses to express his angst are only the symptoms of what is wrong with secularism. Every court decision, government action which favors Muslims is considered victory of secularism and every thing that expects Muslims to change their thinking with current ethos–not just in India but all over the world– is defeat of secularism. Constitution forced Hindus to give up polygamy, inheritance laws, to accommodate what Nehru thought was “modern”. Even then, people of other religion were exempted from becoming “Modern”. Today, the author will condone slogans against Hindus and India as Freedom of expression. All issues are viewed through this prism. Even Supreme Court order on Ram Janma Bhumi does not deserve any different treatment. The Triple Talak law is another classic example. As a result, Hindus feel Muslims are treated as more privileged than Hindus. This is the tragedy of secularism in India.

  30. Mr. Yadav and the likes of JNU products ( if he is one ) are poisoned by the leftist leaning aluminii ideology. This class has over the years controlled the university , promote their proteges , enjoy the perks making trips abroad under exchage programmes, avail medical insurance for themselves n their families, poison the minds of young students against mother India. They are all bitten by the Secular bug. Forget this word. Believe the Mantra of Ram Raj – Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Visvas. Hinduism is just a way of life not a fanatic religion. Muslim brotherens are better of here than the Muhajirs. India is as much for muslims as it is for Hindus, so v should stop instigating them with non issues like CAA.

  31. Self-realization has started; but clarity is yet to set. Secularism as imagined by the left/Congress/Opposition parties was put on ventillator in 2014 and is waiting to be confirmed by this ecosystem to be dead. However, the real secularism practiced by Hindus is alive and thriving.

  32. What is the deal between The Print and Shri Yadav that the former academic, former psephologist, part time politician, part time political commentator etc gets a free run here? Who pays who for these series of rants?

  33. what is the use of saying all these things NOW? the horse has bolted. Secularism and liberalism are identified with Hindu hatred, Islam, China and in some cases stupidity .

  34. Still you didn’t get it, when you are saying you have to reform Hinduism. Hinduism is not an Abrahamic faith where reforms are needed because of blasphemy and multiple things. You can get all sorts of idea in Hinduism. Not only Ahimsha, Himsha is also required when there is imbalance – Gita. It comprises everything. You can’t chage it or reform it. There is no Pope. Yesterday it was Ramdev, today it is Sadhguru, tomorrow it will be someone else accepted by SOCIETY. You and some elites can’t REFORM it. Society always accepts what is required at that particular time. What ever feels logical to THEIR life. This is Hinduism. You can only be a mere spectator.

  35. Worst ever journalism is by the print, when Huj houses are created , millions of animals are sacrificed though as per Indian constitution it’s illegal for all religions excepts one, when Huj subsidize pilgrimage is given, when Janmat happns or even when they celebrate HagiaSophia conversion your secularism is intact, bloody the print and ur bloody discriminatory journalism.
    Tomorrow mosque will be created In same Ayodhya, at that time u will rejoice right Sick the print, Hatemonger the print.

  36. Yogendra Yadav, liberals like you have spoiled India. You should appreciate that long pending jobs are being completed finally by a determined Govt.. In the name of secularism this country of ours has suffered for so many years. Yet people like you will never stop criticising a government which works.

  37. Yogendra is totally distraught and disillusioned today! He is also confused and is arguing with circular logic. Let us get this clearly- Ram Mandir is a symbol of Indian culture and values irrespective of your religion, region, social status etc. If there is a problem in accepting this, then you may regard it as a majoritarianism and we Indians are fine with it !

  38. This guy is a looser & an utter failure .If he thinks his ideas and thoughts are good for india and its people , why was he and his swaraj party rejected so badly in 2019 elections.

  39. How stupid the article is..
    When babur and other alien invaders destroyed temples , where is secularism?
    When you pigs destroyed temples , gurudhwars in pakistan, bangladesh ..where is secularism?
    You dirty pigs living in india, doing all nonsense and how dare you wrote an article like this..

    Get lost… got to pakistan or bangladesh if you dont like mandirs…

  40. Tragedy of India is that there are people who attempt to portray Kashmir issue with a communal angle.
    The problem and the govt. stand past and present is secular and political in nature. It may be right or wrong but it is secular.
    If govt. applies some very stringent rule there its not because of religion its because they deem the resistance to be against national unity and security.
    you are giving it religious colour. What do you think. If Kashmir which long time ago was predominantly Hindu, and Hindus of Kashmir (which we are considering in majority) are afflicted with insurgency and sporadic acts of terrorism, Govt. would site idle ? Govt will not pass very stringent Rules there ?
    Off course you know that Govt will act similarly, but that will not be noted for Sensationalism.
    So people like you who bring communal angle into everything are poisoning the environment.

