Representational image|. PM Modi looks at a solar eclipse in 2019 | Facebook/narendramodi
Representational image| PM Modi looks at a solar eclipse in 2019 | Facebook/narendramodi
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After the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Rahul Gandhi made his resignation from the post of Congress president sound like an act of principled resistance against the party’s old guard. He seemed to have a tough time even saying the obligatory words about taking responsibility for the defeat.

Perhaps, the real reason Rahul Gandhi stepped down is that he sensed continuing defeat in imminent state elections. Resigning would be a good way of letting the old guard take responsibility for those defeats. The stupendous victory of the BJP with 303 seats made it look like a foregone conclusion that the Narendra Modi and Amit Shah-led party would sweep Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand assembly elections that were to be held in the following months. The Congress was never going to be a factor in the Delhi assembly election.

In fact, a state election victory that Rahul Gandhi can jump in to take credit for, and use that to return as party president, is nowhere in sight even now. It was this sort of calculation that took him many years to go from vice-president to president in 2017.

As it happened, the Congress as a junior ally of the Hemant Soren-led Jharkhand Mukti Morcha got the treasury benches in Ranchi. Sharad Pawar stitched an unlikely coalition with the Congress and the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, which should have caused Rahul Gandhi much heartburn. The party won more seats in Haryana than anyone had anticipated, making it clear that if they had sacked Rahul Gandhi’s chosen leader much earlier, they could even have won the state election. Had Rahul Gandhi not resigned as party president, he could have taken credit for these results and suggested that he can rise from the ashes.

These ups and downs of state elections will continue. And they are an annoyance for Prime Minister Narendra Modi too, who has, in his typical undemocratic way, suggested ‘one nation, one election’.

Narendra Modi has separated his narrative from that of the BJP at the state level. Remember how the BJP campaigns in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in 2018 were not centred around Modi? In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, voters judged Modi in a national sense, and gave very different verdicts in many states just before and after the Lok Sabha polls.

Separating national and state politics is how Modi has decimated coalition politics at the national level. Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party, and the opposition sentiment at large, continue to make the mistake of seeing the Lok Sabha election as the big final that the state elections lead up to. The Congress made this mistake in 2017, for example, with Rahul Gandhi putting all his eggs in the Karnataka election basket. Presuming victory in the Karnataka assembly election, the Congress thought it would go from strength to strength leading up to the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Rahul Gandhi — or anyone desirous of defeating Narendra Modi — must forget state elections.

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A 3year plan

Instead, a national opposition should look at planing a series of campaigns for the next three years: 2021, 2022 and 2023. The keyword here is planning.

Modi plans his campaigns way in advance. One campaign leads to another, making for Modi’s permanent campaign. That is what the Congress needs to do as well. Give up ad-hocism. To set the agenda, plan your own campaigns. From 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023. The Congress should know by now what campaigns it is going to take to the people in these three years.

That is what Rahul Gandhi should be dedicating himself to. Let Ahmed Patel take care of state politics. Let Priyanka Gandhi take care of factional fighting. You know that unemployment, poor growth and stagnant wages are going to remain a big issue for some time. Plan a year-long campaign around them. No matter who wins the next state assembly election, these issues aren’t going away. In fact, inflation might be added to them.

Don’t be impatient and expect to be rewarded in the form of state elections. Be an intelligent investor: invest for the long run and have patience. Only three years.

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How to plan for 3 years

The question, then, is how do you plan a series of campaigns for three years?

Very simple. Make a bullet list of all your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. List all your SWOT analysis points. Even the smallest of them. You may not be able to see all of them, or their scale, which is why you need a survey.

Having made this list, create a campaign around each point. If you closely observe Modi’s endless campaigns, this is what he does. Each campaign has a specific objective. Hindutva is his strength so he campaigns around it. Nationalism is his strength so he campaigns around it. Falling GDP growth and unemployment are a threat to him, so he pre-empts the threat with campaigns like ‘New India 2022’ or ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.

