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Indian media is waging a holy war against Muslims. It acts like hyenas

Indian media is not doing journalism. Channels from Zee News, Aaj Tak to Network18 add ‘jihad’ to everything, which bigots on social media then use to target individual Muslims.

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Activist Kavita Krishnan’s video tirade against India Today channel’s news editor Rahul Kanwal for his coronavirus show titled ‘Madrasa Hotspots’ is spot on. The one thing Indian media is not doing is journalism. In fact, very few people are doing journalism today. Channels from Zee News, Aaj Tak to Network18 like to add the word ‘jihad’ to everything. Corona jihad or zameen jihad, love jihad, arthik jihad, and whatnot. But if anyone is waging a holy war today, it is Indian media’s jihad against Indian Muslims and Islam.

The year 2014 was a watershed moment in India. Not just because Narendra Modi became the prime minister with an absolute majority but because the Indian media, as it functioned until then, metamorphosed from a pigeon — a messenger of truth and facts — to a hyena, one that serves its own interest fuelled by an insatiable greed that drives it to devour its prey alive, sometimes ripping it apart, while it sniggers. Today’s news media, especially the prime time debates, is brutal, almost barbaric, with little to no regard for ethics and morality. 

Journalism is now endangered and what’s masquerading in its name is business — with open display of bigotry and hate against Muslims and other minorities. It not only builds its viewership base by hook or crook to more advertising money but it also doubles up as a PR firm, serving the interest of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), to show it as the saviour of India. 

And what’s the flavour of the season in the Indian media’s bid to do the bidding for the BJP? An extra large scoop of Islamophobia with some sprinkling on top — Tablighi Jamaat conspiracy theories (from spitting to shitting), a dash of anti-nationalism reserved for Muslims who are called more Pakistani than Indian, a huge dollop of ISIS connection (especially in the land of Malayalis), and a generous serving of demonisation through constant use of rhetorics like jihad, halala, triple talaq, beef eaters, and anything that a devious mind can conjure (‘Muslims in India are deliberately spreading the coronavirus’).

Of course not every media house is like this. Some try to be trailblazers of truth and investigation. But media is a capital intensive industry. It needs money, especially to compete with the dazzling HD-quality channels or publications with subscribers in millions. Besides, the government can cut it off anytime or withhold advertisements to make it go bankrupt. It’s really a choice between Scylla and Charybdis.

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Govt encroachment

Let’s compare this to the past when things were not so bleak. Except during the Emergency, Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) used to air news without any opinion. In fact, Section 12 (2) (b) of the Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India) Act, 1990 makes the duty of public broadcaster very clear: to safeguard “the citizen’s right to be informed freely, truthfully and objectively on all matters of public interest… and presenting a fair and balanced flow of information including contrasting views without advocating any opinion or ideology of its own.”

Although dubbed as the central government’s mouthpiece, Doordarshan’s DD National (formerly DD1) was not a perception changer like today’s news channels that primarily depend on sensationalised ‘breaking news’ with a lot of confirmation bias. 

But Doordarshan has not been without the blemish either. It edited out portions of Narendra Modi’s pre-election interview in 2014 and then telecast it in full when Modi took umbrage at it. But the broadcaster refused to telecast then Tripura chief minister Manik Sarkar’s pre-recorded 2017 Independence Day speech even after the CPM leader called its act “undemocratic, authoritarian” and “also (an) expression of intolerance”. 

Now, Doordarshan appears to be buckling completely under pressure, with the Narendra Modi government considering dissolving Prasar Bharti and converting both DD National and AIR into public sector units to keep the majority stake with itself.

When print publication dominated the media sphere, things were still authentic because reportage was given more weightage than opinion. But that also died with the emergence of social media. Today, anyone with a camera phone is a journalist and everyone has a ‘journalistic’ opinion to air. A video is more easily consumable than an 800-word article. Full-page political ads and increase in the number of classified pages are a sign of how print media’s independence has taken a hit in the past six years during which a large number of people have moved to social media that Modi and his BJP have used like a magic wand.

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The Muslim angle

While it’s here on social media that bigotry against Muslims is more pronounced, it takes inspiration, and content, from the news channels that engage in hate 24X7. So, the question remains, why does India media detests Muslims so much? Why don’t news anchors like Sudhir Chaudhary, Arnab Goswami, Deepak Chaurasia, Amish Devgan, Anjana Om Kashyap, Rohit Sardana and their types ever get tired of demonising Muslims day in and day out?  Is it that majority Hindus have always hated Muslims and after 9/11, the advent of Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and 2014, it just became the new normal to do so publicly? Or has the persistent propaganda to reinforce fanatic beliefs about Muslims as being violent and irrational led majority Hindus to inculcate them in their daily lives, even if they have personally never experienced any of those propagated beliefs?

The Tablighi Jamaat fiasco is a good example. Like a herd of cattle that cannot think on its own, the 1500-odd men who were stuck at Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz continued to stay there while their spiritual shepherd — Maulana Saad — didn’t think it necessary to empty the premises despite the fear of the coronavirus. But were they the only religious groups who did this? No.

The Tablighi Jamaat congregated between 13 and 15 March, but temples like Siddhivinayak and Mahakaleshwar were not closed until 16 March. Shirdi Saibaba Mandir and Shani Shingnapur Temple were closed only on 17 March, Vaishno Devi on 18 March, and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple was operating until 20 March — a day after Prime Minister Modi had addressed the nation and called for ‘social distancing’. Some news channels pointed these anomalies out but for the most part, the narrative to demonise and blame the entire Muslim community — and not only the Tablighi organisers — played on a loop. What did it lead to? Muslims began to be targeted, assaulted, beaten up, abused on streets by nameless goons and the police without any action against anyone. The same media that helped propagate it conveniently ignored all the attacks on Muslims.

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Is this new?

Fake news has been used rather assiduously in India to create a sense of unity within the majority. A feeling of unity to hate a common enemy and defeat that enemy by voting a Hindu nationalist political party that will safeguard their rights.

The ‘us vs them’ elixir has always worked. And so a premier liberal institute like Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) can be projected as the land of condoms and ‘anti-nationals’. Or media can blithely express entitlement over Ayodhya by crooning: “janmabhoomi humari, Ram humare, Masjidwale kahaan se padhare” (The land is ours, Ram is Ours, Why have the people of the mosque arrived here). Or that the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) were being funded by foreign entities. Why isn’t anyone talking about the gaumutra and gobar parties thrown by superstitious Hindus to fight the coronavirus? Why aren’t these unscientific and unhygienic practices being called out? Why isn’t anyone outraged by pilgrims stuck in gurdwaras and temples? Because no one is bothered by “non-Muslim” folks doing anything wrong.

From the looks of it, Indian media is winning the war being waged against Muslims and Islam. Have you read the news? A “Muslim” man — Dilshad Ali — has been lynched. Dilshad, badly beaten up by goons over accusations that he had plans to deliberately spread the coronavirus, is alive. But since he survived the brutal attack and didn’t join Mohammed Ahlaq and Junaid Khan and Pehlu Khan among others, there’s nothing to feel outraged about what’s going on.  

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

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  1. Just take the name of single Muslim majority country where they are safe, prosperous, free from violence, free from terrorism no not a single place where they are.

    Think 🤔why

    Any clue?

    If you don’t have still then just turn over the pages of qur@n. And read the verses:

    What it says about Jewish and Christians.
    What it says about non Mu$lims.
    What it says about terr0rism.
    What it says about s€x slaves.

      • Uneducated people like you just only know how to destroy nature even you don’t know the power of trees
        Ah.. I got you
        You people only know how to destroy and disrespect someone
        And I wanna tell you that first know about what is cow dung and for what it is use for
        U people see everything like a shit
        And you can never get the knowledge of Ayurveda
        You people just know how to kill not how to save

  2. There is no war against Islam in Indian media for India was already declared jewel of the British Empire. The Indian Independence Act is history and will repeat itself. This is said and done. The new wave is about hum do hamare do. You must figure it out.

  3. As a common observer, In India, not only muslims but also christians are converting hindus into their religions. The reason behind this activity is to destroy our culture, our identity, and our history. What is the outcome? Outcome is separating our country based on religion. Because, indian muslims and indian christians can’t tolerate any other religion. It favours destruction of remaining temples, and they can enjoy temple wealth (It is huge). In india, already most of the land is under the control of christian churches. Such assessts wealth is more than Indian railway assessts only in terms of lands. In history, ancient indian universities were destroyed by muslim invaders. Later, our gurugul education system was distrupted by english men. So, how an Hindu faith on them.
    In this news, many local mosques tried to hide illegal foreigners, (muslims) to save from the legal action. Such people are not ready to cooperate with government to control the COVID19. Definetly they are not good minded people. At covid initial days, most of the victims are muslims and they are tried to spread the covid to non muslims. Over the centuries, their mindset is not changed and they are trying to kill other religious people in the name of jighad. It is true.

  4. y doesnt print cover the muslim appeasement this country does to them-most scholarships, halal loot on stamping of products, the autocratic wakf board, the free pilgrimage before 2014, f**kin looters who get aid from taxpayer to further their propganda while we pay taxes

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  7. Jihadi Left never gives up. All these years when they were in power thanks to their benefactor Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, they terrorized Hindus as if Aurangzeb was still ruling. Now that the Hindu oppression is reduced thanks to Modi and the BJP. the Jihadi Left’s Goebbels like campaign is continuing.

    • Very True .Why doesn’t print talk about attrocities done by China on Uighuir Muslims . If it has guts let it talk

    • Once bitten twice shy. India was invaded, looted and people were forcibly converted by the Islamic invaders. The Hindus behavior towards Muslims and consolidation is an act of restraint to avoid repeat of the bad history.

  8. Non Indian will spread dirtiness because they want to proof themselves clean… Pointing Indian Muslim will make you only hindu, Gujarati, Sikh or christian but not Indian. Some people will still don’t understand the concept of crime… Criminal don’t have any cast and even a spreading mind shit Is a crime too because It show you simply want entertainment and not peace…

    • tell this to nikita tomar family who was because she deny conversion and marriage proposal from toufeek

  9. Punyabhoomi hamari. Dharam hamara. Tum Islam wale kaha se padhare? Saudi se? waapis jao. This is India not Saudia. And all the problems you have with media, I have exactly OPPOSITE problem. They are always trying to sheild muslim abuse hindus and force secularism down my unwilling throat. You say they are anti-muslim? I say they are anti=hindu.

  10. Tell me a good muslim country to live in ? they tune there own country to shit and move to a good one there like parasites

    • Indonesia, Morocco,Kosovo,Albania, Dubai, Oman, Turkey,Iran(travel ban makes it a teeny tiny bit less attractive), Maldives
      if we are talking about safety well let me tell you most of these countries are safer than the United States ! The homicide rate In Iran is 4.62 per 100000 just a teeny tiny bit more that US of 4.58 ( about the same of India)
      Now let’s talk about economy right. well there is a country where tax is like non existant and still is the most developed country with the highest tourism rates ! wow what can that be ?
      DUBAI obviously ! well yeah most of these “islamic” countries are way way safer than India. I’d totally liv ein anyone of them instead of India

      • Islamist change the demography of the region. This happened in Kashmir when they drove Kashmiri Pandits out of Kashmir. It is unfortunate the western press and the leftist are blind to this. High time the westerner understand. Islamisation has already started in Europe. Yes India wont allow you people to make it an Islamist country. GOOD YOU AVOID LIVING IN INDIA. WE WILL BE PEACEFUL.

  11. Sorry, you could not create a big enough ripple. Bask in your own self-created glory. J’had is the preserve of the J’hadis. It is no secret J’had has become synonymous to t’rism. It is going to end soon. The J’hadi world is crumbling. J’had (t’rism) is directly proportional to the demand for oil. “J’had aur J’hadion ki kabr khud rahi hai”. Would pseudo-J’hadis like to follow, is the question…

  12. Due Article like this Sleeping Hindus are getting awakened…we need more article like this…

    • After 1947 partition of Infia between muslims and non- Muslims and unabated terrorism by votaries of Pakistan in India till date, a clear exchange of populations of Muslims and non muslims is only answer also in addition to prevent Ajmer style rape of innocent Hindu girls. Pakistanis and the past foreigners have brought calamity after calamity to India who with their criminal bent of mind are eternally guided and motivated to harm India in all possible ways. The Pakistanis of India are playing victim card, using our resources and have a vision and language to overflood India by all means including throwing crumbs to corrupt and dishonest greedy lecherous pseudo secular petrified fellows.

  13. One of the Horrific Mass Rape incident after the history of independence . Maulana of Ajmer Dargah has lodged an FIR on the saying of Acharya Ankur Arya that in 1992, 250 girls were raped by khadimas . In which 6 girls committed suicide.
    The whole matter was ..
    Hundreds of girls were raped one by one at the farmhouse .

    Ajmer About 25 years ago.

    A gang of men raped the girls studying in the girls’ school Sophia in Ajmer, calling them at the farm houses, and the family members did not even know. Among the raped girls were also daughters of IAS, IPS. All this was done by taking pornographic photos. This act happened with more than a hundred girls by doing a girl first, then another. These girls were not girls from any poor or middle class homeless homes, but girls from well-known homes in Ajmer. Sofia is one of the well-known private schools in Ajmer.
    Officials say that the address was already there. But no steps were taken if the community tension does not occur.
    Rape done by calling in farm houses . A man Name Farooq Chishti’s man first implicated a girl from Sophia School. Took a pornographic photo of the girl Later, more girls were blackmailed through this photo. Fearing, the girl also took her friends to the farm house. His friends and his friends. Second after another, third after another. By doing this, more than hundred girls of the same school were raped. These sticks used to go to the farm houses in front of the eyes of the housemates. It is said that he used to come to get vehicles. And would leave her at home. Photos were taken during the rape of girls. Then intimidation and girls were called. It is also said that leaders, government officials were also involved in raping these girls of the school.
    The Khangrace Youth Leader was the mastermind .
    The masterminds of this scandal were Farooq Chisti, Nafees Chisti and Anwar Chisti. All three were leaders of Youth Khangrace . Farooq was on the post of president. These people also had access to the Khadim (caretakers) of the Ajmer Dar*ah. The rappers had both political and religious power due to access to Khadim. The victims of rape were mostly from Hindu families. Officials felt that the riots could be caused by the name of the case being exposed as ‘Hi*du-M**lim’.

    Later, more people got involved in blackmailing. In the last, there were 18 blackmailers in total. Among these people was the owner of the lab as well as a technician who developed photos from the negative.
    Threats to kill the openers
    This case, coming in India’s biggest sex scandal, fueled the fire of big contraversions. Whoever came forward to fight, would be threatened. The girls’ families had refused to come forward.
    Girls die after death.
    Many of the girls whose photos were taken, took suicide. 6-7 girls died simultaneously. Neither the society was coming forward nor their family members. Depressed, these girls took this step. It was strange to see girls from the same school together. This was helpful in exposing the case later.
    Two girls who unravel the secret of scandal
    Despite the efforts of police and women’s organizations, the families of the girls were not coming forward. People did not open their mouths because of connections with the leaders of the people involved in this gang. Later an NGO investigated. Thirty girls’ faces were identified through photos and videos. Talked to them Was asked to file a case. But in the society, many families refused to be called slanders. Only twelve girls agreed to file a case. Later, ten girls also withdrew due to threats. The remaining two girls took the case forward. These girls recognized sixteen men. Eleven people were arrested by the police.
    What happened in the case from 1992 till now. There are some things related to the case that can be known about what happened to the accused .

    1. In 1992, the entire scandal broke. Eight people were arrested after the girls identified the accused.

    2. The first judgment of the case came six years later. The Ajmer District Court sentenced eight people to life imprisonment.

    3. Meanwhile, Farooq Chisti lost his mental balance. Because of which his trial pending.

    4. Later, the District Court reduced the sentence of four accused and sent them to jail for ten years. It was said that a sentence of 10 years in jail is enough.

    5. After the sentence was reduced, Rajasthan Government appealed against this ten-year sentence in the Supreme Court.
    6. Along with this, the four accused in jail challenged the Supreme Court for the ten-year Judgment.

