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Not all Muslim nations love Modi. This is why Iran, Malaysia, Turkey don’t

In many parts of the Muslim world, Modi now appears to be the most intensely disliked Indian prime minister ever. And there is a pattern to it.

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Congress cannot digest the fact that Muslim nations support me,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in a fiery speech last December, when his government was facing nationwide protests led by Muslims against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. “They feel if the world’s Muslim countries love Modi so much, how will we create fear about him among Indian Muslims.” Modi added.

This was before riots would break out in Delhi.

Modi has repeatedly brandished his good relations with the Gulf countries to underscore the point that his anti-Muslim image was a domestic political conspiracy. He emphasised that India has “the best ever relations with Gulf countries in its history” and that the Maldives and Bahrain have bestowed their highest honours on him.

Do Muslim majority countries really ‘love Modi’? The real picture, however, is far more unflattering, to put it mildly.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeting about the Delhi riots may not bother Modi, but rebuke from Iran, Turkey and protests in Bangladesh may trigger a rethink.

If we look closely, there is a pattern in Muslim majority countries’ relations with Modi’s India.

The Muslim majority countries, which are relatively democratic, or at least where foreign policy is responsive to public opinion, have taken a clear stand against Modi’s perceived anti-Muslim policies. The more autocratic countries, which have more room to manoeuvre in terms of purely pursuing strategic interests, and ignoring Modi’s human rights record, have chosen to either stay silent or actively fete Modi.

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Criticism of long-standing partners

In fact, in many parts of the Muslim world, Modi appears to be the most intensely disliked Indian Prime Minister ever. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted Thursday: “The hearts of Muslims all over the world are grieving over the massacre of Muslims in India. The govt of India should confront extremist Hindus & their parties & stop the massacre of Muslims in order to prevent India’s isolation from the world of Islam.” This denunciation (highlighted with the hashtag #IndianMuslimslnDanger) came on the heels of Iranian Foreign Minister Zawad Jarif castigating “organized violence against Indian Muslims” and an Iranian newspaper front page painting Modi as the “butcher of Delhi”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used the same phrase “widespread..massacre of Muslims” to condemn the Delhi riots. And last month, Erdogan explicitly sided with Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir while addressing a joint session of the Pakistani Parliament. The Turkish strongman reminded his Pakistani interlocutors how Turkey had raised the Kashmir issue in the General Assembly in the wake of Article 370 nullification, and held ‘unilateral steps’ as responsible for the ‘suffering of the Kashmiri people’ — a barely veiled criticism of India.

Earlier, Malyasian PM Mahathir Mohamed questioned the necessity of the CAA, claiming ‘people are dying’ because of it. This was part of an extended altercation which started with Mahathir slamming India’s Article 370 move by declaring that India had “invaded and occupied” Kashmir. This prompted a diplomatic spat in which India drastically cut down Malaysian palm imports but Mahathir stuck to his guns. The Malaysian PM vowed to keep speaking out against ‘wrong things’ even if it means financial loss.

The usually reticent Indonesian government also joined in by expressing “concerns” over the riots to New Delhi, as “anger mounts in the predominantly Muslim country over what local Islamic groups say is anti-Muslim violence in India,” according to the Jakarta Post.

Even  Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina, one of Modi’s closest allies in South Asia, felt obligated to rebuke the Indian government by terming the CAA as “unnecessary”.

What is perplexing, therefore, is not the Gulf monarchies’ celebration of Modi (they celebrate US President Donald Trump even more) but the criticism of these long-standing partners. India has historically had good relations with all these countries. Former diplomat M.K. Bhadrakumar reacted to Khamenei’s tweet by terming the confrontation as a “serious rift”, and pointing out that “in 1994, it was Iran who helped India to beat back an OIC resolution on Kashmir at the UNHRC”.

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A fast-changing image  

Professor Raymond Hinnebusch writes in his book The International Politics of the Middle East: “In the Middle East public opinion normally plays little direct role in foreign policy formulation, which is the special business of top elites.” This is because in the Gulf States “political opposition is typically repressed and press controlled” and people are “inattentive and uninformed” and extremely dependent on the patronage of the oil-rich states.

It is hard to accurately gauge Arab public opinion on Modi, but if one barometer is the coverage of Al Jazeera, the portrait is increasingly dismal. So, it is almost certainly not the case of these countries ‘loving Modi so much’, rather it is the case of their regimes humouring Modi, probably in the face of adverse public opinion, for strategic trade and economic interests.

In contrast, the Iranian regime is hard-pressed to provide jobs and basic services to its people, especially under punishing US sanctions. So, the Iranian regime is much more sensitive to domestic public opinion, and draws its legitimacy from being seen domestically as a regional hegemon striving for justice in the Muslim world. This also explains why Iran has staunchly maintained its hard-line stance on Israel, even as its Gulf neighbours have warmed up to the Jewish state.

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Similarly, Turkey under Erdogan has nursed its neo-Ottoman dreams of springing back to the centre of the Muslim world, a grand protector of the ‘Muslim ummah’. Therefore, Erdogan feels compelled to speak out against injustices to Muslim populations, from Palestine to Egypt to India.

Malaysia and Indonesia are relatively free countries where foreign policy, of necessity, has to reflect public opinion, if for nothing else than to shore up the public image of the incumbent.

