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Muslims holding Quran and computer can crack UPSC. But for some, they are still jihadis

Cracking UPSC is the quintessential Indian dream. But Hindutva hatemongers can only accept a Muslim as ‘puncture wala’.

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Who is afraid of Muslims making it to the UPSC final list? Apparently, the Savarkar-bhakt, editor-in-chief of Sudarshan News Suresh Chavhanke. Cracking the UPSC exam is the quintessential Indian dream – a ticket to social and cultural mobility. This Indian dream enriches the idea of India when a person who is not an upper caste Hindu makes it to the UPSC. But a Muslim government officer is an oxymoron for some. They can’t quite process it without adding the pejorative word ‘jihad’ to it.

When Indian Muslims are poor, they are touted as puncture wala; when they protest on the streets for their citizenship rights, they are identified and singled out by their ‘clothes’ by no less than the prime minister of the country; when they study in madrasas, they are berated as a community that doesn’t want to embrace modernity; and when they work hard to make it to the UPSC, it’s called ‘UPSC jihad’ and they are branded as “Jamia ke Jihadi”. The word ‘hate’ is the sum total of all these parts.

Addressing an event in Delhi in 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had spoken about his idea of overall development, saying it’s possible only when Muslim youth have Quran in one hand and computer in the other. But Chavhanke doesn’t share that dream. He sees a conspiracy in the success of Muslim youth.

The Delhi High Court stayed the telecast of his TV show, which he claims would have been an expose of how Muslims are taking over by ‘infiltrating’ the bureaucracy. But that this can be said so openly means it will enter the endless stream of WhatsApp forwards in no time. After all, misinformation and hate doesn’t have to be aired on television in India today for it to exist and thrive. The fringe has become mainstream and captured the mindscape.

This begs the question: What is politically convenient today for the Hindutva hatemongers — that Muslims remain poor and uneducated or that they study, work and stake a claim in the promise of Incredible India?

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Sudarshan’s ire 

‘I am a Bhakt of Savarkar’ — so declares Suresh Chavhanke before seeking to “honour” the Delhi High Court judgment staying the broadcast of his ‘Bindas Bol’ episode. He then proceeds to run a show on ‘freedom of speech’, opening phone lines for people to come live on his show and speak their mind while he littered the programme with terms like ‘Islamist conspiracy’, ‘gaddari’ (treachery), ‘ghuspait’ (infiltrator), and loot. 

As Chavhanke went about narrating his views, motives and ‘journalism’ — which is to work towards a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and ‘Akhand Bharat’ — and abusing ‘Owaisi’, one caller after another appeared on the show to question Muslims’ presence in India, abuse Nehru and Gandhi for Partition, and make various other communal remarks that are often found in WhatsApp forwards.

Chavhanke also expressed his anger against the IPS association, which chose to call out his hate. He ended the show by repeating the vow that he won’t stop and expose the ‘UPSC Jihad’ after getting clearance “from the same court and the same judges”. 

On first glance, it would seem that the increased selection of Muslim candidates — from 4 per cent in UPSC 2018 to 5 per cent last year — is the source of his anger. But the repeated assertion of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and the uncontrolled attack on Muslims shows how it’s part of the same Hindutva agenda that has come to define the last six years.

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Making everyone a suspect

The only Muslim that Hindutva tolerates is one who speaks its language — news anchors such as Rubika Liyaquat and Sayeed Ansari, leaders such as Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi or Arif Mohammad Khan, or those who are in the armed forces, although it is not a guarantee their ‘loyalty’ won’t be questioned. The only other Muslim Hindutva groups seemingly like is a persecuted Muslim. The successful ones are part of an ‘Islamic conspiracy’.

To sustain this attack on the Muslim community, they need a new villain. And what better way than questioning their entry process into the powerful club of bureaucrats? In one stroke, everyone from an IPS officer to a diplomat serving the government becomes a ‘suspect’ in the eyes of ordinary Hindus. 

It is not a surprise that Suresh Chavhanke received massive support from BJP leaders such as Kapil Mishra, Khemchand Sharma, Sarojini Agarwal and IT cell/Hindutva supporters on social media, with hashtag urging him to ‘keep at it’. 

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Going after Muslim bureaucrats

Sardar Patel had called the civil servants ‘the steel frame of India’. Several questions have been raised about the system and there has been a demand to improve their work culture over the years. But never has the civil services been divided along communal lines. Chavhanke’s targeting of the UPSC process dishonours the ethos associated with the system. It must not be forgotten that retired diplomat Syed Akbaruddin was lauded for his defence of India at the United Nations. He was no less than a celebrity while he was deputed there.