    7. The Supreme Court dismissed the files of both the Rajasthan government and the accused.

    8. Another accused Salim Nafees was arrested in 2012 after nineteen years. He too left the bell. There is no news about him since his arrival on Bell.

    Since then, there is no new news about the case of what happened to those rapists. Where is salim Farooq’s mental condition was corrected or not.

    This is a real incident.

    There is no doubt that Acharya Ankur Arya has rightly said .

  14. Indian media, as it functioned until then, metamorphosed from a pigeon – a messenger of truth and facts – what a joke is the author living in a Lala land. Indian media was in fact was baying with each other to lick the boot of Nehru / Gandhis who were providing all monetary and other support to these hypocrites. You can still find many of them around even to this day of course without a proper job. All these equations changed with the advent of social media which was a rude shock for these parasites.

  15. “Indian media, as it functioned until then, metamorphosed from a pigeon — a messenger of truth and facts — to a hyena“ what a joke the author is living in a Lala land. Indian media was in fact was baying with each other to lick the boot of Nehru / Gandhis who were providing all monetary and other support to these hypocrites. You can still find many of them around even to this day of course without a proper job. All these equations changed with the advent of social media which was a rude shock for these parasites.

  16. If we roll back prior to demolition of Babri Masjid, BJP tried hard to come to power with development Mantra but failed. So, the solution they found is religious divide which worked well in Gujarat implemented by Modi & Shah. RSS put Shah in charge along with Advani and they planned the strategy. The time was ripe with telecast of Mahabharat & Ramayana due to which Ram / Ayodhya intoxicated every Hindu mind. They along with VHP organised Ram Janma Bhoomi classes across India, gave fabricated classes to attendees and portrayed Muslims as their no.1 enemy. This worked and BJP came to power which was ample proof for them that to be in power they need to divided Hindus & Muslims.

    • Hindus have woken up and are acting in restraint so that India is not turned into an Islamist country. History has thought us great lessons. When British are called colonist why not BABER, an INVADER. We should not have invaders structures and ideology existing in INDIA

  17. The author only shows how for muslims it’s always about their religion and any criticism of it would result in conspiracy theories …chants of islámophobia
    ..if you dig deeper you will get to know how author celebrated the tearing on indian tri color by radical khalistanis backed by islamists ..many of her tweets are sympathetic to the islamists point views and steer clear of incompetence of IM leaders

  18. Well, if some one don’t know how many days are in April month obviously he/she can’t be an anchor of a national news channel, absolutely not, and not only that there are lots of blunders…. But if peoples like these are in the main stream news channel and people are fan of them than anyone can think something is not right.. so the talking of right and wrong and truth and false can not be expected from these peoples…

    • That person who does not know how many days are there in April is far far good than the person who supports bharat tukde slogans in india, supports tripple talak, afzal guru, makbul Bhatt, burhan wani, pic of jinnah in university, Rohingya muslims……….etc etc…..!

  19. It is difficult to get a reasonable and balanced point of view from a Muslim when it concerns his /her religion. And most Christians join hands with them in their fight against Hindus finding common ground with them and thinking that they are one just because they are grouped under one head as religious minorities here in India. The world over though they are engaged in a bitter battle against each other in their search for numbers. It is just futile to engage with them in a debate on matters related to religion . All that needs to be done is to tell them curtly that this is the way India will be. If you accept it, just stop cribbing, crying or throwing a tantrum and live on. Or else go where you think you will be happier. India is not some theocratic country where the govt. panders to the idiosyncrasies of individual religious groups and cults. It is a Hindu majority country where Hindus formed 95% of the population but has been reduced to 80 because of its tolerance towards other religions who have been constantly chipping away at its edifice in their quest for numbers. In the earlier days these new age religions were successful to a great extent because of the connivance of the rulers and the nation was ruled by Moghuls and Whit e skinned barbarians. Now that India is independent, it is better these minorities realize that they are just that and will have to adjust to the majority who have been considerate enough to tolerate them in spite of their belligerence. It is futile to debate and discuss religious matters with converts or the descendents of converts who have been disloyal to their original faith and converted out of greed, fear or because of coercion. Reasoning does not work sometimes. It is only an ultimatum that works and the present govt. has conveyed it in fairly clear terms I guess.

    • Dear Bhai such strength and articulation. You are a special soul, the voice of dharma has been sabotaged and suffocated for eons and ages. Truth tellers are the dire need if this dark ages of sell outs, traitors to truth, sitting on the holy soil of the Motherland India like the vicious parasites you have countered. They need to be Driven off the land and ancient culture they so despise and attack, assail and assault . Shame on them calling themselves ‘journalists’ and having the gall, the nerve, the audacity to call themselves ‘balanced’ scribes! They are physcotic inveterate haters of Hindus dharma and are nothing but mouthpieces for lies and falsehoods for the so called ‘ minority’s’ who are I fact global majorities and perpetuating the biggest fraud and misrepresentation on Hindus and exploiting Hindu largesse and goodwill to their own wicked selfish Exclusive advantage . The persecution of Hindus by these evil fraudsters is appalling and must be countered and exposed .

    • Dear Bhai such strength and articulation. You are a special soul, the voice of dharma has been sabotaged and suffocated for eons and ages. Truth tellers are the dire need if this dark ages of sell outs, traitors to truth, sitting on the holy soil of the Motherland India like the vicious parasites you have countered. They need to be Driven off the land and ancient culture they so despise and attack, assail and assault . Shame on them calling themselves ‘journalists’ and having the gall, the nerve, the audacity to call themselves ‘balanced’ scribes! They are physcotic inveterate haters of Hindus dharma and are nothing but mouthpieces for lies and falsehoods for the so called ‘ minority’s’ who are I fact global majorities and perpetuating the biggest fraud and misrepresentation on Hindus and exploiting Hindu largesse and goodwill to their own wicked selfish Exclusive advantage . The persecution of Hindus by these evil fraudsters is appalling and must be countered and exposed .

    • Waah Deepak bhai..
      so erudite , itni achchi angrezi aati hai…why not… you and your ilks must have been quite impressed by that ‘white barbarian’ in olden days it seems.
      But one thing that any kind of bhakt , of any religion or culture, can never acquire is true sense of justice and empathy . A true characteristic of any bhakt is the attributing of the worst of traits , intensions and actions to his perceived enemy/ opponent and then brainwashing himself and others to behave in the worst possible manner almost amounting to barbarianism. The century long aim of RSS , Mahasabha and the like to prepare an army/militia of brainwashed zombies is alas, it seems, nearing fruition as fast as never before. People who derive sadistic pleasure can only be termed as brainwashed zombies. No amount of money and high class education is a guarantee of a just and balanced personality. The old adage by Kabir rightly highlights the essence of real knowledge and wisdom; “…..dhai akhar prem ke padhe so pandit hoey”. We must all examine ourselves and do some soul searching to find out if in the pursuit of personal or collective vindication our hearts and minds are getting filled with love and compassion or getting stiff and constricted, though we may gain some material knowledge in the process. Someone has rightly remarked – “When you are fighting a monster(real or perceived) , be careful lest you become one”. The people like you Deepak bhai who are so tirelessly and aggressively working to create a monster and fight it , will soon realise, when enough years have passed by and passions subsided, that the hatred and monstrosity has engulfed and consumed all involved in it and inflicted irreparable damage to society . Till then can only pray and hope for dawning of real wisdom on all of us. Thanks .

  20. To understand the media lynching of Muslims – you need skills of deconstruction and analytics

    Step 1

    WHat is the definition of a Hindoo ? dindooohindoo

    The wisdom of the “children of Cyrus,Darius and Xerxes”,encapsulates the “transcendence of Human thought”, the “Deuterosis of the Dindoo”, as under:

    A “Persian dictionary”,titled “Lughet-e-Kishwari”,published in Lucknow in 1964,gives the meaning of the word Hindu as “chore [thief], dakoo [dacoit], raahzan [waylayer], and ghulam [slave].

    Step 2

    Media in Hindoosthan – Big Picture – North India

    This is not the USA or EU, wherein intellectuals,ideologues,idealists and philosophers,own,manage and edit newspapers.In India or Hindoosthan,the media is owned by rapacious banias,brokers and pimps,fronting for politicians and tycoons, blackmailers ,extortionists,murderers and rapists.

    In the North of India,the entire media is owned by banias,and financed by banias,politicians and political parties. It is either owned by the banias,or the bania is a front man,for the mafia or the politicians and political parties. These banias are English illiterate,and a race of liars,thieves and cheats – a race of pure Indians,id.est., they are not Rig Vedic invaders.They have atypical Indian features,and are easily identifiable.

    Step 3

    Media in Hindoosthan – Big Picture – South India

    In the South of Hindooland,the media is mainly owned by Political parties – as the media,is a working capital guzzler,
    and the media needs cash (not bank loans),to operate.With the parties in power,the government ad blitz,is done
    through these outlets,and the money is also bled out,to generate cash,for the politicians.As time passes,some of
    these media entities,are listed on stock exchanges

    Some South based newspapers and media houses ,are owned and run by the weasels and impotenticas,of the Brahmin race – like the Hindu etc.,id.est.,Tamil and other South Indian vermin Brahmins.

    Step 4

    What is the Bania filth (Marwari-Gujarati-Kayastha scum).

    It is the Bania filth who worked as spies for each invader into Hindoosthan ! They also funded the wars of the Mughals and Sakas and Huns. There is not one 1 record in history of them having stood up for anything ! They sold their women to the invaders

    The Birlas,Goenkas,Bajajs and other bania filth built their empire by sending their women to Nehru for his peccadilos.They also funded Ambedkar in London – result that – Ambedkar spoke not one word against the Bania vermin !

    95% of the NPA and Bank Frauds in North India upto the borders of the Vindhyas are on account of Bania vermin ! No one talks of the said statistic as every media house is owned and managed by banias or has 75% of the advert revenue from Banias

    The entire banking system is designed as a wealth transfer system to move funds from Indian clowns in SB accounts and Fancy Bonds – which funds Banias ,who steal the money for Netas ,and the avail of CDR/OTS

    To hide all of the above and their history,the bania media owners are now,paragons of ethics,morality and democracy.These rats who did not shed their urine, in a single war of the Hindoo nation,since the war of “Bharata”,are exhorting Indians to die for the natoon,and also,exhorting the dubious courage of foolish Indian soldiers from poor,backward and destitute families.

    This is Hind–oooo-sthan !

    Step 5

    The real owner of the Media and the Media Busines Model

    In essence,the actual and quasi owners of the media,are the banias and the politicians – as the revenue model, of the
    news,is based on advertisements – which are sourced from corporates,owned and managed by banias,or managed by brahmin/bania and kayastha vermin.Corporate adverts,are based on TRPs – but the Govtt ad blitz and propoganda,is based on discretion of politicians,and their pimps,in the media.

    There are several loss making media outlets,in the pathetos of Hindoosthan – for decades – but they do not fold their
    business. Foolish people ask Y ? Several Editors and Owners,of Large media houses,and loss making media outlets – act as
    pimps,of the politicians.They provide access to politicians and baboos for large contracts,loans,acquisitions and licences.
    That is the REAL business model,and then,there is the “conversion” operation – wherein,the Politicians get paid in cash,
    for the Govt ad blitz done,via the media entity.The conversion is more profitable,for loss making media entities,for obvious

    The rate for rotatng the cash of the politicians,is half the SBI PLR (Medium term PLR).Banks do not lend to media outlets –
    and so,the working capital of these outlets,is funded by the cash of the politicians and banias.

    Hence,the real owner of the media,is the politician and the bania financier.The Bania CEO, is meant to manage cash flow and
    has no intellectual imputs.It is thus,obvious, that the media has to peddle the line and ideology,of the politicians,and the
    ruling dispensation.

    Step 6

    Media Antics and Tactics

    To ring fence themselves,the Indian Media has made defamation laws – which suit their needs,and the media house is owned by a myriad maze of Trusts,NGOs,Firms,Partnerships and Corporates – which makes criminal liability,impossible.The self regulatory bodies of the Indian media,are all bogus,and are meant to dissuade the plaintiffs.The media vermin,can destroy any politician,and also, any Judge – and so,no Judge has ever sent an Editor,or Onwer of a media outlet,to jail.The Dubious Hindoo nation,has no concept of “punitive damages”,on anybody.

    Besides,the media is pampered with nil duty on newspaper imports,EPCG schemes for newsprint makers and other sops for the media.In addition, they get land and property concessions at prime locales,but at sub prime rates.To keep the moolah flowing,these vermin,have award ceremonies of dubious credibility,to pamper the egos of politicians and tycoons,and banias – to keep the cash flowing – an exercise,in cheap antics and perfidy,wherein the media and the awardees,are complimenting each other,with an audience of morons,waxing eloquent on the merits of Indian Democracy !

    Step 7

    Y Anti – Muslim Media Tone

    1st the public,has to get some basic concepts clear

    The media owners = Bania vermin,and in a few cases,Brahmin vermin
    The media editors = Brahmin vermin,and in some cases,Bania filth
    The media lawyers = Brahmin vermin,Punjabi banias and some Sindhi Ani’s
    The Politicians = All Right Wing Hindoos (In North India)

    Who are these people,and the raucous heathens and menials,which comprise the audience of the TV media,and the regional language print newspapers. These are the offspring of the rapes of women by the Sakas,Scythians,Mughals, Afghans, Turks,Mongols etc.It is said that Rajput harlots poured kerosene on their vaginas,before they committed suicide.The debauched history,of the hindoo cowards,is haunting the Hindoo – after 2000 years.

    What are the Indian Muslims ? They are converts from the lower castes.If the Mughals and Turks,had not ruled the Hindoos,these lower castes – would have been destroyed.Islam redeemed the Dalits and lower castes.However, the DNA is that of a Hindoo coward,still – and that is Y,West Asians mock Indian Muslims,and call them “Hindoos” – even in Mecca ! Many West Asians,do not even consider Indian Muslims,to be Muslims.

    The deep reservoir of that Hindoo shame,has been converted into Muslim hate,by the Politicians – as that is the core of the Hindoo DNA.If there were no Muslims – the Hindoos would target the Dalits.It is the evolution of shame and humiliation,into HATE and VITRIOL – which is a tried and tested formula,in several nations.The media acts as a tool,for the “accentuation and catalysis” of the anti-muslim agenda,by distorting and hyping incidents, WHICH ARE CREATED AND NURTURED BY THE IB,NIA AND THE POLITICIANS (as a part of a conscious strategy of assymetric war,on the Indian Muslims and a perpetuation of, a monotony of propoganda)

    The formula of the politician,is simple – to create an issue each week of the year, in order to bring diffident and marginal hindoos,into the right wing hindoo cult – and let the opposition splinter the Muslim vote,into different parties.The Fact is that 90 % of the Hindoos,do not care for NRC/CAA,and also,believe that the Tabligh,is a Corona Bomb.That fact (which is the “Core DNA” of the Hindoo), and the media lynching,have fed on each other.

    Incidentally,the rabid competitive lynching by the media houses – pushes up the TRPs,to the stratosphere – which gets in the corpporate advertisements, and which are then,followed by a political audit (by the politician) – who then,loosens the purse strings,of the state ad blitz,through the preferred media houses – akin to bones,thrown at the dogs,in a manger.

    To add the spice,each TV channel has a posse of rented and dubious Muslims and Nassara – who are not regarded as Muslims,by Islam,and also,derided by Mecca and Rome.These limpet rats are used to provoke Sunni Islam,and make it appear to Hindoo heathens and menials,that there are fissures in Islam – and that,there are some Indian Muslims,fighting the ogres of Islamic Orthodoxy – like Salman Rushdie ! Most Hindoos believe that Shias,Ismailis,Bohris are a “Caste”, within Islam – just like the Hindoos – same same.