It would be safe to say that the perception of the ‘Muslim ummah’ of India under Modi is increasingly of a country rife with anti-Muslim prejudice and violence. This image is perhaps not yet as starkly negative as that of Israel, thanks to deep-rooted cultural and historical ties, but that accumulated goodwill is steadily tapering off in many countries. Unless a thorough course correction is undertaken, instead of petty knee-jerk reactions, it would not only mean the fraying of enduring relationships, but also the evisceration of India’s image as a beacon of pluralism and democracy of the global south.

The author is a research associate at the Centre for Policy Research, Delhi. Views are personal.

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  1. Democracy in Muslim countries is wasted project. Only beneficiaries of democracy in Muslim countries are fundamentalists. It was sabotage of Secular Turkey by EU, which tangled memebership to EU to Turkey to force it to remove Ban on Hijab, Niqab and allow fundamentalists enabled people like Erdogan to come to power.

    Talking about democracy etc. after Arab spring, Obama quickly corrected his course, once he saw Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt. and not oppose Sisi. Right way to handle Muslims is communist way. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc. should be role model to deal with Muslims. China is doing the same.

    Unlike Buddhist, Hindu fundamentalism, Muslim fundamentalism is not a local threat, but global one.. So Muslims should be suppressed globally by enlightened Muslim & non-Muslim leadership world over until they start acknowledging the rights of other faiths.

    We can see visible hypocrisy of Muslim welcoming Hagia Sofia becoming mosque again but opposing Rama Mandir.

  2. I have lived with them my family doesn’t feel safe there my sister has to cover her face before going anywhere she really feel insecure there but now we have sold that house at a very low price to a muslim and now we bought a new house and we are happy there the most common there was whenever we used to put diya outside then someone comes and spits in the diya

  3. Democracy and secularism, liberal values, Human rights is not the burden of majority hindu community in India. It applies to ALL…Other countries have no right to talk about India’s internal issues….Why can’t OIC countries be secular and consider religion as just a personal belief and not mix religion with politics and nationalism.?..Why its ONLY India to be lectured on human rights and secularism….This where many liberals can’t convince the majority community …

    • India needs lectures because even after being the largest so called democracy in the world ………..It has become a dictators rule under Modi. The so called secular country is no more…..Yes the issues in India are the internal, but when the minorities do not get justice from its own government/court then they have look outside, and thats when all the muslim countries come in……

      Most of the muslim countries have sharia law which so perfect that it leaves above the Indian democracy…….Thats why most of the muslim countries are so peaceful

  4. Excuse me please.
    Not all islamic countries support Modi.
    But You see sir/mam, the best ones do. for example you can take the whole members of the UAE. Also I must suggest you that Iran and Malaysia are under the pressure of China’s investments. We dont need the investments of such countries in our economy right now. So I guess you are proved wrong in 2 sentences.q

    • No you are wrong the best ones are also against Modi after the Delhi Roits …………Educate yourself……….Because the atrocities that are happening against the muslim in India under BJP rule will not be accepted by Muslim countries

  5. As far as my understanding goes the author spoke his mind for betterment of the perception of Indian political system. As we should isolate Pakistan in international arena. The secular Modi image is essential. As currently Indian polity cannot be surrendered to dynasts or leaders with narrow communitarian basis.Unless a Kwejriwal rises up to the occasion we have to do with Modi. After all a true Indian cannot throw the nations to ‘Ultra Saffron Goons’ who are equally harmful for the nation as ‘Sharia Law ‘.
    Enough of Nehruji’s Secularism with all my due respect to the great statesman,we have emerged and failed as a nation because of his prescription. We need to be true to our conscience while having a list of real citizens.At least likes of Abdul Majid killer of Banga Bandhu wouldn’t be hiding in shady haunts of India. Nor would we deny minority Christian, Buddhists, Shiks ,Jains,hindus and even atheists citizens from refuge in our soil.Those who are tortured, ravaged and traumatized as our Islamic brethrens were tortured in Delhi. Even we should take away the tool of appeasement from the hands of diplomatic leaders and manipulative hazoors and ulemas .Rather empower our minority brothers.

  6. Mr Asim Ali: Please write similar articles in the news papers of Islamic countries and advice them to move their status fro Islamic republics to Secular democratic republics. Thieves should stop advising police on thefts. Come on grow up, you have have grown up without brains and without cultural assimilation and playing victimhood.

  7. The author is too clever unfortunately against his own mother land.
    Firstly he discounted and derided those Muslim countries which are silent are supported India.
    In fact he called them dictatorship not in tune with their people.
    And the countries which are against his motherland??? Are shining lights of progress and we’ll wishers of India now turned away by ugly Indians Hindus.
    Malaysia has a legal system in place which firmly against non Muslims.
    They would have killed the Shaheen Bagh protesters in their own country .there are women in jail for not covering their hair.
    They sent a warship to capture Andaman Islands when India was busy fighting Pak to protect Bangla Muslims.

    India if goes after these friendships will become weak and repeat the terrible mistakes of Nehru.
    We will get their respect if we are united.
    Venemous people this author are working adainst and our interest.

  8. Total Bakvas. Fanatic extremists howling ravens don,t know the meaning of democracy despite getting more and better privileges and consideration at every nook and corner of veery street in the country. They should live with discipline and without being stooges of foreign powers hostile to Indi.This does not apply to some sections of the community who realize their responsibilities.

