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Tablighi Jamaat brought out Republic, Zee and Times Now’s fangs that Covid-19 had withdrawn

The unity of TV channels against coronavirus was too good to be true. The Tablighi Jamaat gave most of them the chance to show their true colours.

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The good news — coverage — was too good to last so it had to turn ugly.

The Tablighi Jamaat coronavirus scare presented news channels with the ideal opportunity to bare the fangs they had momentarily withdrawn last week. “In the battle against corona, Jamaat has dealt a bloody blow,” hollered ABP News. “Save the country from corona jihad,” demanded the Sudarshan headline with the anchor raising a clenched fist, “act strongly against corona jihad”. “In the name of religion, they have put our lives at risk,” warned Zee News. The Tuesday evening anchor then accused the Jamaat of taking India into the third stage of the coronavirus infection.

“Yes Markaz spiked the numbers”, “Ban Taliban Tablighi, chorus grows,” announced Times Now Wednesday evening.

Arnab Goswami on Republic TV said it was a “deliberate” attempt to undermine “my country”. He then let his guests yell at each other in a free fall.

Deepak Chaurasia (News Nation) was apoplectic with rage, his eyes screwed up as he demanded answers —

jawab” – from Anzar Raza, the guest on his show, as though he had spread the coronavirus himself. Aam Aadmi Party’s Saurabh Bhardwaj told him to calm down and not treat the pandemic like just any other political issue.

Times Now called it “Markaz mayhem” and accused the Arvind Kejriwal government of not dealing with the “super spreaders” inside the Nizamuddin centre, because of “appeasement”.

And so it went on and on, from one channel to another.

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The biggest story

Tuesday evening, audio tapes appeared on many channels such as CNN News18, Times Now, Zee News and Republic TV implicating Maulana Masood, the head of the centre. By Wednesday evening, videos emerged of a 23-March meeting of the Nizamuddin police with the Markaz officials in which they were warned to leave the premises (CNN News18). You hear one of the Markaz individuals say they can’t go home because of state-sealed borders….

As if this was not scary enough, news channels put out maps of India with red tags appearing across its length and breadth to indicate the destination of individuals who had gone home after their stay at the Nizamuddin Markaz. If the intention was to cause those of us sitting at home panic attacks, the news channels had more than succeeded.

With a display of its normal single-minded and simple-minded focus, TV news channels were determined to blame the Tablighi Jamaat for “Corona bomb” as ABP called it, in what India TV described at “Ek Maulana 9 shahar”. Which would have been fine had they also fixed some responsibility for what is now the “biggest manhunt” (Times Now) across India for those who fanned out from Nizamuddin — on other state authorities.

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Some tough questions

Luckily, some channels tried for a more rational approach: Sandeep Choudhary of News 24 asked tough questions of the Modi government and the BJP. He looked at the “chronology” of events, pointing out that many temples, including Kashi Vishwanath, were open till 20 March and Parliament was working till 23 March. He questioned the politics of “dharma” and calling out only the Tablighi Jamaat.

ABP News pointed out, in a report by Indrajeet Rai, that the Nizamuddin Police station was just 50 metres away from the Tablighi Jamaat—it was “right under their nose” — what were they (the police) doing?

On India Today, Gaurav Sawant said there were questions to be asked of the Delhi government, the police, and Modi government too on how people from other countries were allowed into the country and to stay on at the Nizamuddin centre.

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Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment

Meanwhile, the condition of the thousands of migrant workers has been all but forgotten.

Instead, news channels have tried to provide us with some comic relief from the “dharma drama” (News X). This has taken several forms: comedian Sunil Grover appeared on News Nation and India Today – he did a perfect imitation of Salman Khan on the latter; Armaan Malik strummed his guitar and sang on CNN News18 as anchor Anand Narasimhan tried to keep up with the beat; there was ‘Antakshari’ on Aaj Tak between the anchors and guests; Vikrant Gupta and Shweta Singh entertained themselves Monday evening in a singalong, asking viewers to send in their videos; News Nation hosted singer Anoop Jalota while India Ahead featured Bollywood stars’ home work; ABP brought us ‘Nanhe Bigg Boss’ every afternoon featuring the antics of young children at home.

“Your entertainment is also our responsibility,” proclaimed News 18 India, in lofty tones.

Now, if only they entertained without spooking us….

Views are personal.

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  1. People want news channels to report (or reinforce) what they love to hear and the media provides the public exactly that. Critical thinking is important, sadly people are lacking it today.

  2. If that’s true what our intelligence is doing what police is doing why they allowed other countries pool to join markaz …u have them passage n allowed first then virus issue came just u want to blame someone like scapegoat markaz ppl r soft target …mediai is pro modi n pro nrc …this was high time to blame one community…they were silently singing songs till 23 tomarch suddenly they got a solid evidence abt markaz…this nationalist n paid media n modi twitter army is just using it as weapon against muslims…

  3. If that’s true what our intelligence is doing what police is doing why they allowed other countries pool to join markaz …u have them passage n allowed first then virus issue came just u want to blame someone like scapegoat markaz ppl r soft target …mediai is pro modi n pro nrc …this was high time to blame one community…they were silently singing songs till 23 tomarch suddenly they got a solid evidence abt markaz…this nationalist n paid media n modi twitter army is just using it as weapon against muslims…

  4. Looks like a true jamaati wrote this you guys are sit and propoganda factory against India same on you .

  5. Looks like a true jamaati wrote this you guys are sit and propoganda factory against India same on you .

  6. We all believe in our leader , Modi…
    Laughable, biased, anti-national reporting..!!!
    All tabligis along with their defenders are traitors..!!!!
    Deplorable ,false , shameless narrative…
    Lets fight corona…!!!!!