    Step 8

    Reductio Asurdum – Expecting idealism and ethics

    If the media is owned by banias and politicians – then Y will the media focus,on the following :

    Corruption – as it is done by banias and politicians,and the politicians,are the sponsors of the state adverts
    Bank NPA and Frauds – as it is done and sanctioned,by banias and politicians,and the banias are the sponsors of the adverts
    Farmers suicides – as no bania dies and banias and politicians gain,by farm overproduction
    Farm moneylenders – as all the financiers and arhatiyas,are banias
    SME doom – as the money is stolen by banias,and politicians
    Manufacturing doom – as that will hurt the oliticians,and the corporate sponsors
    Military doom – as that will hurt the politicians,and the hindoo ego
    Evils of the Hindoo faith – as that will hurt a billion hindoos and politicians,and the corporate sponsors
    Dalit and Lower castes – as that will hurt a billion hindoos and politicians,and the corporate sponsors
    Hunger,poverty,rape and degradation – as that will hurt a billion hindoos,and the corporate sponsors

    Take a sample of Zee – owned by a Bania – who also has,a manufacturing industry.He is English illiterate , and so,has a Hindi channel. His news acnhors – female are middle aged,divorced and with frigid vaginas – who vent their hate on the Muslims. The Men are limpet impotenticas, Brahmins (invariably) and Banias,who have studied in a conservative environ, and have no knowledge of history or philosophy,and also,have no domain of expertise,in any field

    The female saga of the Hindi news anchors,runs across all TV channels in India.The Muslim anchors spare no efforts to bash the Islamic orthodoxy,in order to maintain their secular credentials.Same for the Christian anchors,who spare no effort,to state,that they are “tax paying Indians” and devoutly Indian.

    Take a sample of a TV channel NOT owned by a bania – but owned and run by a poodle of the state.Republic TV.Run by the inept son of a Fokad Fauji –
    Left Right – Left Right – Left Right.Even a donkey has more than IQ.The IQ of the clown,is still in the bootstraps of his father’s shoes.

    Take a sample of a non-bania owner,of a newspaper.The Hindu.Run by a Tamil Brahmin – a race of impotent,dullards and duds – who are a race of cowards and supines – as detailed in the Hindoo scriptures.These vermin,doomed Tamil Nadu and also,India.The man is an iliterate and an impotentica , with Nil IQ.Spying on debauched and dumb politicians and baboos – involves no intellectus.

    Even a Dog can highlight inefficiency and corruption – as in, when a flock of sheep,is out of control or breaks free,or is attacked by a fox or a cattle thief.The dubious Indian Media,has no solutions.The Dog has !

    The question is – what to do with these vermin,in the media – who are the invisible hand,in perpetuating the Hindoo caste system and elitism,in a manner of pernicious stealth.Targetting Muslims,is just a deflection and a diversion, and a small component of that “stealth strategy”.The “media grand plan” works – as Hindoos,are basically a race of “cowards and duds” – else,they would not have followed a “bogus religion”,for 5000 years – which has brought them to the cusp of doom.

    • Samir, You have written a nice fiction with little truth –like salt used for taste. A good career may be waiting for you in fiction section of library.

    • For you kind of people, who carry the burden of these feelings, I have only one line to say, ‘ if you have so much of problem from this soceity and country, then you are free to find your kind and leave this place…..!’ nothing will happen to this place without you.

    • Yes, because of the cowardice of the Hindus till recently you people and the islamist ruled the country. You were sucessfully carryout your agenda by invoking caste. Understand that now the Hindus have come together, irrespective of caste, to resist Islamisation of the country. The Indian media is doing its job very well, presenting facts. Your posts point that your a planted stooge of the INVADERS

    • Dang you have some deep rooted issues. Got see a doctor. Better get yourself in a straight jacket and jump off a cliff!

    • @Zeniffer Anthony – You are absolutely correct!! Even social media like Twitter is biased against India & Hindus!!

    • @Raqshan Saad – Ha!! Ha!! Does Islam or Muslims know truth??!! Both have been sold out to Christian west, Communist China & Arab Petro dollars! They use Maulvi’s to use gullible Indian Muslims as stupid, disposable low cost weapons against their own nation & eventually themselves!!

  21. This article is so disappointing, it’s covered in the veil of the ‘Title’ but is clearly targeting a Single religion/political party like always the majority (hinduphobic views) with the words like Ram, Hindus, BJP and Muslims. Well he’s targeting the biased news channels and media houses which I agree, is a good thing as whenever you watch a news channel nowadays you’ll find a biased anchor targeting a political party or a religion whether it’s Zee News etc. or NDTV etc. They all have formed their own different groups with their own different interests and both BIASED to the core. The Author is same too and it’s his personal opinion, so please Don’t digest this article and let it influence your own personal views, remain on the neutral line and watch news or read article of the both sides.

    • @Himanshu: The war on Hindus & India is run by the Christian west, communist China & Islamic petro states!! Most Hindus are sleeping enjoying subsidized whatever but selling their own nation & Hindu civilization to the likes of sold out, foreign funded politicians like Arvind Kejriwal!!

  22. Leftist Brigade are 0laying their secular cards as usual.
    Double standard hypocrites are already exposed.Just ignore them.

  23. Personalities like Kanwal are nothing but a tout they favrs for thier mean and publicity not less then a whore Pure reflection of Poor upbringing What it seems their seniors family members have made them greed only for Wealth what matters for them is Money and fame But another option too he can adopt to earn good money

    • @Purity – Ha!! Ha!! Kanwal himself generally is a communist/leftist so generally pro Islam/Muslims!!

      Meanwhile, Zainab Sikander is A LIAR as all Islamist’s doing her unholy Jihad for Islam/Muslims!!

      She says: The year 2014 was a watershed moment… because the Indian media, as it functioned until then, metamorphosed from a pigeon — a messenger of truth and facts — to a hyena..!! There CAN NOT be a bigger fallacy then this statement!!

      Indira Gandhi was a covert communist and pro Muslim as the congress/Gandhi family!! She even forced Dr. Subramanian Swamy (who has Muslims & Christians among close relatives) out of IIT just because he wrote an article to promote a capitalistic system rather than communism/socialism!! A dictator like Indira Gandhi disguised herself as a democrat and the media under her or congress couldn’t have been anything else but a bunch of liars, LIES with full blown communist propaganda!!

  24. I totally agree, the Tv news Channels are so biased towards Muslims. Even though they act like a “News anchor” they forget the fact that a news anchor is only there to Present News, we didn’t ask for for your freaking opinion. Tablighi jamat, well, Muslims practice this thing every year and have been practicing ever since. It isn’t the fault of Muslims that this virus has spreaded. It’s the fault of India, We Indians are Hot-headed, We don’t like to listen to other people, we create problems on our own and blame them on others ( this is our natural trait) we’re selfish. It’s all because of this Pseudo Democracy we believe in. We’re so easily offended by anything. But all of these traits just vanish when a minor girl gets raped, family gets beaten by some goons and etc. We believe in patriotism so much that we forget the fact that a nation isn’t a nation when it’s people are divided and are fighting against each other.

    • “It’s all because of this Pseudo Democracy we believe in”

      Well said Mr/Ms Xenon !

      The media is the unholy enabler of the BJP/RSSproject to convert India into a Hindu Pakistan. I guess they are also paid to do that.

      • @Kili Jolsiyar – Lol!! Convert India into a Hindu Pakistan.. as Islam converted Pakistan into Jihadi Terroristan??!

    • @Xenon – Well if Muslims or any other cult practices something, they should at least ensure that they don’t infect others because of their stupid actions!!

      Is it all because of “Pseudo Democracy” that we blame those who need to be blamed?? WHY don’t you & people like you TRY China or ISLAMIC Pakistan where you will NOT live another if you voice any views against the communists or Islam??!!

    • @Gaurav – SICK-ULAR Your are!! Muslims should rather leave an ideology which is creating violence in every part of the world where they are a minority & KILL minorities when they have a majority!!

      Sanatan Dharma & Hindus believe in Peace and Muslims should STOP believing in a cult which believes in PIECE!!

      If you are an Indian/Hindu, you should look into the Islamic history and fight against the EVIL!!


    • @Gaurav – Hmm!! Muslims can go into religion and even create a Jihadi terrorist Islamic state named Pakistan??

      Mullas can even use Mosques as butcher shops for their supposed “God” to call for killing & raping of Hindus In Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal or Pakistan/Bangladesh..??

      Christians can do fraud & convert poor Hindus and then tell them to hate Hindus & Hindustan..

      Yet!! Your lessons on religion are reserved for Hindus but not the evil desert cults;))??!!

      • If you people are suffering so much by living in India and have so many problems with Indian muslims then why don’t you just leave this country and live somewhere else

    • Mr Gaurav: Hindus do not make war.

      Perhaps you could check with other Hindus who happen to be Dalits before expelling hot air through your mouth.

  25. Dear Sikander it’s the likes of Ms Kavitha and the Sunitha Devdas who are paid to create an undercurrent opposition to the patriotic guys who you see as the anchors above. Then how do you explain who funded this poor CPIML female Kavitha to attend a London conclave to lobby against article 370. How Sunitha Devdas writes reports on how a bike got burnt in a remote village in India, while she was abroad, during Diya Jalao campaign. Food for thought:- their funding needs to be traced.

  26. The author of this article seems to have “NO SENSE” in comparing Tabligi Jamat with other hindu temples. The author doesn’t have “MIND” even little bit i guess…..He must consider the fact Corona Virus came to India from abroad, be it the first case reported in India in kerela from a person whio had recently returned his home in India from foreign country. While hindu temples have majority local visitors and national visitors, Tabligi jamat had hundreds of foreigners who hailed from many countries where corona virus was already a major issue. This high congregation of foreigners at one closed place with thousands of locals is what triggered the alarm about them. Moreover, even if we consider this fact of no substantial reason then author must not forget tabligi jamat became famous and suffered the ire of media only when jamat didnt cooperate with the administration even after being briefed how dangerous hotspot they were by housing so many foreigners and inviting more local muslims with so many foreigners. What added more to the wounds from Jamat was identification of so many corona positives from the same jamat, spread of corona from them to all over country wherever tabligis went and research based tracing of how those Tabligis wherever in India they went and spread the virus in that place. All these factors made Tabligi Jamat face the ire of media, be it a paid media or fake media, doesn’t really matter. What and how tabligi jamat eposide happened is very unique to Tabligi jamat itself so cant be compared with other hindu temples………..

    Oops forgot to mention how tabligi jamat was brain washing its visitors not to fear from corona and if death from corona is bound then there can not be more better place to die than there……omg……i or any hundu cant even imagine a hindu temple preaching as such to its visitors….omg…..just think….come to temple….if death is bound then come n die in temple its the perfect place….omg think of a pandit or baba preaching temple visitors like this…..omg……Muslims need to introspect a lot about how their once beautiful religion is turning out to be to others, not only in India but all over the world.

    • You Mr GVS, are a gasbag, as the length and incoherence of your response suggests. (and then you think Zainab Sikander is a “he”).

      • @Ravi – Indians/Hindus are NOT Arabs!! Only those with infatuation with Arab names In this Hindu-stan need to know if “Zainab Sikander” is a he, she or neither!! OK??!!

        Else, sick-ular’s (or Muslims cheating by keeping Hindu names) need to know what Dr. Tagore & Dr. Ambedkar wrote about Islam!! Their clarity on Islam & Muslims is for all to see except those who are SICK idiots!!

  27. One important difference btw the Tablighi Jammat and the rest of the religious happenings during this time is not being pointed out by bigots like The Print- “No other religious places/congregations attacked nurses and doctors. No other religious people ran around nude. Most importantly no one else had their religious head openly announcing not to pay heed to medical advice and “die in the name of Allah” inside the mosques . This is the reason this congregation of Jammat is being rightfully bashed by the nation.

    • It is pity that whenever media take dig on any negatives of a specific religion, it is said to be biased and predator against that religion. I am not naming any religion. I don’t dislike a community because it’s a different religion. But a cocktail of illiteracy and orthodox non flexible behaviour of a community is thing to discuss and improve. Similar lack of acceptance ( lack of flexibility) in a journalist’s writing also have scope of improvement.

      With due respect and regards

    • Do you have evidence of this Mr Gururaj, because all available evidence points to this not being true? If you do not have evidence – which isn’t likely because these are falsehoods – and have decided to offer those as facts, congratulations. You have just achieved fake news greatness combined with mindless repetition of statements you cannot be botheres to verify. You insult us Hindus. You also insult your parents, and your teachers who probably tried to teach you to be human, but you chose to be a vile person instead.

      • @Ravi – What did you learn at school, in society and in the 500+ evil history of Islam against Hindus in India??!! Dr. Tagore & Dr. Ambedkar wrote about Islam!! Their clarity on Islam & Muslims is for all to see except those who are SICK idiots!!

    • Most of the accusations that you raised that “No other religious places/congregations attacked nurses and doctors. No other religious people ran around nude”, were all proven to be fake and were spread with malicious intent. Carry out some research from authentic sources & you’ll know the fact.

    • I think you do not that alligations were marked on jamatis ,were denied by our administration as well as police administrations , all news were fake related to jamatis like they were misbehaving with medi cal staff but this information were not broadcasting by media as well as petition has been caste against the media channel who were spreading such fake news , in supreme court , you should aware about all these informations .

  28. The credibility of the write up stands dented very significantly from the conspicuous absence of mention of uninterrupted appeasement of minorities during post independence period by converting them in to vote banks courtesy conduct of most of their leadership. The literal religious cleansing of kashmir valley through brutal use of violence by this minority community, has strengthened the common man perception that the minorities are not generally amenable to the spirit of accommodation with communities other than their own. Rather their public faces feel more comfortable with tukde tukde gangs of various hues across the country and beyond.Therefore whenever episodes like Shah Bano and Tablighi Jamaat resonate well when brought into public consciousness by any entity including the media.

  29. Indian media, like all other institutions of India, has simply caved in. Except for a very few people and some media houses ( very very few), every other is licking the PM. And the speed at which this deterioration has happened is bewildering – just about 5 years. Terrific. The top national institution, that of the legal community, too has fallen recently. How can we expect media to stay pure – which has always been living on government ads and other subsidies?

    • @Avatar Alok Asthana – Shame on you communist, SICK Hindus taking Chinese/Pakistani money and spitting venom against your own people & nation!!

      You have forgotten the rape of your mothers & sisters in Kashmir and in the over 500 years of shameful, evil & murderous Islamic savagery but you won’t have anything worthwhile to say??!!

      People like you do have a place in Chinese Islamic/Muslim mental Hospitals, promoted by ALL Muslim Nations!!

  30. The author seems to be living in cuckoo land. Does he not realize that his brethren are the ones who are alienating themselves from other Indians with their rantings and actions. first the rantings from all over tat they will break India. then 15 crores will finish of 100 crores. then the riots. then the Tabhligi. then the various clerics saying they will destroy India by spreading the virus. the list is endless. how can the common man who is only interested with living a peaceful life and caring for his family, deal with this on an day to day basis. This will obviously harden the attitudes against Muslims and people will ostracize them or not give them employment. how will they live. by shouting and beating the healthcare workers. Author heal thyself first.

    • Mr sunjay Verma after read a lot of fake news and don’t see both side of the coin.have a nice day.

      • – Ha!! Ha!! Those born with a fake ideology and given the poison of EVIL call everything FAKE except their ideology & community!!

      • Ha!! Ha!! We have seen hypocrite Islam & Muslims see both sides of the picture In Kashmir or did we NOT??!!

  31. This is just playing victim card. Please give comments on the statements of Muslim leaders, and you will understand what communalism means. Don’t spread this type of messages in media. This indirectly is encouraging anti national mentality. Getting popularity in a cheaper way.

  32. I don’t care what a follower of scrap ideology like Communism is saying. They should need to see their own faces in mirror.
    Now what about the chaos Muslims r creating ? Haven’t seen a single mention about that in the article. From Day 1 of lockdown they have disobied the orders from PM, what about that ? In a time when Mecca n Madina choose to close n they also suggested to stay at home n do Namaz, Indian Muslims had gone out in Masjid for Namaz n said Namaz is the only solution to cure Corona, y no 1 is speaking about it ? In India no 1 has ever stopped Muslim Community to offer prayer till date, but it’s an unprecedented time which we all unitedly needs to fight against it. But few people from Muslim Community r making TikTok videos mentioning Corona is NRC of Allah. Is it a way to behave in a democracy ? Democracy doesn’t mean “Monkey Dance”.
    Few Hindus have also disobied the orders they got their punishment. No Hindu has played or tried to olay Victim Card here. So people who r supporting the chaos created by Muslims r the ones who need to see their faces in mirrors. When a Hindu found in creating chaos We never supported that activity instead we supported the fact that they (Hindus) if found creating chaos needs to put in jail.

