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Xi has thrown the gauntlet at Modi. He can pick it up like Nehru, or try something new

Modi, like his predecessors, tried to break out of India-Pak-China triangulation and failed. Whatever he decides to do next will mean new compromises.

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As Mao did to Nehru in 1959-62, Xi Jinping has thrown at Prime Minister Narendra Modi the biggest challenge in his public life. Over the next few days, weeks, months, and years, he will take decisions that determine the strategic fate of his nation. And his own political legacy.

Reading his mind is an act of daring. Over these six years, he has built a formidable reputation of delivering the most stunning surprises, without anybody having an inkling. Even on crucial strategic and foreign policy issues. Remember his sudden stopover in Pakistan on his way back from Kabul?

Gaming his responses over the Chinese provocations in Ladakh is complex, but there are pointers. So, for once, we can read the main question on his mind as he weighs strategy and politics. Simply put, he must respond, but not in a way that looks like Jawaharlal Nehru.

The politics and strategic, philosophical and ideological thought he and his ideological and political parents, RSS and BJP, have constructed is founded on not being like Nehru. The most important thing then is to “not repeat his waffling blunders”.

Xi Jinping has thrown the gauntlet at Modi at the moment of his choosing, just as Mao had done in 1962. The pressure on him is to respond immediately, in anger, and exasperation just to be seen to be doing something, as Nehru did. Translated: How to show fellow Indians and the world that you are not Nehru of 1962, without doing precisely what Nehru did under pressure in that fateful year.

Nehru took a decision (“I have told my army to throw out the Chinese”) that might have looked brave, but was divorced from reality. History has judged him harshly. Not as a brave, tough leader who “died” fighting, as politically and physically, he never recovered from that decision. He will forever be seen as a weakling who went to war against his conviction.

In 2020, Modi has many advantages. His political environment has no resemblance to Nehru’s, whose greatest critics were the nationalists within his cabinet. Modi has no such problem. The opposition is weak, Parliament is no threat and the armed forces are in an enormously better state, despite the PLA’s modernisation.

He, however, shares one weakness with Nehru: A larger than life public image, and a thin skin. That is what Xi has seen as an exposed flank. From Chumar to Doklam to Pulwama, the Chinese have noticed how vital a factor “face” is for Modi in his domestic politics. There is a compulsion to look hard, decisive, risk-taking, start something and then conclude it in a way you can claim victory. That is not such an easy option against China.

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What motivated Xi to initiate this confrontation is not so relevant any more. It doesn’t matter because the Chinese are now at our doorstep. And the way they are digging in, hauling in heavy equipment, they look prepared for the long haul.

It takes Modi back to the dilemmas all his predecessors have faced. Is India fated by geography and history to endure a two-front situation? How can India change this? Can it reach out to either of the two and break out of the triangulation? If so, which one? And if it has no way out, or until it has a way out, can it still remain essentially non-aligned?

For clarity, if you give up that pretence and align with any big powers, you cannot also hold on to Cold War notions of strategic autonomy. Can you trade them for better security?

Every choice involves compromises. Modi has to pick one. Nehru junked his inflated notions of non-alignment and reached out to Kennedy’s America for help in 1962. Help came, and he permitted the Americans to even set up a military mission in New Delhi headed by a two-star general. This came at a price.

The Western powers dissuaded Pakistan from taking advantage of India’s predicament in October-November 1962, but in December, Sardar Swaran Singh was negotiating under duress with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto on Kashmir. This was in return for Western support. Swaran Singh stalled, and as Nehru declined, Kennedy was assassinated, and the American opportunity was gone. India swung Centre-Left again.

Indira Gandhi was sharper. In 1971, when the Bangladesh opportunity came, she knew she could only win if something could keep China off India’s back. She signed that Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation with the Soviet Union, which was a euphemism for a strategic alliance. It gave her those few weeks’ leeway to finish the war.

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A leader’s isn’t an easy place to be in. The substance of strategic and foreign policies is less pretty than the summits.

Rajiv Gandhi, Narasimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Dr Manmohan Singh grappled with the same challenge. None had the political capital Modi does. All made at least one effort to reach out to Pakistan and break that triangulation. We had recounted a prescient tutorial by Dr Manmohan Singh on how it was better for India to reach out to Pakistan for peace to deny China this low-cost strategic counterweight.

Narendra Modi too made a dramatic flourish with Nawaz Sharif and then gave up too soon. Pathankot, Gurdaspur and other betrayals happened for sure. But great leaders distinguish the tactical from the strategic. As things unfolded subsequently, he and his party built their politics on anti-Pakistanism. Terrorism became the pre-eminent strategic threat in our nationalist imagination. Pakistan-terror-Islam became the three prongs of the BJP’s electoral proposition.

Modi tried to break out of the same triangulation that his predecessors grappled with and failed. But he reached out to China instead, celebrating its leader, ignoring its provocations, welcoming its investments and looking the other way while the annual trade deficit grew to $60 billion. This, when his economic nationalism won’t let him sign even a tiny trade deal with the US.

The calculation was to give China a vested interest in peace with India. Xi has now shown that the world’s deputy superpower doesn’t weigh its strategic interest in trade surpluses. The idea of isolating Pakistan by reaching out to its allies, China on the east and the Arab world on the west, was creative and audacious. It failed as Xi won’t play ball.

Modi is back to the same three choices: Align with a big power, make peace with one of the two neighbours, or keep fighting on two fronts, in the manner of ekla cholo re. What about a combination of the first two?

The unipolar world is now over. As is non-alignment. China is the other pole, as the Soviet Union used to be. It has no incentive in settling its borders, not even delineating the LAC with you. Peace between two antagonists is only possible when the bigger power wants it. For India, Xi’s China isn’t that power.

So, the question: Can Modi swing back to where India is the stronger power that wants peace with Pakistan? Much as you may detest Pakistan, it is also more prone to global, especially Western, influence. Especially when it is an economic basket-case. There is also a shared global interest in moderating the nature of the Pakistani polity. It can’t happen overnight. But if you do set yourself on that course, it would necessitate adjustments in your domestic politics. The tricky call then: Does your electoral politics drive your strategic choices, or the other way around?

The platter, or the thaali, of choices before Modi is the old one. Nehru chose the worst, Indira the right but temporary one, Manmohan Singh tried a third but didn’t have time or political capital.

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  2. All this while, you BJP fellows were claiming India is a Hindu superpower. It took just one beating and then you seek support of others . Is India Philippines ?

    As for your claim that US and important powers are with India, none of them made any comment.

    Incompetent leaders like Modi brought this on India, and you better get real before India loses more land. Get rid of Modi, and restructure the Indian army. Reduce Brahmins and Banias, and induct more Sikhs, Muslims and Gurkhas. Only they can match the Mongolian race.

    • Mr Rasgolla: The BJP’s tom-tomming of India being a superpower and a Vishwaguru – whatever the hell that means – is all empty rhetoric devoid of any substance emanating from the 56 inch chested Gujarati and his sycophants. It is designed for the jingoistic Hindutva types who fall for this vacuous spin lock stock and barrel and never bother to check facts on the ground or the veracity of the utterances of the 56 inch chested Gujarati.

      You raise questions about representation in the Armed Forces. I think that the larger issue is that the representation of minorities, particularly Muslims and Dalits in not only the Armed Forces but also the police, the civil services, political parties and other arms of the government is abysmal. The BJP knows that thanks to Hindutva, itcan completely ignore the concerns of India’s Muslim citizens and win elections. So why bother with their welfare or representation ? And from time to time, the token Muslims in the BJP e.g. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi or Shazia Ilmi are often paraded forward to assuage Muslims that the BJP has their interests in mind and so please ignore the lynchings, encounters and indiscriminate police violence against Muslims. Although I hesitate using strong language, I will not hesitate to call them traitors to their own communities.

      As regards reducing the Banias & Brahmins in the Forces, well, there aren’t that many B&Bs in the Forces. Brahmin and Baniya parents make sure that their sons get the coveted American Green card and are not particularly interested in getting their kids to wear the green camouflage of the Armed Forces. After all, would you want your kid to freeze and starve on the Siachen glacier on Army rations whilst battling altitude sickness and dodging Pakistani or Chinese bullets ? As BSF soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav pointed out in a video in 2017 ( even on the plains, corruption in the procurement processes ensures that a soldier is not fed properly either. I guess China, not India is familiar with Napoleon’s famous quote:

      “An army marches on its stomach”.

      Guess that needs to be translated to Gujarathi.

      • Thanks for your perceptive and cleanly written analysis.

        ‘It is designed for the jingoistic Hindutva types who fall for this vacuous spin lock stock and barrel and never bother to check facts on the ground or the veracity of the utterances of the 56 inch chested Gujarati.’

        In my experience, caste Hindus from urban backgrounds who grew up and were in their twenties in 1990s (that is at the height of Advani’s rath yatras ) are irreversibly communalised and they are worshipful of Modi. The educated ones may not be the rioters and lynchers, but they do not want to be questioned about such policies. They will respond with ‘you have to see the other side’ – they say Muslims burnt the train in Gujarat (Modi said this but it is unproved), but they do not ask why BJP-VHP raised kar sevaks with trishuls and sent them on trains at election time. The middle class is the enabler of fascism. They have got the feeling that India will be a Hindu superpower but Muslims and Dalits stand in the way of their progress. So they will support the RSS plan which is that Dalits and Muslims should not vote. India can never be a developed country because development is for the high castes.

        Ironically, the prosperous middle class was built by MMS, but they hate him as he was a Sikh appointed by a Christian. Modi has destroyed the wealth of future generations, but this set made money in the MMS years and have land, property and stocks and will get by still supporting Modi. They would rather have an unqualified Hindu as PM rather than a qualified Sikh or anyone else.

        Even with the current situation with China, their response is Modi has a secret plan which he will reveal at the correct time. So Modi cannot be held accountable for demonetisation and a string of failures.

        ‘As regards reducing the Banias & Brahmins in the Forces, well, there aren’t that many B&Bs in the Forces. Brahmin and Baniya parents make sure that their sons get the coveted American Green card and are not particularly interested in getting their kids to wear the green camouflage of the Armed Forces.’

        You are right. Their patriotism does not extend to service and sacrifice. Trump has cut the H1-B visa, so the Green Card is not so ready an option in the future. The future jobs are for cow vigilantes. The future is bleak for the caste Hindus as well as the damage to India by the BJP-RSS is so severe that even if you brought back MMS, he would not be able to revive India.

  3. Pakistan only wants peace temporarily as it knows with China it can again get back at India. India is not at a disadvantageous situation. India can count on US overtly and Russia covertly. India has other important powers to support indirectly from Japan, Britain, Germany and others. THere are other powers who are willing to support directly. China is changing its tune after the June 15 clash impact. PLA has realised it has barked on the wrong tree. India will act as per its own plan at a time & place of its choosing. Author can never perceive the non linear approaches to be considered in multiple domains of warfare. China has forced India to change its priorities at the time of Chinese virus pandemic, but now worried about its consequences it has to face from IOR, SCS & ECS. India getting direct support from US and covert support from Russia has forced China to think twice before any more aggression as next time it may be too late to get a face saving opportunity from India.

    • Mr Travi95: You pontificate:

      “.. India can count on US overtly and Russia covertly ..”

      Says who? And what would be the quid pro quo that India would face if she were to receive US & Russian help? Do you know what price countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. are paying for Chinese “help” ?

      With regards to help from USA, Russia etc., it helps to remember the aphorism:

      “There is no such thing as a free lunch”

      If there is real aggression from China, India is unlikely to receive anything more than some symbolic help and some shallow statements condemning China. And then, the “Pradhan Sewak” gutted the economy through sheer mis-management, long before the COVID virus struck and has botched the handling of the virus. Additionally, he has whipped up jingoism in the country, bragged about his 56 inch chest and now cannot be seen to be climbing down in the eyes of his bhakths.