  7. Arnab is right . There is some media ummmm better to say congregation of rejected and retired journalists . They have only one job that is to criticize Modi and they are ready to stoop at any level. India will win and those congregation of corona will die and obliterate forever.

  8. Shame on you to support tablighi jamaat mistakes, if TV channels not exposed the reality, we would have missed the truth, and we would be able to control the pandemic at its budding in the country if tablighi jamaat acted with good intentions and responsibility, tabligi jamaat failed to spread goodness of Islam, instead it’s encouraging negative things of islam

  9. Dear educated fellow Indians,

    Try to understand the situation of people.
    Those people gathered as usual every month,year before the travel restrictions came into effect. All were outsiders. With less delhites. Foreigner Jo aye tey udr airport ke thru aye…. In India first case detected on Jan 30, Covid problem ko kam smj kr rehgaye…. Phir cases badrahe toh ban came in effect….. Aise mei jamat mei kuch log as usual idr udr nikal gaye aur travel restrictions ke waja se kuch hazar log andr hi rehgaye…. aur wo jo bahar nikal gaye wo log apne ghr ni toh koi aur masjid ko hi jate hain… na ki virus ku lekr har road ka admi ku jaan boochke virus ni pehlarin … Infact if u know they are not even knowing if they had contracted virus with them….u are simply blaming those gathered there to blame the spread of sudden virus’cases.

    Telengana reported Central gov about the possibility of virus contraction in jamat premises bcos it had jamat cases on march 18.

    The central gov and delhi gov remained silent,
    Police station near by jamat premises was silent,

    It’s also making me think that officials just wanted to spread virus inside jamat premises until it came out big

    Virus symptoms are available only after 20 days of contracting so in such cases march 1st week mei hi virus pehlna shuru hogya tha jamat premises mei bcos man is virus producing and virus carrying machine. Ye in insan ko mloom ni thaaa…. It’s bcos of their less intelligence not bcos of anything.. march 1st week mei India mei sab kuch normal hi thaa yani government ws clear with its stand.

    If something failed it’s government method to create awareness at that point of time, government doesn’t know 3000 people assembled in Delhi markaz , police never notified them ?? How to evacuate them ? Poor management , labors of diff states ko kisa sambhala jaye ye ni ptaa gov ko….Questions are many ,

    Don’t always blindly follow What media shows, try to understand people, these guys who had contracted virus are not transmitting by knowing , they and their families are real sufferers.

  10. If some media questions Modi that is journalism and unbiased. If some media questions congregation of 9000 people over a two weeks period during the period when prohibitory orders were in place in Delhi from March 12 is biased. Also questions what happened in various temples and they are not questioned. Tabliqui is largest congregation and visited by foreigners carrying virus and spread the entire community. Now we can see that almost 30% of the positive cases are from Tabliqui related. So far, there is no such spread from any temple or church, except on Gurudwara congregation tasted positive and death of one member, purely due to their foreign travel. Absolutely BS article.

  11. Is this journalism or personal diary.Who cares about your personal opinion? Being productive is need of time whats the point in pathological opinion. It is only going to destroy you.The brotherhood in crime will take to you hell.

  12. Paid media..
    Fake news..
    Shamefully speaking baseless lies…
    Everybody can see the truth madam
    Stop trying hard in cooking up false stories
    Everything is transparent for everyone except for #liberals, #azaadi gang, #communalists..

  13. This lady journalist is being paid by Jamat people to defame Indian TV channels. Shame on her.

  14. You guys are worse than the people who were in the markaz. Ok fine they violated the norms and held a gathering, even if we ignore that, what is your justification for all the misbehavior with police, nurses and doctors??
    What is the reason for no cooperation on the treatment?
    I will not be surprised if I hear from you guys that they are doing a non cooperation movement like Gandhiji did!!
    You guys can stoop down to any extent to demean the current government, but remember people don’t have anything to do at home now and the only thing we are doing is watching these bastards doing all this nonsense. No one is getting spared…

    • When people struck in mandir they stranded, and when people were struck in masjid they were hiding. Is this you bastard’s(you force me to use this word for you) ideology, then fuvk off you and your media.

      • Someone did not use any words and you reply with such words. Did anyone die from mandir or church congregations? 30% of positives cases are from Tabliqui. We have crossed 3000 positive cases and if Tabliqui would not have happened, imagine the number of cases would have been still lower than 2000. Have some positives, rather than using your expletives.

  15. That’s the irony the print is talking about the fangs. We are seeing you for past years. Don’t worry.

  16. Check, the peaceful community members celebrating corona entry in India.
    They are teaching how to spread virus.
    They are attacking on medical staff & police.
    Still gathering in mass for prayer.
    Still u want us to close our eyes?

