File photo | Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Congress President Rahul Gandhi at Parliament House | PTI
File photo | Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Congress President Rahul Gandhi at Parliament House | PTI
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The ongoing India-China border stand-off provides the opposition a perfect opportunity to corner the Narendra Modi government on national security, widely considered its trump card. You can hardly blame the Congress for giving in to the temptation of returning the compliment paid by Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Jawaharlal Nehru following the debacle of 1962. Yet, the opposition must resist this temptation. National interest must trump party interest. PM Modi must be let off the hook, not because he deserves to, but because not doing so would hurt all of us, collectively.

I am no expert on strategic affairs or India-China relationship. Thankfully, there are many clearheadeduncensored accounts, explanations and analyses of what’s happening on the ground and its larger implications for India-China relations. The need of the hour is to learn from expert views and come to a political judgement. This is a moment to look beyond this crisis, to look beyond petty partisan gains, to look at the long-term national interest, before things go out of hand.

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There is a Chinese design

The big picture is fairly clear. India faces the most serious Chinese incursion in the last few decades. This is not one of the routine summer standoffs in this region between the Indian Army and China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Nor is it an acute but localised standoff like Doklam in 2017, triggered by a local provocation. This is a premeditated intrusion at multiple points falling in different army zones. Thousands of Chinese soldiers (about 10,000 by this estimate) have entered our side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC), including areas that were so far routinely patrolled by Indian troops and acknowledged by China to be on the Indian side. The Chinese have displayed an unmistakable intent to stay put. They have dug trenches, put up tents, brought vehicles, built roads, and fortified themselves on their side of the border. This is a calculated move to alter the LAC in some critical sectors by the sheer force of adverse possession.

We don’t quite know why. Unlike in the case of Doklam standoff, the Chinese have not cared to acknowledge their incursion, let along spell out its reason. But we can be sure that the Chinese state does not take such steps in a fit of absent-mindedness or as a knee-jerk reaction to some provocation. This must fit into a long-term design. It is lazy to see this as an expression of Chinese expansionism. Is this a focused warning to India against building infrastructure on its own side of the LAC to catch up with China’s build-up? Are the Chinese responding to the new map of Ladakh post the reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir? Or is it a much larger message to warn India against joining the US-led anti-China coalition? Or a bit of all of the above?

Perhaps, we will never find out, because the Chinese state does not believe in spelling out its intent. So, we have to go by its actions. And the actions must invite worry. The real long-term national security threat to India comes not from Pakistan or any other unfriendly neighbour. The one entity we must worry about is the Chinese state with its economic and military might and a capacity to think and plan long-term and with whom we share a long and fuzzy border.

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There is a goof-up on the Indian side

It is also clear that there has been a goof-up at the Indian end. We don’t know who exactly, but either the local commander or the higher-ups failed to anticipate and quickly respond to the Chinese incursion on time. Chinese troops now have the first mover’s advantage. Although the Indian Army has responded by increasing its presence, the PLA has more legs and better infrastructure on the ground.

Frankly, there is little that Indian forces can do now to eject the Chinese troops, and gun-battle is not an option. China enjoys ground advantage besides its undeniable overall military and economic superiority. China is not Pakistan; you cannot think of a Balakot-like surgical operation. The only option is negotiation and persuasion, something the Chinese are not overly keen on. Diplomatic pressure does not work on China. In any case, the Modi government has managed to annoy almost every one of India’s neighbours, including traditional friends such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. A mix of ignorance and arrogance is taking its toll on India’s relations with its neighbours.

Faced with this hard reality, the political leadership is all thumbs. No matter who has goofed up, the buck must stop with the Defence Minister, if not the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). The Indian Army is trying to live in denial, pretending that the Chinese are not changing the status quo of the LAC. The usual hawkish nationalist brigade has its lips sealed, except a silly call to boycott Chinese goods.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh appears to have weakened the Indian case by first saying that the LAC is not clearly demarcated and then making a convoluted acknowledgement of the Chinese intrusion. He is yet to object to the Chinese troops crossing the LAC or assert India’s claim on the area being usurped. PM Modi has maintained a stony silence and appears to have done what he does in any such crisis: depute National Security Adviser Ajit Doval to sort out this mess. Fortunately, for the PM, the media is not asking hard questions, not yet. But this cannot go on for long. Someone is going to ask the uncomfortable question about the Modi government acquiescing to a Chinese ‘occupation’.