      As they say:

      “He who rides a tiget, is afraid to dismount”

      • Correct reply.

        Other countries are standing afar and observing the China-India spat and are neutral for three reasons. Firstly, they do not want to get into a spat with China. Secondly, claims to be a superpower, so it cannot be Philippines and ask for US protection. Thirdly now Trump is demanding countries more money for US protection. India cannot afford to have US protection.

        India has messed up with revoking Article 370, and claiming it will take back Aksai Chin by force. It has only provoked China to take more, and Modi and Shah have no solution. The economy was puny compared with China’s and even that they have wrecked.

        • Let’s go for all out full scale war anyway India is stuck with 2 asshole neighbors one religious terror and other anti human rights exact polar opposite of first one and see every expert supporting these 2 countries will end up in Uighur camps as soon as India collapses All of you cheering pak and China will be their slaves for next few centuries.

  4. SG gives a typical wishy washy analysis. He gives too much credit to Modi’s mind and his habit of springing surprises – as if it stems from genius. Modi is a low IQ Hindu with shakha education. He has gobar in his head, and he is not bright like SG makes out. Xi is the real Chanakya, whose mind is difficult to guess. As for Modi calculating and making a right decision, that is fanciful. Everything he has done has been a mess – economy, Covid handling. When he could not handle these, it is far fetched to think he is going to come out with a brilliant surprise. You could see from his body language when he explained China had not crossed that he is essentially a coward. He is capabGujarat and Delhi, but to organise a war against China – a coward knows he will get a bigger beating. It is better SG called a spade a spade : Modi is the worst kind of Hindu, a coward with gobar brains, and due to him, India will be tukde tukde.

  5. Mr. Ghosh is a conceited upper caste opportunist, who after the beating from China, now imagines India has a lot in common with the west. But as you point out his Hindutva culture is the Nazism, which the west has abandoned.

    After the beating from China, these upper caste fellows are disoriented.

  6. Neither Tactical Nor Strategic

    You say great leaders distinguish the tactical from the strategic, but what see in Modi’s action is neither. If RSS-BJP’s economic nationalism won’t let him sign even a tiny trade deal with the US while it allows to have increasing trade deficit with China then question is what has India received from China in return? Big ZERO. Right?

    What we see in social media or BJP’s leader’s speeches and actions is increasing anti-Muslim bias & Pakistan centric nationalism. Now, to this add lots of wining and dining sessions to develop personal relationship with Mr. Xi who is NO friend of Indian’s interest. I supposed you don’t call this either tactical or strategic. Do you see any win-win solution approach with China in any of the actions or boast that followed after abrogation of article 370?

    Let us not forget only Aśvamedha Yajña Modi’s BJP knows is Hindutva that too inside India. Of course, there is talk of becoming Vishwa Guru while defense budget under Modi’s watch has been lowest since 1962 war per MM Joshi led parliamentary panel report in 2018.

    So, where is coherence either in tactical or strategic thinking & actions?

    Only thing Modi will do as a great sales manager is to sell Indians his economic boycott of certain goods and services and also talk developing great relationship with usual enemies of China like Japan, Vietnam etc. but not USA. Once again it is going to be perception management. That’s all.

    • If you look at Modi’s background, he has no substance. He is someone with a shakha education.

      Modi’s appeal is to Hindus only – a large section of Hindus certainly. Only intellectual Hindus see through him and disapprove.

      What was and is the appeal of Modi to a large section of Hindus ? The sole reason is he thrashed Indian Muslims in Gujarat 2002. Hindus are frustrated with Kashmir and Pakistan, they cannot stop them or negotiate a solution. Beating up Muslims where they are outnumbered 9:1 gave Hindus a sense of achievement. Modi gave that ‘Hindu first’ satisfaction.

      That is all. The rest of the talk about development, vishwa guru, having a presence on the world stage etc. was dressing to cover up the real, ignoble reason for supporting Modi. But eventually reality catches up. Modi destroyed the economy, his attention was on disenfranchising Muslims with CAA-NRC, and he was so preoccupied with it, he did not foresee Covid and the Chinese move.

      Still, the Hindus who support Modi will continue believing him. It is like people who follow godmen like Assram; such people cannot believe the evidence that their godman is a rapist.

  7. There is no point in expounding lengthy theories, hypothetical options on present Chinese behaviour. China don’t give India, as a nation other option than retaliating in whatever ways possible to this senseless aggression. Today, they claim sovereignty over Galwan vally. Knowing their delusions in east China sea, South China sea and in galwan, tomorrow they will definitely try to have Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh and even the whole of NE region. Be persistent and persevere. If peace opportunity available unexpectedly in
    our western and northern borders in future, yes, India should take advantage of it readily. But now, it is not the time to behave like headless chicken.

  8. India has to see that yes it’s is having trouble with its neighbours but China is having trouble with bigger nations like USA Canada Australia Japan hongkong Taiwan etc. India has to seize this opportunity.

    • India cannot do what you advise. India will get a bigger beating if you try. The USA Canada Australia Japan hongkong Taiwan etc. do not share borders with China. Have they come out in support of India or condemned China over Galwan ? The BJP has created threats to China and Pakistan, so they will operate together to apply pressure simultaneously. The BJP has alienated all neighbours including Nepal. The BJP shattered the economy with demonetisation and Covid mishandling. The BJP encouraged unbridgeable animosity between Indians., and sooner or later outsiders will take advantage

      • “India has to see that yes it’s is having trouble with its neighbours but China is having trouble with bigger nations like USA Canada Australia Japan hongkong Taiwan etc. ” Bigger nations may be right for USA, Japan and India, but not Canada and Australia. Hongkong is part of China territory and Taiwan too but with different ruling government.

        The facts is China has a clear land border with all of the 14 neighboring countries except two: India and Bhutan. How many neighboring countries India has and how many have India settled the border with so far? And what is India going to do with the border issues to all of the neighboring countries?

    • Mr Hello: Just how should

      ” .. India has to seize this opportunity.. ” ?

      Care to elaborate Sir ?

      • The opportunity he thinks is all the MNCs will leave China and settle in India.

        The Yogi claimed he is going to make UP a hub of industrial production by attracting US companies leaving China. They remember self reliance and at the same time crave for foreign money.


    Bubble of special relationship between Mr. Modi and Mr. Xi and hence between India and China burst in May-June, 2020. It may not be failure of intelligence but unexamined assumptions that created echo chambers of imagined value of special relationship that led to complacency and ignoring basic rules of foreign policy and military engagements. Is there any other explanation for creation of multiple tactical pressure points by China along border and steadily deteriorating relationship with Nepal?

    Modi’s BJP should know from their domestic politics there are no permanent enemies, and no permanent, only permanent interests. This rule also holds good in foreign policy. It is always important to have continuity with innovation that keeps in mind changing dynamics. Of course, keeping our interests and also understanding goals of others.

    Did Modi govt failed to understand China’s goal of unification, assimilation and consolidation with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and whatever else they consider as their own in spite in of dispute and counter claims by India, Japan, Vietnam and other countries?

    Galwan incidence has shown that China gives little importance to past peace arrangements. One option to counter China is to work closely with Russia, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries.

    It is important to listen to experts and take opposition into confidence and be share truth with citizens. India is more important than any political leader hence cannot be equated with any past, present or future leader.

  10. To call Nehru a weakling suggests deep pathological disorder among Indians but not reality. Nehru “dying .. politically and physically” is a cheapshot and false! Nehru’s resilience was legendary. China retreated to prewar position. Only Indians can insist that they were defeated when enemy runs away! All the “nationalist critics within his cabinet” were expelled under Kamaraj Plan by 1963. India did not add a single inch after Nehru. Nehru “forever be seen as a weakling” is wishful thinking of likes of Gupta.

    • Gupta is a confused type, one foot with Hindu fascism, and other foot in the liberal camp.

      He gushes thus about Modi ‘Reading his mind is an act of daring. Over these six years, he has built a formidable reputation of delivering the most stunning surprises, without anybody having an inkling. Even on crucial strategic and foreign policy issues. Remember his sudden stopover in Pakistan on his way back from Kabul?’

      As if Modi is a deep thinker that no one can gauge. Stunning surprises implies brilliance. Whereas all Modi’s acts have shown predictable wickedness : riots in 2002, demonetisation\, CAA-NRC…. In fact, Modi is a shallow, uneducated type, and that is why economy is shattered.

      There is nothing stunning about Modi, India has received a beating from China, and the more I hear nonsense about Modi’s stunning brilliance, the more I think China did Indians a favour by giving a beating. In fact, Xi is stunning, he delivered a surprise that Modi had no inkling. He has got India’s money and land.



    • I agree with you. China will take NE, India will find it difficult to hold Kashmir, and Hindus will use CAA-NRC to create a Kashmir like situation all over India.

      Indians will be divided by RSS and Hindu communalism, and will be fighting amongst themselves. That makes it easier for outsiders to strike. That has been India’s history, and that is what we see in front of our eyes. Churchill was right that Indians will not be able to rule themselves. He understood the Hindu character, and the Chinese also do.

      • Why do i suspect you are a Paki ? Other than spewing hatred against Modi, RSS, Gobar …you make zero sense.

        • You suspect because you are a communal Hindu and you are not skilled enough to hide it.

          If I make zero sense, then you can ignore me. But ignore me you cannot – and refute me, you certainly cannot !

        • Mr Satish: You may agree or disagree with Mr Rasgolla – that is your prerogative Sir. But rather than calling him names, why don’t you go through the intellectual exercise of making a credible counter-argument against him ? Or is that something they don’t teach at the shakha ?

        • Mr Satish: Mr Rasgolla makes perfect sense – it is just that you do not appear to have the intellectual wherewithal to counter him with facts.

          A country as diverse and complex as India with so many religions, castes and linguistic groups – usually at loggerheads with each other – the divisive policy of Hindutva that the BJP and Modi bring to the table will only serve to polarise the nation even more. And nurture the many fissiparous forces already tearing the country apart.

          Modi worshippers like you forget that India is not a country consisting of parts that have willingly “come together” but are “held together”, with varying degrees of force. Sikhs in Punjab have tried to leave the union with their violent struggle for Khalistan which cannot be declared as over; Kashmir is in flames; the North-East has been restive and so on. In the South, there is resentment for the BJP’s attempts to re-impose Hindi; Naxalites control large swathes of the country with GOI control de facto absent in these Naxal controlled areas. Yes, one might point out the hand of Pakistan & China in many of these conflicts. But hasn’t inept leadership in Delhi not been responsible for many a self-goal Mr Satish ?

      • Rosogolla you are very biased and opinion as if all Hindus are your enemies. May be so but for the record look at pathetic Islamic state of Pakistan before making your comments about Indian democracy. Don’t worry about Hindus they existed before Islam and will be there long after if end of all ignorant unfit to be human just watch next two years book mark this msg to compare your theories with reality.

        • Am I biased ? I cite the evidence always. I never said Hindus are all enemies. Not all Hindus are rioters and rapists. Sanghis and BJP Hindus are. They would admit themselves. You are with them.

          ‘just watch next two years book mark this msg to compare your theories with reality.

          Modi said in 2014, just give me 60 months, I shall give you more development than Congress in 60 years.

          So why do you need 2 more years ? What will you do ? Organise more riots and give away more land ?

  12. Clarity is needed in India’s leadership.
    If a free and egalitarian society we are seeking, where individual rights and freedom is supreme over any group identities, if we value American & French revolutions – the choice is clear.
    It is the alliance with Greek-roman civilization we should choose over others. A clear & public alliance. In a family – we lose some individual choices – but it makes you fundamentally strong and secure. Your day will come, being the sole carrier of the Ancient.
    And unity among such nations is key to fight the dual imperialism that threatens the fundamental human spirit – Islamism & Chinese Nationalism.
    Let us grant Economic Freedom to Indian Citizens – Indian entrepreneurs, Indian Farmers. Ensure Universal Public Education. And study The First Amendment of the US constitution.
    And since Swami Vivekananda and his wisdom is important for the current leadership – the choice should be doubly clear.