  17. The point is agreed that many others did not follow social distancing guidelines, are not doing so even today in markets and all.
    But neither Kashi Vishwanath nor the Parliament had thousands of attendees who spread throughout the country and now will cause potentially thousands of new cases by infecting others.
    Yes all who do not follow the rules are wrong, but if your disobedience has caused more trouble to everyone, naturally you will be blamed comparatively more.

  18. Either the author is afraid of siding with the truth or a paid one.About Print It’s better not to say as it is against the establishment itself.

  19. Now by mar 20 many groups were gathering around. Kashi etc etc. But tat was the time wen nobody had taken quarantine seriously. But wat followed after is important. All people should report themselves. Tat is responsibility. We can’t see tik tok around nothing happens if we pray to God. Poeple

  20. In a situation like this, when the entire world is Struggling to cope up with a deadly pandemic, and the cover doing the best it can to ensure protection to the nation without any discrimination, these fanatic morons have done their part, whit that audacity to defy. These men should be taken to task .

  21. What sort of journalism can one expect from a utterly biased media .The back ground and anecdotes is completely in harmony with their style of reporting. Surprisingly how some stupids are even supporting or justifying the Tablighi jamat @ Nijamuddin where almost whole nation is behind PM for his untiring and honest efforts to arrest the community spread of dreaded virus . Why should innocent law abiding majority suffer from the folly of few scoundrels irrespective of what religion they follow . Have these fools got any sense of responsibility towards our nation ? Why are they in different page altogether? Their motive is very clear. Why would someone who has some burning nationalism at heart tolerate some behaviours ? Why are the spineless stupid film personalities and left inclined intolerance brigade are silent on such grave national issue? They are like parasites who don’t like India but wouldn’t be leaving India either. These ppl obviously take fancy of India bashing TV channels and particular medias where their favourite paid presstitutes/anchors give them solidarity to embolden them with false narratives for radicalism with tacit support’. India at some point of time may need to take stringent action to treat the anti national radicalised elements and paid preachers .

  22. Do you “The Print” think otherwise? After seeing and hearing what the jamaatis are up to in the midst of the chaos caused by the pandemic it is only appropriate if we expected you to fall in line with the said media outlets you pointed out herein in showing the bare truth to your audience. This only shows how fragile and twisted you’re. But of course we know which side of the fence you come from.

  23. Govt. Should Ban Tablighi Jamaat ..
    Most people don’t know that 99% of Indian Muslims don’t believe the Tablighi ideals and thier orthodoxy. For that reason they think they should campaign door to door to preach their orthosoxy . They have a belief that many muslims should eat in a same plate at a time to spread brotherhood among them .. single handedly this mistake became the reason they committed the crime to spread such a risk to the nation . Fully Tablighi is to be accountable for thier act .. and other muslims should not feel offensive that all the muslims are being targeted here .. only the Tablighi should be hold responsible .. They are not followed by 99%muslims for their blind belief of preaching orthodoxy ideals .

  24. Author seems to be apologist of Tabiqk jamath…..what a bad defence of a communal outfit! shocking…in the name of secularism blaming the main stream media by those who have been ousted from it for their fake news for decades

  25. Look who is talking.. the most poisonous and no matter what hamara agenda zindabad is nowhere eligible to comment on the channels which are showing real and most authentic facts.. their real colors haha it’s nationalism and supporting the fair side with the help of most authentic evidence and statistics.. the wire the print the quint NDTV so on and so forth are famous for spreading rumors and talking absolute nonsense infact total shit.. so better check yourself only few jokers with no logic believe you and support u with same agenda but this country has maximum people with rational thinking and love what modi ji is doing.. on 5th April u will get a befitting reply from maximum Indians.. then again start crying… We will enjoy laughing at you and your miserable mindset..

  26. The author and The Print have exposed without any doubt their true color. This is the hight of one sided journalism to appease a particular community.
    There is not even a single word condoning the grave crime committed by the phanatic.On the other hand are blaming all the TV channels for exposing and bringing to the public domain. Better don’t try to fool the nation with false propaganda…….

  27. What is your agenda ?
    Who is paying you to write this shit?
    Yes, these are definitely be called as murderers because of them thousands of people are going to die and atop that this has been done deliberately.

    And there are people out there who are supporting them.
    Seriously they are the people in the form of demons.

  28. What a biased News Article,
    how do they even dare, to project their agenda in this Pandemic Situation…

    Please atleast do justice for your Nation,
    Countrymen & For your Motherland…

    You guys don’t deserve a Publication media license,
    Do shut your shop & get lost…

  29. A really good attempt by the author to whitewash the crime commited by this communal Jamaat. I am highly impressed.

  30. It’s funny to see Führer’s troll army flooding the comments section here. It’s 3 April, maybe they received an increased baksheesh after the YES bank fiasco and the PM-CARES gimmick. They are toiling very hard to influence people’s opinions and bringing in a civil war, but all in vain. Some will be out with rods and knives to teach thePrint a lesson. Where is this country headed?

