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Sandwiched between Xi, Putin, Imran in Bishkek, Modi learnt an important political lesson

Modi must realise that world leaders like Xi, Putin and Imran are not cut from the same cloth as Rahul Gandhi.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is believed to have persuaded Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to reciprocate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handshake in Bishkek last week on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit.

According to Pakistani sources, Khan was – predictably – quite upset that Modi didn’t fly over Pakistani airspace to reach Bishkek after asking the Pakistanis permission for the same, which was given. In fact, Khan also wrote three letters to Modi in the run-up to Bishkek, offering the hand of peace.

After all, how many times can a man say hello to you as you turn your face away?

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Modi will definitely have to find a way to climb down from his Balakot angst. There is no easy way to deal with Pakistan’s policy of undermining India through cross-border terrorism.

This is why Modi will always have Bishkek. It is here, last week, that the veils finally fell from Modi’s eyes. India may be a rising power, which the world cannot ignore, but it was in Bishkek that Modi realised that in the quicksand of international politics, there are no rules. No permanent friends, enemies or acquaintances. Only plain and brutal national interest, sometimes enveloped in a bear hug, other times wreathed in smiles.

That’s why a video from Bishkek doing the rounds is important. It shows Russian President Vladimir Putin and Imran Khan in animated conversation at the SCO summit dinner, while Modi, sandwiched between Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, looks straight ahead. (Chinese President Xi Jinping is sitting on Tokayev’s other side). At least in this video, and on this side of the table, there’s no conversation at all.

Did Modi wonder what Putin and Imran Khan were up to? Speculation has been rife for some time that Islamabad wants to buy Russian arms, although Moscow has told Delhi this is just to fight terror operations. Nevertheless, what was Putin, who has more than once clasped Modi warmly in his embrace, doing with India’s main enemy, Pakistan?

The importance of Bishkek is that Modi, who has been lucky so far because he has had to deal with an enervated Rahul Gandhi as his main opposition, must realise that international politics gives you no room to grandstand.

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If he has read his history, from Chanakya to the Treaty of Versailles, Modi must realise that nations, especially when they are down and out, must be allowed to save face.

Even when nations lose the World Cup, have to go with begging bowls to the IMF/ADB/World Bank and are constantly threatened with being put on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) list, they must be allowed to survive.

Iran is a good example. On the FATF blacklist and once again in the crosshairs of the US sanctions, Iran keeps going, one step after another. Its latest weapon to deflect the oil sanctions is to call upon its old friends, the Russians, to invite Taliban leader Mullah Baradar to his first foreign visit outside Pakistan, to Moscow – incidentally, on 28 May, two days before Modi was sworn in again as prime minister.

Mullah Baradar spurned the US negotiator on the Afghan talks, Zalmay Khalilzad, and went to Moscow – no doubt, on the telling of the Pakistani generals. In one fell swoop, Russia had reinserted itself into a dialogue that the Americans have been trying, for years and years, to broker.

In Bishkek, Modi is believed to have walked up to Imran Khan – the foreign office establishments have different stories to tell their respective media, of course – upon which both shook hands and proceeded to have a brief chat in a room that appeared round the corner just at that very instant, whereupon they discussed a few things, including the hurly-burly of the Indian elections.

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Clearly, the very carefully orchestrated messaging by both New Delhi and Islamabad is to ensure two things: In India, Modi must find a way to climb down so he can tell his own ‘karyakartas’ and favourable media why he is now talking to a country he called the enemy during the recent elections.

In Pakistan, too, a carefully affronted establishment must also tell its own favourable media why and how the dialogue with India can, will and must soon begin.

This is how the story goes in Islamabad: Putin persuaded Imran Khan to reciprocate Modi’s handshake. Khan, who is wooing Putin these days, said yes.

Putin, whose Russia has fallen from great power status to a middle-income country, knows what it means to never say no. In Dushanbe, one day after Bishkek, Putin gifted Xi Jinping a box of Russian ice-cream for his 66th birthday, while Xi told Russian news agency Tass that Putin is his “best and bosom friend.”

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Certainly, Modi wouldn’t like Putin being chummy with either Imran Khan or Xi Jinping – both Pakistan and China are India’s enemies, remember?

That’s why Modi will – or must – always remember Bishkek. It was here, in this small Central Asian town, that illusion gave way to pragmatism. It is here that the veils fell. As he smiled sweetly at Imran Khan – who was seen cosying up to Putin, Modi’s best friend – Modi probably realised that the world is a really tough place.

