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Why Kashmiri Pandits may never return to the Valley

The only meaningful ‘return’ can be had through truth and reconciliation.

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On 2 August this year, the government of Jammu and Kashmir (under President’s rule) cancelled the annual Amarnath Yatra. There were “intelligence inputs of terror threats, with specific targeting of the Amarnath Yatra,” it said. The security situation must have been really, really bad because this was the first time the Amarnath Yatra was cancelled altogether.

Yet, the security situation was good enough for the Narendra Modi government to make Article 370 null and void, as also Article 35A, divide the state into two union territories and place hundreds of pro-India political actors in jail.

The contradiction leaves you with the conclusion that the Modi government was in a political hurry to radically change the constitutional status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and such was the tearing hurry that it cancelled the Amarnath Yatra. Yet no Hindu — absolutely no one— seems to have cried hoarse about the hurt to Hindu sentiments. Imagine a Congress government cancelling the Amarnath Yatra for political expedience.

Similarly, the political discourse around the issue of Kashmiri Pandits is replete with political hypocrisy.

A video has emerged recently of Sandeep Chakravorty, India’s Consul General in New York, addressing what seems to be a private gathering of Kashmiri Pandits. For the record, he says his remarks have been taken “out of context,” which is what people say after putting their foot in their mouth.

Chakravorty makes a number of assertions that are either factually wrong, or show no understanding of the history and culture of Kashmir.

Let us take them one by one.

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Non-existent refugee ‘camps’

First, he says, “I believe in our lifetime we will have our land back, our people will have to go back, because not everybody can live in the United States. Our Kashmiri Pandit brethren are living in camps, in Jammu, in Delhi, on the streets…”

A lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth. So, it is possible that Sandeep Chakravorty genuinely believes Kashmiri Pandits are still living in camps and on the streets. If facts mattered, that is not the case. In both Jammu and in Delhi, they have been moved into proper houses. And most of it has happened under Congress regimes. People would have known more about it if the Congress knew how to tom-tom its achievements like the BJP.

Yet, the word “camps” will be repeated ad nauseam because how else do you claim continuing victimhood? Take for instance this report by Pooja Shali in India Today, which says, “Kashmiri Pandits living in the Jagti refugee camp appreciated PM Modi-led government’s decision to revoke the state’s special status.” The deliberate yet subtle falsehood here is to describe Jagti as a camp and not a ‘township’. You can see here a photo of the entrance to the Jagti apartments. For anyone who doesn’t understand what a camp is, here is a photo of how the Pandits once lived in camps.

Similarly, Pandit refugees in Delhi have been given flats. One could argue about the size and upkeep of the flats given to them, but if facts matter, they are not camps. And no one is certainly living on the streets.

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An exaggerated fear

Now that we are clear about the difference between flats and camps, let us tackle another claim by Mr Chakravorty. The claim is that Pandits are not returning to the Kashmir Valley because of fear. He says in the video, “You will not go because of fear of life, but I think that fear will go away.”

If Kashmiri Pandit refugees are unable to return to live in Kashmir due to fear, how is it that 808 Kashmiri Pandit families (or around 3-4,000 people) still live in the Valley in 292 different locations? That’s the count done by the Srinagar-based Sanjay Tickoo of the Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti. If fear is the reason, how is it that thousands of Kashmiri Pandits visit the Valley, on holidays and personal trips, or for pilgrimages such as the annual Kheer Bhawani festival in Tulmulla?

Cruel and inhuman as the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits was, being a refugee is a complicated matter. Kashmiri Pandit refugees may be able to physically relocate to their old homes, but they can’t go back in time. A resilient, educated, well-connected community, the Pandit refugees have got education and jobs and are now spread across India and the world. Would a Kashmiri Pandit refugee’s son or daughter working in a corporate job want to return to the family home in the old city of Srinagar? Why would someone leave a corporate job in Mumbai unless they could find an equivalent job in Srinagar?

Arvind Gigoo is a retired English lecturer from Kashmir, now living in a flat in Jammu with his wife. He moved to Jammu after the exodus in 1991. Over several meetings in Jammu and Delhi between 2010-2012, I asked him why he never thought of returning and living in his home in Srinagar. He explained that his friends were now all in Jammu. It’s the same reason why he doesn’t live with his son in Delhi, the writer Siddhartha Gigoo. When Arvind Gigoo went back to Srinagar after many years, he felt like an outsider, because he didn’t know anyone anymore. People migrate and die, and so on. The young look at a Pandit speaking in Kashmiri like an oddity from a mythical past. But the most important reason he couldn’t imagine going back to living in Srinagar was comfort. The old house, the old way of living, the old kind of toilets, the dirty old lanes. He was comfortable living in a more modern house in Jammu. He eventually sold the Srinagar house — something many Pandits did.

So, when we speak of the “return” of Pandits, it is not a physical relocation we need to think of. Pandits cannot return to a Kashmir that is pre-1989, because it does not exist anymore.

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Israel model vs Indian model

Now that we have debunked the myth of security fears preventing Pandits from returning to the Valley, let us look at Sandeep Chakravorty’s Israel model that drew applause from the audience. This model basically implies creating a special enclave for Pandits. So, there could be a Hindu Kashmir and a Muslim Kashmir, physically demarcated, because we haven’t been making Mohammed Ali Jinnah proud enough already.

The idea is an old one, it used to be known as “Panun Kashmir”. Interestingly, the BJP never endorsed it, though one doesn’t know what the BJP of Modi-Shah thinks. The removal of Article 35A has so far not been followed up with any reassurance that the Modi government will not settle Indians in the Kashmir Valley.

So, if the plan is to bring about a demographic change in the Valley (you never know these days, hare-brained ideas are in excess supply), then the Israel model is not what we are looking at. Instead, we are looking at the China model.

And yet, there is an Indian model we have forgotten. This model died in Kashmir the day Jawaharlal Nehru had Sheikh Abdullah arrested, and maybe it’s too late to revive it. The Indian model is one of “integration”. The only meaningful way Kashmiri Pandits could “return” to Kashmir is if the wall of suspicion and mistrust between Pandits and Muslims was brought down. This could be done through a South Africa-style truth and reconciliation exercise.

But the Modi establishment doesn’t seem to think the sentiments, feelings, aspirations of Kashmiri Muslims matter. There is no reconciliation on offer of any kind.

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‘Kashmir culture is the Hindu culture’

For an Indian diplomat, Sandeep Chakravorty is embarrassingly ill-informed. He betrays his ignorance of Kashmir when he says, “We all have to keep the Kashmiri culture alive. The Kashmiri culture is the Indian culture is the Hindu culture. I feel as much Kashmiri as anybody else.”

To know what Kashmiri culture is/was, he should Google and read up why a Kashmiri Muslim family is at the centre of the Amarnath Yatra. He could read a few books on the now-discredited idea of Kashmiriyat, of syncretism in the Valley. No, Kashmiri, Hindu, and Indian are not the same thing. They could co-exist, if only people like Sandeep Chakravorty understood the beauty of the Nehruvian idea of unity in diversity rather than follow in Jinnah’s footsteps.

Views are personal.

This article has been updated to reflect that the quote from Arvind Gigoo was taken by the author from 2011-2012.

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  1. I normally refrain myself from making any comments on social media and deep diving into these murky waters but MR VIJ you have compelled me to call out your malice.

    This is by far the most vile, biased and condescending piece of article I have read about my community.