    • Dost,ye jo apna sar tumne dhasa rakha h na ret m shuturmurg ki tarah,usko bahar nikalo aur dekho..k kese log is vaakiye p kese bayanaat de rhe h…I mean people like owaisi n u say that media is communalising this issue n they were stuck there because of lockdown,but who the fuck is forcing them to spit on others,roam around naked in hospital,and make obscene comments on nurses.Why police has to hunt them down,why r they nt coming out on their own?And why r they attacking police n doctors when they go to their ghettos?Now come on dude,all we r saying is that atleast 50% people of this community are anti-national and anti-hindu and a very big reason for that is the other 50% who don’t support them,they don’t openly come out and criticise them.So the government needs to take strict action and such that it teaches a lesson to whole community.

  31. Even an idiot would know what just happened post the Nizamuddin issue. Whom are we trying to fool. Sudden increase in cases, people denying and hiding their travel information to Nizamuddin, people chasing away doctors who have gone to help them and many such incidents. What does all this prove? Nobody wanted to blame any community. No one wanted to make this an community issue. The concentration was only trying to contain the spread of the virus in India with whatever immediate measures the govt could take. Why did this community issue came up in the first place. Because today we have 2300 + cases only because of one irresponsible act by a certain community. It’s still not the time to get into this communal game. Let’s focus on clearing the crap what some irresponsible people have brought to the general public and increased the burden on every system that is trying fight and contain the spread of this virus. Dear author of this article. Very poor article. Wrong timing.

    • shailaja bajpai mam!!! You are an inspiration for us. It takes a lot of courage to reveal the truth. For Jihad is the direct path to Allah. You are inspiration for educated fools like us.

    • The print prints only the content of it’s virus affected brain. It is very difficult for them to resist themselves to criticize the government in any issue… nobody is buying their lies…

  32. Read this story first and how ODISHA reacted and acted to stop Corona Virus unlike Tablighi Jamaat who opwnly defied government rules.
    I recently completed 14 days of quarantine at my residence in Cuttack, Odisha, after I returned from my Fulbright post-doctoral research fellowshsip at Just read this story from ODISHA and how Tablighi Jamaat should have done to avoid brandishing.
    Harvard Law School. Enforcing home-quarantine of foreign returnees has been a challenge for state governments across the country. There have been many examples of people violating their quarantine, putting others at risk.

    While Odisha has not been without incidents of administrative lapses and wilful negligence, the state government has done a far better job of monitoring the quarantine situation than most of its counterparts. Even though the bureaucratic inefficiencies are still glaringly visible, the state machinery has done a rather commendable job so far.

    • Dammit!

      I knew we should have sent more of our Allah’s brothers to spread infe- I mean, preach Allah’s word in Odisha.

  33. Shailaja, either you are a communist or leftist because you cannot fathom how much this outfit Taglighi Jamaat has done?You must also be very young without any experience hence your story.Just shut up your shop and disappear.

  34. Why print always blaming government anything happen in entire country blaming on government.. this is not good.. citizens of this country also having a responsibility towards nation to protect our Nation, peoples this is a basic responsibility.. please not to blame government every time .. we are living the biggest populated country in world..I don’t think government trace down each and every person in this country… this is not possible.. people should be support government

  35. Great…stupids who are working in Print always does the anti government and anti india activities…I feel print is more dangerous than Covid -19 for India.
    These are the people who spearheaded Shaheen bagh, Anti CAA activities in the country by supporting them through their articles. They are the one who will be very happy if lot of people die due to Covid-19 bcoz they will get opportunity to criticize govt more…but Modiji won’t give you that opportunity.

  36. Project management studies MD of xyz. apply for new invention project, forcast that I have new plan for jobs creations inone or two years production will resume@100 employee, Now story start 2.25 manpower services to reduce software development Engineer 6%will reduce by automation, again HR asked for cost cutting.Where as project management studies commitment 100job this is happening in the home of our country, and World, whomever it blame no body bothered, more ever fighting for cast religion.

    • Sir I can’t understand what you are telling, your message is no relevant to the discussion of delhi Tablighi jamart,you proved your bias to one community.

  37. Print can blame only the government. Not a word against Tablighi Jamaat.
    More than 550 new corona virus case are due to Tablighi Jammatt, many are not traceable.
    Print does not spent any word against the mob violence against the doctor

    • I don’t see a single instance where thePrint is blaming the government or the Fuhrer. They are just summarizing the daily news presented in all the major news channels. Are you saying that those news channels are playing the Fuhrer’s fiddle and are not doing their jobs properly???

      • So Mr whoever you are and where your shoe licking loyalty lies with but the more than a thousand case spike due to the jamaaat doesn’t bother your or you are just senselessly blind

  38. To the author of this article-
    If this was your personal view then you should have limited it to your personal view instead of writing down here.
    Even I have personal view but I don’t work in media to write and make people believe what are my personal views

  39. Not a single Muslim in above comments Condemned the act of Tabligi Jamats act, & the Maullanas baselessSpeeches,
    Proves that yet they are leaving in preparation

    • It does not matter the group was not told to disperse until the 22 or 23 so they were doing nothing illegal. What about all the temples that were open. The government of India was still in session so stop making these crazy accusations that it was done on purpose. Believe me none of those people wanted to get sick!

    • Sir why muslims talk about Tablighi they are the one wants to destroy our culture and country.

