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Mughal ruler Aurangzeb

Little-known fact: Aurangzeb had more Rajput administrators than Akbar

In 'Understanding Mughal India', Meena Bhargava writes about how Aurangzeb patronised several Hindu institutions & was supported in the war of succession by Rajputs.

The Indian political leaders of today who come closest to Akbar, Ghiyasuddin, Aurangzeb

Akbar was unconventional, Ghiyasuddin believed in the divine right of kingship and Aurangzeb was a darling of the orthodox.
A portrait of Guru Gobind Singh

Zafarnama, the ‘victory letter’ that Guru Gobind Singh wrote to Aurangzeb

After the Battle of Chamkaur in 1704, the Khalsa founder penned 111 verses in Persian that praised God, criticised the Mughal emperor and detailed the battle.

AMU to have a chair on RSS’ favourite Mughal — Dara Shikoh

AMU Vice-Chancellor Tariq Mansoor said the university has decided to set up the research chair to further the cause of peace studies in the country.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Indian Muslims are silent over Tabrez Ansari because of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistan’s Quaid-e-Azam impacts the lives of Indian Muslims today more deeply than any other pre-Independence leader ever has.

As RSS praises Dara Shikoh, it’s time to give this liberal face of Islam his due

A senior RSS leader recently said Islam would have “flourished more” in India had Dara Shikoh been the Mughal emperor in place of Aurangzeb.
A screengrab from the video of army rifleman Aurangzeb | Twitter

Indian Army probing two soldiers for ‘tipping off’ militants who killed rifleman Aurangzeb

Indian Army rifleman Aurangzeb was abducted and killed by militants while he was on leave in June last year.
Audrey Truschke

Aurangzeb protected more Hindu temples than he destroyed, says historian Audrey Truschke

Controversial Indologist Audrey Truschke says that many Hindutvawadis feel genuinely injured today by Aurangzeb's very existence and what they believe he did in the past.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOS43zILE8w Video produced by Sajid Ali
Latest news on Army rifleman Aurangzeb | ThePrint.in

Aurangzeb interrogation video shows 44 Rashtriya Rifles must check inside chatter & leaks

The interrogation video of late Aurangzeb does nothing to help the image of 44 RR, and, in fact, exposes serious lapses that have occurred. The Eid killing of soldier Aurangzeb is another local tragedy that has deep and far-reaching national ramifications. It is local in the sense that the soldier was a resident of Jammu & Kashmir, and on deputation to Rashtriya Rifles (RR) from his parent unit, 4 Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry. And it has national ramifications since it is yet another targeted killing of a serving soldier proceeding for or on leave. The incident urgently brings home the need for 44 RR to look within, at their adherence to standard-operating-procedures, and to their management of unit informations. The interrogation video of Aurangzeb does nothing to help the image of 44 RR, and, in fact, exposes serious lapses that have occurred. There have been attacks on BSF and CRPF personnel...

On Camera

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, top right, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, top centre, Sundar Pichai of Alphabet, bottom left, and Tim Cook of Apple, centre left, swearing in during a US House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing, 29 July | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Bloomberg

Why Amazon, Apple, FB and Google are in the dock. It’s not just about economy

Even if the US Congress enacts new legislation, short of breaking up Big Tech, antitrust actions will not directly take on its bigger power.
Poultry farm (Representative Image) | Commons

India’s poultry industry needs Rs 20,000 cr to recover from crash caused by Covid rumours

Chicken prices at the farm gate plummeted as much as 70% in March from January, forcing farmers to cull large numbers and causing huge losses.


Representational image. A file photo of light Sprut-SDM1 tank in Moscow. | Photo: Commons

Russia offers India Sprut lightweight tanks amid stand-off with China

Russia's offer comes as China has deployed Type 15 light tanks while India has relied on the heavier battle tanks. Talks are on, but no immediate purchase is on the cards.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi govt’s NEP is out of touch with reality, Indian voters want English-medium education

State leaders with their ear to the ground, like Nitish, Mamata and Yogi, have shown that the push for native language education is not what voters want.