Sunday, 22 July, 2018

Topic: Nuclear weapons

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump

Global Pulse: It might be a good idea to give Kim Jong-un the benefit of doubt

Meanwhile, anti-Semitism might not actually be on the rise in Europe, and the international community is finally on the long road to nuclear disarmament.

Global Pulse: Netanyahu’s latest display might heavily impact Iran and the nuclear deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has used visual aids to drive his points home in the past, but Monday's televised appearance might end up having a far greater impact than what he usually does. 
US Supreme Court

Global Pulse: The US Supreme Court is jittery at the thought of Justice Kennedy resigning

The US Supreme Court is threatened by rumours of Justice Kennedy's retirement and Israel has made shocking revelations about Iran's nuclear programme that could deal a deathly blow to the reputation of American intelligence gathering. The famous character of Apu in "The Simpsons" is acknowledged as stereotypical.
Pakistan Air Force's new base in Bholari, Sindh

Pakistan’s newest airbase in Sindh province suspected of storing nuclear weapons

Satellite images analysed by ThePrint show unprecedented security arrangements at the Bholari airbase, inaugurated in December.

Nuclear-armed India & Pakistan are harassing each other’s diplomats by ringing doorbells

Foreign ministries on both the sides allege systematic harassment of their senior diplomats.
Pakistan nuclear weapons in tunneled storage - Satellite image

Pakistan is protecting its nuclear missiles by building underground fortresses

Pakistan’s jihadi mindset and enthusiasm to safeguard its nuclear arsenal from Indian attack, has prompted it to make these tunnels almost impregnable.
In an interview with Klaus Riedelsdorf, Roger Cohen traces the rise of the global Right-wing.

Global Pulse: We will take our country back (never mind that we’re already a sovereign nation)

'We will take our country back' is the universal cry of rightist reaction.

Global Pulse: Trump’s dalliance with Democrats, what’s keeping British Muslims unemployed?

Donald Trump has left both Republicans and Democrats confounded by cutting deals with the latter.
A Google Earth image shows the site of the new nuclear facility in Blauchistan

Exclusive: Pakistan builds new tunneled nuclear weapons storage facility in Baluchistan

The new facility can store 30-60 Shaheen-III missiles, will bring entire India, even Israel into target range.
Donald Trump giving a speech

Talk Point: What are the implications of Trump’s statements on Pakistan & Afghanistan?

Donald Trump has promised more troops in Afghanistan and criticised Pakistan for supporting terrorism. Experts explain what this could mean for India and south Asia.