  9. Our own dirty media is supporting the cause of Islamization of the nation, it is quiet natural for the other Muslim countries to criticise Modi. Our media has sold themselves for a few crores and also the nation. After Modi came to power they have shed their morality, ethics etc., to please the Italian madam, who was feeding these media Dogs at the cost of the exchequer andthe nation.

  10. Is it important what they think? As I can see, it is the hindu in india which is the threatened and ‘marked for deletion’ category. No one ever speaks in support of the hindu.

  11. The Print has sold itself to Islamic fanatics, pretending all the while that only Muslims are the alleged victims, what many many more Hindus have been butchered by the mullahs. Erdogan is even more vicious than the most poisonous snake. Iran is like the Devil quoting the scriptures. And Malaysia is giving shelter to terrorists! Have they ever condemned the forced exodus of the Kashmiri pandits or the butchery of three million Bengali Hindus in 1971.

  12. These Muslim Countries talk about Muslims only without studying or ascertaining the fact. How many Hindus were killed or property burned in Delhi riot? Why these Muslim Countries are talking for Muslims only. Are those Hindus not Human being for Muslim Countries. Relation and respect should be on equal footing, and not based on religion. Islamic countries lack in that quality, as they understand only one word Islam. India should not submit under such Islamic Country’s tatics. Then who will talk for and look after Hindus. The present Opposition!. They will sell out Indian Hindus for their exestance, and a day will come India will be a Islamic State.

  13. Leaders of Islamic countries talking about tolerance is a joke. Let them look inwards and see how tolerant they are. They all have the most pathetic record of human rights. The less we discuss about these Islamic countries, the better. Shame on the author to try and peddle this anti Modi narrative. Shows his mindset.

  14. Iran,Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Bangladesh are the leading lights of the religious tolerance and champions of human rights. The out standing treatments of the non- Khomeini followers, the Kurds, the non-sons of the soils, the non-Muslims is some thing the Modi must learn to endear himself to the leaders of these countries. Wonder if Mr. Asim Ali would like that to happen. He would not last a few minutes in these countries if he were to exercise the freedom of expression in these countries which he cherishes.

    • They would have Asim Ali barbecued .tandoored and serve him for lunch as a briyani .look who is criticising modi .once the 2 child norm with danger or losing citizenship if u have a third child then these countries will hate him .the fellows can’t believe a country can be exclusively for non Muslims and Hindus in particular kind rgds

  15. muslim countries will never like india and modi -gulf countries may show that they do but they are shrewed business man and look at india in a business angle –

  16. Churchill had predicted dogs ruling india in fifty years , doesnt doesnt differ much in usa with trump

  17. Asim Ali has conveniently omitted India’s name in the list of countries whose Muslims hate Modi. In fact in terms of numbers India will leave far behind any other country whose Muslims population hate Modi. In this hate project all leftists, librandus and secularists have participated and played their share of roles.

  18. Muslims ,by nature & mindset ,are & will be hostile to anyone or any civilization that dares to stand up to islamic hoodlumism

  19. Yes Muslim countries won’t like CAA, basically because they wanted to push their population through our naiboring countries in the name of our Constitution and secularism etc etc followed by us, for the reasons best known to them. Hope things are clear. Let’s not treat this society as a previlaged one. Put the nation first.

    • How much do you know them.. my elders told me if you want to know gold scratch it on stone . And if you want to know people, you should live with them, before you judge them.. so my advice is.. please live in a muslim neighborhood, at least for 6 months.. and try to know what their religion tells as well..

      • He would want to live among Muslims in Pakistan, which was once part of India. But they don’t want non-Muslims, unless you can use your enormous persuasion ability to help him get the immigation there.

  20. Atleast someone understands something. Its not like everyone hates muslims in India so stop creating discord by writing such bullshit articles. The recent riots were because of political instigation which has been carried out since the initiation of CAB and now CAA. In the riots people from both communities died so we should vouch for peace between both the communities not to create discord by inciting them. As for Iran, Turkey and other hypocrites likes Malaysia, people who consider them knowledgable by quoting these examples are utmost foolosh ones. Can’t they even see that they don’t even care about minorities in their own country and try to lecture others over it.

    • What you know about Delhi riot, this was a planned massacre of muslims, 19 mosques are demolished,
      Give me one video or pic in which Hindu temple is harmed or a Hindu guy is beaten up, I can give you 100 of videos and pics. Can you???

      • You haven’t seen the videos of the mob attacking Hindus from the terrace of Tahir Hussain’s house? What about the report on attacks on Hindu owned schools? See “Anger towards ‘other side’ echoes in Hindu-dominated areas of riot-hit Northeast Delhi” in theprint itself. Both sides have played hell. Recognising this is prerequisite for reconciliation.

  21. We all know the reality of the Islamic world,sultan,Amir, and Ayatollah rule over the hypochondriac, hysterical, xenophobic mass.Dictators drug people with dreams of a non existent paradise.Brutally butchering the non Islamic ones.Their opinion don’t count at all for compassionate Indians.