    • When I read people like you, I can see why the Chinese and Pakistan deserve to give you a beating.

      ‘It is the alliance with Greek-roman civilization we should choose over others.’ When you are mired in casteism and communalism, what do you have in common with them ?

    • Mr Arunabha Ghosh: You pontificate:

      “.. dual imperialism that threatens the fundamental human spirit – Islamism & Chinese Nationalism…”

      Care to tell us where Hindutva figures in your analysis Mr Ghosh?

      After all, Hindutva exponents Savarakar & later Golwalkar were highly enamoured by Adolf Hitler’s Nazism and Benito Mussolini’s fascism and their scapegoating of Jews weren’t they And they replicated that violent and divisive model in India didn’t they ? And isn’t the ideology of Hindutva, which is Savarkar’s “gift to mankind nothing” but a variant of Nazism wherein the Jew in Hitler’s Nazism is replaced by Muslims & Christians in Savarkar’s Hindutva ?

      Yes Chinese nationalism, militarism and debt diplomacy are a global threat. But is Hindutva any better Mr Ghosh, despite having a somewhat lesser reach? The BJP’s Hindutva and its state sponsored violence against Muslims has resulted in the tarnishing of brand India abroad, in particular in the Middle East. And that potentially jeopardises the livelihoods of many Indian migrant workers who toil there and send remittances (approx. 40 billion USD/year) back to shore up the tottering Modi mismanaged economy.

      Shouting about Chinese nationalism when Hindutva nationalism is rife in India is tantamount to throwing stones whilst living in a glass house Mr Ghosh.

      • Mr. Ghosh is a conceited upper caste opportunist, who after the beating from China, now imagines India has a lot in common with the west. But as you point out his Hindutva culture is the Nazism, which the west has abandoned.

        After the beating from China, these upper caste fellows are disoriented.

        • Rasgolla: Like you, I disagree with the views of Mr Arunabha Ghosh. But that disagreement can be expressed without becoming disagreeable. I have no intentions of criticising Mr Arunabha Ghosh’s caste or his religion, only his views.

          Let us strive to keep the debate civilised please.

          • Alright, agreed. Although Ghosh’s views and prejudices come from his upbringing.

            I do appreciate your style.

        • Mr Rasgolla; You write below:

          “Alright, agreed. Although Ghosh’s views and prejudices come from his upbringing.
          I do appreciate your style”

          I appreciate your feedback Sir.

          Also love the many incisive, hard-hitting and hard to refute comments you make here. Keep the good work going please. I guess people like you who view the current state of affairs in India through a non-saffron prism and at the same time have the ability to see through the Modi spin are few and far between. May your tribe increase !

        • If India gets out of this conflict strong it’s bad news for Pakistan and if China crush India its bad new for all of Indian and Pakistani Muslims in the long run as CCP will sterilise remaining Muslim population of Asia and keep marching toward other targets of Asia and Pakistan Nepal Bhutan other countries are no match so bring it on and let’s see how this world ends for Hindus enough of living with shitty neighbors.

  13. India is a democratic country and it is natural to align with democratic countries. China is the neighbour but it doesn’t mean that his fascist communist regime will encourage intrusion on our borders by PLA and breach India’s sovereignty. I am still surprised why the successive central government in Delhi encourages imports from China. Please stop unnecessary imports from China and give employment to youth by establishing and supporting local industries. These cheap electronics and electrical items have ruined our local industries. Some experts are saying that import ban from China will more harmful for us than China but I am saying one thing that imports ban on cheap and unnecessary goods will hurt China only.

  14. The meaning of Xi’ s life (career) is thus a bit like playing with a live hand granad. Once you pass it on to someone else. You are safe.

  15. It was always known that China will violate agreements; the Q was only when? The “when” has multiple answers. The current time is just one of them. It is also not that India has not been preparing. India is aware and has been constantly beefing up its defenses across the LAC as best as it can. So has been China on their side.

    On a nebulous border on most of the more than 3500 km length, how can one forever depend on non-military type agreements like no weapons, no firing, no explosions, “I patrol now, you patrol later” etc. An undependable and aggressive China can be expected to violate these norms and play games as and when it suits them. After all the maxim “All is fair in love and war” is enduring.

    In the absence of a judicial process to decide the border dispute, there are only two options – neither of them is easy or well defined.

    1. Winner of a duel decides – whatever the manner of the “duel” – more this is prolonged more will be the cost in terms of “(wo)men and materials”.

    2. Negotiate (diplomacy or whatever…); in which case there will be some give and take

    India (and China) has to decide. Sooner the better. Everything else is academic, media fodder and offers breeding ground for “experts” especially for Veterans who had a chance once upon time.

  16. Present situation is being created by china to show the neighbouring small countries that india has no muscle and there is no need to toe any line fromIndia like it’s happening with Nepal and it is the only leader in the region ahead of even Russia and at the same time challenging the might of America as world leader as the world has not been able to do anything inspite of crying hoarse that virus was spread from china it wants to establish it self as world super power and this show of might be a small step towards achieving that.

  17. The issue is not with ‘the Chinese have noticed how vital a factor “face” is for Modi’ but rather the singular face. If India had a more formidable set of faces , the chinese would have had a great difficulty in their assessments of so many.

  18. This thinking is like elementary in global scenario GIVING history of Mr. NEHRU what mistakes he made is well documented and judging Mr. Narendra Modi on his past does not give his mend set. As I understand dealing with china is like PLAYING “GO” INSTEAD of chase

  19. China is pressurising India not to go US way on WHA report on covid-19 or accept extended G10 membership. Let us look at the economic consequences for China on WHA report on Covid-19, all loans worth 500 billion USD that it has loaned to more than 100 countries will get written off as covid-19 expenses. Secondly, majority of MNC’s will pack their bags and leave China. Third no one will buy Chinese products. The great chines economy will collapse on it’s knees in less than 3 years.
    A broken China is in the interest of USA, because it will retain the title of single superpower and retain it’s hegemony.
    All this USA wants to be done on India’s shoulders
    By accepting G10 membership, India will resign from G20 and the latter will become useless. G20 without India will be nothing but a club of Chinese countries
    The pressure tactics China is playing with India is to save itself. India must realise the opportunity to tame the dragon right now

    • Modi has the toughest problem of his career. To control China he will neutralize pakistan by taking it over thus eliminating India’s ‘western front’. This way he will kill 2 birds with one stone. 1. Solve the current belligerent china problem 2. Make the only muslim terrorist nuclear country DISAPPEAR.
      No. 2 will do the world a great favor-eliminate the epicenter of terror/radical islamic extremism.

      • Hindus will also disappear from India in the process when Pakistan and China strike. You must be living safely abroad in a Muslim or Christian country.

    • It is best to keep your mouth shut and use your brains, otherwise China and Pakistan will team up and give India another beating. Nepal, BD and maybe even Sri Lanka would join in. Nobody likes Modi, BJP and RSS – many Indians don’t like them either because the damage they have done.

  20. It obvious that options brought out by Shekhar are only available at this point of time. But it is said that Modi trusted Xi is not seem correct, what else you could do with a super power who is belligerent, expantionist. These are the stretagic situations have been imposed by virtue of being in such a geopolitics. For sure , History will weigh the action taken by Modi in these unprecedented conditions. And will decide the fate of India…

    • All this while Hindus were telling us India is a superpower, so why are you saying now ‘what else you could do with a super power who is belligerent, expansionist’. What are the nuclear weapons for ?

  21. China is nothing in front of India as far as Modi is concern. If clash China will have internal clash for the democracy and it is well known. So this is not weak India as at the time of Nehru and not weak leader as Nehru.
    The author is anti Indian and pro chinese that is why he is projecting like this. He has not reported the loss of Chinese in terms of self respect and economy. China will definitely destroy.

    • suffering from illusions and delusion about India’s capabilities. when motor cycles in India run on Chinese wheels pharma ingredient comes from China , India has outsourced its industrial production criticals to china as it could not tame its work force and went for freebies for economically backwards provided platforms for unemployables India has to set for new norm s which considering idling and festivity culture is challenging

  22. Shekar Gupta what is the evidence of your negative perception How much China money in your pocket. Reveal that first as that is our conclusion just as you perceive India. Your article is not constructive opinion. Since your crumbs are denied by this government so demoralise the nation. Your will not respond to this opinion but want us to change our opinion about our respected PM whom we have elected. Why we elected this decisive PM is he is better than your Moun Baba PM who was leading a gang of arrogant most currupt in India’s mafia where laws were manipulated to show the legality of. Corruption. You have and still are defending this gang because you also may be corrupt or why else you will defend them. Why else will you show our present PM in bad light without evidence of wrong doing. Our PM may commit an error but that will be done in good faith. We most of Indians are ready to forgive him because we respect him and that is the reason we all have elected him the second time. So do not cast aspersions on our choose. You may not like for your vested interest. Out of this coloumn it clearly shows you want the people of India to be demoralized. Personally I don’t want to read your opinion ,as many others may want to do the same to avoid your vested opinions but you manage to thrust upon us through these type of news portals. I consider you as dubious person in your profession. Your tittle Xi has thrown a gauntlet as if Xi has come to you and wispered in your special ears . If you call yourself a journalist then do reporting facts with evidence not opinions on the sly.

    • ‘Why we elected this decisive PM’ – this is the PM who said China did not cross LAC.

      The decisive PM who has no planning for Covid or economy.

      Only decisive planning is for riots. That is why you elected him.

      • Rasgolla if you have all the answers why don’t you become the PM or supreme leader oor xi jinpinga mini me ? We got it you hate Hindus and Modi and rss and everything that is current state of India which is your opinion and hatred noted but are you offering to the people whom you don’t hate in that continent ? Blindly supporting Modi or xi or any dictator has not turned out to humans in that region. Give me one example of which PMmor global leader has done better than Modi with f ‘d up democracy opposition parties Chinese virus floods unemployment CCP terror internal factions corruption the list is long. I get enough hate mails let’s get over that if you have a positive constructive message enlighten us here.

  23. ‘Thin skin’ and ‘larger than life image’ – Definitely the journalist in Shekhar has gotten the opportunity to take it out on Modi again. This time the iron is hot and in its heat there is a slight chance to burn the Modi fort. India’s PM is behaving just the way anyone who keeps country’s interest before his own should behave. People watching Modi have no doubt he would leave a penniless man when he leaves the PM office, can’t say the same for the others most journalists are rooting for. In the case of China, there are not many options unless you count showing cowardice and hiding it under the carpet. China has not woken up today, from South China sea to the island off the cost of Japan to J&K it is now re-asserting itself using its resources and wealth. Peace is not in the interest of the communist party, so what can blind the masses – it is this perpetual war. That China and thus Chinese people have been wronged by everyone. The neighbours need to burn for the spectacle of the revolting family. There is more Chinese aggression coming and not just for India. India has to keep its feet firm and set its priority on defending itself. No other country will come to its rescue this time but India is definitely capable.

  24. We need to replace China as the manufacturing hub of the world, improve critical infrastructure, increase ease of business and so many other things to improve the economy. India needs to take care of the country’s miserable outlook, the standard of living needs to be improved everywhere, especially for the poorest of the poor.

    • Then there would be an influx of foreign investments, getting people jobs, these jobs would teach valuable skills to people, having own technical expertise. Even China began as just a manufacturer, but now they even develop their own technology which is among the best in the world and has thus increased the value of China worldwide.

  25. It is ridiculous to take policy decision of a country,in hurry.The decision, whatever it may be, will have its effect on 135 crore people of India. Hence a good knowledge of the ground situation and the impact and probability of the aftermath effect are to be considered

  26. The Chinese are an unpredictable lot.
    Not a single word or utterance has come from the Chinese leaders whereas it is headlines news every day in India.
    Chinese history and cultural ethos bears testimony that”Face” matters as much as territory to them.
    And, an uncomfortable fact remains that despite our brilliant millitary power and preparedness, China is certainly not Pakistan.

