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‘You don’t look Dalit’ and other things ‘upper castes’ must stop saying to Dalits immediately

Even if you have one Dalit friend or claim to clean your own toilet, here’s a guide to casteist comments that need to end.

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Always a victim, offended by everything and ashamed of nothing. Have some shame”.

This is a sample of the kind of responses I have received for my article in ThePrint highlighting how Nirmala Sitharaman’s 2019 Budget ignored Dalits.

Casteist comments are made to either criticise Dalits over matters like reservation or to perpetuate the stereotypes that the community fights every day.

So, here’s a list of things that you, the so-called upper castes, should never say to, or ask, Dalits.

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If the list below makes you uncomfortable, great. Dalits are not here to make you feel comfortable.

1. Starting with the most common statement (or its variants) that Dalits hear: “You do not look like a Dalit” or “you do not speak or dress like a Dalit” or “you cannot be Dalit as you have scored well in the examinations”. (How are we supposed to look like? Can’t we do well in exams?)

2. “You are the smartest Dalit I have ever known!” (How many Dalits have you ever met?)

3. “This is hypocrisy that you let your Dalit friends call you ‘chamar’ but I am not allowed to.” (One has to understand the power dynamics in society and the intentions behind using words that have been rejected by Dalits.)

4. After saying something bad about Dalits in front of a Dalit: “Oh not you, you are different and not like other Dalits”. (What made you think that I am not like other Dalits? Your prejudices.)

5. All those questions that start with “So, do Dalits…?” Or, responses like “Not all upper-castes…”. (While asking “do Dalits…”, you are putting Dalits in a separate category and creating an ‘us’ vs ‘them’ binary. Indeed, not all upper castes, but then how about most?)

6. “Oh my God! I went to a Dalit basti and felt the need to do so much. Have you ever been there?” (All this while posting pictures on social media of semi-naked Dalit children playing in a slum.)

7. “We all are being discriminated against, not only Dalits.” (No, you are not. And you have no idea what discrimination is.)

8. “Why must you write on Dalit issues when you can write on anything else?” (Because I can and not many are doing it.)

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9. “I consider myself Dalit – I do not know my caste, I clean my own toilet and I had a Dalit boyfriend/girlfriend.” (Why does every casteist have one Dalit friend? If this would have been the case, India would be a country of Dalits.)

10. “Why can’t Dalits just change their surname and escape the caste discrimination?” “How can you be a Dalit when you have a surname that is common among Brahmins?” (Okay, why don’t Brahmins just end the caste discrimination by giving up their Brahmin surnames and take a Dalit surname or none at all?)

11. “You must understand the RSS.” (Yes, Dalits do. It’s a dangerous organisation.)

12. “Why do you support reservation when you already have a good job?” (Caste discrimination doesn’t stop with Dalits having a good job.)

13. “Are you really Dalit?” (No, just trying to find if my ancestors were non-Dalit.)

14. “You are an ‘elite Dalit’ and robbing poor Dalits of a chance to progress.” (The concept of ‘elite Dalit’ only exists in the minds of savarnas. All Dalits, irrespective of education or wealth, face caste discrimination, only the nature or its extent may vary.)

15. “You have escaped caste as you are living abroad now.” (Caste identity doesn’t stop at the airport.)

16. “Why do Dalits make so much fuss over Ambedkar Jayanti?” (Why does it bother you if we do?)

17. “Dalits have failed Ambedkar and Ambedkar was a Brahmin.” (So, do you want to blame the victim? When Dalits were never in a position to make rules and regulations, how could they have failed Ambedkar?)

18. “Why do you need a separate history? There is no savarna history month, then why do you need a Dalit history month? (As if, Dalit history finds a place in Indian history books.)

19. “All lives matter, not only Dalit lives.” (Indeed, all lives matter, which is why there should be outrage when Dalits are denied their rights. But when you say it to remind Dalits to stop complaining and shut up, it is problematic.)

20. “Get over caste discrimination, it is a thing of the past.” (Caste discrimination exists; one just needs to open his/her eyes and ears and understand the pain of Dalits.)

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21. “Mayawati is using Dalits for gains.” (No, she has done more for Dalits than any other current leader. It’s not about what she can do for Dalits, but what Dalits can do for themselves while she is around.)

22. “My family is very liberal, and we have hired a Dalit maid to help her family.” (Why don’t you become a bit more liberal and try to hire an upper caste domestic worker?)

23. “Why do you bring caste into all discussions?” (Because caste matters and most social ills in India are a result of the caste system.)

24. An all-time favourite of so-called upper castes: “Reservation has ruined India.” (Reservation is a constitutional right. You get rid of caste and we will work together to get rid of reservation.)

25. “Why do Dalits get angry so often? Why are Dalits so violent?” (This can be heard every time Dalits protest against an issue/atrocity. The media reports these protests with headlines like “angry Dalits…”. Yes, we are angry at the system that denies equal rights.)

26. “I do not have upper caste privileges.” (If you say so, better think again.)

27. “Talking about casteism all the time makes you the biggest casteist.” (Caste will not disappear automatically. You need to talk about it and make it a part of public debates and discussions. Do you want to kill the messenger who tries to initiate a discussion on caste?)

28. “Stop talking about caste and it would end automatically.” (Dalits will stop talking about caste when the so-called upper castes will stop benefiting from it.)

The author is the founder editor of Velivada, a web publication, and runs the online web portal Ambedkar Caravan. Views are personal.

