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Doklam team of Jaishankar-Doval-Rawat let Modi down but he has an option

If a survey was conducted today, Modi would still get most votes as the leader Indians trust to tackle China. But any attempt to hide facts can shake this trust.

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On Saturday, a rare thing happened: The government issued a statement clarifying Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks at the all-party meeting the previous evening. It was to rebut “mischievous interpretation” of his “no intruder in our territory” remark.

This was a first. When was the last time you saw an official statement to clarify what Modi had said? It was always the other way round. Some minister or BJP leader would kick up controversy and the Prime Minister would step in to douse the fire— like Modi’s clarification on the National Register of Citizens (NRC), contradicting Home Minister Amit Shah. The Modi we knew would simply slay those ‘mischievous’ interpreters with such wit and sarcasm that one could hear Fugees playing in the background: killing me softly….with his words.

Remember Modi’s bathing-with-raincoat-on jibe at his predecessor, Manmohan Singh?

The official clarification of Modi’s no-intruder in Ladakh remark had many talking about Singh’s ‘Sharm el-Sheikh’ moment. The furore over the 2009 India-Pakistan joint statement in that Egyptian resort would haunt then-Prime Minister Singh for months. In Modi’s case, however, the BJP is solidly backing him using the old playbook to dub all critics as traitors and anti-national. In Singh’s case, his party, the Congress, had refused to come to his defence.

So, what has changed for Modi? On Saturday morning, in fact, he had an opportunity to put paid to that ‘mischievous’ interpretation when he launched a job scheme for migrant workers in Bihar. He did speak of the Bihar regiment’s valour in Ladakh but left it to his spin doctors to draft a statement about what he meant by ‘no intrusion’ earlier. It’s another matter that this statement from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was of little help to Modi, because it seemed to confirm Chinese transgressions in Pangong Tso and Hot Springs by emphasising that the PM’s no-intruder remark was in the context of Galwan Valley — after 20 Indian soldiers had sacrificed their lives to push back the intruders.

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Did the Dragon take Modi for a ride?  

Is Modi losing his mojo? Or has the betrayal by his ‘plus one’ friend, China’s Xi Jinping, unnerved him? Neither. Give him an audience — not the questioning kind like Sonia Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee — and a mike, and Modi will be back at his eloquent best.

As for his equation with Xi, Doklam would be too fresh in Modi’s memory for him to be charmed by the Chinese despite their 18 meetings.

Let’s not forget that right after getting a renewed mandate in May 2019, the Prime Minister showed he was very much mindful of the Chinese threat. He promoted the so-called ‘Doklam team’ of 2017: then foreign secretary and China expert S. Jaishankar was made external affairs minister; national security adviser Ajit Doval, who played a key role in resolving the Doklam crisis, was elevated to the rank of a Cabinet minister; and, then-Army chief General Bipin Rawat was appointed India’s first chief of defence staff. They were all avid China watchers.

Way back in 2014, Doval said at the Hindustan Times summit that Indian had to be prepared for a two-front war, build deterrence, and that conflict was not an option for its adversaries. By June 2017, then Army chief Rawat was talking about India’s readiness for two-and-a-half front war (Pakistan, China and internal conflicts).

So, did the fabled Jaishankar-Doval-Rawat trinity fail Modi? Did they fail to take note of China’s expansionist designs and readiness for military adventurism? We don’t have enough information in public domain to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Many foreign policy experts are having a hearty laugh today about the number of Xi-Modi meetings. Modi’s critics say that these 18 meetings were just an effort to project Modi in the big league of global leaders—more to impress the domestic audience than to achieve any diplomatic objective. But they probably fail to appreciate the fact that the same showed the Modi’s conscious attempt to keep China engaged. That the dragon still bared its claws is not Modi’s fault. He can be blamed for misjudging the nature of the dragon but not for trying to befriend it, especially when he was trying to tame Pakistan. As someone who can’t claim any expertise in strategic affairs, I wonder what else Modi could have done to engage China, a neighbour bent on using its military and economic prowess for territorial expansion and a Communist regime that finds it a convenient diversion of its domestic public attention from the international isolation over its role in the coronavirus outbreak.

