Saturday, 21 July, 2018

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Modi govt plan to create social media analytical tool is a sign of an Orwellian state

The proposal is not only a brazen infraction of fundamental rights but paves the way for the creation of a police state.
Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Twitter’s fake-account purge more of public relations onslaught than a problem solver

Twitter and Facebook can make automated registration impossible, but they aren’t doing it.
Bipin Rawat addresses a press conference

Chomping pakodas to bootlicking – the list of things the Army chief wants to prohibit

The directives address social behaviour, promotions, use of social media, financial and budgetary constraints and others.
Mukesh Gupta chose to question Sushma Swaraj in a manner which is not reflective of an IITian | Wu Hong-Pool/Getty Images

Brand IIT is the collateral damage in the shameful trolling of Sushma Swaraj

IITs represent an inclusive space wherein diverse opinions and viewpoints can cohabit peacefully.
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Social media monitoring hub: Tender date extended for fourth time

Opposition and activists say Modi govt is trying to snoop on citizens, wasting public money on the project.
Religious intolerance

Indian firms offer staff social media lessons as online bigotry threatens bottom lines

The reputational risks to companies of an increasingly polarised political and social discourse online are relatively new in India.
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11 of family dead in Burari, 48 die in Uttarakhand bus crash, and 5 lynched in Maharashtra

Front Page There’s definitely something fishy about the death of 11 family members in Burari, Delhi, Sunday, with 10 of them found hanging and one ly...
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How tech companies are successfully disrupting terrorist social media activity

The difficulty social media companies face is that if a terrorist group is blocked from one platform they get active in another one.
File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

I’m not the one who changed: How one of Modi’s biggest champions turned critic

Rupa Subramanya says the space for independent voices such as her’s, who refuse to take partisan sides, is vanishing.
A Bharti Airtel Ltd. store in New Delhi

Airtel’s passive-aggressive, angst-ridden response misses the main point about bigotry

Airtel should know that in times like these, neutrality is a conscious choice of allowing tacit support to bigots.