Perhaps the PM has gotten used to dealing with a weak opposition that can’t even put together a leader in the Lok Sabha. But Putin, Xi, Imran Khan and his generals or Donald Trump – who Modi meets later this month in Osaka – are cut from a different cloth. Clearly, Modi has his foreign policy work cut out.

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  1. Why should india alws show generosity in world platform? We are not NEHRU anymore. Modi is our democratic HITLER… And we won’t tolerate such non sense participants in SCO whose soldiers do mujra like hijra and Sends militants to kill kashmiri brothers and sisters. The world must understand that we believe in “DEFENSIVE OFFENSE” , So if necessary surgical strikes at LAHORE ,Karachi will be done before the dates . We honor guests but we defy betrayal… Pakistan was once part of India and has taken lots of aids from INDIA and yet they have no regards . This country has no right to be recognised as a country. Its a swarm of Terrorism. They are a black blot of Islam.
    Speaking about DOVAL… Mark my words “NIGHTMARE OF PAKISTAN HAS JUST STARTED”

  2. What’s imagination! It seems editorial stuff is to damage image of India and particularly Modi, elected PM. This paper is dam and no historical authority to write like they have written. Rotten article by a rotten sold out media.

  3. Must say a very well analysis by writer problem is that most of indians who are saying sh*t about writer are the ones who support violence and they really dont have any vision living with blind mindset its 21 century. By invading in pakistan and disturbing our peace how could you think that every time you guys can peace easily.? All the matters which are between pakistan and india has just try to create this thing with your neighbours individually and you guys would realise many things that might help you out in realising all this… The only solution have is resolve the problems at table otherwise things will get much worsen than this… Try to think out of box once before doing any comment.

  4. Astonishing comments by Modi supporters. Shows the inferiority complex they suffer from. Mature people don’t respond to articles in this manner. If you don’t agree with the author, don’t make it a question of life and death.

    Highly immature people.

    • She says story is based on Paki sources. We have every right to question the author’s blind trust in Pakis who are famous for their lies and deceit.

      • Please attend a course in reading comprehension. The Pakistani sources she refers to is only for Imran being upset because Modi chose not to overtly Pakistan airspace. It’s another matter that Pakistan is only creating problems for itself by banning flights to India from its airspace. So Modi was right in refusing Imran’s offer.

        The rest of the article has nothing to do with the sources.

      • ayaz you mind your business no need to poke your nose here … your above comment shows your mental bankruptcy

    • Calling almost every one immature just shows your lack of intellectual capability. We didnt abuse her here (like PAKI trolls) , we actually gave her reasons why her article is miles away from reality and gave some valid points to support our argument. Now what u have done here is by calling us JUST immature and not supporting your argument with facts u have made fool out of yourself. Strategic affairs are not based on PEACE and OPTICS. Get out of this bubble and u will be capable of debating with us.

  5. Dammit…I read the complete article. The article is a sham, author is immature. An editor trying to be an analyst. An Indian believing the stories coming from Pakistan sides. Today their PM called Rabindranath Tagore quote as Kahlil Gibran. They are taught they won battle of 1965,1971 and 1999. Before an agreement they released the statement of getting loan from ADB. The PM of India is invited as a special guest after SCO. India has increased tariffs on 29 US imports. The bilateral deal between India and China has strengthened as export of 151 products from India to China. Maldives have stopped a China project. Bhutan has given a warning to China on doklam. Ministers are reaching their office at 9:30. Some people can write good English and they start thinking they know governance, better foreign policies than countries think tanks and the reader know nothing what is going on in the world. No one is a fool here. Author needs to come out of her election PTSD.

  6. Shastri gave face saver and also stratrgic haji pir pass at Tashkent. Indira Gandhi returned 90 k soldiers without settling Kashmir… The results are known as face saver provided by prithviraj Chauhan.

  7. One day, journalism will go beyond school essay-writing. Will start reading editorial pieces then. Till then, good bye.

  8. It’s stupid to believe Pakis don’t have agents among our journalists. They have always been better than us in the game of lobbying. The journalists we ignore thinking stupid liberals are actually on the payroll of ISI. This woman is no different.

