Monday, 20 August, 2018

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Democracy wall

Social media users should do their bit to secure their content: Arnika Singh

At Democracy Wall, online expert says children must be educated on cyber issues, and urges users not to blindly respond to trolls. New Delhi: Socia...
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Why the Internet doesn’t need to know your real name

Digital identity should be approached as a standalone entity with limited impact on the rest of our lives.

Why booking an Uber may get twice or thrice as expensive

Uber's free cash flow was negative $1.3 billion in the last 12 months, raising questions about the viability of its business model in the long run.
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No, Assam police didn’t assault pregnant woman. That viral photo is from Bangladesh

A Facebook post alleging police brutality in Assam was shared as many as 6,000 times.
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Indian cricket may be the answer to Facebook’s Asia revenue problems

To boost its revenue, Facebook is experimenting with buying the broadcast rights of major sports like cricket and football.
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Facebook wins deal to broadcast premier Spanish league soccer in India

In 2017, Facebook bid $600 million to stream Indian cricket but Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox Inc acquired the deal instead. 
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Google, Facebook, Twitter don’t know how to tame the monsters they’ve created

The world expected more from these companies whose CEOs neither knew nor cared enough for the problems they created.
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2019 polls: Election Commission to monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube for hate speech

EC Ashok Lavasa says loopholes will be plugged to ensure social media isn't misused in run-up to Lok Sabha polls.

Snapchat has succumbed to Internet conventions it was once contemptuous of

By dumping its own heritage of boasting glossy video ads, Snapchat like Facebook and Google has given in to quick marketing gains. Snapchat has def...
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Facebook reviewing its policy for child abuse videos and underage account holders

Amid growing criticism of its content policies and data privacy issues, Facebook is also updating oversight training policies for staff who review content on the website.

Should ISRO be launching a new TV channel or focus instead on social media?

In an effort to increase its outreach, ISRO has announced that it will soon launch a TV channel. Meanwhile, the space agency continues to remain largely inactive on social media.