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  1. In my childhood, I was in Maharashtra. Where
    so called dalits that is Mahars, used to make fun of me calling Purabia and Bhaiya, and looked down upon us U. P. Waalas. Their fathers were officers and clerks and we were workers. Even Mahar teachers used to make fun of us by calling that, you purabias will never progress. Tum purabias nahi sudharoge.
    I challenge these Mahars that, they can disprove this. But when someone else makes fun of them they get very touchy. They used say that see Purabia saraso kaa tel laga ke aa gaya, just as we entered the school campus. So much pain was given to us by these Mahars that I can’t mention all the name calling here.

  2. I am a bramhin and id o not discriminate or nor any other bramhin does we clean our toilet and so everyone does it’s modern world dear it’s not 90’s. and whatever you are doing is only a publicity stunt

  3. I am from the so-called upper caste, a normal middle-class person with normal life. I cant see what privilege I got from my caste. We work hard, we get our salaries, we study hard, we get our marks……..where is my privilege? I cant see it? I studied in a Christian school, where all the Hindus were made fun of. I went to a college where all kinds of people were there. I never made any upper caste friends group, nor did I find any group like that. I don’t even talk about my caste anywhere. In fact, it is the other people who ask me what my caste is, otherwise I am not even bothered about my caste. So can someone tell me what is the privilege that normal middle-class people like me are enjoying?

    • Hi Shreya, i am a visitor just like you. It’s not about you but it’s about the Indian society who discriminate. I have lived a normal life like you where i had friends from my caste and upper caste too. I never generalize anyone based upon the caste. The world is beautiful and i personally believe that our lives are beyond the caste system. We are well educated and must move forward leaving behind all these beliefs.

    • That’s because savarnas only see everything in terms of poverty. That’s the only disability you understand. You are never taught about casteism and you grow up thinking such behaviours are normal.

      Even rich Dalits are discriminated against. Even poor Brahmins are casteists

      • You are right even I am a Brahmin too. But I don’t discriminate anyone on the basis of caste. But just generalizing that all brahmins are castist is not right I think so.

  4. Stop!
    I’m an atheist and never believed in our culture or whatever.
    My uncle invested in a govt school construction contract. The contract head was a Dalit. He lived in our flat for 6 months and treated him like our family member. After, He fled with the money. It didn’t turn us into racists. Later we searched for him 3 times, 2 times with police, we saw him 3rd time alone. He ran away and threatened us that he will file an anti-racism police case and destroy our family. Already we lost our leftover wealth and thought this is going out of hands and left him. Is this what we get? See how he’s using the law.
    And when I’m pursuing, the Dalit guy got a free seat and didn’t get through and paid the fee on loan. I play all games on the PC. He once came to me and asked me to copy PUBG to his mobile and literally he’s a computer science student.
    My family never believed in god and ethically very good. And now we are unfamiliar with lower caste.

    • Well, i am sorry for the loss. But i would still say that you must not judge anyone based on the caste and doing the same, you are encouraging the discrimination. Stop judging people based on the caste. If you will talk about experiences then i would suggest you to read the history and you will find that this is nothing if you compare with the history of the discrimination.

  5. Black Lives Matter (BLM) or Brahmin Lives Matter (BLM), when Rahul Dubey, a Brahmin community person of Indian origin, opened his home at Washington DC, America, for those protesting George Floyd, a Black person’s death, it appeared Brahmin Lives Matter (BLM).

  6. Saala Chamarti Na Hovey. If you stupid chamartis were so proud, then stop using our names. Bhatia, Bhatti, Gill, Seghal, Chauhan and Janjua (for example) do not belong to your toilet cleaning community. Stop using our names, stop complaining that we don’t want to associate with you low lives and go establish your own identity.

  7. The caste system is one of the ugliest aspects of society in general and Hinduism in particular. It was what first caused me to turn agnostic when I was around 10 and looking back, I find it hard to believe that people can believe in such a pathetic and mindblowingly stupid religion .

  8. Neither we should get into chest-beating nor we do self-boasting on this specific societal issue we have inherited. Even if the intent in the right direction but means shown here little bit vindictive which must not be encouraged. We must be accommodative to strong yet sensible views to make the society free from this stigma. Privileged class must take the initiative of shredding the castist privileges and convince the victim classes to start a new chapter in this country.
    Simple way to treat this:
    “Shred identities as much possible to increase respect to the fellow humans because nature has always treated us equals”

  9. Without commenting on the intellectual capacity of the author and the management of the Print that allows publishing of these kind of writups, one innocent questions – Who are the Upper Caste and in which part of the constitution are they defined? Who are the Upper Castes in Tamil Nadu?

    • Same doubt man cause The so-called upper castes are never mentioned in the Vedas or any other ritual,history books but the so called lower castes are ways mentioned .It says that Adi dravidars…,Pallars etc…. so many so called lower castes exist from the beggining of TamilNadu.Some idiot came to Tamilnadu and started a stupid system called CASTES.
      Better called as a system of fools.Hahaha

  10. While scheduled castes create separate identity by using the umbrella term ‘dalit’ it is not realistic to expect that rest of society doesn’t recognise this common identity. While all discrimination including those at subconscious level should end but then first we need to stop using the term ‘dalit’. Supreme Court has also asked to use SC instead of dalit.

