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Inter-caste marriage isn’t the problem, marrying a Dalit man is

An Indian Hindu male cannot bring himself to accept the fact that an adult woman has the liberty to love and marry as per her free will.

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Another Dalit youth was murdered this week. The ‘crime’ of 25-year-old Haresh Kumar Solanki was that he had dared to fall in love with and marry a woman from the ‘upper caste’. Eight family members of his wife Urmila, who is two-months pregnant, hacked him to death while a women’s helpline team was trying to negotiate with the father, Dasrath Singh Jhala, to send his daughter back to her husband’s home.

The brutal killing in Varmor village in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad district comes six months after Haresh and Urmila got married against her family’s wishes.

To ensure her Dalit husband doesn’t meet the same fate as Haresh Solanki, Sakshi Mishra from Uttar Pradesh, the daughter of BJP’s Bithari Chainpur MLA Rajesh Mishra alias Pappu Bhartaul, put out a video asking the police for protection from her father and “his dogs (henchmen)”, who have allegedly threatened to kill her husband Ajitesh and his family.

In September last year, Pranay, a Dalit man in Telangana’s Hyderabad, was murdered by a goon allegedly sent by his father-in-law Maruthi Rao. His wife Amrutha was then five-months pregnant.

Have you ever heard or read any news where a Brahmin man has been murdered for marrying a Dalit woman or a woman from a ‘lower caste’? At least, I have never come across an incident of such nature. Why is it that any non-Brahmin woman marrying a Brahmin man doesn’t infuriate either family to the extent of killing the Brahmin groom?

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It is quite apparent that the problem does not lie in an inter-caste marriage, and two things help explain this:

1. It is usually the woman’s family that would act on its discomfort over an inter-caste marriage in a violent way. In almost all cases of killing in the name of ‘honour’, it’s the woman’s family that is usually accused of murder. Moreover, a woman’s family harbours dislike for an inter-caste marriage only when the groom belongs to a ‘lower caste’. The dislike is greater if he happens to be a Dalit.

2. The Hindu society dislikes inter-caste marriages but not all inter-caste marriages. Otherwise, there would have been an instance of a Brahmin youth being killed in the name of ‘honour’ for marrying outside his caste.

Hindu tradition is against woman’s liberty

An Indian Hindu male just cannot bring himself to accept the fact that an adult woman has the liberty to love and marry as per her own free will. It does not matter that India’s Constitution gives the right to every adult, irrespective of gender, to choose his/her partner. Manusmriti (the laws of Manu), the Hindu society’s guide book on caste and other such matters, describes this mindset thus:

“पिता रक्षति कौमारे भर्ता रक्षति यौवने.

रक्षन्ति स्थविरे पुत्रा न स्त्री स्वातन्त्र्यं अर्हति” (section I, verse 9.3)

It says: A woman, at no stage in her life, is fit to be independent – the father should guard her until she is married, the husband during her adult life, and the son in her old age.

Even the most revered Hindu epic, Ramcharitmanas, has the author Tulsidas saying that a woman is ‘spoilt’ the moment she is given freedom: ‘जिमि स्वतंत्र होइ, बिगरहि नारी’.

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Hindu scriptures allow marrying a girl from lower caste

As social norms changed over time, the Hindu society too was forced to change its attitude towards ‘love marriage’. But it introduced a condition for a woman marrying of her own free will: the man should belong to the same caste. An additional condition is that the financial status (class) should be more or less equal. Some are ready to give up the ‘class’ condition, but no one abandons the ‘caste’ factor. In rare cases involving the ‘progressives’, the caste condition too will be ignored provided the woman marries someone from the ‘upper caste’. Manu has termed it as anulom vivah, and given his acceptance to it. He puts it thus:

“शूद्रैव भार्या शूद्रस्य सा च स्वा च विश: स्मृते.