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Modi loses the perception battle in Ladakh

Where the Modi government has bungled is in its refusal to come clear on the situation at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It didn’t find Rahul Gandhi’s questions in May about the situation at the LAC worth responding to. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, in fact, legitimised the opposition’s concerns when he admitted in a TV interview, whether inadvertently or deliberately, that a large number of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers had gathered at the stand-off site along the LAC. But he refused to give any straight answers to Gandhi, maintaining that he would do that in Parliament. As the opposition kept baiting the government on this issue, the latter just chose to look the other way.

An acknowledgement of the recalcitrant neighbour’s predatory designs wouldn’t have hurt Modi’s image. Burdened by history, the 1962 debacle, Rahul Gandhi wouldn’t have the moral authority, beyond a point, to question Modi government’s failure to rein in the marauding Chinese. But the chest-thumping brigade in the ruling party seemed to have their say as the government went into a denial mode, until the death of 20 Indian soldiers made it impossible to evade questions. Even then the security and political establishment kept quiet about 10 Indian soldiers being in Chinese custody. It was only after they were released that the Army issued a statement, saying that no Indian soldiers were missing in action.

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The Chinese intrusion across the LAC — or the ‘perception of the LAC’ — is no secret anymore. Any debate on whether the Prime Minister spoke about no Chinese intrusion in Galwan Valley or in Pangong Tso, too, would only hurt his image. Given that it’s going to be a protracted battle with the Chinese, militarily or diplomatically, Modi had better go public with the situation on the ground. He still commands enough popular faith and authority to swing the public opinion in favour of the government’s move — and even constraints — at the LAC. If a survey were to be conducted today, Narendra Modi would get more votes than anyone as the leader the people trust to tackle the Chinese. Any attempt to obfuscate the facts about a threat to India’s territorial integrity may, however, shake this trust and give an impression of a weak leader hiding his failures.

When demonetisation wreaked havoc in people’s lives in 2016, Modi had played a masterstroke, asking people to bear the pain for 50 days to deliver them the “India of your dreams” and then punish him if he failed. They bore the pain happily and gave him 50 days even though India of their dreams has continued to elude them. The people would give him 500 days or even more to sort out the Chinese at the LAC but Modi must tell them the truth.

Views are personal.

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  1. CHINA praises Modi’s statement to raise doubts in the minds of the question mark type people in India. Suppose Modi has reached some agreement negetive for India is he so stupid to disclose in a statement like this?. NO. So, what he said has nothing to do with losing but China praises so that people like the ” Sawali” types destabilise this strong governance. It is all psychological tactics of the Chinese Government to harm Indian confidence. Sawalis fall prey to it and strengthen China.

  2. When China praises Modi’s statement, it is clear that something is wrong with the statement and China has benefited from it. Overconfidence can be fatal. It merely shows that we Indians are garrulous and careless with what we say, as against the inscrutable chinese face which gives away nothing.

  3. My comment is irrevelant to the article but it agitates me everytime I read, hear people reffering to china as Dragon? Why do we let others to decide for us? Why we let others to decide a narrative and thus a perception for us on how we should look at things? Why do we keep reffering China as Dragon (an imaginary, hypothetical, never existed creature) and not Panda(national animal)? Most importantly, why we refer ourselves as Elephant and not Tiger(national animal)? I keep LOL at this everytime I read dragon anywhere. LOL. I hope and believe there are rational and logical visitors on this website and will take my suggestion at face value, of reffering China as Panda and India as Tiger.

  4. Ur article is nothing but a PAID ARTICLE like the Lutyens to demoralize the Indians and Indian forces. Just one question I would like to ask u , ARE U AN INDIAN ? ARE U PAID BY THE CHINESE LIKE THE CONGRESS AND COMMUNIST ?

  5. So much waste of time reading this artical.
    What exactly you want to say I doubt anybody understood . Please don’t write and waste time of yours also.

  6. Our neighbors Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are against us. There is something wrong in our policy and diplomacy. We need friends and supporters.