Before 2014, Modi had a weakness. He wasn’t very well known in rural north India. So he did a campaign just to address that. He got farmers from across India to participate in giving an iron instrument, such as sickles or spades, for the Statue of Unity. Be it farmers or Dalits or upper castes, Modi systematically lists his weaknesses and obviates them through campaign or policy (they’re the same for him).

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A SWOT analysis of Rahul Gandhi

What are Rahul Gandhi’s strengths? The legacy of the Congress party, the rights-based laws of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), his popularity in parts of south India, and having a few state governments. Rahul Gandhi should be devising and campaigning around each of these.

What are his weaknesses? He is a poor orator, makes too many gaffes, is seen as a serial loser, disappears for days on end and appears inconsistent. He can devise campaigns to obviate each of these. Don’t give extempore speeches and instead use recorded video. Take up one issue and march from one end of India to another for it. People call you a loser? Play the underdog. Own the ‘Pappu’ insult and turn it on its head. The only way to make these happen is to devise long-running campaigns around them.

What are the opportunities before Rahul Gandhi? Far too many to count. Modi’s unkept promises, the bullet trains in the air, the black money not recovered from abroad, poor economic growth, unemployment, Dalit angst… none of these will become electorally relevant unless the Congress party campaigns to make the most of them. With every passing day, the ‘anti-incumbency’ against the Modi government keeps rising, but because no opposition party exploits it, Modi is able to prevent an anti-incumbency sentiment from crystalising. If you want to see how an opposition leader should exploit rising multi-term anti-incumbency, just study how Modi-Shah do their anti-incumbency campaigns.

What are the threats to Rahul Gandhi? They are Hindutva, fake news, Modi’s personality cult, corruption cases against Congress leaders, and so on. Once again, pre-emptive campaigns can be designed. If Rahul Gandhi does a campaign around Truth for a month, for example, his own Satyagraha, he could drill into people’s heads that a lot of ‘Pappu’ stories they hear about him are fake news.

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Execution is everything

Lastly, making a plan is useless unless you stick to it. Opposition leaders are always found postponing their campaigns while Modi’s campaigns never stop. Sticking to the campaign plan is so important for Modi that he doesn’t let a pandemic come in the way of activating the Ram Mandir construction campaign, a campaign that will no doubt continue consistently until early 2024, each step of which Modi would have planned out on an Excel sheet already.

That’s a simple four-point guide to defeating Modi in 2024. 1) Forget state elections. 2) Do a SWOT analysis. 3) Make a campaign around each of your SWOT points. 4) Stick to this plan for the next 3 years, no matter what.

The author is contributing editor, ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. It is not possible for rahul to do this. So its better for the cheap and biased media group print to do so on behalf of Congress and rahul Gandhi.

  2. Worthless article.. This author is just a Pappu devotee. Shame on this author. Should never call himself a journalist .

  3. Meanwhile, Shekhar Gupta to his staff will be like. “ Kuch seekho Shivam se, Launda har time 100 comments par karta hain”

  4. How can Soniya Antanio’s agenda to launch Rahul and Priyanka Vadra and then Miraya Vadra may the agenda of Indians ????
    Today’s voters are very well educated and google everything daily basis. They are not going to believe whatever you are going to tell. Infact they have make their faith in True Nationalist News Media channels and that why people like Shekhar Gupta needs funds and news news channels like NDTV are in bade shapes.
    Actually such people need to realise that new era in India has been started after 2014 which directly getting their motivation and energy from before 1857 and 10000 years ago Hindus Civilization.
    ( Not only after 1947). And in this theory Motilal Nehru–Jawaharlal Nehru — Indira Ghndy–Sanjay- Rajeev–Soniya Antanio–Rahul–Priyamka Vadra no where perfect fit now.

  5. Will shivam Vij put his money where his mouth is? Will Shivam chop off his beard if Rahul does exactly what shivam advises and still lose the lection?