    • Its these So called World Leaders who realized INDIA is NOT IRAN , we DONT BEG and MODI is not RAHUL or NEHRU

    • 🙂 Well, I too get that feeling sometimes but then the likelihood of their being on Sonia’s payroll are much higher. This is the ho-halla type journalism not even pretending that some substance, some intellect should come through in an opinion piece. This is not how the old India Today way of journalism was from where Shekhar Gupta is coming.. However expect more; their skin is thick and the potential rewards too tempting.

      • This journalist routinely appears on Paki channel discussions and the Pakis treat her very fondly. She herself says in the article that it’s completely based on her Paki sources . She is willing to blindly believe Pakis who are famous for their lies and propoganda. What could be the reason for her blind trust in Pakis !!

  9. Since when Imran has become Global leader? What a shitty article!
    Looks like you guys have no clue about international politics and nation’s safety. Its not PM who decides the aeroplanes’ way to destination. It is handled by NSG and other security agencies, far more qualified in such affairs. Stop writing shitty articles.

  10. Auther of this bin article probably have left analysis of politico topology and happenings of Eurasian and Russian politics in relation to USA. Americans used Pakistan to create and operate Taliban that broke USSR. So, the author’s compliment to Imran Khan making Puttin a tame politician, cozing up with Imran is obscure and must understandt Imran is just moving into the steps carved by his army generals, which Putin never endorse. Pakistan clearing air space for Indian PM or writing series of letters to PM Modi to begin talks just don’t impress strong and seasoned leader PM Modi. Now Pakistanis must close their terror operations and network or Indian will see to it to break into Pakistani side to destroy terrorists camps.

  11. What kind of a childish comments are made by Jyoti? Does she think that readers are school kids who did not understand international diplomacy? Is international diplomacy such a purile stuff As described by Jyoti? ThePrint should seriously review if it is worth publishing such article, lest it loses its own credibility. Jyoti may be good old friend of Shekhar but that hardly matters…

  12. So many in denial, refuse to see the facade of Modi and end up falling for his lies and meaningless rhetoric. Modi is a product of PR and hate propaganda, not the intellectual dynamic PM this country has been fooled to believe.

    • Its the DAMN INTELLIGENT HINDU PUBLIC WHO VOTED FOR HIM , they DONT ALLOW their SOULS to be HARVESTED for some RICE BAGS , this country was , is , will always be HINDU STAN

  13. I was enjoying all the comments wrote by true patriots of India. I stopped reading after running through the first three lines.

    If I am in your position jyothi, I will stop writing after reading all the comments and start some other career

  14. I think THEPRINT has to come out of the old lutyen way of arm twisting. I am confident that these tactics wont work. first the author should do a SWAT analysis first on them. please change along with time and rewrite lutyen rules. otherwise you will be sent to oblivion by the resurgent Indians.

  15. At least, this inane article helped me appreciate the immaturity of strategic thought in india. Not talking to Pakistan is about not engaging in false negotiations. Talks are not an end to anything. We want Pakistan to make irreversible actions, so their words have real meaning. None of this has anything to do with saving face (which is perhaps the most ridiculous idea in this article). National interests are beyond such immaturity. How is such immaturity permitted for publication?

  16. Jyoti, I see what you are doing here. I wonder why you conveniently left out the fact that Modi has been invited as the chief guest by Putin for the Eastern Economic Forum? Why did you not mention that Russia had given their highest award of honor to India even before the elections were completed and results announced? Why did you leave out the fact that Putin was the first world leader to call and congratulate Modi for his election victory? Narrative building should be learnt from pseudo journalists like Jyoti Malhotra.

  17. Wow! Who sits where and between whom, animated conversation or lack of it on some side of the table, who shakes whose hands, where you stand in a photograph – never realised that these are clues of such earth shattering importance that our foreign policy must be based on these inputs…provided gratis by such a perceptive journalist. Oh yes, I forgot, someone had the gumption to comment on the “chaiwala’s english” when in the presence of such august English speakers like Xi and Putin – my bad, you Sir are a true connoisseur of great journalism and so succinctly add to what was missed by this towering journalist.

  18. I thought The Print is gaining some respectability. Apparently Shekar Gupta was acting some temporary drama and now back to robust support for Pakistani Terror.

  19. How come Ms Malhotra knows more than the elected government and the highly trained bureaucrats who are at it day in day out? While lacking the accountability that these institutions have towards the people who elect them.
    I am per se not against ‘OPINION’ articles. But writers such as these who write them in a manner that sound & appear prescriptive rather than opinion cannot appreciate. They sound very condescending and outright insulting to the readers’ intellect.

