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Modi govt and military leaders have soldiers’ blood on hands. PM’s dilemma now same as Nehru

Misreading the LAC situation and poorly advised by his compliant military hierarchy, Modi played a dangerous game of brinkmanship. The result is the horrendous murder of 20 soldiers.

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It is a national shame that one Colonel and 19 soldiers have been killed in action while many more injured  in a “fist and club” non-military action with the Chinese PLA in the Galwan River Valley. There are unconfirmed reports of 43 PLA casualties.

Ironically, it was at Galwan River Valley, 80 km upstream from the current Line of Actual Control (LAC), near Samzungling, that a military confrontation took place before the 1962 war on 4 July when a platoon of 1/8 Gorkha Rifles was surrounded by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The post remained under siege thereafter and was maintained by Mi 4 helicopters. A company of 5 Jat was inducted by helicopters from 4-12 October to relieve this platoon. On 20 October, this company fought a heroic action at the Galwan post with 36 out of the total 68 soldiers being killed in action. Interestingly, the route to this post then used to be via Hot Springs- Kongka La area and not from the Shyok river. Just compare the heroic 1962 operations with the current fiasco.

The writing for the latest tragedy was on the wall. Beginning April end, the PLA had intruded at multiple points across the LAC in Eastern Ladakh with a clear strategic intent to trigger a border incident to impose China’s hegemony on India and stop further development of  border infrastructure in sensitive areas, which threaten Aksai Chin.

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Unprofessional political and military response to the crisis

The political and military response was surreal. Focus remained on domestic politics. Denial and obfuscation were the principal tools. The crisis was handled as a border management problem — a pattern we have become used to seeing after Depsang 2013, Chumar 2014 and Doklam 2017 — and not as a military operation to contest the preemptive tactical offensive undertaken by the PLA.

India missed the obvious signals: the deployment of regular PLA troops — all arms formations; build-up of reserves in the rear; precautionary build-up all along the LAC; the choice of areas of intrusion — our vulnerabilities; and seizure of the heights at places of intrusion. India’s intent was to dare and call the Chinese bluff.

But it is this approach that resulted in the horrendous spectacle of the commanding officer of a unit being clubbed to death in full view of his troops. The military hierarchy itself failed in its professional responsibility to advise the government to use force as per professional norms. The blood of these soldiers is on the hands of the government and the military hierarchy.

The 1996 border management agreement does lay down norms to exercise restraint in use of weapons during LAC confrontations. But that is an agreement for border policing in normal times and not during military operations which were ongoing in the intrusion areas. The agreement does not lay down any restrictions on carriage of weapons. Moreover, when the lives of soldiers or territory is threatened by the enemy, the commander on the spot can use all weapons at his disposal, including artillery fire. The decision to not carry weapons was deliberate and a wrong one taken by the military hierarchy, which resulted in this tragedy.

History is replete with examples wherein the disengagement process is used as a ploy to attack the enemy. “Never trust your enemy” is a principle taught to every recruit. Every child knows the story of the “Trojan Horse” in the battle of Troy. Indian Army fell prey to the design of the PLA.

Border management is distinct from border defence. The former requires linear movement and visible “flag showing” in the valleys and along the roads and tracks. The latter requires holding the dominating heights. The military violated this cardinal principle of high altitude and mountain warfare by not securing the heights either preemptively or after the intrusion.

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Kongka La moment

Make no mistake, this is Narendra Modi’s Kongka La moment. In the 1950s, lacking in economic and military resources, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had followed the pragmatic, traditional ‘forward policy’ to flag the frontiers using the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), and the Assam Rifles.

By 1951, India pre-empted China and secured the areas up to the McMahon Line in the Northeast using the Assam Rifles. This was a remarkable feat because until then, Tibet exercised de facto control over Tawang and parts of Lohit division. In the western sector, China pre-empted us and secured Aksai Chin and built a road through it linking Xinjiang to Tibet. However, by mid-1959, we managed to plant our ‘flag’ in all other areas using the IB and the CRPF. Most of these areas were east of present-day LAC at varying distances.

At this juncture, our police/paramilitary posts/patrols came face-to-face with the Chinese border defence units and India granted asylum to the Dalai Lama in March 1959. This led to China hardening its position and it came out with its 1959 claim line in Ladakh. Being militarily weak, the best option for India was to negotiate and accept the actual ground positions as a mutually agreed border without giving up our claims for a final settlement. However, Nehru decided to continue with the brinkmanship on the premise that war will not take place.

On 25 August 1959 at Longju, in Lohit division, the PLA took a soldier from the Assam Rifles as a prisoner of war (POW). The first violent incident took place  on 21 October at Kongka La in Ladakh, where nine CRPF personnel were killed, three wounded and seven taken as POW. Until then, the goings-on at the frontier regions had been secretive and public perception was managed by denial and obfuscation.

However, the border clashes and casualties led to immense pressure from the public and in Parliament. Nehru lost his nerve and abandoned a fairly successful strategy despite China offering a status quo settlement. All his subsequent actions were panic-driven, tactical and bereft of strategic thought. Diplomacy was abandoned. The pragmatic frontier-flagging ‘forward policy’ adopted  until then was replaced by a more aggressive ‘forward policy’, which actually became ‘forward movement of troops’, to call the Chinese bluff. Less by design and more by default, Nehru blundered into a military confrontation on an unfavourable terrain and with an army that was unequal for the task. Rather than calling the bluff of the Chinese, our own bluff was called.

Interestingly, Kongka La – Gogra – Hot Springs, is one of the areas of current intrusions.

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Modi’s situation and what now

Modi’s dilemma is the same as that of Nehru. Militarily, due to a quantum jump in technology-driven capability, China has a clear edge over us. Like Nehru, PM Modi has given priority to the economy over the military. He relied upon diplomacy to handle China. Lulled by the experience of Depsang (under UPA 2), Chumar and Doklam, he approached the present crisis as a border management issue.

Misreading the situation and poorly advised by his compliant military hierarchy, Modi played a dangerous game of brinkmanship, reducing the Army to the sorry pass of operating without arms in deliberate military operations. The horrendous murder of 20 soldiers in the Galwan Valley has brought the issue in public domain. India now knows about the inept handling of the situation on the LAC, both politically and militarily.

Modi now has to take the strategic decision. There are two options. The first is to swallow the bitter pill, rely upon diplomacy, exploit the brutality of the incident that led to a large number of casualties on both sides and achieve the political aim – status quo ante April 2020 and demarcation of the LAC. In other words, extract from China what Nehru failed to accept in 1959. War is always the last resort and even a bully knows that.

The second option is to salvage national pride and fight a limited war to achieve the same political aim. Make a declared intent to localise the war in a specific area as was done during Kargil but be prepared for an escalation. Under no circumstances must we rush into a conflict/war. Vendetta and retribution are emotions that compromise clear-headed military planning. War has to be at time and place of our choice. Weather and climate play a critical role in high-altitude warfare.

Prime Minister, in this hour of reckoning, the nation stands solidly behind you and I, as a veteran, place my services at nation’s disposal. Notwithstanding the asymmetry in capability, our armed forces will deliver.

Lt Gen H S Panag PVSM, AVSM (R) served in the Indian Army for 40 years. He was GOC in C Northern Command and Central Command. Post-retirement, he was Member of Armed Forces Tribunal. Views are personal.

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  1. Wonder what is wrong with indians. Shekhar Gupta has lost the plot completely feels like he wants China to take over Delhi

  2. Very well written article. Should be educative for the younger generations and those who are not familiar with the real history. V.P.Kapur

  3. Isn’t it amazing people who call themselves patriotic have no shame in abusing the retired army officer.
    He retired as LT General and this morons is asking him about his knowledge of army and have u fought any war.
    If Ur a BJP bhakt atleast have some respect for soldiers rather just barking about it.
    He has written an article and u read it u can accept it or ignore it buy don’t insult a army guy who has done his bit for the country.
    Morons are happy when retired army people come in arnab show and shower praise on this feku government
    At that time they don’t have problem
    But when some one is questioning the government policy then he is Congress chamcha cowards and deshdrohi.
    Shameless bhakts

  4. What can I say..u r a military person and command respect even when my mind says u must be a traitor…U have not fought a single war , did not have courage to speak on front of congress and get military updated.
    Chess is very intelligent tells when to stop , when to reverse and when to fight with full force…I do believe this is not time to attack and best is to move backward few steps…which countries soldiers do not die in they behave like u especially u a military veteran…u must be a very coward person..I would have appreciated if u died in war rather than writing stupid articles here defaming the country.