  27. आज से पहले के लीडर,सेना के ईमानदार अफसर व पहले जैसी सोच वाले भारतीय कभी नहीं मिलने वाले हैं।फौज का राजनीतिकरण,आर एस एस का दखल,राजनीति पहले,देश बाद में और बहुत कुछ बदल चुका।देश आज मर रहा है आप नेहरुजी की बात कर रहें हैं,अरे भाई बहाने मत बनाओ,काम करो।

  28. Xzin Ping Pong or Jhula diplomacy failed utterly and shocked the whole nation. 20 soldiers were clubbed to death. What next?

    • Next step is overdue : for Hindus to recognise Modi is useless. That stage is still not reached as I see Hindus making excuses to cover him. One or more beatings will be needed. That is coming.

  29. It is too early to call Modi’s attempt a failure. These are issues that take years to conclude. There are things that have not worked. Prime Ministers are judged by history.

  30. Best bet would be to talk less (& not be considered suffering from a footinthemouth disease), say bye-bye to divisive policies (the nation loves a leader who can embrace everyone in it), build an even stronger & modern armed force, don’t get too carried away in counting & announcing the losses, reach out to the free world with more conviction & appear to be a more (not mere) democratic government……& finally, get Russia to say something strong (as in warn) to China & back you up, for all the past years of soft-peddaling of Russian actions in the name of NAM (which is extinct now) . The mistrust between the US & China isn’t going to lessen any more if India warms up to the Russians & gets them to tell China to lay off. You’ll have to believe the Chinese gets worried on that count. Economically, get all NRIs & PIOs to give something back to their country other than commiseration, and making it easier for them to set up shop by exemplifying virtues of corruption-free industry & trade. Remove the created schisms of race, region, religion, caste, financial & social disparities between your own fragmented populace, so that unity is not a privilege only. Show by action you care rather than mouth platitudes. Don’t lie.

    • Yes, divisive politics is what has slowed the development of our nation considerably, we need to end this by being one as a nation, not looking as someone’s cast, creed, color, religion and what not.

  31. China is counting on the snakes within the country to ensure India is not able to oppose their grand designs and delusions like belt and road and what not. They were prematurely aspiring for the sole superpower role and then came Corona (their gift to the world) and when world is now fed up with China, they go on the offensive. Hong Kong, Australia. Even tiny Sweden.

    Now let’s try and get frisky with India….but they forgot that right now, fortunately, India has a man tough as the nails on the rods they used to attack our soldiers — and got a ferocious response. And they don’t have the stomach to reveal the number of casualties they suffered.

    • Indians like Shekhar are the real enemies of India, That is why this country had been slave to outsiders for 2000 years. I have given up hope for unity. Perhaps slavery is now embedded in our genes.

      • Why if someone does something wrong should it not be pointed out. What sort of attitude you have. Even if we lose land and soldiers you say that our dispensation should be praised. Kya nek vichar Sarker.

    • Will you be comforted by knowing the losses of Chinese. What sort of attitude you have. That means you have no sympathy for the Indian lives lost.

  32. Alliance with the US means tax payers of India will bleed to death every drop of any monies if remaining.
    The logistical costs alone to station the US on ground (eg: Gulf War) has torn the oil rich economies over the years.
    Does our gov have such reserves to house the US forces? Not a smart move at all!
    India would lose one more friendly neighbor, the Russia that always stand by it, would probably look the other way!!
    High time the government calls in experts in global/international relationships.

  33. I have known ‘THE PRINT’ Reputation as that of sold media and anti India, especially when they are taking money from China and Pakistan and running the agendas that are anti India and trying to discourage Indians, but they have always underestimated the power of Indians and m sure they have certainly underestimated Mr. Modi… Wait and watch and also buy ample burnol for your team coz later you might not find China on map itself..

  34. There are many options for Prime Minister Modi than those mentioned in this article.
    Xi’s personal and China’s overall military power comes from economic strength. This is right time to drain China’s economic power with most of the world nations who are hurt economically from covid19 initiated in China can align with India to engage in trade action. India itself has over $60 Billion trade deficit with China that can be reduced to zero. Other nations would follow too.
    As far as military response is concerned one has look far back in history of Vietnam wars against China. China has never dared to attack Vietnam’s sovereignty ever again. India needs to stand still on its ground which is so remote and rugged for China’s advantage.

    • If China is so strong what is stopping CCP PLA from taking Taiwan and stop harassing Chinese minorities ? I have heard and see too big to fail theories and CCP is very hollow from inside. All CCP supporters and India haters here enjoying their freedom of speech thank their respective gods there are not in China yet!

  35. I totally disagree with Mr. John of giving a base for Americans to solve the issue. Not at all. Who will bear the expenses. They do everything for a price, huge price. Think twice…

  36. Good article Shekhar Ji! Modi’s hunger for ego is written all over his face and actions and is well fed by his mindless followers. He is stuck like Nehru whom he hates. While Nehru was blinded by his compassion Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai, Modi has fallen in this trap excited by daily of eulogizing followers. What a twist of time (WAQT KI HER SHAI GULAAM)
    We are in for a shock even a limited war with China.
    Good Luck India!

  37. Anything happens on diplomatic front and Indian liberals start crying for rapprochement with the Jihadi republic of Pakistan.

    Modi stared down 11 Ping in Doklam, he can do again in Ladakh.

  38. It would be better to align with US and its alies (Infact, if possible, better to join NATO) and allow them to set up camps in border areas to have secured india. We can believe them rather than our neibhours. China is alway not a country to believe. It does not respect any treaty. They are great liar. They are always trouble creator. It is not a responsible nation. (We can give plenty of example includin Covid 19). All (Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maltheives) are ready to back stab us like Indian National Congress in India. But one thing I can say for sure that law of Karma will take care of them (Chinees). For which no one is exempted.

  39. Simply ridiculous. Let Great Modi have sometime to consolidate. It is easier to comment after the act but difficult to foresee things to come. I can say that we as pure Bhartiya

    should stand with our loving leader.

    • How you come to such a conclusion. If someone writes an article detailing hard facts you call him anti national and paid agent of Pakistan or China. You are blinded by daily propaganda and believe all of it to be true. Grow up come out of the cocoon and see the reality.

  40. This author perhaps is on payroll of PRC +PLA for USD5 and 5o cents as is payd to a bonded labor in PRC.
    Forgot… He is also leading becon of lutyens and with complexity arising from inferiority… And hence is immensely myopic in his thoughts and narrative… Guess he is so old and belongs to stone age era, forgiving is the only option unlike he giving Modi 3 options…



    In the light of the Chinese attacks along the border, it is worthwhile asking whether the India of 2020 is the India of 1962. No, I am not talking of economic or military changes in the country but the nature of the leadership in the country and whether said leadership has sown unity or discord in India.

    Nehru’s India of 1962 may have been punier and weaker economically and militarily. But Nehru – for all his actual faults and the many more imagined faults ascribed to him by the BPJ – firmly believed in nation building. Indians of all faiths and persuasions fought the 1962 war, herunder my own father. The nation rallied behind Nehru. Additionally, Nehru’s diplomatic efforts ensured that a large chunk of the Islamic world was not hostile to India.

    But can that be said of the Modi & Shah regime and the fragmented India they have created in 6 short years? Today, the country is polarised along religious lines. Muslims and Christians are treated in exactly the same way Savarkar & Golwalkar wanted them to be treated – the Constitution be damned. In the India of MoSha, the Muslim stand a very high chance of being lynched and the Christian getting his church burned. Indeed, even Muslim soldiers who have fought for India run the risk of being detained in concentration camps as was the case of Capt. Mohammad Sanaullah.

    Compared to 1962 it may certainly be a more powerful India confronting the Chinese today. But compared to 1962, it is a far more fragmented, far more religiously polarised and a far less united India that faces China today.

    After all, Amit Shah did call a significant chunk of Indians “termites” didn’t he?

  43. My few lines in poetry which abs sync with your article on Modi and the Xi gauntlet thrown at him: my forecast is commendable indeed!
    An attempt at a Poetic Review/ a PERT of the Indian emerging scenario shared with my global friends a week or so ago…..:-

    We had jacked up our happiness with the corrupt ways of the silent Man Moron government then…
    We had real hopes of a non-Nirav Modi emerging in 2014, we said.
    The Simple Simon Man impressed us all. But in his eyes I now see no dawn.
    Eyes speak we are taught and in Modi I now find some fraught.
    He orates like an angry old Bachaan and weaned our hearts
    But first thing he jacks up our happiness with demonetization too.
    Sermons us like Mark Anthony over Caesar dead body he did!
    But in his eyes I today spot forebode with gloom

    Then we elect him back as there are other incommunicable monkeys in the fray.
    Thinking Modi was humane and sane. The bred not born Messiah! He will show the Way!
    But Modiconomics did us even more inn. And who knew China would now let the Covid free?
    Taming the world and bringing to knees them all- But first a Churchill less India Tree!!

    The Lock down sure showed the way! What Management Revelations can dare!
    Migrant labor was first to feel the pain as only Slowly we realized
    we have been shoved another royal bamboo-On our happiness way.
    Riled in a matrix of existential cage we now puff and pray
    Much as a Waste Bengal State Governor rants to rule in rage!

    AtmaNirvarata only our women folks show better in our battered houses…
    Ah! But save with Gas Modi never penetrates there!
    Federal Modi continues to show some confused way
    even as our neighbors better understand how now Modi to tame.
    Will Modi then show us the WAY? Or how end of the world be postponed for lack of Trumpet Players, I say?
    Indian peoples are a battered lot across all frays….as hope darts at helplessness today.

    [please improve on these lines as I had a sudden spurt and just wrote…AMEN!]

    • You may like to remember that for many Hindus, Modi was a strongman because he beat up minorities. That is the sole reason Hindus adulate him and your omission shows who you are.

      • Hmm based on my research on Chinese minorities including uighurs refugees Modi is better than CCP xi. If you are a real human rights minority right activist the. You would not be supporting hoping CCP unless your shortsighted hope and wish may come true then You will noT be online as there are no rights for minority sympathisers in Xi’s CCP manifesto.

        • I did not support China or Xi. Modi did. He said he had a Plus One relationship with China, and many cannot grasp it. He sold Indian economy to China and also gave up land. I did not vote for him. You are defending him – on the grounds Xi is worse.

  44. A completely unpredictable man. His words, body language and anger speaks. He has only one motive Nation First.

  45. There is a lot being discussed about how and whether India will have to to the challenge of China.
    The track record of China in claiming surrounding territories as belonging to themselves does not need repetition. In some instances it is direct claim and acquisition. In some others it is economic domination.
    So many countries are impacted adversely by China’s belligerent bullying.
    Why is it not being discussed in this context? The world paid a big price for night coming together, but ignoring such signals when the Nazis were in power. Germany

  46. Apathy that our own countrymen letdown the nation. Standing united in adversity should be the hallmark of Indians irrespective of party line and cadre. Situation during Nehru’s time and now is totally different. We are highly capable to stand the war with China though situation will be a limited war instead of a full fledged. China can’t go for war with India. Needling doesn’t help but loose global support and may have to bear the brunt thrown upon it by many nations for its own make in corona pandemic issue.

    Don’t worry India will stand against any aggression as Modi is there with his team and support of countrymen which will be a force multiplier.

  47. Lie to your people and pretend all is fine and hope that China is content with whatever it has got this time. This is what the govt seems to be doing now and it is helped by a pliant media, no opposition worth the name and the enormous, never-ending political capital of the PM. But this approach can unravel if circumstances stop favouring the PM. Plus Xi holds strong cards and can force Modi’s hands at any time.
    Embarking on a 2 front war at this time is foolishness which I think no Indian PM will even consider.