    My deepest disrespect and disregard to your kind of journalism

  2. Shivam Vij—-You are a Shame….. You are describing Jagti as Town Ship and not as Camp…. You should hang your damn head in shame as you have failed to understand the basics of the kashmir issue. You biased boot licker must understand what and how kashmir started burning. You are talking of 4000 odd kp s living in kashmir and few hundred visiting Tulumulla… Shame on your wisdom and your intellegence. explaining it to a person like you is useless as you are a sold out…You have sold your soul for some matter and money….. LANAT hai tum par…..I pray to God that you get through the same torture and same kind of living and misery as we KPs have been going through for the last 30 years. This community was not made to live in pigeon holes but huge mansions and vast landscapes that too of the Kashmir once a paradise climatically but now a hell politically…… Do you even understand the difference of living in Kashmir in our own houses and environs….. Do you know how many of our old folks perished in the dirty heat of the plains….do you understand the pain that we go through 24x7x365 for the last 30 years for missing our home and our gardens….. Do you even understand what kind of torturous life we have spent in KASHmir prior to 1990 but due to guns and Radicalisation of Islam in 1989….we had no option but to flee and give up everything….. SHIVAM VIJ SHIKASLADH….

  3. Shivam Vij, YOU are the Mohammad Ali Jinnah here.

    1) Both Jinnah’s men and you diminish the suffering and pain of KPs and whitewash the crimes of Islamic terrorists.
    2) Both Jinnah’s men and you hate Israel and love Palestine.
    3) Both Jinnah’s men and you falsely claim Islam is Indian culture when it is Arabic culture.

  4. Abe ammichod aatankwadi Sala kasab ki najayaz aulad jhoppadpatti ki paidaish mulle suvar Alla KE kutte Mere pairo me ghirna mat jab bhagwa e pak hoga Jai Shri Ram ⛳🚩🚩🚩🚩 MANDIR pakistan me Bhi banenge

  5. The writer almost says the JKLF and assorted militants were actually doing the kashmiri pandits a favour by forcing them to move to Delhi and Mumbai. Is this guy mad? This is absolute drivel. Mr. Shivam should understand the plight of the Kashmiri pandits with empathy. He cmes across as a Terror apologist.
    The least said about this piece the better. This is not journalism …this is a ….what to say….bullshit piece….!!!

  6. Bullshit article. Far from reality. Author must be daydreaming about how to justify the silence of congress party at that time. M also a muslim but can’t stand for wrong.
    What happened during exodus of kashmiri pundits was inhumane and the response of government proved their vote bank politics.

  7. how painful to read the article. pseudo secular mr. vij has written such biased and illogical things, god forbid if same thing happens to his family maybe then he will understand. do you know how it feels to get your women raped and killed, 1 lakh people on the street out to kill and mosques blaring with messages for pandits to convert, flee or die and security nowhere in sight? Then, if u survive that u live on an open field in 48 degree heat, never experienced before by native kashmiris, in a tent with 10 family members, 1 slum type washroom per 200 families and ration provided by govt.
    How shameful of you mr vij. go die somewhere.


  9. The Palestinians continue to be in camps because they were so fanatical that they could not focus on rebuilding their lives with the funds provided and instead used those funds for the sake of religious fanaticism and vengeance. Hence, they still live in camps and will continue to live in camps because that is how you can have a fertile field to harvest future terrorists for the Wahabi cause.
    Kashmiri Pandits, on the other hand, were helped by fellow Hindus in India and since, they did not resort to victimhood or vengeance or fanaticism, they made something of their own lives and within a decade starting living independent, productive lives instead of parasitising the Indian government. That is why, they are admired by all Indians rather than pitied like the Palestinians by the Muslims.
    As a researcher myself, the arguments you put forward are highly specious and frankly as hare brained as you call the BJP government. All that happened in Kashmir had nothing to do with the BJP or RSS. Please remember that fact. BJP is only trying to correct the wrongs.
    If there is anyone in this country who continue to do the wrongs and keep trying to fool the people that it is right, it is journalists like and that is how, you have earned such monikers as “pseudosecular” or “presstitutes”. Frankly, my medical opinion after reading this article is that you are solidly brainwashed and have lost all objectivity, selecting portions of history and current affairs to suit your argument rather than the other way round. This sort of argument is neither rational nor scientific.
    Ultimately, you seem to have a problem that Kashmiri Pandits made something out of themselves despite what they have faced. If a few do not want to return, what does it matter? There are many who do want to return.
    You also did not mention anything regarding Mehbooba Mufti’s intentional blockade of the resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. You conveniently skipped that part. Shame on you.

  10. Nonsensical article… U r trying to justify the dislocation of 5 lakh people by saying that 800 families still living there…u should read what happened to girja tikoo and so many others like her

  11. We not got Independence ,we got partitions on the base of religion, so after that ,every inch of Hindustan is only for hindus not for any one. But on named of pseudo secularism only hindus right were compromise and still is going on. WE HAD GIVEN OUR LAND ON NAME OF PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH… isn’t is fact? So how much we have to sacrifice. …why ?

    • Because they are like parasite they want to eat up hindus and then say that they never existed and the author who wrote this article needs reality check…. Bigg head hypocrite writing nonsense!

  12. The genocide and the ethnic cleansing is complete in Kashmir. Over the past 30 years the the traces of the existence of the pandits have been systematically wiped out from the government records. Unless the Kashmiri rulers since the genocide and the ethnic cleansing are hauled up in the International court of Justice and sent jail for 30/40 years the holding to account will not have been done.

  13. Kashmiri Pandits not thrown out from valley. But by Then governor JuhMohan. Thousands of Pandits stayed in and are so far living safely. This is big propaganda by indian Government against Kashmirs and hiding the brutal torcher on Muslims in Kashmir.

  14. Think, how many Tamil Brahmins are better off ouside TN than in TN. Why is it so? Well they are able to develop far more outside than be stuck in the mud in TN. Given that favorable circumstances,they will be crazy to permanently move back, even if invited to do so. Outside India and rest of India are far more congenial to them. Now think about Kashmiri pandits. What is in Kashmir for them????

    • Dear Raghu,
      Kindly show some respect to your own logic and thinking system given by the GOD, TN brahmins does not have to live in any inimical community, who want to eat (convert) them alive, by use of treat or bribe. You cannot compare cactus tree and neem tree, do you understand and realize dear?

  15. Your lies has been caught you bumbling idiot. Check his twitter feed @dillidurast
    Siddhartha Gigoo has refuted the quote attributed to his father. A statement made 9yrs back and this joker uses it without context, how unscrupulous.

  16. I don’t agree with this article.
    print, kindly remember, you do your business in India, would you like to operate from Pakistan?

    • Hemant Joshi, your’s is the most ridiculous argument i have ever come through in this context. It is same as saying Kashmir is not an integral part of India.

  17. The writer seems to be of mediocre intelligence at best, and a dangerous Commie/liberal in love with Islamism, at worst. Denying the genocide of the beleaguered Kashmiri Pandit community, physical as well as cultural, he seems to refuse to see the problem in Kashmir for what it actually is- a pure jehad meant to destroy all Kafirs and convert Kashmir into an Islamic state where Sharia rules supreme. Shame on you!

    • Dear Subhash think and please also make a small research or quick notes what is Islam.
      Better you nearby a book of knowledge or lectures for PhD n Islamic study student,you would like the idea for peace then any where on the globe. Respect humanity is everything.