    Many might disagree but i thought its relevant to point out

  11. Ihave also been told- “you dont look like a Bihari”. Many of friends have been told “You dont look like a South Indians”. Some have also been told ‘you dont look like a punjabi”

    Unfortunately, they did not take it seriously enough and thus did not have intellectual articles written about them in news outlets!

    • That is the silliest counter argument imaginable. Have you been systematically discriminated against at every step of your life? With the kind of arguments being put forth it is not difficult to extrapolate and figure out what the situation on the ground would be like. A nightmare!

  12. Such articles are only the result of faux intellectual masturbation and the writer has no inkling except reading about it in marxist pamphlets passed around in JNU or journalism schools.

    Ours is a society where people literally fight over for being called dalits. They kill, set buses to fire and create ruckus so that they could be considered dalits!

    One of the major reasons dalits are still backward is- the better off among them have cornered all the benefits of reservations and affirmative actions. Even dalits have a hierarchy within themselves and the better off dominate those at the bottom of the pyramid. E.g., in Bihar, Dusaadhs (E.g., Paswans) would be much better off than Musahars. In UP, Jaatavs dominate.

  13. The gap in thought btn upper caste and Dalit can never be bridged.
    Heirarchial thought at the societal level based on notions of inferiority or superiority are deep embedded.
    Neither the upper caste nor the lower caste is ready to erase the memory.
    The harshness of “false inferiority “hoisted on dalits & lower casts has made them bitter.
    Upper caste feigns to forget caste as long as it retains the prime position in society.

  14. Even Dalits have privileges if you consider reservation, what is reservation if not privilege? These are the same things what blacks talk about white people in the usa.

  15. Makarand Paranjape, current head of Indian institute of advanced Studies, Shimla tends to do this to all SC/ST/ OBC students of his in the English departments he has taught in. People tend to forget how close he is to RSS when he makes these statements.

  16. We must eschew any kind of categorisations like caste gender sexual orientation and accept a person as a person with all it’s merits and mistakes. Being anything else doesn’t matter. Caste isin’t a choice it’s a label thrust upon self and others. It’s just a case of proving superiority due to self insecurities.

  17. Thougt provoking and insightful article. Thousand years oppression which was addressed finally post independence. Remedial measures like reservations have come to the rescue of these oppressed classes to some extent. The damage is quite expansive as it seeped into cultures languages which we have to get rid off if we want a fair and equal society. No individual villian in this oppression. Upper castes and other benefiting communities have manipulated the social order with customs, religion, language to loot the oppressed classes economically and socially. The fact is there is still discrimination. The social set up which is still pro caste…which can be visible in marriages which are predominantly with in caste and power structures still dominated by upper castes. Reservations provide room for reserved classes in public sector which is getting thinner by the day by privatisation. Businesses and the employment their in has no reservation. Few dalits find place in private sector not because of lack of talent but because of bias still in the cultural mindset.

  18. So how many more years dalits want reservations? When will they become developed so that reservations can be abolished so that caste system can fade away?

    • They will become developed when you remove all hurdles of discrimination from their path. Then there is no need for any affirmative action. The onus is on you. Do you want to see them developed?

  19. Dear all,
    Caste is a Conspiracy Against Social Transformation and Emancipation. India has occupational groups, like Sonar, Lohar, Kumbhar , Kisan , Chamar, etc , for instance Akshtria who uses Ashtra ( weapon) , secures and protects a Akshtra (area) , Brahman is derived from Brahm , Brahand means wide and indestriible and that is knowledge that can be shared, distributed continues to expand. . No one is a Dalit , that word must be banned. Shudra derived from The one who does Shuddhi, cleans a place that was unclean . Even today we have same thing , an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, a farmer , a cleaner. No religion can divide humans as upper , lower, dalit or swarna , these are opportuniSTS , selfish who use such words in society. Time to remove Dalit from dictionary. Educatiin is the solution.

    • It only proves that racists and casteist practice the same things and this author is not the first one to point out that. Check

      There are many other Facebook pages talking on these things.

      These things are so common and this author has put them at one place, which is good, that doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

      I work as a social worker and every day I hear So do Dalit eat this
      So do Dalit have this at home
      So do Dalit blah blah blah

      What makes people think Dalits are different?

    • I checked the link you shared and sorry, I don’t see even one point which seems plagiarized. Pardeep Attri is an accomplished writer who’s been writing for at least 15 years. It’s the height of casteism that you accuse him of plagiarism. Take back that remark and apologize for writing falsehood.

  20. Complete non-sensical article.
    I completely fail to Understand the concept of a “Dalit” friend. I guess the article is further trying to create a divide in the name of caste discrimination. And yes, if you think there are no Elites in the Dalit community, check with the family background of 2015 UPSC Topper.

  21. Upper caste mentality people will never accept this harsh truth as the they have filled with brainwashed mentality by centuries.

  22. Yeah. There is no history of Dalits in Mainstream literature if they have had a conscience then it would have been there. If all have considered the progress of Dalits then all of India would have come against the 13 point roster. But no one come in tge support of Dalits instead they have greedily accepted it. How come they have no shame that they abused all the rights for ages and Dalits cannot demand even the basic human rights? And why Dalits have to focus only primary education just because the upper caste have all the control over the university and jobs? Only a Dalit finding a job cannot change the discriminating view of the upper castes. If upper castes are so righteous then why don’t they reject their surnames and destroy the caste altogether. Why intermarriages are problematic? Why cannot they refuse the riches they have been enjoying for ages and divide all the things equally and destroy the hierarchy in the caste system? The upper castes have onle 15% of population and over 95% of jobs and educationsl seats…why don’t they divide it according to the population? Where are Dalits suppose to go when industry and job and govt. and status belong to the uppper castes? The shamelessness is that they yet have guts to speak in the issue of Dalits????