    • At 72 the brain cells start fading, and mental faculties are on the decline, so it is no wonder HSP keeps hallucinating about Nehru and reminiscing about 1940s when he was in his knickers. After all isn’t this the hare brained fool who came up with “Operation Kabaddi” and advocating Robotic wars, aligning with mufflerwallah (clueless train wreck leading Delhi ) and other such fantasies. He needs to stop watching Bollywood movies and see a shrink pronto and stop spouting gibberish on sosha media. It is good entertainment to read his gibberish though 🙂

      • He has not praised Nehru but indicted and has said where he went wrong. At 72 you may not be as active as Lt. Gen Panag.

        • Mr NN Ramachandran: The Soda Bottle Sod above must surely be one of the many alumni of the Nagpur University of Nonsense whose Chancellor happens to be the venerable Mohan Bhagwat. I guess this Soda Bottle Sod is surely a holder of the Bachelor of Hindutva (Hons) degree from said University. Need I say more Mr NN Ramachandran ?

    • Mr Nitin Handa: Why would you call a man who has served nearly 4 decades in the Armed Forces a traitor ? And why should an extremely relevant, fact based article about the inept leadership of PM Modi and his minions be regarded as defaming the country ?

      Indeed, the unprofessional, incompetent leadership of MoShah has actually landed the country in deep trouble with ALL, repeat ALL its neighbours. While at the same time wrecking the economy. And yet bhakths like you are unable to read the writing on the wall. And in your glaring intellectual impotence at being unable to counter-argue with Lt. Gen. Panag an armchair warrior like you who presumably has not seen a single day of hardship in his life will use his Chinese made smartphone to denounce and defame a soldier.

      Shame on you Mr Handa !

  5. This is such a sane, matter-of-factly, and a legitimate article penned by the author. I wonder as to how many of the distinguished readers here are finding fault with it and choosing to condemn it by seeing it from a political lens of “us versus them”. If they expect the entire citizenry to stand behind the PM even after this crass handling of the border crisis with China, why can’t this article be taken in the same spirit as being a genuine and an honest advice. How can we grade the citizenry on lines of the adage “everyone is equal but some are more equal than others”? All, young and old alike, are ready to die at the border for the nation, but those at the helm should reflect the feeling that they treat and trust all citizens equally. To me, this article is extremely commendable and deserves to be taken note of for deciding upon future strategies.

    • Fine Mr.Murdabad, but the suggestions are for whom? And Where are they being shared? Curse of Free Speech!

      • Your show of indecency and feeling of frustration are understandable as the PM cannot escape criticism and answerability for his reckless handling of the border crisis with China. As per great freedom fighter Tilak’s slogan, “Freedom is our birth right”, and I am sure the freedom includes freedom of speech too. You too, don’t think in a restricted manner; think freely, think sanely.

      • Mr/Ms NK: I am quite sure that your parents did not teach you to abuse when you had to argue. But abuse you nonetheless do for no reason other than the fact that you have been utterly unable to produce a single argument countering Mr Murtada’s comment above. Indeed, your trademarks are abuse as well as a disrespectful tone.

        You do not have to agree with the views of Mr Murtada. But the very least please do write his name properly even if you cannot muster counter-arguments. After all, unlike you hiding behind initials, Mr Murtada does reveal his name, doesn’t he?

        And just as your parents did not teach you to abuse despite the fact that you disregard their advice, one hopes that your own children will disregard the way in which you behave and not resort to abuse.

        • Thank you so much Kili Jolsiyar for your flagging off indecency in respect of Mr NK (I will not include the Ms title as normally women are not given into abuse except some controversial sadhvis, and few others whom unfortunately the PMO also follows). Your response largely compensated the unpleasant feeling that I had encountered by Mr NK’s unthinking comment and also by that of one Daboo, though the later gentleman was being true to his nick name.

    • Murda “SANE” and HSP do not go hand in hand. He is 72 or 73 so grey matter is getting diseased so spouts nonsense quoting from bygone era. I come here to read his gibberish and get entertained. If you treat it like a radio these message boards and free speech are a source of non stop entertainment. You can tune to a different channel if you do not like the music, so it doesn’t bother me.

  6. What kind of journalism is this? You can’t just drink alcohol at press clubs and party with people on press releases! What do you know about China that you write such demoralising fake stories instead of news? Who is the news editor responsible for posting this piece of garbage?

      • Sir, I fully agree with your views. Political and military leadership have failed the nation. But I would put more onus on the army and military leadership. Army’s job is to defend border and to do it has to take instantaneous decisions. It seems army of 2020 is like army of 1962 that it looks for decision to its political bosses. We need generals like Sagatsinghji and general Sundarji. In 1967 we had weak government at centre but still general Sagatsinghji give bloody nose to Chinese and defended Nathu la.

    • Mr Harsha Saini: So what is the “real” news that you miraculously seem to know and the military doesn’t?

      Fact is, inept leadership and shrill jingoism fabricated for a domestic audience hooked to Hindutva has gotten India into a dangerous situation. And rather than hold the incompetent BJP leadership and the PMO responsible for this débâcle, your ilk resorts to the same Hindutva inspired shouting matches about the greatness of India. Even as the Chinese are nibbling away at Indian territory. And the notion that any article or information talking about the sordid reality in which the country has been pushed to is fake.

      Today, under the great leadership and “hugging diplomacy” of PM Modi, the country has bad relationships with every neighbour, including the only Hindu country in the world viz. Nepal. When his Delhi University education and pracharak experience leads him to believe that he is the greatest economist in the world and India’s answer to Kissinger, it is hardly surprising that he come up idiotic moves like demonetisation and finds that the Chinese are giving India a hiding at the border.

      Indeed, after every clumsy and bungling foray into the realms of foreign affairs or economics, professionals have to do the clearing up after Modi has moved on to create the next disaster. After Amit Shah’s dangerous, provocative speech in Parliament that India would recover all territories held by Pakistan and China, the Chinese took note. Foreign Minister Jaishankar had to do a lot of shuttle diplomacy to Beijing to placate the Chinese that Shah was speaking to a domestic audience and that India had no intention of recovering Aksai Chin. Clearly the Chinese have not been convinced.

      Not that facts will convince fantasists like you that “Akhand Bharat” is a dangerous pipe dream.

  7. Dear Sir,Once a soldier always a soldier and
    A soldier always lives by principles .His principle is to keep NATIONAL INTEREST ahead of everything. In a crisis like this flagging personal opinion blaming govt n military hierarchy is insane. Did u shower praises URI & BALAKOT as achievement. NO right.
    First of all you are not in service anymore so I really doubt your info of on ground realities though we will give your history some credibility.
    Indian people have faith in MODI and Indian soldiers have faith in their hierarchy. US intelligence has confirmed 35 causalities from Chinese side you won’t highlight that one right. WAR/CONFLICT/DISPUTES in such situation MAN ON GROUND KNOWS BEST WHAT TO DO ,if u are not one and no where in sphere of influence I would rather suggest you to take stroll in morning with your pet and leave things to MEN ON GROUND. Even as per your false claims Military lacked proactive actions things are far from finished. U must understand impact on MORALE and its importance in WAR n situations like this having served in army for so long. I sincerely condemn your article as cheap popularity stunt rather than a words from concerned patriotic citizen.

  8. I am sorry to say that we have too many Defence analysts specially retired from forces. I feel let the present defence personal handle the task. Any one who has retired from forces need not hand over his advice as he is a spent force. If he has India’s interest in mind he can personally approach the present chiefs and render any useful information.


    India’s Armed Forces are perhaps the last bastion left in the country where values such as secularism, selfless patriotism, brotherhood and sacrifice for the nation are espoused. Regardless of religion, region or caste, the Forces meld the men into one powerful fighting force. But do those who hold the reins of power recognise this fact ? Do the citizens of India – the vast majority of whom are Hindus – understand this supreme sacrifice that these men and women – Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Christians are willing to perform? Does the ruling BJP recognise and appreciate this?

    Sadly, the answer must be a NO. Some examples:

    Capt. Sanaullah Khan: After 30 years of service in the Armed Forces, after having seen action in Kargil and being given the President’s Medal, Captain Sanaullah Khan was sent to a Foreigner’s detention Camp in Assam. Pressure from the Forces finally secured his release. At least Amit Shah didn’t succeed in having this “termite” dumped into the Bay of Bengal.