    • Dear Subhash think and please also make a small research or quick notes what is Islam.
      Better you nearby a book of knowledge or lectures for PhD n Islamic study student,you would like the idea for peace then any where on the globe. Respect humanity is everything.

  18. Leftist inclined intellectual media (here Sekhar Gupta’s media house, has started their propaganda against brutalised Kashmiris to support izlamic zihadis.
    Seems ThePrint started his anti-propaganda much before, when he (seems intentionally) missed to speak on Pandiths and their tragedy in the hands of izlamic zihadis.“`
    Kindly see ThePrints youtube video on history of Kashmir, (link below👇👇) :
    “`Watch “India & Pakistan fight for initiative on Kashmir, and reading the Constitution from Article 1” on YouTube “`

  19. Disgusting!! The author seems to have taken a pen from someone of Congress… Full of distortions. I had very high regard for Shekhar Gupta, but now it seems the real colours are coming out!

  20. Kashmir is of kashmiri majority of them are muslims ,their culture doesn’t match the culture of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar or Bengal so please don’t mistake by settling hindus from UP and other parts of India in Kashmir ,this would be hazardous and detrimental for the peace and tranquility of south asia ,kashmiri will never let any outsider to occupy majority role ,they would fight until last breath

    • Great ISIS styled reasoning, Mohammad Zakir, this is how ISIS had thrived in Arabia, now, people like you want the same in India.

    • Wherever & whenever Muslims become a majority community, they want Nizam E Mustafa, & they drive out the non Muslims on the threat of life, if the non Muslims don’t convert to Islam.
      It seems it is perfectly justified if Muslims change demographic composition by forcing the non Muslims to flee.
      Is this the Kashmiriyat we always Tom Tom?!

    • Don’t worry dear! We are ready to fight till the hegemony lasts. Cruelty committed against innocent peace loving hindus by muslim terrorists of Kashmeer would be replied ferociously.
      We would decimate any Zehad committed by Mullas. We watch very carefully every move of zihadis.

    • Killing the equal population for Ethinic cleansers, should not tell Hindus going back without any intentions of Killing for revenge,is treating.

  21. Opinion Shivam Vij –
    If you can write something about the compulsive barking by the street dogs now and then fellows with there narrative also will make it a interesting topic to read.
    Otherwise the above written one sided fake and distorted narrative on Jammu and Kashmir as your personal views are disgusting .

    • Who are you for making specialist’s comment without giving any reason, dear nameless guest mian, whom do you represent? ISIS ????

  22. Mr. Vij, you seem to be wearing coloured glasses. For everything done by congress is right and secular and anything doNe by BJP is wrong and communal. You have FORGOTTEN to accuse RSS. You should hold them responsible for all the problems in kashmir. If you assume kashmiri politicians openly supporting Pakistan are pro Indian, I don’t know whether to laugh or certify you as mentally retarded. You may be a congress lackey but so much lying doesn’t do any good to your profession.


    • Fantastic reasoning developed for carrying out atrocities on minority Pandits, congratulation shaik sahab, the true follower of isis islam.

      • First of all Asoka didn’t convert to Buddhism because of Hinduism. He converted because of the violence he did in Kalinga war. No wonder you are an idiot trying to rationalize ethnic cleansing on king from distant past.

        It just started right now. Next stage delimitation. Where it doesn’t even matter if the valley supports or not. The other two regions are completely under BJP control. Not even single seat valley parties won but yet claim Jammu and Kashmir together.

  24. The article just seem to mix up two different topics and neither did explorer any story to it’s depth, just eye wash for creating sensation. Without any concerns

  25. The statement looking for the possibility of ‘Indians’ settling in Kashmir is horrendous, apart from a stupid assortment of half-baked facts. The author doesn’t believe that J&K is part of India? The motivation for this piece is suspicious

  26. Disgusting. How can one stoop to such low level of journalism to put distorted history and painted presence. I request the renowned author of the article to read the history by removing glasses of partisan nature

  27. Here is the conplete story…
    Using the rhetorical threat of migration, the leaders of the Pandit community have attempted to blackmail governments many a time in the past. When the Muslims rose up for their rights in 1931, the Kashmiri Pandits felt threatened, their administrative positions were in danger and the thought that Muslims were going to snatch their bread and butter.

    In a written representation, dated 27 April 1932, Kashmiri Pandits wrote a letter to the Maharaja and The British Resident, which read:

    “We the Hindus of Kashmir, therefore desire that we should be allowed to migrate to other parts in order to find a living there. Bread has been denied to us – in the Hindu Raj – but we have firm conviction that we shall not receive stones in other places in British India under the Crown. We, therefore, request your exalted person to graciously grant us the boon of migration to other places.” (File No. 215/149-P.S, year 1932, State Archives, Jammu)

    The next threat came in 1967 when an inter-community marriage was used as an excuse to seek government jobs. At the same time, fake stories of persecution of Kashmiri Pandits were circulated among the Indian masses. In 1988, H.N. Jattu, President of All India Kashmiri Pandits Conference spoke of a ‘silent exodus’ of Kashmiri Pandits due to lack of government jobs.

    During the armed rebellion of 1989, many Kashmiris who were believed to be supporting Indian rule in Kashmir were selectively killed. Several Kashmiri Pandits were also killed, mostly on allegations of being informers of the government. A community that was comfortable with the Indian rule couldn’t cope up with the uprising freedom wave that swept the entire Kashmir valley.

    The first militant attack was on a Muslim police officer, Ali Muhammad Watali. The first militancy related civilian killing was also of a Muslim, Muhammad Yusuf Halwai, on 21 August 1989. He was an activist of National Conference. Mir Mustafa, a former legislator, was kidnapped and killed on 21 March 1990. Professor Mushir-ul-Haq, VC of the University of Kashmir and his Private Secretary, Abdul Gani, were kidnapped and killed on 6 April 1990. Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq was gunned down on 21 May, 1990. On 23 December 1990, senior politician Maulana Mohammad Sayeed Masoodi was gunned down. Some Kashmiri Pandits like Tika Lal Tapiloo of BJP, Neel Kant Ganjoo – a sessions judge who ordered the hanging of Maqbool Bhat, Lassa Koul – Director of Doordarshan Srinagar and Pushkar Nath – Assistant Director in the State Information Department — were also killed.

    All these killings were political rather than communal in nature. The first militancy related abduction was also of a Muslim Kashmiri woman, Rubaiya Sayeed, who was later released in exchange of five jailed rebels.

    As per Anuradha Bhasin, “many of them (Kashmiri Pandits) were shot dead for their affiliation with the intelligence agencies or their role in the government decision-making. Kashmiri Pandits occupied a prominent place in government jobs and bureaucracy despite being a microscopic minority in the valley.”

    Recently, AS Dulat was the IB chief in Kashmir during the 90s also accepted that IB, in J&K, had a fair amount of Kashmiri Pandits. “They sneaked in and out of all sorts of places and got the intelligence flowing… they rendered yeoman service to the nation.”

    On 1 March 1990, Almost a million Kashmiris marched towards the Headquarters of The United Nations Military Observers Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) to handover a memorandum seeking freedom of Kashmir from the Indian rule. The demonstration continued for days without a break but not a single Pandit or his/her property was harmed.

    Vijay Bakaya, a prominent Kashmiri Pandit and former Chief Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir says: “Our community should not forget that those thousands who came out on the streets did not attack or vandalize a single Pandit house.”