  41. All Hindus were minding their business. This Congress colluded with vested interest Liberals and started rigging our education system. The majority of the Education Ministers under Congress rule were Muslims. They ravaged the education system and brainwashed Hindus through secular movies. At the same time, Congress got emboldened and started supporting Muslim Communalism and goondagiri. Hindus were aghast by this phenomenon and felt cheated.
    BJP saw the opportunity and pitched in. Luckily, RSS grassroots were already in place. BJP started reaping the benefits. During Vajapayee times, BJP was soft with Congress, but later Congress bit BJP like a rabid dog. BJP learned its lessons and in the meantime improved its image.

    From its humble beginnings from 1990 Rath Yathra, today’s BJP has a strong following of 3 generations. It also has massive money power and grass-root people who work for the party passionately. BJP cannot be touched until 2029. Now Congress is talking about Hindu Rashtra. People can see through this.

  42. Hindus are and have always been communal because the hate begins at their homes. You would rarely find any criminal or communal activities among minorities, specially Muslims who have contributed the most to the national well-being. Hinduism being 5000 years old is incompatible in today’s world. The clothes religious Hindus wear is downright ugly. So not sure how we seculars and atheists can project Hindus or Hinduism to the world in 2020.

  43. This is one the most absurd and biassed article I have seen. People like yogendra yadav should retrospect that due the biassed mindset like this the people are consolidating from center to further right and will continue to do so.

  44. Yes, secularism died “because it chose to mock Hinduism”. Good argument by Mr Yadav as always.

  45. YOGENDRA yadav is jealous of BJP ‘s course correction of history. HE failed to explain
    how democracy

    and secularism reduced to a new low of appeasement politics right from Nehru

  46. Brilliant article, particularly the last couple of paras where it is mentioned correctly that Secularism died because it got redefined as pro minority and not no difference on basis of religion

  47. The last paragraph is on point and one has to be awfully blind not to see this see build-up for so long. The fact that Trump is POTUS, and PM Johnson in England- is just a small preview of much grandiose breeding problem that we are much conveniently tiring our eyes away from- and one day it’ll reset the debates, paradigms and everything in the known polity and idealogues. Speak the truth, or else it’ll eat you. The pathological political correctness has been the single most reason for the marvelous bloodbath of the “Pseudo-liberal” movement. Today quite literally resets everything- the idea of actual secularism, the much needed and awaited debate of Islamic reforms, and our collective purging of extremism, intersectional harmony has to be pursued now- all to envision a converging progressive idea- “To build a better future”. But most importantly cleanse our every last bit of “Anglo-Imperialist” idealogues, have a robust discussion, and set the precedent of making narratives from some Washington D.C. cheap pasty white professors to India and its citizens. Never again. Never Forget.

  48. ‘A future historian might record 5 August 2020 as the day secularism died in India’ can only be true if the historian happens to be a leftist. This is unlikely to happen now and in future which belongs to true Indians and not crooked leftists with imported mindset. Therefore, Yogendra Yadav’s dream of leftists continuing to write Indian history in future would remain a dream only. Henceforth the history of India would be written by those who understands and love Indian culture. Leftists goons’control over Indian history is gone forever and for a good cause. Henceforth India’s secularism would require one to integrate with Indian culture and not harm the Indian way of living.

  49. मरे हुए पागल कुत्ते को कोई श्र्द्धांजली नही देता। No one pays tribute to dead insane dog. STOP THIS NON-SENSE. No one wants its revival.

  50. Congress party can , now, take up the cause of Shri Krishan Janam Bhoomi and Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple to upstage BJP. The vast majority of Hindus want liberation of these two prominent place of worship also. Fake or pseudo- secularism is dead a long time ago . For Congress Party it may not be difficult to find some political space. IT may be difficult for some journalists to change their views so suddenly who are sleeping in long bygone Nehruvian era. But many of them will toe the party line as a famous General of India has termed them— PRESSITUTES . They can be paid something NOW , with the promise to enrich them in future . Mostly it is what comes in to pockets becomes ideology . Pro -Hindu narrative is not going to exit too soon from political mind space. Act now .

  51. You and your secularism is nothing but Anti Hindu and pro Muslim , after 1947 Indian partition by Muslims , India should have done population exchange and develop after 1947, with high Muslim growth rate , more Pakistans will be demanded by Indian Muslims and like 1947 , Congress , communists and so called secularists like Yadav will support creation of Islamic states , but they will never go to Muslim majority country’s , why ?? Because Muslims won’t tolerated this secularism nonsense and wipe out communists , secularists , that’s why you will never see a communist and secularists in Muslim majority countries,they survive only in Non Muslim majority countries.

  52. Well stated and so true. A very sad day for India! The so called culture has turned into vultures feeding off the minorities of the country. Now more cow laws will be legislated and the minorities will be abused, beaten and killed all thanks to a mythological creature called Ram!

    • The next time you get the urge to write such rants, you might want to consider the following facts – Hindu population in current Pakistan in 1947 – 15%. Now it is 2%. Hindu population in East Pakistan/ Bangladesh in 1947 – 22%. Now it is 8%. Muslim population in India in 1951 – 9.8 %. In 2011 it was 14.2%. Now please understand, if you can in which country are the minorities more secure.