    • We should understand that the matter of our neighbours concern about India is if POK is merges or captured by India Gilgit and balkishan will be indian territories. If so we would have direct link between Russia and Afghanistan. Certain countries including out neighbours don’t want to happen it Indo-Russia border will be in creation.

      So every major powers do not want this to happen , because India and Russia will become neighbours and Direct link will be established militarily and transportability.
      So many astrologers have predicted AKHAND Bharat abd there by every possibility is there , this thing will happen

      • Mr Arunkumar c Anjaria: You claim:

        “.. many astrologers have predicted AKHAND Bharat abd there by every possibility is there ..”

        Were any of these astrologers Chinese?

  7. Just don’t write articles Mr DK Singh.. Provide suggestions or solution as to how to tackle the dragon. No point in essaying or condemning Modi just for the sake of seeking attention.

    • The way to tackle the dragon is to get rid of Xi’ s agent in India, Modi. You are not ready to face that reality that this crook was getting Xi’s largesse for personal benefit.

      Xi is Chanakya. Modi and his acolytes are like Pritihvi Raj Chohan and Jaichand, fighting withing the country with students and women, while Xi takes over.

      You want to elect incompetents and not be accountable.

  8. According to bhakths, India lost 20 and China lost 43. India won. We must thank the chowkidar for saving us.

  9. Did the print question the agreement between Rahul, Sonia Gandhi and CCP? What is behind this agreement? Is it the reason that congress steps in favorably to chinese statements and positions consistently? We would think you are fair publication if you can bring up this issue too in Indian public interest. How do we know India as a nation is not compromised due to this so called party to party agreement? There is only one party in China that rules all the time. Why not make this deal/agreement transparent to make sure congress has not compromised India’s national security interests.

  10. Penning down has great power , but that instrument when misused by the person like you it’s the most dangerous weapon, please let everyone know How we lost POK , Aksai chin and other places under Congress, were they laying eggs then!?

  11. Very well said ! It is time Modi brings in new politicians who are also ready to speak their mind some one like Arun Jaitle. As he has no fear in medium term of any competition within BJP. First and foremost he should remove both FMs. Finance and Foreign Ministers.

  12. We need in public domain the following two documents :
    (1) a document which shows our official map on Chinese side, an inner line showing Chinese line of actual control and when did the Chinese intrude in those spots/areas since 1947, further inner line showing LAC (are of contention) and the innermost line of our actual physical control. This will show how over the years from 1947, we lost different parts of our land to Chinese, the Aksai Chin being the biggest one. Once this chronology is established, we can check under which government how much area was lost over the years and in particular, how much area we lost since 2014. Our territory is what we physically control though our claim of sovereignty is much further eastward. This will make for a fact based debate. It must be noted that there is difference between intrusion and transgression as area beyond our physical control but up to the LAC is contested. Also, let us know clearly what are Chinese claims through the map, so that we know what Chinese are demanding from us.

    (2) A document which shows what was the infrastructure along the physical area of control before 2014 and after 2014 till now. This will enable us to debate on the readiness of the government to take on Chinese. And how much more we have to build to be at par with the Chinese. It should also contain what should government do to stop transgression from Chinese in future.

    Once these are available, we can debate about China dispassionately and check out what Modi did since 2014. Without these documents, everybody, including all the retired army officers, are talking ambiguously and adding the confusion of the general public.

    Can The Print organize this fact based research with the help of its brilliant journalists? Hopefully it will it help its anti Modi agenda too!


  13. NAMO

  14. You translation in marathi is ugly useless and highly incorrect. Pl translate it correctly or stop translations totally. Translation in marathi doesnot make any sense many times. So pl refrain .

  15. The Print is always into writing absolute deal of nonsense. The consider destroying the PM more important than the country. Let’s hate the Print more…many of us consider the news as a used toilet paper that has no value except discard

  16. Indian Army and Modi did well…Jay Shankar and Doval are the best India has ever had…go take your biscuit from Xi

    • Mr/Ms AD: India has lost about 60 square km of territory, more than 20 soldiers have died and the Chinese have not backed off. Go take your biscuits from the BJP IT cell.