    Rastriya Seva Dal, after visiting Jammu & Kashmir in April 1990, wrote in a report published by the Economic and Political Weekly that:

    “The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is due to fear created by large rallies and angry demonstrations against the Government. The Muslims claim and the Pandits agree that there were no communal incidents or burning or looting of houses, misbehavior with women etc. The Pandits say that they left their houses because they feared something of this kind would happen soon.”

    Anuradha Bhasin further writes:

    “Whether the Islamic sloganeering from mosques was widespread or this happened only in selected pockets, since there is no recorded document or media reports, the truth is likely to be a causality with imagination and prejudice clouding the real picture. But the moot question is: would the response be so uniform in the event of one or even all mosques of the valley echoing the Islamic slogans? Was there some underlying unheard, unsaid, understood threat that motivated the Pandits to migrate in masses within two days. Why in just two days the entire scenario changed? Why did the ‘Islamic’ militarization suddenly become threatening since the killings were going on for months. The media obviously has done no homework.”


    Most of the Kashmiri Pandits were unaware of the Government’s plan to shift them to Jammu or other places temporarily to pave a way for a massive crackdown on the Muslims.

    O.N. Trissal narrates his personal experience:

    “In the late 1989, when militancy surfaced in the valley, the Muslims in general, whether as a neighbor, friend, or a colleague asked their Pandit brothers not to leave homes and provided security for them. Many Muslims accommodated Pandit families in their homes to save them from militant attacks. There are instances when Muslim ladies, at the risk of their lives, stood at the door of Pandit houses, to stop militants from entering their houses. Not only this, but when militancy gained the upper hand and the common Muslim himself came under the threat of the gun, timely information was provided to the Pandits so that they can flee to safety.”

    Professor Manohar Nath Tikoo also writes:

    “I still remember that fateful day when I was forced by none other than my own wife and daughters to leave. All my Muslim neighbors came to my home bidding my family a fond farewell with tearful eyes. I and my neighbors never wanted my family to leave Kashmir but there was definitely a massive psychological fear created by unknown agencies against the Kashmiri Pandits which forced us to leave. Althrogh the facts remains that not a single Muslim forced us to leave.”

    In April 1990, Justice V. M. Tarkunde visited Kashmir and reported:

    “Hindus have received full cooperation from the local Muslims. The Muslims shared their rations and other items of day to day requirements with them. There is total communal harmony in Kashmir. Those people who had come out had either overreacted to the situation or had done so because of other reasons which could be winter, curfew, or closure of offices and educational institutions. Not a single case of looting or arson of non-Muslim property had taken place.”

    All these statements prove that there were no blood-thirsty frenzied mobs on streets or in mosques who forced the Kashmiri Pandits to migrate. How would it have been possible? Kashmir was under curfew and shoot at sight orders were implemented on 17 January itself. Even if Muslims somehow managed to surround Pandit homes, how did they pack their belongings, escape the surrounding crowd, get state-run SRTC buses and drive away under armed escort within hours?


    Jagmohan Malhotra, who was famous for bulldozing Muslim habitations at Turkaman Gate in Old Delhi during the Emergency was appointed as the Governor of J&K for the second time in January 1990. Victoria Schofield quotes him as saying:

    “Every Muslim in Kashmir is a militant today. All of them are for secession from India. I am scuttling Srinagar’s Doordarshan’s programs because everybody is a militant… The situation is so explosive that I can’t go out of the Raj Bhavan. But I know what’s going on, minute by minute. The bullet is the only solution for Kashmir. Unless the militants are fully wiped out, normalcy can’t return to Kashmir.”

    Jagmohan soon put his plan into action, within 24 hours of his anointment, over 50 unarmed Muslims protesters were gunned down by CRPF at Gawkadal.

    A Human Rights Watch report, Kashmir Under Siege quotes a Kashmiri Pandit saying:

    “There is no dispute about the fact that Kashmiri Pandit community was made a scapegoat by Jagmohan, some self-styled leaders of our community and other vested interests…. The Plan was to make Kashmiri Pandits migrate from the valley so that the mass uprising against occupational forces could be painted as a communal flare up… Some self-styled leaders begged the Pandits to migrate from the valley. We were told that our migration was very vital for preserving and protecting our ‘Dharam’ and the unity of India. We were told our migration would pave the way for realizing the dream of Akhand Bharat… We were fooled and we were more than willing to become fools.”

    A Kashmiri Pandit, K. L. Koul wrote in The Daily Alsafa (18/9/1990) :

    “Pandits were told that the government has plans of killing about one lakh Kashmiri Muslims in order to overcome the uprising against India. They were assured that once the proposed massacre in Kashmir was completed and the movement curbed, they would be sent back to the valley. My community now understands that it was a very crude way of painting the mass uprising against India as nothing but a communal flare up. The Indian government tried to fool the world by depicting the uprising as a handiwork of Muslim Fundamentalists who had turned against non-Muslims and had thrown them out of their homes. I know my community has lost the affection, love, respect and goodwill of Kashmiri Muslims for having betrayed them. I feel ashamed to admit that my community has stabbed the Muslims in the back. This all happened at the instance of Jagmohan. Some self-styled Pandit leaders exploited the situation and Pandits became refugees in their own land.”

    Another Kashmiri Pandit, Motilal Bhat says:

    “Those who left thought they would be gone for three to four months, and they would return when things improved.. no one expected to stay there for years.”

    Wajahat Habibullah, a senior IAS officer and complicit in covering up the Kunan-Poshpur mass-rape alleges that Jagmohan turned down his advice of discouraging a mass migration through television broadcast. Muslims would come up to his office in hundreds every now and then to request him to discourage the Pandits from leaving Kashmir.

    Rather than discouraging a mass migration, Jagmohan announced that his government will ensure a safe passage and arrangements for Pandits.


    After the migration, many Kashmiri Pandits wrote letters to newspapers or their friends in which they claimed that the government agencies had forced them to leave. In this letter below, Rajnath Turki, a Kashmiri Pandit writes to his friend Mushtaq Wani about how the security forces at Karan Nagar forced him to leave.

    Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits didn’t leave the valley and still live here in complete harmony.

    In a letter published in the Daily Alsafa on 18 September 1990, K.L. Koul wrote:

    “In the first week of February 1990, a word was sent to the members of the Pandit community in Kashmir and they were asked to migrate to safer places. This message from Jagmohan was conveyed through some self-styled Pandit leaders. Pandits were told that the government had plans of killing about one lakh Muslim particularly, the youth in order to crush the uprising. Pandits were assured that they would be looked after well, that they would be provided with free ration, free relief, jobs and free accommodation. Pandits were assured that once the Muslims were massacred they would be sent back. This is how Pandits left.”

    The Nadimarg, Wandhom and Sangrampur massacres are still a mystery. All of the victims from Nadimarg were shot in the head, pointing to the fact that killers were professionals. Sanjay Tikoo, President, Kashmir Pandit Sangharsh Samriti says that the accused are nothing but scapegoats while the real killers roam free. Few days before the massacre, Kashmiri Pandit representatives had sought police protection which was denied to them. These massacres are believed to be done by the Ikhwaan (Renegades) who were/are on the pay-roll of the Government.

    Kashmiri Pandits faced overwhelming problems in Jammu and continue to do so. The weather was hot, tents were crowded, washrooms were ill-equipped. Young Pandit girls were subjected to stalking on daily basis. Kashmiri Pandits were facing an identity and cultural crisis.