This is exactly what Atal Bihari Vajpayee had indicted Jawaharlal Nehru for, speaking in the Rajya Sabha on 9 November 1962, just after the humiliation in Arunachal Pradesh. The Congress could return the compliment. Rahul Gandhi has already demanded that the government “come clean” on the situation on the border. He is hitting Modi where it would hurt his carefully crafted image of an iron man. This displays neither courage nor competence. This mess also attests to a personal failure of the PM’s famous ‘jhoola (swing) diplomacy’, with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The comic intervention by his friend and US President Donald Trump should also embarrass Modi, notwithstanding the latest phone call.

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‘National interest’ must come first

Yet, this is one moment when the Congress-led opposition must resist the temptation to attack the Modi government. We are in the midst of a national health emergency brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. A political attack on the government on the issue of national security cannot but distract the government from whatever little it is doing to address this emergency.

We are also in the middle of the biggest economic crisis any single event has induced in the history of post-independence India. Any military engagement, or even preparation for military engagement, would bleed the Indian economy in a way that the country cannot afford. Above all, a pressure from the opposition would force the Modi government into a knee-jerk reaction or an amateurish adventure that can only hurt our national interest. The only way to respond to this long-term design of China is to give our government the room to come up with a well-thought-out response at a time of its choosing.

This is one of the rare moments to safeguard a much-abused term: national interest. PM Modi must demonstrate his commitment to national interest by taking key opposition leaders into confidence. The opposition must demonstrate it by letting him off the hook.

The author is the national president of Swaraj India. Views are personal.

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  1. Bring back Nirmala Sitharaman as the Defence Minister, she’ll handle the case as efficiently as she’s handling the finance ministry. The problem will be solved overnight.

  2. In the current situation where China has taken the first step perhaps part of a bigger program, the country including opposition parties and armchair commentators should back the Govt fully and not show any divisive trend. The matter has to be only settled diplomatically. Without conceding any part of India, China is facing problems in their relationship with Trump as well in their economy. India has a large equation with China and there could be some grounds of trade off. We seem to treat the issue as a military one but ultimately the solution could be only done diplomatically in Beijing

  3. Author has done well to underline the serious dimensions of the crisis. However, for some explained reasons he has omitted to discuss the role played by Rajiv Gandhi during his historic 1988 historic visit to the PRc. RG had then agreed to resume the long suspended trade relations between the two countries on the highly debatable and unfavourable justification that economic relations between the two can not be kept hostage to the long pending unresolved border disputes. Hence, without any corresponding reciprocal concession from the hosts he paved the way for flooding the Indian markets with Chines merchandise of cheap and inferior quality, to the utmost detriment of local manufacturers and the huge loss of jobs resulting therefrom. This monumental blunder has , over the years, emboldened our northeren neighbour that they can take us for a ride with very little difficulty… We are now running a huge trade deficit of over US& 50 Billions per annum. It converts into huge job loss to our workforce and dents our economic growth very signic=ficantly. I wish the author would have also touched upon this aspect also while discussing culpability of one or other entities connected with the genesis of the current crisis situation. Under the given circumstances, in the current scenario, discussions/negotiations appears to be more appropriate recourse inspite of our experience of no expected outcome seen flowing hitherto from such engagements.

  4. Statesmanly put agree fully. But one big small ? 🤭🤫🤥 where is the external affairs minister in our country. We have only only 56-58” breasting. Who should Be blamed and who should accept responsible . What happen to all those bhakths & tweeters, history ignorant Heroes, who bragged and tom tom’d about 61 china aggression. Now no aggression hugging is-it. 😝😜🤪

  5. Quite a large number of commentators appear to be generalists in their knowledge of ground situation. Blinded by ignorance of situation they are avoiding asking probing questions from Govt. How could Chinese come and stay put? Why don’t now we throw them out as we jingoistically boast against Pakistan? Don’t we give impression that we can show courage only against small neighbors? Author has lot of maturity in analyzing the situation. But opposition parties must not let Govt off the hook. It’s a national shame that we are begging for talks against aggressor. Will we do such thing against Pakistan if it dares incursion? Col RN Padmasenan views and Ashwins views are quite balanced. Number of areas have come under Chinese boots and we are taking only? Accountability has to be fixed as it has shown us in very poor light within and outside the country. It’s the job of opposition parties to comer the govt and question it on the lapses, Author is a mature and widely respected personality with wide spectrum of knowledge and his views needed to be considered rather than he be attacked as anti modi or anti Govt.