      • @RKA: I read a few of your opinions here. You generalize Muslims & Islam as sick. I pity you. You are such a narrow minded person. Open your eyes and look at the positive contributions Muslims made to this country till date. You ARE sick and you need to come out of these bigoted ideas. Get well soon.

        • @Richie Raj – You & people like you should get well and come out of your ignorance and stupidity!!

          I am NOT generalizing!! See how Islam treated Kashmiri Hindus & Dalits!! What was that; an act of Islamic god or Muslims?? See the demonstrations against CAA & Rohingyas but nothing was done for 70+ years to restore democracy & human rights in Kashmir by the same Muslims!! Which Muslim stood up against that EVIL?? If NOT, where were they sleeping?? As a result, one has every right to generalize because Muslims aren’t coming out against the EVIL in their own cult!!

          Pakistan was created for Muslims and by Muslims!! This so called pure land of Islam, went on to create Jihadi terrorists taking Indian/Hindu blood!! WHY?? HOW?? What was the inspiration if NOT an EVIL ideology?? Are you not aware of the 30 crore+ Hindus killed & destruction of tens of thousands of temples by Islam?? What happened to Hindu/Sikhs in Pakistan/Bangladesh that their population was reduced to nothing and we have refugees in India?? Was it not Islam & Muslims the reason for that EVIL??

          A few enlightened Muslim souls like Dr. Abdul Kalam, one can confidently consider a trillion times better than many communist Hindus or Christians!! I have eyes & I see good & bad unlike ignorant & stupid people like you!

          It’s ONLY the actions or non actions of Muslims which make up Islam, not fairy tales of Quran, SICK-secularist’s or communists!!

          See the REALITY and get well soon out of your ignorance!!

  33. THE author is just being a crybaby.
    And that’s the case with 90%of Muslims in India.
    People like these shower never ending compliments on the owaisis and the muftis and channelise all their anger towards Narendra Modi.

  34. I simply say you have touched the feelings of Muslims in India. The way they are silently suffering is common knowledge to all. But Muslims are to blame also. Only one solution to this hatred against muslims is people like you join hands with an aim to make entire muslim population scientifically educated with a huge reserve for basic skilled persons. Time is to concentrate on science and skills. This will gives not only livelihood but respect across the world.
    Adv. Shakil Akhtar
    Supreme Court

    • Having good scientific education is great. But you also need to learn on how to gracefully accept the mistakes of your fellow brothers. Why is that you don’t condemn the mis-behavior of your brothers towards health care workers during this pandemic. If you and your community had condemned it, you wouldn’t have suffered silently. After all, the top celebrities in India AK, SRK and SK are muslims and do you think they would have reached that stage without support of majority community? Introspect Introspect Introspect and you will find all answers.

    • @Shakil Akhtar – Muslims are the ONLY ones to be blamed for the present situation!! They should begin by asking pardon from Hindus of the crimes done by Islam against Hindus in the last 500+ years!! Then they should at least thank Hindus for giving them bread & shelter even after they already took their share and made Islamic Pakistan or rather terrorist-an out of epic Hindu lands!!

      Hindus are inherently secular. The images of Dr. Kalam or Sai Baba, both Muslims, in Hindu temples are there to attest that reality!!

      Show us ACTION, Not words!! Educated Muslims must take charge to educate their brethren and weed out the Mulla/Maulvi who have been pushing Islam & Muslims to stone age & some sort of Islamic revivalism!! If these educated & so called moderate Muslims fail to take charge of regressive Islam, then one can only conclude that they are complicit in terrorism & Islamic/Muslim regressive-mess!!

    • Shakil Akhtar: If Muslims get educated they will get out of the clutches of Mullah, politicians, including many Hindu politicians who are using them for their personal gains, keeping them ignorant and poor. If Muslim persons are smart and rich they cannot be befooled by there leaders, Hindu and Muslim, and they will not be overwhelmed by preconceived notions. These pre conceived notions are continuously being drilled in innocent Muslims head by the politicians and several leftist India writers.

  35. The author is an outright Hindu hater and fake news expert who has been SLAP BANGED on Twitter by everyone. Such people can only find their articles published on such anti government/hindu,/India news protals like The Print and earn a few scraps for their food. Pity you Zainab Sikander!!! What will happen to you when Modi wins 3rd term and BJP wins WBengal, Kerala and Rajasthan because of the Covid crisis management? Really PITY INTOLERANT JIHADI people like U !!!!!!

    • @Ash – The author is just doing his Jihad as 99.99 % of Muslims do against a non Islamic nation!! These zombies are brainwashed by Islam!!

      Islamic jihad has many faces. Jihad is not just slaughtering people for Islam; it is also a systematic suppression of truth and propagation of lies as this author just did. Also, how can so called “moderate Muslims” boldly assert (despite hard evidence to the contrary) that Islam is a peaceful religion?

    • Please read the article once again with an open heart and mind without nursing the same kind of bias and hatred the Indian media houses are spreading. I’m sure, a sensible person will simply not deny but accept the facts presented in the article. If you choose to close your eyes, it’s up to you. You have to ask yourself if you have an iota of conscience left in you.

  36. Gau mutra party was highlighted and was in news and ppl were arrested,
    Jamaati’s did not co-operate for testing and were resisting quarantine and isolation, they were criticized.. they acted wierd with healthcare professional they were criticized
    Kanika kapoor threw tantrums she was criticized in full blown..
    Whoever got away from isolations ward was in news
    22nd first day lock down ppl came in street with banging vessels were criticised
    Ppl giving their folk wisdom of using garlic turmuric as remedy for this virus criticized
    Whoever assaulted health care worker arrested and cirticized
    Whoever assault street vendors muslims were arrested
    This articles of yours is fancy, but lack holistic pictures
    Stop writing such things rather condemn whatever wrong happening in our country rather taking sides and play victim..

    By writting such things you creating gap in society yourself
    News media is atleast using jihad word and jamaat word you connected it to entire muslims community.

    • good facts , This kind of authors have to be put behind bars , for Creating a divide in the county! we need to know who pays this people to divide India

  37. The author never shied away in taking names like VHP or Bajrang dal then what is the problem in naming Tablighi Jamaat
    What, she is writing and absurd. Why shouldn’t the name of a organisation be taken

    • @Dev – Please understand the SICK in Indian SICK-ularism & the SICK when they took up an evil political ideology and disguised it as religion!

      Islam like evangelists do land, resources & power grabbing disguised as religion!! This has been their evil history!! All this must stop in India to begin with!!

      • RKA: So you want to replace secularism with what? Golwalkar’s sick ideology of hate ? Won’t you be weakening the already weak bonds between various parts of India?

        • @Kili Jolsiyar – Where is secularism In India?? Is being Anti Hindu secular?? Where is secularism in Islam or Christianity which divide Humanity on believers & no believers & then go on grabbing foreign land, resources & power in the name of religion??!!

          Hindus are inherently secularist but the word secular is foreign to India!! If Hindus weren’t secular, there would have been no Muslims or Christians in India!! India would have done EXACTLY like Islam did in Pakistan killing almost al Hindus!! They would have done exactly like American Christians killing almost all natives!!

          India should be based on strict laws which protect everybody & the Hindu civilization-al ethos of this land!! Period!! Indian Secularism is SICK and must be discarded!!

  38. Don’t want education. Don’t believe in education. Just imagine the reversal of population RATIO in INDIA THAN understand what happened in Pakistan and Kashmir.

    • Absolutely! Islam & evangelists do land, resources & power grabbing disguised as religion!! This has been their evil history!! All this must stop in India to begin with!!

  39. A Muslim is of the Muslim, for the Muslim by the Muslim.

    Majority of the Indians have had enough of this fake secularism, we’ve been fed for 70 years now. You want Holy war, you’ll get Holy War

    • @Ishant: Absolutely right!! Just see how Islamic nations like Pakistan/Bangladesh protect their evil political ideology through blasphemy laws and what not.. and then go killing tens of millions of Hindus & Sikhs while Indian Hindus/Sikhs as Muslims who claim to be Indian remain SILENT as the DEAD & IMPOTENT!!

      Pakistani passports have to be attested by those applying saying they are Muslims!! That shows how EVIL protects EVIL!!

  40. I fully understand writer’s perspective. But do not agree with the generalization and stereotyping. A good part of Hindi-medium news media (unfortunately I do not know what are other language channels are saying) is displaying disproportionate emphasis on Muslims and Tablighi Jamaat story is its latest example. But it is a travesty of fairness for writer to say that media was ‘a pigeon – a messenger of truth and facts’ in pre-2014 years. Media during Congress and some intervening times was as opportunist as ever. During Mulayam Singh Yadav’s times in UP, where I come from, amazed me why Mulayam Singh Yadav’s rallies were always described as ‘mammoth’ in newspapers – I knew how big some of those rallies had been. Later we knew about his gifts of apartments and houses to prominent reporters. Your Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta himself has shared how then Governor of Punjab, Late Arjun Singh, upgraded the housing-status of the prominent journalists in Chandigarh (was it after Sant Harchand Singh Longowal’s assassination?). How come so many journalists were appointed as Ambassadors and to other powerful positions by Congress and other previous governments? We have seen plane-loads of journalists flying Business class with PM during his foreign travels. It is to the credit of this government that from 2014 it has been stopped.
    Media has changed post-2014. No doubt about it. But its bent is due largely to self-censorship. Blaming Government for its opportunism, power-hunger and, as writer says, its business ethics is unfair. All Governments have wielded power and used it and in future too it will happen exactly the same. So, let us call a spade a spade. Media pre-2014 and post-2014 is the same. It was Hyena to Modi before 2014. By the way, there are still some Channels which are Hyena to Modi. And they are still standing their ground which I appreciate even though I have to punctuate their reporting about Modi from other sources. But the are consistent. The integrity of media is an internal virtue. Let us not smell conspiracies and blame a ‘home’ affairs to an ‘external’ factor.

  41. The hate against Muslims started after incidents like spitting on health workers stone pelting ,evasion of quarantine, uncooperative behaviour and not coming forward for tests. No sane Muslim will support these behaviours but they failed in this basic humane duty. Instead of criticising the unscientific Tempore and appealing for United front in fight for COVID they are concentrated on defense. As is this article.

  42. By spreading hate, where are we going ? If this continues, the country will definately go to dogs. These hate mongers will flourish if people don’t teach BJP a lesson.

    • what about people like you Khurshid… do you think u r a spotless pearl. When people like you cannot condemn you fellow brothers who behaved badly with health care workers what right you have to criticize others?

    • @Khurshid Ansari – We will not let the country go to dogs!! But the pigs who created Pakistan, Islamic Terror-istan, should be rectifying their mistakes and move there!!

    • @ Avatar Khurshid Ansari – Will you ever look within yourselves as your Islam preaches and orders you to do??!! When will you & your community Only take positive aspects of Islam and discard HATE??!!

      WHY most Muslims are ALWAYS selective & DON’T apply the good values preached in Islam in practice and real life??!! Are you any human being or just a brainwashed Islamic Zombie for EVIL??!!

  43. Congregation in the temples as mentioned by writer, didn’t spread corona virus, so don’t compare it with tablighi , tablighi is responsible in spreading corona virus in india, that is a fact even though writer may deny it , writer looks at it in muslim angle but tablighi jaamat has spread the virus, media has not mentioned muslims, hence it shows the writer is biased , communal and muslim centric

    • Your comment does not make even one ounce of sense. How didn’t congregation at temples not spread the virus. Were hindu gods providing Hindus protection from the virus?

  44. Ms. Sikander:
    Your article should rightfully be titled “Tablighi Jammat Muslims are waging a Corona Jihad against all of India”
    Blame the messenger deflection ain’t gonna work this time.
    Even if we accepted the MSM bias in India why are Muslim Arab news sires like AlJazeera calling Tableeghis a major Corona vector?
    Your community’s outdated attitude of opposing all modernity like science and medicine is endangering the entire world.
    Muslims will be shunned everywhere for deliberately spreading the virus.
    This a blot that will be hard to erase.

    • @Avatar Minnehaha: Muslims have two types of nations; one that Is Islamic & another that has to be made Islamic!! Their evil madness will never stop!! All this was known to Indian leaders especially Dr. Rabindranath Tagore or Dr. Ambedkar!! They had also warned India/Hindus & it’s leaders!!

      Alas!! Nehru/Gandhi wanted to replant the poisonous seeds of this evil cult and make Pakistan2.0!! This has led us today to the situation where Indians can even dare name their children Taimur, the rapist & criminal and looter of Hindus & this nation!!

      Islam like evangelists do land, resources & power grabbing disguised as religion!! This has been their evil poisonous political ideology & history!! This must stop!!

  45. Accepted media is baised. If some demons minority others to on majority. Temples, gurdwaras and churches are running until late March, but how many of these have contributed to current numbers. Just read another article on Print that 90 percentage of cases in a Southern state or from Delhi event. If you don’t like these numbers then go do some real journerlism your talking about, bring out the truth and expose those who are spreading lies. Rather than using your skills to write opinions of victims card and spreading hatred from other side just go and do what you are preaching, good journalism. By the way the creed feeding Modi and BJP are only one side of the coin, the other side to which you belong are the champions you created the monster in the first place.

  46. Unholy war you mean. If we can’t stop them now, the reckoning will at future Nuremberg trials – we’ll have to walk through fire and hell BUT: sab yaad rakhha jayega.

  47. It is time to call Spade a Spade instead of softly peddling rubbish of phobia this and phobia that, we know why the cases of Chinese Virus increased in India because of certain silly people had a gathering and spread all round the country.

    • Silly people will do silly thing. But govt machinery was there to stop congregations like this from January onwards when focus should have been to stop the virus from entering through visitors and globe trotting Indians. Failure of governments in this regard should also be emphasized.

  48. Look, if you put articles where others are attacked on a personal level, then the Opinion authors should be fair game too…

    In one of the previous articles by one Jaggi (?), I compared him to an animal called Jackass. Please do moderate that comment in.,.

  49. Sob! sob, sob.
    Cry me a River.
    Hinduphobia in full public display by a Muslim.
    This is a ‘dog bites man’ story – not really a surprise.
    As usual, a Muslim ‘victim’ blaming EVERYONE except the venal, bigots of the Tablighi Jamaat.

  50. A rant and a tirade is not an article. An article would give specific examples of “holy war against Muslims”, substantiate it, present the other side’s views and explain why they are wrong. An opinion, a tweet expanded to a thousand words is NOT a journalistic article. My respect for The Print is going down by the day. Soon I’ll stop reading it just as I don’t read The Wire, Scroll, Quartz, Quint, or for that matter, the Republic TV.

  51. World is peaceful if crazy idiots will end. They dont respect their lives and neither respect others. This is the war between Good and Bad which Existed, Exists and will Exist till the total crazy idiots will end. Guess who is that crazy idiot. Jai Sri Krishna.

  52. Mr Sikandar,
    Tableeji Jamaat is one who spread corona virus, not other religious centres and this is the fact. Please accept and move on. Please ask Tableeji jammat from your forum to come out and get the Corona test. Most of the day to day positive patients do belong from Jammat.

  53. Truth is bitter dear author… this has proved that losers can indeed get together against the tyrants. you ‘Secular” world where majority community is abused and scum of humanity is given immunity under “Islamophobia” is over …. eat it.

    • @SD – Well said!! The ideology which was NEVER secular But PURE EVIL should be given pg piss & shit, they seem to love!! What they have done in Kashmir, west Bengal, Kerala, west Bengal, Pakistan/Bangladesh.. killing tens of millions of innocent Sikhs/Hindus must be paid by them!!

      If Islam doesn’t respect humanity & India/Hindus, they must not respect Islam one bit!!

  54. So as per you Tik Tok Videos are also a conspiracy against Muslim?
    I must points out a very interesting fact about Muslims, whether a Pakistani Muslim or Indian or Arab or White they all blame Everything on everyone except Their Faith.
    A Pakistani Muslim believe that CIA/Mossad/Jews/RAW is trying to defeat Islam.
    A Indian Muslim believe That RSS/BJP is planning conspiracy against them.
    But the fact is Kashmir, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia are suffering Because of this bloody Islam. Keep defending until you were thrown out of every Country Then we will see how many Muslim countries give Refuge to another Muslim?