    A migrant Kashmiri Pandit in Jammu, Bhan says:

    “We were not welcomed by Hindu Dogras, our co-religionists in Jammu who felt that we will compete with them for jobs and business on the one hand, and on the other hand we never felt close to them culturally as we used to feel for Kashmiri Muslims…. The respect which Kashmiri Muslims used to give us was a distinct dream in Jammu.”

    As per some Indian Media channels and Kashmiri Pandit organizations, 3,50,000 to 7,00,000 Kashmiri Pandits were forced to migrate from Jammu & Kashmir but according to the Census of 1981 the total population of Hindus (including non-Kashmiris) was 124,078. Given the decade growth of the community from 1971 to 1981 as 6.75% their population in 1991 would have been around 132,000. If we subtract at least 8,000 Kashmiri Pandits who didn’t leave the valley, we get almost 124,000 Kashmiri Pandits who migrated. A report from Indian Today and Asia Watch say the numbers are below 100,000.

    Had the 90% majority been so thirsty for blood why didn’t even a single incident of stone pelting occur? How did the buses and vehicles ferrying Pandits for weeks on a 300km long Srinagar-Jammu highway face no mob fury?

    On 23 March 2010, the Government admitted that 219 Kashmiri Pandits had been killed by the militants since 1989. It is also admitted as per official figures that more than 13,000 Kashmiri Muslims have been killed either by militants or by renegades. This means 99.5% of the causalities are Muslims. Where is the so-called holocaust and genocide of Kashmiri Pandits?


    Not only have the numbers been inflated, some imaginary cases of persecution of Kashmiri Pandits have also been invented. A Kashmiri Pandit girl, Sarla Bhat, resident of Anantnag and working as a nurse in Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Soura, was allegedly abducted on 19 April 1990, gang-raped for many days, killed and her body abandoned on the roadside at Hazratbal, Srinagar but an RTI filed questioning whether the incident took place or not replied with a clear ‘No’ (HQ/2015/RTI/S-59/559).

    Similarly, the fake story of abduction, torture, gang-rape and killing of Mrs M.N. Paul at Takoora on 17 March 1990 is denied by the Police (HQ/2015/RTI/S-59/559). The police also denies the incident of alleged kidnapping of a 12-year-old girl Shaloo Basanti, along with her father Vijay Chand from Zainakot on 22 October 1992.

    A decomposed body of one Pandit lady, Asha Kaul was recovered at Shella Kadal Srinagar but the cause of her death couldn’t be ascertained by the police. Many propaganda websites allege that she was abducted, raped and killed. Nobody knows how they got so much information while the police couldn’t.

    Another widely circulated incident is of Girja Tikoo, a laboratory assistant at the Government Girls High School, Kupwara, who was allegedly abducted, gang-raped, killed and the body cut into pieces using a sawmill on 6 April 1990. The village headman, Ghulam Nabi, confirms that Girja was abducted from Chopan Mohalla, Kupwara, raped and killed but her body was recovered from the Kahmil stream. The allegation that her body was cut into pieces is an attempt to dramatize a horrible incident.

    Similar is the case of Rupawati Bhan and Babli Bhan who were allegedly tortured to death and their bodies thrown down from a third story building on 28/06/1990. Here again, truth became a victim of drama. The police confirm that the killing took place but says there was no torture and the bodies weren’t flung down but rather shot dead after which the unidentified gunmen fled away.


    Following the migration, BJP came up with a list of 55 allegedly destroyed temples in Kashmir. On the day of the demolition of Babri Masjid (6 December 1992), Lal Krishna Advani said: “Everybody wants to defend Babri Masjid, none of them have spoken a word of criticism about the 55 temples destroyed in Kashmir.” After being questioned over it, he reduced the number to 40 in another rally.

    Journalist Harinder Baweja busted this myth with photographic evidence and revealed that the BJP had misled people to score political points. Harinder Baweja visited 23 temples from the list provided by the BJP and found all of them safe and functioning. These temples, according to BJP, had been burnt and demolished.

    One Pujari of Ganpatyar Temple, which the BJP claimed had been destroyed said that Puja had continued uninterrupted in the 200-year-old Hanuman temple.

    In another instance, a Kashmiri Pandit, Maheshwar Nath told Baweja: “Gita ki kasam, this temple has never been touched.” When Advani was confronted on this issue and accused of lying and distorting facts, he denied any such list existed.

    In many cases, Muslims have been taking care of temples since decades. At the time of Migration, Pandit Radha Krishna, caretaker of the Mamleshwar temple, handed over the keys of the 900-year-old Shiva temple to a Muslim who took care of the shrine and kept it open till his transfer in 2004. There after two more Muslims, Muhammad Abdullah and Ghulam Hassan took care of the shrine, arranged aarti regularly. Payar Temple of Pulwama has been under the care of Muslims since last four decades.

    A Hindu caretaker of Vitaal Bhairav (Rainawari) who wanted to sell the temple land to a businessman was also stopped by local Muslims, who later alerted Srinagar based Kashmiri Pandits. Both communities later renovated the temple on their own expenses.

    After the Migration, many non-Kashmiri Pujaris came from various parts of India and took over the temples. These Pujaris started selling away various properties that the temples owned. In one case three Pujaris – Gopal Dass, Ram Dass and Jairam Dass looked over 375 Kanals of temple land which they had rented to non-state-subjects, violating the Article 370. In another case, a lease holder, Kuldeep Narayan Jaggi sold the rented land illegally for 2.5 Crore. Even an ancient idol from the temple is missing. Some Kashmiri Pandits say assets worth Rs 500 Crore are already sold out..

    • Fantastic reasoning developed for carrying out atrocities on minority Pandits, congratulation Ahmad, the true follower of isis islam.

      • Sabnam Ishaque You seemed to be an abnormal. You even discarded the true facts given in details by leveling Ahmed Kasmiri an isis agent. Shame on you. chhe.

    • Dear ISIS styled izlamic propaganda champion, do you mean that making life impossible for Pandiths to live in Kashmir by majority muslims is a problem of Pandiths ? Do you know this is ISIS version propaganda of izlam ????

    • That is why Muslim Kashmiri cleansing Kashmiri Hindu. It very pathetic see such type of comment. If someone evicted you from your home, how you will feel. That’s the case of Hindu Kashmiri. Your Allah will not forgive Muslim Kashmiri. One day they will be punished by Allah.

  28. How that a few Kashmiri Pandiths still living in Kashmir is indicative of no persecution by the peacefuls. Does the author vouch there was no persecution – genocide of Kashmiri pandits by Muslims way back in January 1990. On the same logic how the author look at the drastic decline in Hindu population in Pakistan.
    By the way what according to the author is the feelings of kashmiri Muslims. Is it that once kashmiri pandits return restart what is left or available now of pandits as done in January 1990 or thereafter.


  29. I was surprised by the Heading, thought there is a sensible Article by The Print at last.
    Relieved that it reinforces the fact that only stupid people write for The Print. Childish arguments. Since KPs go to Valley for pilgrimage, all is well between the two communities. Dear Writer, We go to Pakistan also for pilgrimage.

  30. He is not Hindu , he must be from other religion writing with fake Hindu name to tease to irritate Hindu Such things can happen only in India where any body can abuse Hindu . There’s only one way let all real Hindu ban reading such Print like articles and news channels

  31. Totally Pathetic. Mr Shivam Vij & The Print pay lip service to the Exodus of Pandits only to then belittle, dehumanize and explain away the Pandits trauma. Does this pass for journalism at The Print? Shame on you lot. Credibility is hard won and your team just lost it.