When Shah Faesal topped the UPSC exam in 2009, it was considered as a diplomatic win of the Indian government over dissenters in the Kashmir Valley. Similarly, Athar Aamir Khan became another success story from Kashmir in 2016 when he secured the second rank in the country. Then, in 2019, Shahid Raza Khan from Bihar cleared UPSC after graduating from a madrasa. All these examples break some or the other stereotype about Muslims.

Getting into UPSC is a cherished dream for many Indians. It is only after years of hard work and perhaps several failed attempts that one manages to enter the elite club. Attacking them based on their religion is a disservice not only to the civil services but also puts a question mark on everyone who cracks the UPSC code after breaking various societal and economic barriers.

Views are personal.

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      • we give a shit about our hindu and persecuted muslim minority bretheren in pakistan. Its called humanity. But a librandu like u won’t understand.

  1. This is the same fake intellectual who wrote an article blaming Biharis for the backlash received by Rhea Chakraborty. Who gave you your degree Ms Yadav? How does so much filth and garbage reside inside your pea-sized brain? You need to go to school again because all your judgement and opinion reflect a stunted mental growth.

  2. There are terrorists who read Qur’an but there are no terrorist who read bhagawadgita,
    This is the impact and power of Qur’an which turns a individual intolerant, domineering, ruthless.

  3. Are you really a journalist propagating your pseudo secular theory here,does not it apply to both side?i never understood on what ground you seem to project rss or right wing in negative light or left wing on postive note,have you truelly understood the reason behind their ideology,please go and better read indian history on what reason we had faced years of foreign rule,but i believe people like your wish to face it again,have you really taken us granted that you propagate something ,we will closely believe it ,unfortunately your shops is going to shut sooner or later,it is a digital world we have started making sense of what needs to be is a new india where you left except finding fault in others people have actually no business to do,it is a bitter truth, you guys have a lack of foresightedness.

  4. Are you really a journalist propagating your pseudo secular theory here,does not it apply to both side?i never understood on what ground you seem to project rss or right wing in negative light or left wing on postive note,have you truelly understood the reason behind their ideology,please go and better read indian history on what reason we had faced years of foreign rule,but i believe people like your wish to face it same,have you really us as granted that you propagate something ,we will closely believe it ,unfortunately your shops is going to shut sooner or later,it is a digital world we have started making sense of what needs to be is a new india where you left except finding fault in others people have actually no business to do,it is a bitter truth, you guys have a lack of foresightedness.

  5. Are you really a journalist propagating your pseudo secular theory here,does not it apply to both side?i never understood on what ground you seem to project rss or right wing in negative light or left wing on postive note,have you truelly understood the reason behind their ideology,please go and better read indian history on what reason we had faced years of foreign rule,but i believe people like your wish to face it same,have you really us as granted that you propagate something ,we will closely believe it ,unfortunately your shops is going to shut sooner or later,it is a digital world we have started making sense of what needs to be is a new india where you left except finding fault in others people have actually no business to do,it is a bitter truth

  6. Yes they can crack upsc by holding quran but plz remove the urdu Langauage as a option of giving the exam.

  7. Can Jyoti Yadav and the Print write articles about the way that Hindus are treated in Pakistan and Bangladesh?

  8. Don’t spread biased news, whole world knows all terrorists are muslims and most of them are highly qualified, technical and talented persons and many muslim officers in govt jobs found in leaking secured information to enemy countries. Encouraging them to such a highest cadre is a suicidal step by the govt of India and will face consequences.
    Readership of your news paper is not increasing only for biased reporting despite your good presentation of news

  9. “Sab ka saath sab ka vikas” was the slogan raised by our prime minister the writer conveniently forgets this and talks about some imaginary phobia of rightist as if he has monopoly over their thought.everyone in india accept that education to all can bring about the best for our country.

  10. Hindutva(hindu + tatva) is hinduism(hindu+ism). hindutva even acknowledges the existing defects (caste discrimination etc) and tries to fix them. Infact even rss itself doesn’t represent any hate or oppression towards muslims.
    realise that every religion have people that are always suspicious of other religions and these are the ones that become hatemongers. I acknowledge that these people associate themselves with rss/vhp as a organization that represents the religion.even you mentioned Modi’s view but still believe hindutva wants the opposite(muslims to stay uneducated). Don’t keep blaming the whole system for few people. That makes you same as those people who calls every muslim a jihadi.
    You can’t try to fix a system where muslims are a target of hate by creating hate at hindutva. Media is completely divided on this topic with either terming people as (jihadi/hindutva hatemongers). This is same as people on twitter fighting bhakt/anti-national . Media needs to be more responsible than random people squabbling on twitter.