  6. Clever cunning communist China is nothing but Colony of termites making it’s way into foreign lands with an day night infestation and a clear focused agenda of slowly eat up this whole planet one day…
    Now to destabilize any obstructions in its global agenda,, indirectly china has been funding mostly for all Chaotic protests riots in the globe including India, US and instigating India’s neighbor’s hence creating grounds for military confrontation from all sides.

    the day first bullet gets across,, China knows the consequences as it has more infrastructure to protect then India will ever have to,, so enough of fear mongering in this country, if we citizens as indian don’t stand-up for our land in this shrinking india then eventually we won’t have it anyway.

    • it is not clever cunning china over night;; Indian forces Govt were sleeping like in Kargil . here if Kargil is attempted it may be 1962… when u have incompetence abound surfeit nothing will work

  7. Abe yeh aadmi har media outlet par kaise pahunch jaata hai?
    Just a failed politician turned columnist.

  8. A man who fights for everything is a man who fights for nothing. We still have the roads we can build, we can deploy army to safeguard interests. This is barren land where nobody can live. We should look towards the Western borders. Hit where it hurts CPEC, WHO, economics, Hongkong. Remember this is all to ensure CPEC is smooth and connectivity to Tibet through aksai chin. This is a Chinese knee jerk reaction to fears of losing Tibet and connectivity to Iran for oil…

  9. Our country is full of thinker and suggestion maker….. feed back giver……

    We are lacking pure doet…..

    Stop trying articles and start using indian things…..

  10. Today everybody realise the importance of social unity and it should be but then majority remain silence on social division and we must underethe hatred of pakistan and anti muslim wave is of no use in the progress of a developing nattion like India, anyway we are with our leader our Army and ready to do everything to protect the dignity of our soil

  11. This person has lost his mind..
    Talking like a Chinese agent.. If some one invades our motherland we are ready enough to give tough fight back..
    Truth is whole planet see china as enemy but few chamchas in our won land lift bucket to china..

  12. Ask Rahul Gandhi why the hell he was meeting the Chinese Ambassador when our forces was standing tall against Chinese army in Doklam . Did he hold any authority at that time ? What was the matter behind meeting the Chinese Ambassador ,was he suggesting him how to take doklam like his grandfather let Chinese to take aksai chin . Why only aksai chin when Manmohan Singh was pm after 26/11 air force proposed the plan like that of balakot but he said no what was the reason behind that . Do you have guts to ask them that . That time airforce chief have said this in his book. Pakistan killed a lot of our soldiers during UPA 10 years but no action against them was taken . Do you have any guts to ask Congress why was it like that. And for cherry on top infrastructure in such terrain cannot be made in one day or 5 years ,so whom you should hold accountable for that . First have balls to ask the people who brought us in this situation .

  13. The print has succeeded in undermining the credibility of this author by publishing this article. Mainly the article equals the 1962 China vs India war. In 1962, it was a full pledged invasion against India by China. India fought the war and utterly lost. In the present case there was no war. . Of course China feels desperate because of the present world situation against it and wanted to show some strength of its own by crossing the LAC. It is reported that India has already resisted and now talks are going on for maintaining peace. The author must have waited till the entire process takes place. Instead it was an exercise to jump into the well where there was no well.

  14. The situation is tense, no doubt, govt in back foot no doubt, but cant help made few observations about the author.
    1. He probably heads a political party with equal protest rights as of congress party. Would love to see the author protest not just writing columns after columns but in a more substantiative way.
    2.Its good author do acknowledge the issues pertaining to national interest.
    Otherwise agreed on the facts highlighted

  15. Mr Yadav’s opinion is the last one that any true Indian will take into consideration as my opinion is that he is the least bit of a patriot.he will sell the nation at the first opportunity if given one

  16. Tough call for the Government. Some would say the Indian army should push them back. Some would want a diplomatic stand off.. As rightly said by the author the opposition needs to support the government in this case instead of fighting it.. The opposition and apoliticals can blame the government for all its internal short comings but when it comes to an external threat in the form of a mighty uncompromising bully, we must get together and fight him off. If we fail to do so we may end up compromising a part of our motherland.

