Wednesday, 14 November, 2018

Topic: Facebook

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Why young Indians aren’t on Twitter

On his India trip, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sought to pitch Twitter as a platform to effect change, but India's young swear by other social networks.
Facebook App | Johannes Berg/Bloomberg

How the use of emoji on Islamophobic Facebook pages amplifies racism

Emoji can cloak microaggressions in humour and play.
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Meet the men who donate sperm on Facebook

Just as Uber transformed the taxi business and Airbnb shook up the hotel world, online sperm donation is the sperm bank, reinvented.
Rana Ayyub and Shaifali Vaidya have been victims of fake news

Rana Ayyub or Shefali Vaidya, nobody is safe from fake screenshots

Both sides of the political divide on social media have used fake images and screenshots to advance their agenda, and the Indian public has lapped it up.
Mark Zuckerberg | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Facebook starts looking vulnerable sooner than anyone expected

Everyone knew that at some point Facebook wouldn't be able to continue posting eye-popping revenue growth and profit margins.
Image of Mir Imtiaz | Twitter

Come, kill us: Facebook post tears into killers of Kashmir cop who was an ‘obedient son’

Kashmir sub-inspector Mir Imtiaz was shot dead by suspected militants Sunday when he was on his way home in Wahibug, Pulwama.
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Google protects top bosses in sexual harassment cases, and spies listening to Trump’s phone calls

Saudi Arabia says Jamal Khashoggi's murder was premeditated, and Facebook will pay a meagre fine in Cambridge Analytica scandal.
Indian Army doesn't destroy its dogs

No, the Indian Army does not kill its dogs after retirement

Indian Army spokesperson says only animals suffering from terminal and incurable diseases are euthanised.

Hyping video has been Facebook’s most wasteful project

Facebook overestimated the attention videos got by using metric that exaggerated average amount of time users spent looking at a video.

Theresa May OK with delayed Brexit, and a rebellion against Mark Zuckerberg

Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing spotted in public three months after disappearance and US looks to China's neighbours for trade. 

SC panel wants non-CNG vehicles banned on Delhi’s smog days: Practical or knee-jerk idea?

The environment pollution prevention and control authority (EPCA) appointed by the Supreme Court has suggested a ban on all non-CNG vehicles on Delhi roads on d...