ते च स्वा चैव राज्ञश्च ताश्चस्वा चाग्रजन्मन” (section III, verse 3.13)

It says: A Shudra can only marry a Shudra woman; a Vaishya can marry any of the two; a Khastriya can marry a woman from his clan or any woman from the clans below him; while a Brahmin is eligible to marry a woman from any of the four clans.

It is clear that as per all the prescribed conditions, the groom’s caste should not be lower than the bride’s caste, otherwise it will be a “pratilom vivah”, which the Hindu religion/vedas don’t permit.

On sex, the Manusmriti clearly delineates that: 

कन्यां भजन्तीमुत्कृष्टं न किंचदपि दापयेत्.

जघन्ये सेवामानां तुंसयतो वावसयेदगृहे. (verse 8.365)

It says: A woman is not liable for punishment if she has sex with a man from the ‘higher castes’. But she is due for harsh punishment for having sex with a man from a ‘lower caste’.

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A section of the society is willing to move past all such conditions but in no case should the groom belong to the ‘untouchable’ caste. In a rare instance where a father may agree to his daughter marrying a man from a ‘lower caste’, the groom is likely to be a powerful politician or an official or some big businessman, which will help improve the financial status (class) of the bride’s family. There is, however, a very small section of society today that has managed to rise above all the discriminatory terms and conditions.

These perspectives help us understand the violent reactions to Urmila and Haresh’s marriage. Being an ‘upper caste’ woman, Urmila, as per Hindu tradition, religious scriptures, culture, and the mindset borne out of these, committed ‘two crimes’ by marrying Haresh, a Dalit. First, by falling in love and marrying of her own free will, she displayed her independence and thus challenged the patriarchal control. Second, by marrying a Dalit man, she indulged in ‘pratilom vivah’, which is against Hindu religion. Haresh’s financial status also meant that Urmila’s father couldn’t have accepted him as a son-in-law from a ‘lower caste’ on any ground.

The author is a PhD scholar and currently works as Hindi Editor of Forward Press. This article has been translated from Hindi. Read the original version here.

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  1. You can easily find Uppercastes Justifying Killings of Dalits.
    Dalits should need to marry only poor Dalit girls. We Dalits should need to remove Castism in 16% Dalit Community.
    Brahmins also have surnames like Dwivedi,Sharma, Tripathi etc etc and they marry each other.
    We dalits also need to Marry each other like Dhanuk to pasi,pasi to chamar,chakar to bhangi, etc etc
    Dalit community should need to start Intercaste Marriages in our community.

  2. Im a Shudra not one having certificate. Ambedkar was anti hindu so lower caste or my fellows are . Ambedkar said he wont recognise Rama as god but Lord Buddha himself said that he was Rama in his oast read the texts morons. you people are justifying your hollow mind and then being called a anti hindu. I dont agree with ambedkar in this aspect at all. …. Why u people recognise manu as an authentic source? In Epics + Vedas which are themselves depict gods and their commandments. How can one deny that? being a Hindu?? Varna is not that complex as it has been made by Modern Brahmins. Wake up respect each other . There may be some confilicts but we would have to be one and stand strong against muslims during the civil war that will be started by them sooner or later wrna . Jai Meem hi krte reh jaoge aur khatna aur ho jaega. Jai Shree Krishna. Read Quran if really want to know reality of yourselves after or during the civil war simple. Na ghar ke rhoge. Ghat wale to mante hi nahi pata nhi unhe baap banake baithe hai…. We R One!

