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What about Dalit priest at Ayodhya Ram Mandir? Even Communist intellectuals won’t demand it

It is being said that the Ram Mandir will be more significant than the Vatican of Rome and the Mecca of Saudi Arabia. But will it change the status of Dalits and Shudras?

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The Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan in Ayodhya Wednesday was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and governor Anandiben Patel. Besides being the only woman on the stage, Patel was also the only Shudra present at the ceremony. Among the priests who performed the bhoomi pujan ritual, there was not a single Shudra — not even from Yadav, Jat, or Kurmi communities of UP, let alone from one of the Other Backward Classes and Dalits.

We can only predict this, since we do not know the name of all the priests who participated in the ritual — but Shudras, historically and even now, have not been given a spiritual right to Hinduism or trained in Hindu theological schools and colleges.

The construction of this upcoming Ram Mandir in Ayodhya would not have been possible, and the RSS-BJP would not have achieved their goal, if not for the participation of Shudras in Babri-Masjid demolition in 1992 and the subsequent BJP government formation in 1999, 2014 and 2019. It is Shudras and Dalits who are engaged in food production work in these hard Covid-19 times for the survival of all, including the temple system, but their work is not accepted as spiritually respectful and hence they do not get the right priesthood, even though they are considered as Hindus. This discrimination is purely due to caste. Around Ayodhya and elsewhere in UP, even the temple maintenance, food and resources come from the labour of Shudras and Dalits. The RSS-BJP defines all of them as Hindus. But they do not have the spiritual right to become a priest at the Ram Mandir and study in Sanskrit gurukuls even in the 21st century.

Ramayana, too, mentions the Varna dharma theory and lists the four caste categories — Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Ram himself is known as a Kshatriya king; his guru Vasishtha as a Brahmin.

We do not know what the status of the Vaishyas was during the time of Ramayana. Most probably, they would have been cattle owners and grazers, while Shudras were ‘slaves’ assigned different tasks of production and were in service of the Dwija castes. At the time, there was no notion of one religion called Hinduism under which all four caste groups were clubbed together.

Even if we leave aside all other historical issues and opinions of modern writers, the RSS-BJP consider Hinduism as one religion, which includes all Shudras and Dalits. But what about their spiritual rights? If Ram belongs to all and if we have to fulfil, as PM Modi said, the dream of Mohandas Gandhi to bring about a so-called “Ram Rajya” in India, the inclusion of Shudras and Dalits is a must. When they were defined as Hindu and mobilised into what they called the ‘Ram temple movement’, caste-based assignment of duties in temples should have been abolished too, at least theoretically.

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Denial of spiritual inclusion

Did the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ask for this spiritual inclusiveness? PM Modi, in his bhoomi pujan speech, said Ram was a believer in total equality and can be a source of modern development. His re-interpretation of Ram as a divine force and developmentalist is positive. In fact, Modi said Ram accepts both man and woman as equal. This argument goes against the theory of respecting parampara (tradition) that RSS ideologues have been propounding ever since the organisation was founded in 1925. The RSS has never talked about gender and caste equality.

But the RSS-BJP aren’t the only ones to be blamed. The Congress intellectuals, too, never allowed a discourse around equal spiritual rights on the pretext that they believe in secularism and hence do not go into religious affairs and that such issues must be left to the religious organisations. They, therefore, did not do anything to abolish caste in Hinduism and also in civil society when they were in power.

The Communist intellectuals also do not raise such questions under a false theory that they do not believe in religion, and believe in atheism. This again is a false argument to wash hands off the issues of caste and religious inequality since both West Bengal and Kerala, where they were in power for a long time, saw many of their leaders and cadres actively participate in Hindu religious activities. They have shut their eyes to the two major issues of India — caste and religion.

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Denial of English education

These questions are passed off in the intellectual and party organisations because the national-level discourse is conducted by people largely belonging to five communities — Brahmin, Bania, Kshatriya, Kayastha and Khatri.

Earlier, there was a strong Sanskrit-educated force among these five communities but now there is a far more English-educated intellectual force among them. The vernacular voice in national and mainstream media on the topic of religion is largely invisible. Unless the debate is intensified at the national level, every ruling party, including the BJP, can take the Shudras and Dalits for granted.

Another problem is the absence of English-speaking intellectuals from Shudra communities, including Jats, Yadavs, Gujjars, Patels, even though there are a number of regional political leaders who want to manage votes and rule their states. They do not have a transformative philosophical and ideological agenda. This is a major deterrent because they are unable to impress or cater to the urban, English-speaking audience.

The RSS-BJP raise the issue of inequalities within Muslim society, particularly gender inequality, on all platforms. But Muslim intellectuals lack this courage to raise caste and other inequalities inherent in Hinduism.

Shudras today do not have the intellectual power because they have been historically denied education, which Brahmins and other Dwija castes held as their prerogative.  They also did not acquire literary status when Persian and Urdu were dominant languages. They were kept engaged in production and services, and continue to be a resigned force when it comes to becoming modern intellectuals. They obeyed the priestly Brahmins earlier and now follow whatever RSS-BJP tell them today without asking for equal rights. This is a tragic status of a major productive community, which feeds the nation with its labour power.

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Ram Mandir and equality

Ram Mandir is different from other Hindu temples. It is a temple that is being projected as historical and there is talk that it will become more significant than the Vatican of Rome and the Mecca of Saudi Arabia. According to Home Minister Amit Shah, the bhoomi pujan in Ayodhya is the start of “a new yuga (era)” in 2020.

PM Modi has said that the figure of Ram at the upcoming Mandir will reflect justice more than any other divine figure in the world. If that is what this temple stands for, what about abolishing caste and gender inequalities in the spiritual and religious system that Ram represents? Why is there a total silence on caste inequality, particularly the representation of Shudra in the core team of priests who work at temples? It is the priests who decide what shloka should be recited and what etiquette should be followed inside the temple premises. Priesthood is an important position within religion and for attaining the status of spiritual command.

Will the RSS-BJP assure Shudras and Dalits that there will be Hindu theological school and college in Ayodhya where admission will not be based on caste but religious background alone?

The problem is that the mainstream media in India won’t allow this debate.  The fact that most media organisations are run by members of mainly Dwija castes makes it all the more difficult for such a debate. They are also confident that there will not be a movement in India like #Shudra/DalitLivesMatter along the lines of #BlackLivesMatter.

To conduct a major movement peacefully at the national level, the Shudra/Dalit communities need a large number of highly modern, English-educated intellectuals who can take their space in today’s media. But where will they come from?

The author is a political theorist, social activist and author. Views are personal. 

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  1. let us look at the BIG PICTURE !

    No Story of Dalit oppression is complete w/o Brahminism
    No Story of Brahminism is complete w/o Brahmins
    No Story of Brahmis is complete w/o Ade Shankara !

    And who is this clown ?

    Shankara, from Kerala – a Shaiva exponent of “pure nondualism (Advaita)” and idealism – who was “a Shiva avatar” and “had sex with the wife” of a Dead King, after “entering into the body of the dead king”.

    Madhavacharya called Adi Shankara “a bastard & a son of a harlot” who copied, edited and pasted Buddhism” and repackaged it, for the Hindoos.dindooohindoo

    He was born of a widower,and thus,was taunted as a “bastard” and also,mocked for his mothers chastity (or lack thereof).

    At that time,India was ruled by Buddhists who mocked,abused and ostracised Ade Shankara,on account of the above traits.So what did Ade Shankara do ? He wrote his Magnum Opus,wherein he targeted Women (complex of being born of a widow,with no clear lineage),Dalits (who mocked him,as Buddhists) and Buddhists (who called him a “bastard”).

    Ade Shankara destroyed Buddhism and Buddhists,and said that women had a status lower than that of a cow,and the Dalits had a status,lower than cow dung !

    This is the BIG PICTURE of the Indian Maimonides (in terms of stature – not intellect).The Dalit persecution,is the product of the diseased and complexed mind,of this Brahmin !

    But this ain’t it !

    This man used his yogic powers to enter the body of a dead king (Parakaya Pravesa),and had sex with the wife of the dead king – for a long,long,long time !