  32. The article is totally ABSURD. it is far from truth. Girls from used to come to us and beg for food and clothing. They never took money.

    The article is like the people who make the videos of accident victims on the road and circulate it and think they have done some good job in helping the victim. You can understand the pain, when you go through it, otherwise it is usual or ever happening thing, which can’t be controlled.

  33. The author is ignorant of or denying what happened between 1989 amd 1991. I have personally talked with a lot of Kashmiri Pandits. Even the conversation after so many years makes them shudder. Mr Vij (if that is his real name….because the article reads like it is penned by a Pakistani writer) is very ill informed.

  34. I see hungry and bankrupt pakistanis are still funding Jaichands with their newly acquired loans to pay interests.
    Good luck porkisstan.

  35. It’s good to see to call the bluff on the boogie of “KP exodus” anytime and everytime to counter the solution to Kashmir issue. Well done!

    • Who are you for making specialist’s comment without giving any reason, dear Sujith communist mian ????

      • The Print is “baiting for clicks” with this recycled trash from early December. It was utter garbage then and it’s stench has only got worse now. The author is so evidently uninformed about the reality of Kashmiri Pandits (their history and their reality today) ; the article does not merit a detailed reply. Let any genuinely interested reader on the topic do their own research, the fallacy of most if not all of this article’s facts will reveal themselves. Certain truths are really self evident. Shame on The Print for allowing this to run once again, I expect balance from your paper- if this goes on, you may just table yourself a tabloid looking to incite emotions for your clicks.

  36. Mr. Vij’s daughters did not beg alms in offices of Connaught Place or did whatever in nights to keep hearth warm for their families. I would love to have one to one chat with this sponsored writer just to let him know what self respecting. Kashmiris had to do just to live !

  37. You have had enough of freedom to public all such crap. One day some good guys will come along and screw the hell 😈 out of fellas like you.

  38. Hello Mr Shivam Vij, kashmir culture is hindu, there was no Islam or Arabic culture here before 1350 AD. There is no farcical kashmiryat. Nobody makes composite culture in it’s home. Why not make composite so -called secular environment in Arabia.

  39. Very badly researched, very superficial , immature and hurtful article.
    How did this get printed?
    This article hurts the sentiments of a community and insults the intelligence of many.
    This article should be removed and an apology printed.
    This article seems to have only one agenda viz. Discredit the Indian consul general.

  40. Who is this author. Now a days any Aira gaira nahtu khaira is a writer. Write anything g without facts and create a imaginative truth. It’s a shame that such people are Given space on media and even allowed To do journalism.

  41. The biggest problem in india is they don’t wante to lison to truth. They think they gifted wat I say to u indian is wen girls r born i kill them how r u going to carry on with it generation if u kill all the girls . Use it head not ur mouth n hands

  42. This is one of the bravest articles I have read. It takes courage to speak the truth. The Hindu right and the Kashmiri Pandits supporting the Hindu right
    have completely dehumanised Kashmiri Muslims. The Hindu right seeks to simply exploit the trauma faced by the Kashmiri pandits without alleviating it
    in any moral way. All they want is to nurture the darkest sentiments for the trauma to feed on. Every Kashmiri Muslim seen through these dark sentiments becomes a beast on whom any atrocity can be justified. Kashmiri women can be raped, Kashmiri men and children tortured without any compunction. In this evil schema of the Hindu right the Kashmiri Muslim as well as the Kashmiri Pandit are equally dehumanised, albeit in different ways. The Kashmiri Muslim is unworthy of the slightest human dignity and the Kashmiri pandit is an immoral, bloodthirsty creature seeking revenge in the form of collective punishment.

    How easily we forget the massacre of the Muslims in Jammu, 200000 of whom were wiped out by the Dogra king in order to change the demographic balance between Hindus and Muslims.

    I salute your for your humanism Shivam and for providing a way forward that acknowledges the humanity of all Kashmiris rather the give in to the bestiality of ethnic cleansing that is the logic outcome of the plans of the Hindu right, what is called the Israeli way, so proudly by its adherents.

    • My dear friend
      Please go through the history for over 5000years there was no Islam and Christianity then, just bcz of Hindu Santhan Dharma any other religions that we see in India now, So here we need to be with utmost patience towards what the government will do to establish peace in the valley.
      The author of this article must watch – a kasmiri 1990 violence survivor Ms.Sunanda Vashist’s addressing the UNESCO a couple of days ago and should re – write a new article.

      • Thank you Mr. Gadameedi, for exhibiting the true spirit of friendship by addressing me in so kind a manner. I am truly touched. In the same spirit of friendship, I would advise you to read the Charvakas and their criticism of Brahminism and the Sanathana Dharma. I would also advice you to read the Ambedkar’s “Annihilation of Caste” which demonstrates the social violence that underpinned Hindu society in the name of caste. No society that can perpetuate so much violence against the a section of its own members, the Shudras and the Untouchables, not in random war but in day to day activities, denying them water, forcing them to wear rags, denying them education, keeping them purposefully in a condition worse than animals, can be considered a peaceful society. No religion that can wipe out another religion like Buddhism in a such a short span of time can be considered peaceful. Read Tagore on nationalism in India. He gives you a vision of Sanatana Dharma. Our ruling party’s idea of Hinduism comes from Golwalkar and Savarkar, the former being an avid admirer of Nazism and the Nazi Holocaust and the latter being an advocate of rape as a political weapon. If you believe that this ruling party is a proponent of Sanathana Dharma then it is not one that I recognize. If what they do is Sanathana Dharma then I do not want to have anything to do with it.

        Torture of children, humiliating innocent women and children, shooting pellet guns in the eyes of 2-year old girls cannot be Sanathana Dharma and cannot lead to peace.

        Islam and Christianity are better than Hinduism in this one regard. They are both religions based on the idea of social equality where any human being is capable of acquiring salvation unlike Hinduism where Untouchables and Shudras are denied the means to salvation because they are not allowed to read the scriptures and engage in the necessary ritual practices.

        We have a lot to learn from Islam and Christianity just as we have a lot to teach them. I am proud of what these religions have given to India. Let us not be so arrogant as to think we Hindus know everything. Let us practice the injunction of Rg Veda 1.89.1: “Let noble thoughts come to us from every side.”

        • Bull. Islamic Ashrif. Christian had serfdom and slavery. Nonsense speakers from Convent schools and your pretensions to knowledge. You just have propaganda.

  43. I wish the writer would have put his thinking hats on before coming up with this article!
    Shivam, do you know what getting thrown out from place of your birth and land of your ancestors mean? Do you know what losing roots mean? Do you know what losing an identity mean? If yes, then you really need to research again because your definitions need a thorough recalibration.
    Kashmiri Hindu exodus was 7th exodus in the history of Kashmiri Hindus. It was a genocide. And it was a genocide committed for no fault of Kashmiri Hindus.
    Why? And why should Kashmiri Hindus not get justice? And what makes you think modern houses cannot be constructed on old dilapidated structures!

  44. This is a poorly researched ‘assortment of words’ that makes light the horrors faced by the minority Hindu’s of the Kashmir Valley. It minimizes their experiences and the historical injustices thrust upon them. It is a sad piece of journalism which betrays a crude hypocrisy in how it looks upon the human rights of Kashmir’s who were forced to flee the lands of their ancestors. Shame on this Newspaper for publishing this dribble.