  6. The print should focus on realistic issues like popu control,uniform civil code rather than fuming at a honest prime minister

  7. God, give it a break. Same recycled shit from this Print hack, a.k.a presstitute.

    Ad nauseum and ad infinitum….. And then beggars like Shekhar Gupta want readers to fund this load of crap.

  8. these articles which are forecasted in “the print” or “the wire” are opinions of Pakistan media and i dont understand these authors steal article from pak or they write on own!!! or may be genetic mistake of their parents make them to write these bullshit alakbulak thoughts they get into their minds

  9. SWOT analysis hahahaha.
    Maybe RG does listen to advice like this to be in the situation he is in. On a serious note , Mr. Vij as a contributing editor, needs a reality check. High school students have better points in their essays than the so called journalist with click-bait headlines and sub- standard content.

    • Really. High schoolers have better essays. I understand Print airing all shades of opinion. But such pedantic nonsense? It’s more shallow and superficial than what even most ardent critics of Modi would articulate.

  10. Sycophancy at its best. The author should join the party and wait for 2029 or next. Let Rahul try to handle the any post with all responsibility .The idea of the article is only how you can oust Modi. An independent media house working as a mouth piece of congress party and you have published similar articles in the recent past praising Rahul from another author.

    • Agree with each word. Only for 3 years must Rahul Gandhi do this and that.. what about him, an inconsistent non motivating leader like him running the vast country that India is?
      The Print and even Shekhar Gupta seems to have become polarized and do not seem to be neutral anymore

  11. The focus of the article is not so much on defeating Modi but how Rahul Gandhi be made Prime Minister. If one sees the trend of post -2019 state elections Congress is not the winner but regional parties are: Shiv Sena & NCP in Maharashtra, JMM in Jharkhand etc. So, even if Modi is defeated in 2019, why it is not possible that a regional Chhatrap will occupy PM’s seat? Even within Congress, powerful Chief Ministers like Gahalot and Amarinder Singh are not heeding to Rahul Gandhi or High Command. Blind allegiance to one person, whether he is Modi or Rahul is harmful. People of the country deserve better than that.

  12. To put it bluntly, Indian elections are all about caste. Dominant castes have absolute faith in present dispensation. Congress long back ceased to effectively look after their interest. For them economic progress ( which looks after country’s prosperity, security, stability etc ) don’t matter so long their interests are not safeguarded.

  13. The more pappu campaigns the more congress loses.congress can only win by junking gandhi vadra family for some other face.if that does not happen congress will be reduced to a regional party from national party very soon.

  14. This article is a pathetic shit. First get the Congress party to vacate all the real estate in Delhi where it is sitting for ages on tax payers money. Then they, congress,can hire this author as their spokesperson and political consultant. It’s the people of India who vote for the person/ party to work for them, not such armchair goodies.

  15. It is a matter of a great concern that ThePrint and a section of media is so a
    obsessed with the task of installing the dynasty and the party –Congress party , which could not get clear majority during last three and half decade on its own . ( last time it got majority of its own was in1984 under tragedic circumstances ) . Do the honorable journalist think that voters of India will become stupid enough to reverse this trend –IF AND ONLY IF THEIR CHOSEN DYNAST – start behaving in way Mr. Vij is advising him. ? ? It seems he is only a paid- advertising copy writer who writes as directed by his dynast pay-masters . Other wise he would have written after doing some research, studying the political trends and would have extrapolated the rise and fall of two contesting parties of present day India, – BJP and Congress party . Is Bjp going downhill ? Was its rise was one or two time fluke event ? The reason for fall of congress and rise of BJP are structural and are as per similar trends witnessed in other democracies of the world. These reasons have been internalized and ingrained in the specific DNA of both parties. and germs of growth –in case of BJP and germs of DECAY – — IN CASE OF congress too visible to be ignored by any political commentator.
    There is no use comparing RG with Modi . The Vijs of ThePrint or India can not reverse the political trend by turning out trash like this article.
    ThePrint is supposed to be a portal which publishes article of high intellectual standards. Do not make it mouth-piece of a departing political entity .

