Sayeed Ansari of Aaj Tak news channel and ABP News anchor Rubika Liyaquat | Photo: Twitter
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Let’s talk about Muslim anchors in India’s Hindi news channels. Since the mainstay of their 24X7 news cycle is Hindu-Muslim conflict, it must be one of the toughest jobs for Muslim anchors of these channels to walk the moral-ethical tightrope. Rubika Liyaquat and Romana Isar Khan of ABP News and Sayeed Ansari of Aaj Tak are among the prominent names.

They literally have to host shows not only critical of their community but also indulge in ridiculing and shaming Muslims most of the times.

It must have been very tough for them to do shows during the CAA-NRC-NPR debate and on the Covid-19 pandemic when, throughout April, the focus of the coverage was on Tablighi Jamaat and Maulana Saad and the related hate crimes against Muslims. As we know, the central point of many of these shows is Muslim bashing. In any case, such issues have always been on the plate since 2014 with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) playing on the Hindu-Muslim binary.

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Identity clash with citizenship debate

We noticed this trend during the anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protest movement as well. When journalist Rana Ayub, a columnist with The Washington Post, listed TV shows in her hall of shame list, two out of four shows were hosted by Rubika Liyaquat and Romana Isar Khan. The other two shows were hosted by Amish Devgan of News18 India and Suresh Chavhanke who runs Sudarshan News, a platform often caught peddling fake news.

It’s not like these anchors do shows only on communal and religious issues that demonise Muslims or perpetuate misconceptions about the community. Some of their programmes carry a secular line based on so-called vanilla topics.

But these Muslim anchors of Hindi news channels also conduct an interesting balancing act off camera.

The Twitter timeline of Rubika Liyaquat reads like a paradox. While tweeting about her shows and expressing her views on various topics, she also regularly posts verses from the Quran. In one of her tweets, she says – “Jihad primarily refers to the inner struggle of being a person of virtue and submission to God in all aspects of life.”

When wrestler Babita Phogat put out an overtly communal tweet and later on reiterated her stance, Rubika readily endorsed it. She was heavily ridiculed owing to her Muslim identity, and a morphed video of her went viral. One of the Muslim clergy challenged ABP News anchors over their communal coverage of Tablighi Jamaat. She has publicly announced that she had contributed to the PM Cares Fund after BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra nominated her. She retweeted a tweet in which she has been praised – “It’s commendable how being a Muslim she’s bashing those #NizamuddinIdiots who are supporting & defending their Maulana Sahab & the Markaj.”

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Uncle Tom or Goffmanian framework?

One way of analysing the actions of India’s Muslim anchors and their treatment on social media is to look at the current phenomena from the anchors’ perspective. Another is to see it from the perspective of the news channels that they are part of or from the audience that they cater to.

Critics can brand them Uncle Tom or somebody whose role is similar to one being played by the Muslim leaders of the BJP. These anchors can be branded as Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi or Shahnawaz Hussain of the news channels. It can be said that their role is similar to the character played by Samuel Jackson in Django Unchained, in which the black slave employee Stephen is more rabidly racist than his master. For the news channels, the presence of these Muslim anchors is lucrative for business or its possible the anchors  do what they do just for the optics of representation. Or having a Muslim anchor say something against Muslims reconfirms Hindu biases.

But this will be a simplistic analysis of an extremely complex and jumbled scenario that the Muslim anchors operate in. Let’s turn the gaze and try to see it from the perspective of the anchors.

It seems that they are actually living in a Goffmanian framework, in which they consider themselves more as performers who have evolved the art of impression management. They have to act according to the definition of the situation, which is shaped by the policy of the news channel and also by the dominant narrative. It is possible that they are acting because India’s audience, which has been attuned and habituated to communal content, wants them to act this way.

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Caught between many identities

But that is not the only shade of their life. Their appearance on TV screen is only their performance on the front stage. They also have a backstage in their lives where they might be acting differently. Because they have to act according to the role defined by a largely majoritarian Indian media, they have to follow certain rules, without which there will be disruptions and their performance in the TV studios will be ruined.

Whatever we see of these anchors on screen is only their situated identity, the identity associated with the role they have been assigned by the news channels. They are bound by dramaturgical loyalty. While joining a news channel, they agree to become a member of the team and accept certain moral and professional obligations. Being a Muslim, they may take a more aggressive posture to prove that they are more loyal and not that type of Muslim that majority Hindus love to hate and demonise on a daily basis.