    I recommend PRINT does a better job in their editorial policy.

  20. The Print, I sincerely hope, is not using Modi only as click-bait. If it can successfully generate genuine debate (eg. by teaching BJP supporters to use logical reasoning instead of gali galoch) between the Khan Market (or JNU or Lutyens or libtards) and BJP types, it would’ve filled a great vacuum that exists in India today. And that will be some achievement.

  21. Dear indian brothers no need to be emotional. Jyoti is a good writer and she has wonderful approach towards international politics. I respect her political perception even though if it against the leader of our country, because journalist like her are the need of time.

    • She writes rubbish. She is trying to say Pakistani Imran Khan has more diplomatic clout than Indian Modi at world stage. Absolute joke. Pakistani is a bankrupt state. How will they buy weapons from Putin ?

  22. The print seems to always have a biased, anti India point of view. Please do not let down the nation for politics

  23. Dismayed to see print allowing such immature and childish article to be published..i thougt print had some good ops section..

  24. These lutyens mafia was quiet for a month & have now started bullshitting. Freeloading journos don’t understand international relations. Playing the enemy card, the journo should be banished & the site taken down. Don’t waste our time.

    • ‘Sandwiched’ applies to the situation
      in which unguided lmran Khan n pakistan are caught between the civilised world epitomised n led by India n US on one side n the terrorism industry in Pakistan on the other.
      PM MODI, in reality, has been brilliant n extremely successful in his foreign affairs management. He has truly put India on the world stage. As for Bishkek, PM MODI has been successful here, too.
      It is unbelievable that this writer has taken such a view of the situation. Surely, she doesn’t believe in her own view.

  25. The author is jumping to conclusions that are convenient to their clique. Not gotten out of Lutyens Delhi yet?

    • Maybe. But, it seems more like this inept writer is deluded and mostly incoherent in her thoughts.

  26. Such a sham article. Hope you are so hurt that Pakistan lost to India in world cup.its clearly visible. And second point here is you just want to oppose Modi come what may. You create a fictional stories and write such a big articles which are no good for India. You just want to rub your ideas on the general public. For your kind information we have good administrators who r looking after international affairs. We have mr Doval, mr Shiva Sankar as mea the most experienced person in international affairs. Just shut up and your ideas are rejected by majority of Indians.

  27. 3 time democratically elected ..2ndtime elected pm of world’s largest democracy with a huge mandate..and still the lutyens media fr thr own watevr reasons try to undermine him.. no worries in a span of an year u and ur kind will b extinct.. enjoy ur butter till thn 🙂

    • Dr Sahb, in a span of one year this country’s economy will go bust, thanks ENTIRELY to your much revered, second time “elected” prime minister of the largest democracy in the world.

      • Partly true….yes indian economy is in bad shape…..but all thanks to khangress regime who systematically damaged the banking sector which is showing its ripple effects… assured indians will bear this pain and come out of it alongwith 2 times elected PM…

  28. Do I need to even read the article to know that it must be utter nonsense from the comments on it? The Print is lucky to have serious readership, majority of who are certainly NOT BJP IT cell, and seem well educated, well aware. The comments should be enough for THE PRINT editorial team – particularly Shekhar Gupta, who I hold in high esteem – to separate trash from serious stuff before these are put on the website, unless your purpose is to keep gauging the mood of the public so that you can up the ante.

    And for God’s sake Rahul Gandhi is irrelevant in this discussion. Please don’t try to make a protagonist out of an extra.

  29. This publisher / journalist is essentially a Modi banter and Modi hater. It is important that these jokers learn their lesson once….and for all. These ar&#@*&₹les are the real enemies of democracy and development. They will find something from anything to talk shit and spread misinformation. Waiting to see these jokers crumbling to dust of neglect.

  30. How do you even get a space for such shitty article
    I could have simply abused and got past then I thought which will be highly irrelevant given your brain less article , even readers have posted better ideas or diplomatical fact then your article,
    One could simply understand your hatred for modi which is a no brainer, simply stop placing your imaginary shit here and may write few positive articles like how for the first time India has maintained good relationship with Iran and Iraq and Israel simultaneously.

