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Unthinking politics has led to India’s copper shortage. It can’t be aatmanirbhar without it

Shutting down one copper smelting plant has made India a net importer for the first time — and that’s bad news if we want to compete with China’s resource nationalism.
Renewable energy

India plans to halt $2.8 billion import of power equipment from China

The country is considering tariff barriers instead of a complete ban on any country to check imports of renewable power items, Union Power Minister RK Singh said.
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Why it’s always sunny in India’s renewable power market

If India’s power project developers can make round-the-clock renewables work on the business side, they’ll be an attractive option for India’s power buyers.
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Australia could soon export sunshine to Asia via a 3,800km cable

Australia doesn’t currently export renewable energy. But an ambitious new solar project called Sun Cable is poised to change that.
Fibre optic cables connect data servers | Representational image | Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Climate fears about cloud computing have been vastly overstated

A new research suggests that data centres are becoming more efficient and there’s no longer a close link between more cloud computing and more energy use.
A band of sunlight shines through storm clouds to illuminate wind generators at a wind farm | Photo by David McNew | Bloomberg

Wind farm developers struggle to get projects off the ground in India

Developers face difficulty finding affordable land and getting financing after accepting some of the world’s lowest green energy tariffs over the past two and a half years.

Modi needs help of opposition ruled states to meet Rs 235 lakh crore infrastructure goal

With private investments tepid & fiscal limitations on central spending, states will need to contribute nearly 50% of infrastructure investments.

India’s renewables revolution needs what other countries are fast adopting: water battery

Pumped hydro energy storage can pave the way for India’s climate leadership by enabling another green revolution, this time in the power sector.
A band of sunlight shines through storm clouds to illuminate wind generators at a wind farm | Photo by David McNew | Bloomberg

Renewable energy has become affordable now

The economics of renewable energy have been improving fast — especially those of onshore wind and utility-scale solar power.

Green energy market booming but not enough to meet climate goals, says IEA

Though heat from renewable energy is set to increase by 22% by 2024, renewables will only support 12% of global heat consumption compared to the 10% now.

On Camera

A Harley Davidson dealership (Representational Image ) | Photographer: David Paul Morris | Bloomberg

Harley-Davidson riding away reflects poorly on both US icon and Modi’s ‘Make in India’

Modi’s ambitious plans to ‘Make in India’ could have been helped by a symbolic gesture to hold on to Harley, a premium manufacturer with an outsize brand.


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India, China working on Ladakh peace formula — alternate week patrolling, after disengagement

Patrolling in alternate weeks has been the established practice in the Northeast, and has worked well, barring the occasional face-off.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Suspect all, fix all? Is that the motto of our new ‘National Suspicion State’?

It’s not just Modi government or BJP, but even state governments, judiciary are getting caught in a ‘we suspect all’ mindset. Is India becoming a National Suspicion State?