    • @Qwerty – Islam & Muslims are the biggest evil hypocrites on earth!! When Syrians, Afghan Muslims or Hindus were running from Islam & Muslim nations, ONLY India/Hindus & Christian/Europe gave them refuge!! Mecca/Madina, Saudi Arabia
      and ALL Muslim nations turned their backs not just to Hindus but also their so called Muslim Umma brotherhood!! Indian Hindus even gave shelter & bread to Muslims even after they created Pakistan terrorist-an but didn’t move there!!

      The same Muslim nations are now openly supporting China to ban Islam, put Ughur Muslims in concentration camps as also change Muslim DNA by making Han Chinese sleep with Ughur women!! This is the true face of Islam & Muslims!!

      India/Hindus must take note!!

  55. Dear sir, I am against all sorts of buffoonery in the name of journalism.But blaming few journalists as anti Muslim is unfortunate because not all Muslims are irresponsible but the markaj episode created problems for the society as a whole.The liberal school of Indian intellectuals happily want to see sanatan dharma followers get converted by Christian missionaries in India only.The so called communists side with Islamists n want the Bharat divided into pieces.The civilisation n culture of Bharat when challenged; the liberal intellectuals feel joyous.Hindus are not against either Christianity or Islam but whosoever wants to destroy the soul of Bharat is not welcome.

    • @Rakesh Sharma: Those who don’t protect and respect their civilization & culture are doomed to death & rape!! Please do see Indian History for proof!!

      Also, almost all Muslims/nations are now openly supporting China to ban Islam, put Ughur Muslims in concentration camps as also change Muslim DNA by making Han Chinese sleep with Ughur women!!

      Chinese are just protecting their civilization against the evil of Islam and India/Hindus must take note!!

  56. Please show Facebook videos showing Muslims breaking lock down rules everywhere in India it is a jihad I mentality of a religion and community which you guys are scared to comment. You are yellow sickiuar presstitudes of the first order anti national paper

  57. Hahahahahaha.

    All you wrote was correct except giving answer why doctors were beaten in indore by devdoot community. Except why nurses were abused by tabliqi jamat in quardentine center. Except why the tabliki jamati not appeared for self quardentine and tests a d police had to do extra efforts to nab them?

    You may be correct up to 99 perecent but if these questions remain unanswered means their is something fishy and then the benefit of doubt may be taken by anyone in this case media.

    I oppose any of the hatred but only asking why they are doing something so that they be under suspicion and questions?

    If you can not answer you have no right to speak your views one sided.

  58. He may not be politically correct but what he said makes sense to everyone. People want to talk about it or not it is their choice. I don’t think anyone will disagree with the fact that TJ is a religious organization and it was responsible for at least 50% of the COVID19 cases in the country. It is also a fact that many of them have not reported to the hospital yet and spreading the virus somewhere. The community would have been come out and criticized these people but what happened, everyone started defending them and started playing a victim card.
    The culprits are culprits irregardless of their religion and caste and should not be spared. didn’t you all enjoyed it when the media was criticizing the whole Hindu community for various lynchings.? If you count yourself as a responsible citizen say sorry to the people (all communities) who is suffering because of Jammat instead of defending them.

  59. What is wrong in saying truth? Yes, it is bigotry and stupidity of muslim masses, that is responsible for present Corona scene in India.
    Just look at all the hot spots in India, Bhilwada, Dharavi, Agra, Indore, etc. Everywhere you can find these stupids have big hand in spread of this pandemic in India. Their stubbornness and false believes have rendered them unfit for modern societies world over.

  60. Indian Muslims have earned the title called “Most stupid community” of the world. Indian Muslims do nothing that non-Muslims of India can love. Indian Muslims leaders are unable to come out from filthy Muslim pond and they behave like frogs. Anti CAA protests have already proved that most Muslims can’t differentiate between the imaginations and reality. In the name of Allah and Islam they can be made to believe any thing, literally any thing. With this state of mind, they will end up as destroyer of peace and creator of violence. Non-Muslims will not tolerate their nonsenses beyond a limit.

    • @ Avatar – Indians/Hindus should be waiting for Kashmir/Kerala & west Bengal like situations where Indians are killed & raped while Islam & Muslims enjoy doing their EVIL deeds!!

      This Islamic & Muslim evil & madness time is up since at least 1947!!

  61. Article seems one sided trying compare either side to create equilibrium..rather should spell.out what is right and what is wrong…good efforts but failed to send out intended message…

  62. If tablighi jamaati are so innocent, why they are hiding up. Why don’t they come up for test? People in Muslim locality are moving out without any reason during lock down. People like you are the biggest culprit of the muslim community. People like you never want muslim community act responsibly.

  63. Wow, an hour earlier, there were 90+ reader comments, most of them critical of the writer. The number has suddenly dropped to 18, many of which are now supportive of the writer! Shows how insecure and insincere this jihadi sister is.

  64. Perfect playing of victim card. This author blatantly lies in her article when she says Muslims and other minorities have been targeted by media. There is not a single case in a very diverse country where any other minority whether it be Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, Jewish etc. are being blamed. Then question arises why only Muslims? The answer is simple. Because of their own behavior.
    This author conveniently ignores videos of incidents across India where Muslims have been throwing stones at healthcare workers, police etc., spitting and even misbehaving with female staff!
    The reason is simple. Muslims don’t believe in a secular constitution and governance like our’s.

  65. Sudhar ja bhai. Younger brother pyjama, father’s kurta wearing muslims are growing in numbers without any formal education and just madrassa education with jihadi syllabus. No wonder this community is a bane in this world and nowhere they are respected. Introspect rather than play the self victim role all the time since independence. Grow up.

  66. A vast majority of Indian Muslims go about their business like any other Indian, trying to make a living, raising children and minding their own business. But the political Islam is a different, vicious beast. It is a power hungry cult, always trying to expand through conversions, intolerant through enshrined exclusivity and identifying with the culture of Arabs and outside Invaders who converted their ancestoes. We have created a country named Pakistan for those who wanted to practice this political islam. Any
    indian Muslim who wants to live by this vicious political Islam deserves to be taught that there is no place for them in India. This jihadi sister is worried that the society is waking up now and is beginning to hold a mirror to the political Islam that she seems to be in love with.

    • @R J – Please don’t forget that a vast majority of Indian Muslims might go about their business like any other Indian… YET!! a vast majority of Indian Muslims also voted for Islamic Pakistan!! One can thus ONLY conclude what Muslim leaders like Erdogan & Imran khan have already confirmed that there is no moderate, extremist or political Islam.. It’s ONLY Islam!! This is a highly cancerous & dangerous political ideology just like Nazism & communism!!

  67. Yes, Islamophobia is a Media creation including you. Problem is compounded when you stip short of calling a spade a spade. No douby other events too happened post lickdown, the temples you quoted closed short of lockdown but when they closed they closed. Some B’day parties by MLAs, Ration distribution events by pol parties against social media happened. But did anyone else apart from Maulana Saad incite his followers to continue to congregate at Mosques and mind you his speech videos reach lakhs. The Tablighi event ended on 15th, why and what were the foreigners doing in various mosques all over India.
    Govt did not utter a word against Tablighi Jamaar, however the source from whom it was spreading max should be quoted. People like you who have failed to condemn them have done a greater harm. No body blames entire Muslim community but only Jamaatis. When one blames or condemns RSS, Guru Ram Rahim etc one doesn’y condemn Hindus so how come Muslims. It is the TV debates bigotry and your biased articles and opinion has communalised the happening.

  68. There was always an undercurrent of Islamophobia in the Indian society dating back to the Muslim invasions in the mediaeval period. The two communities have never trusted each other. The hostility is palpable especially in the North. Sever factors played a role in deepening this hatred. The supposed demolition of temples by Muslim rules. The attack on the Hindu women. The neglect of Sanskrit. The ghettoisation of Muslims. The Muslim reluctance to visit the temples or take part in Hindu festivals. The dietary habits. It was only during the freedom struggle that there was an attempt at bringing together the communities. But whatever gains were made during this period were totally nullified by the trauma of partition. Having split the country along religious lines, the Hindus expected Indian Muslims to lie low. But Nehru’s ascent to power put a spanner in the works. Being an agnostic, he modelled India on European secular republics going out of the way to accommodate the minorities to the utter horror of the Hindu right wing. Minorities in India did nothing to ease the tension. The conversions, the Babri Masjid issue, the minority rights, Haj subsidy, communal clashes etc. aggravated the matters. The Godra massacre was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Writers often ignore the impact of Godra on Hindu minds. Even the most moderate Hindu was shocked beyond belief. The exoneration of Muslims by the secular leaders like Lalu didn’t help matters. The Gujarat genocide that followed was considered as just retribution by the majority of the Hindu community and catapulted Modi to national stardom. The rest is history. His appointment as the Chief Executive of the country is considered as the restoration of the Hindu reign after half a million. The Hindu is determined to reassert his supremacy. The minorities must understand the situation and assiduously eschew anything that will undermine the delicate communal balance. Otherwise we are heading for a bloody civil war and minorities stand to lose the most as they are hopelessly outnumbered. I do feel it is a transitional period and we can live in harmony if we redraw the boundaries. But if both sides harden their stance, the country will pay a heavy price. The media merely reflects the mindset of the people. Arnab’s brand of journalism may not follow the well established principles. But his TRP shows that there are millions of takers for it. So why blame him? He is a businessman after all. The community leaders have to put their heads together and find a way out in the larger interest of the country. The six decades of secularism in India was an aberration. Now on the narrative will be based on Hindutva, just as Christian ethos pervades the Western secular democracies. I am sure a time will come when we will liberate ourselves from the clutches of organized religion and embrace a universal spirituality. Until then we have no choice but to make adjustments and compromises.

    • Joseph James – While you have been relatively unbiased in your comments, you have been still very, very unfair to Hindus!! Are you just a minority or Not Indian enough?? I must also say that my closest blood relatives are christian and I am proudly Hindu based on my human values, not ANY ideology!!

      Pakistan was created for Muslims and by Muslims!! This so called pure land of Islam, went on to create Jihadi terrorists taking Indian/Hindu blood!! What for did those Muslims which created Pakistan stayed in India??!! What for Did Gandhi/Nehru even permit that despite Dr. Ambedkar’s warnings on total exchange of population??!! Nevertheless, Hindus still gave Muslims bread & shelter despite the trauma of Islam & Pakistan which actually took away more than their fair share of Epic Hindu/Sikh lands!!

      Indian Muslims as also many Christians somehow remained tied to some imaginary or real? foreign lands & ideologies!! Meanwhile, Hindus had put pictures of Dr. Abdul Kalam and Sai dev, both Muslims in Hindu temples and worshiping them!! The day, Indian churches & mosques start worshiping great Hindu men like
      Dr. Ambedkar or Sardar patel, Indian secularism will be a reality!! Till then, this is ONLY SICK-ularism and must DIE!!

      I must also high lighten your lack of knowledge on Hinduism or the sanatan Dharama which is NOT an organized religion!! I guess your clocks run on GMT as so many other black British Indians!! Hindu basics are rooted in science, humanity & nature, NOT some vague, unseen ideology or god!! It also doesn’t divide humanity on believers & nonbelievers as the cults from the deserts do!! By the way, these cults have only been grabbing foreign land, resources & power but were disguised as “religion”!!

      Sure Hindu culture had it’s weaknesses, social or otherwise or WHY would we have been enslaved by Christian west & Islamists??!!

      But we are learning albeit slowly!! I do think that the civilization which gave zero and decimals to the world & science has the potential to come back positively since all other models like the christian model of colonization & planet destruction through climate has failed, so has Islam with evil & terrorism and Chinese communism is no better as shown by the dance of death by the Chinese viruses!!

  69. I won`t agree as author is biased – for example as on yesterday 12/04/2019 in TN 1075 affected out of which 969 are Muslims and Government is asked to inform from one particular source instead of Muslims. Who is responsible ? is it news channels or Muslims . spoiling the name of muslims as well as TN and Now general,neutral people also realized in TN also Muslims indiscipline people in the world and observed .they have attacked doctors/police etc Please be tolerant and accept the fact

    • @seenivasan – Will you let let us know how you enjoyed the rape & killings of your Hindu mothers & sisters in Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal as also the land of the pure, Islamic Pakistan/Bangladesh??!!

  70. You will not fit into Indian media. You have a bright future in the company of international, liberal and secular brigade of Rana Ayyub, Pankaj Mishra, Arundhati Roy, Aatish Taseer etc., in NYT, WP… the list is endless. Let the India take care of itself. Go on with your life mission of distortion, lies and faithful to your community only -journalism. At least you can secure your life and win accolades.

  71. 😂😂why are you writing this no one in India wants to read your story theprint. all Indian know you are a fake news trader

  72. No the title is wrong. No one is waging war against Muslims. It is the Muslims who have been at war with the kaffirs and dhimmis all along. Now people are getting to know what truly is goin on. Instead of being politically correct people are speaking the truth which is making these islamists run for cover and use their victim card. Those days are over. It’s not 1947. People are well aware of Islam and how it is spread using force and taqqiya. Earlier non Muslims had no knowledge of Islam so they had no idea what they were dealing with but now people are reading the history of Islam and what’s happening around the world. Those who have no idea about Islam I would recommend you to read the portion of Islam 101 in everything has been well explained there.

    • @Avatar Joy: Well said & spot On!! In a country where Muslims become majority, they start bringing death and destruction to the host nation and start ethnic cleansing. Is not this the same what Muhammad did to the early Meccans? When he became powerful his darker Quranic side began to emerge.. Once he conquered Mecca, he showed his true color to everyone – either convert or die by the sword!!

      Though the concerned governments spend in billions to protect their citizens from Islamic jihadist, the policy-makers & citizens fail to see that moderate Muslims are radicals too doing Jihad in civil society!! They are making the same mistake what the early Meccans did. They realize the impact of radical Islam but fail to pay attention to moderate Islam. Little do they understand that this so-called moderate Islam is much more dangerous than the radical Islam because it grows and silently kills the host!! It’s impossible for a Muslim to live and commune with non-Islamic societies without an obligation to convert them to Islam by force or by deception. Islamic jihad has many faces. Jihad is not just slaughtering people for Islam; it is also a systematic suppression of truth and propagation of lies like this author just did. How can the moderate Muslims boldly assert (despite hard evidence to the contrary) that Islam is a peaceful religion?

      Hindus are learning albeit slowly!! I do think that the civilization which gave zero and decimal to the world & science has the potential to come back positively since all other models like the christian model of colonization & planet destruction through climate has failed, so has Islam with evil & terrorism and Chinese communism is no better as shown by the dance of death by the Chinese viruses!!

  73. I shouldn’t even have read the article when it was written by zainab sikander! What a biased article. Tablighi jamath had over 1500 people who accommodated in close quarters so that it became 1/3rd of all infections in india. The other temples and churches didn’t held 1500 people. Those places were open with just the deeds going on and didn’t allow anyone. Since corona virus is imported, tablighi jamath had most foreigners there, as opposed to temples or churches, that’s why it became a hot spot. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Zainab. And you said most hindus have something against muslims. Which is completely ironical to the point you were trying to make. It seems like you suffer from inferiority complex. Go look out for a mental health professional.Btw I’m a hindu and I’m completely secular

  74. Zainab, it may be true that some media target Muslims rather unfairly, you have failed to highlight that Muslims have brought this situation onto themselves for the most part. I have gone through some fair reporting where Muslims have acted foolish at a crisis time like this, as if the law of the land doesn’t apply to them. In Ahmedabad and some other parts of Gujarat they are not adhering to lockdown regulations in their ghettos. There have been attacks on police and health workers for doing their duty. The Tablighi people have gone all over India and not coming out and identifying themselves but they have to be investigated and pulled out of their hiding. Why? Why the religious leaders and community leaders and influential people like you don’t exert pressure on ordinary people to abide by law for the good of the nation? I am one of those who always kept the hawks at bay as far as Islamophobic arguments and opinions are concerned but this time I am really disillusioned. And your whatabout-hindu-temples argument doesn’t hold any worthy water, there are no instances where such large scale spread of contagion has happened because of such congregations as has happened with Tablighis.