    • Yet “fighting” anyone off is the exact opposite of what the author implies. Guess people who like war will always like war regardless of its results.

  17. This is called Killing it softly. Sanctimonious writing based on preconceived notions. Author is correct about everything like our Covid preoccupation, nefarious Chinese and their material superiority. But is his analysis on Ground Situation correct or impartial? There is a whisper that this fracas is going to cause more embarrassment to China than to India, knowing the humongous PR disaster China faces. After 1962 humiliation, Indian Army has bested China in every situation where push came to shove. China which has been given almost godly status for their so called advanced planning and foresight seem to be unraveling like any dictatorship does. So Mr.Yadav, please don’t start rejoicing too early. Abhi to aur picture baaki hain.

    • When has India “ever” embarrassed China. 😀
      And don’t you think you are talking too soon and with too much of a nationalistic bias about the “great unraveling” of China. Its unbelievable how reality is so difficult to digest by Indians.

  18. We hear LAC transgression in scraps. Dont have an authentic information on the ground reality. The media as usual is trying to be on the official line but is finding it difficult without a clear official communication.
    Now RG asks govt to come out clear on the current situation. How is this attack on the govt. Critics should hold their pen and tongue in the middle of a crisis. The govt we trust will have the best interests of india in its handling. But issuing a statement if the LAC transgression is there or not or the extent of transgression is essential. It would even bolster india’s case in international community.
    It is very sad commentary on media if it has to learn from loose canon like Trump on what’s happening at home.

  19. Congress loves China & Pakistan so don’t expect Congress do anything.Just seat back and let Rahul screw it up.

  20. The Chinese have a habit of drawing a map of their choice like they did about Tibet and recently their claim of the whole of South China sea. Not to mention arunachal pradesh. The only time they got a bloody nose was when they tried to encroach part of land from Vietnam they suffered humilating milltary defeat.i think India should raise about million groups just at the Chinese border and at least 2 squardons of fighter jets and bombers.once we are in par with them they will not wag their tails.

  21. This is an anti national article. Who knows there could be opposition conspiracy joining hands with the neighbours. May be a sponsored article.

    • Mr.Venu are u a politician? or present govt sympathizer? as for everything u blame congress or nehru oh! I forgot that people like u&present govt feels that our India got Independence with effect from 24 May 2014.People must have nerves to speak truth

      • Is it not that because if Nehru’s incompetence we lost the 1962 war and akshai chin… whether you like it or not truth does not change …Nehru screwed up Kashmir by taking the issue to United Nations by listening the lord Mountbatten go and read India after Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha who is BJP critic

  22. The author has taken a mature view of the situation and is commendable.

    The government must get its act together to resolve the problem through all means that are acceptable, and which should not compromise on national interests.

  23. Mr Yadav how did such a clear thinking person whose views I looked forward to hearing on TV on myriad subjects lose plot so completely. Has political ambition gotten the better of you or some lesser mind got monopoly over your ear. Everytime I read you now I know why a majority of my friends who support the government do so. Because Modi is the lesser of all evils. Your 7 point program was so simplistic and Shekhar Gupta was spot on when he says there is a pandemic of bad ideas.
    This man has untramelled power and needs to be reined in, not be given a free hand when national security is at stake. You are advocating that the opposition abdicate their responsibility at such a crucial juncture?
    Oh, it is not such a silly idea to boycott chinese goods , it is a powerful idea and should it take root, they WILL hurt. Make no mistake that is yhe one language they understand and fear.

    • Everything else you said was great. Except of course export to India accounts for 3% of Chinese export income. Not even 3% of their whole income as their domestic economy is in itself extremely strong and beyond reproach. So stopping imports from China will be like a fart to them. They won’t hurt. There is no logic in that.
      In fact India will have a massive problem at hand, because while people think they are taking about xiaomi phones (which also spends lots of money in India to gain customers) when we are talking about Chinese imports, we are talking about raw materials “we need” to manufacture stuff that is competitively priced to sell domestically and abroad. So we are in effect hitting our own economy more than even what bjp has done.
      The saner idea would be a “soft call” to increase local capacity bolstered by government initiative and sector friendly policies. Not a hung-ho senseless “ban this ban that drive”.