  22. May we have an article on the status of minorities in Turkey, Iran and Malaysia? It might be instructive for you.

  23. The More I read articles by muslims and the more I see how they r behaving post CAA betrays their unsaid, and now increasingly opined, view about they being diff than other Indians and their pervasive need to be molycoddled.
    The germ of religious partition of india was only dormant and is increasingly reviving in, if not so much in physical terms, muslim mindset. I still believe and know, there are millions of indian muslims who r indians first, Muslim later. However, each passing day, shows, either they r waning and sidelined in public perceptions . The devil of “muslim ummah”.
    For Islamists, To foist narrow bigotry is a good currency of religious freedom, however, if others exert on reaction then is not acceptable. Readers of history, will find uncanny parallels with khilafat movement post ww-1 in india. Challenge is for indian muslims to vigorously oppose this perpetual victimhood mindset and preserve india.

    The demographic bomb is all set to explode within a generation or two. 100 yrs post partition, islamism is bound to physically exert in india, telltale signs r all over. Pockets and ghettos of segregation would abound. I see very little hope. Islamism is a virus , far deadlier than Corona, I daresay, it just jumps hosts.

    Can’t see islamists living peacefully or letting others live peacefully. Haven’t found even one exception throughout their history of 1400 yrs in any part of world, esp when they have numbers to exert.
    It is possible for muslim family to live among majority Hindus, but absolutely impossible for muslims to let hindus/any other live peacefully when they r dominant. Go to hinterland, this is FACT, liberal media can and will remain an ostrich.

    • It’s not liberal media but biased media. There is probably no unbiased and liberal media in India, especially the English ones.

  24. Shekhar Gupta will never want to apply burnol to his burns. Instead he keeps scratching it.

  25. “The Muslim majority countries, which are relatively democratic, or at least where foreign policy is responsive to public opinion”
    The above statement itself exposes the filth that the writer wants to propagate.

  26. Please inform your readers what was the stand of your darling chosen countries towards India in 1965 and 1971 when India was (1) ruled by the your Darling congress party ( not Modi or Modi like ) . (2) India was facing war thrust on her by Sunny majorly Islamic country named Pakistan . Have these muslim countries ever been friendly towards India ? Iran keeps on ventilating on and off depending upon it gets upset from western powers– particularly from USA . It is surprising that so-called secularists Media persons in India start parroting the views of the press from Islamabad or Karachi . Stop this . Do research on international affairs of India of the post 1950 . There is historical continuity in many trends .Grasp them and then report and write. You are not writing article for Leftists or Muslim readers of JNU ,AMU or JU. you write for vast spectrum of people. While writing on topics like foreign policy , international relations, do keep in mind the interests of India as nation, not as India of any Ruling party or person. The articles you write should be informative not political propaganda of any dethroned opposition party .

  27. Yes, there is a pattern. That is that those nations are all fanatically islamist and near jihadist!. They allow hardly any facilities or freedoms for people of other faiths, but are quick to defend jihadis and the most banal versions of Islam. No wonder and no great loss to Modi or India!

  28. Moslems who are practicing Mud’rat (or deception for for strategic, tactical or temporary reasons as instructed by Mahomet (“the prophet) in Quran and Hadith) are pretending not to hate Modi. Hate of non Moslems is as per the commands of Quran and Hadith aka Islam:, As for Iran: Iran has veered away from India towards China and natural foe Pakistan as India upheld US sanctions against Iran

  29. Iran is dictatorship & is a islamic country.out of 56 muslim majority countries how many r secular Mr Ali?0.dont give sermons on secularism to us.indian govt is elected by 100 crores hindus who dont give a damn to what turkey,iran,Malaysia or a bangladesh think.our parliament is elected by indians & not foreigners.Oic is a toothless body its resolutions r like a fart to india.samjhe Mr Asim ali?

  30. Indian can never deny the facts published by the international media about the cruelty India has started in capital. They already did in Gujarat, India will have to pay sooner or later. Riots are everywhere, such senseless government, RSS agents backed by police, Kashmir is in trouble, Punjab is in trouble,

    Still they want peace by depressing the humanity at all.

    It is just ridiculous, the silence of other nations.

  31. This Is Absolute Appeasement.By The Press.No Where The Muslim World Has Touched On Muslim Terrorism (Lovingly Called Jihad)Leave Alone Raising Concerns.But Our Country Safeguarding Against It Is Hindu Extremism.So Be It.

  32. Dear Author of this rather pathetic article, you are an Indian, right? As are millions of Muslims. Some of my best friends and colleagues are Muslim.

    Instead of fearing Modi and Hindus, come forward and work for the Nation. We will build it together. And leave it to our children to enjoy. Together.

    What say you?

    If in doubt or fear of Hindus, just look back at our History. We have never turned anyone away from our Motherland. We have taken everyone in and they have flourished. The same continues today. We have not changed.

    Find your place in Indian society, make it yours, do your bit for our society, and enjoy life. If you work hard and live in peace, why will any Hindu have a problem with you? You will be another hard working brother or sister living your dreams.

    And take a lesson from the History of Partition. Muslims and Hindus worked together to gain Independence. Then it was the British and our Politicians that for their own interests pitched two communities against each other. The same is happening again. Ignore the morons and enjoy the freedom that life in India brings you.

    Paradise on Earth is called “India”, where every man, woman and child, is truly free to live as they wish, in peace.

  33. 1) Where did the Parsis of Iran disappear?
    2) Hindu people were killed more in Delhi.
    3) Why do the whole world keep silent on the atrocities of Hindus in Pakistan.
    4) Why are Hindus leaving home from Muslim dominated area in India?
    5) The country (Turkey, Iran) which carried out the Armenium, Parsi massacre. Now they will teach India ???

