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Illustration by Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

Modi govt walks the talk on agriculture reforms. Now, fix the loopholes

Modi govt has made actual legal changes to implement its policy statements on agriculture reforms. It should now plug loopholes to realise their full potential.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi | ANI

Don’t absolve Modi by saying he doesn’t have the right team to bring in economic reforms

Modi has always found a way to achieve his political goals— Article 370 to Ram Mandir. Shekhar Gupta can’t blame the PM's bureaucrats for his economic failures.
Supreme Court of India | Photo: Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Covid pushes Supreme Court to fast-track reforms, justice delivery could get smoother

From video-conference hearings to e-filing, Supreme Court is implementing a host of measures that have been pending for a long time.
Migrant workers on their way back to their native villages and cities amidst the coronavirus lockdown | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Dear intellectuals, migrant workers will come back. Here are the five reasons

Industrialisation is key because agriculture remains highly unproductive with 43.2 per cent share of total employment but contributes only 14.6 per cent to GDP.

Every announcement Sitharaman makes does not qualify as reform. There is repackaging too

Labelling a policy change as ‘reform’ by the Modi government may get accolades from supporters, but will not deliver outcomes.
PM Narendra Modi with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman | File photo: ANI

How to bring ‘Big Bang’ reforms in India? Wait for a crisis – even Modi had to

India has once again lived up to reputation of using a crisis to unleash difficult reforms. Nirmala Sitharaman has introduced bold reforms in holy cow sectors like agriculture and defence.
JNU fee hike protest

JNU fee row should make us ask if public and private universities are really any different

JNU debate can’t be restricted to which university charges more fees. Reality is public universities today are hard put to maintain financial equilibrium.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint Team

Can changes in British-era IPC alter police attitude towards people or more reforms needed?

The Narendra Modi government has decided to revamp the British-era Indian Penal Code.
Indian Army | Representational image | PTI

For Army Training Command, location is least of its problems

Army Commander is posted to Army Training Command not based on aptitude but as & when a vacancy occurs. If you don’t give best resources, don’t expect best results.
Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman | Will Oliver/Pool via Bloombeg

Saudi Arabia plans to lift curbs on women travel as Crown Prince carries on with ‘reforms’

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has enacted a series of reforms aimed at better women’s rights as he looks to build his Saudi Vision 2030.

On Camera

People on bike passing through a deserted market in Hyderabad on 26 June

World economy that took elevator down faces steep stairs back up

President of European Chamber in China, Joerg Wuttke, said the recovery isn't V or W, it's looking like the top of a chainsaw — up and down and painful all the way.


Indian Army personnel in Srinagar (file) | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Army postpones mandatory annual, periodic medical tests of soldiers as Covid cases rise

Army conducts annual & periodic medical exams to assess fitness of all soldiers. Decision to postpone tests expected to ease burden on military hospitals.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

It’s time for China, Pakistan, even India to rethink the fantasy Modi called expansionism

India, China and Pakistan all want territory from another. But it’s a pursuit doomed to fail as they can’t get it without annihilating the other.