  17. Interesting, the team Jaishankar-Doval-Rawat let down Modi. The chowkidar was blameless. What about Shah ? This is the quality of Indian analysis.

  18. Too much modi bashing. Modi is the best PM India ever had period. Modi is more caliculative and controls his emotions. He will wait for the right time to punish

  19. Since when military issues and diplomatic problems have become transparent ? Transparency in such matters is fatal to the issue as well as national interests. Was Churchill transparent ? Were Roosevelt and Stalin transparent ? The writer and the publication needs to grow up. The only correct course of action is to report the facts as per your information and sources. It is foolish and naive to expect and demand the Govt to come clean. The job of the govt is to preserve the security of the country. It may choose to do so by holding position on LAC, advance further to make a tactical withdrawal or strategic withdrawal. Please educate yourself on the subject as it is clear that there are serious gaps in knowledge of the subject. It is a very friendly advice and given as a well wisher.

  20. Modi,answer will be later in action he keeps silent when,things are out of hand problem isin country our leaders donate land piece to chaina if china help to occupy hot seat to beloved they need nothing to do with countty

  21. This Post is done with malafide intention to malign the Image of Indian People’s Most popular and beloved Leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi

  22. Modi and his blind bhakts are not here to listen to saner voices. He is lucky in that he has no opposition. He has create a myth around himself that only he is the man in-charge. Opposition has no stature to match him right now.

  23. Modi all through his political career has been criticizing Nehru for his China policy. But when the moment of reckoning came with regard to China he has proved himself even weaker than Nehru by not even acknowledging the truth.

  24. I know these Modi haters are all writing articles without sense. The bravery of our soldiers has not being recognized by them. In fact, Manmohan was a prime minister without power and people know who enjoyed power without responsibility. Still the same psychology persists with the Congress top brass and their followers, lovers and well wishers. All these articles are demoralizing our people and giving the enemy a good escape route.

    • Mr Raghavendra Kumar: You forgot to blame Nehru for today’s problems. Isn’t that what they have taught you in your shakha? Blaming Nehru is well Hindutva 101 isn’t it Sir ?

    • Mr Subhasis Ghosh: Terrible fellow this bloody journalist !!! Don’t you think he is a Nehru worshipper Mr Ghosh ? Just as you are a Modi worshipper ?

      Perhaps people like Mr D.K. Singh who talk facts should be charged with sedition right ? Aren’t they presstitutes – these bloody fellows who don’t sing praises to Modi & Shah ? After all, the right thing to do according to MoShah is to pin the blame for every problem on Nehru right ?

  25. I know what was meant by word pressitutes…your article amplifies it…if there is a tiger amongst all the anti india media, anti Modi opposition, Pakistan and China…its Modi and his Maverick team. India thrashed your masters dragons and you think communist party stooges in India will fight..

    • Mr Sunil Chohan: If you want to find BJP paid articles, you just have to tune in to Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV. There you will hear what you wish to hear instead of the facts that your ilk is so allergic to.

  26. This is an ambiguous article, typical of the confused Hindutva Hindu mind.

    ‘If a survey were to be conducted today, Narendra Modi would get more votes than anyone as the leader the people trust to tackle the Chinese. ‘

    If so, then India deserves another beating, and another one – till Indians realise Modi is a waster ! People with intelligence could forecast what Modi would be like from 2002. But Modi became the infallible Hindu Hope of many. As long as Hindus cling to such wasters, India will go down. It will go down to such an extent that it will never recover even after Modis gone.

  27. The hell, what a typical antinational you are. What shit you want to prove by inking bulshits imagination

  28. After hiding the facts of chinese intrusion and capturing indians tracks Modi has already lost the war with China ,China better understands pros and cons of Indian politics and weakness of Modi ,as he just trying to protect his strongman image not Indian territory


  30. I don’t have any expertise in foreign affairs but let me write an opinion anyway. Because I need to be paid. Golden Words Singh Sahab. Hilarious.
    On a serious note, its best to keep mouth shut rather than blurt out “opinions” which see everything from the “political” lens. It is a matter of diplomacy and national security. You cannot use weighing machine to measure the wavelength of light. So, kindly keep “opinions” shut in a closet. The Mayan calendar has been proved wrong and the Earth would exist another day to hear out “golden opinions”. Till the matter is resolved, its in best interests to keep shut.