  16. Best option is to appoint Sri.Modi as the chief strategist of congress. Any way you are copying his strategies. So in 2024 Narendra Damodar das Modi will work as the chief strategist and Shivam Vijayan will be his deputy.

  17. The writer and people like him have been obsessed with defeating Modi, through RG. Do these guys even realise, the cost that the country would have to bear, for having RG as PM. Do these guys even have an iota of love for this country?…. Modi can be defeated… he is not infallible….but such a person will have to provide better leadership, will have to provide a better idea of india….. You cant defeat him by propping up a nincompoop as a leader….a person who cant even take control of his party…. and worst ran away at the prospect of a defeat….. Good luck to these guys….

  18. And then you call yourself independent, unbiased media. LoL
    Why would a media house write such content and begging for money?
    You guys will not survive. People no more take media’s sh*t.

  19. Why bother to bring some one who can’t even take responsibility of his own deeds. The present is the fact and is quite endearing
    no need make people s mind sway in direction which has no future.

  20. 1. Strange objective of ‘how to defeat Modi’ instead of ‘how to deliver better governance than the current one to the country’

    2. Reeks of appeasement to Rahul Gandhi, a person who inexplicably (or maybe not) keeps receiving innumerable ‘second’ (245th?) chances from sections of the media.

    No wonder Congress is unable to shed its ‘heredity’ focus, as long as there are people around that are apparently blinded to the utter lack of either ability, experience or qualification, by their sycophancy towards the dynasty.

  21. Why a so called neutral media wants modi to be defeated in next election and that too not by a strong opposition but by a failure like Rahul Gandhi

  22. Shivam Vij – you are hired as campaign manager for 2024 election championing opposition! You are an asset to ruling BJP! Wonderful to have a freewheeling English language blogger with random thoughts on politics as campaign manager!

  23. Why you should worry for the defeat of BJP or any other party? Let the parties do it for themselves and people are not fools which you think. Shameless article.

  24. Why would you vote for Modi when corona is 26 lakhs and it will cross 1 lakh death . We need congress back to restore order . This is like a stupid ekta Kapoor episode kundhali Bhagya . Never ending Modi . Time for him to go

    • It will worse if congress where in power more people will have lose theirs life. Congress just speak lies etc n they don’t take actions remember this brother .

  25. Why are journalists so bent upon converting brothel into a church?
    What have they seen in RG in so many years?
    He’s moody, politically immature and inconsistent.
    Have they found single leadership quality in him or any existing congress leader who can face today’s dangerous international challenges post Covid?

    The tone of this article simply highlights aspiration of those sulking congress Supports who still after fulfilling RGs wet dreams.

    I agree and totally support that there should be strong and meaningful opposition, something like Mr Vajpayee, Advani, Sushma, Jaitly led over the years and created made people take them seriously.

    It would have been more meaningful if this article had tried to highlight emerging Dangerous world order and challenges post Covid both domestic as well as international and what opposition leader must have in it to face those challenges as effectively as Modi if not better.

    To all those journalists, please don’t make mistake of categorising all Modi gov supporters in “Bhakt”.

    Many educated young boys and girls like us look at qualities like total dedication, un-corruptability, leading from front, no-nonsense, decisiveness and guts. We see all these qualities to max level in present PM.

    Lastly don’t write articles on how to defeat Modi by hook or crook strategy, instead write article to highlight qualities opposition leader will need who can demonstrate above qualities by at least 70% if that’s too much to ask.

    Please stop pushing RG and present dynasty.
    Don’t try to convert brothel into church..

  26. Or how about do some work in the states you govern or atleast in your own constituency, lest you loose it like in 2019. The author things elections have nothing to do with real work but just campaigning.