For Hindu anchors, hosting a communally charged show is a normal affair because they do not have to act differently backstage. They can be equally communal or secular in their home environment or in the club or among their friends and relatives. Their identity is not a burden for them. For Muslim anchors, their offstage identity could be entirely different from the role they play in the office for the ‘Hindu audiences’ watching them at home or discussing Muslims and their lifestyle in WhatsApp groups. Muslim anchors have to get rid of their situated identity while interacting with their Muslim family members and relatives. We can notice this contradiction in their social media behaviours as well.

For instance when Romana Isar Khan of ABP News tweets against the use of loudspeakers for Azaan, a topic of particular interest for rabid bigots on social media who repeatedly trend Muslims’ call to prayer while seeking a ban on the use of loudspeakers.

For these anchors, the TV studio is a stage and as spoken by Jaques in As you Like It: All the world’s a stage/ And all the men and women merely players/ They have their exits and their entrances; /And one man in his time plays many parts.

Muslim anchors in Hindi news channels live this Shakespearean dichotomy every day.

The author is the former managing editor of India Today Hindi magazine, and has authored books on media and sociology. Views are personal.

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  1. It’s ironic how you bash them for being critical of Mus-lims while you guys actively bash Hindus for everything without blinking an eye. R@na @yyub is known to be Hin-du-pho-bic and hates BJP because they want equal rights for Hindus too in this country. Never seen Rubiqa Liyaqat abuse anyone for the sake of Religion. She just asks some hard questions which other MSM journos do not want to ask, due to appeasement policies of their News Channels. Remember, how Barkha Dutt justified Kashmiri Hindus Genocide? Remember, how R@jdeep & B@rkha showed one-sided news about Gujarat Riots? Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots of 2020 was almost whitewashed. If anything, it is these people who must be ashamed of calling themselves Journos. Jai Hind.

  2. Due to ignorance by BJP on freedom of speech, freedom of press, biased anti-Hindu leftist pages like the Print who peddle biased news are still operating in India. This should be dealt with soon I hope.

  3. The Print is supposed to be supporter of freedom of speech and now if the journalist don’t suit their agenda, they are recognised by their religion and not profession. This is what we call double standards of the leftist liberal media. Don’t you think the journalists have their freedom of specch. If your logic is true, can we call you Hindu leaders of Congress and left? Shame on you ‘The print’.

    • Media houses like Print deserve to be banned. There’s too much freedom of press so much that such shitty articles are too on display to the public

  4. Only a shit person like Dilip Mandal can write such a shit.
    Dilip Mandal is criminal who deserve jail for failing students on caste line.

  5. Well…That’s what we can expect from The Print. Only such hypocrite like The Print can point out religion out of News Anchors. And The Print call others communal.
    The Print is doing best as any Bias Media can do.

  6. All these TV anchors like Rubiqa Liyakat, Romana Isar Khan and Saied Ansari are very much professional, intelligent and smart journalists.
    My request,let’s do things without any bias and favour. Let’s not discuss the religions, let’s work together for the poor Indians, for the malnourished children of India, for the BPL category of India. Let’s make India a better place to live in. Let’s shed hatred. Let’s live with each other with peace, love ,harmony and respect. Let’s not have this attitude ,, I’m better than him or her,,
    Remember friends,A great person is one who lets feel others that they are great.
    God bless us all.

  7. Reporting the truth is muslim bashing but spinning a story to malign hindus is normal. Wtf print! Wtf are you really? Who owns you? What education and where did you receive? You seem so alien to our land

    • U hit the nail o the head, Muslims can’t tell truth about their fellow religious people but it is ok for Hindu reporters to continue Hindu bashing and feel no guilt about it. They are the same in their real life so why can’t the Muslim reporters also be neutral in their real life and feel guilty about reporting the truth.

  8. Dilip Mandal has indulged in armchair journalism. Instead of mentally manipulating about the predicament of these anchors or leaders he should have talked to them before hurrying to print. Having said that, the Muslims in public sphere do carry the burden of Muslim identity. How they are resolving it may hold the key to Muslim integration into the Indian mainstream.

  9. The virus is a million times more ethical then this despicable rotten author who 24/7 in every single word he expresses is morbid hate.