  3. Article written by a psyco secular and not based on the facts. Cases of upper caste women marrying lower caste man is more common than upper caste man marrying lower caste Women. Just take the statistics of the states of Tamilnadu, Andhra, wher3 thousands of Brahmin ladies marry Scheduled caste man, whereas hardly you will find any Brahmin man marrying lower caste man

  4. I just read through this article and every single comments 👏
    According to me in this 2020, at this present quarantine scenario,people are forced to wear face mask if not they will be penalized just like going against traffic rules….., likewise I suppose that, all of them must stop speaking about castism or religion or using surnames etc and if they go against it they must pay the penalty!
    I don’t know when will this situation occur but someday it will make a history just like a pandemic🙂

  5. So called upper caste men have been always selfish whether it was period of Mughals, Christians or it is today

  6. Hindu scripture are so discriminatory …so we have to fire it like Ambedkar ….and just follow constitution of India which Holly book than this all vulgar scripture.

  7. No one should be ashamed here. We are animals. Every animal fights to death to protect the eggs and see to it that they reach the best haven of resources. Humans are unfortunate that our eggs are stored inside our bodies. Thus this biological instinct has led to ‘oppression’ of women.

    Eggs are to be protected. Every community does their best to advance the status of their next generation by placing the eggs in the best possible resources.
    As the author points out rightly the eggs are handed over to rich or powerful Dalits as well.

    Thus it’s not the caste but power and resources equations.

    Yes, no doubt Manusmriti, or whatever of it is available in English today, seems like a document written to solidify, consolidate and monopolize control in the order of the social caste pyramid.

    But the author seems more inclined toward making selective hypotheses for his/her own vested interest…rather than trying to understand the problem as a PhD researcher should… As an enigma of nature..

    Anyways millions of useless PhDs come out these days. No wonder..

  8. All big names commenting bull’s crap.

    Sorry, all BIG NAME MALES commenting shit. Exactly validating the authors main point.

    Neither the Manusmriti bullshit was the main point nor the Reservations. I don’t know from where Islam came in between this.

    The crux of the article was ‘Patriarchal Supremacy’ and you guys definitely proved his point.

  9. The best part in comment section is all the upper cast surnames like pandey ,sharma ,singh etc are criticising this article , indeed they should for the obvious reasons😊😊

    • Hahahaha yeah. It’s a good article. Those that deny the existence of patriarchy and casteism (yes, even today and very much so even if sometimes it’s not explicit) are just choosing to remain blind.

  10. Author looks like a physco secular.. From Congress party.. What the nonsense he has written.. Dividing the society and the people of the country on nonsense quotes taken from ancient.. This author is a pseudo secular maniac

    • Mr Author instead of highlighting there is no such type of dalit word in our religion, there is only Hindu. This dalit word only coined during when Mughal came here. Now everyone is promoting this hatred everywhere instead of Hinduism. Hindu marrying hindu but now a days Muslims also marrying hindu. But u idiot you are totally blind. I don’t know why the print hire such hypocrite people to show neutral.

      • Dalit might have been coined much later but the cruelty of the upper castes in the name of “jatis” are historically recorded and crystal clear.

      • Hey man.. the day when higher caste people start Marrying their girls to lower caste boys that day you may speak in this manner. Till then please don’t give mindless comments. And by the way the article states that a man was killed as he was from lower caste. What is it so hard for you to grasp that the divide exists in the society. A man’s life is taken for god sake!

    • You seem to be so infuriated by the Author highlighting Hindu Society’s Evil practice that you made personal attacks on him instead of addressing or contradicting any of his points or even making an argument of any substance. Well Done. Now go back to blaming British and Mughals for Caste system, Poverty, Sati etc.

    • From someone who doesn’t live in your country the author sounds like one of the few sane people who live there. The attitude toward women is barbaric and ridiculous and the entire caste system is horrifying and awful.

  11. The writer of this post had not done his homework properly and does not know the whole story and had started talking about inter caste problem .

    The man Ajitesh kumar who is claiming to be dalit is a serial criminal, he is a serious drug addict,he is already married ,he creates chaos in the colony by throwing bear bottles in roads and claim himself to be thakur and in number plate of his bullet it was written that yo yo aju thakur and he has a close political affiliation with former bsp mla of bithri chainpur bareilly and remember that mla has close relation with the father of Ajitesh and the father of Ajitesh is planning to fight next 2022 election and by defaming the current mla of bjp through there personal problem he is expecting to get political mileage in name of dalit card from jatav community.