  27. Why do you want to prop up a failed and corrupt leader? Are you journalists missing your privileges under Modi? It is absurd to even dream of Pappu to be PM of the country. Looks like you guys are being paid by enemy countries to get the country a stupid leader and put the country in crises. People of this country are no fools to elect such corrupt family back to power! The more you hate Modi, the stronger he is going to come back for sure. 2024 it will be 400+ for NDA. Don’t be surprised if Pappu loses his wynad seat also.

  28. the biggest threat to india is fake news FROM congress-backed sources and raghoul ghandy’s fan club. like this one.

    its very interesting that indian based news media like yours, which ought to present india at least neutrally if not positively, only focuses on the negative stuff and makes it sound like our country is a black hole of despair. very interesting / disgusting.

    this is nothing but a mafia.

  29. Vij should quit journalism and be an election consultant like ,who else , prashant kishor .But I doubt if Vij would have any success if he continues backing rahul gandhi against modi , rahul gandhi as far as I am concerned is Modi’s Brahmashtra , he just has to remind people of India about who they are going to get if he loses , the thought must terrify the indian electorate and that is what explains the difference in state and national elections .

  30. The Print media is one of the most bogus, biased and unrealistic. Even most of their content is anti national and they serve shit to their readers. The Print gives half information and speaks partial truth which is utter disgusting. People are not going to get into your trap and propaganda. Really very disappointed.

  31. Shivam Vij , you being the fascist left bet on Rahul Gandhi who has been rejected by people of India. You fascists love family rule not democratic rule. What a mind a mind set.

  32. Yaaaawn…!!

    That’s lot of hard work from Mr Vij. Hope the Gandhis really hire him for the 2024 elections.

    Some sods just won’t accept that Modi man has taken the country far out of reach for Gandhis to have any chance of being in power at the Centre. Before the Gandhis take on Modi, they ought to have their house in order first. Then they have to have a marketable leader, followed by products (ideas) that will sell, to 1.2 billion Indians. Till then Mr Vij can fill all the internet pages with his ideas.

  33. One feels sad for Shivam. Prashant Kishor gives similar advises and earns a few crores but Shivam has to write an article in The Print and one does not know ow much he makes. Anyway, essentially, he understood how Modi wins and wants Rahul to do the same! This is like rubbing the salt on the wound but driven by Modi hatred, Shivam does not care. Luckily, 2024 is far away and he can continue to live his dream for a long time.

  34. First, this free to fall advice is nothing new from journalists who have never contested even a municipal ward electiions and remain confined to full airconditioned room and wirte such articles sitting on their lux couches.

    Second, you seem to have made your career out of bashing the incumbent government and in particualr Modi and keep advising Congress on ‘what to do next in defeating them in 2024?’. Hope, it rings them a bell and they hire you as Political Advisor to reward you better. So, good luck!

  35. Modi haters can only dream SUHANE SAPANE. In 2024, it would be a great achievement for Rahul Gandhi if he can himself win his MP seat.

  36. Dear author,it will be better for you to serve Gandhi dynasty at their residence leaving your yellow journalism.Why are you so desperate to defeat our great son of mother India Narendra Modules? Please explain only five important achievments of your leader Rahul Gandhi for the well being of our nation.If gandhi nehru dynasty has done anything that is only for their own dynasty’s profit by fooling indians wearing masks of secularism,poverty,social justice.

  37. Couldn’t stop laughing while I was reading. It really made my day. Wondering if the author is from planet earth. The way he is saying it’s so simple like 123 to defeat Modi is amazing.

    Apart from joke, if Congress is really serious about getting back into the game it must first ditch this Gandhi parivar. Congress was in power for two consecutive terms but Rahul never held a portfolio while it was a golden chance for him to show the people of India his administrative capabilities. On other hand Modi was cm of Gujarat for three terms handling various portfolios and people were aware of his ability to manage the things before he ran for PM post.