  40. The main question is still not raised by any media chanel. Why didn’t the government stop international flights a month before the lockdown. N will take only indians who r willing to come home n will be compulsory isolated for 14 days by the government itself. U took action of cancelling int flights with domestic after isolating the whole nation for 21 days n it will be followed for anther a month or 2. U were afraid of revenue loss genarated by the airports. But what was this u locked down the whole nation n the loss the people here r suffering the poor, the miggrant labourers n the indian economy. Didn’t they new that if the virus has spread to the EN n States then it might reach to our soil, we had to stop it. Where was r intelligence? Sleeping.

    Our neighbouring country bangladesh went in lockdown n gave the people a buffer of 48 hours to tell them to go where ever they want n stock food when they were in stage 1. This way the migrant labourer problem wouldn’t have arise in our country.

    • If you give a buffer of 2 days then people would use that time drastically to do whatever things they won’t be able to do after lockdown. This way the whole thing would be rendered pointless.

    • Sir, why did you not raise the question of banning international airlines 3 months earlier? I mean, you have earlier experience of such pandemics and you exactly knew what to do and when to do. This is all nonsensical comments. Just to blame the government, or, the administration, or, law enforcement agencies, intelligence, judiciary by such logics of the most illogical lot of people and their supporters…

    • WHO said that no country should cancel their flights with CHINA and OTHER Affected countries. The government is prepared. And we all can see that. That is the only reason the cases in India are less (talking the scenario before this corona jihad). The density of people catching the virus is 3 among the 1M population. But as it is said, people don’t see the wrong in the gathering. The logic you gave of giving people 48 hours to shop is so stupid. 2 DAYS and India can turn into death bed. Kuch bhi bolna hai.

  41. Corona virus has given the world a chance to reflect on oneself.. The pause in the routine of our activities is the best chance to recheck our thoughts and actions.. Let us not allow the anchors of TV channels ruin our future and the future of our children…Remember the whole world is watching us..

  42. Corona was secular till it travel to urope ,usa ,Iran etc as soon as it entered India it became Islamic The presstitute of godi media gave it a green colour to hide the proverty of ideas of the saffron colour in coping with the short comings ,medical staff not having the proper instruments no infra structure .people treating corona getting infected.and dieting .More deaths by panic and hunger than the corona itself It is easy to discuss the nonissues than the real issues the licker media is doing same it has become dangerous virus than corona welcome corona for exposing the licker presstitute.

    • Do not Compair our Health preparedness with an European country. Compair the mental preparedness of our Doctors,medical staff, and government. Even Americans failed to take tough decision like our government and now they are paying huge price. Go there and see live don’t see recorded msg.

    • You are talking like a person who can scream without sense. Pseudo secularists like you are a menace to the soceity.

  43. Things have happened now either by knowingly or unknowingly. Now its time for cross checking their health , allow for medical tests and all of these participants must maintain social distancing

  44. Now is this what is left to report for you people ?
    Why you are worried about what others are reporting

    You follow your own instincts and do some good journalism, find real problems and also give some good suggestions, ( seems journalism is just all about highlighting issues), but do remember this is a diffrent time all together

    In human history nothing like this has ever been faced, so any government will have more challenges on every day , and there will be real new crisis, journalist like you should take lead and also show the right way or some solutions ( which unfortunately you people dont do, as you say our work is to highlight issues govt has to work, )

    Kindly focus on real journalism rather then commenting on what other channels are doing , intact you are giving them more prominence by giving space in your write up ( Hope your intellect may awaken your own instincts )

  45. Last week, Mr Shivam Vij (Consulting Editor-Views are personal) wrote that “21-day lockdown announced by Mr Modi will destroy India’s economy”. Two days ago, the same gentleman displaying his infinite wisdom, wrote that “Lockdown was necessary”. What do you make of it?

  46. You the print trying your best to portray yourself as neutral and the channels you are supporting in this article makes it clear that you are not. The truth is in between these two sets of channels. Once a foreigner enter our soil you are asking the government to track where all they visit? Can you let me know which country on earth could do it? You need to call a spade a spade. By asking counter questions is only like Congress vs bjp fight.

  47. Shut the hell up all of you and instead of fighting and blaming each other, for once come together to fight this virus. Stop spreading hatred in the name of religion and politics. Because of this hatred amongst communities we are all confined to our home’s. Dont let media or your own filthy mind bring more distress to this country than it already is in.

  48. Tabhligi jamaat is responsible for the frequent spread of covid19 virus and muslim as always are denying and holding away from it. This is why panic spreads. Arnab Goswami asks the question in the way they should be asked.

  49. Why.?… Does this particular community sports horns? Are they supra normal humans and super privileged that they are beyond questioning? If these idiots cannot follow rules, let them go to some place where there are no rules… There are a lot of options like Somalia, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, turkey, Jordan, Yemen, or maybe even Saudi… You can live happily ever after there and for us it will be good riddance of the worst kind of parasites one can imagine. Get the hell out of my country!!!

  50. The real face of the people ia seen when you are in difficult times. The print report is totally one sided and that is happening since last 1400 years the tolerant gets more beating. To say the least about this reporter who has made up her mind to eat shit. Let her do that without realising that the majority is thinking opposite.

  51. These hard core elements in the Muslim community should be punished severally. In the name of propagating religion, they are acting against the interest of the country by spreading corona virus. Print is always speak against Govt.