  11. ”The issue that comes up time and time again is terrorism. I was astonished to see how deep this had gone in this country in an opinion poll recently. This said 51 percent of people questioned said when they heard the word “Muslim” the first thought that came into their mind was “terrorist”. These polls are never reliable but not completely wrong either.” TARIQ ALI

  12. You are a mad dog . As illiberal as a nazi . For you only your freedom of speech is good , but no other has other right to truth. You will be jobless like burkha datt .

  13. Have u people ever called owaisi and others as muslim hate mongrers or such words are reserved only when these people are hindu

  14. Ms. Yadav is clearly an ideologue masquerading as a journalist.
    Hope she reads the article by Mr. Najmul Hoda. Maybe it will help her appreciate the context better.
    As a matter of fact, Islamic society is regressive/backward of its own volition. Its really easy to lay the blame on Hindus as far as India is concerned.
    But what about Islamic society in Bangladesh and Pakistan? Are we going to blame the Hindu/Sikh/Christian/Jew for their backwardness?
    Its always advisable to read extensively on a subject before writing on it. Unfortunately, ideologues rarely care about this as being factually correct matters little to them.
    However, journalists do bother about getting their facts and data correct.

  15. Always seen big articles with only one agenda of The print.keep it up boys .what they jihadi have achieved or achieving is well understood by the masses .pl note that day is not far when either you have to shut down your shops or change your business or you can only join jihadis as it is clear evident from your articles.I do not shame on you ,you have no faiths.

  16. Jis din tere jaise logon pe fatwa jari krenge na ye katwe tab tujhe malum chalega ki kyu hum inke against hain …rest in peace the print … shit article

  17. Do’nt be biased in favour one community. Why don’t post honest original unfavoured reports,that’s why your readership is not growing, you know and have all records with you that a most of the terrorists are highly educated and qualified persons, many in military and in key post in govt jobs these people caught red handed playing against nation.

  18. What else can we expect from Hindu chuvanist. They are monomaniac to such and extent that they themselves tolerate if made to sit on the other side of table. What is more interesting is that they claim to be a flag bearer of false ideology and totally false history.
    As mentioned when the baap is bigda hua,how can the child follow the right path. RSS follows the Nazis ideology,albiet they haven’t realised that now the world is open and unfortunate for them real Indians are educated. The reason why Modi is ruling the country is not because of his fanbase but due to lack of strong opposition.
    Aristotle said that if the number of fools exceed the educated mass, then fools will rule the educated mass,and so is the case in India.

  19. This article has skipped how even being an IAS Shah Faisal still tried to instill radicalism amongst Kashmiri youths. It’s not only the education but ideology that needs to be changed which thinks of religion over the nation. My point is howcome a person hwo thinks his religion is above the country can serve the country? Whom are trying to mislead?

  20. Who has an aim will achieve his goal with hard work. There may be difference of opinion that compulsory religious education from childhood is good for society or not. Many people may argue that religious education from childhood can make one a bigot because a child cannot read between the lines. Some religious teachings are against modern principles of secularism, democracy, equality, human rights and free speech. Famous Pakistani educationist, Parvez Hudhboy has also this viewpoint.

  21. Calling spade a spade should not cause this heartburn.

    An educated maskin is far more dangerous than a madrasa educated maskin.

    Shah Faisal has a separatist and secessionist ideology.

    Ghulam Nabi Azad an educated maskin implemented sharia in secular India.

    Salman khursid an educated maskin wrote in his book how maskins were happy when Sikh were massacred in 84.

    Owaisi Sr an educated maskin provides provocation when terrorist are arrested from Hyderabad.

    Owaisi Jr an educated maskin asks for 15 mins so the maskins can tell who the boss is.

    Waris Pathan an educated maskin says 20 crores will be bhari on 100 crore.

    The list is endless.

    But to remove your secular blinders that should be enough.

    Maskins educated or illiterate are driven by fundamental Islam and its ideology. They will weponize it and use it against the society, institutions and nation.

    So this notion of moderate or liberal maskin is an oxymoron.