    Even today people of India don’t know what Rahul can do or what are his strengths if any. Designing campaigns only not going to work anymore in the age of social media. Rahul can start by taking a portfolio in any Congress ruled state if he is seriously considering the politics as his first choice.

  38. It is a matter of a great concern that ThePrint and a section of media is so a
    obsessed with the task of installing the dynasty and the party –Congress party , which could not get clear majority during last three and half decade on its own . ( last time it got majority of its own was in 1984 under tragedic circumstances ) . Do the honorable journalist think that voters of India will become stupid enough to reverse this trend –IF AND ONLY IF THEIR CHOSEN DYNAST – start behaving in way Mr. Vij is advising him. ? ? It seems he is only a paid- advertising copy writer who writes as directed by his dynast pay-masters . Other wise he would have written after doing some research, studying the political trends and would have extrapolated the rise and fall of two contesting parties of present day India, – BJP and Congress party . Is Bjp going downhill ? Was its rise was one or two time fluke event ? The reason for fall of congress and rise of BJP are structural and are as per similar trends witnessed in other democracies of the world. These reasons have been internalized and ingrained in the specific DNA of both parties. and germs of growth –in case of BJP and germs of DECAY – — IN CASE OF congress too visible to be ignored by any political commentator.
    There is no use comparing RG with Modi . The Vijs of ThePrint or India can not reverse the political trend by turning out trash like this article.
    ThePrint is supposed to be a portal which publishes article of high intellectual standards. Do not make it mouth-piece of a departing political entity .

  39. The author is not a journalist. He has written this article as a consultant to the Congress dynasty family party owner. He is doing his job, for the payment he has received or likely to receive in the future.

  40. Step 0 – As a journalist, stop wasting readers time with a political plan for an election that is 4 years out..
    Note to Mr.Gupta – if this is the quality journalism you need readers to pay for, please think again.

  41. Congress can get 200℅ majority if they give up Gandhies and if they give up Gandhies it will break Congress.
    So there seems to be no chance

  42. This is not journalism. This is political pamphleteering.
    With idiotic writers like this dude you have no right to expect donations from your dwindling readers.

  43. This writer is a perfect example of a person who is shambolic at his/her daily job, yet manages to keep it for reasons unknown. Sometimes, I envy the fact that they make a living for getting high and penning down utter nonsensical stuff. I did have a hearty laugh to say the least. Keep up the good work XD

  44. I d want your wants to be a platform for such agenda. If he wants he should communicate directly to rahul or whoever it is. He should not be associated with your channel if you have to be objective

  45. Leave alone the andah bhakts, no wonder i called this people the chatoo bhakts…
    Its simple why don’t this feet lockers understand that the most decisive and prompt action to look for the party leader and come out of the acronym called Nehru-Gandhi..
    Cause no one is interested in them any more…if this is not done, it won’t be long that Congress will be called a ‘ extinct party ‘

  46. Extremely tasteless and unreserved article. Even the Congress people will throw it away. Reminds me of college days when we were asked to do project work on launching a product about which we knew nothing. Would copy materials from the library (since there was no Goggle then) and submit the project hoping to get 6/10.

  47. Who is this author Shivam Vij? Looks not awsre of history- how wrong was congress in reuning Bharat – India. It is proved that RG Congress is hand in glove with both Pakistan and China. Nobody will think to vote them.

  48. By that time many Congress big wigs will be in jail for criminal acts. Campaign by scamsters will not change perception.

    • It will be very easy for Kangress to appoint Shivam Vij as a “Consultant for 2024 Polls ” to defeat Modiji. Why is he sharing his secretes publicly ?

  49. Public knows what is Fack news & real news. Do whatever but definitely defeating BJP would be a mammoth task. Papu would be Papu only. Bjp & Modiji is fulfilling all election menifesto, so what Papu can do? Only to wait for defeat.