  31. Now I understand why people name these type of journalist the Khan market gang or lutyens journalist. Their main agenda is no Malign every decision or act of BJP. How you can even compare India with Pakistan when it comes to International business or politics. We are doing on the basis of ability and work in the field of science, technology and other economic percepecti , while Pakistan use terrorist as their main sword when it comes to International relationship and negotiation. There is not a single country in the world which admire Pakistan for their talent , economy or future growth. Pakistan is heading towards death with the kind of economic policy they following, since 1990 IMF has bailout Pakistan 13 time with the hope they they will do some reform in the economy but every time they disappoint IMF and other global plateform.

  32. Jyoti- all your articles on this theprint portal focus only on maligning and throwing muck at PM Modi. National or International affairs do not excite you to write upon. You seem to be funded either by Congis or Commies to run their agenda. Very sad to read some of your articles which are highly biased and contain fiction from your bloated mind. None of these articles have any facts or real content.

  33. This article doesn’t deserve any comment so does writer to be given any kind of publicity by commenting on her sense ..

  34. Look at the Chaiwala standing aside looking like a fool which he is, even whole world knows he is illiterate don’t know English

    • And all these nations are awarding the same chaiwala their highest civilian award. While the oxford educate beggar Imran Khan chauffeurs leaders for bail outs.

  35. Hey! I have serious doubts over the journalism . A long article with no substance. Please make sure the quality and content of your article improves. Don’t create unnecessary masala news . A clue less analysis , I had to check whether this newsletter is a fake news . Please make sure your surplus content writer extend their service in School ( obviously teaching English language). That would be a good article to publish

  36. Wasted your time…… SCO submit is Formed by China…. How could you think India will be treated better thn Pakistan…. Eventually article should be on embarrasment caused to Putin and Xi.

  37. It seems this articles jurno belongs to CLUB whose other members r Rajdeep, Ravish, Barkha, Nidhi, Pranav, PunyaPrasun n all sundry……… .

  38. I failed to understand how can somebody compares Pak with India. India is a democratic country where everything is fair and is in public domain and each and everyone support the government’s decision and also the views of citizens are respected by government. Whereas in Pak? Even the Oxford dictionary will not be able to provide the words they deserve.

  39. Oh yeah, right, Imran Khan is a world leader. Yes yes.. true true .. same class as Xi.. yes.. heights of brown nosing.

  40. Shame on you Jyoti by pinning down this ridiculous article, did you gave it a single thought before putting this rubbish, what lesson are you talking about in 1962, we were outnumbered, now you are saying that we should talk to bloody Pakistan, tell those windows and army men who laid down their lives against these Pakistani pigs. You should go to Pakistan and lick their feet and come back for talks. Stupid

  41. Your article irrelevant from Every point of view. What Indian Government did is actually good and quite ok. I support Indian Government.

  42. So how do you get Pakistan to mend its terror policy without putting diplomatic pressure; especially when FATF rounds are going on. Any answers???

  43. What a joke of an article this is. Author could have at least given a disclaimer at start , that the article is not based on any true story but is a work of fiction.
    Jyoti Malhotra discussing international relations like some gossip of soap opera. Cannot believe this quality of articles being published.

  44. Just don’t take negative view on everything BJP government does.Thinkof India first.If you do so,your view point will automatically sincere and helps the country.

  45. This article is useless ! I guess written for babies …We all know there are huge number of political advisor,foreign policy analyst,national interest committees, and many more who continuously work for national interests , do u think they r fool they cannot understand Pak and Russian move? THINK. The article writer is such a kid analysing video ..Believe me u can not coclude any factual steps running behind the scenes by analysing that video..Such a childish act.. only thing we can do is believe our pm dedication for nation ..ntg can go wrong..Who thinks Russia is friend only child can say that .Such a kidish article..And last ntg new to modi to learn ok..He has been casted for handling world leaders like Putin to fool child like rahul..I know it’s hard for kids like u to digest the fact that how could be our pm modi is better than so called world leaders Putin…Stop living in old days this is 2019 ..modi2…We need skillful citizens and ready to dominate world ..Learn to digest new things ok

  46. The same Print will write Modi bowed down to international pressure if agrees to Imran’s to talk. You Print leave to the govt in power to handle the situation as appropriate. Tell Imran to talk to terrorist in Pakistan to lay their arms down.

  47. I come here just read the possible negative view on our government. It’s obvious when you are getting paid for writing negative you will end up like these articles. Cheers

  48. Wow Jyoti Malhotra thinks Narendra Modi can only defeat Rahul Gandhi. And she is more wiser than Modi and Indian government in international relations. Haha great going. Don’t live in your own world be educated before writing such articles.