    Corp. Sartak Mohammad: Likewise, Corporal Sartaj Mohammad’s selfless service to the IAF did not ensure that his father Mohammad Akhlaq (RIP) was safe from the BJP’s lynch mob in Dadri. Indeed, an indifferent, uncaring PM Modi refused to condemn this heinous crime until the pressure was insurmountable. And then the PM shrugged off the episode with a nonchalant “Sad, but what is the fault of the Centre in this”.

    In the Akhlaq tragedy it was left to the IAF to evacuate the entire family to safety. After all, a breakdown of the fighting spirit and a destruction of the camaraderie and brotherhood in the Forces was not something that could be allowed. Of course, the BJP top brass are least bothered about such details – Muslims were after all termites, to be drowned in the Bay of Bengal. Regardless of whether they risked their lives for the nation.

    Thousands of Muslims serve in the Forces and are willing to lay down their lives for India. Millions of others serve the country in many other walks of life. They should be treated as equal citizens. And not be called termites.

    • Very well said.
      The Chinese did the most horrible and cowardly thing – – of LYNCHING another brave soldier. That’s what they did to our Col. Babu and other brave colleagues of his. So far only Pakistan army was known to do such dastardly acts, mutilation of bodies etc.
      The heart fills with repugnance at the very thought of it, that someone did this to our dear ones. Hindutva goons too must remember it. Akhlaq and so many others too were our own people who were killed in such horrible manner. That too, ostensibly for the safety of an animal, whom the Hindutva guys themselves leave forlorn to die on railway tracks and highways, or starve to death in gaushalas.

      • Mr Sanjiv Bhatla: Thanks for the response.

        Although there has been no declaration of war per se between China and India, it is nonetheless tragic that the spirit of the Geneva Conventions are not being upheld in these skirmishes. And that applies to India’s conflicts with both Pakistan and China.

        You refer to Pakistani’s beheading Indian soldiers and mutilating their corpses. And you very rightly call it a dastardly act. But don’t India’s soldiers do the same? I once watched a TV programme where former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Mr G Parthasarathy boasted of Indian forays into Pakistani territory and Indian soldiers returning with Pakistani heads. Now we have the same barbarism on display in the conflict with China. There are even reports of Chinese pushing wounded Indian soldiers down steep precipices and to their deaths. One hopes that the situation will get de-escalated and that there is no descent into further barbarism. On both borders and with both neighbours.

        I guess as the son of a former IAF officer who was in the 1962 war my perspective reflects my mother’s views on the matter. She spent long nights worrying for news about my father and whether he would return. I guess there are Pakistani and Chinese housewives too in the same predicament. And I guess had these housewives met, they might have resolved many a thorny issue !

        With regard to the lynching of poor Muslims like Mohammad Akhlaq (RIP) in Dadri and many other cattle traders in BJP run states, in addition to the violence that the BJP and the Hindutva crowd encourages, there is also a lot of hypocrisy involved. Cattle slaughter may be banned but paradoxically, PM Modi promotes the leather industry under his flagship Make in India (ref: Initiative! This USD 22 Billion industry employs 4.4 million Indians and fetches India valuable foreign exchange. Yet, the industry has been crippled by Hindutva policies. And competitor Pakistan says Thank you very much Mr Modi !

    • @Kili, what do you want? Modi to be crucified and Pappu to ne made PM! There are thousands of individual tragedies in thsi country…including Kahsmiri Pandits and Muslim appeasement stories. If you want to wash your dirty ass, do it in Porkistan or Cheeni land.

  10. Wonder if the PM will organise “diya on the balcony” and “barthan bajao” stunts to scare away the Chinese !

  11. I had the misfortune of doing slavery of incompetent individuals of Indian Air Force for more than five years, and from my experience I know the paper-tiger characteristics of most of the so-called military leadership, stooge of Modi and rest of the politicians in power. This is a lobby, an interest group consisting of fat-bellied politicians — like Modi-Didi-Sita-Goyal-Shah — on top of power-ladder, and egg-armed military officers from Raha to Rawat; ultimately they just care about sucking the blood out of common people. They will keep tapping and patting on each others back. When poor migrant labourers try to walk thousands of miles to reach home, these individuals will ask their loyal subordinates to molest the migrants and assault them with bamboo sticks and pesticide sprayers and even rifles; but when Chinese infiltrate the country and kill their subordinates, they are lull facing decision-impotency. Mr Panagh sounds like one of the few individuals who is not getting into that lobbying and has the will to say black is black, white white.

  12. The author has 40+ years experience and he’s writing articles here since May 5th on the matter but he never mentioned anything about China’s possibility of ambush… then how come you can criticize the leaders of army and civilian?. I see lot of negativity in Indians minds.. and that reflects in media. First our attitude towards problems and situation should be changed. look at Pakistan. even they lost F-16 and they successfully propagated that they shot down 2 of our planes and claimed victory.. we dont need to be that exaggerate but at least need to boost our armed forces moral. our brave soldiers fought back with courage and valor.. its China who is not caring about their soldiers not claiming any causalities since they may have backslash from their own people… I see end of china’s communist regime in near… India must occupy POK and have Dalai lama to announce open support to India from all Tibetans. Jaihind.

  13. It’s easy to teach China a Lesson by hitting its soft belly — details of the same have already been sent to PMO, Confidentiality.

  14. I have a multi-pronged solution to the Chinese problem:

    1: Divert scarce resources to build the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. This demonstration of piety – although very likely to be accompanied by a lot of corrupt BJP connected contractors making quick buck – will nonetheless scare the living daylights out of the bloody Chinese. Ram Rajya will after all be inoculated against Chinese viruses and other nasty, 2 legged, bat, beef and pangolin eating creatures in uniform, right?

    2: Divert some of the remaining scarce resources after carrying out step 1 above to buy 2 customised Boeing 757 aircraft to ferry the globetrotting PM to distant corners of the world. The price tag of approx. Rs 9000 crores is after all peanuts. And besides, there are no Shramik express services of the type migrants sometimes use to travel between the far corners of the world where the services of the leader of Vishwaguru Bharath are needed.

    3: Divert some of the remaining resources – if needed go onto a budget deficit – to build the Central Vista in New Delhi and a larger Official Residence for PM Modi. After all, the PM cannot be expected to live in tents and freeze like the soldiers in Ladakh can he?

    4: No resources left to divert now so the BJP government must go into a deeper deficit and purchase a bullet train to ply between Bombay & Ahmedabad to ferry smart Gujaratis travelling out of Bombay to Europe to deposit their monies.

    Now, if these measures don’t scare off the Chinese, we have anyway a readily available scapegoat called Nehru who can be pulled out of the hat to deflect blame from the all-knowing Delhi University graduate right? And in any case, the middle-class members of the Modi cult have already bought into the idea that the Messiah is infallible and makes no mistake, and is divine so must never be blamed or held responsible.

    As the French diplomat Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821) presciently said:

    “Every nation gets the government it deserves”

    • In my view, all this your genuine and shaming sarcasm most likely is not going to have any effect whatsoever on those who are ferociously committed to an ill-conceived goal of establishing a “Hindu Rashtra” of their variety disregarding completely the hitherto democratic and constitutional norms that were well laid out by those who fought relentlessly, selflessly and with all their possessions for achieving the freedom for the Indians. The only way out to come out of this quagmire would be to start working towards the end of throughly exposing the evil designs of these destructive forces and educating the people, rural as well as urban, of their constitutional rights and responsibilities that ensure a dignified life for all, and telling them effectively that this can be done by exercising their power to elect in a judicious manner. The task is hard but not impossible. Hope all right thinking people, believing in humanity, equality and justice, would realize the urgency of taking up this task at individual or at group level in order to show this fascistic regime the exit door, once and for all.

    • Yawn !! We live in 2020, so who the f*ck cares what a French fellow said in 1800s. Looks like you are delusional peddling astrology charts all day.

      • Mr Murasoli Puli Warrier: Romba thanks for the response Saar !

        Well, since the Gujarati man you worship lives in Vedic times and wants to build Ram Mandir, do cosmetic surgery grafting an elephant’s head on a man’s torso and so on, I think the French diplomat I cite is surely a lot modern.

        Anyway, unlike intellectuals like you who have the time and the leisure to sample TASMAC sarayam all day, I need to do some serious astrology work !

        So here comes my prediction: You have a Chinese smartphone which you are not going to destroy and hence you support the Chinese !