    He then journeyed with his disciples to a city in which the king, named Amaruka, had died, and employing the ‘science of entering into the body of another’ (parakayapravesavidya), he revived the body of the king, which was lying on the funeral pyre. ‘The yogic power (yogabalam) of the teacher, which was joined to his subtle body, entered the body of the king, and that connoisseur of yoga (yogavit) guided his breath upward from the toes. Leaving his body via the fontanel, he slowly entered the body of the dead king via the fontanel…’

    Reanimated by Shankara’s presence, the body of King Amaruka rose from its funeral pyre, and with it, Shankara quickly mastered the erotic arts through extended love-play with the principle queen

    People ask – Y is Hindooism doomed ?

    Y ? They say Y was Hindoosthan enslaved for 2000 years by invaders ?

    I say that the entire Hindoo Pantheon and the crazed dementia of Jallikattu and Kali worship,is all a copy and paste from the Assyrians,Babylonians,Sumerians,Persians,Nubians and Kushites

    People say – No – don’t say that – it breaks me heart !

    I present the copy and paste of the Indian Maimonides !

    Ramanuja called Shankara a “crypto-Buddhist” (prachanna -bauddha).Sample the “copy and paste” of “Shankara the Shiva avatar”

    – As per Buddhism,the “world is Sunya-tattva” (non-existent) and Sankara says, the world is “mithya” (non-existent), devoid of past, present and future.
    – As per Buddhism,the way to achieve nirvana is “prajna-paramita” (knowledge of reality),and Sankara says that “tattva-jnana” (true knowledge of reality), is the method to attain moksa.
    – As per Buddhism,”Sunya = Prajna-paramita-sutra = mano-vacam agocara = The Sankaras Brahman”.
    – As per Buddhism,liberation = “removal of samvrti” (the veil of illusion), while for Sankara it is = “removal of veil of ignorance”


    • Buddhism was such a scientific and equalising religion.
      No concept of God. meant to truly liberate the coomon man. However now the way it is practised may be very different with rituals also taking place.

      In contrast, Brahminism was about maintaining a hierarchy and controlling the minds of common people through storytelling and myth. There are secrets in Advaita Vedanta and other texts which were not exposed to anyone else lest the control of society was lost. It was the Westerners who studied these Brahminical texts and translated them to English. That’s why we know today what was written in the Vedas, Upanishads and other texts and therefore the core ideas of how Brahmin beliefs developed.

  2. The author had said that some communities still dont have a place in hindu spiritualism which is a false statement , the vedic schools of the kanchi Peetham are open for everyone to learn and be trained in vedic literature . Before making allegation try to see what’s going around .

    • I hate this ‘Hindu spiritualism’. It is the refuge for Hindu mumbo jumbo and perverted sadh gurus and babas.

      What is Hindu spirutualism other than the caste system ?

      • लेखक ने ऐसे ऐसे झूठे अनुमानों को अपने लेख में शामिल किया है जो वास्तविकता से दूर हैं,जैसे लेखक ने कहा की भारत में दास थे ,जबकि सच तो यह है की इस्लामिक और ईसाई धर्म से भरपूर पश्चिमी और अरबीजगत में दास प्रथा थी, इस्लाम में तो यौन दासियों की भी इजाज़त है जैसा की आइ एस आइ एस (ISIS)वालों ने यजीदी बच्चियों को बनाया ,भारत में दास प्रथा कभी नहीं थी, दास प्रथा का कोई ख़ास ज़िक्र नहीं मिलता भले कोई भी वर्ण हो ।मगर वर्ण प्रथा थी जो अब समाप्ति की ओर है ।
        दूसरी बात यह है कि भारत में शिवाजी महाराज हों या चंद्रगुप्त मौर्य , यह दोनो भारत के सबसे बड़े हिंदू शासक माने जाते हैं। दोनो ही तथाकथित सवर्ण जाति में नहीं जन्मे थे मगर दोनो को महान राजा बनाने में ब्राह्मणो का हाथ था, चाणक्य और समर्थ गुरु रामदास। शिवाजी ने तो हिंदू राज्य की स्थापना भी की थी, रामायण और महाभारत लिखने वाले दोनो महर्षि भी ब्राह्मण नही थे ।
        दूसरी बात राम मंदिर निर्माण ट्रस्ट में दलित सदस्य हैं जिनका नाम है- कामेश्वर चौपाल , ओ बाई सी – विनय कटियार , उमा भारती ,कल्याण सिंह हैं । लेखक का झूट यहाँ भी पकड़ा गया ।
        आख़िर मे सबसे बड़ी बात , राम मंदिर में बहुत से दलित पुरोहित भी होंगे, उनका प्रशिक्षण शुरू हो चुका है । जबकि लेखक ने झूठा दावा किया ।
        इस सब से स्पष्ट है , यह लेख हिंदू घ्रणा से पीड़ित मानसिकता वाले किसी व्यक्ति ने हिंदू घ्रणा को बढ़ाने और समाज में वैमनस्यता फैलाने के लिए अतार्किक , फ़ेक न्यूज़ से युक्त और तथ्यों से उलट लेख लिखा है, यह झूठ से भरपूर लेख है।
        ऐसे लेख लिखने वाले लोग कभी यह सवाल नहीं उठाते कि शिया की मस्जिद में सुन्नी को जाने की इजाज़त क्यों नहीं है??
        मुस्लिम महिलाओं को भारत में मस्जिद में नमाज़ पढ़ने की इजाज़त क्यों नहीं है??
        मदरसा में मोलवी छोटे छोटे शिष्यों बच्चों के साथ बलात्कार करते पकड़े जाते हैं।
        चर्च में पादरी बच्चों के साथ दुष्कर्म करते है । इन ज़रूरी बातों पर यह कभी लेख नहि लिखेंगे, इसमें इन्हें islamophobia दिखाई देगा मगर हिंदू धर्म के ख़िलाफ़ झूठ का प्रयोग कर कर के लेख लिखेंगे।
        सत्य तो यह है संघ में जातियों का नाम नहीं लिया जाता ,लोगों को सिर्फ़ प्रथम नाम से बुलाया जाता है जी लगाकर जैसे कमल जी. नरेंद्र जी।
        राष्ट्रीय स्वयमसेवक संघ में एक गीत भी प्रचलित है ,जिसकी पंक्तियाँ हैं :-
        “भूल से भी मुख से ज़ाति पंथ की ना बात हो , भाषा प्रांत के लिए कभी ना रक्तपात हो ।”
        जिसका अर्थ है, जाती, पंथ, का ज़िक्र तो कभी भूल से भी नहीं करना चाहिए और प्रांत के लिए नही, देश के लिए सोचना चाहिए।

  3. I don’t get it. Someone has to piss in a party. Modi is OBC, there are others in the audience who represent the various Varna.

    The system was and remains a sin, but rubbing it in the face time and again won’t help. Consider starting or participating in a meaningful dialog.

  4. Nice article…hope your intellectual thoughts will enlighten the manu-polluted minds.Even if not it will definitely create a spark.

  5. So, called secular, can a Protestant become a pope, can Shia follow his rituals in Mecca? Why this in justice.

  6. Just for argument sake, can a Protestant become a pope or Vatican administrator? Can a Shia follow his rituals in mecca? Now if you think I am getting into religious matters.. FYI, you are doing the same.

  7. Kerala the Indian state ruled by communist more than 30-35 years and had a shudra chief minister in 2016 only….so you can easily understand the gimmicks of Communist in India…Bangal ruled by communist more than 40 years and never had a chief minister other than Brahmins cast…..

    • It is not gimmicks of caste, it is gimmicks of Hinduism – because even the Communists and Congress are led by Brahmins and caste Hindus.

      To cleanse India of the caste system, Ambedkar said conversion was needed.

    • They can vote for BJP but they are aspiring for a fair share of the cake, which is not permissible.

      Modi said the toilet cleaner should do his job with great dedication according to his dharma. The dharma will protect those who protect the dharma.

      • Modi said no such thing – FAKE NEWS!