  48. A sober analysis. But aligning with a great power need not be complemented with another strategic measure signalling India has turned two corners. The first one is enough and perhaps also an overkill concerning China. Shedding the narrative of strategic autonomy is not a step that will have localised impact say in South Asia but will be a major geopolitical shift for the whole world signalling a new era.

    However, this proposed pathway will be effective if it is complemented by domestic changes which signify India has really turned a corner and shed its Socialist hangover starting by amending the Preamble, removing the very word. Backing it up with economic performance that accrues from further de-regulation, India would only be doing what it wants to while marketing it successfully as another facet of a dynamic “natural alliance” with the US.

    As for China and Pakistan, an overt strategic partnership with the US comes with its own ideological and material weight. Appropriately estimating India’s political and economic capital in the Indo-Pacific region compounded with the backing of a big power, there is plenty of headroom to leverage the animus some ASEAN nations hold against China. The containment strategy that ensues from this alliance would force Beijing to reconsider its incessant muscle flexing and would undoubtedly lead to some concessions on multiple fronts, not to mention a public loss of face for Xi who is already set to face the music sooner or later within his party.

    The big question on this strategy is what happens with the relationship with Russia? As a natural consequence, it changes. But being the larger economic power, India has the opportunity to manage that change. Putin’s designs are increasingly focused on Europe and his appetite for confronting the US elsewhere is also diminished while he shares a strategic view about China with India especially in the Eurasian region where China is attempting to erode its influence. An India aligned with the US would have to manage Russian concerns with pragmatism keeping it more vary of China than the US. This is a challenge commensurate with India’s aspiration of being an eventual big power.

    The precarious position that Modi finds himself in today is not unprecedented but breaking out of it would be. In order to do that, the options on his table are same as before but it maybe the first time that a PM’s romanticism with reform effectively changes the face of India along with the geopolitical reality of the the world. Maybe in the process or perhaps as a result of it, Modi or at least the BJP may really be able unlock the potential of India’s economic might that everyone has been talking about.

    It all starts with giving up this pretence that non-alignment/strategic autonomy works as a sound foreign policy design. Retrospectively, one can reduce the whole concept as a cocktail of Nehru’s lust for leadership doused with optimistic constructivism, broken in effect by none other than his own daughter to forge an alliance with the USSR.

    Breaking out of this non aligned notion doesn’t have to be a knee-jerk reaction to Chinese border transgressions, that would be seen as weak timing. Particularly so because the US faces a dramatic election but once that is over, India must move to secure this partnership which Washington has been all to eager to offer. Depending on how one reads the signs, the above objectives fall within the capacity of New Delhi to execute. After all if anyone can spin the shedding of the policy of strategic autonomy as a win, it is Modi.

    • We Indians should bow down to China and give them the useless land where not even a blade of grass grows. Also hnd over Kashmir to Pakista. afterall the Muslim Majority Kashmir should have been in Pakistan afterall that was the reason india was partitioned on religeous ground.

      • I agree. Better to resolve conflicts. The creation of Pak was inevitable as Sanghis threatened Muslims (same as they do now).

  49. No stern action is required. Just build the BRO road properly, make air bases at every strategic points, provide the military with good dwelling places at high altitudes, watch every enemy move through satellites. It is not war which is required, but show the preparedness…

    • Finally, a sane, sober comment shorn of jingoistic chest-thumping. Thanks for that nugget Mr C. Gopalarajakrishan.

  50. Manmohan Singh n Indira better PMs than others…Atal jee too. Only showbiz by modi nehru n others

  51. Mr S,

    Try the same kind of stuff in China about their govt and see what will happen to you.

    You have liberty here in India and you should value it.

  52. It seems like XiJ Jinping has utilised Informal Summit well than our PM Modi, because the strategy and mindset Xi gained makes slightly superior with Putin and Obama combo

  53. Shekhar is very wrong while alluding to be friends with Pakistan. While China’s main interest is to be Number One power in the world, BUT Pakistan’s main interest is to make ” Tukade ” of India. China as friends or enemy is thousands time better than Pakistan which is like ” polio virus” for world.

    • Mr Anil: So you want perpetual warfare with Pakistan? Do you have any idea of what that costs the exchequer to be on a permanent war footing? Or for that matter the opportunity costs of high defence spending?

      The problem with people like you who have bought into the Hindutva vision of the BJP and the RSS is that your whole identity seems to revolve around Islam and Pakistan and hatred for both. That tunnel vision prevents you from seeing the larger picture and the more mortal threats that India faces. Pakistan is a minnow, militarily and economically and does not pose any insurmountable threat to India. China on the other hand trounces India on almost all fronts, militarily, economically and in terms clout in multinational fora. In addition to having snatched territory from India in 1962 and now in 2020. And yet, blinkered bhakths like you will fight the puppet rather than the puppet-master.

      Pathetic to say the least.

      • What is the price of secured borders? Did China send terrorists in India ? China fought with our soldiers. What terrorist did with innocent citizen ? How much money you want to make by saving on security ? What are views of Muslims about Kafirs like Buddhists ? How many times Pakistan has forced India into war ? China is a threat to Indian state . But Pakistan is a threat to Indian_ness.

        • Mr Anil: Thanks for the response.

          It is mind-boggling that despite the fact that the Chinese have barged their way into India’s front yard and claimed it as their own, Hindutva zombies like you refuse, I reiterate refuse to see that as a threat. Instead, your knee-jerk, catatonic like reaction is a predictable admixture of Islamophobia, jingoism and an ostrich like tendency to shrug off the mortal threat that the Chinese pose. You seem to be saying “I don’t mind getting thrashed by the Chinese as long as I can thrash the Pakistanis”!!

          You claim that China is a threat to the Indian state whilst Pakistan is a threat to Indianness. Clearly, you have been asleep in your history classes Mr Anil. The 1971 war resulted in India decapitating Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh where once there was E.Pakistan. Pakistan also endured an embarrassing climbdown after the Kargil conflict. Yes, Pakistan is a constant irritant and has sent terrorist squads to India. But guess who finances, arms and defends Pakistan and its terrorist activities ?

          China is Pakistan’s all-weather friend. And what people like you who have overdosed on Hindutva forget is that Pakistan is the puppet whilst China is the puppet-master. The BJP might get a lot of votes by tapping into the latent Islamophobia of gaurakshaks like you and make you see red when you hear about Pakistan. But that does not safeguard the security of India. As the Chinese attacks have demonstrated.

          China is a military and economic threat to India. Pakistan is a failed state which can generate a few pinpricks. On the other hand, China has grabbed Indian territory and destroyed Indian many manufacturing industries. Now get that into your skull will you Mr Anil ?

          And to prove your patriotism, please let me know whether you have smashed your Chinese smartphone.

          • You should not bring personal comments if you believe that your points are logical. What BJP has to do with fact that Pakistan is baying for Indian blood ?

        • Mr Anil: You write:

          “What BJP has to do with fact that Pakistan is baying for Indian blood ?”

          But isn’t that mutual Mr Anil? Doesn’t India bay for Pakistani blood?

          In reality both these countries are locked in a fratricidal embrace that provides excellent business opportunities for arms merchants all over the world. In addition, the Indo-Pak rivalry has brought in external actors like China on Pakistan’s side and at varying times countries like the former USSR, and lately the US on the Indian side. That conflict with Pakistan is getting far more internationalised than what is in the interests of both India and Pakistan. And when China helps Pakistan or the US helps India, there is a quid pro quo involved.

          But what I find perplexing is that even educated people like you refuse to read the writing on the wall and accept that today, China is the greater threat to India than Pakistan. Indeed, even now when China has killed Indian soldiers, grabbed Indian territory has destroyed a large chunk of Indian industry through the dumping of cheap products, people like you ignore that and mortal threat and still look to settle scores with Pakistan. Now, the Hindutva ideology that the BJP & Modi espouse and propagate envisages Muslims as the greatest threat to India, internally and externally with Pakistan being the hated external Muslim threat. You have bought into that ideology or shall we say brainwashed into believing that the sole threat the nation faces is what the BJP & Modi tell you. The Chinese are happy that you look westwards towards Pakistan and ignore everything else.

          And probably saying “Thank you Mr Modi” !

  54. During Nehru time China not facing 7 front war. World is not against China during Nehru period as it is now. These are biggest factors not considered in your story.

  55. Our PM did not trust China but attempted to manage them. Now the Chinese actions will serve to align India with USA..This was mentioned by Russia a few years ago that if China constantly needles India, it will simply hand it over on a platter to USA

    • Our PM did not trust China but attempted to manage them.

      You are lying. Modi was boasting that the relationship with China was Plus One. Check, there are many videos out there of Modi simpering with delight about his relationship with China and Xi. When the west did not give visa for Modi, Xi cultivated him. And Modi was ready to touch his feet.

      Now you are saying with pride that now we shall align with USA. So now you will touch their feet instead. They will offer to mediate on Kashmir.

      What was all this claim that India was a superpower ? Superpowers do not align with anyone.

      Indians have aspirations beyond their capacity. 1 billion could only find an uneducated chai wallah for PM.

  56. What makes shekhar Gupta think he is smarter than PM Modi? That he is more capable in diplomacy, economy, defense and everything else. Just a small but critical point not considered by Mr Gupta that Pak Army’s relevance rests on continued border dispute and it will never allow mending fences with India. History is testimony that whomever attempted smoking the peace pipe was removed by the army.

    • A journalist is not smarter or dumber than a sitting or ex-PM. A journalist is a witness to the glory and mistakes of the leader and from that experience, he writes about possible outcomes or how a leader will behave. For that matter PM is not smarter than his advisors, it’s not possible for PM to reach to the moon, he needs to depend on ISRO for that.

  57. The average working Chinese have come to completely distrust dictorial activities of Chinese leadership. Present leadership is dishonest and untrustworthy. They cheat the people and amassed huge wealth for their family and children. These politicians have excessive greed and lack of morals. Corona virus created by them to damage mankind. These communist junkey are incompatible for present society. Now most of Chinese leaders send their children either to US or Europe for education by cheating and looting the people. Majority people do not support repression in Hongkong. Majority of the people support change in Chinese leadership. Chinese Minister think that they have monopoly to use violence. India is directly getting support from USA, Japan, Australia, Isreal and France

  58. Indo-Pak conflict or Indo- China conflict is not a conflict between the persona of Modi vs. Xi or Imran khan. Both conflict had origin in early fifties of the last century when India got freedom and truncated geography . Pakistan is a theocratic state with a grandiose thought that it is a successor state of Mughal dynasty with an unfinished agenda of completing isalamisation of whole of Indian sub-continent . 1971 war saw division of it in two different political entities. Western entity –Pakistan too will disintegrate incoming decades due to its failure to keep tab on ethnic differences .Unlike former U.S.S.R. , which too was a largest nuclear power , where disintegration was initiated and completed by petty political leaders, its disintegration will be led by division within its Army leading to a bloody civil war. But even if, it remains 10-20% of its present size, it will always remain a country opposed to India or idea of India as a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural entity. The only way to contain Pakistan will always remain the way Israel contains islamists elements opposed to existence of Israel—Punish it whenever it indulges in any act of enmity.
    Modi and BJP know this very well.
    China is country that remained subdued for many decades of 19th and eight decades of 20th century. Although it had its eyes on land of all its bordering countries and Taiwan, it tested its powers by having a short term military duel with India and Vietnam in 1962 and 1979 respectively . It withdrew to its own borders but kept the points of dispute to itself to be raised for another day in future when she thought it can dictate the terms of conflict on its own terms.
    In last four decades it achieved un-precedent economic growth and military built-up . It has given the rulers of China a false confidence that they can win every adjoining country without having regards to change in international geo-politics .They conveniently forget that their claim of being sole super power of Asia , dethrones erst- while powers –like USA or other emerging individual powers or group of countries under threat from its expansionist and domination policies.For this China will find resistance from every country – be it India or Japan , Vietnam or Indonesia .
    China had been giving full support to Pakistan against India and had been raising territorial claims on Indian areas since 1950 s , India has to match its military strength on its northern borders and thankfully the present Government of Mr. Modi has been giving it due attention and during last six years and had made some perceptible progress on this front so that China does not have walk-over which it enjoyed during earlier period of 1962 and thereafter.
    Coming to present conflict– no doubt , it will increase or will fade out, will depend upon what China wants from it . Will it risk a war with India which is all ready give it a firm reply ? Will it risk a war when its international standing is down due to its role in spread of Corona virus ? Will it risk a war when it is on the point of loosing its economic standing when many of the companies having production base in China , are thinking of relocating to other countries ? Trade war initiated against it by USA, Australia and many other countries will have to be considered by China s political bosses.
    As for as options before India or Modi ji are concerned, two -three things are very much clear.
    {A} No country is going to be winner at this point of time.
    {B} The war at this time will be a costly proposition for both countries.
    {C} War will have to be postponed till American Voters decide their President in November 20 as its results will have re-precuptions on international politics and threat perceptions and alignment in Pacific and Indian ocean. And this is known to both contesting parties.
    So the best coarse today , for India and China is to keep waiting for another day as had been past practice between two countries. In the mean time diplomatic gymnastics can be practiced by both countries, although China will go on practicing deceptive silence.
    If China decides to force war on India, It will have to be ready to get some finer cuts this time.
    In case of — No war–Pakistan will feel disheartened seeing both India and China keeping economic ties and business ties intact — as usual at previous levels.