  23. Beautifully written n touched the nerves of the people but castiest privileged class will not understand this as they are upper caste n don’t bother about fellow Indian. They have became selfish without understanding the real issue. Reading all the comments it’s really shame on upper caste mentality which will never change in any centuries.

  24. This is not an article, but the useless anger of a Dalit writer to savarns.Dont talk to us like this, dont do this, dont do that —But we can do what we want, we can burn buses, we can abuse gods, we can misuse reservation (the rich dalits themselve dont give opportunity to poor dalits when the matter of reservation comes)….this shouldnt even have been published here.

  25. I myself belong to ST category and dude tf is this article? It reminds me of those American libtard news portals who unnecessary bash white people and are appeasing so called “minority”, this shit ain’t doing no good to you the print stop being so arrogant!

  26. The more Hindus being Casteists, the more Hinduism will suffer and more progress for Christianity and Islam…
    There are many upper castes and lower castes. Caste is not such an issue among them. The moment they hear Dalit, all will change their attitude – lower castes and upper castes both.
    Such attitude is better they stop. The so called Brahmins, if one can see history, are known for intelligence, not for compassion.
    Intelligence can be misused and that’s what has happened in India.

  27. A man named Mohit Jain says, “throw out the blanket of reservation and come out for real battle.”
    The reservation will be in place until people like you do not get used to see Dalits in the positions of power, until the society doesn’t accept a Dalit wielding power through constitutional positions of power, until you don’t get used to see Dalits at policy making level.

    • True I have given answer to Mohit Jain. It’s the mentality of upper caste people which will never change. They love their country but not fellow Indian.

  28. Over feeding of anything is not good for any individual or nation. This author is best example.
    He is fed too much of Dalitism propaganda. No wonder why India is still developing country.
    God bless the reservation run country!

  29. Mohit Jain, Challenge accepted. Let’s decide place and time. As for C L Sharma, i have left dalit status long back.Are you willing to leave your upper caste status? It should not be practised at birth, marriage and other ceremonies. I know u can’t. Because u get milage because of it. I have left my dalit status, but upper caste people remind me time and again that I am dalit. That is how they want to keep their supremacy. Few dalit have challenged the supremacy, upper caste people are shaken to the core. If given a fair chance, social supremacy of upper caste will be removed permanently. It is precisely this that upper caste are fighting through all dubious means

  30. Caste is something which is inherent in the mind, blood of Hindus, and is inherent in the practice and tradition of Hinduism.

    Dalits always complain of caste discrimination.
    There are two ways to end caste discrimination and caste based reservations.
    1. GOVERNMENT : Govt. should provide every child a free education.
    No need to issue any caste or any other certificate.
    Govt. should provide every youth jobs.
    What is the need of caste and other things if there are enough education and job facilities for everyone.

    2. Dalits : Dalits should give up their caste and accept other religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. So, there will be no discrimination based on caste. Very simple.

    But no one does! Brainless Dalits! Brainless Casteists!
    And Brainless Government!

  31. Respected Mayawati Ji is against the Fishermen community of uttar pradesh;so plz don’t do fake politics.

  32. What dalit dalit yaar.Even upper caste will declare no caste ,still lower caste people say yes to caste because of reservation. Haram ki khane ki aadat

  33. This guy is an idiot, and mind you sir it is not because you arevsiding with Dalits or you are a Dalit. It is purely because you are an idiot. You are not offering solution to the problem rather escalating tensions between social groups in treachorous time.
    Learn to voice ypur views properly before becoming a columnist and before you move on to conclusion let me tell you no Brahmin parent is telling their child to disrespect any Dalit( by finding them in class). Caste can die a silent death if people like you do not ignite the flame of casteism in econonically progressive society.

    I am a Brahmjn girl married to Dalit boy, living in peace because both of us are earning our living. My husband is a self made man and so is his father. They have earned a respected place in society not because they abused and instigated hatred in society but because they strived for success and earned this respect.

    I am not denying that discrimination is not practised anywhere in India but the shit your are giving is nothing but crap. Please stop this hate speech propogation

  34. My friend Sharma, i have left my dalit status. But it is upper caste people who remind me that u are dalit. If it is not, upper caste position will be in danger

    • Mr Rajesh I too have left my caste status as it doesn’t pay anything to me. I live in Mumbai where nobody cares for anybody’s caste. I am from a remote village of UP and have worked hard to get my job in central government without complaining anybody. Whatever the system we have inherited, we have to survive with that maintaining the social fabric of the country and am not ready to leave my own rights for the sake of dalits beyond this point. I too need to live but without snatching anyone else’s rights and without having any ill will towards anybody. You people talks about the atrocities done by the ancient people and want to revenge on us for that. They may be wrong or right in their times, can’t be said. Castism is a cruel reality of Indian society that isn’t going to disappear in one day. Why to go far, you see among dalits itself those who have gained benefit of reservations are not ready to leave that for their own fellow brothers. I know some of my dalit friends whose parents got job under reserve qouta. They lead a better lifestyle. Their children who are my friends now studied in better institutions and got jobs again under reserve quota. Again their children also have got job under dalit quota. Needless to say that their children also will get the jobs under reserve quota because they are far far better in their studies than those who are still studying in village schools. Now my dalit friends have a higher status among dalits. They are marrying their children in dalit families having an equal or higher status. Try to realise my dear, it is not caste that matters but the economic and social status of the person to live a happy life. I have no problem in sitting, talking or eating with them because they are equal to me in all other respects other than caste that matters not at all now. They speak English with ease and their lifestyle is all urban. In the beginning I took a portion for rent in a house without asking what caste they belonged to. It was almost after a year or so they told while talking that they are sc. After that I stayed in the same house for more two years until I purchased my own flat. So friend leave grunting against upper castes, enjoy your rights, do your duties, give respect receive respect and live life happily.