    • Sir you can add many more 1 Chatrapati Shivaji statue in Arabian Sea 2 3000 cr Babasaheb Amdedkar Statue.3 Statue of Ram bigger than Sardar patel at the banks of Sharayu River .

      • Thanks for the response Mr Yugantar.

        There are hundreds of other less visible but nonetheless highly idiotic schemes underway in the area of “cowpathy” – all run on public funds. And where there is money, many dubious researchers will come forward with cock and bull ideas to do “research” to make the BJP government happy.

        In its circular of 14th Fe, the AYUSH Ministry:

        “invites projects on five research themes including: “cowpathy,” the use of cow products for medicine and health, including anticancer and diabetes drugs; the use of cow products for agriculture, such as in pesticides; cow-based products like shampoo, hair oil, and floor cleaners; and research on the nutritional value of cow milk. A major aim is the “scientific investigation of uniqueness of pure Indigenous Indian cows.”

        This has drawn protests from Indian scientists doing serious research and completely starved of funds. As Sciencemag ( ref: reports:

        “More than 500 scientists have asked the Indian government to withdraw a call for research proposals on the “uniqueness” of indigenous cows and the curative properties of cow urine, dung, and milk, including potential cancer treatments. In an online letter, the researchers say the call is “unscientific” and a misdirection of public money at a time when research in India is already facing a financial crunch”

        I wonder if this cowpathy research leads to the discovery of some potent chemicals that can make the Chinese and then the Pakistanis to simply disappear. Or at least make them piss in their pants !

  15. H S Panag should stop writing [Lt Gen] before his name as he is now transformed into a politician with Congress genes i.e. he is no more an army man

    • @Ak dev, instead of writing comments to other people’s article why don’t u publish your own articles? If print will not publish them ,you can write your blog and give link to that.

  16. Armchair warriors and diplomats, of which there are plentiful in this government and its supporters, will never understand what Gen. Panag has written. When someone relies on his “raw wisdom” to lead a nation, it can have serious consequences, and in times of conflict, cost lives. At the moment, it appears that this government’s strategies are based on half truths driven solely by optics, with an eye to win elections.

  17. This article is basically from adversary of Modi.It highlighted all negatives about Modi.At this time when we are face to face with China,Pak an ex commander criticising his ex army is deplorable.Indians and Indian defence forces are capable of giving a befitting blow to both together and Modi will rise to be super hero of the world.

    • Mr Vijay Kumar Gautam: Gen. Panag did not criticise the Armed Forces but the political leadership whose vain, loud sabre-rattling got the Armed Forces and India into a sorry state of affairs.

      Yes, members of the Modi cult such as yourself cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that the Modi government has committed some egregious blunders domestically which have had ramifications externally. Worse still, they do not like their Messiah to be scrutinised and held accountable for his incompetence. Therein lies the tragedy of Indian democracy – politicians are worshipped like film stars instead of being judged by their record.

    • Mr Jayesh: Care to explain why you are angry at The Print? Or you simply believe in hurling abuse when you read the writing on the wall and you don’t like what you read?

        • Mr Murasoli Puli Warrier: Nonsense ! Kandraavi !

          Like you, Mr Jayesh does not believe in freedom of the Press when it comes to criticism of the 56 inch chested Gujarati that you both worship. Press freedoms only apply if you praise Modi and write articles about the imaginary greatness of India under the Gujarati gods Modi & Shah.

          Modi and Shah and their shrill jingoism got India into this trouble with the Chinese. If you scream in the Parliament that you will recapture Aksai Chin and other areas lost to the Chinese, you might please the jingoistic, chest-thumping Hindutva inspired crowd in which you, & Mr Jayesh belong, but you bring the entire nation in danger. That is precisely what that intellectual Amit Shah did in Parliament on 5th August 2019 when he shouted himself hoarse that he would throw the Chinese out of Aksai Chin. And the nation is paying the price.

          Although diehard, blinkered, bigoted bhakths like you and Mr Jayesh might bray that they are proud Indians, the men they have elected and worship have brought India to the brink of war, destroyed the economy and weakened the unity of the country. So no “Moksha” under MoSha !!

          And meanwhile, they all continue to use Chinese smartphones ! Hypocrisy thy name is Murasoli Puli Warrier !

          PS: Saar, please respond after the effects of your last TASMAC trip have completely worn off. Or better still, go back to the TASMAC shop and get yourself more “saarayam”. You will need it to fortify yourself against the bad news that seems to be the only constant in India these days.

  18. The ruling party surprisingly appointed a combined force head / strategist as an advisor to the PM. But, as many of the strategies from demonitisation were passing thro strides. In this intrusion there is diplomatic failure on the part of India and China is trying to take advantage by creating crises after crises targetting US, India, Japan from virus to intrusion. Our efforts to win confidence of, even small neighbours are become futile exercises. The world wide whirlwind tour of our PM are yielded only negative result and adverse publicity. The welcoming of the country heads, like US, China are unnatural and unfriendly and exposing intention of wide expectation, leads to underestimation. India’s economy and military capabilities are known to them besides our policy of non alignment. Under this situation our efforts on J&K, CAA-Bangladesh / Mynmar, Nepal, Pak,China creates strained relations both within and neighbours. The concern on Political stability in many of the states is also being internal creation. So the agenda should be the development and security of the country without harming belief, freedom and rights of the multicultural India. At present, diplomatic move also raising a big question and it is time consuming since our friendly Russia, US are all silent on the issue. Further loss should be averted.
    No doubt, our country men are patriotic and definitely with the Govt in times of crises.

  19. First of all,my compliments to Lt Gen HS Panag(one of the few sane voices in India) to come out with truth and strategy to salvage Indian pride of 1.3 billion people. Although Post truth environment has allowed Godi media to deflect the issue through fake news and bombardment of funny stories,there is aneed for stock taking.
    A. Is it an Intelligence failure?Starting from NSA and PMO,thes e high priest of the South Block are supposed to look ahead and build plausible scenarios on threat perception and state policy for the Military leadership.Looking at Chain of intelligence command,it starts at NSA/RAW,Nationbal Intelligence,Military Intelligence and goes down to ITBT soldiers who are watching the border.The so called satellite capability of Indian space programme and plethora of Drones like Harpy,Heron,Lakshya,searcher and Rustom and IAF surveillance systems like EMB-145,Beriev A-50,Global 5000,Indian Military could have picked up the Chinese movements 50 to 100 km east of LAC.Who failed here?
    B.Rules of engagement. Any Army worth its salt will have clear and concise rules of engagement to cover four scenarios..Border Management,Concentration of Chinese forces, active skirmishes and all out conflict. Why the chain of command failed at political and military level,from NSA down to 14 Corps and 3 Division? HS Panag has a serious question.
    C.What is the role of CDS office,who was talking of Hybrid War and probably never appreciated that India could go into military confrontation with China,despite the fact that India had poked Pakistan and China by abrogation of article 370 and changing status quo ,even including Aksai Chin.
    D.If India was actively paddling the Indo Pacific and Quad thing,did it think of Chinese respopnse?
    Even my village buffalo could have done better than Modi,Rajnaath Singh,Doval,Gen Bipin Rawat and Gen Narawane


  21. What can a government do in six years which was neglected in the past 60 years? Previous period of 2004-14 can only be passed off as ‘ Puppet govt.’ which had no money to buy Rafael fighters. But we don’t even produce own combat rifles today. Early 1960s saw our own HF-24 s, capable of Mach 2, but scrapped after 147 were produced, why? 1971 wàs a high point for us but the then PM was afraid that FM MANEKSHAW would want to take over. Perhaps that is why our forces get unfair treatment by leaders looking over their shoulders in fear.

    • Blah blah blah. Modi has insurance for the next 10 lives. That insurance is the Nehru-Gandhi family and the Congress. Whatever went wrong between 2014-2020 is the fault of someone else. Always.

      Juveniles all.

    • Mr Vishwas: All that brainwashed, blinkered bhakths like you can do is pin the blame on previous governments rather than hold the present government responsible for its own follies, self-goals and jingoistic bluster that got India into the pickle it is in now. And the extent of your brainwashing by a bunch of semi-educated Gujaratis is so complete that today, if you get mugged in the streets of Madras, your wife leaves you or India loses a cricket march, your ilk will blame Nehru !