    Readers: Shekhar Gupta’s business model for his Print web site is out and out CLICK BAIT journalism. The more rancid — and straight from the gutter — the stuff he publishes the more eyeballs he thinks he can attract.

    Please vote with your feet — and eyeballs — and take a solemn pledge NEVER to come here again. EVER.

  10. So dilip mandal shall now give out religious certificates for who is a good Muslim and bad Muslim, who is victim who is not, just like he does with caste.
    All you get with this article is that if any Muslim questions hard-line Islam and maaulvis he is not a Muslim and a modi stooge.
    Dilip mandal is an animal. Print editorial joy lent have allowed such an article on the portal

  11. As we know, the central point of many of THE PRINT reporting/articles is Hindu bashing

  12. You guys forgot right to life, privacy and freedom of expression of concerned journalists mentioned above. what they do is their choice. Do you guys have evidence to support your claim or it just came from left communal watsapp University?

  13. NDTVs Ravish Kumar, Nidhi Razdan, Sreenivasan Jain, Rana Ayuub, Prashant Bhushan, Shehla, Jignesh, Barkha, Shekhar Gupta, Shankarshan, Siddharth Vardarajan, N Ram, Pallavi Ghosh, Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Harinder Baweja are like a corrupt family’s lapdogs.

  14. A very ill conceived article. There are many Hindu anchors who are left leaning why not question them. News channels used to blindly worship & broadcast Sonia Gandhi for a decade. No body asked for a press conference with her then. Suddenly when Modi came to power they wanted interview. There was a time when ass hole like Zakir Naik used to spit venom on ethnic Hindu religion & used to convert ppl in the name of freedom of religion. No body questioned anything then. Only Hindu radicals are seen to be villains & Muslim radicals are thought to be innocent brain washed, victimized & religious. If being Hindu you bash your own religion & custom then you are liberal but being a Muslim you criticize your own customs then you become a sold person.

  15. If someone is reading this comment, the above article is of no use, hypothetical (news anchors are to read the news, hold debates and maintain peace keeping their personal opinion to themselves). Save the time by not reading it, that I mistakenly couldn’t.

    What this article also projects is that if a criminal is presented before a judge of identical religion/community, the judge will be punishing the criminal with a heavy heart losing his/her identity.

  16. We can never expect something good from you THE PRINT,you have been anti-India since you establishment,you are the one who always wants to ignite communal things.You are the most money minded .If they are all BJP spokesperson,what are you then you are only the puppets of the Indian Nationals Congress,who had helped you for establishment.We know so why you are so Anti-India,Anti-Muslim,Anti-Hindus.There is no doubt that all these things are done by you for cheap popularity,but the anchors about whom you have written like this,they have great channels who are much much popular than your and have very wide subscriber base.So talking about them will not even mean a thing to them.Be a good media house,not like abpaid one

    • I did not waste my time reading your useless article. Shame on you, in the foreground you accuse BJP of doing hindu muslim hate, and you are writing your article completely on this basis. Why do you feel CAA NCR NPR and Jamat is muslim bashing? When it’s just about those people who think they are above law and whatever they do is right. Change your sick mentality. Your thoughts are just as disgusting as you are!! Get a life which is worth living instead of licking Italian bitch’s ass!!

  17. Dilip Mandal u better rename urself dilip dalal.. Because of u the Muslims are being conceived as outsiders. Tell me asshole does Hindus vote only for BJP. Are only muslims voting for congress, left, tmc, sp etc?
    Ehen Hindus can criticise Hindus, then why cant you tolerate the freedom of expression of press, be it hindu or muslim, when they criticise the muslims and the ill practices in their religion.

  18. Aise kuch bhi likkar bhot paisa kama liya na bhadve log…jaake school me sikho journlism ..ya fir itna hi problem hai toh pakistan shift hojao:)…saari leftist nikal jaygi

  19. Why this …. When everything thing had a focus on clutter free news… You were almost on the right track of taking out real news from the social media and news channels and now will be labelled with the same tag….
    I thought you had some spine to stand on the right reasons of news and journalism but once again you have failed the country. There are one thousand topics to build an opinion for…. WHY THIS?

    Now things will have to wait.

  20. Mr Mandal doesn’t realise that he’s written such a prejudiced article. I seriously question theprint’s credibility

  21. Most third rate op-ed writer i have come across. No coherency in the thought and development of idea. Doesn’t bring any arguments to support the main argument, most of his articles come across as blase and mostly passing.