  24. Mr. Yadav please be clear in your thoughts . On one hand you exhorts —-{{ Extracts from your article }} — The Congress could return the compliment. And then at end you say—-this is one moment when the Congress-led opposition must resist the temptation to attack the Modi government. And at the end of article you gave sermon to opposition—- opposition must demonstrate it by letting him off the hook. It seems all leftists in India since ages have soft corner for China and when ever there is any episodic encounter with China, most of leftists are at wits end— what to write about ? Be some what clear. But be ASSURED MODI GOVERNMENT KNOWS — HOW TO MEET CHINESE CHALLENGE.

    • The article followed a very clear logic. Maybe the language was misunderstood by you. To simplify : the author said – Congress “could” return the compliment that atal bihari did with Nehru (which is crib about India’s altercation with China) but they “should not” in national interest. He is saying Congress could do what bjp did but should not.
      Whether you believe in the advice or not (I dont as I think congress should kick bjp between the legs right now), you can’t in all seriousness think the logic is confusing. Its as clear as the day. Again, maybe its the language you aren’t very comfortable with.

  25. In 1962, when the Chinese attack started, Mr Nehru went abroad to attend a conference. After losing territory in Ladakh, he commented in the Parliament that it did not matter as ‘ not a blade of grass grew there, only stones’. Our defense unpreparedness started from 1947 and posing as a goody, goody peaceful, ahimsak country. We disregarded Mao’s doctrine,’ political power grows out of the barrel of the gun’.

  26. The author trying to find a parallel between 1962 and now is pathetic. How is it even comparable.
    In the article he is trying to tell subtely to whoever is willing to listen to ask more questions( exactly opp of what he professes) at this crucial time reveals his motive.
    With citezens like these we don’t need enemies.

  27. Yogendra Yadav is a left wing Liberal who provides commentary on a sport that he himself terribly failed at, Politics isn’t for everyone I suppose. Nehru lost a quarter of India’s geography to the chinese, this is after all his failures at diplomatic negotiations. To compare that disastrous campaign with the current Indian posture shows why Yogendra has simply been blinded by his own hatred.

    Having him being able to easily post his pointless opinion on various media platforms hurts national interest the most.

  28. In the garb of national interest above all ,this is another rant by anti modi brigade nothing else.

  29. Why was the infrastructure along border delayed for so long. Did Modi played a role in building defence capabilities of the country?

  30. The views are bias and bkaming the mosi govt all alone. What chin is doing is all because of rhe situations faced by them almost everywhere be it : corona blame game, moving of businesses out of china, togetherness of big countries against china, etc. In this, India has a good chance to recover with the help of usa. So china is becoming agressive. With regard to neighbouring countries viz. Srilanka,, nepal, pakistan, bangladesh and others, china haa heavily indebted them due to investments, and as a result, they have to act as per china. As aresult, they are speaking against india or acting as per chinas wish.

  31. Your candid admission that you are not expert on strategic affairs or India-China relationship should tell you to refrain from opining
    whether the PM should be let off the hook or not. But the Modi haters just cannot resist the temptation of opening their mouth on things they even admit they don’t know about if they can just say something to point at a chink in the PMs armour. Don’t they realise that nobody takes them seriously.

  32. Under educated jhollawallas part of congrass fake news spreading arm after throwing a lot of accusations on BJP government under MODIJI wants to support ISO criticise. Because his hatred is greater than his intellect he does not realise his congrass is now facing another Rafale moment with their criticism of government with regards to chinese incursions as people are getting upset with congrass and it’s SUPPORTERS antics.

  33. You say it all in early paragraphs of your article.
    As below …..
    I am no expert on strategic affairs or India-China relationship.

    So we must not accept your long elaborate article there itself on.

  34. On chianese incusrsion, GOI must not hide something which the nation should be aware of.Its heighst redposiblity of soveraign nation.

  35. In principle, I agree with the author. However, in reality, for Congress to let Modi off the hook will be equivalent to siding with the government’s whimsical and arrogant attitude towards any situation at hand. Atal and Nehru’s days are gone. Congress must remember and should payback for 2008, when then CM Modi went to ground zero of 26/11 and mocked the Manmohan government in no solemn words. It was not an opposition leader’s criticism, but a full trailer of the mudslinging movie India was to see in the 2014 elections. Congress must surely act in the national interest, but not in the governing party’s interest.