  35. Mohit Jain, Challenge accepted, decide place and time. One friend Sharma commented, i leave my dalit status.I have left it long back.My question was he should leave his upper caste status. No upper caste person has taken it.Are u worried. Time and again u are denying opportunity by various means
    By that u are protecting ur upper caste status. It is this dalit are challenging. If given fair opportunity, upper caste hegemony will be the thing of the past

  36. Author has expressed one sided and partial views. So called Dalits never wants to end caste based systems in India. They take their caste certificates printed with bold letters taking for benefits but don’t want that it should be pronounced. In today’s world economic status decides position of a person. But dalit leaders are talking nonsense of social backwardness. Politics is flourishing this garbage idea as such writer has expressed.

  37. O so called writer !
    Just give an example that man belonging to so called dalit caste have served nation like upper caste.
    They are just criminal.
    I am feeling near my locality.
    C v raman was a Brahmin, man,.
    Arybhatta was a Brahmin.
    India is and will be known for its Brhminism.
    And I challenge you if you have capacity than throw out blanket of reservation and come to real battle to fight with Brahmin.
    You will know how deep are you in water.
    Poor and rich are found in every caste but dalit are poor mentally.
    There is no teatment for them unfortunately.
    That is why they are called dali.

    • Your arrogance shows why this article was written in first place. Obviously, you cannot find a intellect in echelons of society because 4% of so called brahmins occupy 96% of key post not juz bcos they are intellectual bcos they are biased and was there never an oppurtunity provided to oppressed people compete at a higher level.

      I had an oppurtunity to meet a old beggar woman of mother’s age at Bhopal Junction, she introduced herself after getting money as “mein Tiwari hun”….but all i could pity is what her surname could mean when she is stranded in streets, her samaj could not help. But still she boasts of her surname. All I could only say is “Mein Tiwari nahi hun”. That ends about our society and system.
      I strongly suggest you and other perverts with similar mind set to watch out Article 15 or Aarakshan. May God give you enough strength to use brain in 1500cc skull.

    • All you Brahmins racists born from prostitution done by Rishis with apsarasas but Dalits born to their parents so Dalits never become like you which a product of prostitution

      • Yes, they inherited the superior genes of the the Rishis and the demigoddesses called apsaras, and it was not prostitution, it was lovemaking u bigot. Who are u calling racist u from some other country. The weak will always fear the strong. Just like the Uchihas are the most feared clan, because they are so strong. The jokes on u the Rishis got to bang demigoddesses, u are butthurt mate.

    • Dalits have been serving the country and are doing so.
      Reservation is there because, you people are ruling and you people are not known for honesty.
      You people have been known for discrimination, prejudices, favoritism. Not just that you people have taken away livelihood of Dalits for millennia.
      If Dalits are given equal opportunity and resources, they can excel in any field.
      Brahmins are not supreme in education and intelligence. It is not property.
      Brahmins were short of their intelligence and knowledge to write Constitution of India
      Brahmins ruled others not by giving everyone their due respect and right. But by taking away others freedom and livelihood. They used others as physical forces and used shastras as mental forces to stop Dalits from making progress.
      What if Shudras had used Kshatriyas and Vaishyas to kill Brahmins and stopped them from making any progress?
      Imagine that three people from various castes attack and torture for being born in a particular caste? Painful, right? What if happen in real?
      For some days live as a Dalit in an unknown place, just yet will realize that how bad and Brainless you people are.

    • Yes n people who are looting n making crores of scams and running out of country are also Brahmins.

  38. I really appreciate author’s view ..yes it prevails in our whole society .but upper caste always deny this bcoz how they will servants and weak people to satisfying their sextual desire.they can marriage dalit girl without any hesitation and if upper caste girl marry a dalit boy it is great concerned issue of false pride ..even i also seen other backward class also prejudice castesim..but definitely somewhere face of castism has been changed it is know jealousy more than discrimination

  39. The article exudes negativity profuselly. This is only blocking amalgamation. Political dalitism should be replaced by positive dalitism. One can ride the political ladder chanting ” tilak taraju aur talwar,inko Maro joote chaar” and suggest construction of a toilet on Ramjanm bhoomi .No action is possible against these people. However, you are doomed if you say something which is not palatable to these opportunists. Even if you dont actually say, you will be arrested immediately without even preliminary enquiry. All parties bent backwards to restore this provision , like in Shah Bano case,after the Supreme Court found it against the principles of natural justice.So, to end one oppression , you will start another. Discrimination on the basis of caste is a social problem and mustl be dealt with as such with the backing of law enforcing machinery( laws are already there. They need to be applied to the opposite side as well.) The cake of reservations is usurped by the rich and never reach the needy.