  23. This intellectually weak but scheming writer has achieved his mission, to rile a bunch of readers. Just see, Sekhar is going to give him few more pieces to write nastier than this. It is all about getting the people to read and react which we are doing. I also wanted not to comment, but just asking others to ignore this guy in future so that he stops writing.

  24. What the hell is this??? I can understand about politicians but now journalist and media is also divided in relegion…
    Shame on you and your article.

  25. I Have failed to understand why is it OK for Hindu news anchor to continuously criticize Hindus, but still claim to be Hindu, while it is not acceptable for Muslim Anchor to criticize Muslims and still be Muslim?

    It is this kind of hypocrisy which prevents liberal Muslims to become community leaders, which is essential if we want to preserve secularism. Otherwise Muslim becoming more orthodox and voting as votebank with create counter mobilization of Hindus, which will be bad for secularism.

  26. Print media seems to be like a dog, which keeps barking behind, and when the person sees them they vanish like those scared dogs, i feel pity for its reporters and sucker editors of mushroom headed communists and

  27. U are a big non sense. U are worse than someone whom you criticize for Ur benefits
    How can you publish Castiest Mindset!

  28. Every Indian now know very well how much Anti India and Anti Hindu propaganda is being carried out by this third class category The Print Media… Better you close your shops here in India go somewhere in any Islamic countries…

  29. This mondals are real craps. Doing more harm to this country. These pseudo intellectuals are more dangerous than corona or cancer. Accept it that Modiji is the best friend of muslims. In a sense his activities have awaken the muslims. Modiji is taking them as human beings. When others use them as mere vote bank. Modiji’s act will make this community concious of their standing as well as position in today’s world. Others took them for granted and allowed them stay where they had been. A politically correct immoral act. I personally believe that if hands of cooperation are extended instead of hate the community will be benefited to a long extent.

  30. Very much shocked that The Print accepted such articles who target News Anchors on religious grounds. I had never heard term “Muslim Anchor” what is that ?

  31. You are pelting stones at your own religion (i.e. Journalism).. You can disagree with there opinion but news like this will weaker your views… I will suggest you to delete this news and share some good/bad news with facts and figures..

  32. Mosad succeeded in killing many Palestinian influences, poets etc with the help of Palestinians who worked them for money. So in any community there are black sheeps!

  33. One of the worst article I have ever came across. Do you even know what you write ? Who your audience is ?

  34. The Print is getting it’s business model correct. Get a few trolls masquerading as journalists. Let them write articles on topics that are divisive. Such articles will naturally generate traffic, website hits and comments. Show these numbers as equivalent of TRPs. Get more funding from investors, build value and finally either sell off to another set of investors or go public. Way to go Shri Gupta.

  35. Shameful article by a shameless man given space by a shameless platform ..can imagine the difficulties and challenges faced by the anchors named ..More power to them

  36. Try as much as you can but you will nevere succeed in your filthy propoganda.
    And reporting about tablighi jamat and maulna saad is not hate crime against muslim but supporting them surely is a crime against nation.

  37. Mandal seems to be of the view that people should hold views on issues as per their religious orientation. Does this only apply to Muslims? Or others too? Any number of non Muslim anchors who have been critical of CAA, or the approach to Tableeghi Jamaat. By his logic, that is also abnormal. Such a mindset, is subversive. It is dangerous for a secular country, that we have the likes of Mr Mandal who hold such bigoted and regressive views.

  38. Don’t publish this type of material? The Print should apologize. I am a regular reader and shocked.

  39. Dilip mandal author of this article is a Communal Bigot , dividing Journos on Religion lines , shameful and disgusting . Rubika & sayeed ansari shuld file a case against this .

  40. भाड़े के टैटू हो तुम the print क्या तुम अब सांप्रदायिक सौहार्द नहीं बिगाड़ रहा हो?

  41. So this means that ravish Kumar and Rajdeep Sardesai are the mouthpiece of Congress or AIMIM.

  42. Now EVM machine PM is running India, Modi is a king not public servant ? most News channel and Anchors are not presenting proper News rather always running behind the opposition leader If New Govt come in india with fare election then stop these news channel and put them iniside the jail and punish them . strong law must needed for News and media because they are playing with indian citizen’s life ? our life spoiling by them ?………..temple open early morning to worship our lord ..but news channel ,anchors are open their studio to worship MODI GOVT ? day and night worship centre for MODI GOVT….all nonsense work going in india right now.