        Please spread your propaganda about Modi elsewhere. RSS and BJP dont see caste or even religion .Even Kashmiri Muslims are BJP members. And all castes are meaningless for BJP. Modi said there are only two castes – Rich and Poor.

    • But are the dalit Christians having a separate burial ground. . Do Roman Catholic Orthodox marry with dalit Christians

    • The tone of your question proves your Brahmanism. Ambedkar asked the question : ‘Are the Dalits Hindus ?’

      You admit that there is a Hindu Hierarchy. The Dalits cannot question the hierarchy. They should be Hindu forcibly and accept you as their head.

  8. Brahmin, Bania, Kshatriya, Kayastha and Khatri, equating 5 is stupidity. Kshatriya can’t be be clubbed with the others, total moron piece.

  9. Are Dalits such fools who don’t understand the way the r treated. They should bycot the rulers then they they will be respected.

    • Many Dalits can be bought for a few rupees and they will be foot soldiers for Hindutva. The Sanghis hire them, send them on trains, and burn them.

      The formula of Hindutva is : the Brahmin plots, the bania finances and the sudra is the street fighter.

      Occasionally, they find a sudra like Shiva Bhonsle or Modi because they fight non-Muslims and do not question the caste system, and even elevate them. Thus, three Brahmins came from Banaras to promote Shiva to Kshatryia for his fight against Aurangazeb.

      But the basic structure of Hinduism will not change. A caste free Hinduism is not possible. Caste is the only tenet of Hinduism.

  10. The print news is totally bias toward hindus…
    You will never find resing questions against muslim religion……….

    • Why should there be questions against non-Hindus when Hindus are running the country and claiming it is a Hindu country ?

  11. In India there are umpteen number of caste groups each having their own God or Goddess, and their distinctive ways of worship. That is why even today, in a particular area, where people of different castes live, we find different temples built for different God’s and Goddesses, by different castes and conduct prayers according to their custom.

    The author being an educated person belonging to Sheep raring community, well understands that RSS and BJP are political bodies in nature. Ram Mandir is one of their political project aimed at acquiring political power in the country. Rightly or wrongly the sudra’s consisting various labour groups helped the RSS and BJP in executing their project successfully.

    The writer should understand that being a Hindu is different from being an administrator of a Hindu Temple administered based on Vedic principles.

  12. Now Prof. Ilaih propagates accommodative reservation strategy as victimization card. What happened to all disregards for RAM all these years Prof.? May some sense prevail.
    If a Pandit deserves to be there, he/she would be there, no matter where he/she comes from.

    • By a strange coincidence, only a Pandit is deserving of all posts in India.

      Could it be because they reserved education to themselves and actively barred others from it ?

  13. Either we can go with the scripts purely as written and follow them or we can choose new way of spirituality. If we choose the second way there is no problem in creating new God as per new scenerio of world who permits us everything according to the situations prevailing in world and new society. And if we go with the Rama the incarnation of God 1000s years ago, we should keep its essence alive. The varna vyavastha was made just to create system where every one know his work and knowledge transfers smoothly. It is bad nature of humans that he devides the work in classes and designate them as lower middle or upper. We should respect each profession, each work. Brahmins were permitted to live life only by begging but still they were admired at that time just due to knowledge. And in present world you can see how we look at beggers…..durty.. smelling…. disturbing…. nonsense…. thieves…

    In this new world we are also creating classes based on money….upper, middle and lower..

    We are not creating Ram Rajya where even the person doing work of cobbler was happy. In this new world we are valuing 💰 money not the happiness.

    No one should be the owner of society based on money, cast, colour or race but everyone should know that they are responsible towards happyness of society. One should not be happy if his neighbours are in problem. That is Ram Rajya
    Where the King should feel like servant and servant like King while executing their responsibilities.

    Jai shree Ram

    • Thank you for your pretentious exposition.

      In the current Ram Rajya, our king wears a new suit everyday, and has bought himself a Boeing for foreign travels. His servants had to walk 500 kms. and die on the road.

  14. It’s very sick mentality to see every person by his caste. You don’t have the respect to even governor and you recognize him by not his constitutional position but by his/her caste. You support England but even there, people have caste surnames such as Smith, Cook, butcher etc. Even there only single family controls the entire country. Today even US faces racism and Casteism. Every other country in the world has its own issues. But majority have journalists with common sense unlike India

  15. Sometimes PEOPLE who have converted to other religions are not trusted, as a person who has betrayed his earlier religion would do the same again. HENCE this converted to prove their loyalty to the new religion do much bad mouthing of the previous religion they followed.

    We have seen in EUROPE AND USA . HOW PEOPLE ARE STILL BEING ENSLAVED AND EXTREME HATE TOWARDS DARK SKINNED PEOPLE by neo Nazi gangs even though they follow the same religion. BLACK LIFE MATTERS MOVEMENT is a case in point.

  16. Thw whole article is shit, someone can tell the print journalist that reservation enabled many dalits and shudra to become IAS Drs and Engineers while obtaining less than half of their counterpart Brahmins, or Rajputs

  17. What kind of nonsense journalism is this …. Do you know how many cast and Creed exist in India …you want all of them to be invited ??? Are you crazy or playing too smart ???

    Your journalism is rotten and based on the colonial principle of “devide and rule”. Please stop spreading hatred. We want peace and love not hatred.

  18. Wow so u based an entire opinion on media without any proof of who the priests were ..u said that in the second para of your article…which is just meant to incite hatred towards one another. No one is denying the atrocities against the shudra and dalit but today a right thing was done by including a dalit women priest and more such steps will be taken to ensure that equality prevails. But to discard what was done right and just bicker about the past will never heal the wounds.

  19. How low can this “Print editors ” think??
    Earlier there was question of worshipping in construction of temples also need to have a person from each caste, sub caste and tribes!
    This is in the head of print not new india anymore.
    May god bless you.

  20. The author of the article is either a fool or a person with an agenda. Modi himself is from the OBC category. And why should a person be involved just because he is a dalit? Has govt announced reservation system to decide what will be percentage of various castes and communities to be involved in the temple?

    • Modi has never taken action to demand end of the caste system. The upper castes use him to get their job done and for that they give him some status.


    • Anywhere in India, when a Dalit priest goes to the Tehsildar office to get a caste certificate, what do you think is the certificate the Tehsildar will issue him? Is the Dalit priest’s caste on the Government issued certificate based on his birth or based on the work he is performing?

      Will a Brahmin man (by birth) come forward eagerly to marry a Dalit priest’s daughter? Will a Dalit priest’s son be able to easily marry a Brahmin girl? Will marrying a Brahmin require the Dalit priest’s son or daughter to demonstrate proficiency in the Vedic scriptures, Vedic customs and practices in depth?

  21. Show some proper data dude , you keep saying shudras are discriminated , just quote instances or statistics or numbers to support your statements , I don’t think it is written anywhere that a shudra cannot become a priest

    • This question is irrelevant.
      There is no casteism in Christianity.
      There is no need for a Dalit to aspire to become a Pope because in that religion’s preaching all people have an equal status before God.

  22. The few educated dalits have a huge burden on them to transform their community. Ambedkar’s legacy has to be carried on. It is futile to think others would spring to rescue. Post independent india has seen huge number of schemes for socio-economic improvisation of all communities. Though in practice, the implementation may not be half of what was intended. There are enough mechanisms for the community leaders to improvise their situation. More than anything, technology should aid the upliftment of the labour dependent section of society.

  23. Mohan Bhagwat Ji, can you take up this issue on top priority so that even non Brahmins including Sudras, if deserving and qualified can attain priesthood in temples.

    • Impossible. He will say no qualifird Dalits could be found. That his how upper caste fellows is to handle reservation before Mandal – just say no suitable Dalit could be found and then fill the place with their people.

  24. Bhagwat Ji, can we address this issue in top priority enabling any deserving student to attain priesthood in temples irrespective of caste.