    • Be respectful when are referring to person whom many Hindus believe in and worship. He is more real then your fake Yahweh/ Allah. Also if you are against of killing of people in cows name why are chinese, vietnamese not allowed to Dogs in USA/ Western countries . It is good that Secularism is dying in India so that Christians and Muslims are not allowed to spread their poison

  53. Today marks the end of “pseudo-secularism”, the appeasement of special people and those who profitted from this business model for 70 years.
    The age of genuine secularism and inclusion has begun. This is our tryst with destiny.
    Jai Shree Ram.

  54. An undereducated jhollawalla says

    1) people who are continually praying and during sermons constantly being told that anybody not believing in their GOD will burn in hell are A SECULAR VOTE.

    2) He had knowledge like everyone else that when a certain community are in majority they discard any semblance of minority rights. Case of point is recent takeover of Christian church and conversion of it to mosque ie TURKEY.

    3) He knows about how ethnic cleansing was done in
    Kashmir only Muslim majority state in INDIA.

    4) HE knows RAM RAJYA does not involve any tax on non believers

    And MANY more.

    Still he continues with his hatred as is a hallmark of fake secularist.

  55. Kehna kya chaahte ho? Yogendra jee!!
    All I could read was a lament, a cry and a write up that appears as muddled as the voice of someone who is trying to speak while sobbing
    Don’t blame everyone as you have for not understanding…because you have not been able to articulate it at all…
    May be because you were trying to argue a case which has to be artificially built…and hence carries no claritt

  56. Nothing to do stage…Yogendra has fantastically put his mind where we are all being headed to. Free India has come one full around from Gandhi and Nehru views of secularism to today’s Modi led so interpreted Ramrajatala

  57. Dear Yogendra ji,
    I agree that we need to “rediscover the lost language of religious tolerance”.
    But what has happened is not only a result of religious tolerance but its a result of combination of several things.
    A feeling has developed among the common majority is that “why only we are told be tolerant”. Why should we compromise all the time.
    This feeling is a result of the “appeasement politics” that happened over a period of time.
    Hence, under these circumstances, any such appeal to rediscover the lost language of religious tolerance comes back and haunt. These appeals look mere formalities, because they are always one-sided, in fact they irritate sometimes because such appeals were never made when the oppression was from the other side.
    There is no doubt “an unapologetic religion intolerance” from both sides and they take pride in it now. Its very difficult to change in wave, however hard one may try.

  58. Follow up point :

    The article says : “Specifically, secularism was defeated because it chose to mock Hinduism instead of developing a new interpretation of Hinduism suitable for our times. ”

    If you could go back in time, you may be able see an ‘Indian’ version of Islam in the pre Imam Bukhari days. One that was at so much variance with the book (and in sync with local traditions) that it prompted him to launch a ‘back to the book’ reform movement.

    Indian Muslims never wished Ramadan Kareem or celebrated Eid Al Aldha. So why not call for an Indian interpretation of Islam that goes back to the pre 10th century period ?

  59. Some valid points and some emotional ones too. But merely a call to action won’t suffice. Tell us why a secular Republic is required. And discuss ideas to build it. Or risk being consigned to the footnotes of history as a taker of notes.

  60. The common Hindu knows what is Hinduism and who are it’s enemies very well. Let history be defined in its natural course instead of being defined by only a few elites. Elites like you have always you guys only know what is Secularism and your definition of it is the only correct one. Let the normal Indian define secularism instead of following your definition.

  61. The “Rudaali” gang sings uncontrollably today in all pseudo-secular media .
    I pray to Lord Ram on their behalf.

  62. Salim bhai, Jai Sri Ram. Celebrate the construction of the Ram Temple. Visit Ayodhya if possible to bow your head before lord Ram.
    Secularism died the day Indira Gandhi imposed it upon India. Till then the only problem that secularism had was that Indira’s government (and other Congress governments) refused to act against communal elements. After that secularism was just dead.

  63. Main Tiger toh nahin lekin bilkul zinda hoon. And so is secularism, in the hearts of a lot of decent, God fearing Indians. May it always remain thus. A successful democracy in a diverse land and good English are the only advantages we have over China. Let us not discard them.

  64. In India secularism, socialism etc became synonymous with establishment. In the psyche of Hindu masses Hindutva is anti establishment. They plan to perpetually keep it that way by manufacturing mocking fake stories about Nehru day after day.

  65. Yogendra yadav share your address teri gand badi jal gayi hai burnol bhejta hoon. This is a day when we as a culture have reclaimed what is ours and overcome the slave mentality inflicted on us by generations of invaders whose mindset is deeply entrenched in your being. The future historian will mark this day as the day when the Hindu culture was freed from generations of slavery inflicted on it by abrahamic rulers and later their cronies like you.

  66. “republic” – that was the word I was searching for. I found it at last – at the last.

    YY can’t avoid the word, you see.

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