  50. The biggest liability of Congress is family’s lust for power for survival of Congress the family must leave which they will not

  51. It is very difficult to understand why ThePrint is more focussed over defeating PM Shri Modi and making sure a silver-spoon fed, 50-year old mentally developing childish-adult man gets win ?
    See, you mentioned in your article that Mr. Rahul should plan like this and that . Good ! But, had you anywhere mentioned that instead of only thinking about defeating PM Shri Modi to grab the power and rule India as ruling India is their personal-family affair, Mr. Rahul could have some sense towards what he wants to do in future for India ? After so many ideas and intellectual thoughts tried to induce in his doraemon-mind, had you thought what will happen to India when someone like Mr. Rahul come to power ? But, why would you thought for that what would happen to India because you had never been interested to think about what would happen to India having him at power because your foundation was laid to defeat and circulated propaganda against Hindutwa (Sanatan) , PM Shri Modi, Bhartiya Janta Party and associated who had worked from ground to sky to reach at the power of world’s largest democracy. PM Shri Narendra Modi had worked for Gujarat and make it vibrant unlike Congress had made it Beemaru Rajya. Wherever congress has ruled for longer period, it had made it Beemaru and corrupt-system was established. PM Shri Modi Ji and HM Shri Amit Shah Ji is eradicating that corrupt system which was well-planted by ancestors of Mr. Rahul, Mrs. Priyanka so as they keep on getting the ripen fruits of that corrupt system. And, no wonder that ThePrint is also one of the participant in that scheme.
    Why these opposition people are crying and banging their heads because they are even not able to get a penny for their political appeasement vote theory and all illegal supports are also made to suffocate.
    This is “NewIndia” and becoming “AtamnirBharat” unlike your supported parties only talk about how to make India poor and use them as vote bank.
    I urge ThePrint to be responsible towards the Country and Society as supporting those who never did any progressive things for the country except looting and corrupting system for their own self-benefit will never help you survive.
    You many read the comments below and many have so much of harsh criticism for the ways of your anti-national journalism.
    I urge you to stop such things because that’s good for the progress of the country (if you wish for the country’s growth anytime) .
    Hope, you change the way you do the journalism and do publish about good things except creating unrest in the minds of the people by writing about negative thing or presenting the positive things as negative .
    Please stop all of this, I urge .
    Thanks .

    • Thanks for writing this. Defeating Modi and no idea why India should vote for a corrupt, undemocratic and a dictatorial dispensation. What will Indians miss if Congress is out of power is not clear.

    • The Print is funded by Congress, why would they not follow this narrative. It makes sense when you understand that Congress itself is just a bunch of power hungry kids.

  52. A simple, hire Prashant Kishore, would have worked. Anyway, love your articles. Atleast someone has the balls to stand up to the bhakts

    • What a joke. The only totalitarian lying fake double standard laden ‘bhaktss’ are ppl like you who mindlessly smear a passionate movement of the people of this land. Joker.

    • He is the most idiotic writer in entire print team..I am wondering how can an intelligent person like SG engaged him as contributing editor…he is more congressi than even RG….

  53. Hey –why dont you join Rahul G team …you might get a call with this article. Friend you are one of the desktop politician (or want to be) Indian electorate is very intelligent ….and it seems you haven’t analysed the reason why Modi won in 2019 . Here are the reasons and they still continue to be true

    1/ Transparency and getting money to the person standing at the last ….through JAM and schemes . No leekage and poorest person got cash …never happened in congress rule and while never happen as they all want to make money . example Uttarakhand floods happened Rs 2500 Crores started from Delhi and Rs 200 crores were transferred to RGF . Modi has ensured that that large scale fraud is not happening and people know that …they dont trust the Gandhi family.
    2/ Leadership, Vision & Communication …many examples of structural changes and ideas implemented …yes verey thing does not work but it was tried . In the past it was all kick the can
    3/ Nation building


  54. Ha Ha. ……Mr. Gupta to all the Journalists in “The Print” wants Modi out. I Really didn’t read any news about ousting UPA 1 & II by opposition leaders or no such analysis. This article can be ready as time pass.