  25. We dont need any british title so Called “Dalit” why dalit only found in India , if they go other country they never call dalit, fraud Dalit history written by flat earth cult white invader . Now Brahman is who know about God Brahma , who know about ultimate reality of universe ,like all quantum scientist , like Nikola tesla , all sage like adi sankracharya , it is quality of human being not govt. Certificate thats why Brahman always be Brahman in all over world but Dalit only found inside India , any human being can be priest having valid quality to be so .
    All fraud like aryan invasion fraud chara cter like Radha , all dasa character, king ashoka , eklavya and fraud history manipulated by evil white invaders as they create Jesus which never born ,never exist.
    In the 1830s  Thomas Macaulay was appointed Governor General of the Indian provinces won by the East India Company. Macaulay was the son of a Presbyterian minister and his great ambition was to convert India to a Christian country. However, he realized that the Vedas were considered very sacred by all Hindus. Also the Brahmans, who preserved the Vedas, commanded a great respect. Yet he pioneered the English system of education in India with a hope that the effect of his new education system would be “prodigious” (his term).

  26. This article have no meaning whoever written this article don’t know anything about lord Ram yet Lord ram does not believe in discrimination on caste basis but don’t forget lord Ram was a strong believer that only Brahmin can be the priest no one else do puja and karamkand except Brahmin as we know that Lord ram born in a Kshatriya caste so he always respect Brahmins and he also given work different caste.

  27. We dont need any british title so Called “Dalit” why dalit only found in India , if they go other country they never call dalit, fraud Dalit history written by flat earth cult white invader . Now Brahman is who know about God Brahma , who know about ultimate reality of universe ,like all quantum scientist , like Nikola tesla , all sage like adi sankracharya , it is quality of human being not govt. Certificate thats why Brahman always be Brahman in all over world but Dalit only found inside India , any human being can be priest having valid quality to be so .
    All fraud like aryan invasion fraud chara cter like Radha , all dasa character, king ashoka , eklavya and fraud history manipulated by evil white invaders as they create Jesus which never born ,never exist.
    In the 1830s  Thomas Macaulay was appointed Governor General of the Indian provinces won by the East India Company. Macaulay was the son of a Presbyterian minister and his great ambition was to convert India to a Christian country. However, he realized that the Vedas were considered very sacred by all Hindus. Also the Brahmans, who preserved the Vedas, commanded a great respect. Yet he pioneered the English system of education in India with a hope that the effect of his new education system would be “prodigious” (his term).
    Macaulay said, “We must form a class of persons who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, a class of persons, Indian in blood and color but English in taste, in opinion, in mind and in intellect.”
    Fortunately for British and unfortunately for Indians ,the British continued to get such indian people Indian in blood and color but English in taste, in opinion, in mind and in intellect. Unfortunately for India even after independence Nehru led congress government followed by later congress governments have followed the same mantra as desired by Macaulay a century ago.

    He wrote to his father, “It is my firm belief that, if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence.”
    Max Müller was a British agent, especially employed (in 1847) to write the translations of the Vedas in such a demeaning way so that the Hindus should lose faith in them. His personal letters reveals this fact.
    To Chevalier Bunsen, 55 St. John Street, Oxford, August 25, 1856, he wrote:
    should like to live for 10 years quite quietly and learn the language, try to make friends, and then see whether I was fit to take part in a work, by means of which the old mischief of Indian priestcraft could be overthrown and the way opened for the entrance of simple Christian teaching.Whatever finds root in India soon overshadows the whole of Asia.”
    To the Dean of St. Paul’s (Dr. Milman), Stauton House Bournemouth, February 26, 1867, he wrote:

    “I have myself the strongest belief in the growth of Christianity in India. There is no country so ripe for Christianity as India, and yet the difficulties seem enormous.”
    As Max Mueller, the propagator of the Aryan invasion theory, wrote to his wife,
    It took only 200 years for us to Christianise the whole of Africa, but even after 400 years India eludes us, I have come to realize that it is Sanskrit which has enabled India to do so. And to break it I have decided to learn Sanskrit.”

    • ‘…old mischief of Indian priestcraft could be overthrown…’

      His intentions were very laudable. It is indeed this Brahmin mischief that has kept India backward.

      • Were it not for the British school system, millions of non-brahmins would never have learned to read or write !
        There was no schooling system for the masses in India before the British arrived. Only elites had access to education be it from Hindus or Muslims.
        While it is fair to despise our former colonisers, we have to thank them for introducing their education system here even if their intentions may have been different. Fact is many Brahmins utilised this system to gain employment during the British Raj.

        • I rate Lord Macaulay as a very fine intellectual. His Minute on English education in India shows a high thinking person. Indians quote one or two stray sentences out of context.

          The Brahmins claim Sanscrit had everything but they denied it to everyone. The English made their education democratic. The Brahmins cornered it.

          The Dalits should forget about being priests, they should take up English education. The New Education Policy is designed to keep them out of it. The caste Hindus will go to private English medium and Dalits will be in govt. school learning Ramayana in Hindi, and afterwards will be unemployable.

  28. This is the level of your journalism. I have seen the way you are talking about whole society. Not a single statement that talked about integration of society. How people allow you to write such type of content, I can’t digest this fact. This is the level of your education? You have lost all your values and cultures. You have one thing that is “hatred” and now by writing such thing you are only instigating people to fight against each other on the name of caste and religion.

  29. Is this all that you can Come up with?
    To drag caste in every facet.

    Can you not see the justice that has finally been given to Hinduism? In India itself Hindus can not build a temple on a sacred site due to the manner in which the Muslims behave. Take a look at Kasi Vishwanath and Mathura Janma boomi…
    Why don’t you right articles on the way Hindus are abused in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Is that not more of a human rights issue to you?
    Write about the invaders and mugals.
    Are you aware of the damage they have done to millions of people? Maybe that’s not possible because you lack knowledge of historical facts.
    Did you hear of the kashmir pandit? Mass rapes and murder… Is that not something to get sentimental about?

    You are actually pathetic!

  30. I can’t understand this thing first of all…Dalits are also human…..if God had created humans they are also created by him only…..then y this caste distinction……as I’m only 18 age who is reading this news article it is creating strong impact on my knowledge of equality……or if God has dived people into four Varmas where dalit would be placed if they r avarmas then why they are not considered by god ……I’m a absolute believer and deity of ram and krishna……but y God has created these Varmas and restricted …won’t he help people’s of dalit caste …….even I’m thinking about this in my sleep anyone can’t give me a clear explanation…..if somebody gives its not at all up to satisfaction…y I’m not getting ans faa my question ….

    • Man created caste. Man created religion. God didn’t.
      God created man ? : Nature through it’s evolutionary process evolved Man from the apes. That is all science can tell us with evidence. Religions have their own stories to tell about how God created Man, which is up to you to believe.

    • Let me try to clear up some light. In the Vedic era, there were 4 varnas- Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. You know very well their duties. But, this was not based on genetics. The offspring of a Brahmin should not necessarily be a Brahmin. The offspring of Shudra need not be a Shudra. It was based on qualification and merit. Don’t believe me? Let me quote the Manusmriti:

      “शूद्रो ब्राह्मणतामेति ब्राह्मणश्चैति शूद्रताम् ।
      क्षत्रियाज् जातमेवं तु विद्याद् वैश्यात् तथैव च ॥”

      – Manusmriti 10.65

      Translation: A Shudra can become a Brahmin, and a Brahmin can become a Shudra.
      It is the same in case of Vaishya and Kshatriyas as well.

      So clearly, there is a concept of caste migration in the Manusmriti. Some examples include:
      Sant Gulabrao Maharaj

      He was born in Kunbi caste, which is from Shudra Varna. Yet, he was a ‘Sant’, a Brahmin because of his merit. Shudras can become Brahmins if they live life according to the Vedas and are good people, and Brahmins will become Shudras if they are bad and are not dutiful Brahmins but Brahmin only in Name. In fact, Manusmriti says:

      “यथा काष्ठमयो हस्ती यथा चर्ममयो मृगः ।
      यश्च विप्रोऽनधीयानस्त्रयस्ते नाम बिभ्रति ॥”

      – Manusmriti 2.157

      Translation: The unlearned Brahmin is like an elephant made of wood (useless in this context) and a deer made of leather (useless in this context)- these 3 merely bear their names.