    He had well planned this whole issue and take away the girl because that girl is so immature to understand that which was reflected when she came to studio.

    Although caste system is a problem of indian society but this case was different after a deap study I had given this whole review as this whole incidence took place in my own city bareilly

    • Ur surname tells everything. I think from childhood u people r being groomed with this mentality by your parents. Because of you people the subcontinent now has 50℅ muslim population.

        • Then you never read hadith 😂 but the difference is that manusmriti is not followed by Hindus these days but hadith are followed by Muslims

  12. When two people fall in love , nobody check-out caste. It’s only media and society discover their caste.
    Love marriage is always questoined by parents irrespective of out of caste consideration.

    Do media and society expect daughter’s parents to celebrate her elopement?

  13. What a waste article
    Why don’t You ask who named a specific group if people brahmin ????? Wasn’t it Indian Constitution

    Accd to Hindu culture , brahmin were people who were involved in religious and cultural activities
    Many Sudra were brahmin too like vedvyas , lomharshan , jaabaali , even lord Krishna was in family with view headers
    And don’t forget valmiki

    Except manusmriti do you have any proof ????
    From Mahabharata , when yudhister ask about women
    The daughter, O king, has been ordained in the scriptures to be equal to the son.

    — Bhishma, Anushasana Parva, Mahabharata 13.47.26

    You cherry pick verses from scripture

    • Agree, many shudras were bhramin too. Can you give me examples where bhramins came to be shudras?

      • I don’t follow Manusmriti and caste system, all Hindus are equal for me. I follow Bhagwat Geeta, it talks about whole humanity, no caste system.Geeta talk’s only about karma.
        Jai Shri Krishna.🙏🕉️

      • Is there a problem if Brahmin does not become Shudra? Could you understand what is meant when you said “Shudra becomes Brahmin”?

  14. The author of the article is a hindu but still some viewers having innermost hate of muslims and developed Islamophobia still drag islam and muslims in between. Still they claim that they are literate and educated. Whatever the shit and rubbish is in practice in human made religions, should be easily set aside and ignored simply by dragging powerless, hapless, helpless and innocent muslims in between so that all flith is washed away. Keep up hate of muslims and islam in hearts. This will give u better future in USA and Israel and you will be in the form of good human beings in next birth.

  15. I wouldn’t want my son or daughter to marry from a different caste because I believe in India marriage is between two families than the bride and groom alone. Marrying from the same caste will make adjusting to the new family easier.

  16. My very simple question, in the era of Brahmin bashing I would like to ask how many Jatav(chamar) marry with bhangi and how many intracaste marriage is practiced within the so called dalit. Everything boils down to social status…I hardly find any Brahmin who can deny the marriage of her girl with a dalit IAS officer. The idiot writer don’t know that manusmriti is not a religious book like Quan and Bible. It is work of a rishi which can be easily discarded by any Hindu. The earliest rigveda in purushukta hymn proposed everyone is dalit from birth.

    • So, as per your logic for intercaste marriage with a lower caste man is that the dalit has to be an IAS officer or super rich. But with a so called upper caste surname even if the guy hardly earns anything or dumb or ugli he is still eligible.

    • So true….these people first of all don’t know the meaning of Brahman,anyone can become a Brahman . Brahmin bashing is a trend nowadays ,so as to satisfy their own insecurity . The author is ignorant in many ways. I would like to tell the author that there are many castes ( Kshatriyas,vaishyas and SC/ST/OBC too)which don’t allow their daughters to marry a person from another caste and from their competitive castes . If at all the author wanted to point out the discrimination, it could have been on a broader perspective. It’s not a new article that does brahmin bashing. Anything wrong happens, these people will blame brahmins which tells their insecurity. There are many people from SC/OBC /ST who stick to the concept of getting their children married in their own community . Moreover , the number of brahmin population is lesser than other castes out of which most of them have already converted or married to other castes . Most of the inter caste marriages happen between brahmins and other castes. This author has proved that he is ignorant and had to collect a lot of information before writing such articles.