  45. I have read the article and the comments. The author has written on an objective analysis. The comments are based on prejudices and negativity. Modern world recognises diversity in biological systems and its contribution in the development of living systems which became the grounds for human development. Yet some people are blind to human diversity and its contributions to the modern societies and civilisations. Fascist ideas emerged and failed in the past. Look at the genetic code of subcontinent and you will find similarities and also the blood lines from many cultures. Today’s great civilisations are built on people from diverse backgrounds. Let’s make diversity a source of strength as a proven force and built societies based on justice and equality to move forward.

  46. I think print gets its funding from pakistan. Look at the way they write their article, kahsmir needs hindu majority then only this problem will be solved once and for all, when were you, when pandits were thrown out.

  47. Wish you or someone in your family suffered as Kashmiri Pandita did.
    Very easy to write a paragraph on filmsy grounds/personal perception without really passing through the phases kashmiri Pandits had to go through.
    Appears you are a planted stooge of Congress.
    Kashmiri Pandits had to face all these hardships because of your like perception that Gandhi/Jawahar Nehru had. Above all their helper Abdullah’s got full support in atroticities that were done against the Pandita.
    Hope you have been adequately compensated for writing this piece of shut.

  48. Vjj uses lies that are challenged on SM. His logic is all wrong. He uses false quotes to wreck Kashmiri Hindus and all the might of his pen to protect the criminals who brought havoc upon 5 lakh kashmiri hindu.

  49. Lies from Vij. His logic is all wrong. He uses false quotes to wreck Kashmiri Hindus and all the might of his pen to protect the criminals who wrought havoc upon 5 lakh kashmiri hindu.

  50. I pity your half-baked knowledge and those who encourage you for such Tom foolery!! This article is nauseating and disrespectful towards my displaced community!!!

  51. To summarize if one night Shyam Vij is thrown out if his home in Mumbai or Delhi and all his movable and immovable property is confiscated.
    He is provided Govt flat in any other city of his choice in India Then Sham Vij cannot say he is living in a Camp and he should be happy. Within some time the children of Vij might have found jobs somewhere in new city coz they are well educated hence the children should also be happy.

  52. you cannot say kashmiri pandit dont want to return as they are well adjusted now.
    Its about giving justice, to the injustice done years ago.

    Ok let me throw you out of your home and give a flat in delhi. will it be ok. obviously No.

    I agree with your point of not creating seperate hind and muslim area in Kashmir.
    It should be based on faith, trust and love

  53. Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits exposed by Vij. Only few hundred families living in Valley while lakhs have been shoved out to differant part of world. Pandits may be living in pucca makaans but you cannot justify driving them from their homeland.

  54. Shivam Vij this is not an agenda based writing far from facts. You should have interviewed few Kashmiri Pandits.

    Request the Print to stop publishing such shallow articles.

  55. Boss… Seriously. I just wish that you aren’t read by any one. Are you even an Indian? I seriously doubt. What bad have we, Indians done to you? Why are you so angry to us to write this kind of completely false articles?

  56. Mr. Vij. Kindly publish a similar article regarding Palestinians. They have been thrown out of land held by their ancestors 3 generations ago. By your assessment, anyone can be expelled from one’s land. Either he/she will not survive, or if he uses his/her survival skills, he/she is bound to relocate. And if he has relocated, he loses his/her right over assets built by his ancestors. Don’t know whether its your Dhimmitude or anti-Modism or combination of both. Another possibility is your lack of intellect.

  57. Mr.Vij, how much money have you got from Pakistan? I feel shame that you’re also a Hindu, have you gone to see that how many people are staying in one room at Jammu camp. How many people got the job when most of our you people are unemployed in India? I feel sorry that without knowing the real suffering of Kasmiri pandits, you wrote this statement.

  58. Hi Shivam

    Lot of Kashmiris Pundits wont go back to Kashmir because they are settled outside Kashmir now.
    They have rebuilt their life outside Kashmir but that is not by choice. They were forced to leave Kashmir,a generation scarred for life. Kashmiris Pandit always valued education irrespective if what profession they had. This value system helped Pandit to start afresh and now after 30 years manys KPs are well settled outside Kashmir
    However it is not correct that majority wont want to go back if conditions are normal. Also Kashmiri bandits who stayed back ,they have lived under the most extreme provocations, leading fearful lives being marginalized in their villages with no voice, no vote, no freedom to celebrate their festivals, they lived their despite living like caged animals.
    What has happened to Kashmir is most unfortunate, a lot of it due to mistake of Succcessive central governments.but a fair share of blame also goes to local muslim population who killed kashmiriyat and secular fabric of kashmir in 1989/90 by hunting , driving out bandits. A classic case of majority treating a minority as 2nd class citizens and then threatening them to either leave or convert or die.

  59. It seems even this author has no understanding of the kashmir issue. Ask the hindus who are staying back in kashmir about how they are living . They also chant pakistan zindabad when the muslim crowd does. They also cover their head while going out . They aay salam walay kum and not namaskar while greeting someone . They say allah ki kasam instead of bhagwan ki kasam. That is how they have survived . And that is called ethnic cleansing . All pandits want to return back to valley but with dignity, security and jobs. The day we get this author will realise that he was ill informed

  60. The print, I am one who lived in migrant camps. I attended second shift of Jammu schools/colleges because we were considered migrants within state. This guy is biggest asshole who can eat his Own shit thinking it is his cooked food recycled. I take offence of what he has written. This is disgraceful and I feel pity on you allowing this moron to have guts to put it here. My name is Jeetender and this guy might tell you I am part of Bollywood and father of ekta kapoor.

  61. !! Asatyam Shivam Sadaa Sandesham !!

    Insensitive, Insulting and Disgraceful article.
    Only a person who is ignorant of contributions of ‘Shaivaite’ Kashimiris towards Hinduism since the ancient timeline can write such a shameful crap.

  62. The author should desist from writing such articles , these play right into the hands of ‘not, sickular & libtard”. What happened to the pandits was horrible & somebody was responsible for it , it’s not ok for people like the author to point out how the victims should feel. If they feel like forgiving & moving on,ok , if not that is also ok. As far chakra vorty the diplomat is concerned he was very undiplomat like in his pronouncements.

  63. Mr Shivam Vij, kashmir culture is Hindu, only after 1350 AD Islam/Arabic culture came there that too through force. Nobody makes composite culture in it’s home. Why not make composite so called secular environment which you want in an Arabia.


      • You didn’t read the word ‘domiciled’ in my comment Rohit. Flags etc are outdated symbols. My argument is for freedom to live and work in a secure environment, not property ownership for outsiders.

      • Mr Desai, first learn to write without bold letter, it shows your lack of education.
        Now, coming to the point which you said that such attacks on other land happened everywhere. If go by your logic then India is justified in getting rid of people with Arabic names today as this will be an ongoing sequence and according to you this happened everywhere, then why can’t the reversal to kick out those intruders happen now.

      • If we can recognise the gains through sword in the past, then it can done today also. Why the thugs followers of Arabic religion cry then. Also remember by the logic if the native survive then they have all rights to fight the foreign terrorist in their land. Regarding my bkgd, I am an Indian, Anybody who follows Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains , or are nominally part of it are India. India is India not Arabia.