  52. ” He looked at the “chronology” of events, pointing out that many temples, including Kashi Vishwanath, were open till 20 March and Parliament was working till 23 March. He questioned the politics of “dharma” and calling out only the Tablighi Jamaat.He looked at the “chronology” of events, pointing out that many temples, including Kashi Vishwanath, were open till 20 March and Parliament was working till 23 March. He questioned the politics of “dharma” and calling out only the Tablighi Jamaat.”

    Problem for SANDIP CHAUDHARY is like what famous Andy Roone of sixty minutes said about people whose children have gone bad; they say” he was with bad company”.


    • Nobody from Parliament was infected and nobody from the temples priests was infected. They all cooperated with Govt in closing tples which the Maulanas refuses. This is the difference.

  53. I feel pity for arnab goswami…. Poor guy is doing so much for whom… After all he has one daughter…and a wife to feed… I ask him…why do You do you have to do so much…
    Beauty of our country is…. Bad things don’t stay long… This bad media who are spoiling the… Healthy atmosphere of OUR COUNTRY… Will not stay for long… Take care… God bless India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  54. We have all these people calling Print by all kinds of rather colour full names but none of them is interested in reading the story and reacting to some very basic questions, the time when the Jama at was holding the congregation, the parliament, both houses were in session and there were 400 pilgrims at Vaishno Devi Shrine and a similar no at the Ashram of SH Jaggi Vasudev, if the Jama at has to be prosecuted, the other parties also need to treated similarly, What do you say gentlemen?

    • Parliament or temples did not have 3000 members stuffed closed to each other most of whom were infected. Do not draw baselese references.

    • Rightly said. But did the vaishnodevi pilgrims had foreigners carrying covid.

      Who spit and misbehaved with nurses and doctors ? These people. Actually they should be booked inder attempt to murder

      We respect your religion but it is high time that Muslims boycott Muslims who bring shame to their religion. It is people like you who need to clear the filth of wahabi mindest being grilled in your youth rather thencbeing swayed by mullahs

      Being a true human is more imp than being true muslim or a hindu

      • So nameless doctors and nurses are making claims and the nameless Muslims are not being heard. Everything is just fishy here.

        If Tablighi was infected by Covid19, the Government should have quarantined them on time instead of waiting for them to spread everywhere. It is the Govt. responsibility and not the Tablighis. They didn’t have the resources and staying at the same place wouldn’t have solved anything. Instead, they complied with the Govt. decision and paid the price. Stupid Govt., they have no idea of what they are saying. If Tablighis have extended their stay, imagine the blame from paid chaps.

        The Indian Govt. is good on blaming others and for sure they will blame the Muslims if things go out of control. Good for nothing. If they have taken decision on time and have communicated properly, then no one would have stranded like this. At present majority of Mosques are closed, madrasas are empty, and Muslims like Hindus are at home yet the RSS and the BJP govt. found their scapegoat in Muslims for their “to be” failure to control COVID19 spread.


    • You are a Criminal Shit minded scoundrel to whitewash the Brutal intentional misdeeds of Tablighi Zamat. While demeaning those who have factually mirrored the Horrendous Radical Criminal minded intentional spread of Carona Jihad You are failing to condemn the TTablighi Zamath even in the presence of ample Prima facie evidence.
      Hand down your head in Eternal Shame and Disgrace to support such Terroristic criminals.

  55. It’s very easy to target a community becz they r in centre of controversy becz of virus …if it was other community this channels won’t bark like dogs; its just a blame game game to hide other failures of government n to distract from migrant and other issues…yes cases came but why how ..who allowed who given visas ..wht government was doing??? Accountability shd be everyone not a single man or community…

    • We all know it from the moment it made on TV. Anyway, ignore the idiots. Govt. known only to blame Muslims instead of resolving anything.

  56. Shekhar Gupta’s The Print is a clever fox; it does what it is paid to do all these years. Shekhar Gupta’s own role in Augusta Westland helicopters scam, incidentally, already under the lens. Don’t know what to call such media and their journalists.

  57. we will not tolerate you people if you have to live in this country then follow the law in a very disciplined way otherwise it is better you leave this great country for ever becoz we Hindus have given the democracy to this great country and you don’t believe in the concept of democracy but always want to take advantage of democracy

    • Mr u r talking about democracy u know the meaning of democracy don’t talk about democracy… if Muslim community has done any think u are getting yelling on whole community then speak about other religious also n POLITICALLY also n about TELANGANA Chief minister Also otherwise don’t speak one side

  58. Ha ha,the Print is calling other news channels communal and biased,joke of the century,by the way it is better to speak the truth and call out this radical islamic organization as a real threat and get called communal by the print rather than being called secular and support all the evil things committed by particular groups of people.

  59. Yours is a anti national and anti Hindu media group ,you will be punished for the day your website is born

  60. Sir I too watched the debate of Arnab Goswami.I have never seen anyone as rude as him on the screen specially when people are watching you How can one be so disgusting.For God sake please give others also chance to speak ,we are not sitting here only to watch and hear your loud mouth speak.