      Want another example of how a Brahmin can become a Shudra? Okay! The Manusmriti says:

      “यो न वेत्त्यभिवादस्य विप्रः प्रत्यभिवादनम् ।
      नाभिवाद्यः स विदुषा यथा शूद्रस्तथैव सः ॥”

      – Manusmriti 2.126

      Translation: The Brahmin who does not greet back to a person should not be greeted by the wise. He is exactly what a Shudra is.

      Now, some of you may quote the Apastamba Sutra Verses 4-5 which say:
      [There are] four castes — Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. (4)
      Among these, each preceding [caste] is superior by birth to the one
      following. (5)

      I would like you to then continue reading the Apastamba Sutra to read from Verses 14-17 which say:
      He from whom one gathers [the knowledge of] Dharma is
      called the acharya [teacher]. (14)
      The teacher should never be offended in any way. (15)
      For he gives a second birth to the student by [imparting to him] sacred
      learning. (16)
      This [second] birth is the best. (17)

      This second birth is known as Dwij, and this Dwij happens when a person receives the knowledge. After receiving this knowledge, he is superior to others by this ‘second’ birth. Brahmins are superior by their ‘second birth’. If a Brahmin is not learned and not righteous, he should be punished and is a Shudra. If a Shudra is learned and righteous, he is not less than the ideal Brahmin.

      I hope my answer satisfies you

  31. Really sadden by such a Hippocratic media . Why we need to fan the discussion over sc,st,general, backward.

    Have madal ayaog made any difference in society rather that creating annonimty in communities.

    Can we not just make progress and geninuty of merit for progress and eradicate any kind of deferential attitude about anyone.

    These kind of blogs or editorials are just politically motivated. And hardly make any betterment of society.

  32. Modi has made Dalit the President of India,but your news which recieves funding from Pakistan,ISI and Christian missionaries will not show that.

    • But didn’t invite him on bhumipujan at ayodhya. After all, he is the president (the first citizen) of India.

  33. Ram was a king who killed a Shudra named Shambuka just because he was doing penance.IMO no Shudra should worship him or be a priest at a temple for Ram. As for commies ,they won’t even allow any lower cast in their PB.

    • Please do a bit more research. Firstly, the story is from Uttar Kand of Ramayan, which was NOT ORIGINALLY PART OF RAMAYAN. It is an INTERPOLATION, AND WAS ADDED LATER. The original Ramayan ended with the coronation of Shri Ram as King of Ayodhya.

  34. Sir i think you forget the the rishi becoz of whom we know ram katha, valmiki ji. Who is low caste by birth but Maharishi by karma. And why you people always ask question of inequality in hinduism. Did higher caste ever complaint when their kinse dont get good job, colleges etc despite being better in academic than low caste. We r not discriminating‌, if shudra have to worship lord ram then first of they have clean up their mind from these poison of discrimination. And if you dont know ramayans then plz read it first before commenting on it

  35. Cast System has to be removed from every where,
    Government should stop asking caste in schools,
    Now a days Kids are not aware of Cast system, only they will come to know about this term when School asks the same for their records, this I am saying with my own experience
    This is my request to all including the Goverment Hinduism is not a religion it is the way of living that’s what is said in SANATHANA Dharma, please remove the caste system to safeguard Our Hinduism

    PLEASE Bring Govt orders not to ask caste any where in schools or working places or living places

    This will only bring equality and peace in our Country

    Jai Hind

  36. KANCHA ILAIAH SHEPHERD you should read about “shabri ke bair” . What other proof we require that sanatan Dharma in pure form oppose discrimination. Further your agenda is not upliftment of harijan,instead it is to divide sanatan Dharma on name of cast & region. Modern day communist, missionairy funded converts and technically literate jihadis are as dangerous as stupid’s who support untouchability. How you smartly malign such auspicious event is proof of it. Next you will say majority were males among prists. Then you will say no dravidian was among prists, also only whitish and not very black priests were their. You are the presstitute (manipulative journalist) who neither believe nor respect sanatan Dharma. But now everyone know how cheap journalist like you first decide context and then search for story arOund that. English is not sign of being intellectual, nor modernity comes from spreading venomous thoughts to divide Indians like you tried in this article. We are Indian one and equal and undivided. Jai hind

      • so a person who is not part of the religion don’t have the right to interfere he is Christian he should focus on reports of his Christianity than of hindusim

        • As an Indian, he is entitled to comment. Hindutva is a drag on India’s progress, maybe Hinduism is as well, so he should question.

  37. Author is very desperate to create division- Poor guy – Guha – a boatman was a great friend of Ram and Ram stopped for him on his return journey!! He said with Guha – We are 5 brothers!! Pitty wrong soul ( Author ) – May you realize your true self and please come out of shitful thinking for few rupees …

  38. Dr Ambedkar, K. R. Narayanan, Dr. Abdul Kalam, who are they. Do you heard of them, if not study history

  39. Thought Provoking Article. BJP are giving importance to Hindi language,Hindu Rashtra and Hindustan . The Dalits must give importance to English language and Higher and Skill Based Vocational Education. Eradicate caste system living in Hinduism never possible. Better Dalits embrace other religion which advocate Equality, Liberty, Rationality and Social Justice.

    • Better Dalits embrace other religion which advocate Equality, Liberty, Rationality and Social Justice. That is what Ambedkar advocated.

  40. Is it necessary to bring back the caste system into play now. Caste system earlier as my personal idea was about the transfer of knowledge as there were no educational institute so basically a farmer’s son would farm but yes today there is no need of caste system and yes there should be inclusion of every person in temple or gurukul who have interest in learning about it. Basically i dont believe that the division was based on birth but more about the gunas they possess but every one will have a different idea about it specially leftists. Not only Sudras Dalits but Everyone should have equal rights why bring back the old terminology and sparkle unnecessary debate. Better start #everylivesmatter trend and abolish the caste system all together. And i dont think there was a thing called dalits in varnas varna system divides people based on gunas in to 4 categories Brahmins Kshatriyas Shudras Vaishya these later got manipulated by people for there own advantage why take them as by birth better give Kshatriyas category to all people who are in armies as they know how to fight brahmins to all the scholars doesn’t matter if he’s dalit or shudra by birth but these imposition is actually not needed at all why divide people on the basis of system that was created back thousands of years ago today we should just abolish caste system and just stay as open obc st sc then after a there should be no mention of caste on certificate and after a decade or two open st sc should also be dissolved and replace by better reservation system for the people needed.

  41. Shudras and Dalits should not aim for jobs of priests at temples. It is not worth it. They should seriously pursue English and Science rather than Sanskrit.
    They should travel West and East, take opportunities to go abroad for a while and understand how other cultures have progressed, developed and solved their people’s problems and built economically strong nations.
    This will open their minds to the world of rational thinking. The confidence with such exposure will yield them social skills. They will then be able to think for themselves. Easier said than done. It may take couple of generations. Eventually political parties will not be able to misuse them and the whole edifice of religio-politics as practised in India today will collapse.

  42. Ye tumhare dimag ki gareebi hai, jo tum ye soach rahe ho ki Sc St aur obc ko ram mandir ka pujari banaya jay. Aage se aisa ghatiya matter mat dalna. Sawarno ke prati jabtak apni soch aachi rakhoge tabtak tumhara sehat bhi thik rahega. Apna sehat ka khyal rakho.

  43. The communists have no concern with the temple or mosque. They even don’t have any concern with equality based on caste. So no demand as such by them is part of their communist politics. Don’t expect anything as such from them.

  44. Well, I think Kerala is the only state which gives caste based reservation for priesthood and hence even dalits manage to become priests.

  45. Well, I think Kerala is the only state which gives caste based reservation for priesthood and hence even dalits manage to become priests.

  46. Shall we insist you should hire a particular caste only as head of THE PRINT operation? And you know that our intention is not even on the community wellbeing, but create a rift and friction within your organization, that THE PRINT may cease to function. What will be your response?

    • He is asking the same question. There isn’t a priest who is non-brahmin. There is no sarsangchalak who is non-brahmin. So it is meritocracy which decides or the blood line ??