      That apart, as the son of a proud, patriotic IAF serviceman who saw action in 1962, I would take strong umbrage at your insinuation that the Indian Armed Forces would behave like their Pakistani counterparts and would involve themselves in politics. I refer to your ir-responsible and utterly baseless canard:

      “then PM was afraid that FM MANEKSHAW would want to take over”

      At no stage was there any talk or even rumours about Field Marshal Manekshaw (RIP) or other top brass in the Indian Armed Forces getting involved in the politics of the nation. The Indian Armed Forces remain in the barracks and are answerable to the duly elected political leaders of the citizens of India. As they should in a democracy. And the Indian Armed Forces have never weakened the democratic foundations of India, on the contrary, they strengthen it by being an apolitical force. And Field Marshal Manekshaw was a professional soldier who never ever aspired to be anything but a soldier. Do not insult his memory and his legacy by your puerile, politically motivated insinuations.


  22. I am so sorry about this article by Gen Panag. There are casualties on both side and its quite likely that the Chinese suffered more, that should be very clear to all. As far as the build-up is concerned, we have got equal built up all across. It’s not that we have been surprised. The only surprise was the conduct and barbarian attitude of the Chinese Army. They dd not follow the rules of the games and engagement, yes that way we were surprised but even then we recovered and fought back and inflicted casualties on them which were not expected by them. Now this article- such a provocative and senseless heading to provoke the public sentiments. I am sure all those who know Gen Panag know what he is writing and why he is writing, I do not have to say much on that. Let us be logical and not sentimental in taking decisions. Our public knows that.

    • Fantastic. The sagacious analysis by this guy reveals the pathetic competence of many of our military personnel who by the sheer dint of their claim to deep insight merely by the number of years they enjoyed the privilege of free ration and accommodation and a handsome severance package to enjoy the rest of their lifetime.

      This is a war. Enemy attacked. Indians gave a fitting reply. Period. Real soldiers do not shed tears.

      Imagine the situation in India if guys like this writer had unrestricted powers to do what they deemed fit! It’s because of the saner civilian brains that keep the nation alive.

      Real soldiers don’t try to enlighten others by lopsided analysis; they just do the bidding. That’s their duty.

      • Mr Feng: You pontificate:
        “.. Enemy attacked. Indians gave a fitting reply ..”

        Your jingoism leads you to forget a lot of things that very likely caused the attack and its aftermath. For, there is a lot more to it than “Indians gave a fitting reply”. You omit to mention that India lost territory and China gobbled up Indian territory. And still occupies it.

        But far more seriously, you do not go into why China attacked. You seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that jingoistic rhetoric aimed at a domestic audience might have been taken seriously by the Chinese. After all, didn’t Amit Shah loudly proclaim on Aug 5, 2019 that India would retake Aksai Chin that she had lost to China in 1962? Maybe he did that to please the jingoists like you who like to hear such thrilling news from the Vishwaguru, its 56 inch chested PM and his man Friday. But, behind the scenes Indian diplomats worked overtime to persuade the Chinese that India did not plan any attacks on Aksai Chin. Clearly, that fell on deaf Chinese ears.

        Admittedly, there are many domestic and foreign policy considerations behind the Chinese attack. But there is a heavy price to be paid for Islamophobia and this sort of Arnab Goswami & Amit Shah led chest-thumping and armchair nationalism.

        Since we are dealing with China, it is perhaps worth quoting the ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu

        “It is more important to out-think your enemy, than to outfight him”

        PS: I am pretty sure that you will not be smashing your Chinese made smartphone anytime soon. Let me know if you have smashed it though.

    • It is ridiculous to think that merely having more casualties on the Chinese side justifies the fact that Indian troops were not given clear directives and didn’t even have weapons or permissions to fire. Any life sacrificed foolishly in utter vain is a life too much. Soldiers are prepared to die, but not like this.

  23. Modi should have taken the advice of Rahul, Sonia Gandhi and Anthony. They would have advised to hold the gun in reverse and fire.

  24. It was a daring military operation that was well planned and well executed by 16th Bihar Regt. They approached the Chinese and asked them to evict the post. The CO led from the front and inspired his regiment to go on the offensive against Chinese, thereby inflicting severe casualties and also evicting them from Point 14. Tacit approval was given by the Goc-in-C of the Northern Command to the area brigade for this mission. In the end Chinese suffered more than the Indians and the objective was achieved! If this is an Inept Leadership of the Indian Army then I am wondering what different did you do as the commander?

    • Wow Sandeep, it looks like you were right there shining a torch up some chinese soldiers. This narrative is so vivid and first hand.

      • Was Mr Sandeep there observing the fight or was he hallucinating in his armchair in some middle-class flat?

  25. I am a regtular reader of Gen.Panag’s columns in The Print. Ideally, readers would love to read inputs from the perspective of defence, not commentary on politics from former General. I do not say that this government has handled the present border crisis in the best possible manner. But, the comparision of present situation with Nehru’s times in patently wrong and unfair. Nehru’s forward policy was not just flagging frontiers with flags. He set up police outposts with hardly any back. Chinese merely swept away. When Chou En Lai suggested trade off between Axai Chin and NEFA, Nehru lectured him ignored him, sent him to people like Morarji Desai. The soldiers’ boold on Nehru’s hands was on account of totally ill-equipped army. Whereas, in the present case, India is well equipped. While India tries to stick to rules and agreements between the countries, China breaks them with impunity. Hardheaded decisions should be taken. No body is going to give marks to India for sticking to rule book.

  26. Why does everyone who writes an article always – says something along the lines of – “vendetts, ritribution, pratishodh, revenge” are not advisable etc etc.

    Why does everyone assume that every politician lacks brains and only those who write articles have the brains ?

  27. Agree, that we should not rush into politically inspired retribution, and walk into a situation of Chinese advantage.
    China since 1984 has been converting and integrating their commercial and military production. Unless the Indian army is able to deploy greater firepower assets in shorter response time and with flexibility of locations than what Chinese bring to Aksai Chin, we should avoid political bombast of restoring Aksai Chin.
    In early 1990s India and China had similar levels of competiveness in key advance technologies, in terms of infrastructure, exports and manpower availability., e.g. DRDO and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) had similar number of R&D Scientists and Engineering staff. While we have maintained our numbers, and Chinese have increased these to 150,000.
    Unless we start making integrated plans along with Ministry of Finance, and build up to have preponderance of ‘useable’ firepower, we will not be sure of handling escalatory retaliation.

  28. The tone and tenor of the article is political and not nationalistic. It’s more interested in demoralizing the political leadership of Modi and his government. I don’t know When journalists learn to support our government in such national crisis

    • If journalists and media are to learn to support the government, then why do they need to stand as a separate pillar of democracy?

      • Mr Murtada: Good question. But are we living in a democracy or in a state that is increasingly repudiating democracy and replacing it by fascism? Political scientists now talk of “elected authoritarians”. They are the much ballyhooed “benevolent dictators” that the middle classes so yearned for – an Indian version of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew. And then when people themselves do not want a free press and only want a press that sings praises to their all-knowing, infallible Messiah, is it any wonder that the role of the press as a pillar of democracy is toppled?

        Indeed, any criticism of PM Modi is met, not with arguments but with abuse: you get labelled a Congress supporter, a presstitute, a follower of Pappu, an Italian stooge and many other invectives. Whilst that may be an indication of the fact that the arguments against Modi are true and that the paid and unpaid bhakths are unable to argue and hence resort to name-calling , it nonetheless destroys a freedom that few developing countries enjoy – freedom of speech.

        As Ugandan dictator Idi Amin (1925-2003) said:

        “There is freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech”

        In India, in addition to the state that seems to follow Idi Amin’s ideology, citizens too seem to follow him.

        Sad but true.

    • It is the job of journalists to report neutrally, and not “support” one of the involved parties in their article as you suggest. Your suggestion goes against the basic principles of journalism…

  29. The current conflict between India and China is in Jammu and Kashmir. Indias just gives one reason for the occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, that an individual called Harri Singh signed an instrument of accession with India. And the treaty of Lahore and the treaty of Amritsar signed by the British Empire gave him the authority to sign this. But legally under international law Jammu and Kashmir is still independent. On July 18, 1947 the Indian Independence Act 1947 was passed by the British Parliament to assent to the creation of the dominions of India and Pakistan.

    The Article 7 of the Act provided that, with the lapse of His Majesty’s suzerainty over the Indian states, all treaties, agreements, obligations, grants, usages and sufferance’s will lapse. All such powers and authority reverted to the sovereign authority, the people of the states.
    (why keep the liabilities if you are going to give away the assets).