    .One more thing for Mr. Gupta . There is no comparison between Nehru and Mr Modi. Mr. Nehru was like a over -blown balloon, who considered himself as God s own creation who need not consult any body, (He got Prime Minister ship of India even having been rejected by 12 out 13 members of Voing CWC members, thanks to manipulation by Mrs an Mr. Mountbatten and MKG ), Where as Modi consults every authoritative person before taking any decision , irrespective of the tirade against him by some section of media,

  59. All started when Modi decided to attack pok Under the influence of US . But China have belt road project passing through it . Then the China responds and things changes dramatically instead of attacking pok India is now defending their territory in almost all northern border including Nepal .
    Now the situation is different . India cannot attack pok
    And losing territory on different front .an aggressive apporoch can be dangerous as Pakistan is looking for best opportunity to occupy Kashmir if India engaged with China .

  60. propaganda article which clearly shows that china is trying to help Pakistan by forcing India to come on the table…….Everyone knows war will not happen…..

  61. When Manmohan Singh tried there was democratic resurgence in Pakistan , but now army is in full control. Also, it will come at a big price. Two front war is a reality.
    Until America “leads from front” India have little or no choice.
    Just to come out of triangulation, trying anything that makes sense is folly, it should have possibility of success.

    Indira like temporary arrangement is also not plausible, as this china can taste any military alliance, at this point of time, in it’s neighbourhood.

    China’s biggest power is it’s strategic centrality in global trade, boycott is no solution. India should shift that focus towards herself.
    Immediately, Modi should learn using strategic issue at polls has huge downside. Decouple them.

  62. Modi has a different option viz building up India’s national strength by focusing on healthcare, education and economic prosperity. For this he needs to give up the worldview of the Swadeshi Jagran Manch and erstwhile protectionists. Just as China and post world war Europe, Japan were helped by the USA, Modi needs to take the help of all countries in the world. He needs to genuinely care for the welfare of his voters by opening up the economy to trade and create job opportunities. This will more then ensure India’s security where a multitude of countries will want India to succeed. Not only does India get out of it’s triangulation with Pakistan-China but also doesn’t become a US camp follower. Nothing stops the PM from doing this except his concern to protect Indian capitalists at the cost of consumers.

    • Hindus were claiming India is a Hindu superpower recognised on the world stage due to Modi. So why do you seek outside help like a little country ?

  63. I will mention one thing that Modi as mentioned by Shekhar a thin skinned human has his total intelligentsia down the drain.
    Time and time again Modi has shown the thickness of his skin. He is the daring PM, India wanted for so long.
    Chinese will soon and has known to be replied in their own language.
    Do not forget Doklam Shekhar !

    • What about Doklam?! Today the entire place is militarized by China, with concrete structures, bunkers, helipads and guns. How daring is Modi that he even denied that China intruded into our land?!

      See how he’s taking revenge on CAA protestors – that’s thin skin! Inability to ignore small fish, and concentrate on the big fish like China.

    • Because he has responded to his critics, because he has put journalists in jail, because he has walked out of interviews, because he felt compelled to attack Pakistan is exactly the reason he is thin skinned and thick-skinned as you mention. Go read the definations of thin and think skinned.

    • Thick skinned doesn’t mean taking absurd decisions at the cost of lives of your fellow countrymen and army. Just one questions, how many people from Gujrat and specially from his clan died while fighting with China and pakis. Idiotic decisions which cost rhe lives and livelihoods of fellow Indians can only be termed as heroic by brainless people.

      • Gujaratis cannot be trusted in the army. They will make a deal with Paks and Chinese and sell their weapons ! They are cowards and traitors by nature.

    • My dear andh bhakt we lost Doklam we were kicked out n now China has the infrastructure there r u blind or u don’t want to see. We cannot fight China. NEHRU was a brave fool to go to war with China can we afford a war now and at what expense.

  64. Best option is to make a military alliance with America. Bring in their bases and troops to LAC. The Chinese will not dare to pull anything

    • Vow. Chinese airforce frightened USA airforce planes when the want to overfly south China sea . American learnt bitter lesson in Vietnam War. Mangolian race different from others. Tough nut to crack. Abduction game is meticulous action plan. Modi speechless on abductions.

      • Increase the number of Sikhs, Muslims and Gorkhas in the Indian army. These people can fight Mongolian or any race.

  65. Nehru had lot of political integrity. He accepted that his theory of Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai failed. He died a frustrated man.Notwithstanding his failings, Indians still loved and respected him till the end. What about Modi ? Would he accept that he erred in trusting China? Or he would continue to stick to his old theory and try to piggyback on China to achieve his geopolitical ambitions? It seems that he is still in a denial mode and refuses to believe that Chinese intruded into Indian area in eastern Ladakh. What now will be Modi’s approach towards China is a crucial question. Will he make suitable repairs and reduce India’s economic dependence on China ? It may be tough call but this is required to be done. Else, India will have serve as a subservient nation and bow to Chinese hegemony. The majority of Indians still trust Modi and have lot of expectations. Hope that he rises to the occasion and makes suitable amends.

  66. Best option is to let America set up military bases in India. That will show the chinx and paks that Indian freedom will be defended by the greatest military force in the world.

  67. The only way we can counter China is to become,stronger militarily and economically and not by boycotting Chinese goods.
    For this to happen we have to tie up with friendly democratic nations while we encourage our entrepreneurs to make in India for the world. For business to thrive we need to privatise and ensure the ease of getting clearances for setting up enterprises and encourage foreign investment
    Modi is the best leader to do this over the next decade as spelled out by Steve Bannon in his interview with Times now.
    The sympathisers of leftists and Congres should learn to criticize constructively offering solid implementable suggestions.

    • For india to become strong economically we need to boycott Chinese so that our people start filling up the have population of 132 corores.we can break the Chinese economic backbone

    • Modi Sir should make friends with China’s enemies and boycott it’s products.Bloodshed won’t affect the crazy chinese

  68. Well whatever happened till now is over. Now the only option for resolving this crisis is:
    1. Mirror deployment in all the regions where chinese have beefed up their presence in their side of LAC. If china has x soldiers sitting on their side, you
    also place x of them on your own side. Atleast chinese are not inside LAC in Galwan and hot springs. So maintain status quo there so that thay don’t come
    inside, slowly they will themselves disengage giv
    2. In Pangong Tso, since the chinese have already come till heights of finger 4, so atleast do heavy deployment in the valley between finger 3-4. Also occupy
    the heights of finger 3 to keep a constant watch of finger 4 activities by chinese. Keep the talks on at all levels and maybe in few months some solution
    might come.

  69. Dear Shekhar,
    We’ll need to look at this from China’s pov. Why? What is there for China? A few meters here and there is not about territory. China knows it can’t do a massive land grab on India because that will mean massive retaliation and have thousands dead and a massive loss of face. It has seen this in Kargil that India will not hesitate to use deadly force if pushed. So what is the message here? Why is China keeping it on a low flame and needling India.
    It is a message. Not to India but to the world – esp the western world. That is India cannot stand up to China – it is not as strong as you guys make it out to be. Forget about it. India is not reliable. Do not put too many resouces in it. So when it finally takes on other rivals like Taiwan and in South China Sea, India is not a factor. It is to ensure India is not a factor at all at any point. This is to show us our place.
    This is the ONLY logical explanation. Nothing else makes sense from China’s pov.
    Given this conundrum, how does India respond? We could kick the can down the road, or do something that defeats this design of China. That something is the sudden attack and encirclement of few Chinese positions, taking them POW and destroying their new camps that are built in the grey zone. And then returning the personnel to China without much fanfare and celebration. This will show the world that India has the b*lls to do what is needed. In this process, if fire fighting starts, then we’ll have to be prepared for a limited skirmish with loss of life on both sides.
    Also Indian public must stop being chicken hearted about casualties. Military is not about wearing uniform and marching on rajpath. It’s job is to kill and in the process if necessary lay down the life. That is the whole purpose of the military. We must stop acting like pus2ies and be a martial race. Only that will put the fear and deterrance in the bully’s mind. Then Nepal and others will stop acting up and fall in line.

    • Mr. Shishir, how easy is it for you tell that “army is to lay down the life”. yes, they will do it, but dont put it so easily, each and every jawan or officer too has his family waiting for him. it is just that he is more patriotic than me or you and choose this job over something else. please respect it. coming to showing the b*lls, it has to be showed when necessary. you should not show it all the time. and, people know very little of what is actually happening. dont get swayed by what media is showing us. i too dont know what is going on. but, based on the trust that i have in our PM, i feel that he is doing the right thing right now. we are not yet completely ready for the show down. just like china, buy time through dialogues, we should do it while developing our capabilities and infra structure along the boarder areas. like Rajiv Bajaj mentioned yesterday, India should not look for the weakness of other nations to win, but in its own stregth.

    • I like you comment more than this article…you really put the correct prespective which was not even in the thougt of common man like me…great job..

    • I impressed with your interpretation that you must have to show the utmost valour at military level and if required then economically also. But the situation in which we are living today not allowing us to do some sudden bully.
      For a moment think if war goes longer and becoming grave day by day then you can not handle either economy country territory or reputation around.
      Better choice must be made with keeping the situation in mind especially now because it’s though to fight at multiple front like pandemic,Pak, China, growing employment and decreasing all economic parameters otherwise the decision of war become self catastrophic and the impact may be unimaginable for anybody.

    • India sud confirm it is not going to concede an inch of land at whatever cost it might be. India likes to honor status quo and previous covenants, since then long time past. China can’t place newer claims every other day like a pampered child n india concede it. This can’t go any longer. Economic independence must at any cost, no dithering. Peace is first priority but if China thrusts war upon us India sud fight putting in a
      ll might what ever may be the consequences. India sud take all friends n allies on its side n convince them how war mongering China spreading war n destroying civilisation by sheer might n unbelieving principle of peaceful prosperous coexistence for humanity.

    • Here everybody forget that China always vetoed in declaring Masood Azhar as International terrorist in favour of Pakistan. When Nehru sloganed Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai and they backstabbed in 1962 showing their leadership. Chinese leadership now doesn’t want to see Modi as the Strong, upcoming and guide to the new world after the Covid19 pandemic. It just want to show that India can’t lead the world as we are much depending on China economically
      There are thinkers and strategists who will do the good for the country. Better leave these commie, Congi print media to dustbin.