  17. The author has gone completely wrong by quoting Manusmriti and comparing it with the present social order. No doubt, some of the rules we follow are a reflection of Manu’s thoughts. But unlike other religions, the followers of Hinduism (if you consider it as religion) does not follow scriptures strictly, rather we follow what our parents, grandparents and family ask us to follow. It is highly democratic and decentralised and more importantly, there is no authority outside the family. Each family has its own unwritten constitution which is amendable with the change of generation and mindset. Hence it is more of a tradition and less of a religion. And since it does not follow anything thing written strictly and blindly, makes it most amenable and progressive to change. Most of the time children may follow what parents ask them to do. It should be considered as obedience but not lack of scientific temper or resistance to change. Hinduism is the only religion that does not follow strictly and allow changes. Buddha questioned the authority of brahmins to interpret Vedas, and Adi Shankaracharya united all schisms and many other social reformers have has done tremendous work, today’s Hindu is far faraway from his/her ancestor in their thought. People are changing across the spectrum, of course, the change is slow. Press and education can play its role to increase the pace of the change. But bashing Hindu scriptures won’t help. We know that is our dirty past and we accept it, and we are disassociating with it. But Hindu is our identity, we are proud of and we protect it.

  18. First leave reservation if you want to become equal to other caste this is not equality 50% reservation in education but no reservation in armed forces why upper caste are here only to die and protect you people and you people enjoying the reservation advantage.

  19. After read the article i go through to the comment section …Most of the comment surprisingly overshadow the nasty truth of the hinduism…It’s not about the religions it’s just a inhumane sanity of sanction in belief

    • True bro… If we don’t annihilate these backward mentality our society will remain divided giving way to others to poach on as has been in history

  20. Honor killings should be condemned. But sadly they are a worldwide phenomenon. They happen mostly for sentimental reasons (family sentiment) which are secular in nature, but not religious. Hinduism does not ask any member to kill anyone on any ground. So there is nothing to blame a particular religion. Even if you like to blame Manusmriti for everything, there is no one in India who knows or follows Manusmruthi today. It became null and void even in ancient times when 29 other smritis appeared subsequently.

  21. Very impressed with the way the author has presented his views . Manu and all ! It is the truth that hurts and hurts bad ! Obvious trumped up falsehoods can be easily repudiated with reasoned arguments and sometimes even arguments are not needed . But when truth is presented nicely , only offence can be taken and all the arguments go like this , Oh , you are calling me black , look at the other guy , he is coal and “my god you are an idiot “.

  22. Print news portal is an asshole they are writing wrong things about manusmriti . First of all there is no caste system in Hinduism I’m talking about olden times the society was divided into varna according to their occupation and everyone had freedom to choose their occupation. And manusmriti says that an individual can marry anyone of their choice , and a woman can select bridegroom of her own choice . You news portal is shit . Y your news channel doesn’t expose Islam. Every country is saying it is threat for humanity.

  23. Modern Hindus don’t read Manu Smriti. According to Hinduism Shruti eg the Vedas are only sacred over a long period. Secondary scriptures are Smritis and can be altered unlike the Holy Books of Christianity or Bible. No Hindu follows Manu Smriti. If following Manu Smriti was as fundamental to being Hindu as following Quran to be Muslim then I would find it difficult to meet a Hindu. Why don’t you also report on efforts to reinterpret and reinform on Smriti? There are in past and also in present many progressive Hindus doing so. There is Good and Bad in proportion . Media is a lens to the world. It’s job is not to present an imbalanced view. If you go out and look for and project one side of the coin then go out your way to look for and project the other good side also. Is the integrity and unity of India not your duty as an Indian first then anything else.