      • Why do u think that it was legal in the past to occupy others land by force. And why only the land? It was perfectly legal to capture human beings living in Africa and sale them as slaves! If you want to know about that horrendous chapter in the history of so called legally correct people you may read a book titled The Roots by Alex Halley. Why did you civilised people stop that wonderful sword business? If your legal arguments are true then instead of abolishing Slavery you should have continued with it.What an wonderful sight it would have been! And by the way if the American and Turkey examples are true your grandfather had no business to ask the British to quit India! Since you have done that you should now ask the Muslims to quit this subcontinent by virtue of LIFO system before asking us to quit India.

    • Islam started with Adam and Muhammad was the last Prophet. Original Moolnivasis were monotheistic, just like Islam, but then came Aryan invaders with Manusmriti and unleashed the worst terror for 5000 years thats still continuing. Brahmin fake fairy tales divide humanity, and believe in rule of the rich while enslaving the poor. Before Mughals came, “india” was divided into 30 kingdoms fighting each other. It were Muslims who made it into one Kingdom. Your map of Pakhand Bharat is nothing but map of Delhi Sultanat.
      Pandits were taken out by Jagmohan just to have free hand at slaughter of Kashmiri Muslims. Pandits know it very well. No one stopped them to come back, but their “exodus” is to be maintained because thats the only way RSS can do its communal politics.

      • You are a Muslim don’t abuse us by using our plight, using manusmriti instead of name is a cowardice act and we know what Islam agenda is and what hindutva agenda is… U piece of little shit should stop it… Yes i am against Brahmanvadi as much as i am against barbaric religion like Islam

      • Islam came from Adam is farce and fairy tale it is joke. Adam is itself joke. The first Human terrorist was born in 7th century Arabia and quran itself justifies terrorism against Non Muslim. Worst form of terrorism till today is done by Muslim. Ever heard of Mauryan Empire, Gupta Empire and later Marathas who dismantle foreign mughals to a small locality.
        And regarding your fake aryan theory, Go and Read Vasant Shinde it exposes your fake your fake dramas. Ever heard of word assimilation. People assimilate into local, India and China has followed the same policy. Those who don’t are invaders.

      • Islam started with evil bedouin illiterate man in 7th century Arabia after copying some things from Christian & Jewish faith. The drama of Adam & Eve is Jewish & Christian. And it is regarded is fake by every people today. The worst form jihadi terrorism is still unleashed in the form this green religion oh sorry the green virus. Regarding mogul who were from ferghana could not make anything in their own native land, what they will do in their own native land except looting wealth, same applies to the thieves and looters of sultanate period 1206 onwards.

  64. Mr Shivam Vij, kashmir culture is hindu, there was no Islam or Arabic culture here before 1350 AD. There is no farcical kashmiryat. Nobody makes composite culture in it’s home. Why not make composite so -called secular environment in Arabia.

  65. Just as New York Times has allowed an opinion piece paying tribute to Jack Merrit, the bright young Cambridge pass out killed by an Islamist who betrayed his benign adopted country (the UK), India print media should publish tributes for every innocent trader killed by Islamists in Kashmir. We should learn from foreign media when it comes to defending their national interest threatened by outside forces.

  66. If Kashmir is a part of India, any Indian citizen should be free to go and live there. The ownership of property should be restricted to domiciled, which includes Kashmiri pandits. Any terrorism should be investigated fairly and dealt with firmly regardless of human rights just as Britain is now debating, and vowing to do, in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack by an Islamist (and their media, which is our foreign media are completely agreeing to). India needs uniform civil code to move towards an egalitarian democracy.

    • You are wrong! Isn’t Nagaland part of India? It is! But you can’t buy property there as an Indian citizen (try and find out for yourself)! THIS IS LEGAL PER ARTICLE 371 OF THE CONSTITUTION! So many say if article 371 is valid, and the government doesn’t want to abrogate it, then article 370 is also valid, and you can’t buty any property there too! By the way, Nagaland also wants its very own FLAG AND THE CONSTITUTION! NO OTHER STATE HAS A FLAG (KARNATAKA WANTS ONE TOO!) AND A CONSTITUTION! THE GOVERNMENT TOOK AWAY THE FLAG AND THE CONSTITUTION FROM J&K, HOW CAN IT ALLOW NAGALAND, ANOTHER STATE, TO HAVE BOTH OF THEM? AND NAGALAND SAYS NO FLAG AND CONSTITUTION, NO DEAL! SOME OTHER STATES ALSO HAVE SOME SPECIAL FEATURES WHICH SOME OTHER STATES DON’T HAVE!


  67. This article has it backwards. Was it written by an Indian Judge or Bureaucrat? Article 370 was abolished BECAUSE there was insecurity. Not because the valley was secure. Try coffee instead of booze. Kashmir should be for Kashmiris and not the Moslems who carried out a final Islamic ethnic cleasning of the valley in 1990

  68. I shudder at the thought of pea brained people like Shivam shooting their pen off on topics they know nothing about and moulding everything to fit within their agenda of cowardice. Since Shivam is so cavalier and hare brained in his treatment of Kashmiri Pundits, let me put it in a coarse language that even he can understand. What is needed in Kashmir is a demographic change that renders Muslims to be a minority. Anything short of that is not a viable solution. A strategy is needed to make that a reality. Got it Shivam?

  69. This is insane mind equating exodus with migration. He also needs to learn to use a dictionary and not his assumptions. ‘Camp is place where people live in tents or simple buildings away from their usual home ‘. His belief that only a tent is a camp is out of ignorance or probably a bias. Therefore Pooja Shali is right when she calls Jagti a camp. All the government did was create a concrete structure instead of tents, and it still is a camp. 5 lakh people were forced to flee and Shivam compares 4000 people who due to various compulsions could not leave as logic to everything is right. He forgets the Wandhama, Nadimarg and Sangrampora massacre of Pandits who chose to stay back.
    It is like saying that Hindus who are living in Pakistan are equal citizens and those who had to leave Pakistan during partitions were wrong.
    Yes, few Kashmiri Pandits may not want to go back, but what about lakhs who want to go back. And the question is not about their wish to go back, thr question is that are they welcome back. It is responsibility of the Kashmiri Muslim civil society and the government to ensure that they create an environment about their return. A responsibility they can’t shy away by their false presumptions and assumptions.

    Yes, mr. Vij I will go back. When, how is for me to decide, not you

  70. Just as Kashmiri Pandits cannot return to a pre 1989 Valley, India too cannot return to the pre Partition imagining that forms the ideological foundation of the ruling party. [ I have quoted the concluding sentence of the IE edit ] More specifically, there are 200 million Muslims in India. Article 370, Uniform Civil Code, building a temple on the site where a mosque stood for 450 years, these cannot form the foundational national agenda for a country that is getting left behind in the race for economic development. 2. As for the KPs, their past suffering is simply being used for collateral purposes. They are bright and talented enough to make their way to the top of the heap in any part of the country, also many parts of the world.

    • Who cares about economics, kick Arabic religion should be India’s. Indian enemy is Abrahamic religion. You Convert Ashok should write with your real Arabic or xian name. What 450 yr old structure? It was build after destruction of temple and now the same is being corrected.

    • Sure, but according to you, Kashmir Muslims are not bright and talented enough to make their way to the top of the heap in any part of the country. or world. That is why they need Article 370, right?! Why these different expectations?
      And, where do you get off saying the Pandits are bright and talented enough so we don’t have to care about them? What the hell happened to you, that you are so unsympathetic to a people who were kicked out of their own land?

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