  36. Erm.. Let’s see Modi government’s record of playing politics at the time of a national crisis. Corona for example.. They blamed Muslims for stupid things that people of every religion have done, and sought to blame one community for a global crisis. They arrested non-violent activists, including a pregnant one for the violent Delhi riots they themselves triggered. They passed a slew of environmentally disastrous projects, with orchestrated, misleading and shady reports. They sped-up Central Vista clearances, while doing nothing for the millions of poor people walking home. Rahul Gandhi gave some useful suggestions, and all they had in reply was mocking the number of times he said a certain word.

    So if the BJP can play cheap politics during a crisis, why shouldn’t the opposition too?! Besides, and more importantly, how long must we keep quiet in ‘national interest’ while our national interests are being screwed by Modi’s Dadagirti Diplomacy?! ‘Not playing politics’, has led us to this stage, where all our neighbours have issues with us, and there’s no course correction in sight! There’s been no accontability for the Pulwana bomb attack! Let’s have some for this fiasco, as well as the poor relations with our other neighbours.

    And don’t worry about Modi doing something stupid in THIS regard. He knows that if any move backfires. it will cost him dearly during the 2024 elections.

  37. Time to conduct a surgical strike, we should occupy Manasasarovar, which is an integral part of India, Jai Modiji,

  38. Snake oil prescription for Indian Economy ka aarope bhi madhate hain aur Yogendra Yadav ko annap sanap lekh bhi chhapte hain. ye aadmi janam se asli Modi hater hai, bina fees wale vakil ki Tarah bahas karta hai, bin pendi ka lota hai, Kejri hi iska sahi iliaz hai. Modi bechara kya kare sabaki suntan rahta hai. Shekhar ji lagta hai aapki dosti nahin chhutegi.

  39. Article based on its hatred for honest hard working efficient PM Narendra Modi. What happened in 1962 is reported correctly. However, reporting of current situation is totally fake. Shameless corrupt communal accused compulsive liar certified by SC Rahul has nothing to contribute. Some of the media elements and politicians are fully exposed on their anti national activities. We are taking strong step. Problem is due to total inaction from the previous puppet PM MMS government, when nothing was done to strengthen the external and internal security.
    PM will use all his diplomatic relations and economics to resolve this issue in favor of Bharat.

  40. This congress dalal is a duffer. He is still harping on that failed prince Raul Vinchi. He feels somehow Modi can be cornered by the corrupt congressi media. The fool doesnt understand that Modi is not Nehru. Lies are being spread about China coming in and building roads in Indian territory etc. People like Yogendra Yadav who ran NGOs funded by George Soros and other Europe based foundation have been hit hard, funds dried up after Modi came to power. These people are feeling like fish out of water. So they will resort to lies, half truths and anything that will hurt Modi and also India’s interest. Gutter class man.

  41. I think the author has written some marvelous thinking. The opposition is the key here for our beloved Prime Minister Modi. If the oposition supports and gives advice based on the national interest then it would become very difficult for the CCP to make a political war inside India to make a crap of Indian economy and the pandemic will make it more worse. All is well planned as they (CCP) know that the opposition (Congress) will not support BJP and will put pressure on behalf of them (CCP).

  42. Congress is the main culprit for all the debacles in the past and present. The leaders are always pro Pakistani but foremost in looting Hindustan. So the proplr of India don’t consider Congress families as Indian Nationals.

  43. Why must you publish articles written by Modi haters? This man finds nothing right with Modi, and spends all his energy attacking him. Can’t you find d a neutral writer???

  44. Is it possible that the new world order is being formed in front of our eyes ? Note: India did not join China’s prestigious signature project BRI. India objected to Xi ‘s pet CPEC project. India didnot join RCEP. India fetched Sri Lanka and Maldives out of China’s jaws. Sri Lanka and world became aware of China’s ill intentions offering huge infrastructure loans. India is appearing to join QUAD group , has joined USA in demanding investigation in Corona origin, Formed Indo Pacific group to offer finance and technology to developing countries. India is claiming to take back POK. China is facing problems in Hongkong, SCS, Japan is withdrawing companies from China, above all China’s 5G is facing acute resistance from Europe and USA. ( India has still ambivalent position) . What China is expected to do ?