  24. Sir a dalit man is murdered by uppercaste relatives of his wife and you are pointing out that brahmin man will not be murdered? You must really hate these brahmins to drag them into everything. By the way brahmins don’t marry anyone against their parents wishes otherwise they would also meet the same fate. Such things have happened in south India.

    Coming to the real problem, people believe that the caste system is divine and must be respected. No one actually knows or follows the manusmriti but it has become a stigma in their minds not to marry dalits and people of other religions. I think they oppose marriage to dalits purely out of historical habit. Only one way to stop this. My idea is that all dalits to convert to other religion like Christianity to protect their self respect than live like casteless second grade citizens in this casteiest hindu society. If they are going to the extent of taking lives they are evil, casteist or not.

  25. What about the statement said in bhagwad geeta, where it is clearly written that caste system is according to the work not according to the birth. But no one follows that too,all the stupid parents want to follow only those things that won’t give freedom to their daughters. But not those things that even bhagwad geeta says. Chapter 4 verse 13

  26. Does the author has an agenda against Hindus? His other writings also indicate that he seems to have an agenda. Such authors quote from Hindu’s old books which even today’s Hindus don’t subscribe to. These authors are never seen quoting from the Quran for all the ills of Islamic terrorism. The reasons for that are glaringly partitioned and smack of anti Hindu agenda.

    How can this author generalise about Hindus by quoting the statements that might have been made in a context within a story in the ancient past when societies were very different from today’s societies. Muslims extend this argument all the time about Quran and it may be true. Don’t we give special protection to children – within family and by the law? When does a child stops becoming a child? Is it sufficient to say at 18 years of age a child is no more a child and parents have no say in her life? These questions have no straight answers. But for some polluted minds such as of this author, such questions have answers to carry on their anti-Hindu agenda.

    Such article doesn’t do any good. It only strengthens the beliefs that the minds of some Indian authors have been polluted to such an extent that reaction from Hindus is bound to come. I can only request Shekhar Gupta that ThePrint should not be used for anti-Hindu propaganda.

  27. Sex with higher caste is OK but sex with lower caste is a crime its completely in human and lower people should made live in their separate territory so that there would be a chance of human

  28. Many people equate family honor to their daughter’s chastity. As a result, the killings are often carried out by the women’s family. Don’t turn this anti an anti-Hindu or anti-upper caste polemic. Most honor killings in Pakistan are carried out by the women’s family. When a Hindu girl is abducted, the family of the daughter is too poor and too weak to fight back. A recent article describes just this phenomenon in Pakistan. In America, lynching black men accused of having a relationship with a white women used to be pretty common. The dynamic described here is typical of patriarchal societies everywhere. The one thing we all should agree to is that the perpetrates should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  29. You The Print, You are shamelessly furnishings and article to degrade Hinduism. Do you have the same guts to write on Nika Halala? Story of lot in Bible where father makes his own daughters pregnant? Do you have guts to expose how politicians are making hawal money with suitcase companies? Do have guts to expose how missionaries and madarsas are damaging peace in India and converting lakhs of Hindus to their religion ?? If you can’t be unbaised please stop journalism, there so many ways for livelihood. Don’t make mokery of NEWS with lies.

  30. Who does read Manusmriti..who does it follow…one sided propaganda against Hindus…few days back a tribeman lynched to death by Muslims…one Dalit Charistian in too killed in Kerla…by high caste kerlite Syrian Charistian…but ur communist agenda is one sided… and going to lose credibility

