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Bombay HC cancels ‘fraudulent’ caste certificate of Navneet Rana, imposes Rs 2 lakh

The HC held that Rana’s claim of belonging to ‘Mochi’ caste was made with the intention of obtaining various benefits available to a candidate from such category.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint Team

Supreme Court’s flawed verdict on Maratha quota shows why factoring caste history is crucial

Caste and varna abolition is now in the hands of RSS/BJP, which claims to represent all Indian Hindus, not just Dwijas, the upper castes.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah during a roadshow in Nadia, West Bengal, 11 April 2021| PTI

BJP has married Mandal with Kamandal in Bengal, posing a dilemma for scholars

In caste politics, both the unit of mobilisation and opposition are caste categories, like Jatavs versus Yadavs. In Bengal, the target is a religious category – Muslims.
Officials collect Census data | Photo: censusindia.gov.in

Real reason no govt wants OBC count in Census – it will reveal inconvenient truths

The 2021 Census will not have data on OBCs, even though the Modi government had earlier promised it. It’s a conspiracy of ignorance.
A still from Tandav | Amazon Prime Video

Can a Dalit man and an upper-caste woman be in love? Another thing Tandav gets wrong

Tandav has landed in controversy. But it gets a lot wrong about lower-castes in India that has just flown under the radar.
A vintage photo of a group of Sindhis | Wikimedia commons

Sindhis are not a caste-free society. My interviews show it is just a false claim

A new collection of 60 essays on the Sindhis, edited by Saaz Aggarwal, traces the complex Sindhi identity.
Representational image | ThePrint

‘No new order’ to seize vehicles with stickers declaring caste — UP govt denies viral claim

Officials in Uttar Pradesh government said carrying caste stickers on vehicles, registration plates is already illegal, and the offence warrants a fine.
The Tigris Front, Iraq (formerly Mesopotamia), First Corps British Army camp sanitary area | View of closed incinerator, sweeper's tent, drying shed for litter and latrine huts | Radhika Singha/HarperCollins

When India sent scores of prisoners to Iraq as sweepers during World War I

In ‘The Coolie’s Great War’, Radhika Singha writes about the British recruiting Indian prisoners and ‘criminal tribes’ to do menial jobs in Mesopotamia.
The Narayanpet superintendent of police and activist Hajamma conduct an awareness programme for joginis in Utkoor mandal | File photo | By special arrangement

Banned in 1988, this ‘religious’ practice still forces Telangana’s Dalit women into sex slavery

The rescue of a 25-yr-old woman last month has once again brought focus on a centuries-old practice that has morphed into a social evil whose victims suffer deeply.
Brahmin women at a house in Boolgarhi village, Hathras | Photo: Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Some want to call Hathras an ‘honour killing case’ — they forgot it’s an upper-caste practice

When was the last time you heard of Dalits killing their daughters for eloping with upper-caste men? ‘Honour killing’ is not really a Dalit trend.

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Health workers wearing PPE kits attend to Covid-19 patients at a newly set up temporary hospital at Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Gurugram, on 27 May 2021 | PTI

Why long Covid could help us understand other chronic diseases

Studies of Covid long-haulers might eventually help us understand other diseases, from chronic fatigue syndrome to cancer to Alzheimer’s.
File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March 2021 | Twitter @BJP4India

In a LinkedIn post, Modi lauds ‘Centre-state bhagidari’ for quick reforms amid Covid

PM lists reform measures brought in by the states since Modi govt linked the increase in borrowing limits, as demanded by states, to the completion of 4 reforms.


Defence ministry signs Rs 583-cr deal with Goa Shipyard to procure 2 pollution control ships

The ships are being procured for Indian Coast Guard to respond to oil spills at sea & boost pollution response mechanism. They are slated for delivery by November 2024 and May 2025.

China’s Wuhan story unravels as world’s finest, including from India, nail Covid lab-leak proof

The global hunt for where the virus behind pandemic came from shows science, democracy and a sense of inquiry can overcome politics, ideology and omerta codes.