  34. The very wrong that we are having in the world right now, starting any discussion with religion as the basis. We are trying to set foot on moon, mars for God knows what reason, when we are not able to think a person as simply a human. Socialising the words Hindu Muslim over and over again we are definitely going back to the stone age

  35. All Muslim countries cannot digest if their own citizens are Hindus, Christians, Sikhs or any other religion to live. But expect other countries to digest and swallow the BULLET when Muslims live in these countries to be tolerate towards all the crap this religion follows and uses in the name of Jihad, Culture and their own laws within a judiciary of that country,. Its the skilful art and maneover of conversion now at this time to prove the world they are wrong and close this circle within India. Modi may loose his international image. But with the key powers beside him, its easy to blend around with countries who spew hatred around us.. And once the economy bounces back, all will be in the play. Atimes it is necessary to kill the virus in the family to protect the entire family.

  36. India has no reason to care about opinion of fascist Islamic countries like Iran, Turkey and Qatar, since they care nothing about Hindus. If they want access to our markets, tell them to mind their own business. Otherwise, they can scream all they want, and we will leave them alone to celebrate their sordid oil futures.

    • The name of writer itself enough to show what kind of person he is ,whom side he will take , hypocrite media they only show in riot only muslims are victim what about IB officer, and what about other Hindus ,all major media houses only shows muslim sides .shame ,shame…..Muslims follow a strategy first use violence when response came they start crying we are victim ,right from godhara Gujarat to all riots they are the initiaters ,we manage perception they have Bollywood,big media houses ,print newspapers,and red lebel tea ,secular and communists.

  37. Dear Mr Shekar Gupta, None of the Indian media wants to provide real information to the Nation. As on ordinary citizen of this country, to me, a Tea seller who hate freebies and work for the country development is far better than Delhi IIT Chief Minister who retained his power by providing freebies. What is the meaning of Education in the information era when media dont highlight this instead wasting country’s valuable time by providing such a useless information in the early morning hour? Did media who are crying a lot on economy ever speak about Tata Power losses and reason for the same? How you expect this country will develop when you people dont want to acknowledge Only Gujarath agreed for going for revised power tarrific of five states Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Maharashtra while Tata Power has pegged loss worth Rs 1,000 crore for FY20 from the Mundra plant alone! Is this is not an important issue for this country than the CAA? Is this not important for Media people like you or for Judiciary of the country to take action on Freebies to retain political gain?

  38. Views of the author are personal and let me add “prejudiced”. What difference does it make to us if the muslim countries endorse Modi. The very fact that this muslim card is being played speaks volumes about the hypocrisy. I would agree with these countries if they were concerned about the loss of innocent lives in the violence. The very fact that their concern is only for muslims killed is difficult to digest. What about the human rights violations in their own countries. Do they have an impeccable track record. This is selective amnesia. Pick and choose what is convenient and ignore the rest and make a big noise that the democratically elected government of India is anti-muslim. Erdogan what is his record of human rights. I am sorry to see even The Print is going down the same alley of a direction less media. I really do not understand what the author of this article is trying to convey.

  39. So Muslim majority , proclaimed ” Islamic” countries do not like Modi ? Irony dies here. Why does it bother us that a Religious autocracy like Iran or Turkey doesnt like Modi ! These countries should have least concern about Muslims considering their past and present. And none of the Islamic countries have any moral rights to criticise India even if India to become a supposedly ” hindu”. I can understand a US or France being critical of us but not an Iran or Turkey.IRAN GDP IS IN NEGATIVE , TURKEY IS UNDER CRISIS , MALAYSIA SELF GOAL BY SAYING ABOUT KASHMIR NOW WE DON’T BUY PALM OIL FROM THEM

    No tourist came to Iran as they had wear buqa
    And this will critise us

  40. Yes, India should be ashamed. It is a shame to be lectured by these nations. Delhi should be singing Bapu’s prayer “Easwar Allah tero nam …”, and not rioting. Now, a few words about these Muslim nation stalwarts. How come they are blind and mute over the atrocities visited upon the Uighur Muslims in China? When will Turkey acknowledge, let alone atone, the Armenian genocide? When will Iran do some soul searching on its treatment of the Baha’i minority in that country? Yes, India should hang it’s head in shame, because Delhi riots ate a blot in its name.

  41. Look at these smelly Indians thinking there countries great first you need to shower you idle worshiping cow piss drinking animals

  42. The funny thing is Turkey (in Syria) and Iran (anti-petrol price rise protests) had killed more Muslims in the last month than the total number of Muslims & Hindu killed in riots in the entire 2019.

    Bangladeshi Muslims killed more Hindus in the previous year 2019 AND Malysia destroyed more Hindu temples in Malaysia in 2019 than the few mosques and temples destroyed in India for development work.

    Of course, the writer won’t say why the LARGEST MUSLIM-MAJORITY DEMOCRACY INDONESIA LOVES MODI. Because the Muslims there feel themselves to be more Hindu than Hindus themselves in India.