    Which means that the treaty of Lahore and the treaty of Amritsa were no longer valid and therefore Harri Singh had no authority to sign the instrument of accession. That is why Mountbatten put the text everywhere that the people should decide their future including in the UN resolution 47.

    According to the Article 7 of the Independence Act 1947 all such powers and authority reverted to the sovereign authority, the people of the states. The ruler of the state of Junagadh acceded to Pakistan but the Government of India refused to accept this and the Indian army moved in and under this formula a plebiscite was held and it joined India. Hyderabad was invaded by India. Silette was in Assam and they voted to join Pakiatan/Bangladesh under Article 7 of the Indian independence act 1947. The North West Frontear provence joined Pakistan using this too.

    Article 370 in the Indian constition was the last line of defence the Indians had defending the fake instrument of accession and even that is now broken.

    General Assembly Resolution No.2625/1970 “declaration on principles of international law friendly relations and co-operation among states in accordance with the charter of the united nations UN” also applies to Jumma and Kashmir which states “Convinced that the subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a major obstacle to the promotion of international peace and security, Convinced that the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples constitutes a significant contribution to contemporary international law, and that its effective application is of paramount importance for the promotion of friendly relations among States, based on respect for the principle of sovereign equality”.|title=declaration

  30. In all possibilities, China will attack us. I am sure, we shall deliver our best at whatever cost. China shouldn’t be allowed free ride as it happened so far. Jai Hind!

  31. दुर्घटनाओं के पश्चात लेख लिखना वह भी प्राप्त या उपलब्ध जानकारी पर और लोगो को जिम्मेदार ठहराने जैसी कला तो आजकल के राजनीतिक पत्रकारों की फैशन है। जबकि पत्रकारिता का एक और पहलू भी है। कि घटनाओं की पूर्व जानकारी प्रकाशित करना।

  32. Fake general writing this article. Is he general in Chinese army? Yes than he can say Modi have blood of Chinese army on his hand. Does winter know where mouth is and where is exhaust?

  33. You should not your military credentials at the end of articles . Write yourself khangress party member . Very disgusting and misleading . Since you have started writing on LAC issue you’r only misleading the audience . You yourself don’t know difference aggression and occupation . In one of articles you claimed china has occupied some Indian territories . In the very next articles you mention China is showing aggression . Why would any army aggression on a territory that his own ? Then you also carefully avoid mentioning occupation claim that you mentioned in first article because you knew by now pictures have come that shew no occupation . You are a stain .

  34. I agree with the failure in stategy and as to what is obvious , everyone wants to know is what talks were going on between both countries for last so many days , there is no disclosure of the same by our military , MEA or the PMO , also even a kid in India knows that the Chinese are untrustworthy , then as you said , why were our soldiers not armed during the conflict , if we had intelligence reports on the number of troops and artillery built up of the Chinese , then what was our similar position taken of which there is no information , if PM was and could get in touch with Chinese President Xi Pingling on any issues , then did PM have a talk with his Chinese Counterpart over the initial conflict between the two armies , if so what was said , there are too many silences on our part , even why did the PM take 2 full days to react before the country over the death of 20 soldiers , also why is Defence Minister so eager to celebrate public openings of road , which led to another border dispute with Nepal who are as agressive ad the Chinese , why is PM yet silent on the Nepal’s behaviour , before closing my comment , I would like to point out why is any Army officer through Social media trying to comment and diapprove on social and community issues , which is beyond the subject these Army officers nir are they authorised to do so , which leads to the conclusion that there indiscipline among the Army brass.

  35. Cunning China took advantage of our immature attitude,china made remarkable progress in military affairs when our politics was busy in fighting among selves, spending on Media trail to degrade one part of society and toppling the elected state govt. China is straight forward in decision while we are waiting for some diplomatic solution we are brave towards poor illiterate citizen while we are diplomat in front of cunning enemy

  36. Should the PM have been wasting time dividing people with thoughtless laws like CAA and NRC, or securing the borders instead?! How could the enemy move so much men and machinery, as well as build infrastructure without anyone noticing?! Like in Pulwama, it’s a big-time intelligence and strategic failure. Will heads roll?! Will there be accountability? Or will it be business as usual because the heads are important for the PM’s domestic strategies and manipulations?! For how long will incompetent chamchagiri take precedence over competent loyalty to the nation and its people, rather than the leaders’!

  37. Does China have guts to fight head to head.
    They did this cowardly act when the two sides were in talks.
    Indian army is battle hardened army and on the other hand Chinese lack experience.
    Indians have upper hand. The article is written some general panag(guess who) and u may understand the motive behind this article.

  38. Anti national Print. Shift your office to China and try doing the same thing and you will know what freedom you people are enjoying in India.

  39. India’s Army leadership is in disarray with Rawat preoccupied with prioritizing his political career, with lack of clarity on what value his office brings; Naravane an unimpressive personality and likely beholden to Rawat and sundry political masters. Sorry state of affairs. China’s timing to create mischief must be lauded.

  40. Our politicians are spineless. They should shut all imports from China. In the 50s we didn’t have much but went on to become highly successful. I remember my mother making everything from scratch and we were appreciative and grateful for what we had. So why do we need all these Chinese gizmos to make our lives easier. Freedom and dignity comes at a cost. Either we opt for that or sacrifice our freedom for our convenience & greed.

  41. Publishing such things,you think doing great job?…….shame on you… are against modi….I can understand……but you are against our army and people too…..shame..shame

  42. Views expressed by General Panang are biased , unprofessional and uncalled for
    The Galwan valley incident cannot be called an Army operation calling for use of weapons
    Even the Chinese did not use weapons
    The incident was triggered off when the Army Colonel along with his jawans objected to the Chinese tent not being removed and being asked by the Colonel to forceably remove it by his jawans
    It’s not a matter of shame that Indian Army jawans were killed but a matter of pride that many more Chinese soldiers were killed
    The border between India and China remains unclear till date
    The first priority is to clearly defined it
    This task should be completed with utmost priority
    No point blaming the government of which Gen Panang is so critical
    He even undermines the Defence hierarchy for reasons best known to him
    Neither India not China want or can afford a war
    So let us work towards diffusing the situation which is what the government is doing
    Let’s support our Army and the Government

    • For defining the border clearly via talks, we must note two things:

      1. China is not keen to even define their version of the LAC, even when requested umpteen times. Nevertheless the effort must be made again.

      2. No talks are likely to begin if our politicians make brash remarks like we will take back every inch of Aksia Chin, POk etc etc. All grandstanding must cease and vote bank politics must be eschewed.

  43. Any more BS in-store from your end? I am blocking The Print…how can you be so F_____ against the country and earn from the same country. You dont deserve my viewership. You deserve to lose and you will soon.

  44. The social media warriors abusing the former General should first try to do a few pull ups at home before making their next post. To take on the Chinese seriously you need more than a bunch of emotionally unstable vegetarians. Leave the job to the real men and chew on your carrots guys…

  45. With all due respects, I would vehemently say that the article is politically motivated and based on spurious information to support a narrative.

  46. It’s meaningless pointless article to blame Modi
    Gen Panag’s dislike is well known
    Let this be known that he joined Aam Aadmi Party since 2014!

  47. Which Indian prime minister not having blood in their hands to protect the citizens from terrorism every prime minister did the same in Kashmir

  48. This Lt Gen showing up his knowledge in wrong way n blaming his own army openly in a critical time.

  49. Dear General Panag

    Please widely disseminate your robust article. It is an eye opener. Public scrutiny is of essence. A political leader should understand that he is accountable to the public. This applies to Narendra Modi as well. Thank you for sharing your informed perspective.

  50. Your posts try and analyse things in a manner that everytime and everything is critical of the government. Makes your so called objectivity suspect. Kindly avoid this be emotional sometime in favour of the country and not Modi. Will do.

    • Mr Pawan : Have you and the rest of your family smashed the Chinese smartphones you all depend on ? Maybe in the spirit of “atmanirbharism”, you will buy an Indian smartphone to the extent such a device exists.

      So now, let us see you walk the talk Mr Pawan.

    • Don’t like to read the writing on the wall Mr Kalpan Gopal? Prefer to only go by the hunky dory situation that the PM painst and the BJP IT cell injects into your skull?