  40. We cannot be equal as dalits cannot match nepotism and discrimination practiced by others. All power and wealth are with others. All key players are other than dalits, still we fail to check corruption. If corruption of all kind is checked, no reservations is required. Reservation is just a small tool to counter corruption of others in public life.

  41. The writer has shown his arrogance in the very beginning of the article by proclaiming that Dalits are not there to make the upper castes comfortable. What he thinks then that upper castes are here to make Dalits comfortable. If this is the attitude, how can we expect equality and harmony in the society.
    In my childhood almost 50 or so years back in my village nobody knew what a dalit is. Though they were there but lived in harmony with upper caste people. What they were supposed to do was to wish the upper caste and they were more than pleased by this much from the Dalits that too not everyone only elderly ones. On some occasions Dalits used to wish my elders and if I was present there, they used to give the same treatment for me too but I always felt uncomfortable when an elderly person of dalit community used to wish me. I used to resist but there answer always was you are a Brahman and all Brahmans are respectable for us irrespective of age and other things though I was never convinced by their argument. These dalits never confronted with the upper caste people as they used to get permanent or seasonal jobs in the homes or fields of upper caste people mostly thakurs. They never aspired that upper caste people should eat with them or marry their daughters with dalit boys.
    But now you are directly asking the upper caste people to marry their daughters and sons to the dalit boys and girls. How is it possible when upper castes search a match for their children in their own castes too on the basis of personal qualities, income, social status of the family and many other things in quest for compatibility. Where educated and working youths are finding this compatibility between them they are daring to marry each other themselves without caste consideration. Societal changes happen in a gradual process. Haste makes waste. Those who are in hurry today will create only conflicts among the various classes of the society that will result in clashes between people and unrest in the country.

  42. I have no qualms about reservation. It could continue for ever even it is marginalizing merit. Only free ships and concessions it entiles should be restricted to poor which could still be discriminated upon. And also stop adding dominant castes which has no history of discrimination at all.

  43. Unfortunately your comments reiterate what most people are saying in the comments section. It is important that first and foremost you believe you are equal. This means competing for everything on merit and not reservation.

    Caste based reservation is perceived as lack of merit. No one denies that there are more underprivileged people in certain communities. However, our approach to resolving the problem needs to change. Eg. Admission into educational institutions should be based on a system where marks are converted into points and additional points are given to those coming from under previleged background eg.Children from Government school get additional points, school in taluka, village remote area gets more points compared to city or metro, occupation of parents eg. Grade 1,2 3 or 4 employees get more points compared to private employment etc. Thus, student from underprivileged background will get higher ‘merit’ than a similar student coming from privileged background. It will simultaneously remove caste bias. Entry position in employment should be based on exams with additional weightage as mentioned above. Thereafter, everything should be with equal competition. This will ensure that we move away from a caste based society and genuinely eligible candidates avail benefits.

    To eliminate caste from society, we need to stop addressing problems at caste level and address it at socio economic level. A person can hope to come out of poverty, but can never come out of caste, if all benefits are caste based.

  44. First of stop all these nonsense. Everybody yes everybody wants reservation or don’t want to be discriminated on the basis of caste , color ,creed and race. But no one is talking about the solution everyone here and there are talking about the problem . You being a reporter or writer should bring the solution. If u don’t have then I will give that is education. Not higher education but the primary education which a lot of Indians miss irrespective of their caste and religion. The budget didn’t focus on primary education these wasn’t bring into light by any but in budget there was nothing for dalits. Are u special class of Indian society, no you aren’t. Start talking about the primary education just like kejriwal did in delhi. And she the after effect. This mighty country won’t need any reservation and will never face any discrimination. Please focus on primary education.

  45. What you expect, this country of billion people ,should do to satisfy ur tantrum ….. Baakio Ko maar de n dalit k liye chhod de iss desh ko…rather than demanding just go and do the real work for Dalits… You guys only scream at social media and will do nothing

  46. Discrimination Against Dalits Reaches Its Peak, President Kovind, Wife Not Allowed To Enter Odisha Temple.

  47. Article is narrating ground realty. Will not be understood until wearing a shoe what others have been wearing for centuries. People just declared them self dalits use surnames of dalits. Open a chaat bhandhar. Even change the name of well know chaat wala or tikki wala in your area to Chamar chaat bhandhar and see the affect on business. That’s why all dalits sales their chaat in the name of standard or any other name. However we pandey, Gupta chaat bhandhar everywhere.

  48. Talking about social problems must be promote . Uplifting of any exploied community is not bad either it is by reservation or any source
    we all unitely will make one community one nation with social justice.all will have relationship of marriage and eating together by finishing social evils .Gajnvi defeated Indian kings because we all were divided among caste.