  43. Yes, India’s head should hang in shame. But, having said, some of these protesters are no shining angels. They have many skeletons in their closets. Turkey is yet to apologize for the Armenian genocide, and Iran needs to explain its treatment of the Bahais. All these four are total hypocrites when they close their eyes to the treatment of the Uighurs Muslims in China. Yes, India should Be ashamed, but not because of these hypocrite nations. But, because the Delhi riots are a blot on its name.


    • Oh seriously you live in Muslim country there are more than 45 Muslims countries in the world you are trying to say that they are dangerous for you oh nice joke

      • In India population of Muslim increases from 8% to 14.28% how? If hindu are doing genocide.

  45. Mr. Asim Ali is a typical Muslim. Muslims are always blind to atrocities committed by Muslims against non-Muslims in Muslim countries. EGYPT & EGYPT & INDONESIA: Churches are being demolished and Christians being killed in Egypt and Indonesia. TURKEY: Turkey still denies committing genocide of Armenians, killing 1.5 million. Turkey has laws forbidding building of non-Muslim places of worship. PAKISTAN: Since 1971, systematic low level genocide of Hindus and Sikhs perpetrated by Islamic religious establishment supported by Pakistani government and the army. 3 to 4 thousand (about 10 every day) Hindu and Sikh very young girls are kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to much older men. Thousands of Hindus and Sikhs are forcibly converted to Islam every year – threatened with death if they don’t BANGLADESH: Hindu temples are being demolished. Hindus women are being abducted and raped and their families threatened. Bangladesh government sides with the perpetrators instead of prosecuting them. AFGHANISTAN: After Taliban took over in 1980’s, 200,000 thousand Hindus and Sikhs were forced to leave Afghanistan. The only temple, shared by Hindus and Sikhs was shut down. Now there are no Hindus and Sikhs left.

  46. Same old mindset. Vote for the partition of India on communal lines , then choose to stay back in the partitioned country where the majority chose to become secular in spite of the betrayal by the minority and yet continue to harbor sentiments for the community and not the country of birth. Instead of peddling nonsense the author like his coreligionists start seeing the mirror more often and realize the current situation is their own making. Secularism is not a one way street. Islamic nations can maintain their Muslim exclusivism trampling minority rights , but they expect secular India will have to protect Muslims ignoring how many Hindus and police personnel were killed in the same riot. Is duplicity a part and parcel of Islamic identity? It is easy to be a secular Muslim , because you can earn your secular credentials by calling Hindus communal while ignoring the communalism of coreligionists.

  47. obviously their is a patter in these country as all these country are islamic states and want only islam to be alive which can not see happening in india.

  48. Why you want malashiya,turki,irana to love Modi…is he a priminister of that nation…even modi donot expect them to love him🤣🤣what nonsence artical by print..insted..stop this and sell peanuts

  49. We shouldn’t care about Criticism by some Muslim countries and first care about our national interest. Some elements in the country always ready to defame India even during the Indira Gandhi period there were severe communal riots insisting by Muslim extremist elements.

  50. Our PM MR MODIJi took a stand tonthink about his country’s each and every person to get a good and health everything. Why other countries people will come and and stay without visa.
    Does US, France, Australia, or any other developed countries will allow anyone to enter and let live in their country without legal documents.
    Then why we are not understand this. And if government said this that there will be no harm of Indian Muslim’s…then why they are using females voice to let them sit and create violence in various parts of India.

    Those women’s even doesn’t know about the CAA, NRC not know constitution the complete definition also….then also young generations not understanding it.

  51. All of India’s apologists ted to be right wing fascists of one form or another. Whether they be racist white supremacists, Christian fascists, expansionist Jewish Zionist nutjobs, ‘peaceful’ genocidal Buddhist monks or third rate Arab leaders, all of them share the same hatred of a just world.

    Look at all the critics of India’s Hindu Nazi state: democratic leaders, human rights advocates, defenders of democracy, philosophers, educated, intellectuals.

    Trump can say that they are good people on both sides. But looking at the people who join him in defending this genocidal monster Modi, we can see this is not true. The ‘bad people’ are clearly on Hindutva’s side!

    • If you call this Hindu Nazi state, you don’t know what Nazis did. You are just parroting what others said. If you mention one or two of these grest democrats and human rights advocates I can tell you a thing or two. Yes, there is a significant increase in anti-muslim hatred, but to call people Hindu Nazis betrays great ignorance. Just go through the history of riots. Worse riots have happene in the non-BJP regimes.

  52. Man, this hate mongring website should be banned, what the hell are you guys writing. You guys are the worst enemies of the Nation….we all know what happened in delhi, it was a two side thing both hindus & muslim died but you only see muslims & your false narration is the cause of this fake narrative against india that india is anti-muslim which we all know never was the case & never will be….

  53. None of these islamic countries like Israel. What have they achieved? 0
    These same islamic nations supported partition of India on religious lines in 1947.

    We need to work on our own nation’s interest instead of what these jihadis think and speak.

  54. I support NAMO firstly for itroducing CAA. There is no wrong in implementing CAA. Indian Muslims should not worry for this. This law is outsider who illegally occupying shelters in India. If india need to depvolop like other countries this law must be implemented.