  22. We are not against muslims but their Jihadi Ideology because we accepted APJ Abdul Kalam but rejected Yakoob Menon. Unfortunately every muslim is a muslim first and then a citizen of some country because they brought up in an environment where they grow up a radical islamic supremacists. Take the example of Delhi Minority Commission Chairman Zafarul Islam who tried to provoke people with his venomous hatespeech even after the government chose him for the post and invested on him its time and money from the early years of his career. Another such example is of Shah Faesal and Athar Aamir Khan who kept their radicalised narrative with themselves even in their IAS training and after that too. What about that money which the government spent on Shah Faesal who resigned to promote his separatist narrative and ideology by entering into the Kashmir Politics? Not just in beaurocracy but there are multiple fields where this jihadi ideologies are working. Be it Actor Aamir khan who feels insecure in india but is very happy in the most radicalised islamic country of the world having coffee table conversations or be it Nasiruddin Shah and many others. Be it journalists like Rana Ayoob or Afra khannum and many other muslim journalists who always try to spread their jihadi propoganda on TV channels. As far as the Jamia ke Jihadi brandishing is concerned it is a very big nexus works around DU and Delhi because every time there ‘ s a case in the SC regarding jihad or something related to islam there is someone or the other from the Jamia or JNU and that too charged with proofs. They have created this brand for them by their own actions. India needs nationalist muslims like Shah Navaj Hussein, Subahi Khan, Shahjahad Poonawala who work in coordination with the majority and are even connected to their Indian roots. We don ‘t need muslims who live and eat in India but keep their souls in the enemy nation. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

  23. I don’t understand who is this fool who is dragging name of Shri Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar in it.But obvious may be he is educated in madarasa & that’s what he has learned over there.For Hindus they welcome every person for whom this country is first & religion is second but unfortunately this is not in majority cases

  24. Honestly, it would be more democratic and dignified to let the show air and then critique it. You’re not helping your cause by telling your readers that it’s hate speech when neither of us are aware of the contents.

    Why act like a coward? Let the show air and let every viewer decide for themselves.

    You don’t want us to take their word for it. So why should we take your word for it either? Do you see the inherent problem in your stance?

  25. I am a hindu myself and I totally disagree with the channel which aired the UPSC Jihad issue….. But we as indians have to now realise that Freedom of Expression goes both ways…. and we have to allow a contrary opinion to exist,however disagreeable that may be….. that is what open society is all about… that is what freedom of expression all about….that is what was the foundation of indian civilization…. that foundation and that ethos is what we need to foster and encourage… however, it will be unpalatable and will downright the society in the short run… but in the long run, it will only strengthen our society our nation…

  26. Why did u bring upper caste reference into this ur article is clearly political n supports hate will remember you for this chaunhanke said wrong or right let court decide but u should apologize for hurting upper caste sentiments by showing them in wrong light

  27. in the teaching and sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad, reported in Riyaz us salaheen [The garden of the Virtous],Prophet Muhammad appears to have said ‘The word Jihad comes from the Arabic root Jahada,which means utmost power and is one of the basic principles of Islam,and is based on three principles,namely , intensification of islamic doctrines and practices in our day to day life,and eradication of evil,and expansion of the commands of the Great Alllah [The God] all over the world through WISDOM and ADVICE. The Great Allah says ‘Call thou to the way of thy lord with wisdom and good admonition/preaching..So, as you can see Jihad is not voilence at all, but Jihad is a peaceful propogation of islamic ideals.

  28. I have one question to author – who will do jihad other than Muslims? It is their religious obligation and so they are Jihadis.
    Author should have recommended what Muslims should do jihad against e.g. poverty alleviation, healthcare and illiteracy and gender equality etc.

    Radical muslims doing jihadi acts e.g. 9/11, 26/11, Kashimiri Pandits, Godhra train burning etc. and “liberal” muslims staying silence and cold shoulder to victims of such jihadi terror acts is the real problem.

    Indians do not consider Muslims as terrorists and jihad is connected to their religion so whom this author wishes to hoodwink

  29. whenever we read daily newspapers,we read about Murders,Rapes, Suicides,Brid-burning/hanging cases etc,we read it is mostly Hindus.Whatever be the cases from Bank swindling ,corruption and bribery,now-a-days it is hindus that are perpetuating the crime record of the nation which does not augur well for the nation and community too.So,instead of victimising Muslims community,majority community should introspect at nation loorters like Vijaya mallaya,Mehul choksi,lalit modi,diamenteaur Modi and that hanged rapists of delhi popularily known as nirbhaya cases and stop victimisation of Muslims.The victimisation will be there until Narendra modi/RSS goverment lasts as seen during Manmohan singh’s time this victimisation was not there.It is well said ,Every dog has his day.

  30. They were, they are and they will be the makers of this country.
    Participating equally in good and bad times, we faced.
    And definitely participating, when we march towards the better future of INDIA.