    • Shisir,partially I agree with your views,A soldier is always ready2sacrifice his life for the country, here that’s not the point, govt chest thumps for everything, now its time to show some nerves everytimebjp blames nehru so as a voter I want govt2show the difference between previous&present regime,1st time pmo office giving xplanation on pm speech? “EVERY SOLDIER LIFE MATTERS”

    • ‘That something is the sudden attack and encirclement of few Chinese positions, taking them POW and destroying their new camps that are built in the grey zone. And then returning the personnel to China without much fanfare and celebration. This will show the world that India has the b*lls to do what is needed. In this process, if fire fighting starts, then we’ll have to be prepared for a limited skirmish with loss of life on both sides.’

      India would not have the guts. You need to change the composition of the Indian army. It is now full of Brahmins and Banias. You need to have 10% Sikhs, 30% Muslims and 10% Gorkhas. Only these communities can stand and fight fearlessly.

  70. Once Tipu Sultan had said : It is far better to live like a LION for a day then to live like a JACKAL for 100 years. Now it’s our turn to decide who was lion and who is JACKAL among Modi and Nehru. navn

  71. Solution
    1) Economic boycott of china & pakistan
    2) Encourage as much as other countries to economically boycott China and Pakistan
    3) Build your own resources that used to be imported and slowly produce them in bulk.
    4) compete with chinese market supply by delivering indian goods ( ENgineering , civil works , goods etc)
    5) be 80 % self dependent on arms and military supplies , gigantically build infrastructure for the same.
    6) Encourage Indian engineering companies like Larson and turbo, Ashok Leyland, Tatas , reliance etc and many small industries who will help defence sector. ( down with commission practice)
    7) Forgive the Industrialists like Vijay Mallya , Nirav, etc on condition that they would finance and help build up strong defence related sectors.
    8) mnrega workers in lakhs or crore must be
    made available at the border regions for quickly developing basic infrastructure that will lead to very modernized infrastructure.
    9) Tit for tat reply for enemies, also including nuclear weapons, fight till end of both. No matter what

    • Mr Richard Noronha: Among the many preposterous, impractical and downright laughable suggestions you have listed one of them should probably have driven home the fact that talking of the boycott of Chinese products is a pipe dream. At least in the short-run.

      So putting your money where your mouth is, please tell me Mr Noronha whether you have already smashed the Chinese made smartphone that you have in your pocket.

      Thank you Sir.

  72. Indians keep repeating 26/11 although proven by Indian media it was an inside job. Several articles are out there.
    The paranoia of Pakistan, Islam, etc., playing in the hands of terrorists RSS, BJP, kidnapping all of india, taking them on an certain path, is there. Indians have to open their eyes before it is too late.

  73. He already tried something new – pretend nothing is happening.
    Or perhaps it is part of a deal – China taught Modi lessons in repression, and in return they get 60 sq km of land – but then why involve the army and get 20 men killed?

  74. It was pertinent to point out Nehru died of shock but unfortunately from syphilis and not Chinese incursions. Pl correct your facts

  75. Sir,
    Daredevlary is not always good.
    In order to satisfy his audience. he and his home ministerr are playing with fire.
    Pakistan,terror,Islam for last six years are their plank and they have created a completely hostile environment all along.
    I think you missed is Afghanistan, along with China., Pakistan, Nepal etc. that country can also harm Indian interests if hostility goes on.
    I think running a state as CM and running a country as PM are different things.
    When you become hostile because of your excessive hardcore ideologies, you end up like AlQaida,Taliban, ISIS, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uganda, Iraq, Chechans etc.
    The world will not tolerate your excessive hegemony.

  76. I feel sad and surprised at how quickly these remnant journalists of congi era ‘smell blood’. They smelt blood during corona crisis (still do), now shekhar gupta is smelling blood in China crisis. If You notice, this whole commie team at this portal is hell bent on one thing – denigrate and bring down Modi. And Modi feeds on this negativity…he emerges stronger. What is sad is, that these commies and leftist journos are least bothered about a belligerent China. Their only concern is how they can possibly hurt Modi. Its just pathetic. That shameless Rajdeep and Johlachaap Ravish along with these commies at Print are despicable human beings. I am not saying that rabble rousing journalists with war cries are any better, they are also pathetic, but these guys take the cake with their unbridled negativity 24 hrs.

    • Bang on! Shekhar Gupta, can’t forget that the Congis gave him the Padma Bhushan — that’s where his loyalty lies, to the Gandhi clan and through them he can have his entitlements again. Ever since Corona stuck, he thinks he has smelt blood, has been relentless, hoping like a coward he can fight Modi. Cowards attack when they think their enemy is down and totally paralysed. This guy’s in for another unpleasant surprise.

  77. Nehru – I asked the IA to throw the chinese out and he caused loss of aksai chin
    Modi – No encroachment, no capture of posts, not an inch lost

    Who is brave and who is egotist

    • Nehru was arrogant and stupid, to not listening to leaders like Patel and others in the fifties. Secondly arrogant rogue as a Defense minister in VKK MEnon, who was more interested in working from London,insulting Indian Army men. From ’47 to’62, Wenever wanted to have Army and Indian forces to safeguard our borders. Chinese prepared for 15 years, we were talking Hindi-Chini bhai,bhai. We had lost about 60,000 of land. Nehru was arrogant enoigh to reply in Parliament that ” not even a tuft of grass grows there, so what’s the use of that SNOW DESERT. He was ridiculed by the whole country, and people lost the faith in him. What Chinese claim today is that was originally our territory, which was lost by JMN, in 62. Instead of supporting our present PM, We are ridiculing Modi, . We don’t external enemies to defeat our country, morons like Shekhar,yechury,scamress,tukdewale gang are enough to sell this country and,become slaves of others. If it is destined to be sold, by few of you, it will happen, and because of them, the whole country will suffer.

  78. To break out of India-Pak-China triangulation we did everything over years since independence other than what was necessary. We did not build up the Military or Economic capacity. The reason we were too busy robbing the tax payer. So long as the Modi government is not caught with its hand in the till is it correct to equate it withe past dispensations.
    All those who have been hurt by him not following the old ways will never give him that benefit, it is understandable.
    So far he has handled all the world leaders in dignified way so there is reason the believe that he will handle Xi also .

  79. What Nehru did was a shame to us still Modi ji is at a front foot either it’s a Doklam or now or Pakistan surgical strike. We have a stand and firm attitude towards our land and country.

  80. I don’t think the 3 options mentioned above are the only right options. having good relationship with china has not worked, building relationship with pakistan will also not work as attacks will still happen and there will come a time where you can’t explain to the public why we are so soft on pakistan. Pakistan will remain a thorn. Lastly, being a pawn for western powers is big no, india’s self reliance is what has made it into an India of today and if we have to achieve the ambition of being a power house then our self reliance is very important. In my opinion the only option available with modi is try to bide time till we reach a position where we can actually let Chinese think twice before doing anything mischievous. I am not saying wait till we become more powerful than china but powerful enough that we can cause a substantial damage. and when i say bide time is that our focus should be to defend our current positions vehemently, try to pinch chinese here and there (keep them busy, not too much) )and during this time build our defenses and economy. Stop reliance on chinese goods, it will be a slow process but start taking the steps. and for this we need to clearly define a timeline and abide by it. after we have achieved the necessary strength we can apply the same strategy we have been applying against pakistan…..defensive offense. I am not an expert but that’s my view..

  81. Regardless of the pickle which India may find itself in, China isn’t definitely on an unbridled one way road to Superpowerdom. Hong Kong may spread, with flaming credits going to the western world. Corona has put brakes, at least for the time being, on their trade ambitions as the official manufactory of the world, and politics aside, world businesses are unlikely to give up washing hands after every Chinese business handshake. Then their problem with Uncle Sam isn’t going to go away. Add in the border irritants such as Taiwan, Southsea etc and Chinese shouldn’t be living in a cloud cuckoo land. The military and economic might notwithstanding, constrained by their language and lacking any soft power quotient, they may just remain an ever emerging superpower! Bullying the neighbourhood is one thing, politically influencing the world needs better DNA which Chinese just don’t have.

    India? Our border with China has better infrastructure now, our forces are better equipped, and in economic terms we’re not Pakistan. So we do have options, may be a combination of them, without having to take head on with the dragon.

  82. Nehru – I asked the IA to throw the chinese out and he caused loss of aksai chin
    Modi – No encroachment, no capture of posts, not an inch lost

    Who is brave and who is egotist

  83. You are propogating the Chinese script to the hilt by emphasising concessions to Pakistan. It is a shame that people like you call yourself journalists.

    • Think logically and not emotionally. You have 2 enemies. It’s difficult to fight both at the same time, so try and make a friend out of one. That doesn’t mean giving concessions. The unfortunate problem is that Pakistan will not be ready for this as long as the army calls the shots. So we have to ignore them. The out of the box solution is to get much closer to the US. As diverse democracies, we have much more in common. Enter into security and trade alliances with the US to the extent of having US military bases. Germany and Japan fought the US during world war 2 and yet the US treated them more than fairly. Our problem was that after independence we were not pragmatic and when we allied with a super power it was the USSR, which does not even exist today.

  84. It’s a difficult situation, but citizens know that PM Modi and his team will take long term decisions for the good of India.
    With the Congress, SoniaG and RahulG – only expectations are: weakening India, destroying Hinduism, chaos, corruption and personal gain for Gandhi & Vadra families.

  85. Mr. Shekhar Gupta, well written article (naturally speaking in China’s voice and on behalf of Congress).
    But do you remember the humble pie that you had to eat publicly in 2014 & 2019? Hope you liked the taste, because on the issue you discussed in this article, you will definitely get to enjoy a different flavoured humble pie again – just wait for 2 to 3 years.

  86. Doesn’t matter how much u talk to China or Pak they WILL not give up on their sinister designs against India . Whether u live with that reality or live in a la la Land.

  87. Hope he will not take the fourth option of stopping all the construction activities along LAC thus succumbing to Chinese pressure.

    • I will mention one thing that Modi as mentioned by Shekhar a thin skinned human has his total intelligentsia down the drain.
      Time and time again Modi has shown the thickness of his skin. He is the daring PM, India wanted for so long.
      Chinese will soon and has known to be replied in their own language.
      Do not forget Doklam Shekhar !

    • I am sorry Mr Gupta you have direct access with Pak and China establishment why don’t you start walk and talk with these Neighbours and bring them back on coffee table for your country which is following social distance . YOUR high quality advice will be tested and can be proven, more over Son of land will be awarded by people.

  88. Well, Modi tired something old – he lied yesterday!

    Is that a sign that nothing will change, and he’ll keep Pakistan as the enemy for domestic politics.. To China, he’ll continue to shake hands to their face, while trying to stab behind their backs! It didn’t gain India anything so far.. but it did help him fool the ‘nationalists’ in his ranks!

    Funny how bombing Pakistan makes you brave, while ceding ground to China makes you braver!! 😀

    • Pakistan harassed India since long it’s anti national activity continued. 🇵🇰 Continued supporting terrorist why we should forgive pak? We has to give answer pak in its language. It is a country of terrorism.

  89. Regarding the choices before Modi, the article is spot on. To recapitulate, Modi can
    a. Settle with China by negotiating best possible terms that they might offer
    b. Make common cause with western countries against China
    c. Keep going against both China and Pakistan alone.

    The issues that the exercise of these choices will entail are many and this is where the article lacks in requisite depth. Some of them are
    1. Possible loss of strong-man image with lifetime of efforts down the drain.(the Nehru conundrum)
    2. Giving up of autonomy and willing to go about with western powers and being a pawn on the chess-board of one-upmanship between western powers and China/Russia (the option chosen by Pakistan and Mrs Gandhi. Under Rao/Manmohan/Vajpayee, India managed to get out, Pakistan is still stuck)
    3. Lie to your people and pretend all is fine and hope that China is content with whatever it has got this time. This is what the govt seems to be doing now and it is helped by a pliant media, no opposition worth the name and the enormous, never-ending political capital of the PM. But this approach can unravel if circumstances stop favouring the PM. Plus Xi holds strong cards and can force Modi’s hands at any time.
    4. Embarking on a 2 front war at this time is foolishness which I think no Indian PM will even consider.
    5. Economic boycott (or even threatening to do so) of Chinese goods is not a strategy that is going to yield any dividends. Pakistan has been boycotting Indian goods for a great number of years and it has made no difference to India while Pakistan has gone bankrupt.