  45. Do you really think PM will not continue to undermine opposition to salvage his Macho image and pseudo nationalism … He never learns from his mistakes…. To learn from mistakes..first he has to realise that mistake has been committed… Never excepted such an naive article from an experianced political commentator

  46. Did Nehru ever say that if China creates problem at our border, he will show red eyes to China and will respond with rocks in exchange of bricks. You have tried to make a good story to absolve a big mouth without truthful comparison. Did Nehru have so many resources as our Self proclaimed Pradhan sevak has today like Aircrafts, Army, Ships, Rockets and Missiles? Upbringing of the individual shows up in difficult times.


  48. No problem Yogendra yadav, this is your side of story you were one of the founder of Aap party and we have been seeing the result, common indian is not worried whats happening at the border, we know we have a Army which we trust and a decisivePrime Minister.Yes what you are saying it is right if i would have been Congress may be a repetative of 1962.

  49. There is need to appoint National Security Advisor ( External ) preferably any Chief of staff from the Armed Forces ( Army/Navy /Air Force) ( Veteran) who would provide advise on all military related issues to the Prime Minister . All advisors should be above politics .

  50. In 1960, China shattered Pandit Nehru’s dream of a secular socialist democratic India. In 2020, China may shatter Modi’s dream of a Hindu theocratic India.

  51. Seriously, is this article really on print portal? Outrageously lacking research and lack of logical assessment on mr. Yadav’s part-

    1. He states he is no expert on military and defense matters but whatever happenning at the border is serious. He doesnt give an iota of reason to believe so which is backed by any research other than the rant on social media

    2. He says he doesnt know who and how but someone from indian side definitely screwed up maybe local military commander or intelligence or polity

    3. There is a china design but he doesnt know what or why

    4. He claims frankly there is little india can do and guns is definitely not an option. So, why the hell we spend 66 Billion $ on defence if it is not to protect our borders and sovereignty.

  52. When I read articles by this thug called yogendra yadav, I always wonder how this guy is called intellectual. His blind hatred for a hard working and honest modi always sees only negativity. The way Modi handled China is exemplary. With a cool head he and his team tackled it. This idiot can not see that. Does this brainless chap wants war with China. My prediction is after 2024 elections no body will Evel look at this idiot. I myself voted for congress, tdp ans use at different times. But in loksabha elections only modi. The guy is sincere, bold, takes all these insults from scoundrals like yogendra but still does not dislike them. But such idiots are needed for modi to grow

  53. An individual trying his best for many decades giving unsolicited advice to everyone in any government in the center on any topic. Be it agriculture, social and economic problems, budget, labour, adivasi related, backward caste issues and what not. Tried to associate with every NGO, political outfit, radicalised group calling themselves as secular, annhazare movement, Aap gang, but alas nowhere accomadated or tollerated. For sometimes with Letyuen gang but just thrown out like a used…….. . Now leader of Swarajya what use his educational background and if not at least use one, s common sense.
    What more to say?

  54. The Indian citizen
    Boycotting Chinese goods isn’t a silly thing.. The financial numbers are huge enough to be neglected..and the least an Indian citizen can do for the country if not being a soldier fighting at the front line is to stop feeding the enemy………………………….🙄

    • 3% of Chinese exports. Its a fart to them. But sure boycott all imports, harm the Indian economy as most of the imports are not xiaomi phones, they are raw materials needed by our companies to manufacture items that we then sell locally and internationally at competitive rates.
      But anyways. Make yourself happy.

      • You Mr. Ashwin are jumping to speak for China every time China gets it in the ass! Please tell us ‘Why?’ Are you son-in-law of Xi Jinping?

  55. This is not just Rahul Gandhi’s or congress party’s country sir, this is our country and if the Chinese have entered our lands and occupied it, we ought to know. Taking action against such occupation is another question altogether but we retain the right to be informed.
    Everyone must know by now that economic management is not this govt’s cup of tea but we thought atleast national security issues were it’s strong suit. This incident seems to indicate that BJP’s “muscular” nationalism is reserved only for minorities, left wing intellectuals and Pakistan. The entire leadership seems to be afraid of “he-who-must-not-be-named.”

  56. The writer probably does not remember Nathu La – 1967, and Operation Falcon – 1987. Regret to state, poor knowledge of Indian Military History.