  47. An attemp to further divide Hindus on caste lines, which may not and should not succeed in the present circumstances, Jai Sri Ram 🐏

  48. Don’t be oversmart jai brahmin jai parshuram…… brahmins are always superior in every field…

  49. I dunno why a christian missionary is being allowed to write commentary on hindus. Will this jihadi media do the same??

  50. Mr.Modi himself belongs to OBC category who performed all the rituals and laid the foundation stone. Varna system is based on Karma not birth. Stop your propaganda.

    • Much appreciated article. Thanks for bringing the key issue of one small group suppressing the most of others, in indian society.
      Aryan varna dharma privileges few and insults/suppresses the rest.
      The Tamil literature Tirukkural says,
      “Pirapokkum ella uyirkkum sirappovva
      Seithozhil vettrumai yaam”
      It means that “All the living beings are created equal, and dis respecting or insulting someone based on the job they do, can never be a good character”.
      We, Tamils are proud to be Sudhras, and don’t care about the Aryan brahmin varna dharma.
      I can’t understand how the so called sudhras, dalits in north india continue to support and vote for the rss hidhutva groups, eventhough they are dis respected, neglected and suppressed by these ariyan brahmins.

      • They have brainwashed over centuries and they have come to accept that is their lot. The caste Hindus do everything to keep it that way. That is what Hindutva is about.

  51. Why don’t you put simply you a Christian hate Hindus and I know why you not talk about religion of peace and your own
    Simply they will DP your ass

  52. Mr.Modi himself belongs to OBC category who performed all the rituals and laid the foundation stone. Varna system is based on Karma not birth. Stop your propaganda.

  53. The writer seems to be upper cast basher with half truths thrown in, he forgets modi himself is from obc caste, the article is totally biased

  54. Mr Ilaiah, plz , for your own convoluted good, try another tack now on.

    Your separate attempt to raise caste issues will fail yet again. The problem with your types, the communists and socialists is that you bank on distrust, anger and injustice to promote your philosophies that are fast being debunked world over.

    The dalits and obc are realising that your ilk has absolutely no interest in bettering their lot. On the contrary , your pathetic success depends solely on their suffering. r delighted if they suffer since that gives you sustaiñence.

    That is why the communist and socialist flowchart is never about cures but only about promoting flaws and perpetuating them. That gives you political relevance.

    After constantly berating spiritual.and Hinduism’s ideals, you have the gall to comment on how the nation’s sentiment should fall in your line?

    But it’s good that you exist.

    Your presence and continued shrill tirade helps to expose your narrative. People now understand you better. I am sure the so called liberal narrative is necessary for strengthening what you so despise.

    May you and your fellow travellers of all red shades survive and rant even more.

    You don’t realise it. You are a big help to repeat 2014 and 2019 in 2024 !

  55. Mr shepherd should also mention:
    That he is christian fundamentalist
    That shilanyas was done by dalit
    Why blacks and whites have different churches
    What about pasmandas
    That soil from both ambedkar and birsa’s birthplace is taken in bhoumi poujan

  56. Why should people discuss any thing and every thing as if they are an authority on Santana dharma (I would not refer it as Hinduism in the comon parlance of the leftist)
    Moreover has the writer considered tha Vactican having a woman as Pope

  57. If one desires to be a priest in any temple one must demand it and challenge the status quo by showing proficiency in all required scriptures and procedures. Thereafter, one must display such proficiency in public domain. There are many Dalits who have over the years developed some financial strength and there are quite a few who are very proficient in English. Therefore, I think the community can definitely represent itself as capable. I believe one should stake a claim to a position based on knowledge and capabilities rather than asking for it in the name of inclusivity. This is true for any temple and for any job. Challenge the competition and demand on competence.

  58. First Prasad of Ram Mandir is sent to Mahabir a Shudra’s family.
    So please stop your Caste politics, all are Hindus and united.

  59. Reading the Shepherd’s incoherent ranting where he mixes up multiple issues in his hatred of Hinduism and the upper castes, is a pain in the neck. This guy seriously needs an editor. Picking through the debris of his brain fart, to find any clear, well-focused train of argument is an impossible task.
    Reading his article actually made me dumber than I was before.
    After allowing this man’s imagination and word-play to go berserk, you print this :
    At ThePrint, we invest in quality journalists. We pay them fairly and on time even in this difficult period. As you may have noticed, we do not flinch from spending whatever it takes to make sure our reporters reach where the story is.
    Why should we believe you?

  60. Your opinion is completely wrong and not based on proper studying. Please do some homework before writing something else

  61. Not sure how many sheeps are following Shri Shephard. But his and his ilk are caught in a time warp. India has moved on.

  62. Huh? Now what’s a Communist intellectual? There can be a Communist, an intellectual, a Communist pseudo-intellectual even an intellectual who is a pseudo Communist. But how on earth can a Communist be an intellectual or vice versa. Oxymoron classic.

  63. Your rant is as silly as someone asking the Vatican to choose it’s next Pope from the African black community.

    And yet, you know very well (though you may pretend you don’t) that there are many examples in Hindu history of people from lower castes reaching high levels of excellence and being recognised for it. Yes even priests. Nandanar , Ravi Das, Eknath and Chokhmela are some examples. Hindus have always been a tolerant and inclusive lot. Don’t worry. You will see a Dalit priest in Ayodhya too very soon.

  64. Modi himself being the biggest example of equality on Ram Mandir bhoomi poojan..What else you want
    seems to be illogical because teaching English wouldn’t help suppressed class to become equal they are equal you have to change your perspective of seeing them ..So will others do ..You discriminate them from other Hindu caste by calling then Dalits or shudras.. You symbolise them as super suppressed caste not the class(class being mentioned here because we Indians don’t respect people who are labroures,artist, architecture,gardner,etc…. )Now days these kinds of work are done by every caste person ..Hindus of today don’t believe in caste system they believe in caste
    system where they love their ancestors history but
    had also abolish all the stupid rituals , discrimination integrated in there minds by different rulers, parties,and philosophical Guru’s…🙏And for your knowledge some Gurukuls have started giving education to other suppressed class people too…N u forgot Baba Ramdev was also present there… ☮️

  65. Kancha bhai, that is the beauty of Hinduism. Much much before you even thought of demanding a dalit priest, they already have a dalit priest. You can also spend some time looking at all the dalits/shudras who rose to positions of great power and wealth in India in the past and continue to do so today. Once they were rich and powerful people easily called them ‘kshatriyas’.

  66. Like really…… I mean abhi tak Hindu- Muslim khatam nhi hua 🤦‍♂️
    Shudra bhi laa diya… Waah 🤷‍♂️ 👏👏
    Humne bhi nhi socha tha ki ab pujariyo ki jaat pe aajao k…. Dude I support logic but what are you doing now is clearly showing that you are trying to create a rift in this religion.
    Please for a change be a little sensitive and post something relatable to the development of the nation and try to question them on something important and logical matters and what are it’s solutions.
    Note:- Author’s views are personal and you’re helping him to make it public. Bravo 👏👏

  67. In the Ramayana, Rama beheads Shambuga the sudra for doing tapas due to which it was held that a Brahmin’s child fainted.

    When Rama came back to Ayodhya, lamps were lit while the sudras turned off theirs to make the upper caste glow stronger.

    This the Brahmanic teaching.

    Ambedkar had concluded that Hinduism cannot be reformed of its caste system and so he recommended conversion. That is still true.

  68. Kancha Illiaiah Shepherd does not seem to get the Varna System. None of the folks he mentions are now Sudra by their current Karma and Guna. They have all become a blend of Kshatriya’s and Vysyas. Once you have moved up the ladder and into governance, that is essentially what you are.

    If as per his demand we get a Ex. Dalit into Priesthood, by Karma/Guna he is a Brahmin and Dalit no more. Dalit is plainly a Jathi. Not a Varna. This moronic interpretation is bothersome.