  55. What kind of article is this? Is this an example of neutral journalism The print boasts of? It sounds like a party mouthpiece.

    • Supporting because if Pappu and Nehru family comes to power, it 8s easy for them to grab soome huge money through hawala to prosper their future. Now Mr Modi has stopped all incoming money for the NGOs from outside. Print is SHAME for journalism and it should be locked. Writing all against Shri Modi only. It shows that because of Modi they cannot amaze wealth. Yes it is a fact. The main motto is congress with the dynasty at helm to loot the nation and cheat the poor by spreading fake news and lies and unnecessarily blaming others who does good. Print is now financed by the dynasty.90 percent of media are in favour of spreading fake and lie because they know they cannot get corrupt money from Mr Modi. So they want a change in power Even

  56. !! Asatyam Shivam Sadaa Sandesham !!

    Shivam We…zzzzzz ! That duffer won’t get even if you teach him the ‘Winning Mantra’ 100 times !!

    Why don’t you compete directly with Modi?

  57. Yaaaawn!
    With nothing better to write about or for – this author is sticking to some old stuff.
    RaGa is history. He doesn’t want to become a leader.
    His party is a mess. No one wants to be in / with it.

    Get some inspiring people if you want to compete with NaMo-Motabhai. Let them develop their own ideas (not borrow from NaMo).
    Shivam – do a better job at sychophancy.

  58. Good that Mr Shivam Vij has mentioned that this is his views are personal. Otherwise no other sane journalist would dare to make such foolish analysis.
    It has been proved that dynasty politics is on the way out.
    Time only will tell what is right.

    • When Rahul Gandhi is not serious about his leadership, why we should waste time in this analysis. It would be better if Media forces Congress to get rid of Gandhi Family and revive the party for better opposition which is the need of democracy.

  59. Terrible. Seems like a disgruntled child asking his Daddy for a tricycle for his Bday. Just terrible. Shekhar Gupta, hand on your heart, is this journalism? Personal vomit of depressed and disgruntled individual on Your portal, masquerading as ‘opinion’. And then You expect your readers to donate? Cmon Shekhar Gupta, You are better than this! Get Shivam Vij the help he needs, tie-up with Jholachaap Ravish. Maybe together they will get a friends & family discount at some Psychiatrist’s place.

    • Being a central govt. Employee i am not to happy with my employer….in these harsh times modi govt has stopped payment of our dearness allowance…a very very cruel step…how can you do such a thing when inflation is on the rise… very sad….

      • millions of people in the country have lost their jobs and thousands of small businesses have gone bankrupt. be happy that you have your job.

      • Hello Mr Debd
        So sorry to hear this. Are you compelled to work for your employer. I believe No.
        Then change your job you Smartie.

  60. Why doesn’t Rahul Gandhi make Svivam Vij his Commander in chief, he seems to know what India needs.He can be his next Prashant Kishor

  61. The Evm fraud planned should be stopped at any cost. All Political parties sold also keep trained rowdy branch organisations to face critical situation. The real face of BJP should be explained to the common people

    • ” The real face of BJP should be explained to the common people” And Modi will tell the common people about the real face of your terrorist face.

  62. If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed- Adolf Hitler
    That’s the only strategy BJP got. Rahul has to exploit this and hammer consistently in people’s mind.

    • If advertisement companies can make Congress win, it would have won in 2014 and 2019 but it didn’t. It’s good for BJP if Modi haters believes in such theory of winning elections.

    • Bangalore riots happened 2 days ago, in front of cameras and samrt phones and liberals are already changing the narrative, that it was propagated by the Hindus and BJP. I can imagine what you Muslim termites and liberals may have done with 600 year old Mughal rule – presenting it as Paradise on earth

  63. Shivam trying his best to save the sinking ship of Gandhi-led Congress with kindergarten lessons like SWOT analysis, LMAO! Good luck Shivam.


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