  49. It’s just joke of yourself …..current prime minister of pakistan is only prime minister is in pakistan speak English fluently…so that he can speak and talk with world leaders…but past prime minister’s Must have translater to speak with world leaders… see one thing Mr.Putin not talk first with imran….imran only chatting with Putin…he is just hear and answer to him…so pls avoid misinterpretations in this just talking….

  50. I think what Modi has been doing is Ok. You don’t have to be cozy anymore. Just build your own strength and be able to give a good kick to the enemy whenever the situation demands. Both the Pakis and Chinese will learn to be careful with us and that’s what we want.

  51. The print!..who you are to make a decision on pm!..he was cm of state and 2nd time elected pm of india!..the government knows its a journalist don’t be a decision maker!🖕

  52. Utter nonsense! The writer is utterly opinionated and biased against Mr. Modi. If Russia thought Pakistan was a viable option vis-a-vis India, it would not have bestowed its’ highest recognition and award to Mr. Modi recently. Does she even know the protocol followed for state photo shoots and ceremonial get togethers? Does she know that state heads stand alphabetically on dias and not as per their convenience or preference? I suggest she does some homework or keeps her trap shut!

  53. Pathetic attempt at trying to somehow undermine and discredit the robust foreign policy now on display by the Modi dispensation. Wonder whose payroll such so called political columnists are om.

  54. Dear Print, please stop publishing such bunkum… If you have an axe to grind with modi, don’t do it at the cost of exposing your hollowness..

  55. This article has surprised me on two counts

    1) The article deliberately tries to belittle Modi while projecting Imran Khan a tall world leader. If you read the previous articles of Jyoti, her sympathy towards is clearly visible. In this article she says “Pakistan must be allowed to save face”. She projects Modi to be an insignificant leader with no friends in SCO. It’s the old conspiracy the Lutyens media seems to be re-enacting.

    2) The article is written by Jyoti, a close associate of Shekhar Gupta. Does Shekhar Gupta agrees on the journalistic value of this article? For me it’s part of propaganda that so far has not been successful in belittling Modi.

    ThePrint seems to be sheltering several journalists disgruntled with Modi and his ways of working. Except noise there is little value addition to ThePrint. It’s for Shekhar Gupta to make ThePrint standout or become a garbage of propagandas and conspiracy stories.

  56. The writer of the article must be hired by the Prime Minister of India as Advisor of Foreign Affairs as she is still to overcome the election fever😂😁😀

  57. If you will see the out come.of the final statement issued there of.india any where one more thing which came in.statement says all.the disputes should be resolved inaccordance with UN security resolutions .so modi cry where not listen by any one even his best friend afganistan. India was completely ignored isolated .pakistan gained much more here please read statement issued by the organisation.


    • Ok, calm down.
      I did not read the statement issued but I believe you. Pakistan gained much more at SCO. So true.
      You should start writing for the print now. They need intellectuals like you.

  58. India’s PM is well aware of the acts and capable enough to handle the hurdles that come across. He is the finest of the prime ministers that India ever had. India’s Govt knows to tackle bilateral issues with Pak,
    unlike former Gov’t – being stern and sharp wherever necessary.

  59. Wow!!! What a piece of crap article. Diplomatic stand by Modi and Jai Shankar were to the point and on the right track.

  60. JYOTI the irrelevance of your article is so much so that no one believes your sources nor your opinions. Just recently after MODI won elections you wrote a piece that MODI might meet and discuss bilateral relations in SCO with IMRAN. U comparing isolation of IRAN with PAK is so naive. IRAN is an oil supplier with a big market and PAKISTAN has no oil nor any economy that russia can count on. U think PAK can put a billion doolars in russian pockets after just receiving loans from IMF(read americans), AMERICANS will swallow them and will not even burp. IMRAN is trying to play some optics with PUTIN and PUTIN cleverly is playing him. ONCE the negotiations start PUTIN will ask him for money for his weapons. I mean the irony is IMRAN will too ask for money from PUTIN. The whole SCO was based on gameplay in afghanistan and RUSSIA needs PAKISTAN to play according to its interests which i dont think PAK will even dare. PUTIN was actually signalling IMRAN to act according to RUSSIAN interests in Afghanistan which PAK can never do. First understand the GAME and than write your opinion or keep your pieces to yourself which are low on intelect . INDIA sitting with
    GHANI signalled that INDIA will represent american interests in AFGHANISTAN hence the picture is pretty much clear it will be US vs RUSSIA in afghanistan with INDIA on US side while PAK on CHINA’s side. RUSSIA has iran and now its trying to woo PAK.