  69. is this guy kancha illahia a lunatic. When ever I read his comments, all i find his grudges of discrimination against dalits when none exist. If anything Ram movement is to bring together all hindu society. This guy should be put in mental asylum

  70. The upcoming Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is not just any temple structure but an assertion of Hindu solidarity. With Kameshwar Chaupal, a Dalit who laid the foundation stone of the temple three decades ago and now as an active member of the Ram Temple trust, the significant position of Dalits in the Hindu imagination is a foregone conclusion.
    So dont spread lies

  71. Kameshwar Chaupal, a Dalit member of the temple’s trust, SC and OBC leaders such as Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti and Vinay Katiyar were at the helm of Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

    • The sudras are the street fighters for the Brahmins. A few tokens will be there to pretend casteism is a thing of the past.

  72. It would have been a giant step for the Hindu establishment to have had a Dalit priest on the podium for the ‘bhoomipujan’. But the fact that Modi, an OBC, was the chief facilitator of the event in Ayodhya augurs well for India’s caste-free future!!!!

  73. Actually Kancha illachi’s articles are master pieces of perfectly woven lies and propaganda!

  74. Crooked mind illaya tries to follow the same pattern which started in early 20th century. Casteism is not varna system.
    Any one who is learned is a brahmin. Starting from maharishi valmiki, chandragupta maurya, to ambedkar each of them are revered for their knowledge. No deserving person is devoid of his status in society.
    Periyar tried to do this, leftist perfected this then BSP tried to use this ploy. All have been discarded in present times.
    Writer & the print should keep posting such false narratives, so that the people can be aware of the propagandas of leftists & missionaries.

  75. This casteist Christian posing as a Hindu is atrocious. shudras were never slaves. Valmiki was a shudra…he is also a maharishi, Veda vyas was a shudra , he is also a maharishi this idiotic bigoted paid christian proselytiser keeps talking idiotic stuff …isn’t modi from a backward caste? Didn’t all of India vote for him…didn’t the Christians keep slaves and enslave most of the world including india and kill and maim millions including in india….didn’t muslims do that as well with their holy book justifying slavery and also making sure non-Muslims need to pay tax..doesn’t the Indian Muslim personal law board in its books says certain arab lienages are better and everyone needs to them..this casteist anti hindu horrible human needs to be put in prison for his bias and violent anti hindu behaviour…how can print even publish what this id₹₹₹iot hypocrite paid christian proselytiser says?.

  76. As for OBCs – Uma bharti, Kalyan Singh etc are all OBCs.

    Author says, ” we don’t about status of dalits in Ramayan .” Of course u don’t know. 😄

    Valmiki wrote it. Nishad & Lord Ram went to same Gurukul.

    Shabri was a “Tapasvini .”

    And the villain is a Brahmin. 🤐🤐

  77. KANCHA ILAIAH SHEPHERD is neither Hindu nor a believer in Ram. So why is he bothered about who will be priests in a temple to a God he does not believe in?
    Is it because as a Hindu hater and anti-Hindu fanatic he cannot bear to see that Hindu are happy ? Is his hatred for Hindus going to be the excuse he uses to ask for something like a Dalit priest ? Is there a Dalit Pope so far in Christian History? What about a non-white Pope?? Why does he not ask for that ??
    2000 years and still no black, brown or asian person has been fit to serve as POPe?
    Will this pseudo egalitarian demand similarly from his white skinned masters who taught him his rhetoric so well??

    Mr Shepherd ( LOL ) is such a fake, even his name is not Indian, how can one like him HOPE to be priests in the Ram temple when they Hate not only Ram and Hindus but their Indian identity in toto ??? The only reason Mr Shepherd has not migrated to his Church in the West is because, there he cant pointificate and use the crutch of his “Dalit-ness” to extract concessions and appropriate privilege that is unearned!

  78. Kameshwar chaupal -a dalit – laid the foundation stone & is very much a member of Temple trust .

    Kuch naya sochna padega …caste based politics is over.

  79. But the Prime Minister himself is from Backward caste. He comes from ‘Teli’ caste…Mr Shepherd is so blinded by hate that he forgot to mention this. Even Congress party has made fun of Prime Minister’s caste during UP polls, and paid a heavy price for it. Shame on the author for such a blatant lie.

  80. A nice article.
    What our PM speaks cannot be taken in its face value. If he can get votes and power
    I am sure, I repeat I am sure he will utter in a podium “even Muslims and Christians
    can become pujaris in a Hindu temple. He utter lot of BSs. That is his nature and his
    history. Otherwise who on earth will equate the bhumipujan with our independence
    struggle? By saying that he has disgraced, disrespected an downgraded the sacrifice of
    our independence movement leaders and who lost their lives for that cause. So his utterance
    has no value and we are a nation so cursed to carry this dirty laundry. Re Kerala matter
    I draw the attention of the author to this article:
    In fact we have very few dalit priests here. I dont remember there was any major backlash
    from the caste Hindus when the announcement was made. Though I am not a communist
    or their sympathizer, the mental physique of Keralites are bit different than other parts
    of the country when it comes to caste, discrimination etc. This can be rightly attributed to
    the early missionaries who worked tirelessly towards giving education to all the residents
    at the peril of their own risk (though many dont want to admit publicly, but history cannot be fooled)
    followed by the communist movement taken prominence in the state I am not completely absolve
    Kerala from that sin, as still there are some pockets remain active. It was one of the reason
    why BJP was unable to get a stronghold here. But it is happening though in a very subtle
    fashion, and its worrying for people like me. Another thing is one feels ashamed here when someone
    is publicly allege one, he or she is a casteist. Above are my own opinion

    • You are NOT FIT to enter Ram temple for the same reason Muslims and Christians are not allowed – You do not believe in RAMA !
      You are NOT Hindus and even after converting, changing your name and pretending to be some evangelical you bark and bray about a religion you have no claim to and steal reservations and privileges you have no right to through a legal FRAUD.

      So called self-certified “Dalit” intellectuals like Kancha, who are neither Dalit, nor even Hindu have no business questioning who can enter Rama temple, or who can be a priest there or who can worship there! You have ZERO rights to Rama as you are NOT Hindus.

      Further, this shamelss hypocrite Kancha who is not Shudra, has no authority or business commenting on Shudra communities which unlike him and his fellow pseudo Dalits are not profiting off their caste for social, political and economic benefits and have built their entire career on the circumstances of their birth, no the content of their character or the ability of their brain.

  81. The writer is not a Hindu. So, why does he bother with how worship is performed in the new Temple? He should keep his nose and pen out of it. Anyway, Hindu worship is performed according to Agamas. This man cannot give useless politically loaded suggestions.

  82. Sir, you are always talking about movement. One good way to start it will be to get few of the Dalits properly educated. Have you personally contributed anything in educating dalits or you are just asking others that they should lift Dalits ? A good contribution of your own will be much more valuable than shouting in these articles.

  83. There was no such thing as “Hindus” outside of the Indus Valley even a 1,000 years ago. “Hindu” was ae term coined by the Persians to describe their co-coreligionists during their Vedai period (before their Avesthan-Zoroastrain Period) who lived in the Indus Valley i.e. present day Pakistan. The term was used vy Moslem invaders to describe all natives who were not Moslem and was resurrected as a “religion” by the British when they began their porgrom t erase the Brahmins and the People of Dharma who adhered to Aryan Brahmin Law after the Sepoy Mutiny to put an end to all resistance to alien ideologies, cultures, religions and laws.

    The original inhabitants of the peninsula now called India, whom the British wrongly proclaimed as “Dravids”, were Negroids from Africa.

    The real Druids (Druhyus) were tall fair, agricultural and architectural, Lalitha, Shiva and Vishnu worshiping Semites from Mesopotamia (the place of the three rivers now called Tigris, Euphrates and Jordan) who scattered to escape persecution by their own apostates who had embraced Yahweh, the jealous God of Abraham and harrying from the Aryas. The Jews refer to Lalitha as Lilith “the first wife” of Adam and as “Maya” an evil illusion that seduces.

    The ancient prototypical Druid name for a City “Ur” is still used in many Indian languages with the same import. The Aryas were stocky, multi racial, bracycephalic, ruddy to golden complexioned, war like nomadic pastoralists that comprised tribes from East Prussia to Mongolia (their grazing grounds), united by a common constitution, laws and code of chivalry, who worshiped Brahma and nature.