  31. Well stated.
    About time we hear a Reagan,not a Nehru, talk to us in India.
    Unlike USA, in India us Indians have too many other worries to resolve…futility of children on line education with no Government rethinking, transport issues and getting to office, marketing for the home, corona, covid blues and prevention daily, economic recession, bank frauds and hacking, zoom and Chinese hacking, mid, high school education issues, trust among ourselves… all these make us a redundant nation. Modi can take advantage or otherwise of this situation. And Indians wont go to the streets as in USA now either….
    Modi will not create an Emergency like situation unless the Opposition does so….and we have no JPNarayan now.,
    History will say if history will more woefully repeat itself for want of experiential learning and awareness by Modi and Co in an arena they are least competent in.

  32. EVM PM and the whole EVM govt also known ad liar EVM govt full of waste ,india is collapse in all aspects with in 6 years ,Economy,Democracy,Protocol,Policies,Even 370 35 a,tripletalaq,ram mandir all this Bill’s are ad iris nothing change ,People are fooled every day in this EVM govt ,
    Covid 19 lockdown is also failed, No EMI relief ,No electricity free 6 months, No decision maker in this EVM govt

  33. As long as the personality cult prevails , Modi’,s writ prevails in this pseudo democracy.Dr.Ambedkar long back warned”……….. Bhakti in politics is a sure road to degradation and dictatorship”We already reached the point.

  34. These people’s love for a narcissist who is ruining the nation to safeguard his image and the party is nothing but pathetic

    • Excellent comment Mr Samuel Sequeira !

      It is mind-boggling to see how even educated Indians refuse to read the writing on the wall and believe that this Gujarati Tarzan has the solution for every problem confronting India ! The Chinese could not have asked for a better foil.

  35. The Chinese intrusion into Indian territory is becoming too frequent and so is the Indian intelligence failure to locate the movements of the Chinese along the LAC. Knowing fully well that reinforcement is not possible at a call due to rough terrain and other hazards , the boundary along the LAC needs regular patrolling by the Indian troops akin to the Siachin Glacier where we are alert and awake due to the Paki threat. The Chinese are known for deception & can slice off your land quietly with full military back up for any eventuality. The Indian side deals the skirmishes piecemeal and short in manpower. It is time that India takes cognisance of multiple hostile fronts including Nepal along its borders. So it needs to activate the quad military alliance immediately with joint exercises as a deterrent. Simultaneously it must muster enough diplomatic support to ostracize China & Pakistan. Taiwan can become a friend of India if we support them. The present situation can be extended to India’ s advantage in the South China sea by building up anti – Chinese phobia & consensus. Australia, Japan , the US , Israel ,France and other European countries that support India must be asked to stand by India if it values it’s friendship. India cannot fight it out alone , the China- Pak axis has already drafted its plan to contain India at all costs even if it meant a full scale conflict. India is the emerging super power in the region. It will have to assert itself if diplomatic efforts fail else the Chinese will grow in confidence in bullying India at its will.

  36. Not going to war is good. But to deny everything is to give up without a fight. It also sets the stage for the Chinese to continue their bullying, and get away with murder. Shame!

  37. The way modi spoke in the all party meeting … just watch his face … no aggression whatsoever … very unlike modi
    or is it the age factor !!!

  38. This year will be the most crucial one for our PM to deliver on domestic as well as international issues. Any slippage on those can be the start of his decline. Perception has to be backed by solid results over a period of time.

  39. When will the electorate ever learn… Governance is about being led by healthy values and above conscience. Both of which has been exposed as low over the period he has been PM.