  55. Malaysia Turkey Iran and Theprint are having Anti India and Anti modi mindset. Don’t care about them

  56. And you said that not every muslim nation like Modi. You further said that Turkey, Malayasia and Iran do not like Modi, and this made you happy and proud.
    Either you are illiterate or communal to the core.
    Iran is known, hardliner, nay, Islamist country, disliked and barely tolerated MUSLIM nation. Turkey and its President ids again known Islamist who killed/ jailed thousands of fellow turks, who had faith in Turkish Ataturk (father of Nation) Kamal Pasha.
    Malaysia has open policy of favoring local Malay Muslims over others and favors discrimination againt non Muslims.
    So now do not champion these 3 nations as they have no standing in world order.

    • Of course the malaysia favor malay muslim more .it because they are the natives of the land.but the non-muslim livelihood there are much better then their relatives who’s living in india.and the malay never kill the indian malaysian because of religion.

  57. My friend also live in Islamic country…he hate Islam too much…he is also Hindu indian

  58. What is truly tragic
    When shia all around world protest against killing of sullemani, sunni protest for Rohinga Muslim while no one spoke a word against Uigher muslim/ Yemeni muslum.

    Look at 62 war during which communist in India sided with China.

    These are all political issues fueled by mullahs politician and goodmen. Fanned by media house

    Social division is not a recent phenomenon it’s ingrained in our society since inception

  59. That majority of worldwide Muslims do not have any love lost for the PM isn’t exactly news. And the author has correctly pointed out that support from Saudi Arabia or UAE hardly means that the average Muslim on the street in these countries is in agreement with their ruler’s policies. This new approbation on the part of certain Muslim nations also seems to be jockeying for leadership position amongst the comity of Islamic countries. They want to be in a position where they can say that atleast we publicly opposed it. The more serious charge is that of spending diplomatic capital. This has been accumulated not by the current PM alone but painstakingly built over many centuries. It must not be squandered away without any long-term benefit. An even more serious charge which the author has failed to bring out is that this move puts our diaspora settled in these countries and their economic contribution at risk. It may also arguably accelerate the process of trying to replace Indian workers with their own citizens. That would be worrisome and with far more serious consequences.

  60. OK. Let me put this in perspective. Hindus are persecuted in Muslim countries. They seek refuge in a Hindu majority, nay, the land of origin of their religion. The Govt passes a legislation to do so. The minorities here, the Muslims, which was the same community persecutung these Hindus in the first place. Do ‘PEACEFUL’ protests without any empathy of being a minority like those refugee from Pakistan. Creating disturbance and unrest in civic society. Causing riots where people of both communities are killed. Media and these Mullah leaders(honestly they really don’t give a flying duck 🦆 ) are working day and night to portray the Muslims as victims of this whole pointless
    Protests. Just thinking all this gives me chills

  61. We don’t give damn about these middle East filth. We would be loved to live insolation from them, just they must also take their 18 crore arabi name followers from our country.

  62. Muslims always emigrate to non-Muslim countries. They never migrate to Saudi Arabia or Malaysia. They know these countries throw the illegals out on a regular basis.

    • Lol seems u never been to Malaysia

      There are 3 millions migrants here mostly from Bangladesh and Pakistan, also there are around 2 million more illegal migrant without documents… If u never been here, don’t say with your own mind Bhai

  63. The truth comes out as always – The Muslims are worried about only Muslims all over the world – real or imaginary!!!
    The so-called liberal secular democracies – Western Europe or the Americas – Christian essentially – are worried about only Christians all over the world!!!
    No, these groups are not interested in Sikhs, Jains, Tribals, Buddhists, Pagans – they only consider a human a human if and only if they are believers of their respective ideologies.
    And if Pagan India makes a rule to take care of Pagans, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and even Christians – from caliphates around India – India is wrong. The tragedy is, even Indian intellectuals think like that. That is why we Indians were ruled by foreigners for close to 800 years. People who cannot take care of themselves will never ever be respected by the rest – they will always be ruled – physically or emotionally or intellectually or diplomatically – by “others”

  64. It’s not necessary, that Islamic countries should react to internal issues of India.. in democratic country like India, where free speech and free to practice of ones own religious values.. Delhi kind of riots do happen once in a while… Moreover, if India start looking into the internal issues of Islamic countries, then, it will be terrible.. we don’t do that.. India expects , all Islamic countries to do not interfere in the daily affairs of india..

    Further, why Islamic countries unable to understand , only Islamic fundamentalists having issues to stay peacefully with other religious people ?? In India, no other minorities are having issues..

  65. Let us look at record of Muslim countries support during 1971 war just wikipedia it . This is not widely taught hence Hindus confuse Ummah as a form of brotherhood but not exclusive and only Muslim brotherhood. Infact CAA is no threat to Indian Muslim citizenship but it is a threat to Ummah. All 46 or so muslim nations have religion as an essential or one of condition for citizenship. Thus this will happen but overtime more and more countries will come to India view which will impact these countries of Ummah ..more they make issue of it. Like minorities in these counties can go against these leader or countries and even use it to migrate to Western countries as refugees.

  66. Be very careful Mr ali…of wt u r propagating thru ur article…u shd worry much about the muslim nations that u ve mentioned..
    And not modi or bharat..we r doing fine….these muslim nations for whom u r so concerned and ur heart beats for..are bound to implode soon…make no mistake…iran will b made to pay a price…by its rivals…its a doomed nation…so is turkey(many geo strategic issues at play……if malasia does not do a course correction (by its new pm)….then it too will go down that path…pak…well..less said the better..its not even a nation now…its a stooge of china…living on crumbs provided by generous donors…on the verge of imploding in 10 years time….
    Please go save these countries …ur bretheren…dont worry about bharat…
    Dont worry about modi…
    Its extremly sad to see that people loke u wt no understanding wtsover ve been given a platform to propagate ur nonsense…i guess thats wt the print stands for now…

    • Dude at least get your thoughts together more coherently if you want to spout nonsense. Print should have a way to flag comments – this just makes baseless allegations simply because the writer is Muslim.