  43. This Mandal can write the most atrocious piece of crap, and manage to get it published in ‘The Print’. He has this weird, perverted and rabid communal idea that all Muslims by rule should violently, virulently and vocally oppose the NDA dispensation, in order to remain a Muslim. In the reverse any one supporting this government is not a Muslim, and should be excommunicated.
    I wonder Sekhar’s agenda by platforming such a pervert.

  44. It is a non-issue. If anchors who are nominally Hindu, or buddhist, or jain can conduct programs which are critical of Hinduism, why not Muslim anchors conduct programs critical of Muslims? Why does this writer view this matter through communal prism. I wonder who is more communal – the common man, or the liberals like this writer?

  45. Many of the enlightened, secular, and progressive Indian Muslims (who are more similar to the Muslims in Turkey or Indonesia or Azerbaijan or Kazhakastan), support the BJP and Narendra Modi. These people (who do not wear burqas or hijabs; and who do not wear a skull cap) are truly Indian.

  46. This Dilip Mandal is casteist thug of the next level. This RJD laloo supporter does not deserve to write his bs here.

  47. Dear Print
    You have not mentioned your religion.
    Please disclose it at the earliest.
    Kindly also declare your favorite political party.
    Dear Print
    Don’t divide the people of this contry.

  48. Why communalize news anchors? Why divide them on the lines of their faith? So far as content they report is good, not shamelessly biased like lie peddlers Rajdeep, Ravish Kumar, Barkha, Rana et al what is the problem?

  49. The print is turning into garbage. What’s the point of having editor in chief and editorial team?

  50. Hindus are biased, only Mr. Dilip Mandal is the epitome of unbiased intellect.
    He has divyadrishti, special vision, to clearly see other’s biases and bask in his objective opinions.

    It is not the right wing parties and organisations who play caste or communal politics, it is the self-certified liberal progressives like you.
    You keep the barriers of caste and religion alive because it suits your agenda of dividing India.

  51. I stopped reading this article after looked their content. From today’s onwards I will not ever read such article publish in the print.

  52. The certificate you distribute is no longer valid. You lost your credibility. The print was growing by doing menial jobs of media. One who do anything for money even sell his own nation.
    Your agenda of defaming,dividing,disgusting India will never succeed. You are like leech who sucks blood and survive.
    Its the tollerance of this nation and peoples that you are still operational. After these kind of so called editorial opinion.
    And biggest hypocrisy is that you are targeting people who are commenting. You don’t want readers you need blind followers as if you are some kind of cult. No dear you are just pathetic and disgusting news agency who is not reporting news but spreading virus in the community. #printexposed #printeatshitandwriteshit. You are just here for few more years after that you will no longer exist if u keep doing this.

  53. How very unfortunate that the author himself has been unconsciously sucked into this Hindu Muslim polemics. After reading the article I feel that the easiest job in the land today is to be a columnist because all one has to do is just give their opinions without taking on any responsibility for their statements. The world unfortunately today works under the binary system, you are either there or not there. Little do we realize that everything around us is interconnected and nothing can be seen in isolation. I stopped watching television and reading the newspapers regularly and I have some peace of mind. Opinions like these push me to believe that I must also stop reading news portals like these because there is an underlying prejudice in every piece of news or an agenda that masquerades as news.

  54. Dilip Mandal is one guy who still has a lot of hate for the Hindu society despite the reservations he n his kin has received from College admissions to Govt jobs. SAD

  55. Who has written this nonsense? And shame on you for publishing it. For how long is India to tolerate such rubbish? Evil people trying to spread hatred between religions. Please stop it !!!!

  56. Kabhi comment section pe jakar logon ki baaten bhi study kar Liya karo ….Besharm print walon…tumhari koi bhe news …Koi bhi article….Positive india nai show karta hai…Always spreading negativity …Hatred…Shame on you print…Shame on you….

  57. What a disgusting article…..
    It’s the first article I am reading on your website and I can clearly see how you communalis any topic…….

  58. Print is communalising even the media by doing a story on such a subject.You mean Muslim journalists should speak only against teen talaq, against CAA, against 370 removal , and support tabliqis even if they carry out big congregation against law and then hide somewhere or misbehave with nurses when they are quarantined.Doing a story of this type is disgusting. Has the commentator taken the comments of the concerned anchors to give their view on his hypothesis.Branding theses journalists as BJP spokespersons is disrespect to freedom of press. Request PRINT to avoid such stories which have no basis whatsoever.