    Some Druids settled in the Indo Gangetic plain during the Rik Vedic Period and were over laid by the Aryas during the Shukla Yajur Veda Period 5 extracted tribute from the Druids as produced with their skills giving rise to the joyous tones of the Krishna Yajur Veda.

    The Aryas entered into the Treaty of Bharatha which bound them together like latter day NATO and also paid collective tribute to Arya Mihira to escape further attacks from Aryan tribes beyond the Himalayas. This led to the decadence of the Sama Veda. In due course, their prosperity made them powerful enough to discard tributes to Arya Mihira and become the independent Nation of Bharatha Varsha.

    After the Great Civil War of Kurukshetra, Aryans were decimated and Aryan power was no longer enforcable. Druhyus and Aryas intermarried and the Shudra Varna entered the Guru Kula system with Varna mobility thereafter. The Druid skills of architecture, agriculture, and customs of temple worship entered the Vedas through the “Aagama” (that which came from outside) Shastras in the Atharva Veda Period.

    At this time the Druid Deities were Sanskritized in Mantras and the codified manual of the Threithreya Upanishad was created for all Veda to draw on.

    The Vedic period was brought to an end by Ashoka. Sanskrit, together with the Upanishads, Vedas, and Brahma Suthras was revived by Adi Shankara whose ancestors had fled deep to the South to escape Ashoka’s persecution. He re integrated India and amalgamated the Aryan, Druid and Negroid deities into the Panchayathana. (Aryan Brahma by his living idol the Sun, Aryan Shankara and Rudra with Druid Shiva, Aryan Narayana with Druid Vishnu, Aryan Sandhya, Savithri, Gayatri and Saraswathi with Druid Lalitha, Lakshmi and Paravathi and Tribal Kali as Durga Parameshwari, and tribal Ganapathi as himself), This known as Sanathana Dharma today. However most natives continued with their own religions from Brahmanism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Shakthaism to Cannibalism, Necrophagy, Thuggee, and so on, all of which, the British called “Hinduism” and made a legal fiction in 1921.

    The Varna mobility was brought to an end by Ashoka and resulted in 2,500 years of genetic reinforcement of Varna through strictly patrilineal descent. It is not for nothing that the Ashoka Pillar and the Ashoka Chakra are emblazoned in the PANGOLIN* Indian Republic that has enshrined caste, tribe, religion and other permanent dividing walls in a Constitution that condemnded India to a perpetual state of civil war.

    Much of the mythology (Puranas) was born in two phases. The first to reconcile and integrate religions during the Atharva Veda period and then to reconcile and integrate the Panchayathana. They carry shades of religious competitiveness and flights of fancy.

    Not all the religions accepted this integration and many atavistic religions from necrophagy to human sacrifice persist to this day. Those that did not adhere to the laws of Arya Varsha were proscribed and their followers were declared Non Aryas as was Ashoka (for violating the treaty of Bharatha and massacring his brothers).

    In 1921 the British coined a name “Dalits” for the Non Aryas, and made them Hindus-in-law along with various other proud tribes to swamp the congregational temple welfare system and break the back of the People of Dharma while simultaneously commencing a canard and legal oppression against Brahmins (e.g. British stooge Patros’ Communal Gazetted Order 613 of 1923 to discriminate against Brahmins in all walks of life in the Madras Presidency).

    “Hinduism” represents a defunct nationality that was identified by adherence to common (Brahminical) law till 1921, though the term itself was coined by the Persians to describe their co-coreligionists during their Vedia period (before their Avesthan-Zoroastrain Period) who lived in the Indus Valley i.e. present day Pakistan. Today “Hinduism comprises a thousand cults, the foremost being Supre Courtism, High Courtism, and PANGOLIN*ism.

    *Note: PANGOLIN: An enemy of India who believes in inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law and persecution of some for the benefit of others. At present, the sole purpose of the Indian Republic, Constitutional or otherwise, is to pamper and provide for certain constitutionally preferred sections of society who the British found useful to hold and exploit India at the cost of those who the British hated and persecuted. The Pangolin is a creature that is unique to India and feeds on ants that are known in nature to be industrious and hard working if not quite as fruitful as bees who flee to better climes. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921 and re write History and laws to their exclusive benefit since 1947)

  84. Earlier, people like this author wanted to destroy Hinduism. Now they have come to the realisation that it is not possible to destroy Hinduism. So he is coming down to practical levels – can we eliminate caste hierarchy or atleast give equal rights to all castes? Now this is a positive development. If authors like him started with this position earlier, some 50 years would have been saved. Atleast now, let us all come together and try to create, if possible, a casteless Hindu society, or atleast one where castes are given dignity and equality. For the first time, I agree with Kanchan Sheperd. However, I am vary of converts like him, since they always have a conversion agenda in the back of their minds. So Hindus, and Hindus alone, should get together and solve the caste problem, without permitting other communities – Christians and Muslims – to interfere in the process.

    • Hinduism cannot solve caste by preventing Dalits the choice to convert. That is also a solution. Why do you enforce captivity ?

      • There is no prohibition on conversation – only prohibition on proselytizing.
        Second, dalits who convert no longer should be entitled to any reservations or recognition as Dalits.
        Third, those who convert end up even more ostracised and excluded from mainstream and their neighbors. Conversion does not help inclusion.
        Fourthly, as far as manusmriti is concerned conversion away from Hinduism for a dalit still gives them the same status. As caste is denoted by birth and can only be erased through death, so even scripturally it is futile.
        Finally, conversion by choice to any other religion must be a enlightened move and Ambedkar after studying various faiths found only one worthy of conversion that genuinely espoused a humanistic spirit – Buddhism

  85. Its time to get rid of this narrow mentality of Shudras etc….. If this writer were to pinpoint any learned person who has been excluded due to his caste…it would have been a point…but he has not done so…Its time we give importance to merit rather than anything else… Does anybody even know the Caste of Kavi Shailendra…does anybody bother about it…. His quality as a great poet/lyricist is what everybody remembers him by…. Does anybody Rafisahab because he was a devout muslim… No, he is adored because of his great quality as an artist…. So ordinary folks are wanting to move out of this… but writers like this would like to define any great individual on the basis of caste, religion, gender etc…. Its a Tragedy really…..

  86. Dear Kancha “Shepherd”,

    Being the Hinduphobe that you are, you obviously cannot bear the fact that we Hindus are now uniting irrespective of caste, class, or region amidst disgusting attempts to divide us. Most Hindus are celebrating the Bhumi Pujan and we do not care what losers like you think.

    By the way, the evangelical American whites who bankroll your hate against Sanatana dharma do not worship in the same churches as Blacks! That’s right! Churches in the US are so divided that Sunday morning is said to be the most segregated hour of the week.

    Your evangelical co-religionists worship a white-washed Jesus. Fancy that, a kinky-haired, dusky middle-easterner white-washed to look like a Norwegian with blue eyes. Try telling your white friends, yes the kind who rail against “idols”, to paint the white Jesuses in their church black and see the reactions you get – probably never get them to sponsor a US visa for you again.

    If you want to really help your Christian brothers, you should criticize radical Islam, which is the number 1 threat to Christian minorities in the world today, no exceptions. Not Hindus, who respect Yeshu and never interfere in the practices of other religions.

  87. Why a converter Christian is allowed to spurn poison on Hindus , Shame on Shekhar Guptha for giving platform to these Missionaries and anti Hindu activism in his Print ,
    second this so called Illayya shepherd is a converted Christian who belongs to OBC Yadav community , he has written volumes books against Brahmins , Vysyas , ( Businesses community )all other castes but have no shame in getting money from Shekhar Guptha , who is also a vysya( Business community )
    Finally how this writer and other leftists conveniently avoid saying Prime Minister Modi is a OBC and our present president is A Dalit
    All these Anti Hindu Leftists and Christian Missionaries should be controlled first to achieve caste less Hindu society.

  88. Just keep cranking up the controversy where none exists & create divisions in society.
    That’s what The Print does using these 2nd rate unknown “political theorists”, “activists” and “authors whose views are personal”.

    Why don’t you publish an article on Pappu? At least he makes up laugh.

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