  61. Muslims could have done with out the jamath. Now that they did break the ban.They have to face flak.

  62. But why are unnecessary mentioning other news channels??by mentioning about other news channels your actually increasing the curiosity of people which will attract them more to these channels.
    Secondly it was a clear fault of Maulana to call people for Namaz in Markaz .This was the clear violation of law which needs to be condemned across religion lines. They should personally called SDM for help if people were stranded.

  63. Yes it’s true..!Tablighi jamaat is fully responsible…actually it looks like it is fully preplanned ….to spread corona all over india..We want tablighi jamaat banned n kick out of my country… is doing to coverup these jihadis…Shame…..these are all Deshdrohi..

    • Pankaj, don’t be so biased it’s not only jamat, all madira across were open till 20 th March n parliament were working till 23rd of March. Pls check the facts first, just don’t polarise the nation on the neme of Corona jihad or bhagwa corona.

      • I am equally harsh on any idiot, be it hindu or muslim, christian, sikh and what you have.
        An honest and intelligent muslim ( Yes, there are such people amongst them), is an asset and an idiot and bigoted hindu is a liability. As simple as that.
        Again, my contention to ban this organization is based on its teachings that want to take ummah back to 7th century, should not be opposed by you. If you go by my name, then, listen to Hassan Nisar.

    • you are very ignorant yourself. their intention is to destroy hinduism from india. they do not mind sacrificing their own lives for that sake.

  64. The Print, one of the most biased media houses talks of other media houses being wrong. Irony indeed. I am blocking it from my feed

  65. Shekhar Gupta and his team continue its anti Modi and anti Hindu agenda with The Print. Quite expected….

  66. Pathetic attempt at pandering by the Print, and not vice versa. If only there had been a real demographic partition of the country with regards to only this”peace loving community”, it would’ve been good riddance for the rest of the people of all religious communities. It is not hyperbole to call them the worst type of cancer or virus to infect society even in normal times. Phew!

    • Forget Hyperbole now that’s the hate speech, tell me what they did to u and your bloody family and people u know in normal times do reply and can take that fake doctor off your bloody name, coz your title and your mentality dont go hand in hand u can bloody kill on the basis of religion u hate spitting monger.

  67. One of the best example of idiotic behaviour.

    I couldn’t find a line written in the whole article but can sense it after every line “Meri payment ho chuki hai.”
    You claim to be an intellectual but I was wondering how is it possible without a brain.

    • the channels you are supporting in this article makes it clear that you are not neutral The truth is in between these two sets of channels. Once a foreigner enter our soil you are asking the government to track where all they visit? Can you let me know which country on earth could do it? You need to call a spade a spade. By asking counter questions is only like Congress vs bjp fight.

    • Yes indeed! However if the guy who is spitting on doctors and medical staff is a Muslim that doesn’t count!

  68. If BJP is questioned, it’s being rational. If Tablighi Jamaat is questioned, it’s communalism? Your views are personal and their views are public?

    • Yes. If the congregation was obstructed all the liberals would have come out and barked like dogs saying suppression.

      None of them uttering a word now. Hope they didn’t die with Corona.

  69. If you blame the Muslim leaders for the gathering, you must blame the central and state govts too for this. How can they allow such gathering specially when people from foreign countries(corona affected) come to join the conference?
    The govt was also equally responsible. They didnot take adequate steps to stop the gathering. They have responsibility and so they had every right not to allow such gathering
    Muslim leaders should be condemned and punish harshly for the crime they have conducted by violating the orders.
    We, the poor Indians are the victims now both for this heinous crime conducted by the muslim religious leaders on humanity and for the callous handling of the case both by Modi govt and by Kejriwal govt.

    • If your parents would have known you will be as stupid as it reflects in your comment then they could have postponed your delivery time… I think this is quite similar what you have just stated.

  70. अगर 3-4 दिन पहले लॉक डाउन / Lock Down बताया जाता तो भारी भगड़ार मचा होता . सारा लोग छुटी मनाने घर की तरफ भागता इसके बाद गंभीर परिणाम होता . कांग्रेस की तीन मूर्ति को कुछ समझ में नहीं आता है . मुस्लिम को कांग्रेस की सपोर्ट 65 साल से था अब इस Jammat जेहिदी की तिलमिलाहट बढ़ते जा रही है . इसको वही करना है जो सऊदी करता है . मुस्लिम लोक तंत्र और संविधान से पैदा हुआ ही नहीं ये लोग तो हमेशा हुकूमत और शासक के हाथो खेलते रहा . इसलिए ये जेहादी हमेशा भारत में खुराफात करते रहता है .Janmat is using Mosque as Mushafir khana .

  71. Exactly. Why blame the jamat? Why blame the rapist? Blame the the person being raped because it was him/her who instigated the act.
    Btw you seem quite dumb so please look up the word sarcasm in the dictionary.

    • Your account name and your comment are perfectly in tandem. No surprises here. God bless you in the ways you deserve.

  72. The Print is biased, is known to us…. Thanks for reminding it. Good u show the other side, but please don’t try to hide the reality too, wic u r very good at.

    Blocking The Print from my read/watch list.

  73. Stop bitching about other Indian media. Focus on your fact reporting and not some cock & bull story to defame India & its fight against COVID 19. Your anti India, anti Modi, anti Hindu, anti nationalistic stances are by now well known since you are a durbari Italian.

  74. If the opinion is personal why do you publish it under your banner? In fact it is much more poisonous than those who have fangs!!