  59. people hav enough slammed the writer of this pseudo-analytical article.
    i surprise bcoz this article is one of the result of google srch INDIA NEWS at 6 AM. if this kind of articles are morning news for us then where indian journalism is being diverted one can easily guess.

  60. Lol and what about this article

    Lol if you do it’s okay if others then wrong the way the muslim journalists you talked about were talking about jamatis , jamatis arnt the only muslim

    Tomorrow you will say don’t say Mohammad Hafiz terrorist as it’s a muslim person 🤦🤦

  61. Basic principle in Islam is That “first you verify the news then speak otherwise you are a lier “

  62. Can you guys stop your shitty level of journalism?
    It is assumed that you have sold your souls to islamists and want to defame BJP and hindus;

    Janta ch***** nahi hai, we know where you getting paychecks from to write such communal crap

    Then you guys go and scream bjp being communal

  63. In India few Muslims are always opposing whatever Govt act in right direction for country.Citizenship amendment act has nothing with bonafide
    Muslim citizen of India.However Muslim organisations opposed it.When division of India taken place Pakistan as a Muslim land came into existence 16% of Hindu population was there but as of today less than 2%.They are killed,persecuted or converted.Pakistan declared as a Muslim state and adopted Shariat law persecuted Hindu ,Shikh and Christian as well.So India bring the above said act to save them from persecution.This is has nothing to do with Indian Muslim citizen to oppose it.
    .In second case people from Tabligi jamat spread virus in defiance against Govt. order in larger public interest.While discussing such issue
    anchor like Rubika telling truth aggressively and firmly.Here matter is truth.Truth must triumphant.Question of people of India and not Hindu or Muslim.
    whatever good step of Govt.must encourage and this is not a question of majority or minority.

  64. Next is what? Hindu anchors? then Jain anchors? Buddhist anchors? Sikh anchors? Then? Once done with those, divide on caste lines? Then? North, South? North East, South West?
    You people are sick. Get well soon As@##les

  65. And then reporters like you trying to tell us the religion of anchors as well.Let me tell you not everyone gets brainwashed easily.

    • He isn’t a reporter.
      He is a paid stooge of ISI who strives at dividing India on caste and religious lines.

  66. The writer is as dumb and as his article, which clearly shows his biased nature towards few religions.

  67. This article is a disgusting piece of filth. only a degenerate could have come up with something this low.
    Is he suggesting that if one is a Muslim, he/she is not allowed to support this govt?
    Is he suggesting that till someone says exactly what he wants them to so, that person is not a journalist?
    The left in india has gone way beyond sanity, mere electoral defeat won’t end their tirades..they need to be shunned for good.

    • Forget supporting the government, this embarrassment of a writer is suggesting that donation to the PM CARES fund is some sort of a crime.
      See the sentence that Rubika even contributed to PM CARES. It is only in India that such degenerates are born.

    • This is a sick communal paper the editor of this paper the Punjabi illiterate shekar gupta should be jailed.

  68. Mr. Mandal belongs to the rate breed which simply cannot look beyond caste and religious equations. These anchors might be Muslim but they are Indians too. The utterly irresponsible and reprehensible actions of the Tablighi Jamaat has put the entire nation at risk. As far south as Tamil Nadu, hundreds of corona cases linked to the Jamaat congregation in Delhi have been discovered.
    The behaviour of some (NOT all) Jamaatis while under quarantine and observation has been outrageous. Lewd and indecent remarks/gestures on nurses and absolute refusal to comply with rules and regulations laid down by medical experts are on record. However, Mr. Mandal would deliberately not mention this or analyze such issues. Its not convenient and conducive for his agenda.
    Worse still, a huge majority of the Jamaatis, just like their leader Maulana Saad, did not turn themselves in at police stations and hospitals for corona testing and further medical action. Rather, police and intelligence agencies had to track them down and send medical teams to bring them to hospitals and quarantine them. Even these medical teams were subjected to horrific violent attacks – and there are video clips testifying to such violence. But again, Mr. Mandal would prefer to remain silent on this issue as it obviously does not gel well with his ideology and agenda.
    Any Indian Muslim, who is an Indian first and foremost, would be ashamed of the acts and antics of the Jamaatis and their leader Maulana Saad.