  67. I don’t think Modi give two hoots about these “Muslim leaders” for the simple reason that they are hypocrites to criticise India.

    China is literally putting it’s Muslims in concentration camps, yet we don’t hear any noises from these “leaders”.

    India has always been a soft target for foreign criticism because we give it too much importance to it. Learn from China, it is all about hard power, focus on you growth and development, be strong, be rich.

    Economy, market, military, finance. That’s what it’s all about.

  68. If islamic countries think that Muslims in India are unhappy, then allow them into their own countries to settle. 95% of those muslims in India who voted for creating Pakistan, didn’t leave India. It would have been best for India to settle all of them in Pakistan.

  69. When These Muslim countries blame India for killings of muslims in Dehli riots they never- NEVER EVER -condemn killings of Hindus in the same riots. As if they dont exists. Second the number of muslims killed in their own countries during agitations and riotings is far more than those killed in India. Third , Iran has killed more muslims in Yemen than any other country has killed including in wars. Iran is facing the worst CORONOVIRUS epidemic but Khomeni is unable to provide any help ( forget controlling) to his citizen . Also, the above article , supports the theory that Indian opposition parties have created these riots so that Muslims remain hostile to Modi. If, not, then how it is that the riots started right at the time of Grand visit of the President of THE USA who is also on the bad list of muslims and Indian opposition parties ? These riots appear after the visit of One congress leader to Pakistan just before riots. this leader had called Modi to distribute Chai at congress meeting . His name is Mani Ayyar. He had infamously asked his” Pakistani Friends” to remove Modi So it is just politics and Indians have learned that the devils of the world are joining hands to browbeat India,

      • The bitter truth of Indian muslims is they chose hindus over kashmiri muslims.Indian muslims said hindus are their brothers. They are secular.But Indian news channels and primeminister anti muslim ideology making them to understand dat hindu’s can never b their brothers.Almost each and every decision of india gives priority to hindus.For instance supreme court told demolishing babri masjid is not an appropriate act but now hindus will construct their temple at that place. There is no justice in their judgement. Hindus targeted muslims many times
        Nellie. -1983
        Babri. -1992
        Gujraat. -2002
        Melegaon. -2007
        Azamgarh. -2008
        Delhi. -2020.
        I question our hindu brother whether this is their brotherhood.
        India is known for unity in diversity slogan .
        Is this the unity of different religions in India?

  70. If decades of hard work and concessions and plural society India has built pays it returns in this form of isolation, then we need to question everything once again. Is there any competitive rabbit hole about these ( so called) democracies about criticizing muslim minority nations? Take ex of Myanmar, Thailand or China and latest Sri Lanka. It is quite predictable that if Mahathir criticize, IKhan will double down and then Turkey President will go two step ahead. Finally how can we forget Iranians who have ideological project of four decades and India is best reason to divert attention rather than paying heed to domestic opinion.
    And let’s be honest for any muslim, non-muslim activity vis a vis Muslims becomes high stake priority where they come together to shout and do everything they can.
    In the future, this will get worst with their ummah project.
    Thanks for this service.
    This might be good show of solidarity but doesn’t help when it comes to other. And Indians who have gone through worst kind of history won’t accept this.

  71. Sir, how many countries are there in this world to support Muslims.. Neither there is a country for hindus nor there is a media to support them.. I pity hindus in India.. sooner or later we will be like Jews.. most persecuted in the world..

    • Right sir ,its time though late to raise the voice that everything as going is not right otherwise be ready to see our children mutilated in front of our eye like IB OFFICER IN DELHI,our women ,sister ,mother ,wife be raped by these butchers and we are defenceless , impotent to situation.

  72. Stop living in imaginary world. First let Iran stops killing Sunni MUSLIMS. All these noise by Mahathir and Komeni is to divert the attention from burning local issues of their country.

  73. All Muslim writers and reporters same shit again and again. Iran is best, Pakistan best all Muslims countries best where as West is bad, Hindus bad etc. Etc.
    And all these reporters living in Europe or America. Turkey killing all refugees to go to Europe. All those Muslim refugees wants to go to Europe at Greece border. None of the Muslim countries asking all those Muslim refugees inviting into Muslim countries. Worst part is none of those Muslim refugees have faith in Muslim countries. When these Muslims arrive in Europe then they will start blowing bombs and fighting with local people telling them how good Pakistan is and other Muslim countries are. Then these Muslims refugees become reporters and will say crazy things about europe , west and other faith.

  74. So Muslim majority , proclaimed ” Islamic” countries do not like Modi ? Irony dies here. Why does it bother us that a Religious autocracy like Iran or Turkey doesnt like Modi ! These countries should have least concern about Muslims considering their past and present. And none of the Islamic countries have any moral rights to criticise India even if India to become a supposedly ” hindu”. I can understand a US or France being critical of us but not an Iran or Turkey.

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