  31. Madam, it’s a highly desirable scenario that more Muslims need to be in the establishment, there are no two doubts about it. However, I don’t understand your need to bring in news anchors such as Rubika Liyaquat and Sayeed Ansari ! What do you want to imply? that all Muslims should speak only the language of exclusivity of their own community and not have an open world view? Sorry to say but people like you are the biggest dividers of the society

  32. Even the PM is talking about having Quran in one hand & computer in another hand & he is being labelled as a hatemonger by seculars. Now what Jyoti Yadav is upto is to divide deep in the lines. India is new now & so are Indians. If Mr. Chavanke is right he will succeed & vice-versa. Why Jyoti Yadav is making a mountain of a mole hill & who’s behest. Patriot Indians will like Patriots whether they may be Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christian’s, etc. It doesn’t matter as long as you think, eat, live, work & die for India.
    But if you eat, live, work here & spread hatred with Anti-India slogans & still want to be counted as a patriot then you don’t deserve to be an Indian.

  33. Let us not mix up religion with administration. Can you spell out “Hindus with Gita/ Veda and computer” with the same spirit. Remember, secularism means EQUAL treatment to all religions. No one has barred muslims from entering UPSC exams. The community had been trapped in the vicious cycle of religion and cluster based mindset, propagated by their community leaders, and so called secular political parties. They must breakout from this and take part in mainstream, which is no way a Hindu system. Sudarshan TV’s view is toxic and highly condemnable. But be equally vociferous for all kind of fundamentalism.

  34. Who is to blame for this image of muslims today? Muslims only. They never stood up against the wrong doings of their fellow muslims. Whole world is affected by jihadists and no rational muslim ever raises a voice against it. It is as simple as this ” If you do not condemn it, you accept it.”
    Now there is no point blaming others for your own misdeeds.

  35. What’s the need to hold Quran in one hand, keep it in your home. This identity based polity and commentary in media has led to poor education records of Muslims in India – and in this way they’re following the rest of the Muslims around the world. There has to be a reason why Muslims who constitute second largest population by religious representation in the world – and soon will be first – haven’t produced a single Science/Medicine Nobel ever. Abdus Salam isn’t considered a Muslim though. Stop this identity based characterization of muslims. Article written in poor taste and lacks any intellectual depth.

  36. The ignorance of the writer of this article is evident when he treats scholarly and unblemished patriotic Hindustani Muslims like Arif Mohammad Khan with news anchors such as Rubika Liyaquat and Sayeed Ansari who many Indians don’t even know. There’s no institutional discrimination against the Muslims at the UPSC level is also clear from the fact that the Muslims’ percentage of recruitment increased from 4 per cent to 5 per cent in 2018 (under the Modi government). And when the writer quotes the success stories of Syed Akbaruddin, ex diplomat, Shah Faesal, the topper of the UPSC exam in 2009, Athar Aamir Khan, second in 2016 (both from Kashmir) and Shahid Raza Khan from Bihar (2019), s/he is simply stating how much potential and freedom the Muslims have in India.
    Giving importance to the anti-national activities of insignificant people like Suresh Chavhanke and others and to assume that the nefarious activities of such dangerous persons have the backing of the government is to lower the standards of journalism.
    Highlight inspiring stories: Some years ago, a daughter of a Muslim police officer (originally from Bihar) had made it to the IPS rank through the UPSC.

  37. Ms. Jyoti Yadhav, why don’t you call out the “one person” in the article headline you are targetting in this entire write up?

    You are stereotyping Indians to your imagination that everybody or even some Indians follow Mr. Chavhanke. That you do without any evidence hat Muslim candidates are prejudiced against or even Muslim IAS/IPS not being given due respect when they execute their duty.

    We expect better journalism/editorialism from you and the Print.

  38. I would strongly support the recruitment of more and more Muslim aspirants in the Civil Services..A larger number of Muslim Officers,at least in proportion to their population,will be an important factor in the integration of the Community in the mainstream of socio-economic polity.The Sudarshan TV should be black-listed and boycotted for propagating such obscurantist views.

  39. Who were people


    2) In pakistan n Bangladesh n Kashmir there was systematic rape murder and ethnic cleansing of HINDUS. What would have happened if HINDUS were in minority in INDIA.

    Let’s talk about that . If you want to side step, then do it but remember people are not fools or will fall for fake news propaganda .

    3) HINDUS are interested in education and science

    4) HINDUS don’t believe in conversion but will not accept proselytizers with fake propaganda either.

    5) HINDUS have no issue with other religions and don’t believe people will burn in hell for following a different faith.

  40. My friend, people like you are part of the problem. Who is suspecting the bonaffides of muslim beaurocrats or officers in the forces, probably the leftists like you. Why do we need madrassa education in 21st century when we have govt schools imparting free education.

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