  57. No, for once, I don’t agree with Mr Yadav. Let the opposition go hammer and tongs at the government. Why should Modi be spared?

  58. The tone of the article is patronizing towards PM Modi.
    The only 2 sensible things Mr Yadav states are an admission that I am no expert on strategic affairs or India-China relationship. And then he makes a call for unity.
    Yogendra Yadav, it is time that you realized that you are a 2 bit player with no credibility.

  59. Less than a fortnight ago, Shri Yadav was posing as an eminent economist. Now he has metamorphosised as a foreign policy wonk. Is there a fund crunch at The Print? Can you not afford genuine experts?

  60. It is very clear that China is globally getting isolated and this will lead to tremendous fallout on all fronts. From economic super power to sudden down fall and chaos in their own domestic market,added to that most of the major American and European companies are already planning their exit from China to other viable country. India is immensely going to get benefited from this scenario. One of the major reasons for all major companies to invest in China was its market size, stable government, militarily strong country and willingness to make investors friendly. It is in this context China is making their ill timed move with military aggressions. If the environment is not good, investors will think many times before they shift. This situation needs strong and cautious handling my the government. With the help of major countries India can solve this stand off for the time being only . We need to match them technology and military wise. Therefore for the long term we need to be self reliant with better preparedness. Hope the government will do the needful.

  61. The author once again for the millionth time, uses the opportunity to malign the government, even whole it is doing it’s best to tackle multiple emergencies.

  62. It is not the quaestion of afew kms occupation. we failed to settle boarder dispute amecably with proper historic documents. Of late the “”I”” attitude and jula rides does not reveal what transpired. Better the indian government do discuss with international indian diplomates whayt would be the blue print. It is not that simple to right thousands of head lines saying our man hit bleeding wounds on china side.

  63. Yongendra Yadav, intrepid when facing police or vigilante crowd, brilliant at social analysis, impeccable in his honesty, yet a wet sock when it comes to political ideas. why on earth should congress do this? or us, ordinary people? if the PM is letting the country be invaded, we should not call him out? this idea of yours is in the same league as your idea of boycotting the most important of election in Delhi. Sir, you are a good social leader and i will follow you happily on a protest march. but your political analysis is rubbish, pusillanimous if i may say so, and it is time you accepted that.

  64. In keeping with my irreverent tradition, have not read one word of this column, or Abhijit Iyer’s, filled with maps and codswallop, before posting my comment.

  65. Please try avoiding making statements like it is ,”clear”. All our heads are spinning with the various facts. May be best to play politics after this is over.

    Comparing vajpayee nehru saga at this point is premature. I would advise you to listen to experts who recommend restraint at this point. As far as I can see that is being exercised. There has been no sign that of knee jerk reaction.

  66. National security was always a bipartisan affair. Opposition parties were kept in the loop on foreign policy, one reason being that they might inherit the consequences of the decisions the government of the day was taking. A government elected for five years might bind the country for decades. Not carrying political battles to foreign shores while on official visits. Not continuously mocking all that had been done in the past. For its author was not just the government but all Indians toiling over generations. There should be a well informed debate, not silence and obfuscation. If people have dropped the ball, they should be made to fall on their swords. We don’t spend $ 70 billion a year to be showered with rose petals.

    • I understand your sentiment, but defense has also a matter that requires trust in the Army. Dont you think, in the polar environment we live in, transparency will lead to a sort of patriotic rage in the society? Covid crisis especially has everyone’s morale low, look at what happened in US when a trigger incidence occurred. Diplomatic ties may fail the moment it’s handled in public arena. Especially with china which shows remarkably thin skin about what Indian leaders and news outlets say. And diplomacy may be our best option here.

      But I do think govt should clarify how far they have breached.

  67. “Anticipating chinese incursion”. I would advise Mr.Yogendra Yadav to get off his cozy seat and visit Ladakh to what kind of terrain it is, and how anyone can anticipate anything in that region. The fact that the Indian army pushed back the Chinese shows that they were patrolling regularly and were alert to Chinese provocation. Ask any tough question to the PM. Nothing wrong. He has not adopted anyting like the silly “Forward Policy” of Nehru, without adequate tactical back, as Nebru did prior to 1962.

  68. Yadav shows his ignorance on the issue and it’s his arrogance coupled with his Chinese masters voice that rings out loud and clear in this advertorial.

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