  49. Perennial whiners. Get rid of your pathetic victim complex and quit blaming others for your incompetence and ineptitude

  50. Dalit NO NOs???? Let’s start with the following stereotypes before bringing your Dalit list in. It’s called the North South list.
    1. Arey Aap tho Saaauth ke dikhte nahin ho??? Worse they think it’s a compliment.
    2. All South Indians are not Madraasi. You speak Hindi and not Hind right??? So It’s not Karnatak it’s Karnataka. Not Keral it’s Kerala. Not Taaamilnadu it’s Tamil Nadu and it’s not Theeilgoo language…it’s pronounced Thelugu.
    3. Most of Our night clubs DONT play bhangra Punjabi. We play Western. Bollywood is not the standard for us.
    4. Ram Ram and Jai Sri Ram won’t work here. A crucial part of that story happened here in South… So your UP narrative of Tulasidas got it all wrong. We do not burn Raavana. We venerate him as well.
    6. Yes we are anglically good…. So Hinglish is uncool… We Toh pakka don’t like it haan.
    7. Saambhar is a kind of deer … It’s Saambaar. It’s Not Dossaa (he was a terrorist)… Its Dhose or Dhosai.
    8. Finally… Our traditional attire is not Lungi… It’s Dhothi or Veshti or Panche or Munde depending on which region… Fig it out. So the next time you play Lungi Dance to impress us… We can kick the shit out of you.
    Sort the above. Dalit comes after

  51. Caste system is a bane for the country, introduced by British system to divide the society. British played this effectively, again dividing the country on religion line. A country can progress with upliftment of poor, irrespective of caste or religion or sectoral differences. The more you ask caste status, the more you discriminate them. Rich dalit like Mayavati or Mulayam or Lalu doesn’t deserve to be in the list of quotas. What Modi is doing is the right thing. Please understand the country’s President is dalit and PM, you know is not from upper elite. How did they make it to top? They did not crib on caste politics like Maya or Mulayam. Their motto is Sabka saath, sabka vilas, sabka vishwas. All other parties talked about protecting their own groups to get votes and they failed miserably.

  52. Why doesn’t discrimination stop at the airport? When you go abroad, your success is dependent on your hard work. You do face discrimination as a brown person, but not as a dalit.

    • You do. Volumes have been written about caste discrimination among NRIs. If only one would care to read. The insensitive comments here simply support each point the author is making.

  53. Stop reservations on basis of caste then caste system will fall automatically
    …… reservations on basis of caste is making upper caste more and more angrier…

  54. So, are you really serious about this article. You don’t need to be, the reality is something else. He is putting nonsense points. He once supported reservation, and in another point, he said it doesn’t decrease discrimination. If it doesn’t, It must be abolished, isn’t it?

  55. End caste, reservation will go automatically. My friends from upper caste don’t want to follow it . Reservation is the effect, caste is cause.
    Every point mentioned in the article is true. I have upper caste friends, who malign Dalit in private conversations, including me. With whom should I live?
    Every upper caste friend who has commented should leave their and their children caste from today itself. Let’s see they follow it.

  56. ^ Today on things no one has EVER said or even cared enough about to consider saying.

    If your target demographic is of upper caste panchayat leaders in Haryana, UP, Bihar, Rajasthan etc then it would make more sense writing articles in local, vernacular press than on an already liberal news portal (read mostly by educated young Indians) while sipping your Starbucks and typing away on your MacBook.

  57. The author forgets about current President of India Ram Nath Kovind, supported by RSS. When you don’t want to change your own mentality, others won’t help. Reservation was not meant to create separate identity, even Baba Sahab had not allowed it, had he known this kind of elite thinking of the individual who got benefits of reservation and continue to play victim card to reap from the fake narrative in today’s context. Reservation was meant for 10 years and now it has become a tool for discrimination and hypocrisy. You are free to use any surname, but you have no authority to say others to follow your dictates. Reservation is constitutional rights but Constitution is not static. It must change with time. Don’t play victim cards. It has been enough now. By the way there are people from upper caste who also die during cleaning up of gutters. So there should be same outrage when they die too because every human lives is important. Learn to respect others, you will get respect too.

  58. The author has lazily plagiarized a BuzzFeed article and replaced the word black with ‘dalit’.. Shameful that media is using a narrative to further their political agenda.

  59. Caste exists until the lower caste people dissappear or they go back to the times of untouchability. Wherever we dalits go, there is always a discrimination. If someone of lower caste get promoted to a higher lever at work places, upper caste people often say he or she is reserved. Upper caste people say reservations should be stopped. If it is so growth of lower caste people will also be stopped. I strongly feel Slowly we will be denied right to education also. Recenctly one person in his meeting said he will eat in dalits home.the question here is dalits are not humans or are they have come from some planet of untouchability. Higher caste people see dalits very low and they are persons who are against reservations. Infact reservations protect our rights. Anyways in private firms no growth and development for us. Reservations can be stopped when higher caste people marry lower caste people and there by making all people equal. Will this happen? Lower caste are always victims.

    • Unfortunately your comments reiterate what most people are saying in the comments section. It is important that first and foremost you believe you are equal. This means competing for everything on merit and not reservation.

      Caste based reservation is perceived as lack of merit. No one denies that there are more underprivileged people in certain communities. However, our approach to resolving the problem needs to change. Eg. Admission into educational institutions should be based on a system where marks are converted into points and additional points are given to those coming from under previleged background eg.Children from Government school get additional points, school in taluka, village remote area gets more points compared to city or metro, occupation of parents eg. Grade 1,2 3 or 4 employees get more points compared to private employment etc. Thus, student from underprivileged background will get higher ‘merit’ than a similar student coming from privileged background. It will simultaneously remove caste bias. Entry position in employment should be based on exams with additional weightage as mentioned above. Thereafter, everything should be with equal competition. This will ensure that we move away from a caste based society and genuinely eligible candidates avail benefits.

      To eliminate caste from society, we need to stop addressing problems at caste level and address it at socio economic level. A person can hope to come out of poverty, but can never come out of caste, if all benefits are caste based.