      Inept leadership, shrill jingoism and unwanted sabre-rattling to please a domestic audience has resulted in the sorry state of affairs at the border. But then, it is highly unlikely that your brainwashed ilk will ever hold the sitting government responsible for its egregious incompetence on just about every front. And yes, the current débâcle is the fault of Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Vajpayee, Mannohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are completely in the clear and have committed no blunders and mistakes. After all, they are infallible Messiahs who make no mistakes. And are brilliant Gujaratis to boot !

      Clearly Indians are riding the much ballyhooed bullet train to further economic ruin, social disruption, territorial loss and military humiliation. All Nehru’s and the Congress Party’s fault !

  51. Every one accepted our intelligence failure in Kargil in 1999 but in Ladakh that is not an intelligence failure but a pre-planned intrusion by the Chinese because Modi has removed the special status of Jammu & Kashmir and formed Ladakh as a central territory, or due to other reasons. Indian security forces are always in a defensive position at the border, against all its neighbours and especially China. After the 1962 war behaviour of the neighbours changed towards India, Pakistan dared to attack India 1965 again in 1971 and 1999 and relation with other neighbours are also not stable and there are always ups and downs. Now comes to weapons modernisation of armed forces and I agree with you a very sad state but it will be possible only through private participation in weapons manufacturing. Army has the complaint against weapons which are produced indigenously, from rifle to tank. Shortage of Officers in armed forces is another problem. The Government should set up about 100 more military school and NCC should make compulsory for all schools including private, and in colleges from 1st year to final year. India’s trade deficit with China is about 50 billion dollars per annum and that is not a small amount if India transfers about half amount, 25 billion dollars, is sufficient for modernization of armed forces.

  52. With all due respect to the people in the armed forces now and before and this being very personal I write a few words.

    Blood of soldiers on the hands of the PM and government and advisers!!!! Find this a rather extravagant statement. No one wants our soldiers to die, but it’s the occupational hazard that one signs in when you opt for that profession and career. These men now, many earlier and many later are doing something unimaginable to us ordinary people..

    The author who seems pretty critical of the present dispensation owing probably to his political affiliation had forty long years to sort out the issue amicably. He was also in certain positions of authority where in he could have altered the course of history but probably couldn’t or didn’t.

    If solutions were so dependent on one party alone, we would not have so many disputes! It takes two hands to clap they say, and even if India is all willing for a peaceful settlement, China should be!!

  53. Sorry the compar6 between what Nehru did is inept. What Nehru did was a Himalayan blunder. We are nowhere near it. Don’t behave like churlish Cong n other opposition parties. Support your govt n military.

  54. Print it is not the to be forever talking ill and abusing the centre. We must as a nation stand together and crush China

  55. Hs Panag always looking like a dumb military personnel…….. He is one of them who always suggest to maintain good relations with Pakistan….. But today he suggest keep China out of the LAC ….. at any cost…..And their heading is more provokating…… Sir if u say military leaders blood on hand then i am sure one of them is you…… Because your type of hypocrasy suffer indian military …… And you are one of the murderer …… I know our military gives better reply to China….. But desh kai ander bahut sai gaddar khum rahe hai …..

  56. China will not accept any thing less than control over Galvan Dam and will not surrender the are which it occupies.

  57. The retired General is right. PM Modi now has to take the right decision. Keeping Silence is not the expected. China is more the enemy than Pakistan. As Modi demonstrated currency on a good night with immediate effect he must also ban Chinese goods sale in India by midnight. Our soldiers blood is much more valuable than Chinese trade.

  58. The Print always have to write against India and present Indian government. It seems you have some hidden agenda of defaming India

  59. You are expert in printing most ridiculous and anti national news ,why don’t you simply stay put or vanish I know you are scared publish my comments for that matter any one who doesn’t tow your line ,get lost idiots

  60. I just said that no one give a shit except disgruntled Army officers or those no standing with the country. Print should check their reviews….more than majority have not supported the Print. We wish to read unbiased news….not Modi bashing type. We all respect PM Modi for what he has done for India.

  61. No one gives a shit to the The Print. It has anti- Modi all through! More than the majority of India don’t take The Print serious…most find it as thrash or toilet paper that only needs to be dumped

  62. Print has got the habit of criticizing Modi Government for the sake of criticizing that’s all…the Country is dealing with a Superpower and a known bully…our soldiers fought bravely and 20 of them laid down their lives…Modi Government definitely done a fairly good job, UPA just wouldn’t have done this!

  63. Third class mentality you have, don’t talk like Mirzafar. If you can do anything donate to the Indian force, with out publishing such third class article, shame on you

  64. Being a veteran with this much of experience and wisdom, should such articles be published in the media? Should a common man like me know about what the govt has mis-done at this critical time. A person of this status and stature need not offer his services through this cheap “”. Although I don’t know the protocol, he can directly contact the military or defence dept, Prime minister himself directly and help the country in his own ways for strategic advice. I feel very sorry and sad for such blatant article during the time of crisis. He knows such opinions should be discussed and expressed during his meetings with military internally. Let people not get misled. Already we are infected with Chinese leftist urban naxals shouting against out motherland.
    I pray God, even though I may not contribute to our India I should not set my mind to go against our govt. Also, I pray God let the govt take the advice of this writer (I don’t know how to address a military personnel-sorry) who is a Great person with this much of experience and awards also be taken without any prejudice and take firm actions that will lead to permanent solution. Only thing I can chant is “BHARATH MATA KI JAI”.

  65. I fully agree with you Sir. Very well analysed and commented. How can the Military Commanders send troops in an eye ball to Eye Ball confrontation without arms? A lot needs to be answered

  66. print is always taking anti india / anti modi stand always . why ? is there interest in anti nationals only .

  67. Poorly articulated article and definitely at the wrong time. Reeks of the writer’s utter disregard for the morale of the forces and sentiment of the nation at this time and he cannot behind the excuse of giving a factually correct assessment because that is also not the case here. India has been coming out of the habit of lookingbthe other way which has resulted in this situation. Better late than never.

  68. Our politicians, bureaucrats and AF Chiefs never learns from history.
    A few years ago the CDS had thundered that India was ready to fight a 2 1/2 front war. Today he is silent. Opening up Cantonments, accepting poorer capability in weapon acquisition, wanting to induct officers and soldiers for just 3 year duties etc are some of his latest blunders.
    God hep our country!

  69. Did the print network made any efforts to varify the casualties at chines side……
    After retirement every General condemn the current decision making authority of army for any unsuccessful effort….
    At the time of surgical strike and air stike the same military admin was there…
    No doubt the loss on indian side is deep and irreparable, but the territory disputes are always settled by the barol of the gun …
    In last 58 years no govt has shown the will power to look into the issue only this govt dare to do this, which is admirable…..
    If in case the Chinese has received much more casualties , then the India has definitely a edge…
    if the (AAP) mind set is to criticize for criticism only. then the person becomes blind on the safer or positive side of issue….
    Talking about Jawaharlal Nehru’s era is worthless because the contemporary economical, foreign, military and political scenario is entirely different and the centralisation of the powers at the international level will also affect on the large

  70. You are such an idiot Mr.Sekhar. Do you know why all these happened, why are you writing half news.

    Modi has the guts to build infrastructure near LAC, which irked chinease.

    I brand you as biased and anti national truely.

  71. Use of army for political gains and more and more politicisation of Indian Army also has led to diverting of focus of army from military tactics to political ones. The saying “more you hate someone, more you become like them” has never been more apt, for modi has become more and more like Nehru and state of India more on the line of Pakistan. Time for a deep introspection as a nation and uniting forces to overpower the existing dividing ones. Let’s use this opportunity to end the widening differences in society, evils of media and most importantly lack of uniting visions from any leadership of present times.

  72. As an aside, does anyone believe that PRC lost 100 men ? This is also a PLA strategem – to let the Indian Cowards gloat – AND NOT TAKE BACK THE OCCUPIED LAND. The Chinese know the Indian Psyche – the psyche of cowards and weasels.

    The Indians are LYING .There ate many more dead and POW and MIA.The PLA is also lying – and their casualties should be near ZERO.The encounter happened on PLA land – and would have been over very soon.Killing 20 men with spikes is easy chowmein with Beijing Steamed Duck.

    The PLA calculus is that – Indians will gloat over 100/1000 PLA dead (which is a lie) and forget the land taken over by the PLA – in the noise of the lies.They bet that Indians will be conned by the cheap bravado of their politicians ! dindooohindoo


    If PLA is on the heights and the Indians went into PLA zone for talks – how can 100 PLA be killed ?
    At night ? With Night Vision Goggles and Thermal cameras ? Ate there knife wounds,or wire wounds or stone wounds ? And the Indians went unarmed ?