    I wish the leaders of Muslims came out and showed their mettle in these trying times to convince their less informed brethern of the need to abide by Government guidelines on this pandemic.

  75. Bss kro yrr tum logo ko is time prr bhi apna propaganda spread krna hai… Aaj Jo hate spread ho raha hai uska bahut badi responsibility tum jaise media houses ko bhi jata hai…be Matlab ka Hindu Muslim krte ho aur mualimo ko dara Dara k apna media houses Chala rahe least abhi to ye sab na kro yrr… Corona khatam ho Jane k baad krte rehna ho bhi heat failana hai.

  76. Rahul Kanwal… a smooth faced Hyena, indeed! I think Sikhs should be ashamed of this _, born in their midst.

    It seems he has turned further to the far-right after his sojourn in America. I wonder who he met there, and in what matters he trained. How to better spread Islamophobia in India? White nationalists are experts at that. Something to ponder about.

    Anyway, these _ are those who believe in the concept of karma, right? I suppose the thinking is that since the muslims supposedly ruled India by the sword, many centuries back, it is their “bad karma,” which has come back to haunt them now, with the hindutvars taking bloody revenge. Yeah?

    But, shouldn’t this karma thing be cyclic? Will those who commit atrocities now, including those who enable it (such as the hyena mentioned here), against defenceless minorities be eligible for reverse karma now?

    Time will tell.

    • @Mr.Mister – Ha!! Ha!! Karma sadly isn’t an Islamic concept!! Or else, majority of Muslims would have been sane!! Islam is a totalitarian ideology much like Nazism & communism!! Get OUT of your ignorance!!

  77. Have U ever writtern an article regarding persecution of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh,Afghanistan and other Islamic Nation’s? Probably Not?Just being a Muslim U pick on the Media?

    • @SUNIL RAMJI CHOHAN – We needn’t even talk of Hindu butchering In Islamic Pakistan/Bangladesh.. We have seen this in our home.. Kashmir, west Bengal, Kerala how Islam eliminates Hindus, Buddhist’s & other minorities..

      Muslim leaders who swear by the constitution, talk of secularism and minority rights were hands in gloves with their brethren killing Hindu minorities, severely harming the constitution, democracy & secularism!! I hope their evil hypocrisy will be further exposed and we know at last what these EVIL desert cults stand for!!

  78. Totally in disagreement with Mr Sikander.
    While Agreeing fully with Mr Patil, My humble submissions are that why such a situation of Jihad – Corona Jihad, Zameen Jihad, Love Jihad, Economy Jihad etc has to be created by Islams that media will have to act like Hyenas against Muslims ? Why let this opportunity be crated at all to attach Jihad to every acts of Muslims. Definitely the smoke points the arrow to the heinous flame of fire smoldering within their mindset.
    What kind of morality / ethics be attached to the acts of Tablighi Jamatis’ spitting and ill behaving with treating Doctors, medical staff and above all to nurses , urinating on ward walls, making obscene gestures and showing their nudity before nurses who all are treating them free of cost and from taxpayers’ money. Media has aptly been presenting the image and for that they are being termed brutal. Had it been in any other country like China, Israel or even Muslim countries – they would have been treated properly which Muslims would have shuddered to imagine even.
    Media is even being blamed to serve ruling BJP – a fact needed to be contested vehemently as the Last 60 years of over appeasement of this community by the earlier regimes has made them feel that they will be allowed to get away with whatever misdeeds and misdemeanors they can conspire with fueled by utterances of instigation of Owissi brothers, Waris pathans, Akhters, Tahir Hussains etc etc the list would be endless. Whose interests were being served in those yesteryear ?
    Nostalgia of earlier news channels like DD and AIR is suddenly becoming nostalgic to mr Sikander. Well the spread of other channels has not started with BJP but was a thing of earlier regimes of appeasers of Muslims.
    His lamentations of Print media enjoying more weightage earlier but dying later with the emergence of Social media also loses relevance when Social media having its spontaneous effect of creating a vivid video with a camera phone and presenting facts forthwith is definitely made print media a thing of the past to which magic wand all parties have access and bigotry against Muslims became more pronounced with the spectacular effect of Social media reporting certain acts /incidents of 9/11, Bin Laden, Al qaeda, ISIS etc. forthwith.
    The stubborn and obnoxious groups of Tablighi Jamatis are unique and never to be found in any assemblage of any religious groups and any attempt of comparing them with other religious groups is simply frivolous.
    The disobedient Tablighi jamatis, stubborn Shaheen Bagis and such groups supported by JNU tukde gangs, so called Buddhujibis, sickulars are gradual and also sudden manifestation of Muslim vote bank ire against coincidental but long awaited pro hindu verdicts of SC in quick succession of – Triple talaq, abrogation of Article 370, Ram Janmabhumi verdict which had to happen one day as they were a fait accompli.

  79. What utter rubbish from this author? None should point out obvious facts according to this author. Everyone should applaud Islam and praise the crimes committed by Muslims? No, after tiring of attacking BJP, he is attacking the media! Introspect first and ask yourself why the whole non-muslim world is sick of Islamists and their apologists by yourself!

  80. PM Modi should also address the nation tomorrow to fight the coronavirus as the holy month of Ramazan starting soon at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic already at its peak. The month of Ramazan chosen to be the best month by One Almighty God with full of Blessings and Mercies. In Ramazan, Gates of paradise are opened, Gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained up. What better time than any to draw closer to God than in the most blessed month of Ramazan when Almighty God makes it easy for us to do good actions so that we may draw closer to Him especially at a time of greatest need to get rid of virus with God’s will. As fasting in Ramazan is obligatory to all Muslims every year, it is not only a ritual to refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk but It is an act of worship to get closer to God spiritually with dedication and to feel the hunger of the hungry and the poor who cannot afford to eat their daily bread and to help them to fulfill their needs with alms and charity.
    Since the fasting is also practiced and preached by people of other religions besides Islam, therefore the people of all religions must join together to fast in Ramazan to make it an unprecedented and unique way to show the unity and solidarity to our One Almighty by people of all religions by fasting and praying for common cause to get the virus eradicated from this earth with God’s will.
    All the Muslims and non-Muslims get this rare opportunity to come together as never before to turn a new leaf to get success in this world and Hereafter. In order to get fully prepared, the first thing we all need to do is to fulfill ALL of our obligatory duties and abstain from that which Allah and his last messenger have forbidden us from, which everyone can find from internet as the last messenger is mentioned in holy scriptures of all major religions. In this most blessed month of Ramazan all good deeds are multiplied. The arrival of Ramazan at a time of calamity of Covid-19 gives a very good chance to the entire world to take full advantage of the Blessings and Mercies of Ramazan to call One Almighty God because the same One God belongs to all. It is imperative for everyone to call upon One Almighty God without joining any partners, demigods, idols or anything beside Him because it is against the holy scriptures of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism. Now, just imagine when the billions of believers in the world prostrate and grovel to One God by praying with fasting, certainly have an immense effect to be answered by One Almighty as we supplicate with one voice with tears in our eyes to repent for the sins due to ignorance and negligence and to prevent and cure all from Covid-19 and eradicate it soonest. With that, we all hope One Almighty God will do the rest to eradicate the deadly virus with His will. He is All Hearing, All Seeing, the Bestower and there is no might nor any power except with One Almighty God.

  81. Educated peoples nowadays spreading hate.That’s dangerous. No rationality,honesty. Instead of questioning ruling party these media taegeting weak sections and communities and weak political parties. They have become real terrorists, facts manipulator to run there businees. No dissusion to safeguard economy. True Dallal of ruling party.

  82. It’s better to first teach muslim community how to behave in that pandemic….. Then teach lessons for media ….. If community behave in a good way than nobody blame them…. But sikander only interested in hide those insensitive behaviour of muslims……. It’s a global muslim problem not india…. If community throwing stone to police how can it’s media problem….. I think muslim thinker across the world only defend thier faults and interested in blame others….. Where the problems lie

  83. Forget about demonising Muslims which is a pastime these days. The Hindi media is spreading superstitions now by airing astrology and pujari shows in the name of Covid. I saw some images of people performing pujas before deities to get rid of Covid. Instead of educating the public to dvelop scientific temper the media is indulging in fostering superstitions in the midst of a fast spreading pandemic. Never before we had an untrustworthy media of this magnitude.

    • There are channels that show programs by Imams too and there are some dedicated channels also for this… Unlike Imams, Pujaris just tells people to pray.. But Imams..

    • @Mohammed – We have seen Islam & Muslims develop scientific temper!! So much so that the mosques used by Islam to do Muslim brainwashing against Kaffirs uses Kaffir technology!! You are using computers made possible through the invention of zero offered by Hindus!!

      What has Islam given to humanity besides Terrorism & the EVIL dance of death;))??!!

  84. Forget about demonising Muslims which is a pastime these days. The Hindi media is spreading superstitions now by airing astrology and pujari shows in the name of Covid. I saw some images of people performing pujas before deities to get rid of Covid. Instead of educating the public to dvelop scientific temper the media is indulging in fostering superstitions in the midst of a fast spreading pandemic. Never before we had an untrustworthy media of this magnitude.

  85. If The Author feels this is wrong , then he should also write a similar article about the brahmins of Tamil Nadu who are facing this each day from the mainstream Dravidian Media Youtubers with so much freedom . The way they go on ranting is unaccepatable . I wonder why all the victim card players dont even talk about it when it comes to Brahmins?..( I’m saying TN because it is here that most of the prejudiced idiots take advantage and abuse Brahmins so much ). Is this what they call unadulterated neutral stance?..

  86. Even after 20 years every muslim should keep Gujrat alive but everyone else should be Christ and not ask any questions and should forgive even before Muslim deed is done. Tabligi is international organisation its events in many countries were cancelled between March 18 to 21 but not India.

  87. Godi media is spreading hatred about Muslims bcos this is an agenda of the RSS implemented by BJP. U don’t need rocket science to understand this. Zee news is the best to spread hatred nd then when caught just say sorry but what about the hatred that is already gone in the minds of ppl ? Don’t divide our country pls.

  88. Your writer (she can’t be called anything better) doesn’t know the difference between keeping temples open and holding a conference of 10000 people. This is templeophobia at play

  89. ‘The Tablighi Jamaat fiasco is a good example. Like a herd of cattle that cannot think on its own’ This is true for most Muslims in the world. they believe their holy books and the Maulanas far more than their common sense would advocate.

  90. ‘Muslims and other minorities’ Please do not drag the other minorities. they do not terrorise Indians, Muslims do.

  91. Wow. All channels named 8n this article except guess which one. Yes correct their messiah NDTV. And FYI tablighi would have been forgotten except their afterwards behaviour which Mr.writer convinintly forgot to mention spitting on streets and food,sexually inappropriate behaviour towards medical staff, beating police and health workers, offering namaz in hospital to gather. And Mr.writer when you writing article against biased reporting please care not to write biased article yourself. I think aapko aapka jawaab mil gaya why some media write or report from one angle coz aapke angle likhane ke liya bahot log hai including today’s so called liberals and oh yes aapka messiah NDTV.

  92. When the ideology of any group or sect or nation or religion is – to establish their fundamentals on the World – the group is against human race. People of the World must ensure such groups are corrected or eliminated. In reality – the World is also swinging both sides to suit their vested interests – thus such Groups find their hold on this Earth.
    Today’s enemy can become tomorrow’s friend – but if the Global Community frames international regulations and rules – with a common perspective these regulations should be framed and never altered – Wrong doers should be punished – often there is nothing like THE Wrong Doer – there is always your Wrong Doer. As nothing Wrong is done by them to me or my nation – this attitude has split the World in to so many Political and Religious groups – either we change this OR
    India -prepares it’s OWN Shield against such groups. So it is time to call a Spade a Spade.

  93. Indians vote on caste, religion because they lack information on MP, MLA performance…even they are andh bhakt….
    All news channel just showing what they have been given task…nothing else…in 21st century we are going worst and worst day by day…education does not mattering on people

  94. As long as Muslims continue to live in the past, are unwilling to enbrace modern education, accept equality of ALL religions and gender, and declare and demonstrate greater loyalty to their nation than religion they will remain captives of religious mullahs and obscurantist practices.
    It is unfortunate that all muslim writers only portray muslims as innocent victims. Never does a muslim dare highlight anything wring done by the community anywhere in the world. Every act or word of muslims is justified and defended.
    This columnist like all of his faith has blinkers on his eyes.

  95. I think Print always puts biased articles , part of lutyens gang. Why is a particular community playing the victim card all the time and hide behind the minority blanket. Y do print only publish such kind of article. U all are sold one way or the other. A community should own up to what’s their member in society are doing and try addressing the problem. Don’t always escape responsibility by playing victim card. We all have a role to play. Calling spade a spade is not a crime but an opportunity to look within and self correct.

  96. Communal politics and propagdanda in some form has been before 1914 also but it never acquired popular support. Communal groups were doing it under the pretension of liberal secular values. So communalism of both Hindus and Muslims was not so open and naked. Today under the patronage of political power communalism has become one sided. Us and they today is very open because the ruling party looks into it as the very basis of its political power, Congress did favour Muslims encashing the fears of a minority. BJP promotes Hindu communalism with the support of media by demonising backward poor Muslims in order to establish supremacy of the Hindus over and above the Indian nation and by subverting the Constitution and judiciary, . Under Congress regimes minority communalism did not threaten freedom and democracy, But today majority communalism has divided the entire public space in which democracy is reduced to number and votes. Educated middle class is utterly myopic and tends to find the explanation of all problems of a plural diverse society in terms of communal Us and They vocabulary. Civil society space has fast shrinked under the shadow of majority communalism which was never the case earlier. More than government and media the shrinkig of civil society space is giving ominous signs. Hate virus like corona will devour all in due course.

    • @UMA SHANKAR: Ha!! Ha!! Are you a communist SICK-ULAR??!! What did Islam & Muslims do creating Terroristan but didn’t move there??!!

  97. I dont know how educated the author of this article is but definitely he lacks common sense because there is a clear cut difference between activist and communist.Kavita krishnan is not an activist she is a communist like the author of this article,so i can definitely understand the pain of these liberandus.I am always flabergasted by the way muslims and communists talk and write about rights.

  98. Timely intervention. Useful insights. daringly written article.
    The whole eco- system is getting vicious . This TV channels doing Goonda gardi in day in and day out. it is quite evident some one out there, setting the agenda and these mean journalists blindly following the suit.
    I always wonder, people like Rahul Kanwal ever used their brain ? what makes them be like what they are ? They are acting against humanity, against country, it;s people, it’s ethos and most importantly it’s constitution.
    For current ruling, party,These TV channels are actually out sourcing agencies to spread hatred, from THE MOST POWERFUL DUO to Channel’s owners to petty journalists like Kanwal and Arnabs every body using everybody.
    Lastly It is always easy to side with authoritarian regime than to question it. Aap ek jamat ko Khalnayak ki tarah pesh karte rahenge, iss main koun si Deshbhakti hai? Aur Mardangi bhi? Sattadhari badala le rahe hai ye baat saaf hain, par Mr Kanwal and Arnabs aap unka saath kyo de rahe hai? Aap kis baat ka badla le rahe hai?
    It’s for sure India’s mainstream journalism is almost becomes like a slave. to ruling party of the day,
    History will note down Indian media’s role in debacle of this country.

    • Shekhar Deshmukh: You are IGNORANT & STUPID!

      Are you a congressi born in the Indira Gandhi led emergency talking of constitution??!!

  99. As a community of 250 ml, there WILL be some miscreants(if so) then media should not go after them by naming whole community calling with absurd names. If the same happens with other communities then it’s other way round. Jai Hind

    • Media never named the whole community.. It is the community that is bringing this on themselves with mindless acts and arguments to defend the mistakes done by some one in the community. It is the community that has to correct itself instead of blaming others.

  100. Leaderships among Muslims doesn’t evolve itself. It’s created by interested parties. A person with balanced views and sincerity of purpose CAN NOT be elevated to leadership because he does not serve their interest. All so called Muslim leaders have enherited leadership. They did not rise from among the people. To be full time leader require financial support. Muslims are not willing to extend this support. Even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t have survived as leader without support of Birlas.