  31. प्रिंट, स्टूपिड न्यूज़। क्यों नफरत बाटते हो? कुम्भ मेले ने दिखा दिया हिन्दू एक है। पर तुम जैसे घटिया न्यूज़ रिपोर्टर अपनी नकारात्मक सोच से हटते ही नही। जातियों क्रिस्चियन और मुस्लिम में भी हैं। पर तुम्हारे टारगेट तो हिंदू हैं। दलित, सवर्ण एक हैं और हिंदू उनकी पहचान है। दो चार सिरफिरे हर समाज मे होते हैं। और उनको पूरे समाज से मत जोडों।

  32. There may be good & evil in Manusmriti, but even than we had Gargi, Maitrey etc& so many other various wives of Munis& Rishis who were given equal status in renouncing the most advanced knowledge in those days.
    If Ramji could eat eaten berries of Sabari, then where does these casteism comes.
    Only one way to do away with the casteism is to do away with the reservation policy which creating gulf of differences amongst the youths of India.

    • OK keep on harping on reservation policy so that the atrocities against Dalits can go on unhindered. In fact Dalits , given a choice would willingly give up reservation if they are assured that atrocities against them would cease. I have come across several instances where in rural India Dalit women are abducted and inducted into flesh trade. Almost all Dalit leaders have been bought by the Ruling part. So this will go on.

    • My dear friend,perhaps wrong diagnosis !Though I am not a blind supporter of reservation but the fact remains that even when reservation was not there caste and caste based atrocities were even more. In rural India caste discrimination is rampant where most of the people do not take benefits of reservation. All sorts of atrocities are reported in media which are purely on the basis of attitude shaped by caste identity. So to my mind the root cause is caste which has become later the basis of reservation. Supposing that reservation is strengthening caste,can it be said that caste and caste based atrocities will not cease to exist the day reservation is abolished. In my opinion,the answer is no as the mother of this evil is caste,not reservation.
      Irrespective of whatever is written in Shastras and various scriptures and also irrespective of their right or wrong interpretation,the caste is associated in the minds of common people with the notion of social hierarchy,notion of high and low which has polluted the minds of people for so long. Even this hierarchy is there among various sub castes of brahmins as well.Perhaps those brahmins who are engaged in performing funeral rites in crematoriums also face discrimination in the matters of marriages etc.with the rest of the brahmins. So the moot point is that as a concept associated with the notion of high and low,the caste is a most pernicious social institution.
      Further,there are many families among reserved categories in urban areas who do not take benefits of reservation but sadly, they do also face caste based discrimination in social sphere of life . Some people take comfort in saying that caste is there in other religions as well but it does not have same importance there. There is no religious sanction to caste there as against in Hindu social order where it has been the most prized possession and to some extent it is so now as well. Moreover ,in other religions in India ,it is perhaps infection from Hindu social system. Perhaps the coverts from upper castes from Hindus have taken their caste identity with them to distinguish themselves from lower caste converts.
      Finally, we will have to agree at one point that caste still plays an important role in Indian social system in the matters of social activities and interactions; it rules over our minds. The name of a person not writing his surname is perceived as incomplete .Such individuals are further enquired to tell their full name for the sole purpose of knowing their caste identity.

  33. These Dalits are stupids..!! When they can be Christians, when they can be Muslims, when they can be Buddhists, they remain Dalits and play this victim cards. Who told them to remain Dalits?
    As long as they are in the fold of Hinduism, whatever progress they may make, they always remain Dalits..
    When they have been given the right to kick the door of the caste and choose the religion of their choice, why they not do?
    Do they believe Hindus one day will give up Caste for humanity? Never!
    If there is chance of Hindus act like humans towards Dalits, that is not in this century.
    Caste is something which is in the blood of Hindus. It is in their mind. It is their tradition. It is their pride.
    They will give their bride to the Muslim.. No issue.
    They will give their bride to the Christian.. No issue.
    They will give their bride to the other lower caste.. No issue.
    But, they are never happy to give their bride to the Dalit.
    When it comes to Caste… Hindus are next to terrorists of Islam. No much difference!!
    Hindus won’t give up caste specially when it comes to their children’s marriage.
    They will act soft and they will act aggressive and but they will never give up caste.