  61. I am sorry, the stand taken by Modi is appropriate, the talks with Pakistan will give a long rope on many aspects that its suppose to comply including task force on FATF. This action of ours cannot be diluted just to keep China or for that matter Russia happy…Russia will never pursue India to talk to Pakistan as along as we are buying their arms, they too know that Pakistan cannot replace India as their leading weapon purchaser. India knows well the limitations of elected representatives of Pakistan……far too many peace nicks in India wants talks to satisfy their political and ideological needs…..Modi must not oblige them

  62. Two years ago, an Indian lady diplomat made a fiery, polemical speech at the UN, some phrases probably provided by M J Akbar, denouncing Pakistan. That is not the language or etiquette of diplomacy. Whether the two countries should talk to each other is far above our pay grade. However, there is no need to be petulant or petty. The GPS coordinates of Indian foreign policy need to be comprehensively reset.

    • “That is not the language or etiquette of diplomacy.”

      LOL – You think UN is about diplomacy ? You must be very naive.
      Further, Petulance and venom are the substitute to Indian diplomats pulling out a rifle and shooting dead the Pakistanis they see at the UN. Diplomacy exists between civilized nations – not with barbarians. India has treated Pakistan just the way it DESERVES to be treated. The Nehruvian effeminate and suicidal foreign policy of “saab maaf kiya” is no longer entertained . With Pakistan our “diplomacy” is done by Army HQ in the language of BOFORS and Kalashnikov.

      India does not need to do “diplomacy” for Diplomacy sake – especially with a small country like Pakistan.

    • this jyoti will only write fiction and you mr.ashok deal with this nothing wrong was done by modi in bishkek or by that lady diplomat.

    • Ashok: The BJP IT cell has allocated persona non Grata to neutralize your ‘propaganda’. Be prepared to be bombarded continously!

      • Even after a 38% vote share it is the IT cell only which must write comments!! Ordinary people have no brains and cant leave a simple?!!!

        • ABHI NO NEED TO BE BOTHER OF SUCH FLOCKS WHO KEEP THEIR HEAD IN SAND TO ASSUME WORLD IS CAN’T SEE THEIR STUPIDITY . THEY WILL KEEP ON FINDING one pretext or the other and if unable to find one they will construe a fiction like above article by so called journalist .. so let them keep on ranting we can’t expect normal conversation from them in return they will call anything we speak as propaganda . i am all for criticism of ruling party but it should be constructive criticism and not just for sake of criticizing one start ranting anything … we should always be willing to agree to disagree but few numb nuts are here who have utter hate for modi they can’t chain . in short don’t be fan of modi or hate him blindly both won’t serve one’s purpose . one has to be honest enough to appreciate his work and criticize where he fell short . obviously he is no God mistake will happen but his intention is never to fail people of India. we have seen the it in election but few people are constipated mentally so we can’t help them

          • You are very generous, persona non Grata. Bravo! Just that you seem to attack almost everything Ashok writes, even when he (rarely) praises Modi.


      • Rajiv JI: Remember ‘mein bhi chowkidar’ in response to ‘chowkidar chor hai’. Don’t be surprised if some day all these people commenting on this website announce ‘I am NO IT-cell’ but common, learned, well-aware, discerning electorate with brains to differentiate between what’s good for the country and what’s not. And actually ashok’s comments are interesting because they are a bit like round arm bowling ‘Slinga Malinga’ style. However, his disdain for Modi and his team comes through clearly. Each to their own!!

      • mr. rajiv his praise or criticism is doesn’t bother me .. look it does not matter you or anyone see me as fanboy of modi ot it cell wallah the thing is mr.ashok is knowledgeable person but many times his response are too pedantic and you know what on international stage moralistic preaching or moral high ground seldom serve nations interest . we need to keep in mind whatever is our interest is paramount ..
        p.s. he is free to criticize modi but he has to also see politics is not moral science we have to be realist . again nothing personal against anyone every one has full right to have their own opinion thats where i say i agree to disagree

        • Agree with both RR and persona non Grata. The future of India lies in the two streams converging, that of the Khan Market and that of the BJP supporters. But it’s a tall order. One can easily make out the BJP supporters because by the 3rd exchange of comments, they resort to gali galoch. Can you guys please learn to discuss without gali galoch?

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