  40. As a Leftist supporter i feel irrelevant to your content. Clearly modi has get away with demonization. The current standoff with China has bolstered modi into more powerful leaders. His friend from abroad has clearly projected him a global leader now. What i feel sad is you should have mentioned the failure of RaGa, everytime he is opening his mouth. The popularity of Modi is rising. Instead of just asking the simple question he went on to humiliate the whole Congress team. No one will come to defend RaGa anymore now. The dream of papu is coming to reality. Even the leftist is sidelined with the image of saving minority appeasement.

    • Gone are the days of Modi being strong leader …
      His spine has been held up straight by BJP motor mouths. 20 soldiers bludgeoned to death and PMO is all confused what to put out … not single statement which can be perceived as being bold. They are looking for an excuse to let the territory be in enemies hand until a later time when it can be reclaimed may be in peak winter.

  41. It is strange that anti-Modi media has started censuring Modi for alleged failures of Modi Govrnment even before any formal war with China has started and concluded on the northern or eastern borders .
    War is not 20-20 cricket match that is to be shown ball by ball on TV screens . During any war the governments, Milataries of the contesting countries show or inform what ever they deem necessary and fit. Has Chinese Govt. come out with number of casualties suffered on the night of 15-16 June till today ?.

    After the defeat in the 1962 war with China, the Indian government requested Lieutenant General Henderson-Brooks and Brigadier Prem Bhagat to prepare a report. You must be knowing the report of enquiry committee constituted after the debacle of 1962 war is not published by Congress Government or any of the non-congress governments and is getting dust somewhere in Govt .s Achieves
    Are our journalist courageous enough to ask Gandhi dynasty s loud mouths — why LAC could not be negotiated , determined, and formalized during their tenure spanning over six decades.?

    War is not simply a game to be played on chess board. It is about gathering information, Military mobilization, talking to friendly governments, taking diplomatic initiatives, talking to own citizens to keep up motivation level of the nation. Why these simple things not observed or followed by the journalists doing word/Data punching on their laptops ? PLEASE USE YOUR BRAINS ALSO.

    The anti-modi media see a great opportunity for installation of erst-dynasty as , Modi is perceived to have lost his mojo. And then they themselves contradict themselves by saying Modi is not affected any alleged failure as written by this author in opening remarks in this article. Be sure of what you want to preach against Modi at the time when our country, NOT MODI , is threaten by two enemies—Corona pandemic and war mongering China.

    • What erstwhile dynasty?! Because the Shah dynasty is being installed right now – woh Amit-Jay Shah-wala!!

      Well, we know that 20 soldiers have been killed, 70-odd injured, 10 captured and released. If you say they have not come into our land, how and why did they die?! We will not allow our people to die for someone’s ‘strategy’, be it Modi or anyone!

      If you deny that China did not come in, you’re surrendering their land – which is why your master who was known as the original Pappu is now known as Surender Modi!. to know his own opinion on how a ‘strong leader’, should deal with China, kindly refer to his ‘laal aankh’, ‘samasya dilli me he’, etc. speeches.

      There is no chess board happening.. even China is praising Modi’s speech!

  42. Modi and every member of his team are all on the same wavelength so accusing them of failing him is a grave injustice to them. Modi apart from his 18 meetings did his best to improve relations with China but China repeatedly betrayed him. Modi abrogated Article 370 but China instead of applauding it , as a bold step aimed at permanently solving problems with or without the participation of people (as Rajnath Singh eloquently explained), protested it. Amit Shah boldly said in parliament that India will shed blood to recapture Aksai Chin from China but China instead of admiring his courage resented it. India is trying to build roads in ladakh to promote tourism in the Pagong lake but mischievous China is dissuading tourists by spreading fake news about their capturing areas on it even though India has firmly denied this. Is there any end to Chinese perfidy and mischief? Galwan river, Where is it? it is no longer visible in satellite images.
    Note: In the days before wireless the phrase ” on the same wavelength” was rendered as “birds of the same feather”

  43. None of his lies have affected him. None. It is extremely doubtful that this lie will affect him either. And the country as a whole is behind the army and our soldiers, not him.