    • @M. Nasir Nazeer – Indeed!! But those Muslims who aren’t Pakistanis and love India must rise! Support is bound to come!!

  101. Playing victim card won’t work now. While the visual media are running for TRP, you are also villifying the country in every possible way. Here in India you are experiencing the reactions not actions. Reactions of the cult behaviour of your ummah worldwide. Crores of people compelled to come here just because of their faith from the neighbouring countries. Go through the curricula of madrashas, learn from the watch parties, your identity crises all come into play here. Information pandemic makes people informed either way good or bad. It shows the plight of minorities in every muslim dominated country. It works as well in the minds. Call it Islamophobia. But it’s not phobia, it’s threat. 95% of temples in Pakistan have been destroyed and changed into toilets, every month you can find out forced conversions of young girls. Don’t you think these will come into play? Introspect. Spread positivity if you really want to do good for the society. And also please let the Earth move around the sun.

  102. Media should also report for those Muslims as well who are helping poor people & donating huge amounts during this pandemic situation but what they have reported earlier for jamatis & masjid hotspots is absolutely correct because they are hiding jamatis in masjids which will be dangerous for them & jamatis are misbehaving with doctors, nurses & paramedical staffs which are punishable as per the law.

    So what is media is reporting for people like them is absolutely right treatment, they deserve this.

  103. The urgency with which the BJP leaders had started raising a finger at Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) gave their game away. Right on the day TJ was mentioned for the first time, Manoj Sinha of their Delhi unit started mentioning the presence of foreigners in TJ, and the phrase Corona jihad. Were the foreigners there without visas? Immediately as if on a cue journalists like Sharma of India TV started rattling out detailed dossier on TJ and their alleged afflictions. The numbers have been increasing and all getting attributed to TJ. Without a shade of doubt this is a conspiracy orchestrated by the BJP and played out by disgusting journalists like Sharma and Kanwal etc. This reminds me of how the Gujarat riots started in 2002. Dead bodies of karsewaks were pstrolled on a truck through the streets of Ahmedabad or Baroda.

    Why has THE PRINT buckled under someone’s pressure and removed the following article from its front page? It was put up only at 2 PM yesterday and within a few hours pulled down, while almost all other articles remain visible for many days :

    “Hindu, Muslim NRI groups pan ‘escalation of Islamophobia’ in India after Tablighi incident
    Two US-based advocacy groups have criticised the ‘vitriol poured on Muslims by several media outlets and some public figures’ over the Tablighi Jamaat event.
    12 April, 2020 2:07 pm IST”

    It is very essential that these clever by half spiteful journalists are told that they will have to pay a price, who knows even by their life, if their canard leads to a genocide. In another comment to this very article I have given the example of Indira Gandhi’s murderer. His 75-year old uncle, Kehar Singh, was also given death sentence for inciting the actual murderer who emptied his automatic gun. These kids like Deepak Chaurasia and Goswami and that woman Anjana Kashyap – – in my sincere opinion – – are playing with fire. Has Modi-Shah government given them Z+ security?

  104. 91% of COVID cases in Tamil Nadu is directly due to the Tablighi congregation. What does the Muslim writer has to say ? Stop playing victim..Heed the mantra of Shri M.C. Chagla in his most wonderful book – ” Roses in December “.

  105. 1)Delhi Gov on 16 March banned religious, social, cultural and political gathering as well as protests comprising more than 50 people in the national capital till March 31 .Tablighi Jamaat clearly violated the order. I don’t know about any such order in other state which was being violated.
    2) Tablighi wale itna innocent hain ki raat ko 2 baje NSA ko ana pada….Mujhe nahi pata kisi religious gathering ko clear karne kae liye NSA ko aana pada ho.
    3) Jin logo nae bhi law toda hai usnke defence mai maine to kisi ko nahi dekha not even there neighbor….lekin Tablighi Jamaat kae defence app social media or media outlet mae clearly deakh sakte hain.
    I wonder ye humanity crisis mae bhi itna hipocracy hain to political matter main kya karte ho gae. Maulana Saad must be punished. Muslim as society should inform about all Tablighi, who have attended to the markaz, to the administration.

  106. You are right that Indian Media is doing disservice to the nation. BUT, it is not all Indian media but only few irresponsible media (that too not full organisation but individuals) like YOU who have always stooped down to nonsense reporting/ articles. I think you write articles after articles without any knowledge of real ground situation. Carry on with your intentional non journalistic tirade. It will not make any difference to anyone (other than keeping your bank balance healthy from money given by India haters). Some day you will be full of Shame yourself for doing this disservice to India.

    • @Homera Ansari – Ha!! Ha!! and your comment shows how you & your community is brainwashed and have become zombies of the EVIL political Ideology!!
      Should I name your ideology or you have some brain still to understand?!!

  107. Media these days is ruthlessly searching for a breaking news. One group is for it and the other group is against it. I can neither withstand watching NDTV, except an exception of Vishnu nor see Republic.. In this case, condemnation of the idiotic act has to be done by all unanimously, why it is not done? Reading The print supporting a group from this perspectives only agitates and creates more anger. When there is a leftist group supporting a chaotic ideology, why not a right wing section creating havoc against them.. it’s perfectly fine. Otherwise, both stay shut simultaneously, nation will be good as always it has been.. Even Covid hasn’t stopped them, shameful of them..

  108. >>> the Indian media, as it functioned until then

    Very nice joke! The author thinks this article is a serious piece of work.

  109. Mr. Sikander’s time line on television media going rogue starts only at 2014, as if before that it was a holy cow. He would have lent himself some credibility by also mentioning how Congress used media for its vested interest. I can understand the pain he and other op-ed writers like him are going through of not being able to set the agenda and mould opinions. Times have changed thanks to social media, everyone is a op-ed writer.

    • @Hari – Well said!! We can also say how the Islamic, Christian invaders & then the black British Mulla party or congress/Gandhis tried every technique in the book to degrade Hindus, erase Hindu history, Hindu civilization as also promote Islamic terrorism and cases like 26/11 framing Hindus in terrorism!! All this was to make Hindus in existent/weak & on the defensive while their EVIL Jihadi project of Islamic Pakistan V2 in India was progressing!!

  110. The ‘Print’ should concentrate on its own quality or reporting rather than point fingers at others and blame others. As all the credibility is lost in your reporting I will block your popups from today onwards. You just do not have the right to call others names, when you yourself are prejudiced.

  111. This piece selectively hides the biggest crime of the Tablighi event: 100s of its attendees were from locations across the globe that were already COVID infected; a sure recipe for spreading the infection, one would feel, isn’t it? The temples the article quotes were all thronged by local people, with little chance of spreading the disease. Why is this fact brushed under the carpet? When this fact is brought out, how is it Islamephobic?

  112. Muslims want followers of other faiths to be tolerant to them. Are Muslims tolerant to other faiths? Not at all. Muslims believe that their faith is the only true one and their religion calls upon every follower to convert others to their faith. There is a strong pull for every follower to gravitate to the core fundamentalism of its tenets. Can such a religion peacefully co-exist with other religions? Not at all. You get what you give.

  113. Great. Now when will Muslims grow up to shame Tab lighi behaviour? Muslims are always victims. Why did several thousands of Burqa clad Muslim women line up along the road side in Kerala in matter of Sabarimala? First clean up your house before crying foul. People can see how M leaders and Mullas are calling for taking on non-believers.

  114. Does this lady have a common sense ? Anyone defending Tabligi are as illiterate as the halaat. Does she know why her community is called terrorists ? Becos of the opinion they hold in everything related to civic society and country where they live. In short they are a menace.
    Proven shekhar Gupta is a stooge of congress

  115. Someone should make a fact-check on how much these paid journalists are making besides their salaries — by way of lucrative positions, committees, memberships, property deals etc. It cannot be political ideology. These people must be doing so only for money.

  116. Muslims are “peace loving people”. They are creating problems all over the world whether it is TJ or Houthis or Talibans or ISI. Moreover they want every non muslim to convert to Muslim by hook or by crook. I dont know what they want to achiever by doing so. Also they dont have a mind of their own. Most of them are like robots obeying their masters ( Moulanas). Hence others have begun to hate muslims whoever they might be.

  117. The tabligi jamat organizers and followers have spreaded the corona more to the whole country knowingly and in full attention. They have impacted the economy by doing such foolish act and hence, they should be fined for damage to the country. Strict actions to be made for such illiterate mullahs and followers.

  118. Do you think conduct of Muslims involved in spreading cornavius collectively can be addressed in any other term, than Pl suggest and coin the term. It is conspiracy against India and we should stand with journalists who are exposing this rather than critical to it.

  119. He will be the cabinet minister in portfolio soon.the more the false verdict he delivers against the muslim community.the chance of becoming minsiter is brighter and having his own news channel with R…..

  120. Author is intentionally ignoring the Tablighi actions.

    Her defense 1500 people who cannot think on their own.

    Well the fact is these Tablighis were knowingly spitting making sure the corona spreads.

    They were beating doctors, medical staff.

    The refused to quarantine and get more defiant as the time progress.

    Then these tabligis continue to defy lockdown and offer prayers at masjids across nation.

    These actions, open defiance and contempt for rule of law and constitution of this country is what citizens of this country are seeing on the channels you mentioned.

    At least these channels are calling spade a spade and People can foresee jihad being waged against India, Indians and indianess in various forms., like Kashmiri Hindu genocide, rohingyas citizenship, roshni act and now corona.

    Author chose to put the blinders on but Indians have awaken to nefarious designs.

    • @Neil: Absolutely!! Pakistan was created for Muslims and by Muslims!! This so called pure land of Islam, went on to create Jihadi terrorists taking Indian/Hindu blood!! What for did those Muslims which created Pakistan stayed in India??!! What for Did Gandhi/Nehru even permit that despite Dr. Ambedkar’s warnings on total
      exchange of population??!!

      Nevertheless, Hindus still gave Muslims bread & shelter despite the trauma
      of Islam & Pakistan which actually took away more than their fair share of Epic Hindu/Sikh lands!!

      This is how Hindus are thanked by this EVIL, thankless, in human & stone age community of jungle pigs!!

  121. Remember post 1992 mumbai riots, anyone can pick on a Mussie family or grope a mussie girl. U know they can’t do anything. Well it all stopped after a gruesome black Friday. Peace prevails in Mumbai to this date. I won’t be surprised if this 24 × 7 muslim bashing by media and ruling dispensation pushes them to a corner. U should never ever completely corner anyone, for that matter even a small animal like even a cat, who knows it can go for your jugular.

    • @hamdoc: WHY did you kick Islam in the arse in 1947 when you & your community created Islamic terroristan and yet!! didn’t move there???!! It still isn’t too late!! MOVE!!

  122. Patently dishonest. The Tablighis congregated on 13 th to 15 th of March and dispersed – that is what the blogger wants to fake. And the number 1500 too is fake. In the words of CN of Delhi more than 2300 were evacuated from the unauthorised building. The crook is obviously defending the indefensible.

  123. Don’t want education. Don’t believe in education. Will make woman dress oppressively. Men will dress like 1000 years before. Just imagine INDIA WITH POPULATION RATIO AS SAME AS PAKISTAN AND THEN IMAGINE PLIGHT OF HINDUS . WHILE MUSLIMS POPULATION IS GROWING FASTER THAN ANYONE ELSE IN INDIA. HINDUS ARE BEING FINISHED OFF IN PAKISTAN. HINDUS have a religion that believes in live and let live

  124. Designer Patrakar, right in this column. Poor Islam!! Get real guys. India is the only nation that tolerates the fifth columnist among it’s citizens.

  125. Shame are the journalist who using one event happened much before to create divide. Probably these journalist have dorned the role politicians with communal mind set to create trouble. These journalist have no guts to ask the government why they have not started physical distancing much before JC and NLD. If this was put in place all big gathering could have curtailed TJ event could have been cancelled. All of know why it was not done as BJP wanted to defeat AAP, then wanted to gather large crowd to welcome Trump and then of course operation Rangpamchmi in MP

  126. Why incidents like JAMMAIT ISLAM like incidents happen? now the people who trying to break LOCKOUT in our places
    taking parts in the area of muslims region [like gardenreach,Rajabazar etc.] why who will be responsible like this matter?

    • @Prasad: Of course this is Islamic Jihad 2.0!! Happily, many Indians/Hindus are seeing through their EVIL ideology!!

  127. Hindustan must forget Aurgjeb-destroyed all temple’s, Babar, Abraham Lodhi, Sikander.
    Congress has named diffrent roads in their names because of their cruelty.

    • @Arjun – Congress black British Mullas were more than cruel!! They wanted Hindus to walk through the very roads and places named after their invaders & looters. They wanted Hindus to experience and feel the rape of their mothers & sisters by naming those roads after the evil Islamic Jihadis!! They wanted Hindus/Hindustan to stay weak & meek and encourage them to start hating their own splendid civilization which brought ZERO & the decimal system to humanity!! This was their Islamic project Pakistan 2.0!!

  128. Long and short of story is that every other journalist is biased and but so called author is not. Everyone can sense that and can see through. Why NSA has to talk to this ‘Shepherd ‘ when matter has to be solved by nearby SHO only. We have to think why INFOSYS system analyst’s post says that ‘let’s spread corona’. Apart from many Tiktok videos there are many more example which we have encountered in our social media. When this shepherd was propagating that corona is conspiracy against Islam. These are people who are linking corona with a religion, not other wise. STOP PLAYING VICTIM.

  129. Victim Card at its best. So called intellectuals like Zainab Sikander would never allow progressive path for the muslim community.

      • Be less obsessed with religion, have smaller families and teach your children to be little more tolerant. And get some real education, secular one and not that madrasah education.

      • @Homera Ansari – STOP being brainwashed by Islam!! Behave as individuals, NOT collectively, as Zombies of an evil cult!!

  130. Excellent article. Khudos to the author. The media, whether it is print or electronic, many of them are in a race to please the govt. of the day at centre and engage in communal hate propaganda day-in and day-out. Even in this corona virus pandemic situation, the media, playing at the hands of the govt. and creating a strong view that as if corona virus spread in india thro’ TJ. The role of the media should be highly condemned.

    • Kudos to the author!! This lady is the jihadi supporter. This jihadi must know that India is for those who follow Indian religions not for those following Arabic religions. And here nonsense ranting other shrine being open, let her clear no other religion were hiding foreigners in their religious shrine. This was being done by Muslims.

    • Bullshit when a community openly defies government recommendation not mingle, the Jamaat did it to whole Muslim community.There is No excuse and every Mulana who comes on Media/TV does not condemn act of Jamaat?The Media is right to pick on Muslims and now Sonia says her son new this and did not report is a Big Farce.

    • @R.Srinivasan: Stupid, identity-less, pride less & congress brainwashed Hindus like you have been actively pursuing rape of your mothers & sisters by EVIL political Islam!! Carry on!! and you shall also welcome rape of your house & existence by Islamic Jihadi monsters!!

  131. The hate crowd went after the Chinese first, and the Muslims subsequently. After that, they will move on to Christians and others. In end, once they’ve vanquished all their external enemies, they will be left to hate one another. Societal hatred is a disease of the soul, and not a product of democracy.

    • Muslims and Christians are 2 sides of the same coin. Both (especially the evangelicals among the christians) have insisted on holding large congregations. Both have a history of large scale massacres all over the world of people who refused to convert.

    • @Studentoften – The hate crowd created Pakistan but didn’t move there to pest on Indian bread??!!

      Pakistan is the embodiment of what you fear!! Yet!! Pakistan was created by Islam & Muslims, Not Christian, Sikhs, Hindus or BJP!!