    • Is this the only article you are left with in times of such crisis? Well a tip, you must focus on publishing news, and not your personal views. Do justice with your profession otherwise quit. We are not fools here.

  75. Futile attempt to defend the indefensible. Does the author know that the attendees did not co-operate when cautioned by the authorities? Can the author prove that the events quoted by him had corona inflicted people in the gathering? Does he not know that the exodus was the result of fake news circulated by media?

  76. Dear comrade the politburo doesn’t not get to decide what is “rational” and who is secular.who are you to distribute certificates of secularism..Dont impose your values system and opinion on others.Dont try to regulate people opinion in name equality.Just like how you moderate reportage of events,comments as per your convinience and ones which suit your “secular” narative.

  77. In response to this article “Tablighi Jamaat brought out Republic, Zee and Times Now’s fangs that Covid-19 had withdrawn”, I simply say behaviour of Arnab is so disgusting that you can’t hold your self except to say he is an idiot and not at all a civilised anchor from any standards. See BBC, Al-Jazeera TV even our own DD news channel or NDTV you will find a difference. The way these world class channels conduct themselves you understand their views and learnt a lot but if incidentally pause for a moment to see debate at Republic TV you will find a ring master of circus yelling and bullies at jokars. So, this kind of irresponsible behaviour and statements from likes of Arnab is nothing new and no one should take them seriously. Poor fellow are doing all these for ‘papi pet ka sawal hai’.
    Adv. Shakil Akhtar
    Supreme Court of India

    • Attacking media houses won’t wipe out sin and crime . The speech of maulana saad is oprn and out. Laundering is not possible. A lawyer is lawyer in the court not outside.

    • Your majesty,

      You passed a judgement on the irresponsible behaviour of Arnab or some XYZ news channel. Agreed they are irresponsible.

      Your page long comment did not have a single mention of the following

      1. Huge gathering in defiance of Govt orders including people from Corona affected countries
      2. Participation of travel Visa holders in religious congregations
      3. Gathering for prayers across the country in defiance of lockdown orders
      4. Non cooperation with Govt to vacate the markaz building
      5. Creating chaos and health risk in a country where all others are respecting each other’s life

      What did your education teach you. Have some shame.

  78. Tablighi Jihaad, my foot. But when did the truth get in the way of these guys rants?These idiots were responsible for major outbreaks in Malaysia and Indonesia (which quarantined around 9000 of these fools), both of which have large Muslum majority populations!

  79. Is ISI FROM PAKISTAN using religious congregation to spread corona virus. Should NIA be given a mandate to investigate. Were people affected with corona virus specifically sent to religious congregation. Let NIA investigate and clear doubts and help stop speculation

    • #ISI#PAK#😂😂😜😂😂😂#POOR INDIANS😔😔😔#Indian media🐷🐷#MODI mad🐕🐕🐕#

      • People like u (and ur community) are like a 🐕 tail..will never learn or mend ur ways..only knows to bark like a mad🐕..and bring misery to the country.

      • Well said#ISI#PAK…. So why don’t you cross over and go to #PAK. They will welcome you with folded hands and embrace you for your courage to call out names to this great nation of ours. Shame on you for your thoughts. You all cannot be a part of the world order as you all do not deserve to be

  80. Why blame the JAMAT ? They were not elected with 305 seats.
    The blame has to rest with Modi.
    Do not bother about the media they have to worry about the viewership and that will not happen without controversies.
    Watch only NDTV 24×7

    • Your online portal and ndtv enjoy the lowest credibility among viewers. Some people have eyes to see but they are blind. Go on propagating half truths, like the one in alleged coup story a few years ago.

    • They also project lopsided view. The only difference is they are on the opposite side. People like Raveish Kumar clearly Sympathesize for Sharjeel Imam.

  81. Lopsided view. No one needs to defend our News Channels. But they are right in criticizing the Tablighi Meet. In one week the Covid-19 count has risen from 1000 to 1965. Out of the growth of 965 cases around 450 pertain to this meet. How does the author defend this criminal act of openly flouting the government norms? You can criticize the government, but why defend the indefensible? Irresponsible religious leaders like Maulana Saad have done more harm to their own followers – many of these followers are now infected with the deadly virus. Who is responsible?

  82. Mr. Arnab Goswami remains an unoffical spokesperson and active actor of the rulling BJP. rest is new,, a mockery to demonize the Muslims of our great nation. Good for guy looking for entertainment in these odd hours.

    • Arnab was demonizing tablighi jamat and that too for right reasons and not muslims of the country. It is unfortunate that muslims of the country identify themselves with tablighi and take it as personal attack. Need for muslims to come out of this sick mentality to live a healthy life to call a spade a spade and to call tablighi as mass murderers

    • This particular commumity instead of hanging their heads in shame showing defiance and dare.
      Thats why . We demand all TJ delegates be fined 50 lac each. Croak their properties and auction it to meet the cost of treatment .

    • No other community is as religious obsessed as Muslims are . And no other community commit as many crimes as Muslims do. this is not only true in India, but in every western countries. How do you explain that?

    • It is the whole Muslim community who are identifying themselves with them. Nobody have blamed the Muslims but only TJ but alas you yourselves show who you are

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