  44. Journalism is no easy job. It is hard to convey the facts without hurting sentiments. Most of readers and journalists think that Government was caught sleeping while China was advancing. Let me tell you guys something. With 4 sattelites (providing 1 meter resolution images), 5 international agencies supplying continuous feed to NSA and RAW, it is impossible that Government did not know anything. They knew it exactly the way they knew about Kargil. Now the question emerges, why Chinese were not intercepted earlier? The answer is, at times you need the stage to be set. Just wait for couple of weeks and you will be able to connect the dots. Geo-politics and international politics requires a lot more than reactive brain. YES, Modi has taken a big risk, but then this is what leaders do. It was informed decision, not result of ignorance or miscalculation.

    • HaHa.. are you suggesting 20 soldiers dead including a Colonel , 70 injured, and 10 being captured were part of the plan?! How stupid can you be?!

  45. Ajit Doval isn’t responsible for what happened. He is a proven and seasoned officer in the entire India who k knows what he is doing. The Govt is responsible for what China did. Not Doval. The govt should give more powers for Doval sir and the intelligence agencies. Stop making Ajit Doval as a scape goat. Get your facts right. It was definitely an intelligence failure, the govt should invest more in the intl agency’s.

    • Ajit Doval should be freed from managing domestic politics so that he can be free to deal with bigger issues!

  46. Again you proved that, you’re Anti Nationalists
    You inject chineese and leftist propaganda through this startup(estb after 2014)
    Count your days, bustards!

  47. Have you as a reporter heard of classified news not being divulged for security reasons? Statements made to create confusion? Has your sub editor or editor? What are you guys up to?

    So go ahead with your sensational headlines and unhealthy reporting (casting personal view). If a lay person like me gets it so would others.

  48. The article is clearly printed with loyalties and fees recd from china…totally shameless…not a word denouncing chinas actions….shame on low will you stoop?

  49. Why is it that people with most power are often most blinkered to the obvious threats and shortcomings? I guess having a brigade that will gladly let country slide for their favourite boss must help. In short, as with Congress so with BJP, India is screwed.

  50. The Print’s publication must be stopped.You must be pulled up for sedition.I know you want to wedge between the P.M. and his team. You are working for our neighbours. You write anything under the pretext of freedom of expression. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. My saying all these will not have any effect on you. The govt must remove freedom of expression from fundamental right..people like you use it to your advantage

  51. If you dont have a view, why the hell you are writing the post and demoralizing the people of INDIA. Its completely not acceptable by this kind of start up media’s.

    • Mr Suchith S: If you do not want to hear facts, only hear good news and want everything to have a happy ending, go watch a Bollywood movie. There are are many others who wish to understand what is happening in the country, more so when one realises that the 56 inch chested creator of the Gujarat Model and his shrill Hindutva have unnecessarily provoked the Chinese. And lost Indian territory in the bargain.

      Pathetic that even educated Indians refuse to accept facts and would prefer to wallow in the fact free filth that the BJP IT Cell, the Sangh Parivar and the paid media dish out.

  52. Paid news..get lost..

    Modi is firmly handling situation and each countrymen is standing with him.

  53. Your last point betrays the whole article. He got away with DeMon and showed he could get away with anything all the time. Modi does not have a disapproval meter, only the approval meter which too has a range. So lie or tell the truth would not concern any of his voters. Threat is Pakistan and remains Pakistan irrespective of our response to China. He knows that and plays to that. Gone are the days of statesman leaders. There are only populists now. Modi is the torch bearer of that ilk.

    PS: most of the above is from Cut the Clutter insights 🙂

    • .” Threat is Pakistan and remains Pakistan irrespective of our response to China.”
      Pakistan is no threat at all. . This perception is only an instrument to torment Indian Muslims.

    • Even Nehru believed that Pakistan was the main threat.. And 1962 happened.. Modi wants you to believe the same.. and Galwan Valley happened! China being the more powerful is the bigger threat!! Don’t see everything from the point of view from religion!

  54. But in those 500 days we will lost the territory to Dragon just like we lost economy in those 50 days

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