    Anyway, who told Dalits to remain Dalits?

  34. Though in metros, the society is accepting inter-caste, inter-religion, inter-state are being accepted by parents under duress or compulsion by their children.. But in small towns and villages, these relations are not easily accepted, but rather instigating them towards “Honour Killings”.

  35. How to annihilate caste?

    Let’s go back to B.R. Ambedkar, the doctor who has best diagnosed the disease called caste system, and his prescription for the annihilation of caste.

    “It must be recognized that the Hindus observe Caste not because they are inhuman or wrong-headed. They observe Caste because they are deeply religious…The real remedy is to destroy the belief in the sanctity of the Shastras,” says Ambedkar.

    “Caste has a divine basis… this means you must destroy the authority of the Shastras and the Vedas,” he argues.

  36. What is this Manu Smriti? Who is printing it and publishing it? How many ordinary humans in India have read it or capable of understanding whatever is written in it? What about the discrimination smriti which is the bible to all politicians and self appointed commentators, anti-social media persons? Inciting caste hate against ordinary Indian humans has become past time of so-called liberals. Read this –

    • Well thought and nicely written article. Ancient rulers used Manusmriti and other religious Scriptures to make laws of their kingdoms. That is how this disease of caste system has infected the society.

      In order to please the powerful Brahmins and Rajpoots, Mughals and Delhi slave rulers have not done anything to eradicate the caste system. In fact they have used the caste system for all their recruitment.

      British East India company was slowly trying to change the regressive culture that was set by regressive religious texts but after the 1857 revolt the British government decided not to interfere in religious cultures.

      Today these British media houses criticize the caste system but if you look at the old documentaries made by British during colonial times, they refrained from uttering even a single word against the caste system.

      And after Independence, Nehru and his government didn’t even dare to ban the caste system. They barely accumulated courage to pass the Hindu code bill and gave lollipop of reservation to people.

      In fact if caste system is banned and it is made a punishable offense to mention, ask, reveal or to form alliance in the name of caste then it will help uplift oppressed people way more than reservation can ever help them because it will enable oppressed people to be proud of being a human and do business and get private jobs without having the curse of caste hindering their progress.

  37. Stupid, lop-sided article with a pre-meditated agenda. Come to Tamil Nadu. Many Brahmin girls have married outside their caste and no one was killed. In fact the issue is always marriage between other castes (like Nadars, Thevars, Gounders, etc.) and the SC/ ST that becomes a big issue as the ‘upper caste’ folks are not able to accept. One more story to bash Brahmins, as they don’t retaliate.

  38. Caste system is a curse on Hinduism, unless this curse is not gone we cant progress. We need to disown all the verses in out holy books which legitimize caste system.

  39. I am 68 years old and a dalit. I am a naturalised American. During my train journeys in India in recent times my fellow passengers were always curious about my caste. Being a South Indian I have no surname or caste name masquerading as caste name. I also do not disclose my caste to them as I am an American . Despite upliftment of thousands of Dalits I notice with severe revulsion the relentless Dalit bashing. It is also believed that Dalit bashing will stop once reservation is abolished.My view on this is reservation for all other castes to abolished and only Dalits to be given 50 percent of all positions including education.

  40. Wow. This is what should be done religious scripture.
    These religious scripture are Grossly anti-women
    I hope someone do a same kind of scrutiny of the holy book of Muslims in regards to women freedom.

  41. We cannot hold a religion responsible for what some / many of its adherents do. Even so, the rigid caste system is embedded in our practices, if not in our scriptures. Have not read Manu Smriti, nor is it only my list of hundred things to do before I die. Those who hark back to our golden past, hold it out as a desirable goal to set for modern India in a globalised world, should be conscious of how much pain is embedded into it for Dalits. So it was very disappointing to read so much of erudite religious mumbo jumbo in the Economic Survey.

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