    • I am waiting for the day when moulana Saad is behind bars, and then punished by law with the most severe punishment. But what makes me wonder is why is it taking so long to arrest a man who has committed such heinous crimes? His crimes surfaced with the lockdown in place, so I trust the authorities didn’t let him get out of Delhi with no flights, trains or buses running, and I am sure he is no Charles sobhraj that it’s so difficult to get a hold of him. I sincerely hope he is captured as soon as possible and put behind bars and those causing delay in his arrest also need to answer why justice is being delayed to us Indians.

  69. Being born in a particular religion never means that you blindly accept and promote every shortcoming and patent absurdity associated with the practice of that faith, specially when you are educated individual and are educating the society at large by being an anchor on a popular TV show.
    The writer of this article is either a communal bigot or more likely a pervert mischief maker.
    The editors need to be far more vigilant to ensure that this type of mischievous venom amplification exercises are filtered out .

  70. They have sold their souls for the fat BJP/RSS pay cheques. Actually the part of their brain which deals with morals, guilt and contrition is completely desensitised with the communal opium which they consume in tons.

  71. What a nonsensical article. This comes from a mindset hell bend on preventing criticism of the ilks of tableegi jamaat. The writer obviously thinks speaking against tableegi jamaat, triple talaq, niqab etc makes a muslim “communal”. So who are his “secular” muslims? Owaisi? PFI?? Does this author think criticizing caste system is “communal” too?? This article clearly shows that the mindset of these so called seculars are no different from the rabid mullahs. And this double standards won’t work anymore. People who find aurangazeb, Khilji etc as their heroes will be called out and the so called seculars can keep whining. If they are so pained by talks against tableegi jamaat, niqab etc then they should first grow a beard, wear niqaab, practise triple talaaq. If they themselves don’t do these and them support these practices then they are the morons who needs to be purged from media.

    • Exactly. Absolutely nonsense.The print has already lost its credibility.This platform always try to divide the people.what don’t People file a case on the print

  72. Or, there may not be a complex psychological issue here. They may genuinely be critical of their own community just like many in the Hindu community are. It is silly to think that Muslims cannot be genuinely critical of their own community. I have enough Muslim friends who are genuinely critical of their own community – there is nothing wrong or sinister in that.

  73. Never read such unadulterated Horse Exreta than this !

    Apparently, in the diseased mind of this clown Mandal, it is impossible to be a Muslim and have a mind of your own – where you can have political ideas and opinions that are NOT decided by your religious identity or some semi-literate mullah who hasn’t washed in a week or longer!

    Apparently, this cretin Mandal doesnt think Muslim Anchors can actually hold beliefs or ideas that are not founded on identity and they are all acting or their opinions are a “”performance”” . Perhaps he is simply projecting his insecurities and his articles and rants are merely pretence as well ?

  74. Most of your journalists speak like congress or left people. Although I know in today’s India almost everyone is biased but improve yourself and don’t criticize others.

  75. Now, who is real communal??
    If these news anchors are doing their Jobs in full Hosho- Hawas, who you are to point out their religion and be judgmental.
    You are crossing ethical line of a journo and making personal comments.
    For you, only true muslim is one who wears Aligarhi Pajama, wear a skull cap, keep beard and spew venom against BJP and for doing this, he is not a communal person but a normal Indian citizen.
    What a travesty of truth. No wonder, your patron in chief is chair person of EGI.

  76. So now a librand will now teach moderate Muslims how to behave like good, fundamentalists, anti-Modi, anti-India, Hinduphobic Muslims

  77. This bloody author is the biggest bigot. He is trying to create disharmony even among the moderate and good minority. Its atrocious and shows his malicious intent of creating a rift. Infact he is frustrated in seeing good people from the other side. Tell 1 reason in CAA which is discriminatory to the community. Shame on you and the print for giving opportunity to such bigots. Can you read what Imran khan has mentioned about us last week. How many minorities in pak have been converted in the last month. Why relief material for minorities in pak was not given? You talk of tablighs. Yes despite repeated warnings they have created havoc in the country, But not a single tabligh was ever harmed in quarantine despite their aggressive behaviour. All our govts both bjp and non bjp have ensured their wellbeing and ensured all have recovered. Let us praise the Muslim anchors. These kind of articles are harmful to the nation. Print of late carries more of them.