    The Indian apes did not learn the lessons of Shivaji and Aurangzeb ? Zora Singh who was killed by the Chinese – also made somewhat the same mistake

    And the PLA kill squad made 1 mistake.1st kill the radio/wireless man,then kill the radio,then check the dead bodies of thermal trackers,kill the trackers and then kill the rest.That way there are no re-inforcements.And then do not kill with knives and nails.Kill with stones and fracture the bones and throw the man into the lake to freeze.That way – it is an accident – which no post mortem can prove otherwise. Planning and the right advice is key – and for which a performance based consultant is critical

    PLA threw stones at night,for hours !? And the Indians did not call in re-inforcements ? And the re-inforcements also came in unarmed ?

    5 hours of stoning and clubbing – in a low oxygen freeze zone ? And there was no drone by the Indians ? No Aerial recon for 5 hours and they left the Indians to die ? Were the Indians captured, tortured and killed ? Awwwwwwch !

    And in those 5 hours of killing – the 2 Army commanders did not talk ?

    How did the Indians die ? Did they die of loss of blood,trauma,organ failure or pneumonia ?

    Ain’t asking the right questions !

    PLA got away with murder – allowing the lies about the PLA death toll to roll and taking the Indians for a stroll – and throwing their dead bodies into a hole – and keeping the Indian Land

    The PLA takeover of Indian land and mysterious killing of Indians – turning point for the Congress

    • In a democratic country, you can’t hide anything but a country like China, you can’t accept any news to come out. Don’t call army personnel cowards, Cowards are not martyred but ran away. You are seeing everything from political angles, only 20 martyred but still, 1.35 billion left. Don’t worry you will not die.

  73. If Modi has blood on his hands Congress and its leaders are immersed in blood in 26/11 massacre, 1984 Sikh massacre, messacres of public and Armed Forces in Bangladesh war in which India did not gain anything, 1962 war against China in which we lost the war miserably, losing of Aksai chin, so many lives in war against LTTE in which we did not gain anything.

  74. Modi has lost all trust n he is enemy of poor Indians which definitely includes our soldiers.

  75. As always, fluidly explaining whats going in the minds of the ones who are overseeing this situation and what are the possible solutions that one can go with!! Excellent Article!!

  76. H.S.Panag is undermining the moral courage of Indian army.It is very unfortunate for all the Indians.

  77. Easy to comment and make a comparison with the stupidity of an arrogant Nehru. Since there is an unwritten policy of not carrying arms by Indian and Chinese soldiers along the LAC, that the Chinese were going to attack with nailed ridden wooden clubs was definitely a surprise attack. We lost 20 of our precious men but they took down 35 of theirs. Now we know that we have to expect the unexpected! India is now ready for China.

  78. The write up & it’s headings are biased as it s the present day geo political complexities, economic /military strength of China as well as its reaction of guilty of covid19, vis a vis China’s position in 1962. At that time series of blunders by Nehru and the superiority of communists in his mind didn’t allow him to retaliate.Our Airforce was superior to China but NO operational retaliation were allowed. The parity of 2 days old incidence with the humiliation of 1962 is not justified.The befitting responce of clashes bon 16 June is still awaited.Lets not demoralise our forces while war is yet to begin.Such analysis serves only the enemy.

  79. Having seen the 1962, 1965, 1971 wars and the Kargil conflict, Gen. Panag’s message is commendable and remarkably lucid.

  80. General, are you sure about your views apolitical since you are also a member of AAM ADAMI PARTY and your daughter contested the L S election on AAP ticket but lost to BJP ?

    • 1962 war and actual facts narrated by author Dalvi in the book the Himalayan Blunder. The book was banned by then Government.

  81. The more obessed you are with someone, the more important you make them feel.

    By spitting venom in every chance it gets, The Print makes readers even more sympathetic to modi. All Articles are about Modi and BJP…and you guys go beyond the limit of logic when you criticize modi.
    For a Sentimental Indian, it feels like a dog barking at an elephant.

    If you tone down your hatred a little, people will be able to be influenced by your article, in a much better way.

  82. Lt.Gen Panang is a well known anti Modi commentator from Long. Some members of his family were associated with opposition parties. Hence the narrative is quite understandable.

    • For once just keep MODI aside, even dont read this article by keeping MODI in comtext, then, can u tell what there in this article which is factually or logically wrong!! I think this comment of yours is surely on the basis of the heading and haven’t read the whole article.

  83. Anyone who has read “The Guns Of August” will know that Kaiser wanted to fight a limited war lasting just four months but ultimately that led to the destruction of the age of Imperialism with all European empires getting finished .General Panag as a soldier must not be afraid to fight a war but then he must honestly tell the people that there is no guarantee of any war being a limited war and if it ultimately results in the destruction of India of today then so be it.

    • Well said. Pride of the nation is paramount. If a conflict with china and or even pakistan spells the end of the union of India so be it. But we need to gp down fighting. And i am not saying that as a rhetoric.

  84. A limited war serves the interests of neither side. Not ours for sure, battling a pandemic, amidst a stagnant – now an actually declining – economy. At the end of it, what really would have changed that gives India long term advantage. Just to demonstrate that we have balls. The one phrase that sickens me is, This is not India of 1962. It is a cruel injustice to all the brave soldiers who fought to the last bullet, the last breath. Trotted our regularly to diminish the legacy of India’s greatest, longest serving Prime Minister. 2. As far as the operational aspects are concerned, the columnist is the best judge of the situation. If there have been lapses, once the storm has passed, there should be accountability. Lekin vaisa hota nahin hai hamare system mein. There is a class of officer whose political savvy exceeds professional competence. Often found at the top.

  85. This is a bullet that will have to be bitten. By my limited, non-diplomatic intelligence I had said this before too, that India should mount a FEROCIOUS attack right from the word go, so the international community takes immediate note. China should be WARNED before initiating action that India will throw open its airfields to NATO or American or Israeli or any other countries’ forces to land here and mount an attack on China – – absolutely to anyone who can help India teach a lesson to China. If Narendra Modi really means he will avenge our soldiers’ blood, this is the way to go about it.

    • Mr Sanjiv Bhatla: Why would Israel, the US or other NATO countries want to help India? Why would they risk the lives of their soldiers in a conflict in a far off place and from which their gains may be questionable? So if I were Israel, I would ask

      “What’s in it for me? ”

      Most of the countries you refer to are democracies. Fo you really think that the citizens in these countries would want to get their soldiers embroiled and possibly bogged down in a conflict from whcih they have little to gain ? This is diplomacy Sir, not a bloody Bollywood film where things follow a pre-ordained script where good battles evil.. Additionally, under Modi, India has projected the discriminatory ideology of Hindutva whereby Muslims and Christians have been discriminated against, the press has been gagged and democracy is in in danger. India is not exactly an easy sell these days.

      Also remember that just as you want Modi to avenge the Indian dead, don’t you think that the Chinese would want Xi Jinoing to avenge the Chinese dead ? And any idea of how this will snowball and the consequences of it snowballing for a country with an economy that was devastated long vefore COVID, a health crisis due to COVID, political and social unrest in the country and now Chinese aggression. Want an all-out war now Mr Bhatla?

      • Yes, Kili… “India is not exactly an easy sell these days.” I fully agree with you. You have, I don’t know if you realize it or not, most compactly captured in this one sentence, Narendra Modi’s ENTIRE “contribution” to the cause of India in the last 6 years.

        I agree with what you say about the USA etc, that why should they get embroiled. But China is the ONLY country in the world which is most shamelessly greedy about ANY PIECE OF LAND anywhere. It keeps nibbling at its neighbors, also at no man’s land parcels in the sea, etc. To that extent China is an international pariah. At some point the rest of the world will have to get serious about it. China is, what George Bush Sr. mistakenly thought Saddam was.

  86. General Saheb, we respect you, but you are fast losing credibility.
    There is a time & place for criticism – and this is NOT the time.

    • Would request you to go by the WHOLE article and read, again and again, what’s written in the last paragraph!! PLEASE.. do read it!!

  87. Well written, Aap leader Mr panag. Good time to revenge the defeat of gul panag in lok sabha.

    • Mr Chiteshwar Menon: How your comment constitute a response to the valid issues raised by Lt. Gen Panag is hard to grasp. And since you are unable to produce any counter-arguments, you beat about the bush talking nonsense. So do amke another attempt Mr Menon, preferably when you are sober.

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