    • Just one simple question among all these heavy things. What about discrimination in dalits it self ? There is a lot of discrimination in these so called lower caste. Among them, they too consider some of them superior to others !
      What would you say dear writer about this ??

  60. Whatever is written will only be in print media. The reality is entirely different which starts with our Government itself. All government application for jobs or for joining schools/colleges mentions about castes. Unless it is stopped by the government castes will thrive for many more centuries in our country. Really sad.

  61. Quite a few of the comments which the author deems objectionable can also be taken in a positive light if the author or the community, in general, so desires. Eg. Not looking Dalit, being acknowledged as smart or intelligent or being a friend of a person of some other caste is a sign of development, upward mobility and the fact that at least some people of the community have managed to lift themselves out of the oppressed category of people. It should be acknowledged that the whole purpose of the constitutional rights or previleges given to the community were to integrate them into the ‘mainstream’. When a person whether upper caste or any other caste seeks to constantly reiterate the differences even when others are trying to show how similar all are, it is not helping the cause. While ‘upper castes’ needs to be more sensitive to the needs of the other classes, those in the repressed classes who have managed to get themselves into a better position, need to voluntarily abandoned their caste identity and merge with the mainstream. It must be remembered that the objective of reservation was upliftment and integration of the oppressed classes, not the build-up of their separate identity.

  62. RamNath Kovind is President and made by RSS…so ur view that RSS is dangerous is ur fake and irrational. If Mayavati want to become PM..then there is democracy and constitution…She had been CM in past and made by savaran…even Mishras…
    If so detail of discrimination due to caste in Hindu by Swaran…Then what is going in Pakistan…Joginder Nath Mandel left Pakistan due to persecution of Dalits…and now Dalits fleeding Pak…ask them to not come here as here is discrimination against Dalits…Muslim Barbers stopped to cut hairs of Dalits…due to that how can they use instruments used to hair cut a dalits…for hair cut of Muslims….A Dalit killed to marry a Muslim Girl…No outrage…this selectivity discredit ur views

  63. SIR with all due respect you are becoming the very thing u cease to destroy u r saying that we should not descriminate but then u r discriminating simultaneously by saying “reservation is a tool to stop discrimination” i dont know about the past intentions but at present reservation is the tool which is there to give a person s economic sound position in a hypocrite society so as we all think education and money can help overcome from these stereotypes and for a comment in which u have said that if a person who belongs to a specific category and now have wealth and status but due to a horrid past still believes that reservation is still his to have and not of the person who belongs to the same category who has significantly less resources to fight for what that first person already has then HOW ON EARTH YOU CAN THINK OF A EQUAL SOCIETY when we “SO CALLED SAME CASTES PEOPLE” cannot help the SO CALLED SAME CASTE persons…

  64. Point no. 12 is exactly why reservation is pointless. It’s a social evil not a money or job based thing. Rich or poor Dalits get discriminated irrespective of their status so giving a reservation to rich Dalits is just pointless. I’d like the govt to only target the poor section of the Dalits because hey Reservation is not an answer for Discrimination it is an answer for Oppression. The discrimination part shall be overcome only when we think like a global culture and that can only come with education.

  65. Please MAKE A LAW so that while issuing BIRTH CERTIFICATE the CASTE NAMES should not be added to their names. INDIA is not devoloping because of this caste issue.

  66. It won’t happen, not in the foreseeable future of next 200/300 years.
    The whole plea from Sakshi Mishra was derailed saying that her father who was hunting them down was ‘victim’ in the last evening’s debate on TV 18 with Bhupendra choubey.
    That was classic distraction from the main issue that is “honour” killing when the boy is dalit to an issue where daughter is defaming her father.
    Were those participants on the debate so ignorant of the various killings that are happening every other day in India? “Thanks “to technology now we do have CCTV footages of guys being chopped of beside their pregnant wife.
    We are a joke here talking about development, progress etc etc it’s all a sham. We are so castiest beneath.

  67. Completely illogical and blind views of author there is nothing any seriousness in The article

  68. Ok..
    You are very smart . For taking benefits you people chant that we are Dalits but when others ask Dalit why do you feel shame ?

  69. Human history is full of examples of discrimination ; and it is not a coincidence the discriminated is blamed for his misfortune ( he is not meritworhty and plays the victim) The indian upper caste is a strange creature in this respect , he plays victim to the whites and erstwhile muslim conquerors but does not mind being the victimiser to his own brethren . Nowadays you have the brahmins complaining of being the new ‘jews’.
    This depressingly is not quite justice , there will be justice in India the day you have someone like Mayawati as the PM elected by the Brahmins , interestingly it has already happened in USA , when will it happen in India .

    • i dont want to offend u but have u ever seen mayawati talking about other than that some categories are opressing some other while in case of USA have u ever seen obama blmaing whites for what was done in past to black over a national television so that hate can prisper in the hearts of thise who tend to refrain from these socio instigating thibgs…

    • Our country supreme our president is a dalit
      , mayawati became c.m of up twice can’t deny the fact that upper caste people support ed her what else you want…….

      • No one talks like that to dalit. As far as I know. I am a brahmin and had half a dozen dalit friends from childhood, played and ate together, that was never a case. My parents always taught me to respect.

        • It seems that some of our Savarna friends have objection on this article. It’s exact description of our society. Dalits are still facing the problem of descrimination every where. They might have escalated to higher position but some of the so called savarana mindset people don’t forget their caste. You can see many examples of descrimination.

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