  78. I appreciate the sense the author is trying to capture. That is even true to a good extent. But the author himself seems to have fallen deeply in the pit of stereotyping. He doesn’t seem to realize that a sizeable minority (once this segment was majority) of Hindus actually differ from the majoritarian fanaticism, and such anchors also may have this ‘problem’ of dual persona on-stage and off-stage, just like Rubika or Sayeed.

  79. बस हो गया, धर्म ही देखते हो। सारा दिन हिन्दू मुस्लिम के सपने देखते रहते। इल्जाम दूसरों पर वाह रे नोटंकी

    • Pichhle 3-4 saal me saare news channels ki prime-time debate ke topics dekh lena. Pata chal jayega Hindu-Muslim kaun hai (I know you already know it and are pretending).

  80. Sorry, but a shameful topic and narrative. Patronizing and buying into the Muslim victimization narrative. May the Print pull up its socks, enough.

  81. Sick.
    Ridiculing any community by anyone is the job of mentally sick people.
    Unfortunately, the rewards (or plunder) are high and recognition (or notierity) is instantaneous.

  82. Anti HINDU journalist will NEVER mention how in Afghanistan Muslims including infants were killed by terrorists just a Day back. He is so concerned of ensuring congrass ideas of DIVIDE AND RULE INDIANS is implemented.

    • Don’t worry. The people killed were Muslims and not upper-caste Hindus. So you shouldn’t be bothered about them. You should have banged plates instead.

      • That’s a classic example of replying. Simply degenerate someone, morally judge someone, speak nonsense of someone to make him look like a bigot. Did he ever say something about him not caring about the deaths because they were not upper-hindu, or do you seriously know that he is an upper-caste. Fuck cast distinction. And fuck people who spit communal identity politics and people who are prejudice like you.

      • What is Upper Castes you idiot? And what is Muslim here ? It is casteist thugs like you who do casteism. Regarding Muslim or anybody, if they have like any Indian it is fine but we cannot allow Arabic nonsense here.

  83. The author doesn’t deserve to be writing for print. Totally biased. Highly opinionated. He just absorb the air in which a muslim can be pro bjp. The Kashmir police supports centre. So does every other comman man. The author will stick to his hatred forever.

    • Who the hell are you to decide who deserves what? Why don’t you and your rabid BJPig masters form an “Editorial Police”? Why praises for Muslim-bashing articles and abuse for the other perspective?

      • You and your ilk are exposed and outnumbered….. Frustrated corrupt Congress stooge.

  84. WTF, whats wrong with Muslims calling the kettle black? Why do you have to paint religious colour to their news coverage? On the same breadth, why didn’t you call out all Hindu anchors who repeatedly target Hindu faith or customs (for example communalising Holi and Diwali) as Congress leaders?

    • The Print allows people of all ideologies and backgrounds to give their opinion. It is not a news, just an editorial/opinion piece. Criticizing those news anchors is not Muslim-victimization! It is plain Muslim-bashing. Instead of your fake comment, you should be happy about it.

  85. Rubika Liyaquat & Sayeed Ansari ji are patriotic Indians.
    We salute Rubika-ji & Sayeed- ji.

    • And you must be some Shukla, Sharma, Trivedi or any other upper-caste cowbeltian Brahmin. You don’t have to use this fake user name.

      • & u r such a piece.u r replying to evry1.i guess u r some dalit or such thing u notice, u r just a pyada in d game of Muslim Vs upper caste ruling.either way u will b a in Pakistan too muslims lift dalit girls from in front of whole family. So, jus try to use Dr ambedkar’s constitution,under upper caste, too grow u.islamic constitution will b more,dont b over hyped to support muslims. Dey r more self reliant.

      • N you must be the JNU educated pseudo liberal urban naxal who is a big apologist of religion of peace n your journalistic heroes must be Ravish n Rana Ayyub . Right Pedro ?

      • You are some casteist thug, and let us clear you Sharma is also used by Vishwakarma community.

      • I am a SC from Assam. I have given given my actual credentials before posting this comment. And I reject caste based assholes like you and this Dilip Mandal.

        • Every Indian now know very well how much Anti India and Anti Hindu propaganda is being carried out by this third class category The Print Media… Better you close your shops here in India go somewhere in any Islamic countries…

      • Ahmed Patriotic Indian is part of BJP IT CELL, He is there in all new comment section. He is innocent, he need to do his job as he is BJP IT Cell employee

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