    Shekhar babu is right – the gauntlet has been thrown by Xi. The PM has so far escaped approbium for his actions like mismanaging economy, messing about with civil rights and pretending to solve age-old issues with obfuscation and good fortune. A tanking economy, a raging pandemic and a belligerent enemy at the border is going to force Mr Modi out of his comfort zone.

    The only real correct approach in my view is
    – get the opposition on board and form a national govt (demonstrate to your enemy that you are one)
    – urgently halt all this divide and rule politics and set the economy right (If Amit Shah needs to be let go, so be it)
    – appear as a humble man willing to compromise internally so as to lead an enormous united country which will truly be ready for any sacrifice.

    Will the PM be able to master his ego as Churchill did in May 1940? Is the PM ready to sacrifice his current macho-man image for the sake of his country? It is this personal sacrifice which will bestow eternal true greatness on him (which he so desperately seeks) This is the PM’s Ashoka moment.

    Interesting (and epoch altering) times both for the Indian nation and Mr. Modi personally.

    • This perfectly encapsulates Modi’s current situation. Whatever he does next will seal India’s economic and geopolitical fate for the next few decades.

      The three steps that Modi needs to take are unfortunately steps of “last resort”, if he even considers taking them. Modi is a man of little material possessions but he has acquired the greatest political capital in modern India. Letting go of that to unite with the opposition will be akin to a man being asked to give up his material wealth in return for the greater good.

      Is he up for the challenge?

    • You’re right.. but Modi already gave the answer when he denied anything ever happened at the border!! The Chinese are now taking full advantage claiming that the roads and bridges we built are on their territory!!

    • Wonderfully articulated. Spot on. The million dollar question is will he master his ego? There is no past performance of the sort. But if he does that, it will be a great service to the country and assure him a benevolent place in history.

    • This will not happen. Why should Modi form a National Govt when he has an and absolute majority – and give a fresh lease of life to emasculated opposition grasping for breath. His ego will never permit that. Modi will feign ignorance -and assert everything is honky -dory on the western front, no matter how many soldiers are martyred. This is politics – politics of survival. Only way to make India great and invincible: shore up the economy battered by Demo, GST and lockdowns. Generate massive employments. Put money in the hands of people. Push up demand, incentivize production, expand the economy, modernize military, build up nuclear arsenal, invest in Technology. All these things will require money. But the Govt is bankrupt, it is not able to pay its employees its dues. So what is the option; The only option that Modi has; Deny that our territory is occupied. assert we are safe. Aver that martyrdom will not go in vain. Lull people into a state of complacency. Wait for better opportunity which may not come. Pray God – That is what our Govt is doing. a k pattabiraman, Chennai

      • Have you forgotten the Pakistan PM travelling by commercial flight to USA? And the begging bowl he carried in his luggage?

    • Democracy in India is unsuccessful due to weak selfish political parties, corrupt inefficient executive, failure of Media due to lack of unbiased approach and delayed justice making people, a mass of voters. National government is the best where egos are satisfied, booty is shared by all without qualms and bitterness will reduce. A populous country like India must be diplomatic but show some spine and risk taking at times, especially in times of need. Did Modi not take risk through demonetisation, removal of art.370 and certain other reforms? If situation warrants we must take some risks including use of Nuclear deterrent in the name of Buddha. Defence needs plan, smartness, multi pronged approach, food & water supply and all vital communication. Ram Temple the conscience of this country too must be completed by 2022.

    • Bravo.Have to say your analysis and conclusions encapsulates it better than SG’s. Unfortunately, our PM has gone back to the tried and tested strategy of lying through his teeth and claiming that nothing has happened. Unfortunately, on this occasion, his denial is unlikely to work as there are the dead bodies of twenty brave souls in front of the nation and the people are likely to demand some answers.

    • A very cogent analysis.

      However Modi is not capable of collecting together an opposition and uniting people. He is not an educated person like Nehru and Churchill, and he has a massive inferiority complex. Having had RSS fascist training, he has no natural conviction in democracy. He can only run with people like Shah.

      We have 4 more years and the Hindu public has blind faith.. India is going to unravel with its sunken economy, Covid and two front confrontation with China and Pak.. Modi and Shah will continue with CAA-NRC and social unrest because that brings Hindu support.

  90. Running natioan is too serious business to leave on politician who runs it on hollow slogans.
    Yesterday, what PM told at the end of the all party meet, tells us that Ladhak should get 4G service because it took 45 days for PM to get the message that “ALL IS WELL”.

  91. Peace with Pakistan. The same old nonsense. Some people simply can’t learn from the past. 26/11 happened when ‘Aman ki asha’ circus was going on.

  92. Why we are not wanting to settle it directly on the table with CHINA ….

    Yes we may loose some but may gain some if we sit one on one .

    Any other option will be a bigger loss than the above

    • Sit on the table with China and u think they will just give up their claim on Indian territory. Wistful thinking. Talking to them is just waste of time. Needs to built capability. Both military and economic.

  93. Shekhar bias spells doom for him and can’t help but reach the obvious result albeit the wrong one.
    You can make fictitious column of army march towards Delhi under Sonia’s order;you can fragment nation under Chinese influence by giving column space to mentally tired sick generals.You can do whatever to earn your living but fact remains that Indian people have elected truthful leadership,who will navigate us through these times.You might be a prisoner of a few congress men and their agendas and your tunnel vision,can’t see beyond them;but thankfully,we have progressed far ahead and can consign you to the abyss of the paid news trader media,where you belong.

    • We elected a man who is truthful – not an inch is lost through khaleje mein dhum and a few IA martyrs killing twice the number on the other side.

      Abhinandhan Varthaman was returned by pak and we celebrated him with a vir chakra. China has returned 10 IA personnel. 10 vir chakras this time and many more posthumous??

      All the vir chakras can be counted on selfless, unambigous objectives of Modi.

    • Let us take a step back and recognise a few realities:
      1. Options and resources and information available to Modi is far more than that available to Mr Gupta.
      2. Modi can take politically risky decisions – whether it is to invite Nawaz at the swearing in or to try and be friends with Xi.
      3. Xi has, sadly, made enemies across the globe. They have an old foe in Japan (rich country), made new ones in Australia (the two being part of the quad joined by US) and more recently with Canada.
      4. After more recent progress on Chabahar port (the only port where US sanctions don’t apply according to Al Jazeera), the US has a stake in India’s success with China. Notice Pompeo supporting India as a ‘World’s largest democracy’.
      5. Increasingly, the ASEAN countries are also getting wary of China’s aggression in the South China Sea.

      Modi doesn’t have to do what we are thinking he can do. All that he needs to do is to ensure that the infrastructure is built rapidly in the area. This allows him wider access to PoK and CPEC for the future. The Chinese know it and hence they are moving in.

      Modi will pull all his resources in a calm, collected manner and then mount an offensive. It remains to be seen if anti China sentiment in US will be whipped up allowing US to support India openly. US simply has to open a front in the South China Sea to ‘protect’ the small nations and we will see China asking for a quick resolution to the challenge with India.

      Scary but interesting to watch nevertheless.

  94. Modi has visited China more than his predecessors combined. For a while it worked. Time and again India has tried reasoning with Pakistan and failed as the Islamic state’s raison d’être is to be a thorn in our flesh. So China was the inevitable option not only for strategic but also economic compulsions; the Chinese are big investors in India, especially our freshly minted startups, who create jobs where our government has failed.

    This worked for a while, until recently, when the ruling party started plumping for indigenization, ostensibly as the economy floundered under the pandemic. The ill thought out boycott of all goods foreign (with Chinese goods the biggest casualty) would have been interpreted in some manner by the Chinese mandarins. Add to that the jingoistic chest thumping by some of our ministers to earn some cheap fanboyism from their electorates also contributed to this perhaps unwitting tilt away from the PMs carefully nurtured Sino Indian bonhomie.

    The Chinese were already being ostracized by the world. They reacted the only way knew how.

    • They are in a position that they don’t need to care about the world view. They can indulge in south china sea , with usa , with eu & also show india its place simultaneously. Its the hard fact that they spend $261 billion on defense & are a $15 trillion economy. Either we can accept it and match them through hard work or keep suffering this humiliation.

      • And the US has 15 trillion debt with China.

        As for India matching their economy, India’s economy has shrunk due to Modi, even before Covid. Modi and his team do not have the competence. Hence, China has the upper hand and India cannot close the gap with the present incompetents.

  95. The idea of a compromise with Pakistan is not sound. An alliance with U.S is the only good option available.

    • I feel this conflict is a result of Xi’s perception that Modi has already aligned with the US , Australia & Japan. Xi thinks his good friend Modi has betrayed him by not submitting himself to Xi’s supremacy & big brother status.
      But the biggest blunder has already been created by Modi by announcing yesterday that no one has entered our territory & we have not lost an inch to China. Reality aside, he has lost the perception battle domestically that will surely make some dent in his popularity.

      • By commenting that India has not lost any territory or any post, Modi has actually conceded Gulwan Valley to the Chinese.

      • It will not make any dent in his popularity. The support is based on Hindu communalism against Muslims. That is not going to stop, so he will have continuing support. Hindus believe that Modi is the first Hindu ruler in 1000 years, and even if India breaks up, that is more important to them. MMS was responsible for India’s growth and putting it on the map as a rising economic power. But the Hindu middle class that was built by MMS ironically hate MMS. It is because he was Sikh and he was appointed by Christian Sonia. They would rather have an incompetent Hindu chai wallah, and even if he reduced the economy, and got a beating from China, they would support him – as you can see in the messages here.

    • This will seriously compromise India’s own ambitions of becoming World power in multi-polar World order. U.S. has already dominated entire Asia for almost a century now, in literally every thing be it business, technology, language, culture etc. From Arabs to Southeast Asia people believe that whatever practices are followed in U.S., they should follow them too. China is the only other nation in the World which has surprisingly challenged the U.S. supremacy in at least the technological sphere if not in every sphere.
      India on the other hand is neither a technological power nor blessed with unlimited natural resources. But it has something certainly of equivalent value the so called “SOFT POWER”. India can use this soft power to form alliances of its own in South Asia & Southeast Asia based on shared ‘Desi Values’ and ‘Democracy’. The population of this entire region is approx. 190 crore which is 1/4th of the world population. If this alliance is strong enough, then India can significantly control, thwart & damage Chinese interest and businesses throughout the entire region. While in the mean time India will need to bolster its own defense industry explicitly bringing down imports to nil. This entire process can take multiple years for that period of time India needs to dodge the Chinese as much as possible and avoid the American interference at all cost otherwise India will become similar to other World powers ” BRUTAL ON ONE, BUT ON THE MERCY OF OTHERS “.

      • Earlier, Hindus were boasting India is a Hindu superpower. Now you realise after the beating from China that is not the case.

        Sri Lanka, Pakistan are with China and against India. India has alienated even Hindu Nepal. The NRC-CAA has started to alienate BD.

        The bad mouthing of Arabs on Twitter after Covid has also started to alienate them, and Indians have been deported.

        Hindu extremists in the west are also being booked for hate speech. The western papers report beating up of Muslims and Christians. So what kind of democratic values do you have ?

        India is gone as a nation. It is neither an economic power, nor a democracy with human rights. Hindus gave the BJP the mandate to undo democracy and they will do that. They want a Hindu rashtra run according to Manusmriti. You have nothing in common with others.

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