  132. Don’t agree with the author. The media is simply showing the image. If you don’t like it, it your fault. But this can’t change the reality. That the Tablighi congregation contributed significantly to total number of infections in the country is an established fact. How do you deny the reality? Facts are facts, they cannot be changed by pointing figures at others. The Indian Muslim community suffers from psychological phenomenon of insecurity phobia. A large section of the Muslims believe that all non-Muslims are conspiring against them. The separatism and isolation of the Muslims stems from this invented slogan of “Islam Khatare Me”. The vast majority of the Hindu majority have nothing against the Indian Muslims. They are equal citizens of India. But the rebellious behaviour of non-compliance and indiscipline cannot be tolerated. It is not that all Muslims are not law abiding.. The state of Kerala has admirably controlled the coronavirus outbreak and Kerala has significant share of Muslim population. But we must take into account the fact that literacy rate in Kerala is quite high and there lies the catch. I reiterate my view that lack of education amongst the Muslim population has retarded their economic well-being and growth.
    It can be observed that the corona virus is totally secular. It doesn’t make any distinction or discrimination on the basis of caste or religion. Indiscipline based on blind faith in religious practices and rituals is severely punished. Congregations in Mandir, Masjids or Churches should not be allowed. If it happens the threat of infection looms large. So also the yearning to enjoy individual freedom that leads to indisciplined behaviour. USA is paying a heavy price for this mindset. Instead of complaining, Muslim community leaders should urge their followers to comply with lockdown norms.. The country is in the midst of an unprecedented war against an unknown and unseen enemy. Who will listen to your meaningless complaints? The nation has no time to listen to you antics, Mr.Sikander.
    I shall quote the example of Malegaon, a Muslim majority town in my home district of Nashik in Maharashtra. Two weeks ago, the MLA of Malegaon, belonging to MIM party was arrested for creating a ruckus in a hospital. A video shows that he kicked a hospital staff in fit of anger. Now if a leader behaves in such indisciplined manner, what would the followers do? The result is for all of us to see. While the rest of the district has only 2 infections, the toll in Malegaon’s Muslim area is rising steeply and it has reached the figure of 33 with one death in a matter of just few days. There is no point in denying the reality, Mr Sikander. The fact is that the Indian Muslims have suffered the most during this pandemic due to their indisciplined behaviour. The task for Muslim community leaders is daunting and challenging. Instead of facing it , if you hide behind the façade of an illusory theory of conspiracy against Islam, this will bring more pain to Indian Muslims.

    • RSS have captured almost everything. They have school to brainwash from beginning but not research institute to excel in innovation. They organise shakhas in every district to spoil the venom against muslim just to maximize thier vote bank by polerising the matters. Rss which is created by a brahmin the same group of society which created caste system and untouchability. The brahmin who kept native under poverty and called them shudra. They kept native out from learning vedas. They are now using shudra and vaishya as well as a tool to rule the india. How a brahmin can make a equial society who says that vaishya are born from thigh and shudra from feet but a brahmin from head. They do it to rule and keep muslim away from flourshing as they did with other in ancient india. Because they fear muslim. for muslim have been the the innovater, the architecture, the efficient administrator and have empire in almost half of the world.

      • But Arif sb we Muslims failed to realise the importance of education in mass because of there is no feeling of brotherhood and simplicity pursued by Prophet Mohammad left among Muslims in world and in particular among Indian Muslims. What we are facing today is the result of our failure to ignore education and thus missed the opportunity to provide leadership being educated community. We did nothing in last 70 years for 100% education among Muslims. Still we can do it provided we forgo our selfish personal interests. Respect you get when you give something to others and not by confined to oneself. Education of science along with religious education is must for all and not for few as we see today.
        Adv. Shakil Akhtar
        Supreme Court

        • @Shakil Akhtar – Frankly, there are some good things too In Islam but most Muslims especially in the Indian sub continent follow the most regressive aspects of Islam!! I have only rarely seen Muslims see within themselves and say the TRUTH like you just did!

      • @Mohd Arif: Haa!! Good Joke!! Islam & Muslims haven’t invented a thing since the last 1400 years!! They run from Islamic shit holes to go to Christian & Hindus lands & feed on them!!

        The shameful Muslims/Islam use loudspeakers in mosques invented by Kaffirs and yet use those loudspeakers to spread hate against the same kaffirs!! EVIL, ignorance & stupidity has no limits indeed!!

        You yourself are using a computer to send your evil, one sided jihadi message made possible by the zero given to you by no other than a kaafir!! SHAME ON YOU!!

    • Can u show us the proof? Govt stopped giving breakup from last week.
      Even if the numbers are greater it could be due to focused testing on the relatives. Whats wrong with that?
      It was an international event, so numbers are expected to be high…

      Ur hate is as clear as black and white becasue there is no objective thinking… there is no ‘other-side’ view
      It is not a victim card – I’m a hindu, not a victim – This is to bring awareness to people to open up their mind. If u hate then it is going to be permanent – tomorrow u will hate one of urs.

      • @Avatar Prasad – We Hindus were butchered by Islam & Muslims but did we Hindus play the victim card?? Did we give to Islam/Muslims the death dance they have been offering to Hindus in Kashmir, West Bengal.., Pakistan, Bangladesh,..??

        These stupid Muslims know how to play their evil victim/oppressed card though Islam has killed more Hindus & Non Muslims than anyone else in human history!!

    • Very well said. The victim card which is being played is and every time is what bogging down the Muslims in the society. They are not able to understand that their so-called leaders and sympathizers are minting money by brain-washing them into believing that they are oppressed and every other population is against them. Matter of fact is that, all these leaders are ensuring the education of their children in better of schools and colleges. I pity the average Muslim population who are gullible and has already succumbed to the vicious cycle of brain washing.

    • Shame on you for having such a callous mindset. Your pessimistic mindset couldn’t help you think more than having a negative mindset towards Muslim community. And you just can’t help yourself to get out of it. You think international flights were not operating to India expect for Tabligh Jamaat till March 26? You think international trade and commerce wasn’t happening between India and rest of the world? You think tourism wasn’t happening between India and rest of the world? If you put your trust in Indian media so much that you conclude “majority of Coronovirus cases are due to Tabligh Jamaat” why don’t you or your corrupt media outlets come out with few statistical models and epidemiological studies to prove your point? If your media can put numbers on excel sheet and come up with infections control models then why were they not putting these stats prior to Tableegh Jamaat incident? Why no virologist or microbiologist or any state or central level medical/ research center haven’t published these numbers? On what basis, especially scientific basis, these media outlets are coming up with these figures and showing a correlation of infection with Jamaat people? Why only 6 Jamaat (Muslim) people died and remaining 60% of these Coronavirus cases are not from Muslim Faith? Coronovirus being contagious didn’t caused a single positive case in Muslim predominant mohallas from were these victims belong but in places were these Jamaties never even put there foot nor came in contact with remaining “60% positive cases”. You seem to have a good understanding of international affairs but have you ever seen anywhere in the world the amount of hate that Indian media is generating? Also, No, United States is not “paying a heavy price”. United states is the most heterogeneous and diverse society. The number of deaths are relatively low for its per capita and it’s heterogeneity. In fact, we have been a moral standard in combatting this disease and being fair and open society (democracy) to rest of the world. We are the largest economy of the world with highly civilized people. Our country is not designed to be shutdown or to be closed. It’s a free world and a free economy. Yes, we have freedom of expression, and that privilege is exercised by civilized people of this country. Not like India, were journalism have become a hate and propaganda machinery in the name of “freedom of expression “. Modi and his Bhakts has made India into a ‘banana republic’ from a free, democratic country. So next time when you “get your facts right”, I would suggest you to bring “your brain at work” first.

  133. Media is business. Business interest is best served when mass media sides with power and caters to lowest common denominator. They also go with today’s politics of uniting the opposing castes by making Muslims ,Cristians as enemies. If political mood changes they will also change their colours.

      • I tried to tell the facts. Ethics and morality are choices good people take. Humans are generally greedy and selfish by nature.

  134. Gathering is just one part of story .Again so conveniently missed the part of the ppl of jamaat not co operating for isolation, violence and harrasment against the care providers,spitting on streets , hiding in the houses and running away from isolation wards. also after lockdown not one temple or church is open or u see mass gathering for praying, but u still see ppl rushing to mosques across country in so many places. Why is thr an exception and selective baiting and ignorance of facts while providing an opinion.

  135. Simply perusing though the list of articles you have written here makes it clear that you are peddling the Muslims false sense of victimhood. In that case, these journalists you mention are just repaying you in your own coin with perhaps greater balance than you.

  136. As with your article under “opinion” , it’s just that. An opinion. We all have access to writing our thoughts. You also seem to be extremely biased as if everything about media was perfect before 2014. Please. Give us a break. Media and journalism always is going to be biased. No one is objective. Everyone has a vested interest or a point of view to convey.

  137. I think, best proof of secular media is that which is not using a word Muslim. Liberal media must not use the word Tablighi or Jamat.
    By doing this nation would be liberated from Covid Virus much faster with the help of Allah.
    Dump all rules of the nation and call everyone as Anti Muslims so grand old times of Conquerers would be restored in India.

    • Unfortunately, championing the cause of Minorities, especially Muslims has become a symbol of tolerance. Why is it that some Journalists are targeting BJP? Why don’t you criticize the Muslim leaders such as Owaisi and Mullahs, for keeping quiet while the so-called illiterate (Jamat attendees), as the champions of these people, would like to call them, are spreading the virus, ruthlessly?
      Why have you not even mentioned a word about that deliberate or unintentional spread of the virus? If it is unintentional, what has stopped them from coming out and declaring their names and the contacts they have made?

  138. I understand your Pain… But what ee can do… The nexus has become so big that only citizens can teach them a lesson (especially those whose minds these media channels is polluting) that too before it is too late and that possibility is bleek considering begotry, slavery and selfishness is deep rooted in our Indian society.

    • As usual silly article with victim card being played. The head of the Tableeghi Jammat leader said on his videos ( which he deleted subsequently) that corona can do nothing to muslims and specifically to their congregation. He had a whole bunch of foreigners involved in travelling across the country in prosletylizing across various villages violating their visa requirements. The jamaat has been responsible and it needs to be called out…if any religious event is responsible, it needs to be called out, specifically if they are responsible for spreading it across the country. This was exactly what was followed in congress times and even today…any killing of muslims by Hindus is magnified as lynchings ( any killing is deplorable and the state should go after the perpetrators) but any killings by muslims is not even highlighted, look at West Bengal for that. Look at the author talking about gomutra drinking with what the jamaat does there any comparison….people eat flesh of animals and that’s ok..gomutra is not? Gomutra is a personal choice…..others don’t get sick because one person drank gomutra…but definitely people got sick and died in an epidemic when eating beef ( mad cow disease)….so there is no comparison at all…I am not some rw ideologue but definitely am sick with these pseudo liberals..who would be joyful when sp or bsp or rjd won called secular parties who were casteist and anti hindu..that’s ok…bjp is not……no one trusts the silly left wing media…left sickulars .

  139. Dear author
    Ur views are private if so well come
    Any religion should not be feared .only past uforget full experience s makes people fear
    Law is always negotiable and interpretable.
    Human vues remain unchangebl.
    Repentance of bad acts publicly or privately makes soul pure .unless repentance is expressed by individuals to almighty (humanity) this type of mistrust prolongs

  140. TV journalism is useless journalism. All these TV anchors are as good as the Hindi opera actors. Look at he how they are promoting themselves in these times that they are working hard to get the news. Real journalism is in the newspapers. But yes, all the biases which come out in Prime Time anchoring is dangerous for the country.

  141. Doordarshan fair after the Emergency? Is the author not aware of how KK Tiwary abused Doordarshan to show only Rajiv Gandhi all the time? It is this holier-than-thou attitude of the “liberals” that had made the other side so popular now.

    • Most of the readers are the ones who have not seen times when only DD / AIR were there. We have seen that time. I don’t remember ANY DD show that was critical on Govt. of the day.

  142. Since everyone watches TV, the TV anchors do have serious opinion-distorting powers. Owners of channels who allow free flow of venom should be booked under SEDITION charges, and afterwards such charges should also be pressed against individual anchors. Few names in the former category can be, Subhash Chandra, Rajat Sharma, Arnab Goswami. In the second category, Rahul Kanwal, Deepak Chaurasia, Anjana Om Kashyap. Those who are more familiar with the TV channels can add many more names. (This Kanwal fellow is particularly disgusting ; once he said that he is from a army-family. That has to be a lie because no soldier of yore could have taught his children communalism.)
    You cannot incite murder and get away with it. Satwant Singh, the assassin of Indira Gandhi was given death sentence. His 75-year old uncle, Kehar Singh who incited Satwant to empty the carbine into the PM was also given death sentence. The above mentioned should be warned that if Muslim-hating campaign actually gets murderous, they run a real danger of assassination bids on their own lives. You cannot CAUSE murder, and remain immune to its EFFECT. An old Raj Kumar dialogue goes as follows (from the movie, WAQT). He twirls a knife in his hand and says :

    • World is peaceful if crazy idiots will end. They dont respect their lives and neither respect others. This is the war between Good and Bad which Existed, Exists and will Exist till the total crazy idiots will end. Guess who is that crazy idiot. Jai Sri Krishna.

      • Shri Krishna is not an idiot like me and you and others you are calling idiots. He knows how some very base people are calling a whole lot of innocent people criminals, without giving meaningful punishment to those who are actual criminals.

        • @SANJIV BHATLA – Ha!! Ha!! Ignorance is NOT BLISS!! Which meaningful punishment was given to the Jihadi criminals who killed Hindu Pundits, destroyed temples, exploited as “Islamic Dhimmis”, the Buddhists/Dalits, destroyed democracy & replaced it with EVIL sharia in Muslim majority Kashmir??

    • @SANJIV BHATLA – WHY did you forget names like shekhar gupta, ravish kumar, rajeep sirdesai, K.M. Shrimali, Romila Thapar, pallav baglaa, sagrika ghosh, punya prasoon vajpaee, abhishar sharma, vinod dua, nidhi, barkha datta, dhruva rathee, ashok swine…. for SEDITION CHARGES??!!

  143. It is true that media is waging a war against Muslims but what are Muslims doing? Due to their foolish acts they are shaming their supporters like us. Why are Muslims not able to select an all India leader as they had done before 1947? Why is there no rational Muslim who is able to condemn mullas openly? This problem is not confined only to India. Even Mr Imran Khan is struggling to control mullas.

    • The Question is only tableeghi jumat did wrong or hindu mandars was also open. If both were open why Indian media is targeting one religious group. Let think about it, later muslim will start thinking of two nation theory again. Previously it was peaceful this time it will be the reaction of hindu actions.

      • @Muhammad Taimoor khan – Ha!! Ha!! Two nations were created while you & your community were sleeping In India!! You didn’t move to the nation you created in order to pest on Indian bread??!! We won’t allow that EVIL again!!

    • Well said. Patriotic, responsible and enlightened persons are not in short supply among Muslims.There are lot lot of them. But the tragedy is that their views have no strength. They are helpless. Sane voices are ignored and even derided. Rabble rousers count

    • That is the tragedy of the the times. There are lots of patriotic,responsible,and enlightened persons worthy of respect among Muslims. But they are helpless. Sane voices are ignored and even derided. Hence they somehow are not able to assert themselves

    • Indian Muslims do not go by the mullas that you see on TV debates of Republic, Zee, India Today, News28, Sudarshan or ABP and alikes. They are paid Mullas who are deliberately invited to project Muslims in a particular way so that hatred prevails on the entire Muslim community.

      • @Farooq – What about Muslims In Kashmir which killed democracy in the name of Islam, killed Hindus following calls from MOSQUES, destroyed temples, exploited the Buddhists, Hindus & Dalits as “Dhimmis”!!

        WHY are mosques used as butcher shops of Allah & Islam??!!

        Weren’t those Muslims & Islam which Killed Hindus In Pak/Bangladesh while Muslims multiplied like Rabbits in India??

        After all this EVIL of Islam, WHY shouldn’t then Muslims being treated as Dhimmis in India as Hindus are in Muslim majority nations like Pak/Bangladesh??!!

  144. Very true. More importantly, that very media is in service of the political power that rules today.

    • This jihadi sister pulls the old truck of equating all Muslims to a few jihadis like herself. Nice try!

      • An action of Muslim individual or group is considered as an action of all Muslims and many Muslims haplessly defend it. If we go by Sanghis terms, BJP gave seat and elected a Terrorist to the parliament, means the people who voted and the person who gave seat& their supporters like RJ, all should be Terrorist

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